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Girls lifting guys who can't lift them

Question: Have you ever seen a girl lift a guy who couldn't lift her? If so, what were their respective heights and weighs?
Created by: Ultrabomb1229 at 05:31:37 AM, Saturday, October 03, 2009 PDT


About 30 years ago (the late '70s), I had a heavyset girlfriend (a REALLY heavyset girlfriend!!!). She stood only 5'1" while I stood 6'1" (a whole foot taller than her!!!). However, she was more than double my weight. She weighed a monstrous 265 lbs while I weighed a measly 125 lbs. I knew she was turned on to tall skinny guys like me because one night, in the kitchen of my apartment, while we were both all by ourselves, she suddenly grabbed me and then she easily lifted me up off the floor, quite high up into the air, as if I were a feather!!! I was shocked but I was even more shocked after she started walking around my apartment while she was carrying me. Because I am already such a tall guy, I was actually looking down from a height greater than 7 feet while she was carrying me around. I have to admit I was quite frightened looking down from that high up while she was carrying me around and I was totally powerless to do anything about it until she finally returned to the spot where she picked me up and then she lowered me back to the floor. I did not get mad at her for grabbing me and picking me up like that because I was too much impressed with her strength to be mad at her. After she picked me up so easily, I just had to find out for myself if I could pick her up so she stood there while I tried to pick her up. I tried as hard as I could to pick her up but she wouldn't budge. She was ONE BIG HEAVY FEMALE!!! It was totally impossible for me to even lift her up off the floor because I was way too skinny to lift such a big lady. In retrospect, after she picked me up as easily as she did, I should have asked her to bend down and then to straddle me up over her massive, powerful shoulders and then to raise my tall skinny body up over her head which I was certain she could have done because she was so fat and so strong while I was so skinny and so weak even though I stood a whole foot taller than her. Afterward, she and I started to get into a romantic mood so she held me in her big strong arms while we began (and then continued) kissing each other and caressing each other passionately while we were both making love (a bulge had already formed under my zipper which I knew she noticed!!!). For a tall skinny guy like me, there was nothing quite like passionately kissing and caressing a short fat woman like her who was far bigger and stronger than I was even though I towered over her by a whole foot while she weighed more than double what I weighed. I've had few experiences with a lady such as her although I've had many experiences with ladies of various physical sizes and shapes, both fat and skinny. However, because I am a tall skinny guy, I always prefer short fat ladies who are bigger and stronger than I am. I am particularly turned on after I am outlifted in a weightlifting contest by a short fat lady who is obviously bigger and stronger than I am!!!

AnonymousOct 03 2009 3:29pm

This is quite common in schoolyards all across America where lots of girls are fat and lots of boys are skinny. The fat girl can pick the skinny boy up because she is big enough and strong enough to pick him up but the skinny boy cannot pick the fat girl up because he is not big enough or strong enough to pick her up so if (or when) they both get into a serious, no holds barred fight, it would be very easy for the fat girl to beat the skinny boy because all she would have to do would be to pick him up and then ram him against a concrete wall (where he would not be able to move) or subdue him on the blacktop (where he would not be able to get up) and then it would all be over for him. To all fat girls who want to win fights against skinny boys: KEEP EATIN' THOSE DUNKIN' DONUTS AND CHOCOLATE SUNDAES!!!

AnonymousOct 04 2009 1:33am
yeah, and I lost ?5 because of it

damitMar 30 2011 10:10am

rajApr 06 2011 10:36pm
any girl have intrest to lift me in hyderabad.

rajApr 06 2011 10:38pm
any girl have intrest to lift me in hyderabad.

rajApr 06 2011 10:40pm
my Sister is 1 year older than me. my head reached Her shoulder in height. i think She weights 80kgs and i'm 60. She can eat a lot, play and swim,while i am afraid of all of these. She has lifted me many times easily. She can do it for at least 10 minutes. She also carried me from one room to another. But when my turn came, i couldn't even move hert from the place where she was sitting.

