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younger better endowed guys

Question: Hey I am an 39 year old married man. We have no kids and I am no way interested in abusing children or shit like that. But one thing is on my mind since I turned 18 or so: The size of my genital ;) I am somewhat average with 5.25\
Created by: mhurtz at 08:59:58 PM, Friday, July 10, 2009 PDT


I see my question took too much space so here is the full description: Hey I am an 39 year old married man. We have no kids and I am no way interested in abusing children or poo like that. But one thing is on my mind since I turned 18 or so: The size of my genital ;) I am somewhat average with 5.25" but lets be honest its not a size to worship *lol* Since I never had problems finding girls and since none of them ever complained I feel comfortable with my size. BUT I am and always was fascinated by bigger ones and those girls and women who love them. And the most fascinating thing is when I imagine that there are really young boys out there who are better endowed than I am. There are already two well frequented polls here on likelike and the focus is on better endowed sons or brothers. My poll is more about better endowed young boys in general. Do you think they really excist? Have you ever seen them before? Reactions? How do you feel about it? Lets start a serious conversation about it and please do not create ficteous stories about toddlers with 10"-wangs and poo like that. I don't wanna talk about children more about the ages between 12 and 15.

mhurtz69@yahoo.deJul 11 2009 4:47am

12-15 covers the full spectrum in pubertal development. At this stage in life you can have boys that started as early as 9 be fully developed, as well as even at 15 have pre-pubescent boys. Also to take into consideration is the fact that the genitals develop at different stages for everyone. You can have a 9 year old grow to his adult size in a matter of months that when viewed from the perspective of a stranger with no further information simply appears to possess a huge 6 inch+ penis. Also when over the still rather early years of potential puberty time frames can allow for incredibly muscular boys, and very hirsuite boys too.

AnonymousJul 12 2009 12:05am
Well I never saw any massive boys when I was younger. The biggest I knew of was a friend who was about 5 - 6 inch at 12 and grew to about 8 inch by around 16. What I want to know is why are there so many more big ones now compared to what there used to be? I've seen kids with endowments any big male porn star would proud to have!

AnonymousJul 12 2009 5:57am
i think more are just showing off, and know that they are above average.

AnonymousJul 13 2009 12:50am
Anon above: they might be showing off but should so many of these young kids be above adult average! A good semi on an older or mature kid wanting to show off should be about 5" or so - Not the proportions I sometimes see! I see naked men just about every week in locker rooms etc and the biggest men I see are between 5" and 6" soft. All the others which have appeared to be larger than 6" while soft have been on under 21s - this also includes some very large younger kids around the 12/13 years age. To sum up: For every adult hanging 6" I see, I'm sure I see twice as many under 16s swinging just as much! Is that normal? As far as I know it's not! Would be interested if a young guys point of view to see how common these large boys are!

marcusJul 13 2009 12:47pm
hey im 15 and half with 7in. i think its a good size and i see smaller and bigger ones on my mates so i think im average. i dont no what adult sizes are like.

AnonymousJul 16 2009 4:48am
Well I am sure not every story I read about this subject is true. And I am in doubt about the thing the there are significantly more hung kids out there. Maybe a very small percentage. Unfortunately there is no serious scientific examination that shows us if its true or not. I never saw a well hung boy eye to eye. I am way to shy to visit locker rooms or public showers where full frontal nudity is seen. But I saw boys showing off on webcam and I saw boys from 12-14 that were huge! One 12yo actually measured on wecam and the ruler showed 7 inches. Thats TWO inches more than I have! And when I saw it I felt like HE is the man and I am the boy. Also there seem to be way more girls age 14-16 who prefer at least 7-8 inches and then I imagine how embarrassing it would be to be exposed infront of one of these girls and I am outnumbered by her mate/brother/boyfriend who is like a head shorter than I am... Thats amazing ;)

mhurtz69@yahoo.deJul 16 2009 2:47pm
Well I am sure not every story I read about this subject is true. And I am in doubt about the thing the there are significantly more hung kids out there. Maybe a very small percentage. Unfortunately there is no serious scientific examination that shows us if its true or not. I never saw a well hung boy eye to eye. I am way to shy to visit locker rooms or public showers where full frontal nudity is seen. But I saw boys showing off on webcam and I saw boys from 12-14 that were huge! One 12yo actually measured on wecam and the ruler showed 7 inches. Thats TWO inches more than I have! And when I saw it I felt like HE is the man and I am the boy. Also there seem to be way more girls age 14-16 who prefer at least 7-8 inches and then I imagine how embarrassing it would be to be exposed infront of one of these girls and I am outnumbered by her mate/brother/boyfriend who is like a head shorter than I am... Thats amazing ;)

mhurtz69@yahoo.deJul 16 2009 3:05pm
Jelqing, stretching, pumps, and blood flow pills definitely can work. The info is everywhere. If kids start exercises at 10 or 12 --first, they are going to hang longer and thicker, and by the time they are 14 or 15 1 to 2 inches of extra length and an inch of extra circumference is a very real possibility. Second, kids are less shy--more desensitized to sexual stuff and are more likely to show off. By the age of 14 or 15 there are normally quite a few kids with 6 to 8 inches (if 6 " is average - there has to be). If they exercised regularly for a couple years there are going to be alot of 14 year olds with 7 to 10 inches and 6 inches plus in circumference. If he is a very early maturer and exerciser then 9 inches at 12 to 13 are possible and much less rare than in the past. You don't have to see many of these to remember them... a 6th or 7th grader showing of a thick 8inch+ semi hard on is very memorable and shocking.

JLJul 17 2009 3:42am
Thanks JL for your feedback :) So you think the increased number of hung boys is a result of a better knowledge how to enlarge the penis naturally? Thats a point to think about...when I was young us youngins couldn't search the internet for average stats and instructions lol ;) Its another theory besides the one that something in the food these days lets our kids grow more than we did... And you're right: I think a lot of those few hung boys I have seen. Have you or others really seen 8inch or more on a guy 12 or 13??? Was he already tall?

mhurtz69@yahoo.deJul 17 2009 6:50am
I talked with one girl in her twenties and her present boyfriend is 8" long by 6.5" around. I showed her mine to compare, which is 7" by 5-5.5" around--her reaction was that it was "maybe about average". I really believe that among very sexually active young guys that 7" by 5" is about average or even a bit thin. She has also been with one guy with 9". Although she said that size really didn't matter that much--she also said that the best sex of her life was with these two guys...just a coincidence? For whatever reason, confidence, mental or physical stimulation--visual or whatever...many girls I have talked to had to admit the same--much of the best sex they have had has been with guys with big c*cks, not all but a lot. When a guy with a big c*ck knows how to f*ck and wants to please a woman it is a huge advantage and makes a big difference in orgasm frequency and intensity. Size isn't everything of course, but it can matter quite a bit. Just ask any woman if she has ever had really good sex with a guy with a big dick...they're more honest when they're drinking, and see what happens.

AnonymousJul 17 2009 6:57am
Nutrition may have something to do with it but is only one factor. Genetics are obviously the biggest factor, look at old Buxton photos of certain African tribes - not much nutrition but hanging 5 to 8 inches with the kids hanging 3 to 4 inches. Blacks are 1 to 2 inches bigger in general with a much higher percentage of 9 to 12 inchers--just check out xtube. Can you imagine what exercises and good nutrition could do to some kid with 10 inch genetics? Scary.

JLJul 17 2009 7:11am
or check out crocodick and tell me blacks aren't bigger

AnonymousJul 17 2009 9:05am
So you put a group of 40 year old men in a room with a group of 15 year old boys... which group would have the biggest dick on average? The men of course! or would they? Not in my experience anyway. I have talked to some boys who tell me they do use exercises to make it bigger. One boy I saw on webcam was almost 9.5 and on his slim frame was jaw dropping shocking.

AnonymousJul 17 2009 3:31pm
how about people quit posting there pedophlic fantasy's on this site...

AnonymousJul 19 2009 4:19pm
saw a boy at the local carnival get made fun of for being bigger than his peers, his school mates pointed out at the urinal that maybe he should join the freak show, how no wonder he got bad grades all his blood was in his 'large' head etc. he was about 4 inches long soft compared to the other boys 1-2 inches at all around 11 or 12, in 5th grade.

AnonymousJul 20 2009 4:51am
A pediatric nurse I once dated talked about a boy she knew his whole childhood that was born at about 2 inches hard, by the time he was in 1st grade it hit 3 in soft 4 in hard. He started puberty at around 9 or 10, he had a light amount of pubes by his 11 year check up, where he got so worked up he actually came on the examination table and had a 6 in hard dick by then. The last time she spoke with the mother he was graduating high school, and had an impressive 5in soft 7.5 in hard penis.

MartinJul 23 2009 11:05am
Boys nowadays like my friends younger brother can be jelqing etc. too. He got on his older brothers pc one day and went to all of his jelqing sites(thundersplace etc.) He had his pc set to auto login. The younger bro apparently copied a ton of it to his pc. He started I guess messing around with this type of stuff off an on from the age of 8. He said he never took it really seriously until he hit puberty at 10.5. Then he saw his older bro naked at 18(younger is 10.5 at this time) the older bro is average size, similar to mine actually at about 2 inches soft and about 5 inches hard. Well the younger brother realized that maybe he could get a massive c*ck since his was 2 soft 3.5 hard at 10.5 and the start of puberty. And he knew his brother had only been a member since he 15. So he devotes himself hardcore to all of these excercises. Now genetics are one thing, and since he was growing through out all of this you can't directly attribute any of hhis size completly to the techniques etc from jelqing etc. But after a couple of years of doing this as often as he could. Keep in mind the younger bro is a total attention whore. He loves doing these excercises in full view of his friends and his bro and me. His friends think its cool that he is so much bigger than his older bro, in much better shape too. When the younger bro is 14 he has an incredible 5 inch soft 4 inch around penis and big balls. It grows to be an envious 8 inches by 6 inches of massive teen meat. The younger bro loves it, he is masterbating all the time, he brings boys and girls home to f*ck constantly, he is bi(according to him "both sexes should enjoy my dick and my labor of growth") They boys parents know that something is up but work too much to ever get a clue. Who knows how big he will get it...

TerryJul 25 2009 7:42am
If someone had the genetics to grow at 9 inch+ tool, think how big they could get it if they sstarted as early as possible. Hell imagine if a parent did this stuff to a newborn over his whole life, sort of like a twisted skinner box? Could that even work? would the baby receive any benefits at all or even as he grew up over the years as a toddler+ in age? Does it even work if you aren't in puberty?

AnonymousJul 25 2009 7:46am
Its only the last 5 years or so I've become aware of the jelqing stuff. I never knew of or thought about exercising my thing to make it bigger when I was younger. If I'd have known I would have done it too! I heard that you have to keep doing it or eventually it will shrink back down, is this true? And will doing it while still naturally growing give you more permanent results? I know a lot of young guys do it and that they are bigger than I was at their age. Could we be looking at an increase in the average penis size for the todays teens?

domJul 26 2009 5:58am
I have seen some young guys with amazingly large c*cks. One was around 12 and just getting hair and was bigger than all the guys in the changing room at maybe 5+ inches soft. I have also chatted with some younger teens and they are 7+ and say they are "average". Not the smallest but not the biggest in their gym class. So for me penis size has definitely gotten bigger. I'm not sure what the cause is but I doubt it's jelqing for most.

smalllover220@yahoo.comJul 27 2009 8:52am
smalllover220 how did you manage it to talk to younger teen boys without being rejected as gay or pedophile? If you want we can write privately in emails :)

mhurtz69@yahoo.deJul 28 2009 4:59am
just talk casually, don't try to be a perv about it. do not touch. know when to back off.

AnonymousAug 12 2009 10:44pm
at a camp i knew of many boys that were bigger than their peers. One had the total package, he was 12, muscular,hung,and an amazing person, had almost a golden aura about him that drew you in. He would stand around a secluded pnd in the woods naked with all the other boys, casually flexing his shredded abs, and play with his 5 inch limp 7 inch erect monster boy c*ck. Had a deep all over tan and amazing golden brown hair that hung to his shoulders. everyone there loved him, he was one of the nicest persons i have ever known

AnonymousAug 13 2009 8:23am
A few years ago, after working night shift, I went to the gym to do a light workout and go in the hot tub. I was really tired and didn't have my contacts in and I saw this skinny black kid (maybe 5'3") getting undressed and walking around a bit without any shyness - completely naked. That is not odd in itself, but I noticed he had a pretty big semi hard on - maybe about 5", but especially thick. There was nobody in the locker room and for some reason I just blurted out "How old are you?" He said "13 - Why?" and without thinking I said "I know your probably just showing off - and that is pretty big for someone your age but people might think it's kind of weird walking around almost completely hard. And besides, it's big but it's not THAT big. He just said "It's not hard." and I said "Yea right." and walked by him to the shower/hot tub area naked and hanging pretty good. A few minutes later he comes back to the hot tub with a towel wrapped around him and obviously hid himself from view while getting in and said "I'm really not supposed to be in here till I'm 14 - do you mind?" I said No, I won't say anything." After a couple of minutes he said "It's really hot." and sat up on the side of the tub. After about a minute I glanced over and saw the biggest dick I've ever seen - a legitimate 9 inch or more semi hard on - and who knows how thick! I think I said out loud "Oh my..." He was watching my expression, laughed and said "I told you it wasn't hard - it was just shriveled up - that's why it was sticking out a little." I just kept staring like an idiot and he finally said "so, you still think it's not that big?" I sad nothing and he stayed, I'm sure, waiting for me to get out first, while getting in and out of the tub - showing off as much as possible. Bizarre and embarrassing, but certainly memorable.

EMBAug 13 2009 1:43pm
when i was a teen would hang out at roller skating place and worst kept secret in town was that it was place where men picked up boys for sex for $$$. obviously yes a stupid thing to do but wasnt that uncommon among me and others i knew. so was down there one nite and was guy about my age (15) and never saw him around there and got talking to him he was one yr younger and from oklahoma. I didnt think much of it but saw him around there few times and one nite he and me and picked up by 2 guy together and went to there place after few mins got dwn to busniness and started. when on of guys pulled off jasons pants and shorts and reacted to site by saying OH JEESUS and I turned to look and saw Jason was really big. He proudly said was 7.5 and guy later measure t was over 5.5 thick. way bigger than mine whcih was about 5 long and for that matter way bigger than the other 2 guys who were much older. Became an ok friend to me for few years and sometimes a sex partner, but not as often as i wanted LOL. he ddid eventually add another inch or so.

rawly263@yahoo.comAug 29 2009 4:48pm
anyone reading the other endowed site and finding that recent posts are not coming up in the list?

AnonySep 06 2009 4:37am
yeah I discovered that too... one of my comments didnt show up :(

mhurtz69@yahoo.deSep 06 2009 3:59pm
is it fixable?

AnonymousSep 09 2009 7:31am
who fixes this? I notice that there is an increase in the number of stories but they are not showing.

anonySep 12 2009 6:29pm
At a fast food place I recently saw a 12 or 13 year old black kid trying to take a leak with an 8 to 9 inch hard on. He didn't try to hide it and was obviously checking me out to see my size. As I was walking into the bathroom a young (probably 11 - 12) white kid was walking out with a blank look on his face--I'm sure he got a good long look at the show also. Does anyone else notice that the "black myth" seems to be very true?

Jealous AsianSep 25 2009 4:27am
at a lake a kid lost his bathing suit in the murky water diving off of a platform in the middle of the lake. He came to shore with a 4 inch soft penis that quickly grew hard to about 6 inches. he shocked his father and older brother. evidently he is bigger than they are. he was 9, and had a small patch of pubic hair making a sort of crown over his penis. his balls were rather small, but that could have been from the cold water.

AnonymousOct 07 2009 11:33am
Last month I stopped by an interstate rest area to use the bathroom. While standing at a urinal a little boy ran up to the one next to me and pulled down the front of his sweat pants to relieve himself. Out came a very flacid uncircumcised 5 to 6 inches of thick creamy white man sized dick that was full of folds in the shaft. He retracted his foreskin to reveal a pink head that was even thicker than his shaft. He was about 4'6'' tall and skinny as a beanpole and looked about 12. Man that was humbling to a 6'2" guy who shows 5" hard :-)

AnonymousOct 27 2009 7:20pm
check out 'Miscellaneous'....Stronger younger sibling....around 25 on the list

AnonNov 02 2009 8:02am
saw two brothers, one 10 the other 13. the younger one had a penis that was about4 inches soft, 6 inches hard, the older brother was about 1 inch soft and 3 inches hard.

AnonymousNov 17 2009 7:03am
Had earlier this year the first swim at my friends house in his pool. Went up to his room to change and he was trying to find his swim trunks in the closet. His younger brother was in the room. He is going through puberty very quickly at 11, we are both 14. Never really fooled around with the younger brother until after that day. He goes to put on his speedo, and comes back into the room laughing about how he has grown. Over the year, he has sky rocketed through puberty. He had a little boy speedo, that had a pouch designed for a little boy size penis, one inch soft to only 2 or 3 inches long hard. Well he is anything but little, the kids a horse. His penis was this obscene bulge jutting out the side, and being pushed across the front, he was noticably uncomfortable and possibly in pain over the forced cnfinement. The waist of the speedo was actually tearing too under the change in his waist size, he is in great shape for a kid, but he but on a good 6 inches over the last year, and is working out, so is developing some muscles on his previous little boy stick body. So this poor speedo is not designed to contain this lol man boy of a body. He takes it off right there in the room. His penis is about 5 inches long soft and 4 inches around. He starts immediatly growing hard as we start OMGing over his growth, and he reaches 7 inches hard and 6 inches around. His balls are twice as big as ours. He has a dense patch of pubic hair, and no hair apart from some underarm hair and minor leg and arm hair.

