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When a woman weighs considerably (quite a bit) more than a man does, is she stronger than he is? (TEN CHOICES)

Question: Does her weighing considerably more than he does mean she is stronger than he is?
Created by: A REAL MAN at 08:57:22 AM, Tuesday, July 21, 2009 PDT


A woman can be stronger than a guy even if she weigh less than him. I had been lifted by several women in my life, most of them weigh less than me.

SanjayJul 22 2009 2:02am

even if she weighs less, she can be stronger if your weight is distributed around the waist. Actually a 140 lb woman can be bigger and stronger than a 170 lb man because his weight was around his belly. I was 160 lbs on my 5`3 frame. I was very overweight and still smaller and weaker than a 140 lb woman. But beyond the exceptions, the old rules apply. If you are bigger you are going to be stronger.

AnonymousJul 22 2009 8:28am
Hey sanjay lucky dude where when how.

sandeepJul 25 2009 4:03am
In any event, being much heavier than he is assures that once she gets him down and sits on him he is helpless and must stay beneath her until she decides to let him up. My wife is about my weight,not even heavier than me,she gets me down and sits on me and I have had it. I can't imagine how even more helpless I would be if she were heavier than me.

TadJul 27 2009 3:39am
I weigh 98 ibs the smallest girl that I ever met that was stronger than me was 160 ibs. The rest were all wimps

AnonymousJul 29 2009 4:07pm
I was taller than my ex gf but she was heavier, she was stronger than me. So weight is very important for being the strongest sex, when she gets mad I was in real trouble, she beats me badly.

defeatedJun 18 2011 2:31am
Big girls tend to have very strong lower bodies but not always an upper body to match. I have dated a few BBW and they have all been a lot stronger than me in their legs but I have been stronger than all but one in upper body.

AnonymousNov 29 2011 11:32pm
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