AnonymousSep 02 2011 6:52pm
Hi Anonymous, do you have anypic of your sister lifting you, wht's her name name is she on fb?

damitOct 16 2011 2:55am
I was in France last term on school exchange, and we did a game where you had a partner, a boy with a girl, and you had to carry your partner on your shoulders down a course about 20 meters, then swap over and be carried back.I'm a big girl (white, 17 years old, 5'11, 105 kg). I had two partners, both French lads, both 16. The first lad looked fairly strong (white boy, 5'7, 65 kg) - I could easily carry him up to the turning point, but then he couldn't stand up with me on his shoulders, so we gave up. The second lad was shorter but beefy (black lad, 5'5, 72 kg) and felt quite heavy to carry. They were all shirtless and just in underpants, but this lad's were ripped at the back, so I had the extra thrill of seeing his bare arse. Anyway, when er got to the turning point, he just squatted under me and powered me up. I reckon he could have managed 20 or 30 more kilos.

AnnetteFeb 14 2012 8:17am
I m a gal of 5 ft 5 inch and 57 kg who like to lift boys..

MariaMay 30 2012 11:00am
hey maria can u just lift me

johnsJul 14 2012 6:30am
Is there any girl in france who can do lift and carry with me. contact at

AnonymousJul 22 2012 6:37am
Is there any girl in france who can do lift and carry with me. contact at

AnonymousJul 22 2012 6:37am
i stay in age is 21 and i weigh 59 there any girl in bangalore who can lift and carry me.?

pavSep 06 2012 4:12pm
one day a girl leaving near my house come to me for some math problems.she is 5 yrs smaller thn me.there are some weight question in book thn after tht she ask my weight i reply 64 she said i am of 60.i cant believe tht a 15yrs old girl can hav so much weight .then she says ur weight is just 4kg more thn me and i can carry u easily.she stands in front of me and carry me in hands like craddle carry lyk a baby her height is about 5.1 and i am of 5.9 she carry me like a baby after that she lays down she says tht come put ur weight on my leg and thn she lift me from legs easily after few minutes she lift me from one leg.i cant believe this tht she lifting me from one leg but i realize tht she is strong and again she asked me to come and sit one hand and she stands with me sitting on her one hand and put me on shoulder through hand and lays me down.and after all she said i am a strong girl i can show u more lifts and gone.

amitNov 02 2012 3:48am
My bestfriends little sister challenged me to a lifting contest once when we were alone. I am 16 years old 5'5" and 130 lbs. his sister was 13 years old 5'7" and 260 lbs. she told me to lift her first and i wrapped my arms around her an couldnt do it. Then her, laughing at me lifted me up the same way i did and walked downstairs still carrying me to show her parents who encouraged her to lift me longer. She once gave me a piggyback for 2 hours straight and i always sit on her lap at her house

JasonNov 11 2012 5:30pm
any girl lift mei am 12 yrs and 32 kg

rnaNov 25 2012 8:10pm
Are there any girls in Sydney Australia who can lift a man of 85 kg?

AnonymousDec 27 2012 6:09pm
do any boy want a lift frm me...i m from gujarat and i m 15 yrs old and weigh 46 kg

SeemaDec 30 2012 5:31am
I m a girl whose height is 5.1 and weight is 52kg .i m very intrested in lifting and carrying.once upon a time my father whose height is 6 and weight less than me 46kg drunk n came to home and suddenly fallen down .then my mother whose height is 5.6 and weight 67 kg had lifted my father on her ots and went to father is very thin and i have more biceps then my father..i had told my mom that i also want to lift someone...but my mother ignored me....then my elder sister boyfriend had came to our house..then suddenly my sister went for some urgent work then my sister boyfriend whose height is app 5.7 and weight is 70kg ...i challenged him in lifting n carrying ..he was unable to lift me but i had lifted him on my sexy shoulder and rided him then slowly slowly i started dominating him..and then finally i started wrestling and then i had lifted him atleast 14 time and thrown,,,,then to i want to lift many guys..please reply if u want a lift frm me......

Strong girlJan 01 2013 12:01am
I also lift my husband very often he is a thin man and i enjoy it very much

RamJan 01 2013 2:19pm
hi ram are u a girl.if u r girl then can u lift me.i m 29 yrs height 6.and weight 59kgs.plse reply soon.

