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Question: Well, who has the overall upper hand???
Created by: A HUMAN MALE at 04:47:15 AM, Thursday, May 21, 2009 PDT


Its just a matter of time before males will become second class citizens. Males will not be (by Law) even allow to own clothing. They will all be circumcised, sterlized, and later castrated both penis and balls. Why does a women even need a male. Maybe a work horse.

JennMay 22 2009 5:28am

I am circumcised. AND PROUD OF IT!!! My penis looks just like a bishop (the chess piece), especially when I get a huge erection just before I slide it into a woman's vagina which I have done multiple times with different women (NO HOOKERS!!!). That is what the vagina is for. A woman's vagina is designed EXCLUSIVELY to receive a man's penis for propagation of the human species as well as for the pleasure of both man and woman. I say EXCLUSIVELY because not all babies are born out of the vagina (Caesarean section is an age-old practice). In nature, the vagina is meant for the penis even though modern technology has recently introduced in-vitro fertilization which DOES NOT exist in nature. MAN WAS MADE FOR WOMAN AND WOMAN WAS MADE FOR MAN!!! There is absolutely no way to get around that, no matter how hard one tries.

guys who brag about getting pussy have never had any

DirkMay 23 2009 8:33pm
I am in total defense of guys who brag because guys are hardwired to brag whether they can back it up or not. It should not be hard to believe a guy who says he got laid. Getting laid is not a hard-fought accomplishment like earning a college degree or achieving anything else worthwhile because so many girls are willing to put out, especially if they want to have a baby. If a guy told me he got laid last night, I would tend to believe him. Guys brag all the time. If it were so difficult for a guy to get laid, we would not have the serious epidemic of single motherhood that we have today.

AnonymousMay 24 2009 2:03am
women will always have the upper hand.they are smart and most of them are stronger.

AnonymousMay 26 2009 3:15pm
Wife has the "upper hand" also the heavier hand, which She applies to my bare behind with painful force whenever She wishes.

obedient husbandMay 26 2009 6:19pm
As a wise man and a yogi once told me, "if only one man and 100 women will ever remain of the whole humankind, I don't see anything to worry about about its future. But if vice versa -- well, things can go much worse." And now with fresh bruises on my ass made today with a belt by a beautiful young woman I can only support that yogi.

Nick NMay 31 2009 10:57am
i think womam have upper hand always,they are very strong minded,and i find most of them very dominant,no matter what size of man.they are very manipulative as well as powerful in each wife too

trevorMay 31 2009 6:20pm
Females in every way, but especially biologically. We will exist long after men are extinct.

JuliaJun 01 2009 9:13am
I am a very tall, rail-thin guy. I have a preference for very short, very large, very strong girls. I consider such girls to be superior to me. I leave the tall, large and strong Amazonian types to other guys. With a very short, very large lady in my life, whenever it comes down to my puny weight and strength vs her massive weight and strength, no matter how much I tower over her, SHE IS ALWAYS THE ONE IN CHARGE!!!

A tall thin guy who always submits to short large girlsJun 01 2009 2:15pm
A human female, especially one who is attractive, has the overall upper hand IN COURT!!! There is an outrageous, unacceptable, DISGUSTING DOUBLE STANDARD!!! Case in point: Female teachers who are attractive get A SLAP ON THE WRIST for having sex with their male intermediate school pupils while male teachers who have sex with their female intermediate school pupils ARE LOCKED UP IN PRISON WITH THE KEY THROWN FAR AWAY!!!

It depends where you live, women don't have the upper hand in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan. Women do seem to be more intelligent and they do have numerous additional immunities or more effective immunities. This is required to protect the fetus but also to protect the baby who is solely dependent on her mother for survival. Depression and suicide is more prevalent among males yet a higher precentage of females have self-esteem issues. I don't know.

iskoJun 02 2009 1:10pm
Abusive powers do not count as having the upper hand. Abusive powers against women are a clear display of IGNORANCE and COWARDICE!!! Many women who are helplessly trapped within various cultural societies are subject to some of the harshest conditions imaginable such as female genital mutilation forced upon them against their will. When the clitoris is removed in various cultural societies, only the exterior glans clitoris is removed, leaving the much larger body of the clitoris which is entirely internal. That clearly demonstrates the ignorance of various cultural societies. What is equally disturbing is how many women there are around the world, including American women, who don't even know that they have a much larger clitoral body that is entirely internal and that largely surrounds the vagina. Like the penis, the clitoris becomes fully erect. When the ENTIRE clitoris becomes fully erect, that helps to keep the vagina stable during sexual intercourse. Too many women mistakenly believe that the clitoris is nothing more than a pea-sized, pearl-shaped organ located at the top of the vulva. Many women around the world need to become EDUCATED!!! In my humble opinion, the perpetrators of forced female genital mutilation need to be BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!!!