AnonymousNov 19 2009 8:02am
i am the bigger younger brother. i have had a big penis as far back as i can remember. since pre school really, bathrooms there had a trough type urinal, i remember pulling out a penis that was always twice the size of all the other boys. i grew young, started puberty at 9 or 10. i was really into gymnastics and wrestling , and swam on a team too. so i wore a lot of skimpy spandex suits lol. it showed my bulge off nice. my older brother is a nerd, a stick thin tall gangly dork of a guy. i would pick him up all the tiime and laugh at how a kid 6 years younger than he was is stronger than him. i had muscles my whole life, abs that at 10 with hormones and a new weight set turned into ripped 8 pack abs and pecs, hell my whole body had muscles, i could flex my ass and you could see striations in it l,ol. i had a 6 inch hard penis when i was 12, i remember that since it was half my age on my n=birthday i would always measure my whole body. it stopped growing in length at 13 when it hit 8 inches lomg, and over the years has grown a little thicker from 6 inches around to 6.5 inches. i am 23 now. i bulked up huge in H.S. thought i wanted to be a bodybuilder, but never wanted to take steroids. so i have slimmed back down and got really ripped again. i am short so my dick looks huge on this 5'6" body covered in muscle.

AnonymousDec 01 2009 8:25am
When I was 16, I went to a boarding school and ended up being best friends with a guy called Michael who was 15. We were both in Grade 10. In the showers, I noticed that he has a dick that was twice my size; when flaccid it was bigger than my hard; but strangely I never had strong feeling for him or saw him in a sexual manner. During a long weekend, he invited me to his farm. There I met his 'older' brother, who was a little taller than Michael and certainly a little more muscular and very good looking, with a squarish jaw, wide muscular chest. I was slightly shorter than Michael and somewhat on the skinny side. I just assumed the brother (Sean) was older. During the Friday night meal, it was stated by the parent that Sean would be joining us in boarding school next year, and the father asked Michael if the textbooks for Grade 8 were different now, because if not, Sean could use those textbooks ! It hit me then that this boy was younger, and later I found out from Michael that he was only 13. Sean noticed my surprise and had a grin on his face every time our eyes met. I was embarrassed by his looking but this boy was sexual to the core. It all happened that night at around 3.00am, when a hand was felt under my blankets. Initially I thought it might have been a snake (being in the country) and as I lay there frozen in fright, a hand gripped by 4.5 incher. It great to its maximum 4.5 and as I pretended to be asleep (but with my heart pounding), my right hand was slowly moved from my side by another hand and as it draped outside the covers, it was guided to a position where I felt the head of another dick. This was moved into place until finally by hand was gripping a monster. At this moment, I opened my eyes. The size difference was enormous. I was sleeping in Michael's room. Sean then led me to his room, holding my 4.5 incher.

AlanDec 10 2009 12:21pm
Alan Please continue your recollection of that evening. It's very HOT

AnomJan 16 2010 8:20pm
I am 16 years old, and I went to visit my 13 year old younger cousin last week, he asked what my penis size was. I lied and told him it was 8 inches, he said "Oh, that's pretty big, mine is like 7.5 inches, I'm soon as big as you" Jokingly. I faked a laugh, I was shocked by the fact that he had 7.5 inches, mine was just 2.5 inches. I slept in his room, and when we went to bed, he saw me in my boxers and laughed "yeah, like that's 8 inches." And ripped off my boxers, he laughed when my little 2 inch soft penis was visible, and it grew fast to it's full 2.5 inches. He got naked and put his penis next to mine, at a flaccid state it was much bigger than mine, it then grew to it's 7.5. He smiled and asked one more time "What's your penis size?" I mumbled "2.5", and he laughed really hard, "I'm 3 times as big as you are, little boy" he said. I was so humiliated, and then he added "Now you're my maid, and you're gonna do exactly as I tell you." I said no, and he pinched one of my tiny testicles and repeated what he said, I said yes this time, and he laughed, "that's a good boy" I had to suck his penis, and do whatever he told me the whole weekend, and now I'm kinda afraid to visit him again.

JimporaApr 07 2010 11:02am
Hey Jimpora....that is pretty humiliating. I suspect you didnt have pubic hair while he had heaps. What else did he make you do over the weekend?

AlfieApr 09 2010 2:59pm
Yup, I don't have any pubic hair, not balls. I look like a 5 year old below the belt. While he had loads of them, and a giant set of balls. His penis looked big for an adult man. He also made me jerk him off, clean his room, go to the store and buy stuff, for him, and one of the worst parts was that he made me get naked in front of his smoking hot girlfriend (who is 15 I think), and she told me that she had never seen anything so pathetic. I had to "worship" him in a way, and tell him how much of a man he is compared to me. I am going to visit him again in a few days actually, and I can't just tell my mom that I don't wanna go because my 13 year old cousin treats me like a slave. But I'll just have to see when the time comes, and try to avoid him.

JimporaApr 10 2010 10:46am
Gee, Jimpora, what a difficult and embarrassing experience, with the additonal humiliation from his older yet younger than you, girlfriend. I can sense your fear and apprehension about your next visit. Do you want to share your email address?

AApr 10 2010 6:34pm
Hey, A, yeah sure, it's

JimporaApr 12 2010 6:14am
Yesterday I saw like 15 webcam recordings of 13-14 yo boys who showed of for whoever they chatted with and since it wasn't the first time I saw such webcam captures I was almost freaking out about what I saw yesterday. Half of these boys had dicks measuring 6 inches and above. One had a hanging, half boner which looked like he is 8 inches. (I made screenshots and tried to find out if they are really the size they look like). How can this be? All of these kids had faces like innocent boys but tools bigger than an average grown man! I wish I could be as proud of my manhaood as they should be.... write me if you wanna share thoughts

mhurtz69@yahoo.deMay 30 2010 4:08am
Yesterday I saw like 15 webcam recordings of 13-14 yo boys who showed of for whoever they chatted with and since it wasn't the first time I saw such webcam captures I was almost freaking out about what I saw yesterday. Half of these boys had dicks measuring 6 inches and above. One had a hanging, half boner which looked like he is 8 inches. (I made screenshots and tried to find out if they are really the size they look like). How can this be? All of these kids had faces like innocent boys but tools bigger than an average grown man! I wish I could be as proud of my manhaood as they should be.... write me if you wanna share thoughts

mhurtz69@yahoo.deMay 30 2010 5:12am
I knew two brothers growing up that were very different from each other. I was the same age as the older brother, knew him from 9-18. The younger brother was 3 years younger. The older brother was an extreme ectomorph, was taller than me, but all skin and bone, also an extreme ADHD, ate tons of candy, i was a pretty weak kid, but even i could pick him up and throw him around, since he only weighed like 70 lbs. or something crazy like that. The older brother for years would pick on the younger brother and win with the size difference. The younger brother hated getting picked on. I never messed with him. I wanted to help him not get picked on. When the younger brother was 6 when I first knew him I told him that he can eat better and exercise and get bigger than his older brother, since the older bro ate so much junk food, and even then was so scrawny. Fast forward a couple years. We are 13, and he is 10, the older bro has been in karate for a year along with his bro. The younger brother has taken to the karate like a fish to water, is already a belt above his bro. I help the younger bro convince his parents to buy him excercise equipment and weights, and other stuff. The younger brother has started puberty younger than we did, at this time I started puberty at least a year ago, the older brother has not, so me and his younger brother are at about the same stage of puberty. The younger brother wants to get big and strong in secret and freak out his older brother, so he hides his body over the school year. The younger brother over the school year goes through a complete transformation, he works out like a mad man all the time, and is so involved with it, that he drops karate. He also drops it so he has more time alone to work out to decrease the chances of his older brother seeing him. I have the older brother come over to my house all the time after school, and we hang out. The younger brother shows me his progress, and I am amazed, before he was an average kid semi-athletic. But now, he is aided with surging hormones, great food, and the burning desire for payback for years of torment. After a year of him hitting the weights like a man possessed, he even hide his gains for 3 months from me towards the end of the school year. The younger brother is 11 now. The older brother has done nothing all year physically, he actually got a little fat, as a extremely skinny kid he just has this little gut hanging off his frame. The older brother is slowly going through puberty too now, his penis is small, about 1 inch soft, and 3 inches hard, I am 2 soft, and about 4 inches hard(my final size is 5 inches long and 5 inches around) The younger bro wants to do a big reveal, so we decide to do it when his parents are out of the house one day for hours. Being horny kids I have jerked off with the older bro before, so I tell the younger bro that we could all agree to do a mutual masturbation session with the big screen tv, and watch porn together. We go out to the living room and I strip down naked first and get the channel set up. The older brother goes next. The younger bro walks out from the bathroom completely nude already. Holy crap what a year of progress! He is in amazing shape, and his penis is huge, we measure it later to find out it is 4 inches soft and 4 inches around, and 7 inches hard and 6 inches around(this is as big as he ever gets, his penis grew once and never again basically) His body is amazing, not an ounce of fat on him, he has shredded muscles all over his body, he looks like an anatomy chart really, he has a rageing hard-on and starts flexing his biceps and abs and pecs. It is weird to see that his butt is even muscular, and has striations in it. Well needless to say we ignore the porno, and spend the whole day jerking off with the younger bro as the center of attention, the older brother is beside himself. he cried at one point when the younger brother hoisted him up by his neck and crotch and did press ups with his nude body, then curled his body, he even did it to me. Then he made us arm wrestle him, and just wrestle in general, he easily won. After this day, he lived shirtless with usually only shorts or underwear on. Since his waist was so small and he still was only 5'1" , he could still wear all of his old kids underwear from the previous years, except now they had this obscene bulge in the crotch area. He ended up not growing very tall, 5'6". And maintained the same level of muscularity, never wanted to get huge, just be strong and ripped, was able to get an eight-pack after he grew a little more.

Verrick84Jun 07 2010 7:44am
Saw my younger cousin for the first time in 6 years, knew him last when he was 6-7 years old. I was half a year older and bigger, not having a younger brother and being an only child, I rough housed with him a ton. Physically dominated him all the time, we shared the same bed, I got him to sleep naked with me, me played around, our penises were of no concern to each other at the time, I remember making a big point to him about strength and muscles, and how I was bigger and stronger than he was. He apparently took that to heaart. Over the next 6 years as I grew he was appparently possessed with excercise, and i was a typical kid, played around some outside, but also played a ton of video games, my cousin wasn't allowed to play them , another thing I made fun when last we met. So as he later told me, he got all this material and equipment from a garage sale, and took it all to heart. Ate great, got plenty of sleep, sunshine, and worked out like a maniac. When I go to visit for the first time in 6 years He is 12, and i had just turned 13. We get there, and i get dropped off to spend the summer there, his parents are at work, my parents have a flight to catch, so we are home alone, I walk inside, and he is there waiting for me. The A/C is on, but even though it is summer he is in full sweats. He is about a head shorter than I am, he says "at least you have one thing on me height wise hahaha" with this odd look to himself. He talks about the lasst time we met, and all the things i made him do, like stripping etc. and the talks of strength and size, this is when i get a sinking feeling in my stomach , what has he done?....He tells me if I am bigger than he is that he will let me do whatever I want to him. But if he is bigger I have to do the same. I strip down. i have a average penis at 2 inches soft and 4.5 inches long for a young teen my age. And build wise a slightly athletic body with a layer of baby fat still. He laughs takes off his clothes and is nude under the sweeats, I don't know what to gawk at first! For starters he actually has pecs, at 12, fully formed pecs, resting a top a ripped set of abs flexing into deep crevices forming a brick wall of abs into a freakishly tight 6-pack. He pulls his arm up and flexes his bicep it is huge, he says he still could wear most of his little kid clothes thanks to the fact that his waist is so thin. He pulls out this old pair underoos that i remember him wearing at 7, and pulls it on, it cries out as it is stretched over his muscualr thighs, the hit the mound of his genitals and are pushed and stretched out abscenely, he turns sideways to enhance the effect. If not for his incredible body, it looks like a little kid with a huge c*ck and balls. He pulls them out and rips off the underoos, his penis is 6 icnhes by 6 inches and not done growing he says, who knows how big he will get.

AnonymousJun 21 2010 8:20am
I used to live in a village. Where there were about 20 kids of age 14-16 which were all my bro's age. I was taught at the age of 6 to play with my dick from the other kids who were 4 years older than my brother. I am now 10. One day we were all together showing our dicks. mine was 6 inches hard and theirs were about 3-4 inches and now they all always comment my dick size. At the age of 13 I was stronger then all of them at strength and love showing it off

koolJun 29 2010 5:33pm
me (8) and my cousin (13) jerked off (well at least he did) together, his was 2x bigger than mine. We have not shown each others dick for 5 years (i am now 13 and he is 18) when I saw his on accident I laughed and told him thats tiny (it was about 2.5 inch soft and turned into a 3.5 hard) and pulled down my pants and he stared at it in surprise (4.5 soft and 7 hard) and I got him to feel it and hold it. He said congratz on having a bigger dick than than his...

opopoJun 30 2010 4:43am
most of these stories are false, my cousin (13) is younger then me(19) with a bigger c*ck but never tried to humiliate me. And mine is like 1/2 his size.

AnonymousJul 05 2010 4:41pm

hhhhAug 20 2010 8:42am
My little brother has always cared about his body, I do too, but have limited time with work and school to devote to our home gym. He has always excercised and eaten healthy food. Has been doing sit-ups, push ups pull ups etc since he was around 6. As he got older I supervised him with weights to improve his body even better. I started puberty at 12, he started earlier at around 9. We share a similar family penis, I am a little bigger at 7.5in by 6.5in he is about a half inch shorter in both regards. Fairly short as a family I am 5'8 1/2", he is 5'7" and hasn't grown an inch in height since he was around 11 or so. So he was swinging 5 soft as early as 10. I remember one sleepover he had where I watched them to babysit, we all change to go swim and skinny dip, he is a self proclaimed nudist and works on his all over tan as often as he can, his friends were shocked at his development both with his penis size and his muscles. He is quite the lady killer, and I have helped him with that too :) we love each other as brothers.

CraigSep 01 2010 9:00am
Kid at the park was huge for a toddler, was with a couple other moms and their kids around the same age(all still in diapers) and here his penis comes plopping out hanging down about 3 inches long, freaking scary on a little boy. The mother of the big boy said that his fathers family are all big men down there; and said that here older son started puberty around 10, and in a few short years was already over 8 inches.

ParkERSep 17 2010 2:11pm
When I was 18 I got put in my place by a younger MAN. I had been datin this girl who was 16 and worked as a babysitter. While we were dating she got into a car accident and hurt her knee. Over the next couple months she gained a lot of weight and I stopped calling her, except for booty calls. After a while she got irked by this and stopped answering my calls. One day out of the blue I got a call from her sayin' she was gna be babysitting and wanted me to come over and "hangout" with her. I wasn't seeing anyone so I was all for it and told her I'd meet her. When I got to the house we went into the living room and sat on the couch and started makin out. After a little bit she stopped and said y'know you have a small d**k. I was offended and also embarrassed because I knew I was small. Still I played it off and tried to keep up my bravado, but she wasn't acting like she wanted to keep hookin' up and kept sayin' it. Finally she said "The kid I'm babysitting is 12 and he is way bigger than you." I told her BS and then she called down the kid. I was like "WTF." He came right out like he had been waiting and was dressed in just a pair of briefs, to my horror he was like 5' 7" 2 whole inches taller than me and had a massive soft bulge in his briefs. He was also fit with good definition and tight abs. I'm a strong guy but kinda chubby. Now I was really nervous but also kind of turned on. The she said that she was going to have sex with whoever was bigger and that the "loser" would watch. When she said that the 12 yr old immediately dropped his briefs and revealed what looked like a 5" soft c**k and big hanging balls. Wit a giggle she said now it's your turn. At this point I was almost fully erect, very embarrassed and very turned on by the whole situation. I didn't know what to do

JSep 22 2010 6:30pm
After a second she said c'mon let's see it the little guy or I'm gna tell everyone we know about this. I really didnt want her to do that so I dropped my pants to reveal my small erection and small,retreating balls. Both him and her laughed at me and made some jokes, when they stopped laughing she decided that We should measure. She went to him first and measured his soft penis at about 5", my erection wouldnt go away so she measured me and I was 3.75". Then she said she wanted to measure the "man" hard. She walked over to him and started giving him a blow job to get him up. after like 5 mins he was fully erect and measured 8+ inches. Then she decided she would see who would last longer, finding new ways to torture me, She walked over and started stroking my small penis in balls all in one hand and after like 30 seconds I came a little in her hand. She said hmmm see things haven't chnaged much and walked over to him and went back to giving him a sloppy blow job, spitting and gagging and everything. I was mortified it was like a front row seat at a porno movie.

JSep 22 2010 6:44pm
After like 15 minutes of this she stood up and said guess I'll just have to f**k you to make you come big boy. I had already come a second time while watching them. She laid him back on the couch and started riding him and moaning and telling him how big he was and talkin' dirty I just sat there rubbing my little d**k wondering why this was happening. She came twice before he got close and dismounted him and finished the job with her mouth. When he came it was like a flood all in her mouth, so much she couldn't swallow it all and it spilled out of her mouth and all over her face and chest. She looked at me and smiled then asked the 12 yr old if he enjoyed it. With a smile he said yea I heard your first time wasn't supposed to be all that good but this was great!! She giggled and looked back at me and said I know it's probably the best I've ever had. I left that night and never called her again and netime I saw her when out I was terrified she would say something to someone I was with about the whole thing. I am very nice to every girl I let see my penis now.