KiranJan 01 2013 8:52pm
Hi Kiran are you one if those tall thin guys, i am a woman and yes i can lift you my husband is heavier than you and i lift him very easy

RamJan 01 2013 10:52pm
yaa dear i m a thin and tall guy.can u lift me on your shoulder.n where do u stay

kiranJan 02 2013 6:14am
Yes i think i can but i live cyprus, where do you live?

RamJan 02 2013 6:21am
oo i live in mumbai.but what do u feel while lifting me on ur sexy shoulder

kiranJan 02 2013 6:23am
r u on facebook

kiranJan 02 2013 6:24am
Well kiran it gives me great feeling when i show my strength against men,

RamJan 02 2013 6:28am
ooo i also like when girl dominates me with their strength.and i have some sexual satisfication.

kiranJan 02 2013 6:31am
hey but what i do .i m a very very very very very big fan of lifting and carrying bt i feel very shy .and i cant tell any girl to lift me

kiranJan 02 2013 6:38am
i want a lift frm u in craddle ..on shoulder piggyback every kind of lift

kiranJan 02 2013 6:41am
You have never been lifted before you should not be shy a lot of women like to lift men

RamJan 02 2013 6:42am
hey anybody in mumbai can lift me.plzz reply

kiranJan 02 2013 6:43am
do u r on facebook..please tell me..can u give me ur photo

kiranJan 02 2013 6:45am
Sorry kiran i am married woman i cant give my photo to any stranger

RamJan 02 2013 6:47am
ok i understand but can we be frnds.i want to hear frm u that how do u lift ur husband.please tell me in detail.and by the way i dont know u dats y u can tell me

kiranJan 02 2013 6:49am
Kiran ok no problem we can chat here

RamJan 02 2013 6:59am
then plzz then me in detail how u lift ur husband.

kiranJan 02 2013 7:00am
see plzz dont think that i m a bad guy .but i really like to be lifted by girl dats y i m telling you

kiranJan 02 2013 7:06am
Ok most of the time i lift my husband in carrdle way he looks very small and i feel very protective i also i lift him infront and over my shoulder

RamJan 02 2013 7:09am
n how u you lift me.i am very thin.and an phd holder.but very shy

kiranJan 02 2013 7:11am
Hai ram .r u making fool to kiran girls cant lifts guys because they r just idiot

jagdishJan 02 2013 7:15am
hey jagdish girls never lies understood

kiranJan 02 2013 7:18am
sh can lift u n throw u

kiranJan 02 2013 7:18am
never kiran i m of height 5.3 and weight 60

jagdishJan 02 2013 7:21am
say something ram

kiranJan 02 2013 7:23am
n jagdish if u dont like lift and carry then get the hell out of here

kiranJan 02 2013 7:25am
by the way ram what izz ur height and weight

kiranJan 02 2013 7:30am
hey ram what happen.plzz tell me more how will u lift me

kiranJan 02 2013 7:48am
any girl plzz tell me i want a lift

kiranJan 02 2013 7:53am
hiiiiii ram

weakJan 02 2013 8:29am
hey ram r u angry

kiranJan 02 2013 9:23am
plzz reply

kiranJan 02 2013 9:32am
hiii....any girl wanna lift me

andyJan 03 2013 4:38am
Hi, I am looking for a girl in Sydney Australia, who can lift an 85kg man. If interested, please leave tel. or email.

AnonymousJan 08 2013 6:25pm
one time a fat girl just easaly liftid me up

sbsbdbsJan 20 2013 3:59pm
any girl lift me iam 13 years and 37 kg

RUTWIKJan 20 2013 7:46pm
hey strong girl can u lift me what is your age

RUTWIKJan 21 2013 8:49pm
kiran im a 55 years old man but I weight 85 kilos. I dream to be lifted by astrong girl like you

JeanFFeb 02 2013 5:43am
Does anyone know how long a girl or a woman could hold a 100lbs guy with her legs?