A man who knows all about the clitoris and its functionsJun 03 2009 11:36am
Those who argue for the equality of males with Women are ignoring nearly a century of hard science that supports the conclusion of the natural inferiority of males. What are the facts? Males have naturally shorter lives than Females. Even when conditions are equal for both sexes, Women have stronger immune systems and better genetic integrity than males. In other words, Women are biologically sturdier than men. Women have more powerful senses of smell, hearing, color (8 percent of males are colorblind - Colorblindness in Women is extremely rare.) Women's brains are more bilateral than men's, meaning that Women make better use of Their total brain capacity and are superior multitaskers. While male and Female muscle tissue is said to be essentially identical, numerous studies have demonstrated that Female muscles actually perform with greater efficiency and can generate more force per cubic inch while retaining greater resilience under heavy loads. The news of the sorry state of the y chromosome continues to spread. It is now widely known that males of all species are actually genetic offshoots of the primary female form in nature. Science has proved the y chromosome, which produces males, is highly unstable and is in evolutionary decline. Furthermore, the fact that males have only one x chromosome means that some of their most important genes are far more likely to be defective. More and more parthenogenic species are being discovered all the time. Males all throughout nature are really a significant minority as many species have few or no males at all. Also, pollution in the environment is increasingly causing the 'feminization' of males. Male fertility is on the decline as the need for males at all comes into question. A species can survive quite well with only 15 percent population of males, but the opposite is not true. The recent and increasingly widespread fetishisation of the powerful Woman defeating males is an expression of men's reaction to the rising tide of Female power as She ascends to societal prominence. Fewer people think that there's anything 'wrong' with males getting off on the thought of being dominated by a superior Female. It is more acceptable for Women to flaunt THeir superiority both phyisically and mentally. So much has been written about Female academic superiority that it needn't be incuded in this post, but let's just say that the future of the male sex is looking less and less certain.

AnonymousJun 03 2009 5:08pm
#0015 - (Wed.) * 6/3/09

UpdateJun 03 2009 9:39pm
More and more women ? and fewer and fewer men ? enroll in universities. In 1991, 57 per cent of the students at Universite Laval in Quebec City were female. By 1996, the proportion was up to 60 per cent; now it is 63 per. This fall, the Universite de Montreal has twice as many female students as male. Women make up 80 per cent of the medical school's student body. The same imbalance can be found in most departments, including dental, veterinarian and law school. Most criminals are male, but when they're brought into court, they'll be surrounded by female lawyers and judges and observed by female criminologists and psychologists. The only areas where male students remain predominant are science, math and business; but Even there, the gap is shortening. The good news is that women are becoming more educated. The bad news is that the proportion of men with university degrees is decreasing every year. What is especially distressing is that the trend is even stronger in younger cohorts. In the CEGEPs (the community colleges that are compulsory for university entry), 57.5 per cent of the 64,000 newly enrolled students are female. The gap is especially wide in the programs that lead to university; there, women form a 60-per-cent majority. Even in the three-year technical programs with direct links to the job market, the student body is 56 per cent female. And women are much more successful. Three out of four female students receive their college diploma, while almost 40 per cent of the male students drop out or fail the exams. More than half of 17-year-old females ? but only a third of male teenagers ? enroll in a CEGEP. One reason is that boys drop out of high school. The phenomenon is not new, but it's getting more serious. ?So these 16-year-old boys leave school, find a small job and make enough money to buy a car,? says Denis Marceau, academic vice-president at the Universite de Sherbrooke. ?For a while, they think life is great. It's only later that they realize that you can't do much without a degree.? This is not the kind of world that '60s feminists dreamed of. The idea was to develop a balanced society, where men and women would equally share power and responsibilities, both at home and at work. Instead, what's developing looks like a complete reversal of the old order, with women gaining full power over men. Something that only radical, extreme feminists used to wish for. Now it is being openly encouraged.

AnonymousJun 03 2009 11:41pm
I am a guy who is too busy enjoying life to waste my precious time worrying about all of that so-called female superiority crappola which always seems to be touted by women who must have an awful lot of trouble finding a good man or keeping a good man. They have too much time on their hands. They are most likely destined for a lifetime of loneliness. How many female superiority advocates are willing to look their best to catch a man? I say: NOT MANY AT ALL!!! My experiences with the many girlfriends I had, quite a few of them very attractive, convinces me that most women have enough going for them without having to slam guys down with all of that female supremacy crap. No guy in his right mind is going to put up with a female who obviously does not like guys. It is obvious that self-proclaimed female supremacy activists want nothing to do with men but that does not matter because there are unlimited numbers of ladies everywhere to choose from and many are very attractive with no such hang-ups. I have been very fortunate that none of the many intimate girlfriends and booty calls I've had in my life have smothered me with that so-called female superiority nonsense. Women on average live longer than men. SO WHAT!!! Women on average are immune to certain diseases while men are not. SO WHAT!!! There are multiple factors touted by female supremacy advocates that are actually true. SO WHAT!!! If I ever become involved with a woman who tries to slam all of that female superiority crap down my throat, I will cut her loose in a New York minute!!! I am not going to waste any of my time putting up with that nonsense. BOTTOM LINE!!!

A non-supremacist who does not have time for CRAPPOLA!!!Jun 04 2009 3:04am
(A non-supremacist who does not have time for CRAPPOLA) You do understand that about 99.99% of the women on this site are a bunch of sick males pretendind to be female??? Like the first comment with "Jenn", has got male written all over it.

JayJun 04 2009 10:01am
Jay, you're so right. Males are much more likely to go around on the internet pretending to be Females than than the other way around, especially when it comes to sites like this that focus on Female superiority. It's probably for two basic reasons. Women are too intelligent to waste their time writing this stuff, and males are really envious of Females and get off by vicariously pretending to be Female. That's also why there are vastly more male-to-Female sex changes and why males line up to pay Dommes to put them in their place. Are they 'sick'? Not necessarily. Males think fighting and dying in wars is 'normal' ... beating each other up in boxing rings is 'normal' ... spending time and money on violent video games is 'normal' ... but enjoying the power of Women and honoring Them by discussing all the ways in which They are superior is 'sick'? Don't think so.

AnonymousAug 14 2009 3:35pm
#0020 - (Sun.) * 1/24/10

UpdateJan 24 2010 11:37am
Women are getting more control every day

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