JSep 22 2010 6:51pm
Nothing wrong with some healthy competition. Me and my two brothers all are about a year apart in age. From when i was 11 , me being the youngest, my 12 and 13 year old older brrothers did all kinds of stuff together. We all worked out and excercised together, we shared one big room on the top floor of our house, had a big open bathroom and shower with 3 rain shower heads. We spend most days up there nude working out. We all jelq to help our penises potentially grow as big as possible too. We are all in great shape, I have the lowest body fat and my oldest brother is the strongest and looks more like a powerlifter, the middle brother is kinda inbetween. So i look like a super ripped shredded gymnast body, and he is thicker and less defined, I am the only one to have an eight-pack of abs. I have the shortest penis at 6 inches long, but the thickest and 6.7 inches around. Middle bro is 7x5 and older bro is 6.5 by 5.5

FavinSep 29 2010 7:56am
Well I want to share my part on this poll. Me (19) and my cousin (14) used to play around with our dicks ever since i was 13 and he was 8.. Then my penis was 1.5 soft and 2.5 hard while his was 1 soft and 1.5 hard and i used to tease him about it.. now after 6 years without seeing each others dicks since were hanging around in my room playing playstation when all of a sudden i wondered if his dick grew so i was staring at his penis and he noticed so he asked me if mine has grown and I replied yes so he asked me how big it was and I lied and said it was 6 inches while it was still the same and he laughed and said it was about time he overtook me and pulled out his soft 5 inch penis. I was staring in surprise and he then told me to reveal mine and I refused.. He then grabbed my penis and laughed and said thats smaller than my balls. I felt so humiliated that i got hard and he said thats our best? and pulled down my pants and revealed my small penis compared to his.. After my pants was pulled down he laughed and started teasing me, he now makes me jack him off, do him blowjobs and be his slave and i the funny thing is i enjoy this. He is still weaker than me but he still bosses me around and I do it out of respect as if he was a god to me

qazOct 03 2010 8:48am
I joked around over the years about stuff like that with my neighbor's kids. Jokingly said the more they jerked off the bigger it would get. Well the youngest one started doing it all the time haha. He was only 9 when the conversation started and his older brother was 11. Fast forward a couple years and they are coming over to go swim, we get undressed and out flops this massive penis on the younger brother he is 12 and it is 5x5 soft and 7x6 in. hard. While his older brother at 14 is only like 2 soft and almsot 5 hard.

CHRSIOct 29 2010 7:28am
my friends younger bro is now 15, and with nature and jelqing and pumping, iss now 9 inches long. and 7 inches around.

TerryNov 07 2010 7:20am
My story goes back some ten years when I was 15. My mother and self lived in a three bedroom unit. I was a late developer, and only had pubic hair just before my 15th. birthday. I knew I was small from all the guys I had seen in locker rooms. Well, one weekend during the holidays, we were visited by one of my mother's friends who lived about 600 miles away. She too was a single parent. The last time we had seen one another, I was 10 and she had a year old son. At that stage of his life, he was shorter than I was and looked like a typical 7 year old. So, five years had elapsed. I am only 5foot five inches tall today, so perhaps back then, I might have been an inch shorter. When they arrived, I was shocked to see a guy who was taller than me and didn't recognize him at all. As we shook hands, I looked up into his eyes. The aura that surrounded him was one of a mature 16 year old, certainly not that one might associate with a 12 year old. He was the strong silent type as I came to realize. The usual comments were made about how big he had become and that he was taller than me, how much he had grown, etc. Embarrassing. He and his mother had come to our city, because his mother was attending a conference associated with her work. Naturally, he shared my room for the five nights of their visit. At first, I had not the slightest fear about sharing my room with a 12 year old, but this 12 year old was more like a 16 year old physically. I immediately felt like the younger of the two of us. A mattress was placed on my floor and I was to surrender my bed for my visitor, but he wanted the floor. Once the mattress was set out, it took up all the available space, and it also meant that it was right up against the door. Hence the door couldn't be opened. I had this need to check on his age as the thought that my mother had gotten his age wrong did enter my mind. After the evening meal, my mother took his mother to see another mutual friend, leaving us both home together. We were told that they would be home late, so when 11.00m came, we decided to hit the sack. I tried to stay a long way from him but once inside my bedroom, we were like two feet apart. The size difference was accentuated. I got up the courage to ask: 'My mother said you are 12, that's not right, is it?" "Yeah, he replied, I just turned 12." I discovered that he was 12 and 2 months. I had to reveal my age at that point. I was 15 and 7 months, making me 3 years and 5 months older. 'You are pretty small for your age" he said, with much confidence. I had no option but to agree. He spun be around and took his hand and measured me off against his height. I came up to his mouth which put him about 5 inches taller He was also broader around the chest, had bigger hands and wrists, bigger biceps. Everything about him was bigger. When he took off his shirt, I saw armpit hair like that of a typical 16 year old. It was long and dense, wherewas I had about two light wisks of hair there. I had yet to develop in that department. I tried to not look. Then he took off his jeans and was wearing calvin kelin uwear. I noticed the bulge out of the corner of my eye. Deciding not to change into pj's, I dived under my top sheet as quickly as I could. A sleepless night followed as I looked down from my bed to this boy-man on the floor. Fast forward to the next night. With my mother being a nurse and his mother being at the conference dinner, it left us home again until about midnight. We had a day riding around town on my bike (he brought his on the back of his car). He was a person of few words; if I didn't make the conversation, he had little to say. He just smiled with the coolness of a 16+year old teenager. After his shower, he walked around the unit with his towel wrapped around his waist. He did this for about an hour. Looking back now from today's vantage point, he was showing me his body and I was falling for it. When he put his hand on his hips, his armpits were more exposed, and his armpit hair was clearly visible. At about 8.00pm, he said: "Let's play poker" I was not a card player and didn't know how to play poker, so he said he would teach me. Naturally, I lost all the early hands. Then he declared that we should make it strip poker. I was wearing all my clothes, he was still in his towel. He explained the rules and of course, if he lost just one hand, all he had to take off was his towel. We sat on the mattress in my room for this event. Cutting to the chase, I lost hand after hand and was now in my u-wear. I already had an erection going and it was poking out revealing a small tent. By the way, my hard one is only 4.2inches. Well, I lost again. 'Take it off' he said slowly and with authority. I did so quickly and grabbed some cards to cover the view. He reached over and with a quiet authority, took the cards from my hand and looked at my erection and small pubic bush. A smile came across his face. 'You are small down there too' said he. I now covered myself with my hands while he shuffled the cards. ' can't do that' so I took my hands away. In the next hand, he deliberately lost. There was silence in the room. He undid his towel and to reveal an extensive pubic bush that was some four inches across the top and a soft penis that was bigger than my hard one. 'Pretty big, huh?' to which I nodded in agreement. 'Touch it if you like.' I hesitated. So he reached over and touched mine. As no one had ever done this to me before, I whole body twitched and got extra hard. 'Now touch me' he said with his customary authority. I did as directed and had a sensation of his heavy meat. The more I touched, the more I wanted it. Soon it began to swell and grew in my hand. When it reached its max, he lay back on the mattress and with his own hand held his dick upright. It was enormous. 'Hold it again' which I did, and my smaller hand and fingers could not encircle his circumference. 'Get our ruler and measure' he said quietly. As I returned to the floor, he told me to measure mine first. My hand was shaking, my eyes couldn't focus, my heart was racing. 'Tell me your length.' '4 inches' said I. 'Now measure me'. I read the measurement and remained silent. 'What is my length?' I remained silent. 'What is my length.' "7.8 inches," said I. He smiled. Then he made a move that will probably be with me for the rest of my life. He spread his legs and spread mine and moved closer to me and pulled me into him. Within three moves, our penises were touching. His 7.8 was against my 4.2. But it was his circumference that now impressed and shocked me. I could still see his meat that protruded on both sides of my 4.2 incher. He couldn't see mine. And his ball sac was easily four times my size. My sac had not properfly dropped, so it was retreating fast, but his was hanging. It was like I didn't have a ball sac. The sensation of this contact was just too much for me and I squirted a small amount of juice. It was about the equivalent of a small, no-hand assisted squirt. He laughed quietly. He then placed my hand around his 7.8 and started the motion. After a few strokes, he left me to do it on my own, while he lay back down on the mattress and started a few moans. I hastened the pace. Suddenly he sat up, got up on his knees just as before he came. Then he exploded. It all came in my direction, hitting me around my crotch. He held his appendage and directed the stream on to my 4.2 incher 'Good huh?' said he. I agreed. More happened but I will stop here.

peter mNov 10 2010 1:52pm
Twin friends of mine are identical except for their penises. One of them discovered jelqing etc. online. He has been doing it for years, and probably did it at too young of an age, so he may have issues later on in life due to it. But with that "help" he is 6.5 inches long and 5.5 inches around. Where the non-jelqing twin is only 5 inches long and 5 inches around.

EricNov 22 2010 10:52am
i'm one of 'bigger younger brothers'.16 and my brother is 18. last year we measure that we have same height. over the last year, he moved to my aunty's house which is closer to his college. 10 days ago, he visited our (parents) house and realized that i was bigger than him. I'm 6'2 and he is 5'8, and i am more muscular (i join a basketball club and worked out at the gym too). i acted as usual, but i think he felt intimidated (especially when i take my shirt off). we rarely talk each other, and he had never ask me to play.

GrantNov 23 2010 1:56am
peter m, great story! i'm also a small guy. i'm on yahoo im if you want to share more.

bsized4point5@yahoo.comNov 28 2010 10:58am
Had my cousins come stay with me in my apartment one summer. I had just moved out and was 22. They were 11 and 13. They were the two horniest kids I have ever seen. They liked showing off their bodies to girls at the complex pool and spent most days there all day long. They had a key and I was at work or out for a time most days. It's a small apartment, and they slept in the room with me on the floor in sleeping bags, well because it was hot they mainly slept on top of them with sheets. They were both in very good shape for their ages. Nothing freaky size wise, just fit kids, slight abs and muscles where you would expect them. They had above average penises given their age and had both obviously started puberty at a younger age than most of their peers. They were both about the same size at 3/3.5 inches soft and 5/5.5 inches hard, equal and above to mine own 5x5. They both were glad to be big and hoped to grow some more, but got a nice understanding of how an average size is not the end of the world, just be confident etc.

AptdudeFeb 09 2011 7:52am
I never really thought about the size of my penis versus my friend's or younger brother's. I grew up in the same neighboorhood my whole life. Most of my friends I knew since we were all born around the same time ever since I can remember. We lived in a cul-de-sac. With new families in all of the houses. New families that all had kids around the same time. As some of the moms went back to work as we got to be around 4-6 years old, some of my mom agreed to be the main watcher of the kids as we had the house in the middle of the cul-de-sac. Our house had the only pool, and we added a gate to either side so the neighboors could come in as they pleased. They would usually call first, except the kids as we got older during the summer, then we would leave them open and just go back and forth all day usually. I was the oldest of them by two years and we were all prety well-behaved. So we were all great swimmers and could swim alone and unsupervised, as long as it wasn't raining. So we would typically all just jump in right after school, our parents would usually be at work or running around. Bathing suits were something we rarely used, unless it was a party, if it was just our families since we were all boys we just went nude. We grew up this wasy and never gave it much thought as little kids. And only as we got older, and I started seeing our differences more. I started puberty first, and some of the younger boys and my brothers all started soon after, maybe a year or two after me, so younger in age, but with the knowledge from me etc. So with my new understanding of my body and of information from school I soon realized at the next summer time when we could swim, just how much bigger they could be.

vgfMar 05 2011 12:03am
They were not medical oddities or anything. But they were bigger than other boys I had or have seen for the most part before or since. And we were all in great shape with great all over tans and trim firm young bodies. So there was little to no fat to obscure anything. In our later teens we all would work out in this side lot nearby that was abandoned that we cleaned up. We would cart out the equipment every day that we stored in a nearby shed.So they were only about half an inch to an inch bigger than others, but enough to be noticed and commented on. They youngest of all was my youngest brother who's 5 years younger than me, the next youngest was a boy that was 4 years younger, most of the others were within 1 to 3 years my junior.My youngest brother was the shortest of all of us, had the biggest penis, and was in the best shape, at least as far as his definition goes, some others may have had more strength, but he could have been a male model he was so cut/ripped/shredded. Hell, he had abs in kindergarten the lucky SOB, his nickname was Charm's(blow pop) becuase his penis was 7x6 when he was 14

vgfMar 05 2011 12:56am
Friends we hadn't seen in years came down to visit us. They didn't know we had a pool and my mom for some reason never mentioned it. SO the day they arrive it's hot and the kids want to swim. I have a older brother who just moved out to go to college, his room is the room their parents will stay in. Their two boys will stay in my room. They are 11 and 13, I am 14 at this time. They go with me to find and put on old swim suits, the only other ones I have aside from my new speedo, are two old ones, that are fairly small. But they are thin athletically built boys and they should fit, if be a little snug. But we end up giving me the two year old one, the older brother my new one and the youngest the year old one. You see My waist can squeeze into the two year old one, and since we found out that I have an average to small penis i dont have an obscene bulge in tiny trunks trying to pop out like theirs were threatening to do. They are 4 and 6 inches soft from youngest to oldest respectivly. I am about 1 inch soft. And are both in very good shape. Little to no fat, and rather remarkably developed musculature's. They still have very obvious bulges that are two and three times my own. But at least you can't see their whole shaft and heads from the smaller suits. We later jerk-off a lot over their stay and I find out they are 5.5 and 7 inches hard, while I am 4.2 inches hard.

Gary_CilMar 31 2011 8:00am
I'm 16 years old, but I look alot younger, and even my mother treats me like a kid. I and lived with only my mother, but then she got a new boyfriend, Stan, and he came to visit us all the time. Then one day, my mother told me we were going to visit Stan and his son. We got there, and I was introduced to his son, he looked my age or older, maybe 17 years old or something. Him and I went to his bedroom to play videogames, and we did some small talk. I finally had enough courage to ask him about his age, and he said to my shock "I'm 13 years old" I said "Wow! you look like 16-17!" He smiled c*cky, and said "Yeah i know, it has it perks too, I get into movies I'm too young to watch, and I get older chicks, I mean feeling up 16-17 year old chicks is far better than cuddling with girls our age" I said "Wow! Wait, what do yo mean, our age?" He said "Like 13 year old girls, they can be cute, but they have pretty lame bodies" I was kinda sad because he thought I was 13, but said "ah, hehe yeah, i can see what you mean" then he started talking about boobs and asses and stuff, and said "sex is amazing, but you're a virgin, right?" I nodded, and then he said "Well, maybe I could hook you up with a kinda slutty 13 year old, how old are you exactly by the way?" I admitted I was 16, and he said "no, seriously" I said "I swear, I'm 16" He said "no way" and I showed him the birth date at my visa card, he started laughing and said "Well, I've always wanted a little brother, and the fact that you're older than me only makes it better, I hope my dad, and that hot ass mom of yours sticks together" I started crying a little, and he laughed even harder, and said "you're so pathetic" He told me to take off my pants, and then he laughed and said "Maybe I'm gonna have to start call you little sister, You don't even have a bulge in your crotch" I covered my crotch with my hands, and he picked up his laptop, and showed me a picture of a babe in a bikini, with an amazing ass, my pathetic little penis instantly got hard. He made me remove my hands, to see the skinny little tent in my crotch. I was standing there looking like a little kid sobbing, with a tiny erection in my briefs. He took off his pants, and he had a huge soft bulge. He walked over to me, and bent his knees to make his face the same level as my face, and his huge soft bulge sqeezed into my pathetic little hard bulge. It felt so amazing, and at the same time so humiliating. Then he told me to take off my "little boy-briefs" I did, and he removed his boxers. He had a ruler in a drawer, he fetched it, and ruled my penis "Wow, 2.4 inches hard, haha! I was at that stage when I was 8" Then he measured his soft penis, and said "5 inches, now make it grow, little bro" I grabbed it, and started fondling his massive soft c*ck, it grew alot bigger, and he measured "hmm, 8.4 inches, if my maths is correct, my dick is over 3 times the size of your little boy-wee wee, little brother" I nodded, and he said "You're supposed to say "Yes, sir" I said, and he said "Good boy" Since then he have been treating me like a little kid, making me do stuff, and humiliating me in front of his gfs who are usually about my age

Pathetic little kidApr 03 2011 6:30pm
Hi. That would be so humuliating. It seems to me there are a few stories to be told on your last line: "making me do stuff" and what how does he humuliate you in front of 16 year old girls? Have you started puberty yet?

anonyApr 04 2011 1:15pm
Hey Pathetic little kid. Anymore visits?

AnonImousMay 09 2011 5:21am
Hey, well, we live together now, our parents moved in together a couple of months ago, and well, I have totally become his little brother, I'm 17 now, and he's still 13, but he calls me little bro all the time, and i have to call him big bro, my mom and his dad also treats me like i'm way younger than him. If I stay out with friends a little late on a school night, they call me, and say i have to come home, because it's school tomorrow. My younger big step brother comes and goes as he pleases, he also gets alot of girlfriends, and sometimes he spends the night at a girl's house. When my mother and his father goes away for the weekend, they tell me to do what he says, and he always invites a hot chick over, treats me like a little boy in front of the girls, and makes me go to bed at like 9-10 o'clock, and then i can hear them having sex. He often walks around in the house wearing only his underwear, and I've caught my own mother sending him horny glances, and lightly flirting with him, he's also grabbed her ass several times, which she only responds to by laughing flirtingly, and a couple of times, when his father has been away, and the three of us were watching tv, my mother made me go to bed early, while he stayed up with her. Now he's around 5'10, muscular, and he's got a 8.5 inch dick, while I'm 5'3, skinny and i have a 2.4 inch dick still. I barely have balls, and I have a few thin hairs spread around my dick. He often makes me walk to the store to buy him stuff, or change the sheats on his bed, and stuff like that. We share a room, and when he's horny, and doesnt have a girl avaible at the moment, he makes me jerk him off, and i gotta admit that i love it. I'm his little bro, bitch and servant.