ShawnFeb 07 2013 7:31pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 10 2013 2:18pm
i stay in there any girl who can carry and lift me?? i love to sit on a girl's lap and and be lifted by her. i weigh 130 lbs(58 kgs) mail id is

pavFeb 12 2013 6:06am
i live in any girl interested in lifting me

from gujaratFeb 27 2013 8:44am
I like to be lifted by both boy and girls.I am 80kg age 30.if interested contact me on

from gujaratFeb 27 2013 8:48am
any girl or woman lift me iam 30 years

sultanMar 20 2013 2:45am
i also skinny wants to be lifted by a women

aneesMar 30 2013 8:43pm
hi ram i likes to be lifted by u

aneesMar 30 2013 8:44pm
Can any girl lifts me I am 36kg and height 5.3 .I m very thin... plllzz reply

pratikApr 16 2013 9:49pm
My girl is 5'3 and 237 lbs and I'm 5'11 and 126 barely

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gKJcXVwdbZBAOct 16 2013 2:36am
i want a lift

danialOct 22 2013 5:48am
iam 125lbs 167cm anybody can lift mee lolz....

danialOct 22 2013 5:49am
i wa

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ofmusuYltGjzqLJan 30 2014 9:00am
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wpGCGgftGSMfOfxGxCFeb 28 2014 2:44am
Hi! My name is Miklos. I'm from Hungary. (Sorry for my poor English..) I'm weak (38yo 173cm/60kg) but I like strong (and/or) muscular young girls very much, but unfortunately I have never met such a girl. I really want to meet and date and feel a strong girl's muscles (or a muscular girl's strength :)) How much can a strong girl lift and carry, and how easy and how long can a similar girl lift and carry a man like me? I would like to ask how could I meet a muscular strong girl?

MickeeMar 04 2014 7:53am
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rockyMay 26 2014 7:06am
Any one girl can lift me

RockyMay 26 2014 7:08am
Yes i can lift u

RupaliMay 26 2014 7:26am
Kay tum muje sachame utawogi

RockyMay 26 2014 7:28am
Tume kesi lift pasand he mey tume vese utavogi

RupaliMay 26 2014 7:30am
Kay tum muze aapne kamar par utawogi

Rocky May 26 2014 7:33am
Tumari higth weigth or age kay he

RupaliMay 26 2014 7:34am
Meri higth 5.5 or weigth 68 kg he or me 20 salka hu.tumari higth weigth or age ketni he

RackyMay 26 2014 7:38am
Meri higth 5.3 weigth 52 kg or me 18 salki hu

RupaliMay 26 2014 7:55am
rupali agar tum india me rehti ho toh Kya tum mujhe uthaogi.. plzzzzzzzz ....request

harshMay 27 2014 10:57pm
S harsh i can lift u

RupaliMay 30 2014 12:40pm
To kay tum muje apne kamrame uthasaty ho

RockyJun 01 2014 9:31pm

RupaliJun 01 2014 9:33pm
Kay pahile tume kho ladaky ne uthay he

RupaliJun 01 2014 9:36pm
Yes mere sistar ne mereko kamarme uthay he thab me 18 salakath or wo 16 salakithi ek den mere garme mey footboll khelrhata tha mey mere leg ko chot lagi or mey khada nahi ho prata thaa meri sistar mere pass ae or mereko khada hone madat karne lagi mey khada nahi ho parata thab usne mere dono hatoku apne kandepa rakha or mere leg ko uthakar appne kamar me rakha muje patabi nahi chala or todi derme mey usake kamar me betha tha or wo muje vasehi uthar mere kareme la gae

RockyJun 01 2014 9:56pm
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LjruAWoBSOmXDnalJun 04 2014 8:10am
hi rupali, kya tum mujhe lift krogi??

karanJun 07 2014 11:39am
Are there any girls in Sydney Australia who can lift an 85 kg man? Please leave a tel. or email to contact you.

DaveJun 18 2014 3:42am
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pCCqdhCPMZSiyJul 19 2014 4:14am
I can lift my boyfriend Josh who weighs a very solidly muscular 95 kg effortlessly for over 3 1/2 hours in a front carry and can easily carry him piggyback for over 5 hours nonstop. He is 17 and I am 19 and am quite a bit taller than him in height and we are both built athletic and solidly muscular. We both take turns lifting and carrying each other alot and frequently incorporate it into our sexual routine. I weight at 87 kg and am 186 cm with just my socks on and he is 174 cm and 95 kg.

LisaJul 27 2014 4:22pm
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kgCMOHpIbnAEVQymtXhAug 06 2014 12:50am
Lisa I dram to meet a strong woman like you. I'm a 100 kilos man and 1,78. Do uou think you are abbble to keep me in your arms for one hours?My ag drrs email is

Jean FAug 24 2014 5:16am
Are there any girls in sydney who can lift a man 86 kg? Reply with email or tel. for contact.

