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To ALL women and girls: ARE YOU STRONG?

Question: Are you strong? If so, are you mid-height? Or are you short? (5-foot-1 or shorter) Or are you tall? (5-foot-9 or taller) Also, are you large (over 170 lbs if you are short; over 200 lbs if you are tall) Or are you mid-weight? Or are you slender? (under 110 lbs if you are short; under 140 lbs if you are tall)
Created by: FAN OF FEM PWR at 05:44:32 AM, Saturday, June 06, 2009 PDT


Lots of guys don't admit that they fantasize challenging a strong girl. Lots of guys don't admit that they also fantasize LOSING to a strong girl!!! I believe that most guys who fantasize challenging strong girls (and also LOSING to them!!!) are slender guys who range from short to tall. I am a tall, very slender (actually, VERY SKINNY!!!) guy who has challenged strong girls but I never challenged a strong girl who is tall and slender (one of the two current votes here) so I don't know what her level of strength is. However, I have challenged quite a number of strong girls who are short and large (the other current vote here) so I know exactly what their level of strength is: THEY ARE INCREDIBLY STRONG!!! I lost to every one of those short large girls I challenged despite the fact that I am quite a bit taller than every one of them. Of course, I was already at a disadvantage right from the beginning because each one of those short large girls weighed quite a bit more than I did. Of all the one-on-one physical contests where one opponent inevitably loses to the other opponent, it is a tall slender guy losing to a short large girl that fascinates me the most. With each short large girl I challenged, I realized that I am a tall slender guy with small muscles while she is a short large girl with bigger muscles than I have. Judging from the height and weight guidelines on this poll, I take it that the short large girl who voted here is 5'1" or under and she weighs over 170 lbs. Of course, she is strong which is why she voted here. I am a guy who is slightly over six feet tall but I weigh far less than 170 lbs so my guess is that I would definitely lose any contest, such as weightlifting and wrestling, if it were me vs the short large girl who voted here because I would bet that in addition to her weighing much more than I do, her muscles are also bigger than my muscles are. However, that would not be my first loss to a short large girl. I previously lost to short large girls in weightlifting (especially in the clean-and-jerk), wrestling and armwrestling. Legwrestling? HUH!!! For me to even try to legwrestle a short large girl would be a hopeless case because my long, skinny legs would be no match at all against a short large girl's powerful legs. With her huge, short, powerfully-built legs, a short large girl would easily pick my tall skinny body up and then she would slam it on the floor back and forth on both sides of her!!! I avoid all legwrestling challenges against a short large girl because I want to stay alive!!! I have to admit that it feels quite strange as a tall slender guy to be physically outclassed by a short large girl although it also turns me on. And I know from my own firsthand experiences with many short large girls that it also turns a short large girl on when she shows a much taller slender guy weighing less than she does who also towers over her that she is stronger than he is. A perfect case in point: A 4'11", 185-pound girl said to me after she just finished showing me how strong she is (I guess she wanted to make it clear to me): "Whatever you try to do to me I would do to you with greater force because I am stronger than you are and I weigh more than you do." By saying it the way she said it to me, she definitely made it clear that she is bigger and stronger than I am. And she certainly was not afraid of my great height over her because it didn't even matter to her that I am over a foot taller than she is (I am over six feet while she is under five feet). I believe it really turned her on when she boldly looked up at me and then she said that to me while we were both standing on a raised platform where she showed me how strong she is. When she said that to me, I am almost certain that she became fully lubricated "down there." The juices must have been aflowin' like a river (if you know what I mean!!!). Still, she proved to be the stronger one so she was correct when she clearly pointed out to me in such a bold manner that she is stronger than I am and she weighs more than I do despite the fact that I tower over her by a full fourteen inches!!! Despite my height over her, it was obvious to me that she could easily take me in a fight. I would be no match for either her weight or her strength despite my great height. I don't have to describe how easily she could outlift me in weightlifting. And I don't have to describe, at least not in great detail, how easily a 5'1", 190-lb girl (one of my former girlfriends) took me down in a wrestling match (which was actually more of A MISMATCH!!!). She had me on the floor in a matter of only a few seconds and then when she went in for the pin, trapping my small body underneath her large body, I KNEW I WAS FINISHED!!! She also outlifted me in the clean-and-jerk. Of course, the reason why a much taller guy loses to a short large girl who is strong is not only because she is large and strong but also because HE IS SKINNY!!! Perhaps the short large girl who voted on this poll becomes turned on knowing that she is much heavier and much stronger than a tall skinny guy who happens to be way taller than she is.

A tall guy who is very slender (actually, VERY SKINNY!!!)Jun 14 2009 5:12pm

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