Pathetic little kidJan 10 2012 11:04am
wow, your mom is probably f*cking your big bro too, his age doesnt matter, any real woman would be reduced to sex craving animals near a big strong well endowed man like him.

kieraJan 10 2012 11:23am
wow.PLkid. Do you have evidence that something is happening between your mom and him? How old are the girls he brings home? How does he humuliate you in front of his girls? I can understand you likeing / loving it. Are you really his 'bitch' or are you just using the word?

anonJan 10 2012 6:58pm
I don't really have any edvidence, but I'm trying to find out more. Last weekend he and my mother made me go to bed early, and the next morning i found her d-cup bra on the living room couch, and both of them came down to the living room quite late, and almost at the same time. First my mother came down, and then my he came a bit later, and was like "make some breakfast little bro" i said "make it yourself" and then my mother suddenly said "don't take that tone, you ought to do what he tells you, boy" i started crying a little, and felt so pathetic, and my mother hugged me, and said "i'm sorry, sweetie, i just want you to be a good boy, and do as you're told" i felt so degraded, it was just as if i was a little boy, and still, i said "okay, mommy" and made breakfast for them. The girls he bring home are usually around 16-18 years old, he's even been with two of the hottest girls in my class. Well, he treats me like a little boy in front of them, some even thinks i'm his little brother, and the ones who knows i'm older laughs at me, makes fun of me, and some have even felt sorry for me. Once he has made me wear girl's underwear, and I have had to undress before, in front of really hot girls, a couple of girls have even requested that i jerk him off, while i'm naked, which i have ended up doing. The girls also comes with comments, like "wow, you're almost bigger than my 6 year old brother" "are you sure you are a boy?" "how does it feel knowing you can never please a girl sexually" nd "my hamster's got a bigger dick than that". it depends how you define the word bitch, he's never actually f*cked me, if thats what you mean, but i mean, i have to please him sexually, and sometimes he introduce me to his friends as his "bitch"

Pathetic little kidJan 14 2012 9:41am
hey plk. I guess you do have evidence of something happening between your 13 yr old step-br and your mom. Her bra in the lounge is an unusual garment to be left in the lounge!, especially after they were there alone after you left. You said that "he and my mother made me go to bed early." How did HE do this?, what did he say? what did you notice in his eye? Didn't you sneak a peek after you left? I am concerned that he has this need to humuliate you in public the way he has to his girls. Such differences, kept between two people can be difficult enough to cope with. But when these differences are exposed to the public who are likely to talk about them to others, is cruel. I can only imagine how embarrassing it would be to be standing there naked, with a 2.4 inch dick, in front of several 16-18 year old voluptous girls who know you are the same age as they are, and yet it is 13 year old who is regarded as the man.

anon-XJan 14 2012 3:07pm
Hmm, I guess you are right. He was the one who first mentioned it, and he did have a bit of a suspicious look in his eyes, it was like 11 o'clock, and he said "shouldt you go to bed, little bro?" i said no, and then my mom said "oh yes, it's way past bed-time for little boys now" i was like "little boys? what about him? he's younger than me" she said something like "age doesn't matter much in your case, he is as good as an adult man, but you are still a growing boy, you even go around calling him big brother and doing what he asks you to do, dont tell me you suddenly regard yourself as more of a man than him" he smiled c*cky at me, and i felt a bit ashamed, and just said "no, mom" she smiled, and said "good boy" then she got up from the couch, and walked towards the door and said "now mommy is going out for a smoke, and when i get back you should be in bed" she was wearing tights, which i gotta admit does flatter her shapely butt, i saw my step brother was looking at her ass, and stretched out his arm, grabbed in the air behind her ass, and winked at me. I told her good night, and she went out, then he laughed a little, and said something like "good night, little bro, don't be a naughty boy and play with your little willy all night, you need your sleep, growing boy" mockingly. I just said "good night" and went up to bed. I really wanted to go peek at them, but I didn't dare, the thought of him with my mom was an extreme turn on, but it was also a bit frightening, but maybe i'll try next time something like this happens. And yeah, showing hot chicks my age my 2.4 incher, and my 13 year old step bro being regarded as the man in the room is extremely humiliating, but it's also really turning me on.

Pathetic little kidJan 14 2012 4:00pm
Thanks plk for your update and all the details. These details speak for themselves I think. She knows all about his 8.5'er. Your mom's comment: "he is as good as an adult man and you are still a growing boy" is i think, a very hurtful comment to be made by a parent. To me, it is a betrayal her own; she should be concerned about your self esteem, not contribute to demolishing it. I think the evidence is there that they are spending the night together that that his 8.5 is being used. What is that like for you to know that this is probably occurring, that he is in bed with your own mother? Do you have pubic hair? has puberty begun for you? What does he make you do in private? I now a guy who is now 34 years old, who is now physically huge. When we are over at his house, there are heaps of baby and teen photos of himself and his brother around the house. There is one where he is 16 and his younger brother is 13. But it looks the other way around, that he is the 13 year old. Today, he is much bigger than his younger brother. In your case, he is completely different genetically. Everyone at school is genetically different, but I guess you don't have to live with those early developers in the same bedroom 24/7.

Anon-XJan 14 2012 6:34pm
Hey pathetic little kid. It's been a week since your last post. Any developments with your step-brother? i was just thinking that you might like to NOT regard yourself as 'pathetic.' You are better than that. I accept you as you are and so should everyone else.

peteJan 28 2012 12:28pm
Hey, sorry for the late reply, i haven't been on the internet much lately. Well yeah, you're probably right, Anon, and well, thinking of him and my mother feels very weird. I kinda feel a little betrayed, but at the same time it's really turning me on, and sometimes i even jerk off to the thought of it. I have pubic hair, but it's very little, probably the same abount as a kid who have just started to grow hair, and I think puberty has begun, but it has been very innefective appearantly. In private he mostly do things like make me jerk him off, and sometimes he makes me lick the crotch of his sweaty, smelly underwear, and i actually like it, he also tells me that if i stay good he might let me taste his dick some time. Sometimes he also rubs my dick through my underwear for a few seconds, until i have an orgasm, but they are not like his, they are usually dry, and sometimes a few drops of gray, smelly liquid comes out. Oh okay, cool, hehe yeah, that's right. And Pete, well, I actualy do like to look at myself as pathetic, as weird as it might be.

Pathetic little kidFeb 04 2012 4:17am
Hey PLK. I too am submissive and 'enjoyed' being used, tormented and overpowered by a boy younger than me, though it was a little frightening and humiliating at times. It's been interesting and stirring, reading about your relationship with your new younger brother. He's got total control over you both physically and mentally and his enjoyment of the situation can only develop as he gets his kicks in other ways. If you're enjoying it too, then go with it. If it's getting too much, don't be afraid of speaking out to someone in a position of trust.

yorkshireguyFeb 07 2012 11:14am
I'm a 40 year old skinny, short, poorly endowed man, and I'm a virgin. I was married to a foreign woman many years ago (Later I found out she married me just to get into the country) she would barely let me touch her, and we never had sex, she claimed it had something to do with her faith. Then suddenly she became pregnant, and I was to spineless to react, I just pretended everything was okay, and that she was carrying my child. Then "our" son was born, and my wife left us after 1 year. I didn't have the heart to get rid of the kid, and raised him as my own. When he was 11-12 he started growing taller than me, got body hair, and a darer voice. He also came to me when he was 11, and told me that the underwear I buy him was way to tight in the crotch, and that I had to buy him adult underwear. Just out of curiosity, I secretly tried on one of his superman briefs, and it wasn't tight in the crotch at all. Then I started becoming very aware of his rapid development. He started walking around in only his underwear in the house, and I'd notice his huge bulge, he also started acting ery c*cky and dominant, telling me to shut up, and sometimes demanding that I'd clean his room, or buy him stuff, and the worst part is that i actually did what he said, and became his servant. Last year (2010, he was 13 then) when I was cleaning his room, I started snooping, and came across a little notebook in a drawer. In one section of the book where the names and even ages of the 14 girls he had f*cked, the oldest one was 17 years old. In another section I found a page that said "My c*ck" and several dates he has measured it. The first time was March 2008, when he was barely 10 years old, and then his dick measured 3.5 inches (mine is only 3 inches) in august 2008 he had grown to 4.5 inches, in february 2009 (only a few days after his 11th birthday) it said 5 inches. august 2009 it said 5.5, and march 2010 it said 6.5 inches. The next entry was a year later, when he had recently turned 13, and then his dick was 8 inches. A few months after I found the book, he got this incredibly hot 16 year old gf, and i'm ashamed to admit that i took a cellphone photo of her amazing backside, moved it to my computer, and started jerking off to the picture of her big, round, tight butt every night. One night "my son" came into my room and caught me, he was like "what the f*ck are you doing?!" then he saw my little dick, and said "Seriously? did that little worm of a dick create me? you're pathetic" and then it seemed he lost all respect to me, and he started making me go to my room early on friday nights, so he could f*ck beautiful girls in our living room. And that's pretty much how my life is now, I often jerk off to the sounds of him and his gfs having sex, and I feel so incredibly pathetic.

little "dad"Feb 22 2012 5:01pm
Sorry, I meant to say "Last year (2011)" but appearantly I wrote 2010

little "dad"Feb 23 2012 9:02am
So little "dad", your son doesn't know you're not his biological father. He's taller than you and I guess stronger too?? Has his dominance over you developed into physical agression? He's already noticed that he's more sexually advanced than you, do you think he'd want to control you to service his needs there, if no girls are available and if so, how would you feel about that? Would you comply with his demands willingly?

yorkshireguyFeb 24 2012 9:27am
He must be a lot stronger than me, and yes, he does push me around sometimes. I'm not sure if he'd make me serve him sexually, but he's gaining more ground, and becoming more daring all the time, so it could be. To be honest, the thought of it does turn me on a little, as I've only kissed women before, it might be the closest thing to sex i'd ever come. So maybe I would. I would also like to share that this weekend I went out on a date for the first time in a couple of years, with a beautiful 35 year old woman from work, she could have gotten any guy, and I've no idea what she saw in me, maybe she wanted to try something different. She seemed bored during our dinner, but still she agreed to come over to my place afterwards, perhaps out of pity. She didn't want to go to the bedroom, so we just watched TV in the living room, she still seemed bored, and moved away from me every time i approached her. Then my son came walking into the room, dressed in only a tank top and tight boxers. My date's eyes widened as she saw him, I could see her gaze move down to his bulge, and she got this hungry sorta look. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer, as if he's the man in the house. My date adjusted her cleavage to make her boobs more visible. He looked at her, and said "Wow, who's this beaty?" I said she was my date, and she said "I'm not sure if I'd call it a date." then they introduced eachother, and she got up from the sofa, walked over to him and said "You must be working out, how old are you?" he said he was 14, and she gasped and said "Oh my God, no way! Is it okay if I touch your muscles?" He said sure, and she started feeling his arms and his pecs, she even moved her hand down, and gave his dick a brief squeeze. She turned to me, and said "You're not exactly the man of the house" My son slapped her butt, and she giggled, and looked flattered. I was really turned on by what was happening, but I also got angry, I got up and said "Now you're crossing the line" Then my son said "Shut up, nobody cares about your opinions" I just sat down, and felt ashamed. My date laughed, and said "I love big, dominant guys" Then she said she had to leave, and my son slapped her butt again as she left. Then he told me to go to bed, because he was going to watch a movie in the living room. I was really surprised when the woman started chatting with me, and seemed keen on seeing me again, I strongly suspects it's just to see my son, and I'm not sure what I should do, but thinking of her and my "son" together, does turn me on.

little "dad"Feb 26 2012 7:18am
Hey little dad, that's an interesting development. Just how much taller is your 'son' to you? If you're entertaining the idea of the woman and your son together, then are you ready for the next chapter in your life - to show the people you work with how submissive and pathetic you are to your child. Undoubtedly she wouldn't be able to keep this to herself and your life would be the subject of work gossip. Perhaps being controlled and humiliated is something you might get a kick out of. I think, from what tou've said, it must only be a matter of time before he enjoys his new relationship with you in a dominant, agressive or sexual manner. Some of us are destined to serve the more advanced. It might be confusing or indeed a little frightening but as a guy around your age, I really envy your position. You're not alone! I've been bullied, belittled, dominated and overpowered by a 15 year old. Scarey as it was initially, I got to enjoy and crave the experience and attention.

yorkshireguyFeb 26 2012 11:11pm
I caught my younger brother jerking off inthe bathroom wearing one of my condoms, it didn't cover 30% of the base of his c*ck and was stretched very thin. I am around 6.5 by 5.5( about 1.7-1.8 inches wide) He had to be around 8x6 at 15.

abcgumFeb 28 2012 12:36am
i dream of having a younger brother to own me...stronger, bigger, more of a man in every way i wish i had had someone to service like that growing up.

kyleisawesomer@live.comMar 07 2012 6:56pm

AnonymousMar 08 2012 1:04am
When I was in college I ran across a relationship like this. We were seniors when my bf younger half brother came to stay with my bf. my bf was a lot of fun but average built. Kind of a pretty boy. I played sports and was taller and stronger but also modeled so I wasn't super strong. The younger bro was more my size and acted mature but didn't have much respect for women. I have very large boobs and so I doubt he ever looked at my face. But anyway I still thought he was hot. He was only 13 by a week but was really cut and athletic. I admit I was wrong to want him but I did. And I can get almost any guy I want usually. And he made it clear he wanted me. I didn't think anything would happen tho. Until we were all getting ready to go out. I'm pretty sure he made me accidentally see him naked. And OMFG! I had never (and still have never) seen a guy that huge. I walked in while he was showering thinking he wouldn't know and I wouldn't see but he heard me and opened the glass door and I saw it. The water was pouring off it as I stared. He just let me stare. It was hanging probably 6-8"? My bf, his half bro was smaller hard than this kid was soft. When I finally stopped staring and hurried out I was so flustered I couldn't speak. We all went to dinner then my bf went out with friends and I stayed at his apartment with the 13yo. Cause I was 'tired'. Me and his hot brother kissed and got naked eventually. I didn't even initiate. He was clearly experienced. I guess from my reaction he knew he could seduce me with his size. And he did. Holding a soft one that huge almost made me orgasm. I couldn't close my hand around him soft. God it was SOOO f-ing heavy! I was a 22yo 5'10" 160 BERY athletic woman with 36DD boobs and I was worshipping a 13yo penis. And he was soft. He knew this and told me he would let me feel it get hard if I took my top and bra off. So I did and he got hard. 10" I would guess. It's hard to judge but it was almost as long as my forearm I stroked and tried to suck it but I was scared to have something that huge inside me. He even knew that cause he told me that he would be gentle but it would hurt at first and I may not enjoy his size. I now wish I had let him try but I didn't. Oh well. My loss...

Windyheather414Mar 11 2012 2:26pm
HEY...little dad and Pathetic Kid. any updates?

pjApr 08 2012 10:45pm
It's been quiet here for a few weeks. Anyone got any updates or stories to tell?

AnonymousMay 05 2012 11:54am
I'm 18 years old in a couple of weeks, and I have a younger brother; Jordan whos currently 16. We usually get along and keep to ourselves until last week. I had gone for a shower and was drying myself off in the bathromm when my brother walked in, we looked at eachother for a second before he looked down at my c*ck and begun to laugh. I got angry and asked/shouted "Whats so funny?" He continued laughing for a bit before he replied "your tiny c*ck, thats what". I was shocked for a second before I replied "well you cant be any bigger than me", he simply pulled his shorts down, shrugged and said "guess im the older brother now"

Ethan.OMay 05 2012 10:55pm
Hey Ethan.O your didn't mention how big you or your brother are? Does he still treat you the same or does he treat you differenly now? Do you like being smaller then him?

Curious JackMay 05 2012 10:58pm
Oops, sorry. My voice broke at the age of 14 and my dick didn't grow until around 16 maybe late 15 ish. Before puberty my dick was roughly 2 inchs long& 1 inch thick when soft and 2.9 inchs hard. Nowadays its 3 soft and 4 hard. After he showed me his dick in the bathroom, he dragged me to his room and got out a ruler, he measured my dick first then his own; his was 5.5 inchs Soft and 8 hard. He made me jerk him off until he cummed all over my face - it was absolutely embrassing. He now treats me like a little kid; for example I was going for a piss this morning when he walked into the toilet stood behind me and helped me aim my dick saying "aim the little nozzle at the centre and keep it thee until all the pee-pee is gone" after i'd finished peeing he just shook my dick, tucked it back into my boxers and patted my groin saying "remember to shake the little nozzle otherwise it might leak". another example is when I was getting ready for school the yesterday he walked into my bedroom and 'helped' me dress saying that little boys like me can't dress themselves, when I tried to stop him he just pulled my boxers down, put me over his lap and slapped my ass until I begged him to stop - he said that next time i tried to fight back he'd humiliate me in front of either our parents or our friends - I promised not to anymore. I hate/like being smaller then him - its annoying as hell the way hes begun to baby me but i get turned on by the way hes dominating me. I'm used to being smaller then Jordan; im 5'9 and he's 6'5 and while we both workout at the community centre he got bigger muscles and as I've recently learnt a lot more body strength than me.