DaveAug 29 2014 5:16am

AnonymousAug 30 2014 2:50am
I have easily lifted my cousin who is older than me!! felt awesome :)

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 2:51am
helo strong girl, can u lift and carry me, im 5ft7 inch tall and 62 kg my weight

AnonymousAug 30 2014 7:07am
Yep...lifting you wouldnt pose much of a problem for me!!!

AnonymousAug 30 2014 11:02am
oops that was me!!

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:04am
oh really strong girl, then which way u can lift me

AnonymousAug 30 2014 11:36am
which one would u love to experience mister??!!

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:43am
i would like shoulder carry and front carry, which one u will do

AnonymousAug 30 2014 11:55am
You would be quite light and easy to carry....i could surely do both!!! I would love to do squats with u high up on my shoulders :)

Strong GirlAug 30 2014 11:57am
just do it now, i want to sit on ur shoulders

AnonymousAug 30 2014 12:06pm
Hello Jean F, Keep on dramming

LisaAug 31 2014 9:48am
When I was a first-grader, we rented a cottage for the summer. Our neighbors had a daughter, Isabella. She was in high school. Our parents let us walk in the forest under Isabella's supervision. I guess she was looking at me from a somewhat motherly perspective. One of our walks happened to be longer than usual, and I mentioned that I was getting tired. "Oh, no problem, look!" -- it appeared almost like Isabella was just waiting for the moment; she leaned, placed her head between by legs and very quickly raised me so now I was sitting on her shoulders. It was obvious that it cost her no effort and that she was enjoying treating me like her baby. I, on the other hand, did not feel comfortable about this, but was quite embarrassed instead. Isabella was extremely attractive, and despite the obviously prohibitive age difference, I often caught myself at the though, "oh my, if I only were a bit older, I wonder if I could be her boyfriend, what would it be like?" She started easily carrying me along the path. I couldn't bear the situation; I protested, "put me down, please, you are going to tire, or worse get a hernia from lifting me: you know, girls are not supposed to lift guys, it's supposed to be the other way around." Isabella started laughing, and there was something genuinely happy about that laugh. "Ok, let me show you how easy this is" -- she took me off her shoulders and then immediately lifted me in a cradle carry, and started spinning me for at least a dozen turns. After that she also lifted me in a front bearhug, in a reverse bearhug, on one sholder, and finally sat on a log, sitting me on top of her facing the same direction, locked her arms under my knees, stood up lifting me like in a basket, and started jumping throughing me into the air from the basket position! After a dozen jumps/throughs, she gently stood me on the ground. "Sorry... maybe you are right. It's supposed to be the other way around; wanna try? just be careful and don't get a hernia!" -- now she just couldn't stop laughing for a moment. She spread her arms to the side and stepped toward me, in a body language of inviting me to front-lift her. I was in a shock. I just realized how much I wanted this all along, and now here she is, practically touching me, asking me to do it, but I suddenly also realize just how much bigger she is than I am. Beyond the 10-year age advantage, this almost-fully grown up female is extremely well developed physically. A whole lot taller than me, wide perfectly-developed athetic shoulders, really big bum, and these absolutely gorgeous meaty thighs. Could I even lift one of these enormous thighs separately, let alone the whole girl? I never tried lifting anyone before. But I must do this -- otherwise I will not be able to live through the embarrassment. Better to die, than fail this now. I must do this. So I step forward even closer, spreading my feet so that her center of gravity is now between them. I half lean, half squat a little bit to lock my arms under her butt, around her thighs. She is so much taller than me that I don't have to squat deep at all. But my lord, these meaty thighs are huge. I squeezed the lock as tight as I could so she doesn't slip down, and started lifting. I pushed up, and strained and strained, giving it all I had, but she didn't even start to move. I MUST do this. I was beyond my physical limits, but I forced myself to strain my insides even more. My guts felt like they were inside out, I was sure in another split-second they were going to burst right out through my abdomen; my eyes went black, all I could see were red circles. I thought I would go insane right in that instant -- that's how heavy the weight was. But I sensed she started to move up just a little -- I thought if I push just a little bit more, whe will be off the ground, so I gave it another huge strain. That ended it -- it was like a mains switch was flipped off, and I collapsed on the ground. Isabella let me try a few more times, but the result was always the same. She was just too heavy. "That's ok," she said, "you almost did it. I am sure next time you will lift me."

slonAug 31 2014 4:32pm
Great story Slon, Any idea just how tall and how much Isabella weighed or what your best guess would be? Did you have any other experiences that summer trying to lift her or had any other kinds of experiences where you got to feel just how heavy she was?

