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greatest wwf fight

Question: which match would be the most exciting
Created by: mt1985 at 01:50:51 AM, Tuesday, June 20, 2000 PDT


this is a great poll for wrestling fans keep it up ps:f*ck wcw

patrickJul 24 2000 7:21pm

I think, the best wrestling players is stone cold steve austin.

FenderJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Wrestling is fake, the best fued is whoever the writers want to be the best. What the heck,Jerry Lawler (used to be a great wrestler) vs Jim Ross

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
um, get a life, wrestling is sooooo last year, its over buddy. nobody watches it anymore

bcJul 24 2000 7:21pm
the ROCK...yum yum!

melJul 24 2000 7:21pm

SWC IN THE HIZZOUSEJul 24 2000 7:21pm
wrestling? Can you tell the matches apart? It's all staged for chrissake, get a life.

AnonymousAug 11 2000 9:40am

HHH_AngelSep 09 2000 11:09pm
HHH is so damn great! I could watch him wrestle all day.. can't believe what Chyna said on Howard Stern about him.. GO HHH!

GlitterzSep 29 2000 6:51pm
The greatest WWF (now WWE) fight, if they would arrange it, would be to have a WWE bout like this: A SHORT FAT WOMAN vs A TALL SKINNY MAN!!!

AnonymousSep 10 2009 1:18pm
A wrestling match with a short fat woman vs a tall skinny man would not have to be fixed because the short fat woman is easily capable of picking up the tall skinny man and then throwing him out of the ring. THE END!!!

AnonymousSep 10 2009 1:24pm
The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan @ 'Mania

Killa26Jun 10 2011 5:02pm
Jan04Matt Disc 2 rock and undertaker vs makinnd and stone cold I noticed Michael Coles commentary was awful, then I notice Jim Ross in the back ground. Was JR dubbed over with cole for some reason?

AvUFSAo2a5L2May 10 2014 12:11pm
This is the venue for FUTA FIGHTS.Coming soon!!

AnonymousJul 13 3:20am
Celine, am I in right plac

jacsJul 13 3:38am
Futas are fantasy creatures.nearly 8 ft tall with female bodies,these powerful strong and warlike creatures have both male and female sex organs.they have been consigned to their own level of hell in the afterlife because of their previous sexual obsessions on earth.constantly and painfully horny,they are forced to track and defeat other futas to obtain relief.this relief comes at considerable cost to the loser as futas have largs c*cks which when aroused are like battering rams,slamming long and hard into the losers insides wrecking internal if theirconstant aching need for sex leads them to challenge a tougher female than they should.the consequences are truly terrible

AnonymousJul 13 3:49am
You are jacs

AnonymousJul 13 3:50am
I pammie, condemned to this uholy place, in constant twilight, decy and slime..for my lustful ways..i prol this realm naked, searching..

jacJul 13 3:59am
If you want to introduce your fighter.full description and any more backgriunf you want? Keep this fir fight only....all chat on best video game (the thread above)

AnonymousJul 13 4:00am
After you..

jacsJul 13 4:20am
Ok in the morning jacs.have a good day

AnonymousJul 13 4:24am
And you morning

jacsJul 13 4:30am
Pammie,was a whore and robbed and killed people for money,killing her own brother, for a few coins..god rejected her, the devil, cursed her,and dark soul was tossed in to this foul place...

jJul 13 1:40pm
Martin was sentenced to death in the year 1998,fir a series of rapes and murders that took place over nearly 10 years.after taking his place in the electric chair and suffering the consequences,he is.extremely surprised to find himself coming round in another body and certainly a very different place.the oddest thing nonetheless being that this new body is most definitely female! Checking himself over he is aroused to discover his new body is very attractive,but that he has both a large c*ck and a c*nt! As he runs his hands over his legs and breasts,his c*ck hardens.he tries to speak,but finds he can only grunt. The place he finds himself in, is in semi darkness,with a neon blue sun or moon giving the only meagre light.

MartineJul 14 1:59am
Although he has no way of knowing it,this is more than just a strange new land and body.....he has been condemned to a circle of hell reserved for those who in their past life have shown themselves to be violent sexual they will be tortured by an unending painful sexual craving that will dominate their every waking moment,driving them half mad.their only relief coming by tracking down others like them rusking attacking them, defeating and overcoming all resistance ,and then having their way with them.he will soon also find that,due to the size of their male organ and the violence of their need,the loser will be terribly maimed.