Ethan.OMay 05 2012 11:17pm
I share the same problem as you Ethan but with my younger Step-Brother. Im currently 16 and my stepbro has just turned 12. My mum remarried 3 years ago, and my bro and I get along pretty well, though I sometimes pick on him as I'm older. We share a room - usually one of us leaves the room while the other is getting dressed, but last week we were running late for school when he walked in when I was nude - he took one look at my dick and got an amused smile. I didn't think much of it and quickly got dressed and left the room and went to school. That afternoon, after my shower I was drying off in the bedroom when he walks in and begins to strip off. I began to complain when he pushed me to the ground and sat on my chest and slowly moved up until his groin was right in front of my face. When I tried to get up he pushed my face into his groin and told me to smell his manliness. I was aroused by his dominance over me and reluclently smelled his groin. Unfortunetly he noticed my boner and got off me to get a ruler. He wanted to see who was really the 'big' brother even though it was obvious to me who'd be winning and who'd be losing. Me measured his first: 6.2 inchs soft, he reached down and measured my boner: 3.5 hard, he then waited until my erection softened and measured again: 1.8 soft. He took off his boxers and sat on my chest and forced his soft c*ck in my mouth and told me to either begin sucking or he would pee in my mouth. I didn't believe him and refused to suck him off, he just shruged and begun to pee over my face first then my pajamas and finally my mouth - which i was forced to swallow as he put his hand over my mouth. He once again told me to suck his dick otherwise he'd tell all my firends about my tiny dick - this time I believed him and did as he told me to. I sucked him off for 10 minutes before he blew load all over my face and hair, be fore he scooped some up turned around and begun to wank my dick using his cum as lube - it took 30 seconds before a dry cummed, but he didn't notice and continued to wank me off another minute passed and I Dry-came again, tis time he noticed and just sat there and watched as my dick softened and shrank covered in his cum before He got me and helped me up and I realised that he was taller than me by a couple inchs he just puched me onto his bed, offed the lights and crept into the bed saying that he needed me to suck him off every morning from now on if I wanted my little problem kept a secret.

Callum.BMay 06 2012 9:32pm
I share the same problem as you Ethan but with my younger Step-Brother. Im currently 16 and my stepbro has just turned 12. My mum remarried 3 years ago, and my bro and I get along pretty well, though I sometimes pick on him as I'm older. We share a room - usually one of us leaves the room while the other is getting dressed, but last week we were running late for school when he walked in when I was nude - he took one look at my dick and got an amused smile. I didn't think much of it and quickly got dressed and left the room and went to school. That afternoon, after my shower I was drying off in the bedroom when he walks in and begins to strip off. I began to complain when he pushed me to the ground and sat on my chest and slowly moved up until his groin was right in front of my face. When I tried to get up he pushed my face into his groin and told me to smell his manliness. I was aroused by his dominance over me and reluclently smelled his groin. Unfortunetly he noticed my boner and got off me to get a ruler. He wanted to see who was really the 'big' brother even though it was obvious to me who'd be winning and who'd be losing. Me measured his first: 6.2 inchs soft, he reached down and measured my boner: 3.5 hard, he then waited until my erection softened and measured again: 1.8 soft. He took off his boxers and sat on my chest and forced his soft c*ck in my mouth and told me to either begin sucking or he would pee in my mouth. I didn't believe him and refused to suck him off, he just shruged and begun to pee over my face first then my pajamas and finally my mouth - which i was forced to swallow as he put his hand over my mouth. He once again told me to suck his dick otherwise he'd tell all my firends about my tiny dick - this time I believed him and did as he told me to. I sucked him off for 10 minutes before he blew load all over my face and hair, be fore he scooped some up turned around and begun to wank my dick using his cum as lube - it took 30 seconds before a dry cummed, but he didn't notice and continued to wank me off another minute passed and I Dry-came again, tis time he noticed and just sat there and watched as my dick softened and shrank covered in his cum before He got me and helped me up and I realised that he was taller than me by a couple inchs he just puched me onto his bed, offed the lights and crept into the bed saying that he needed me to suck him off every morning from now on if I wanted my little problem kept a secret.

Callum.BMay 06 2012 9:32pm
This entire week he's had wet dreams all over my face- he sleeps nude, He thought it was hilarious and has taken to spooning me and pushing his dick into my briefs and between my hairless legs - now I wake up with a massive wet dreams from his weat dreams. I still have to suck him off which is even more humiliated as now that he knows that I can't even cum properly he's now taken to having me jack/suck him off till he's at the brink then he shoots his load in my briefs or my school boxers. Cause he cums such a large amount it nearly always leaks through my briefs or boxers and into my pants or Pj's. Some of my friends have noticed and have begun to remind me to shake when ever I go to take a leak.

Callum.BMay 06 2012 9:53pm
Wow, dudes that sucks - I'm 13 and I've got a bigger dick then my bro but I dont tease him about it - I'm 5 soft 7 hard, my bros 17 and hes 3.2 soft and 5.3 hard - we get on pretty well, It use to be akward when he found out when I was 10 that his dick was the same size as mine - but we've always helped eachother out so he understands that I'm not flouting my size when i sleep in the nude or walk around our bedroom nude - its that its uncomfortable to wear restricting clothing to me. Plus i still act like a little brother - hell I still get nightmares and jump into his bed when i'm scared. So don't judge all of us younger brothers who r "better" endowed then their older bros the same.

bigdicked young brotherMay 06 2012 10:01pm
Ughhhh, My Brother hsa taken his humiliation of me to a new level; he's replaced all my underwear - which use to consist of trunks & Boxers for little-kid briefs (Y fronts) which are decorated with cars, superman, ben10 or some other kiddy show character. He decided that my boxers & briefs didn't support my "undeveloped" dick so he got me my new underwear which r skin tight and really define exactly how poorly-endowed I trully am.

Callum.BMay 11 2012 7:16am
Callum and Ethan, you say that your brothers are younger but dominate you! Are they bigger/stronger/more muscled or is their dominance just from the size of their dicks?

AnonymousMay 24 2012 2:12am
My brother bother taller and stronger than me - we both work out but he developed muscles a lot quicker - plus he's always been stronger.

Ethan.OMay 27 2012 5:15am
Ethan.O. You say you hate/like being smaller than your brother! You hate the humiliation, being the older brother and being treated like a little kid. But you say its a turn on for you, the way your bro dominates you with his physical appearance, size and strength. Eight inches taller and bigger stronger muscles is certainly something to look up to and desire! Are you/do you think you'd be turned on by sexual domination, being told to service his needs in that way too?

MikeMay 28 2012 12:24pm
Hey, to answer you question Mike I have become turned on at the thought of being dominated by Jordan. He has already made me wank him off over my face and leave it there, he's dressed me, 'helped' me pee. With every passing day I'm beginning to feel more and more dependant on him. This week he told/ ordered me that I'd now be servicing my 'Older' brother like I should be - sucking his dick. After 6 days of being forced to give him head I literally found myself on my knees in front of him one morning begging to suck him off.... It's frightening how my brother has somehow turned me into his slave....

Ethan. OJun 24 2012 1:36am
Ethan O. It's possible that Jordan has scratched the surface to reveal your true feelings for him and possibly other guys too. It started with humiliation and then a little domination and force, but you've come around to crave his attention both physically and sexually. At a muscular 6'5, I guess he has a string of female admirers, but probably not willing to service his need for automatic release and submissive pleasure. He has a psychological hold over you now, knowing that you need what before now has been given to you as a torment or punishment. He might decide to share you with his buds, or he might lose interest. What do you want?

MikeJun 26 2012 12:29pm
im 15 and my dick is 7x6 hard. Since i was 13 ive always been insecure about it, but once i accidentally saw my 17 year old brother nude in the shower, and his dick was practically invisible when soft. Now i like to think i have a large dick, or at least larger than my brother's. Im straight and have never tortured him about it

anonymous teenJul 02 2012 2:41pm
also, im a shower so my dick is pretty long when flaccid (about 5.5in). I cant walk around the house in just underwear because i bulge too much, and my mom and brothers always stare at my bulge. Its really embarrassing.

anonymous teenJul 02 2012 2:46pm
when i was 13 i hit puberty and i grew really quickly. by the time i was 15 i hung 6 inches when soft. i got alot of trouble in the locker room about its size but i knew they were all just jealous. one day my mom saw me getting out of the shower and she freaked and ran to her room. i was really emberassed. later she came to apologize and asked me how big i was. i told her my length hard (8.8 inches). she didnt believe me so she pulled down my pants and i let her. when she saw it she gasped abd told me it was double my dads size and wayy thicker. from then on i always walked aroynd the house naked to show off my big c*ck. later she started giving me blowjobs and niether of us felt uncomfortable doing it.

hung teenJul 02 2012 8:58pm
Hey, sorry its been some time since i last posted. #Mike. over the last couple of weeks I have been sucking my brothers dick at my own pleasure... I usually wake him up with a blowjob, have breakfast and wank him off before school, usually wiping his cum in my undies or licking it off his dick. I'm pretty sure that i'm gay, or at least bi-sexual

Ethan.OJul 19 2012 1:41am
Ethan.O - It sounds like you're enjoying yourself and I'm sure Jordan is too. Having his own personal c*ck sucker at his beck and call 24/7. Is it just his c*ck that you crave or the whole 6'5 package of muscle too? Does Jordan dominate you physically as well as sexually? I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

MikeJul 20 2012 11:55pm
The entire package. Oh yeah, ever since he realised that I now willingly craved his dick he begun to be more dominate. Mum and Dad are out of the house more often now - because their companies want to expand out of teh country or something. So whenever mum and dad are out of the house he make me sleep in his bed, with his dick between my legs pointing into my briefs or boxers so that if he has a wet dream it goes into my sleep wear. On cold days he makes me walk around the house in the nude so that my dick is smaller, He's grown another couple inchs, hes like 6'7 or something, wherea's i havent grown anymore. so now he makes me sit in his lap, where he gets boners and makes me jack him off all over my own dick. He only really dominates me physically if he wants to act like he's f*cking me - we havent actually had sex yet but he like to "screw" me from behind - which involves him basically doogy style screwing inbetween my legs - which according to him feels close enough sex for him

Ethan.OJul 27 2012 9:55pm
Ethan O - It sounds like Jordan is enjoying himself as much as you are. 6'7! What are they feeding him? Towering 10 inches above his older brother, he must feel pretty powerful and intimidating. And you worshipping his body and dick must make him superhuman. Does he have a girlfriend too, or is he happy with you to service his needs sexually? Are you happy with him screwing between your legs or do you want to move to the next level and feel him inside you. Do you still feel like his slave or do you have a closer, more intimate relationship now?

MikeJul 28 2012 12:02am
Hmm He says so all the time making comments like how everyone sees me as teh little bro now - and its true the other day at the swimming pool the lady at teh counter praised my brother for "taking his younger brother out to have some fun in the pool" my brother simply smiled and slung his arm around my shoulder and said "yep, I'm happy to help my little brother whenever he needs" Her response to that was to smile and ask when my 15th birthday is. His responce was that i'm just a tall 14 yr old and she said "I thought so, in a couple years he might be lucky to be as muscley as his older brother"

Ethan.OJul 29 2012 7:25am
#Mike. ummm no he doesn't have a girlfriend, and he is constantly saying to me that he won't need one for a while as I suit his current needs just perfectly. I'm quite happy with him just screwing in between my legs for now - his dick grew again :L its like 8.3, not much, but still massive compared to mine. I think he wants to do more, but I think we're both equally afraid/worried that if he does then he might hurt me :L .... I'd like to think that we have a more intimate relationship buut it still seems mostly that i'm his bitch but maybe he might one day see me as a sort-of equal

Ethan.OJul 29 2012 7:30am
Ethan O - That's one developed guy! A total package. I envy you spending intimate times with him and being able to worship this giant's body and dick. I think that if you're happy with this relationship and don't want to lose him or share him with a girlfriend, then perhaps you might need to move to the next level. Do you two guys kiss, or would that be too weird? Do you still wake him with a bj, craving the feel and taste of Jordan. Is he still dominating you to service his needs and do you like it, or would you prefer a 'normal' one to one relationship? Do you two still workout at the community centre? Does he still like to demonstrate how much stronger and superior he is that his older little brother? Are there any pics of the two of you out there in internetland?

MikeJul 30 2012 11:15pm
#Mike. Sometimes Jordan likes to kiss me, saying that I have perfectly girly lips. I still wake him up with a bj - its like brushing my teeth now - a daily routine. I kinda crave being dominated, its embrassing but it kinda just makes it okay and less weird... if you get what i mean. Umm yeah I still workout at the Community Centre and yes Jordan still loves to show off how much better he is than me. We went yesterday after school to try out the new sauna room that'd been being built for like the last couple of months or something and he decided to get us short small towels - cause its so close to our school a lot of the teens go there. needless to say a lot of guys got to see his package or at the very least his impressive bulge. Some of my friends also possess the same sized equipment by the looks of it soo now I feel even more childish but it also makes me sorta look up to my lil "BIG" bro even more.... Um afraid not, this change in our brotherly relationship only occurred very recently ish - soo I don't believe their are any pic....but you never know - Jordan may have uploaded them - I'll ask him...

Ethan.OJul 31 2012 5:34am
Ethan O - It looks like you two have a pretty strong bond now and the intimate relationship you share is blossoming. It appears that he has a strong safe bond with you, where he can express his sexual feelings and know that they are reciprocated and desired, behind closed doors. I know what you mean abour craving domination and it looks like you've been awakened to your feelings for Jordan (and possibly other guys?) From what you say, similar emotions and thoughts are going through his mind, though from a role of control, showing dominance, power and agression but with a gentle caring manner. The psychological hold he once had over you has disappeared because you're both getting what you want from the relationship.

MikeJul 31 2012 7:58am
Ethan O - I've got to say again that I envy you and what you have with your brother. I know it was frightening to start with but you've come to enjoy and crave Jordan's attention and touch. I don't have a brother, but I've always fantasised along the same lines you have described. I also enjoy reading authoritarian stories with similar themes of dominantion between brothers. I hope that your special relationship continues and grows.

MikeJul 31 2012 10:20pm
Thx Mike

Ethan.OAug 04 2012 2:50am
HEy sorry for not commenting till now. Um as I stated in my earlier comment my brother is a couple inchs taller than me, or that was at the time, since then He has undergone two growth spurts. You asked how big his dick was? Well as I've said before when soft its 6.2 inchs and was around 7.3 hard. Since his growth spurt it is still 6.2 soft but its now 8.2 ish sometimes 8.4 hard. He cums even more now, which is just even more embrassing seeing as I still can not cum. He is now 6'4 feet tall, compared to my 5"6 feet- I'm one of the shortest, if not the shortest person in my grade. I now currently wear my brothers old clothes as since his growth spurt he can't fit into them.

Callum.BAug 05 2012 6:43am
How old is you brother now Callum? And btw, just how much cum does he produce?

taxAug 06 2012 9:25am
#tax. My brother is now 12 and roughly 6 months. Ummm if I had to guess He roughly shoots about a tictac packet into my underwear every morning. He shoots that amount at least 2twice sometimes three times a day before it starts to decrease substantially :L

Callum.BAug 10 2012 12:42am
hi im 15 and id like to adress younger guys being more well endowed. i have a relatively large penis (7.5x6) and i like showing it off on websites like omegle, just to see reactions and get ratings. i get a TON of positive feedback about my c*ck, (mostly for its thickness) and i have met other 15 year olds on there who have gotten feedback about what they hang too. however none of these people ive met are as big as me, and im not huge, so i belive the younger generation is no different than the old when it comes to dick size. btw my friends irl are all under 7".

fatoneAug 13 2012 9:30pm
#Callum. Holy poo that is more than what many grown men can cum combined!! It must be a sight to see him shoot all of that from his big c*ck. And he is only 12 and 6'4 already, what do you guys fed him? Also, how thick is his c*ck? We should talk about this stuff because I think I am in a similar situation, do you have an avalaible mail for this? #fatone. Are you still growing? Are other family members as endowed as you?

taxAug 14 2012 10:41am
@tax i belive i am still growing, and no, my family members arent as endowed as i am. i saw my 18 year old brother hard and he couldnt be more than 4inches. when my mom saw my c*ck hard once she later told me it came from her fathers side. lol

AnonymousAug 17 2012 7:11am

AnonymousAug 17 2012 7:12am
#Tax. Um width wise with just a ruler across his shaft he measures like 5.3 cm which is like 2 inches. So hes got the entire endowed package; Length, cum and width. Um you can contact me at :) email when you want to - I'll try to reply when I can.

Callum.BAug 27 2012 6:36am
#Callum. Wow, that's just huge and he isn't even 13. I'll email you right now. #fatone. Does your brother know that you are much bigger than him? Also, how did your mom see you hard?

taxAug 29 2012 5:14pm
hey did you email me? I didn't recieve any email :S

Callum.BSep 20 2012 7:08am
I did, I sent you 2 emails at, sending another one right now.

taxSep 20 2012 12:37pm
The biggest penis I ever saw was on a kid in junior high, so about 12. I was friends with his girlfriend who assured me he knew how to use it.

grumpySep 24 2012 11:36pm
#grumpy. How big was he?

taxSep 25 2012 7:42am
#tax About 7 inches flaccid. His girlfriend said he was almost as big as her notebook when hard. She was in high school with my sister who gave her a trouble over having a bf in the 7th grade. So that was how the size issue came up. I was able to verify his flaccid size since we had gym together. Even the coaches were in awe.

grumpySep 26 2012 7:38am
#grumpy. He was 7 inches soft at 12?? Just how big did he end up?

taxSep 28 2012 5:36pm
#tax. I really don't know. His girlfriend said she put her notebook next to his erect penis and it almost got to the top. So, maybe ten inches? Freakish, but she said he was very good in bed. He also wasn't a virgin when she knew him and she suspected he was cheating on her even then. She was almost okay with the cheating because he could go for hours and she couldn't walk the next morning.

grumpySep 29 2012 8:43am
Ethan O. Any update?

MikeSep 30 2012 8:26am
#grumpy. Wow, have you seen him since he was 12?

taxSep 30 2012 10:06am
#tax Yes. He moved out of the neighborhood when he was fourteen. Rumor had it that he had gotten one of the local moms pregnant. If you knew him, you could believe it. He had a reputation as a total horndog. I'm sure he slept with a good number of the neighbor ladies once word got out. We were never close friends though he was my age. I don't think he had time for friends now that I think of it.