LoROct 08 2014 10:56am
Are there any girl in Sydney Australia who can lift an 82 kg man? If interested leave email or tel. for contact.

DaveOct 11 2014 12:54am
can any girl lift me from backlift and rotate me. I am 6 feet 93kg.

hrithik Oct 26 2014 10:36am
waiting to see any girl women can lift 6feet guy like me with 93kg s from backlift. not yet any female is successful in lifting me up.anyone girl here Plz tell me.

hrithik Oct 26 2014 10:42am
Hiii any gals can u lif me

AnonymousOct 30 2014 12:14pm
We were on the beach (2 girls, both 18). My friend's normal size, but I'm pretty big - 5'11" and 254 lbs. There was a group of boys nearby, playing some sort of truth/dare thing, and one of them had been challenged to approach us, and ask the fat girl - me - if he could try and lift me fireman's carry style. They were only 15, and he was an unbelievably cute black kid - not very tall, maybe 5'5", but really quite beefy. I asked him how heavy he was - 148 lbs - and said he could try carrying me if I could carry him. Well that was dead easy seeing as he's over 100 lbs lighter, but then the pressure was on him. He nearly managed it, but in the end he couldn't quite. His forfeit for failing was to pull his swim trunks off and stand naked on the beach for 10 seconds - nice backside!

anonymousNov 26 2014 7:24am
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AEInPZEJBnSagMar 07 2015 3:05am
My girlfriend who is smaller than me, weighing 130 pounds while I weight 170, can lift me up in piggyback and front lift

anonymousMar 13 2015 11:59am
Hey lisa, can you lift me?

AnonymousApr 02 2015 2:26am

hiApr 07 2015 2:02pm
can any1 lift me m 5.11' n weight 47 age 21

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Yes sure what's your size. How old are you?

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And reading your other poll comments got to know you like it when guys call u mom..if you have no objection shall I call you so? @woman

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Hi swati could you lift me?

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Swati kya tum mujhe utha sakthi ho?

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Am your baby?? @ woman

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Yes with your size you're absolutely baby, I'm double your size and I'm 29 so sure you're my baby

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Swati batao na kya tum mujhe utha sakthi ho?

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Oh cool mum you are! I need a lift!!

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Yes absolutely I lift my babies in cardle style I really enjoy doing that

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I need hip carry + piggyback long as long could you do that?

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Mum actually my dream is that u feed me food while am on your hips wrapping my legs around your waist...and you carry me piggyback everywhere you your office, shopping malls etc..i will fall asleep on your back! Strange dream isn't it :-D but I love that..but I don't know whether it's possible :-(

ShamSep 17 2016 6:26pm
Yes absolutely that's easy, but we should both have fun and I don't like to carry men piggyback I like to cardle them so I can carry you on both ways especially on my office and on the beach

Wife Woman Sep 18 2016 3:16am
I prefer piggyback better than cradle..won't my mum fulfill my wish?!

ShamSep 18 2016 3:53am
And if we happen to meet you will do all your tasks while lifting me? A day long..?

ShamSep 18 2016 3:55am
Sure I'll. I have very hard tasks so are you sure?

Wife Woman Sep 18 2016 1:38pm
Accept me as a baby ...and will you let me touch your breasts?:-D:-P not in a sexual motive but as your baby!

ShamSep 19 2016 2:13am
I am sure I can manage if u do your tasks while lifting me..but is it possible for you to lift me for a day long or atleast 5-6 hrs nonstop?? This is your baby's wish..whether mum can fulfill her baby's desire?? I want to know

ShamSep 19 2016 3:15am
Yes sure I can lift you as baby for hours even for wholesale day. You should know i ask my babies and men to worship me, kiss my asses and muscles wash and kiss my feet and wash my underwears. You can touch my breasts and do anything you want as long as it's not sexual thing

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 4:37am
I agree with you but will you let me bite your breasts naked?? :-D

ShamSep 19 2016 4:54am
What do you mean by bite my boobs naked?