MartineJul 14 2:32am
Martine decides to explore the barren place she finds herself first sight it appeared flat and featureless like the moon,but as she passes a low hill she finds she is high above a wide plain stretching as far as the eye can see,with rivers and a small lake and stark rocky hills all shrouded in eerie sulphur yellow mist.she has been ridiculously horny ever since waking,but repeated wanking has failed to even take the edge off her need.

MartineJul 14 3:38am

AnonymousJul 14 4:42am
After walking for hours,she reaches the beginning of the plain.shes wet with sweat,her long straight jet black hair in rats tails.she finds that what she thought was sand is in fact warm grey ash

AnonymousJul 15 2:42am
Cool.....pammie,the killer of men, and rapist of women..even her own sister in her life..dieing on the gallows in in this semi dark fowl place...her big tits ache her nipple hard..her c*ck hard, dripping with lust to find another the same as indulge in a fight for sex, release,and death of the othe...she stalks..grunting she can smell another it in the dead forest..petrified trees and shallow ponds of putrid slime..she goes towards the forest..grunting, sniffing, hunched, animal like..a predator..

julia aJul 15 2:49am
In this place there is no night,no day.always this hazy smoky halflight.martine is driven half mad with the constant stinging arousal of her sees what can only be a human footprint in a patch of softer ground.she measures it against her own,finding it larger.she decides to go into the dead forest in the direction the foot was headed.she can barely see anything through the swirling yellow mist,but there is a faint smell that she somehow recognises.she rubs between her legs and sniffs her fingers, realising its she is fully and painfully aroused as she follows the scent like a hunting dog.soon she can hear twigs snapping not far ahead and a dark shape steps out from behind a tree stump.dressed as she is in just a loincloth,her large distended and purple with its need.the puta is heavily built with long thick blonde hair and large breasts .

MartineJul 16 12:04am
The blonde futa stands in the clearing watching her approach.her huge two ft long c*ck sticking up straight,leaking silver cum.the woman bends and grabs handfulls of grey stinking slime from a pool by her feet,and staring martine in the eyes massages it all over her c*ck till it resembles a great snake.she strokes the vile thing and it becomes ever more erect.if she pushes that into my c*nt itll rip me apart she thinks.i must fight her take her down and f*ck her.martine bends too,and slathers the slimy mud onto her own,by now equally engirged member.

AnonymousAug 12 4:17am
She is painfully aroused.her c*ck twice its usual size,throbbing and moving of its own accord like a hungry animal.her rival grabs nettle leaves and pushes them into her c*nt till its full,obviously to make it difficult to penetrate.martine follows suite.she would not have thought of that.then they approach warily but horny as hell,till their c*cks touch,and suddenly she realises that what she assumed to be a large version of a male member is in fact a parasitic snake like animal that has invaded her female body.pushing out of her bellybutton,and demanding satisfaction.

AnonymousAug 12 4:41am
The slime must be to lubricate the c*ck and make it easier for it to slip its way into her rivals least shes getting the idea now.she must fight this big female and overcome her powerful body with her own,allowing her snake c*ck to break into the womans hole and then ride her till she is sated.both females are shaking with excitement.

AnonymousAug 18 2:42am
Both womens c*cks are fully erect moving of their own accord.she wonders if they will fight? This is all new to her.all she knows is that she feels everything her parasite c*ck feels and they will share the satisfaction .she strokes it and it moves under her fingers.hardening and straining against her hand.her arousal banishes all other thought,and she longs to fight

AnonymousAug 18 3:04am
She decides to concentrate on fighting the big female and see if her c*ck is capable of finding its target without her help.but shes going to rip her rivals c*ck apart any chance she they close,the bjg woman kicks out at her aiming for c*ck but catching her in the upper thigh.martine grabs her foot and lifts it throwing her onto her back in the slime,trying to stamp at the womans c*ck,but she grabs her foot and trips her down with her and they roll wildly in the foul smelling slime

AnonymousAug 18 3:32am
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CTUVGcdMDqtuSwAAQYesterday 1:22pm
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