AnonymousSep 30 2012 11:38pm
#grumpy. Did he continue growing with age? He must have ended up being ridicolously big.

taxOct 01 2012 5:01am
#tax. I'm sure he grew some. I really don't know. The only time I knew someone who measured him was when he was 12. I think by then, everyone just accepted he was extremely well-endowed. He hit puberty very early so he could have been almost full grown at 12.

grumpyOct 03 2012 8:56pm
I had a friend who was about 1 1/2 years younger than me. When we were boys we checked our sizes a few times. When I was nearly 12 and he was 10, I had 3 inches and his was slightly smaller. The year after we were both 3.5 inches. The year after that I wanted to show him my much bigger 4 1/4 inches but he pulled out a dick over an inch longer than mine - He'd matured so much over that year. We didn't compare again until I was 16 and we were getting changed together in a locker room. I noted his dick was really large and I got hard and compared it to his soft one, they were almost the same size, mine being 5.5 inches. He said his was nearly 8 inches and he got it hard to prove it too. Some years later not long aft he was 18 the subject came up and I told him I'd grown to 7 inches... he told me he'd stopped at 9 inches but sometimes it did get bigger when really hard. I never have seen it since he got that big though.

MattyOct 04 2012 8:28am
Hey, Callum B. Any update on you and your brother? Have you grown any taller? Is your bro still using you for his fun?

MikeOct 06 2012 5:44am
when i was fifteen i met a guy at a pool and he was cute so i talked to him and somehow we ended up talking about penis size. he told me he was 7.5 inches long and since id been with a guy before and measured him at 5inches, i called him on it. also hey was a kinda nerdy guy so i doubted. he actually took me behind the bathrooms and showed me his prick and we measured it. it was 7.5 inches and the thing i remember best was that it was soooooo f*cking thick! especially for his age (15). i wouldve guessed about 6, 6.5 inches around. i couldnt fit my hand around the bottom or it. i am 18 now and have been with a lot of guys and only this year did i find someone as big as that 15 year old.

GwenOct 10 2012 8:54pm
My best mate is 16 and has quite a big one. We measured it earlier this year and it was just over 8.5". he says his older brother only has like 7" and he is 22

J-man!Oct 16 2012 12:55pm
I don't know if this is a serious page. But my best friend in junior high was having sex with my mom. They didn't even hide it from me. Thirty years later, I'm still working through it.

AllenNov 04 2012 1:35am
Allen. That must've really hurt at the time. I can understand why it's still on your mind after all this time. Did your best friend stay your best friend or did the friendship end when you found out about what was going on? How is your relationship with your mother now and do you (both) see your friend now?

MikeNov 04 2012 7:22am
Mike, he dumped my mom after about a year. My mom was inconsolable. She would holler for him when she dropped me off at school and cry when he didn't turn around. She did get to blow him on her birthday for a few years, though. We did not stay friends. While the affair was going on, once I found out about it, they weren't shy about doing it in front of me. I think he liked that and my mom said I would "learn something." My mom and I don't talk about it on the rare occasions we talk at all.

AllenNov 08 2012 4:18am
#gumpy. How old was his girlfriend? If she did not end development, she should end with a cave between her legs. Was that mom a single mom or there was a neglecting husband around?

RevilNov 08 2012 11:10am
Revil, His girlfriend was friends with my sister so she was sixteen at the time she was with my friend. I think he did a lot of the neighbor ladies based upon his small lucrative paper route.

grumpyNov 10 2012 1:10am
#Allen. Was your friend hung?

taxNov 22 2012 8:49am
Tax, Yeah, he was huge. I had seen my dad and mom have sex once and I can tell you my friend was almost twice my dad's length and really thick. My mom would suck my friend off on the couch while I watched TV and tell him she loved his huge size, how he was such a big man, etc. I think she missed that size most of all. The first time I caught them having sex, I had come home early. I heard my mom screaming in pain from my parent's room. When I went in there, she was laying on her stomach, naked, her face grimacing. My friend was on top of her, pushing his penis into her from behind. It reminded me of nature movies where the Lion is banging the Lioness. In this case the Lion was twelve years old, heavily muscled, and extremely well endowed. My mom told me he really did hurt her with his size, that when I caught them it was only their third time, and she would have preferred him to be a little smaller.

AllenNov 22 2012 9:23am
Holy poo Allen, just how big was he? And what about that heavily muscled thing? Was he really that ripped at 12?

taxNov 23 2012 12:19pm
#tax My mom would stroke him with both hands and suck him off. She commented on it, that she had never had a penis she could handle with two hands. So, I don't know how big that is. The muscle thing was a bit weird. I knew him in elementary school and he'd always had defined muscles. Our fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Morrison, asked him if he went to the gym, she said something like she wanted her husband to go to the same gym as Donny. That same year, at the school talent show, he wrapped his upper arm in masking tape a couple of couple times, then snapped it by flexing his bicep. I tried it when I got home and I couldn't do it. I remember my parents, driving me home from the talent show, how my mom wouldn't stop talking about it, she said she almost swooned. I think it was the only time I heard my dad tell her to shut up. Another odd thing, my mom picked him up once off the couch after sucking him off and carried him to her bed. I appreciated it because it got them out of my sight. About an hour later, he carried my barely conscious mom out, put her back down on the couch next to me, and started having sex with her, making sure I saw the whole thing.

AllenNov 24 2012 5:11pm
#Allen Wow, so your mother could stroke him with both hands and suck him off at the same time? He must have been like 8-9 inches at the time. Was he tall or really developed in other areas?

taxNov 30 2012 8:02am
#Tax He wasn't tall. He was a little shorter than me, I think. Fully dressed, he looked like a normal kid. At the talent show, when he took his shirt off, the audience gasped. They had no idea. But like I said, my mom could pick him up and carry him. He was all muscle and penis. And brains. They moved him up a grade. In elementary school, we nicknamed him Superman and Mighty Midget. It was so easy to make fun of him until I saw him with my mom.

AllenDec 04 2012 7:04am
lemme see pictures or lets swap im 16yo and hung like a horse >* xxlgroup /at

meDec 29 2012 1:21pm
Once I was at this park having a leeak when this kid comes in beside me and pulls it out he was way bigger and he was like 5 y o I wasn't even that big hard

TimJan 13 2013 3:07pm
Hey pathetic kid...has you got any updates on your 13 year old step brother?

FredJan 18 2013 3:50am
I'm 17 and black, my c*ck is about 5 inches flaccid and 9 inches hard. Some people ask hey man "Has it always been that big? From what I can remember it was around 7 inches hard at 10. and it just grew from then on

KennyMar 03 2013 3:44pm
I'm 15 years old and I have a 3 inch flaccid 8 inch hard dick. It looks disproportionate with my 5'7'' 140 pound frame.

DaveMar 03 2013 5:55pm
@kenny your penis only grew 2 inches in 7 years?

DavidMar 03 2013 7:05pm
OK. I googled and found this site because what happened to me last night. The biggest penis I ever saw was on the twelve year old boy I babysat last night. I'm 39 years old, seen more than my share, and this was the biggest. So, I do think kids are getting bigger.

CindyMar 05 2013 12:41am
@Cindy How big was he? Was he hard?

taxMar 06 2013 7:29am
He was bigger than my husband and he was soft. My husband has a good size, too, 6 or 7. I let him stay up late, we were watching TV, and he asked if he could show it to me. I said, no, of course, but he still pulled down his pajamas, flashing me. I told myself it was fake but now I'm sure it's real. He texted me this morning, said he wanted to show it to me again next time I babysit. That's tonight!! What should I do?

CindyMar 06 2013 8:11pm
I didn't have to babysit him tonight, thank goodness. I did talk to his mom on why a 12 year old boy needs a babysitter. OMG.

CindyMar 07 2013 5:28am
@cindy I think you're exaggerating. I'm 15 and 8 inches long in the pants, and only one other kid I know is my size. Everyone else my age is a lot smaller. Either that or that 12 year old is just one freak of a lot of average dick teens.

DavidMar 07 2013 2:10pm
@David idk. I never measured. I just saw it for maybe two seconds, dangling. You're way huge but probably wouldn't know how big you were when you were twelve. And he is big and sexually active. Which is why his mother hires babysitters for him. Finally, I have to confess I do want to see it again. I don't know why. I tell myself it's just to see if it was real. But when I was with my husband last night, I thought of him. God, I'm sick. Anyway, I don't return his texts but I babysit him tomorrow night.

CindyMar 07 2013 9:02pm
@Cindy You can always tell his mother that you won't babysit him again because he flashes his c*ck at you. If you keep letting him show you his dick that would be pretty messed up, and you can get in deep poo with the law.

DavidMar 10 2013 12:24am
@Cindy Do you him because his dick is big? I won't call you a pedophile or anything I just wanna know do women really care that much about penis size?

DavidMar 10 2013 12:31am
@Cindy So he is only 12 and already 7" long soft?? Do you want to see him hard?

taxMar 10 2013 10:18am
Im 14 with a 6.1 inch... Hard of course

AnonMar 11 2013 8:06pm
@David I did babysit him again and I did see it up close. It was making an obscene tent in his pajamas and I asked him to just take it out. He just took off his pajama bottoms and for the rest of the night as we watched TV, it just stayed hard, halfway up his chest. Way bigger than my husband but I certainly can't tell you in inches except much bigger than 7 in length. The width is even more frightening. I was able to keep my hands off it but I babysit him tomorrow night again. I'm not a pedophile but the way he's aggressive, his sexual experience, and his endowment making him more of a man than I've ever seen. So I am starting to like him in a bad dangerous way. Tonight, I made love to my husband and I imagined it was Charlie. I should tell his mom I can't babysit him anymore but she knows we need the money so I know she'll ask why.

CindyMar 11 2013 8:53pm
Is he also phisically tall and big for his age, are you afraid that he could even overpower you if he wouldn't respect your authority? Does he chat with you during your times together, what does he talk about? Do you have to send him to bed at a certain hour? You said he's aggressive, why, what does he do? Is he rebel with you? You mentioned "his experience", do you know what he has done with whom? What kind of programme were you watching in TV? How are you phisically? Do you think he remained hard because he finds you attractive, did he peeked at you, were your nipples hard when he was bottomless?, maybe he could have noticed. Did thinking about him when you were doing it with your husband increase your pleasure? Ask him what he did, act as an educator, tell him to behave with girls, get first hand information, you may see what's his attitude.

AdamXZMar 12 2013 7:20pm
AdamXZ, I know I can't answer all your questions. But I babysat him tonight and things did escalate out of control like I was afraid they would. I don't know if he's big for his age. I didn't think he could overpower me but tonight he made me feel like a little woman. I'm 39, 5 foot six, 130 pounds, he's probably five feet, maybe a hundred pounds. But his aggression went a long way. As I said, he has sent me text messages about how big my breasts are and how he wants to see them when he shows me his penis. The last time we watched TV, it was The Voice. His experience: his mom said she used to see him make out with girls his own age and just thought it was cute. Then she came home a little early from work and he had a high school junior in his bed. Hence, when him mom is gone, she gets me to babysit him. He definitely finds me attractive. I'd give myself a seven, maybe an eight if I didn't wear glasses. I do wear a DD or E bra so I'm big there. Tonight he showed it to me again and this time I held it in both my hands. I gave him two furious hand jobs. The first one, he came like crazy, pouring all over my arms and hands. He had to open the door to the bathroom for me to wash up. The second time, he came again, but just a bit more than my husband. He was so big, so hard as a rock, even the veins felt like nails. After the second time, he scooted off to bed. His mom was home an hour later. My husband will be home in a few minutes and I really need him in me right now.

CindyMar 12 2013 7:57pm
How did he make you do that? Did you kneel in front of him? Did you show him your breasts? Did he last enough before coming? Did he kiss you, tried to fondle you, like while you were washing? Is he handsome, or he relied on "other ways" to attract girls? The question about the tv programme was referring to the night he stayed hard, was to know if it was because what he was seeing on TV, but by what you said, he had you on his mind for days, that's enough to make him hard for a whole evening.

AdamXZMar 13 2013 8:09pm
AdamXZ, this isn't funny. I love my husband. I want this to stop. Charlie didn't make me. He told me what to do. Honestly, I'd never held one that big before and had no idea what would happen. I just stroked it like he told me until he came. We were on the couch so I didn't kneel. I didn't show my breast but they're hard to ignore. He came in about five minutes the first time. He stayed pretty hard even as I washed up and came again ten minutes later. He's a good looking kid, yeah. He looks his age but his mom says the word got out about him and now he's the stud at a high school he's too young to attend at. Sorry, I don't think he was getting hard watching The Voice, but idk. Anyway, I'm debating telling my husband everything since I've never lied to him before. I don't know if he'd understand. I babysit him again tomorrow and Saturday night.

CindyMar 14 2013 7:37pm
I didn't mean to make fun of it, maybe the shortness of my questions made me appear rude, I just wondered how he was able to "take control" of the situation, since I didn't expected that. I thought you were in charge. After all, it's you the one who babysitters him, not the other way around. With the expression "make you do" I didn't mean forcing you physically, but ending having you doing what he wanted; and it's what he did, as you said, he told you what to do and you did it. I asked if you did kneel just because you said you used both hands and you ended having his come on your hands and arms, I just tought it was easier to happen if you did it from front than by side. And you did mention that he texted he wanted to see your breasts, that's why I asked if you actually showed him them; since you passed the point of touching him, I thought he even "made you" do that. I asked if he lasted enough, to know what's his control of his body, since he is (I'm now dubious about even using the word "only") 12 years old. If you want to tell it to your husband you should also think about the impact that could have on him the knowledge you entered in contact with someone MUCH more endowed than him; not just the fact that you did, but also that you somehow got "excited" (in his view) by the experience. Not telling isn't lying, expecially if you are not asked. Just, as I come to know, many men sometime in their lives have the "bad idea" to ask their woman about their precedent partners and the answer they get often ends to spoil their self confidence, and thus their relationship, they afterwards "curse" the time they had the idea to ask it, and that it was better to not kowing it. If your husband happens to sensitive about it (and this sensitivity may change during different periods of a man life) you may regret the decision of bringing up that subject with him. Usually a man would not understand that it could be due to a woman weakness, and would readily reply to the confession with something like "Yeah, but you liked it" and react negatively, it's an almost instinctive reaction. To date, the experience you had with Charlie, even if it affected you emotionally and caused you some insecurities, didn't affect your relationship with your husband, talking about it with him could spawn a new series of problems you currently don't need. Besides, I don't know how helpful would be your husband in managing the situation. I'm afraid you are quite alone in dealing with this.

AdamXZWMar 15 2013 10:00am
AdamXZW, Well, I let it go too far. I thought I was in charge but Charlie took me in his arms with a confidence my husband never had. I thought I was playing along but before I knew it, he had bra off and was sucking on my breasts. He put my hand on his penis and I stroked it like I had before. I let him put it inside me and he knew what he was doing. It was the best sex I ever had even though I'm watching a twelve year old boy grunt with every thrust in me. I don't know what to do, now.

CindyMar 22 2013 12:09am
How was it? You feel any pain? He has previous experience? How long did the sex? We want more details. It is natural to wonder why it was the best sex of your life: he was very good? Or are you Influenced his member and your fantasies? Maybe you should stay away from him. I believe that you should not talk to your husband if you are convinced that it can not see anything positive in the fact. You must force yourself and abandon the boy. I do not think you should talk to him if he has this power and this influence on you and you just leave him. Besides surrender to Charlie, you run the risk that he decides to take revenge by telling his parents and you would have legal consequences.

Mark1092Mar 22 2013 3:52pm
Mark, I've already told his mother I can't babysit him anymore. I told her my husband and I were going to spend more time together on the weekends and this is true. I am not a pedophile. The boy shaves and he has almost as much hair on his chest as my husband. As far as the sex was concerned, yeah, it really was the best. Once he had me on his little bed, he took me in ways no man had ever done. He prepared me for his size by using his fingers so by the time he got inside me, I was ready. He took me in missionary and really watched his length, made sure he didn't bang me too hard. Once he had my trust, he really went at it with long fast strokes like an athlete. He and I both came at the same time and it was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. He didn't even go soft, he just spun me around, entered me from behind, and went again like nothing had happened, though I could feel ounces of sticky goo running down my legs. He was too short to kiss my face but he managed to kiss my neck and back, asking if I was okay. So, he was even a considerate lover which, with his endowment, was really important to me. I was being stretched and made love to by a pro. After he came a third time, and I'd come a dozen, I took a shower. Sure enough he follows me in there and he takes me standing up and he comes there, too. Finally, I'm ready to go home and he just waves his already recovered penis. So I spent another hour, sucking him first, kissing him, before he mounted me again. There's a lot he could teach my husband. Anyway, it's over. I'll miss him. He will find someone else, I'm sure.

CindyMar 23 2013 5:10am
I did not mean that you're a pedophile. I just wanted to give you some advice. We all have a story to tell and I was intrigued by your. Just curious. It is strange and intriguing to think of a boy of 12 can overpower a grown woman and has already all that skill. It is not impossible. I'm not saying you're lying. I myself have known several guys who were already at 12-13 more men than many adults. The cousin of one of my ex-girlfriend was 11 and it was almost as big as me. And I have a considerable about 8 inches tool! As I said, I was just curious. Well, actually I'm a little jealous of a guy like that.

Mark1092Mar 24 2013 6:18pm
Cindy, I thought you were able to regain some sort of control, I was surprised at every your update how things went out of hand. Anyway, at least you found a solution. You seem liberated now. After all, thank you for sharing your experience. I still have some questions. Did you spend some time chatting together? From what you said, it seems that you almost never talked with him. Was he charming? Did he continue to text you after the first days? Last week you said you were going to babysit him Friday and Saturday, in which occasion did he do the big step, what did he do the other time(s)? Previously you said you were on the couch, at what point did he took you in his bedroom?

AdamXZMar 24 2013 9:12pm
Mark, I know. I don't think of myself as a woman who wants boys. I just want men. It just happened that this 12 year old, 13 in two months, was the most man I've ever known. He didn't overpower me, exactly. I certainly wasn't raped. As soon as he took it out of his Spiderman pajamas, I knew I was going to hold it and try to please him with my mouth. He took me to his bed but he led me by the hand. And I wasn't the first woman he'd done that to. And yeah, as a lover, he's second to none. He has a great future if he can keep from getting killed by a jealous husband or boyfriend.

CindyMar 25 2013 10:55pm
Adam, I know the only way to get control is to not see him anymore. So, I resolved to do this. However, he's not making it easy. He texts me and really gets me worked up. He knows he has a power. All I can do is run to my husband and mount the poor guy and try to satisfy the arousal Charlie brings on. And he promises me another go in my own bed if I call him. It's a lot to resist.

CindyMar 25 2013 10:58pm
So you're using your husband not to think of Charlie? You still think of him? He has more contacted you? You say to him? I still can not believe that a child may have this influence on an adult woman! I mean, I've seen a lot of guys younger than me that made me minuscolo.I admit to be a little bi-curious, so some are just gone looking for them. But few of them had already experienced. No one was able to do what he did Charlie.

Mark1092Apr 03 2013 5:48pm
When I was 16 my mum remarried. The first time I met the man, I nearly died. According to my mum he used to be a bodybuilder but still works out, he was also 6'7". He had a son. Words could not properly contain my dread about meeting, and eventually living with him. He was 15. But looked 15 years older. I met him towards the end of the summer holidays when they started moving stuff into our bigger house. Unfortunately and completely unbeknown to me, we had to share a room, there was another completely suitable room next to mine, but it became very apparent that that was being turned into a home gym. That first day was the hardest, it also seemed to be the hottest day of the summer so we decided we would go swimming in my pool. He didn't bring bathers, of course. He tried to convince me to lend him a pair of mine, now looking back that was definetly a plouy to show me how much bigger he was and assert his dominance. Like he couldn't see it already. He was 6'5" weighed 250 pounds and because it was the holidays didn't have to shave his lumberjack like beard. I on the other hand was 5'9", weighed 130 pounds and only had to shave my mo once every two weeks. He knew he was bigger, I knew he was bigger. Begrudgingly I handed over a pair of speedos, because I swum on the swim team it was all I had for him. I told him he could get changed in my room and I would go to the bathroom. I came back a few minutes later with a towel around my waist. He was standing there wearing nothing but those speedos. Not that they did much. They were so tight around his waist that they were probably cutting off all circulation to his legs. Then there was his dick, either he was extremely large, or I was extremely small, it was both. Imagine trying to put a water bottle, a very hairy water bottle into a pair of speedos. None of the pouch area touched any of his groin anymore and it was clear that I was becoming very uncomfortable. "How the hell do these thins fit you, they're made for a two year old... Anyway, this is really uncomfortable, so I'm just going to go nude". Well, if his dick looked big while it was in speedos ten sizes to small, it looked huge when it wasn't. This also gave me an opportunity to see the rest of his body. He had a thick line of hair that connected his pubic hair with his belly button as well as a perfect v of chest hair that was sprawling out from the middle of his chest. He was also huge. Most guys his size and weight just have a lot of fat on them, but he was all muscle. His pecs were as defined as anyone's, his biceps were huge and he had legs as wide as my shoulders, literally. Whilst we were walking down stairs he asked "so your on the swim team right, is that why you have no body hair, because you shave it all off" really I just hadn't grown any "ummm yeah, something like that" I said quietly. "So have you always been as big and as, well, as hairy as you are?" I asked, "hahaha yeah I suppose I have, I've always been tall, the hair wasnt always there but it came a hell of a lot quicker than anyone else" he replied, "so do you like work out all the time orrrr...?" "Nah everyone thinks I do, but dad won't let me because he thinks it will stunt my growth. This is all natural" "wow". We got to the pool and he immediately ran and jumped in. I slowly went to the corner and put my towel down and began to walk to the edge "hey, one in all in. Drop the speedos" he said, "yeah nah, just because you forgot your bathers doesn't mean I need to suffer" I said, "I'd be careful, I'm a hell of a lot bigger than you and will probably just pull them off anyway" that wasnt very reassuring. I walked back over to my towel and pulled off my speedos. I walked back over to the pool and as I did, I heard the to year laugh come out of him. I knew what it was about, and it was true, I had a very small penis. I jumped in and didn't put my waist above water again. That night we had the house to ourselves because our respective parents were out for dinner. After watching tv for a while we started to get ready for bed. I went to the cupboard to get the blowup mattress he was going to sleep on until his bed was moved. But, by the time I got back he was already lying on my bed. I ignored it and blew it up and made it. Finally I said "alright, guns over get off my bed" " I am not sleeping on that thing" he said pointing at the mattress "yes yes you are. So get the f*ck off my bed" I said now angry, " whatcha gonna do, huh, fight me for it?" With that I went over and tried to grab his legs and pull him off, he didn't budge, he just smiled. Then I tried with his arm further eat away to try to pull him off. Then after that failed I resorted to just punching him. This made him really mad. He stood up, grabbed me and shoved me against the wall. He crushed me with the full force of his body. "Now, who is the bigger one here?" "You" I shamefully said with as little air as possible because he was suffocating me. "Yes and so who should the bed?", then I mustered up the courage to say something "me, because its mine" I shouted and tried to push against him. My attempt failed, " I don't think you quite get this do you" he said, then grabbed one of my hand and put it up onto his face "you feel that? That's a beard, a sign of a real man" then he lowered my hand onto his chest "do you feel that? That's called chest hair, another sign of a man" the he put my hand even further down into his underwear " you feel that, that's called a real mans penis, something you would understand... To think you're actually older than me. Oh well, i think it's clear I'm your superior, they're right. Age doesn't matter." That whole time I could feel the worst happening, slowly my tiny penis was becoming hard. He looked down "ohhh looks like someone's a little flustered. How big is that thing? Now, lets see how big mine gets" he dropped his underwear. It didn't matter he was bigger soft anyway, but he still began to stroke his penis. Eventually it became hard, and it was true he was huge! "So I think that clears that up... Now, for you to do the first if many of my jobs whilst we're living here." With that he pushed me to my knees, he held his penis and forced it into my mouth. That was one of the worst nights of my life. Things only got worse with time, he started working out in the gym everyday, but not to worry he still grew. A lot, he ended up 6'9" when he was 18, he also weighed 360 pounds... Also almost like a god his penis grew even more. I ended up a huge 10 and 1/4 inches hard. My mouth didn't have fun with that.

TinybrotherApr 06 2013 5:12pm
@Tinybrother How big were his balls? Did he cum a lot? How about his thickness?

taxApr 27 2013 11:58am
#Cindy. You did not answer on what you did the penultimate time with him. Did you kiss him before or you went straight to the c*ck? Was him the first one after your marriage? Do you feel stretched after he "deflowered" you? Did he make you moan loudly, were you afraid his mom could come early and you would not hear her? Did he show interest about your ass, did he finger it? Did you swallow? Did he lick you?

RevilApr 30 2013 5:46pm
I've always had a “special relationship” with my penis, I have developed between 17 and 18 years, from less than 5 "to about 8". Both before and after, I have always met several guys better developed than me. Some of them were smaller, others were larger. I've always been a bit jealous and excited when I see some younger but better endowed boy. I had my first experience important 3 years ago. I was 18 and I was in Pattaya for a school project. At first I was very bored, then I started to discover the pleasures of having a c*ck that is twice the size of the national average. At the end of the third month, I was joined by my girlfriend, Cassandra, who was in the same school but in another class. We decided that we wanted to try the main Thailand sexual attraction: shemales! We did not get anyone we liked at the beginning: after a few days, Rachel (one of my "friend" of those days) spoke to us about Hansa. Hansa was the prettiest girl in the school: she was just 14 years old and already looked like the beautiful eastern Megan Fox, she was taller than Cassandra (5'7 "vs. 5'3") and had a bautiful 32C breast and a perfect ass . I could not believe that she was a shemale. The next day I went to Hansa to propose a threesome with me and Cassandra, but she accepted only after seeing a picture of my girlfriend. We agreed on a Friday night, because she wanted to "do it all the time". Cassandra and I were super excited. I thought Hansa were feminine and polite, but the only female things she had were the body and voice. I was there in her living room while i was waiting for Cassandra, who was preparing: Hansa kept saying how she would scream Cassandra, screwing her in front and behind until she forget my name. I was already excited. Rachel had warned me: Hansa was larger than average. What I did not expect was that the f*cking Hansa was the greater of me to make me feel tiny and inadequate. She f*cked Cassandra at first, then me. Both of us over and over again. While I was hard I could barely exceed the length of his shaft flaccid, which, however, remained thicker. Even with two hands and mouth, I could not handle it well. Despite being only 14 years old, the little bitch was more man than I was.

Mark1092May 18 2013 6:17pm
#Mark, Did you really took it up your *ss? Was it your first time? Was it painful? Did you have to do other things, like sucking? Was your girlfriend already opened in both holes?

RevilJun 03 2013 4:47pm
Yes, after some hesitation I took it. My girlfriend was freaked out by that tool, and she convinced me. Hansa had f*cked her so hard that she was almost in love. When the Thai Cassandra asked if she wanted to see her boyfriend f*cked to death, she said yes.Since she was soft, first I made a blowjob her to make her hard again, so I started to follow the orders of her. I began to f*ck her ass Cassandra, while Hansa started to insert c*ck her massive inside me. Cassandra was already opened by Hansa in both holes: her ass was so large that my little c*ck could not even fill in width!At first it was painful, of course. But after just a couple of minutes, I moaned like a whore. I came over the face of my girlfriend; Hansa shot on mine. With a dozen jets, she covered my face in cum thick and warm: I've never seen anyone come so much. Once, on Skype, she showed me that I could fill half cup-of-tea with two or three orgasms.I had already practiced anal with my girlfriend, but using strapon, dildos, fingers or ... Perhaps the most large could be 7 "... To want be generous ...

Mark1092Jun 05 2013 10:34am
How big would you say Hansa was?

AnonJun 06 2013 1:31pm
I do not know. She never said that. I can only say that it was really impressive. Certanly 11" in length at least, I dont know how much in girth, but certainly more than me.

Mark1092Jun 07 2013 5:04am
Is this the only 'YOUNGER' poll that still works?

??Jun 08 2013 5:23pm
@Mark1092 How big was her load? Did he get really hard being that big?

taxJun 15 2013 8:17am
I was one of the larger kids at 10 with a 6 inches hard I'm now 12 and have a 8 inch hard I'm white btw I also am top of class in biology

rt9000Jun 18 2013 3:36pm
@Tax As I said, she shot a dozen jets. I can say that her cum was vety thick and warm. It seemed hot soap. In Skype, she showed me that she could fill almost a coffee cup (almost 75ml as I understand it by reading on the Internet). She said she placed dozens of pregnant women. As I saw it, I can believe. Hansa has one of the biggest c*ck i ever seen, but i admit i have seen harder. Not much, specially so big. I do not mean that she is not. She's harder than me. She is probably harder than most of us. It's just that I've seen people of similar size or bigger, but harder than her. Sorry for my bad english, but it's bot my first language.

Mark1092Jun 19 2013 12:06am
I had forgotten to tell you that Hansa is visiting my country with a friend. They are in the city since last night. Soon I'm going to take my girlfriend and together we will meet Hansa. My girlfriend knows that Hansa is a t-girl, but she does not know how big she is. So far she has always liked guys younger but better endowed than me, but she has never been with a tranny.

Mark 1092Jul 01 2013 3:08am
@Mark1092 Do you have pics of her?

taxJul 01 2013 7:36am
@Tax Yes, I have pictures of her. After today, I have also videos and a huge inferiority complex. But nothing that I want to share, at least for now.

Mark 1092Jul 01 2013 10:23am
@Mark1092 Why? Do you appear in the pics and the videos as well?

taxJul 02 2013 8:38am
@Tax Not just me, but also other people. Many photos are normal, and certainly do not want to show an image or a video where someone f*cks me and my girlfriend. Also Hansa even asked me not to share anything. I can answer any questions you have, we can talk in chat if you want, but I do not want to share anything. I'm sorry.

Mark1092Jul 02 2013 10:52am
You said that you were with other younger kids better endowed than you. can you tell us something more about it?

AnonymousJul 02 2013 11:52am
I have had to deal with older kids several times in my life. One of the more recent experiences I have had with my new girlfriend. She gave private lessons to boys in middle school. Among these children, James was sending messages to her erotic and provocative, telling her that he would willingly f*cked with his big c*ck. One day my girlfriend tells me that James sent her a picture of his c*ck and it was scary. I was intrigued, because she was used to my 8x5, 5 c*ck, so I asked the mragazza to organize a threesome. James, 13 years old, has a huge 11,2 x7, 5 c*ck as hard as steel! That little bastard had a lot of experience and he f*cked my girlfriend and me.

Mark1092Jul 09 2013 7:30am
Today I measured Hansa's tool. She is 12" in length and a little over 7" in circumference. That is by far the biggest penis I've ever seen. She make me feel so small and helpless...

Mark1092Aug 07 2013 5:09pm
Mark is her cumshots big as well? not like the amount (of course that counts as well) but i mean like the size of the individual loads (or jets, as you called them). How does it make you feel that you're tiny compared to a 14 year old GIRL?

AnonymousAug 11 2013 12:16pm
First of, I'm a different anonymous to those above. I'm 16, and am the eldest brother so have no stories like the above ones (as my brother is tiny), however I'm bigger than my dad. My dad is quite small, only around 1" when soft, and 3" hard (according to my mum). I'm a lot larger than average, being over 8" when soft, and 10.5" when hard. It came up once, when all of us (me, dad, mum, and my brother), were in a room. My brother mentioned something about his size, and my dad made a comment (my brothers 2" when hard, almost invisible when soft, seems like I'm the only one with a decent penis in this family). My brother made a comment and kegged him (or pantsed) and revealed his tiny dick, my brother was hard (which you couldn't tell by looking at it) from something so pulled down his, as it was slightly bigger. I then obviously started to laugh, and they said what are you laughing at, my response was "your penis'. They're tiny!". So they made a comment, and then I got kegged as well. I went to pick up my trousers and underwear, but I saw how shocked they were. I got all sorts of comments, being twice as big as my dads hard size, when soft. The next day my brother and I were alone, and I walked in on him masturbating. I walked in just as he was cumming. It was ridiculous, like 2 lots of dribble. He was embarrassed and asked me show him my load. I was reluctant but I saw no harm. He was in absolute awe the second I whipped out my soft c*ck. As it started to get hard and release precum, he was amazed as I precame more than he actually came. When I topped of at my full 10.5", he was completed entranced. He got on his knees and got closer to it (don't worry, he didn't touch it or anything if that's where you think its going), just as I was about to cum. I warned him, but he stayed there. I said to watch out, but he didn't. He grew even more amazed as I blasted my 15 ropes of cum 5 feet across the room. My brothers 14 and my dad 54. My brothers short (4'11), and my dad is fairly tall, but I'm about 2" taller. If anyone has any questions just ask.

Anonymous Aug 14 2013 7:05am

AnonymousAug 16 2013 5:49am
I'm afraid I do not understand the question about the cumshot. As for my feelings: see younger people with the biggest c*cks makes me feel horny, especially when there is someone else (like my girlfriend). Hansa definitely puts me in ridiculous and makes me ashamed. When she rubs our c*cks offends me and makes fun of me, telling me that I am more of a woman than her. Even her little toy-boy has a c*ck about the size of mine. I often feel inadequate because my girlfriend does not use terms such as "big" or "hung" we have seen too many children with huge penises.

Mark1092Aug 16 2013 12:00pm
So have you seen other younger people with big c*cks? Like 9"+? How many? What was it like? What happened?

ANONYMOUSAug 17 2013 5:08am
As I told you, I have seen many well-endowed boys. I just watched from a distance some of them, I played with others. I have had sex with most of them together with my girlfriend. I could not tell you everything in a post, it would be extremely boring. I have told about Hansa 'cause it was one of the most amazing and humiliating sexual experiences of my life and because she is on vacation in my part and I have sex with her whenever I can. If you want and if you have msn I can tell you about the others in chat

Mark1092Aug 18 2013 3:06pm
to: AnonymousAug 11 12:16pm Are you white? Want to exchange emails?

LaraAug 20 2013 11:29pm
I MEAN to:Anonymous Aug 14 7:05am the 10.5 incher:) Want to exchange emails

Lara NAug 20 2013 11:34pm
I am white, but I don't do emails. Just ask me stuff on here

AnonymousAug 21 2013 3:03am
@Anonymous: have you ever known some better endowed (older or younger) guy?

Mark1092Aug 21 2013 5:18am
I have not. I saw someone a few weeks back who had 8" and was around 14, but nobody closer than that.

AnonymousAug 21 2013 6:58am
Well, I'm not surprised. It is a great tool. I'm curious to know what girls say about it. I envy you: I am not so lucky, I often find myself having to do with instruments much larger than mine. @ANONYMOUS: my address is if you want to chat.

Mark1092Aug 21 2013 1:18pm
@Anonymous Are you still growing? Have you asked your mother if it comes from her side of the family? Do you know that 14 year old guy with 8"?

taxAug 21 2013 5:15pm
A few girls have seen it, the general reaction was "Oh. My. God." and that sort of stuff. @Tax. I am still growing, yes. I haven't asked my mum if it comes from her side as I assumed it must have done by the looks of my dad. I do know the guy with the 8", infact he's been a good friend of mine since I was 8.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 3:29am
@Anonymous Wow, how big do you think you will get when you stop growing? And how big were you when you were your friend's age? Is he white too?

taxAug 23 2013 5:25am
@Tax. I don't know, could be anywhere. I dont think I'll make it to 13 though, its slowed down a bit. When I was 14 I was around 8-9". He is not white, but not properly black either, he's sorta in between.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 7:08am
@Anonymous What do you mean it's slowed down a bit? Have you kept a record of your growth?

taxAug 23 2013 7:28am
@Tax. As in, for example, instead of growing 1 inch a year its grown half an inch. I kept a rough record recorded in once every six months, yes.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 8:11am
@Anonymous Wow, can you post that record? Did you record girth as well?

taxAug 23 2013 8:13am
I only started recently, so it only has 2 records, where it was 9.7" and then 10.1". I do not record girth.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 8:31am
@Anonymous So how much girth do you have? Also, are your balls big like your dick?

taxAug 23 2013 8:36am
@Tax. My girth is 6.3" upon last measurement (a minute ago). Yes, they are big as well.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 8:54am
@Anonymous Damn, is that soft or hard? Do you think your girth will get bigger as well? By how much? And do you think you cum and precum so much because of your big balls? How big are they?

taxAug 23 2013 8:58am
@Tax. Hard. It may get bigger, I dont know. And yes, I do. They're pretty big. Like 25 on an orchidometer.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 9:06am
@Anonymous Do they hang low or stay close to your body? Do they stretch your sack? Does it take them long to refill after you unload? Are they still growing as well?

taxAug 23 2013 9:15am
@Tax. Low. Very low. They dont really stretch my sack, as my sack hangs low enough anyway. It doesn't take them that long to reload. If I stop after a session I can usually start going again in around 15 minutes. I can carry on going though as well.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 9:20am
@Anonymous Wait, you mean you don't go soft after you cum? And you only need 15 minutes to produce that much cum again? Holy poo, and you are still developping...Also, how low is very low? Like the ridge of your c*ckhead when it hangs?

taxAug 23 2013 9:24am
@Tax. I do, but only if I stopped pumping it. And yeah. Low is around 6".

AnonymousAug 23 2013 9:26am
@Anonymous Wow...How can you fit that thing in your underwear or your pants? Doesn't it make a huge bulge? It must be uncomfortable right?

taxAug 23 2013 9:28am
@Tax. It does make a huge bulge, and is fairly uncomfortable. I tend to wear CC trunks. This allows my balls to be supported by the base of them, although they get annoying when I want to sit down, and have my c*ck down my left leg side, so its not down the middle.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 9:54am
@Anonymous Do women notice your bulge? Girls your age or older ones? How do they react?

taxAug 23 2013 9:57am
@Tax. A few of my close friends who are girls have noticed. Theyve all been around my age. The reaction has generally been one of amazement and bewilderment.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 9:59am
@Anonymous Has any of that lead to sex or bjs with them? How many girls have you f*cked?

taxAug 23 2013 10:02am
@Tax. No, it hasn't. It probably could have done if we had persued it, but we didn't bother, as we we're too good-a friends. I haven't f*cked any. I want to wait till I find the right person. Sounds a weird prospect in today's society, but there you go.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 10:06am
@Anonymous Wow, I'm sure that has made lots of girls sad lol. Aren't you horny all the time? With balls that big you must be full of hormones.

taxAug 23 2013 10:09am
@Tax. Haha. I'm not, surprisingly. One 'release' a day is enough, although thats certainly not the only amount of times it jumps up.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 10:10am
@Anonymous So you get lots of random boners without feeling horny? How do you masturbate? With both hands? do you use porn or your imagination?

taxAug 23 2013 10:14am
@Tax. I get a few, yes. I use both hands, and a mix, it all depends on the day to be honest, some I'll use porn some I'll just use my imagination.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 10:15am
@Anonymous I guess you could use three or four if you had them? What do you do when you cum? Isn't it a huge mess?

taxAug 23 2013 10:18am
Probably, haha. I'll have to wait to get another person involved until I find out haha. When I cum I usually try to make it to the bathroom where I can direct my shots to the toilet so it's a far easier clean up.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 10:21am
@Anonymous Can you fingers meet when you grab it? How many ropes do you usually shot? What's your record? Also, where are you from? (if you don't mind telling us)

taxAug 23 2013 10:25am
Almost, but not quite. I usually shoot around 13-15, although my record has been close to 20, after 10 days of masturbation-free-holiday. I'm from the United Kingdom, but that's as far as I'd say.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 10:30am
@Anonymous And how big are those ropes? Are they powerful? How long can they fly? How long does it take you to shoot all of that? Do you feel really good all that time or does it die down before you are done shooting? What about your cum? Is it watery or thick? White or translucid? (Am I asking too many questions? lol)

taxAug 23 2013 10:34am
@Tax. They're fairly large. They are quite powerful, and can fly 5/6 feet. It takes me about a 45/60 seconds to shoot it all. It feels great all the time. My cum is thick and white. You're not asking too many questions, it's fine.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 10:39am
@Anonymous That long? Damn, it must be awesome to have orgasms that long. Also, what do you think about it? Are happy/proud to be so incredibly endowed and posibly even more so in the future?

taxAug 23 2013 10:55am
The orgasm's aren't that long, they last around 5-10 seconds, it's just the ejaculation that lasts longer. I'm happy and really proud to be this well endowed.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 11:05am
@Anonymous Well, that's really cool man, hope you enjoy it. I have to go now, see you around here!

taxAug 23 2013 11:11am
@Tax. I certainly do. And ok, see you.

AnonymousAug 23 2013 11:15am
6CS4r8 Thanks for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on...

DYLxHNCsBUkvoDYYSep 05 2013 5:53pm
uLplNN Fantastic article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

xjTlyUZMBpSep 06 2013 1:51pm
@Anonymous Wow! Your c*ck is really that big at 16!? I'm only 6" at 23! Your dad must have been really jealous. Especially your brother as well when you showed him your cum load. 15 shots!! That's f*cking huge!!

SteveSep 08 2013 10:11am
@Steve. Yeah, it is. I get that reaction from a lot of people, especially if I walk down the street in tracksuit bottom without underwear on- I always get people stop and staring in the streets- some even stop me and ask about it! He was jealous, you could see by the reaction on his face. My brother was extremely jealous also. He was amazed, almost entranced, with the fact that my precum was almost twice as much as his actual cum. He said that he likes watching porn vids of people with big dicks and huge cumshots, but he never knew I was like that. It made me extremely happy that he compared me to porn stars :)

AnonymousSep 09 2013 9:39am
Hello to everyone. In a class of my high school there is a beautiful skinny 14 year old boy . Many girls look at him and guys are very envious of this . They tease him and go around saying that he 's gay. Well, it's true. He and I are together and I can say that he has a gigantic penis . It is much bigger than mine, even though I'm much older than him ( I 'm 20 ) . If only they knew ...

gayguySep 11 2013 9:54am
@gayguy How big is it? And how big is your c*ck?

Johnny60Sep 12 2013 6:41am
He is about 25-26 cm. I'm a 21.5cm black guy.

gayguySep 12 2013 10:47am
Also it is very wide. Much larger than my own. It is 21cm in width 13.4cm in girth against my own...

gayguySep 12 2013 11:09am
bwusMZ Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Really thank you! Will read on...

mUohpXRQduPIbMSep 13 2013 12:38am
Gvlo6C I cannot thank you enough for the post.Much thanks again. Want more.

UpSpJuLmwRSEVsFEuSep 13 2013 2:34pm
@gayguy Is his penis the only thing thats bigger? Like is your body bigger than his or is he bigger than you too there. How about his balls? Have you seen him cum? How did his load compare to yours?

StevenSep 14 2013 2:12am
He is much lower than me.Non exceeds 170cm, while I am a little more than 190. I am also very muscular. He has not a sculpted body like mine, but it's still a little 'muscular and has not fat. He has a body like so many others. It's his c*ck to be awesome. His balls are big and lower, but not much bigger than mine. I've never measured how her orgasm, but I can say that is a lot. Above all, he takes a lot to become hard, but when it does, it becomes flaccid for at least 2-3 rounds.

gayguySep 14 2013 1:53pm
@Anonymous holy poo! over 10 full inches?! Thats more than most men could ever dream of. You truly are blessed, especially with the huge shots and massive balls you talk of.

AnonSep 23 2013 8:48am
@Anon. Haha, I tend to get that reaction a lot. Its great and all, looks fantastic, but there are a fair few disadvantages. The shots are great though, apart from being a pain to clean up.

AnonymousSep 24 2013 8:30am
Today I suffered another humiliation. Since Hansa lives in my house, my girlfriend is often to get f*cked by her. I am forced to watch most of the time and, in any case, I can not satisfy her as Hansa do. Today I was in the shower and I was taking a bit 'of time for myself. At one point, Hansa has also entered into the bathroom and she is stripped completely naked. See her pea eleven inches flaccid completely excited and scared me. I got out of the shower and she laughed and asked if I was excited or if I had swollen clit. I approached her very angry and grabbed her shoulder. She gave me a slap and ran in the room. I have run and I jumped on her. She kissed me and asked me if I really think I can hurt her. She has grabbed two c*cks and began to rub them together. I started to suck her: it took 15 minutes before she became hard, then hit me in the face. she made me sick because his c*ck is huge and hard as a rock. He turned on his back, then opened my legs and started to f*ck me with incredible strength. It took 4 ejaculations to calm her down.

Mark1092Sep 24 2013 10:56am
juKPVN I am so grateful for your post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

avanTBEAjYpOct 15 2013 7:21pm
when I was 9 my stepdad came and played with my dick in bed.his prick was short @6.5ins and very thick with the skin back and his massive purple/pink warhead on view .I saw him pissing often but never saw him erect 8-9 ins?

Prepuce ManOct 19 2013 4:16am
If somebody here is from Germany, please add me on Skype. I am 17 and I want to ask some questions. My Skype address is: epilici17.

JohnOct 19 2013 5:07pm
fypegr Very informative blog.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

pyOBPVVTgOct 23 2013 8:45pm
@Mark1092 I can't understand how the hell "she" is big. You say she is about 11" when soft. His is it possible?

AnonymousOct 24 2013 9:40am
Maybe I can have exaggerated, but as I said, she is pretty big. When soft, she is certainly more than 10" (she is about 27cm). She doesn't became much longer, when hard: "just" about 12" (32cm for exactly), but rather larger than soft. Hansa is a true force of nature, a goddess of sex.

Mark1092Oct 24 2013 7:31pm
Wow! If what you say is true, she isn't just pretty big; she is definitely ENORMOUS! How do you feel knowing that in your house live, walk and breath someone with a so much big tool? Is your gf more satisfied by Hansa's c*ck than your's? Is it painful being f*cked by her gorgeous dick? Sorry for so much questions, but I'm very excited by your story. Thinking a girl with a c*ck that is almost twice my size is absolutely amazing.

AnonymousOct 25 2013 7:34am
l1F1Vy Awesome blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

AbyrqxvLYJdOct 26 2013 10:07am
Yes, she is really enormous. She make me feel like a child when is around. Even with my eight inches, I get to feel totally inadequate around her. My girlfriend, as anyone who had sex with her, says Hansa gave her the most incredible orgasms of her entire life. Hansa isn't just a super-endowed shemale, she is a real dream. Even someone like me, must admit it. She gives me the most beautiful sex of the world, she can make me cum just forcing me to give her a blowjob. She makes me feel good. So, yes. My girlfriend is more satisfied with her than me. I have had sex with a lot of people: some of them are wonderful in bed, other a bit lesser. Hansa is on another planet. I have had a lot of threesome (or more-than-three-some) with Hansa: boys, girls, she males, older men or women... Everyone of them will told you that Hansa is the most sexy and incredible creature of the world, a true animal. This post should be answer at your first question: how i feel about this? I feel bad and good at the same time. As I said, she make me feel like a child. I AM a child. A child that love rub his puny little penis with a mammoth piece of meat, able to satisfy and destroy the ego of anyone, able to broke everyone. I like being on front of younger kids with a huge or, at least, a bigger c*ck. I've done it so many times! But I have to admit that Hansa is he only person able to make me feel so excited, inferior and scared at the same time. If is painful being f*cked from a so much big shaft? Hell, yes! The first time I was 18yo, and she was just 14. Even if not as big as now, she was much bigger than me. That was very painful at the begin, but Hansa is a really experienced lover and she already knew how not hurt me. Now is always uncomfortable, but not so painful. To be honest, my girlfriend says that she can't take more than half of Hansa's dick in her pussy, 'cause it's really too big.

Mark1092Oct 28 2013 7:54pm
@Mark1092 How big was she when she was 14? How old is she now?

taxOct 30 2013 2:47pm
She was about 10-11" when hard, i don't know exactly. Now, she is 27cm (10,6") when flaccid and 32cm (12,5")x 7,3" when hard.

Mark1092Oct 30 2013 3:31pm
@Mark1092 Is she done growing?

taxOct 31 2013 7:02am
I don't know, but I'm pretty sure she stopped growning. To be honest, I think she is even too grown.

Mark1092Nov 01 2013 3:59pm
I think some of the commnts here are exaggerated but I've been astonished at the reacton of girls/women (and there seems to be a grapevine for big dicks) to learning they have in a small town a 14 year old boy with a nine and a half inch dick - confirmed!

BNov 13 2013 12:19am
@B There is a 14 year old guy in your town that has a 9.5" dick? Do you know him?

taxNov 13 2013 6:11am
@B If you are referring to me, I can assure you that is true. I know that it's hard to believe, but Hansa is really that big. Talking about other, i quote tax's question: do you know this guy?

mark1092Nov 13 2013 11:23am
h8NBhC I cannot thank you enough for the post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

iEpinofdZGZKJan 18 2014 3:03am
I'm a 13 year old and I have a massive penis that dwarfs all the adults at the nudist camp my family go to and to prove it I have pics*ck/swaggyc*ck_39842d.jpg

AnonymousJan 20 2014 1:48pm
@Anonymous You have a very nice c*ck, how big is it? Do you have more pics?

Johnny60Jan 23 2014 9:27am
@ Anonymous with the 10.5 inch c*ck, posts from August/September - Has your c*ck grown any bigger? Do you enjoy showing off your huge bulge?

MaxxJan 25 2014 5:10am
Today is Jan 26th. Is this poll actually working

??Jan 25 2014 10:06pm
(These younger polls have ceased up over the last 12 months, but some of them seem to be functioning again. So here goes.) I have a neighbour who is 14. I am 16. He shaves daily and has a full coverage, including his Adam's apple. His hair is blond - brown and so is his beard. I have no need to shave. He has a treasure trail and it won't be long when his chest hairs are more obvious. He like walking around bare chested in summer and when he comes over to my place, it can get rather uncomfortable especially when others are home, but when he does come over, he usually wears a shirt. When no one else is home and it is just him and myself, he likes to take off his shirt to make a point. We are similar in height and of course he looks heaps older. The other day he took it to a new level by asking me to touch his beard. Once this happened, I could take my hands off his face, and explored his chest and leg hairs. I don't have hair on the inside of my thighs but he has and it curly and thick. As I was exploring, he said 'Why don't you go further? Don't you want to see a man's c*ck?' I nodded and went up his shorts. He has 8.1 inches to my 4.7.

craigJan 25 2014 10:29pm
@Maxx, no, my dick hasn't grown any bigger. I don't really go around showing it off, but if it's visible then it doesn't really bother me.

AnonymousJan 26 2014 6:02am
Thanks for your answer. What's your soft girth? Have you ever gotten an erection in a public place, for example school? Do you go swimming as well and what do you wear if you do?

MaxxJan 26 2014 11:39am
I don't know my soft girth, I don't measure it, although I'd take a guess at 3-4". I have got one at school, although luckily that was when sitting down, so it was easily hidden. I used to go swimming, I wore knee-length trunks. I used to get stares when I came out and the trunks stuck to me, but I just used to ignore them, you get used to them after a while.

AnonymousJan 27 2014 10:53am
Ok, when did your penis get that big or have you always been on the larger side? When you get an erection doesn't it stick out of your underwear? Do you sleep with or without underwear? Do you also have pictures of your c*ck? I know im Auskunft many questions, sorry for that... ;-)

MaxxJan 27 2014 12:46pm
I know im asking i meant... :-D

MaxxJan 27 2014 12:47pm
It's always been on the larger side, but it started to grow much more from around the age of 11. It does stick out, yes. I sleep with underwear. Given my age, I don't take photo's, nor do I intend to either when I turn 18.

AnonymousJan 28 2014 12:54pm
Thanks again for your answers! How tall are you? Is your penis size proportional to your height? How long does it take for you to get completely hard? Does it hurt when you get an erection in underwear? Have your classmates or close friends ever made comments about your dick? Do you play any sports?

MaxxJan 28 2014 2:08pm
My cousins has been hung since the day he was born. He was about twice as big as my little brother, who is two years older. So about 2.5 inches to his 1 or so. He only grew from there. He would wet the bed all the time, and i would help change him and do the laundry, they shared a bed a lot, and would then sleep with me. He would take off his clothes when he got older, he said he was always hot, and he needed to breath and air it out. .....more later...

FrintJan 28 2014 6:09pm
I'm around 6'. It can take up to 5 minutes for me to get COMPLETELY hard. It sometimes does hurt to get an erection in underwear, depending on what I'm wearing and how restrictive it is. A few of my close friends have seen the outline of it and made a comment, the general reaction of the 2 girls was "How the hell..." and of the boy it was more of amazement and envy.

AnonymousJan 29 2014 8:31am
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