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 11:53am
Oh I mean I want you to breastfeed me while I will be lying on your lap as all mothers do to their babies..Is it possible?

ShamSep 19 2016 5:28pm
Damm my girl just lifted me on her back damm she my shorty for real!

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Wife woman?? Reply?? Will u treat me as your baby?? Will u let me bite your breasts as your baby while lying on your lap? Will u lift me as a baby always? Will you feed me food placing me on your hips? Eagerly waiting for your reply

ShamSep 20 2016 5:14am
Yes sure as long as nothing sexual I'll breastfeeded you I love it when I do it to men

Wife Woman Sep 20 2016 6:11am
Oh mummy! Baby is tired of asking questions..and I need a lift:-( please lift me

ShamSep 20 2016 8:18am
But baby should worship his manmy as well Right?

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Yes I worship my mummy! I really worship my mummy!! But why mummy isn't lifting her baby?!:-(

ShamSep 21 2016 6:40am
No I'll lift you of course after worshipping my 47 feet, and cleaning my ass and washing my underwears

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:07pm
Ok I will do..if I do, will u promise to lift me a day long and breastfeed me?

ShamSep 21 2016 5:17pm
Sure if my feet, ass are satisfied I'll lift you and breastfeeded you as long as you want I love that it gives me great feeling on motherhood

Wife Woman Sep 22 2016 2:14am
hello woman, this is karan, i will be really pleased to know about you, wana lifted by you, also will u breastfeed me too,

karanSep 22 2016 2:53am
Lool too many men want be treated like babies it's bit weird. I love lift beat spank wrestle and breastfeeded men. How old are you? Where are you from?

Wife Woman Sep 22 2016 3:49am
Woman can u mail me? If I give mail id?

ShamSep 22 2016 6:10am
well, im 20 and from india, will u lift me, and regarding wrestle i think, i will not able to wrestle with you coz you are soo strong and our wrestling hardly goes long to 1 minute..but i really like to breastfed by you and i wish you treat me like your own baby :)

karanSep 22 2016 10:31am
Sham, let's stay here first that's better. Karan I'm 29 so you're so much younger than me, so I can make you my baby. I know you can't wrestle me basically I meant me beating and kicking your ass 😂 What's your size??

Wife Woman Sep 22 2016 3:06pm
Ok wife woman...but I am serious about meeting you and getting a lift..So let's stay in you mummy:-)

ShamSep 22 2016 5:38pm
hello wife woman, its karan, im 65kg and my height is 5'10 feet

karanSep 23 2016 3:22am
Alright Sham. Karan what 65 kg only!!! Since when men weights are only in 60s anyway that's much better I love weak thin useless men I'm 107 kg full of muscles and 6.4

Wife Woman Sep 23 2016 6:05am
Omg you're a big giant Amazon in front of me, but I really like your height and muscles, I think I can easily hang with your muscle,i wish you are my mommy and willing to be feed by you

AnonymousSep 23 2016 6:21am
Mommy above comment belongs to me karan here

KaranSep 23 2016 6:22am
Mummy but I need a lift desperately

ShamSep 23 2016 6:28am
I'd love to carry small and weak men like you guys. But be aware men have very strict rules and duties when they're inside my house

Wife Woman Sep 23 2016 3:11pm
Yes I know

ShamSep 23 2016 5:58pm
But am not small as you say...i think...@wife woman

ShamSep 23 2016 5:59pm
Ok mommy I will follow

KaranSep 23 2016 7:09pm
WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?? i dont get why everybody acts like they 12 year old. Breastfeed a person u dont know? Damm grow da $$!#$ up yo. You say ur 20 years old get out of ur parents house and quit acting weird. BTW that wifewoman could be some dude anyway. This is gay asf i mean were is this world going?? Yo i got nothing aganst hot ass chicks and i got one myself who is strong. But this is like 4th grade here. Weirdos

JUAN CARLOSSep 23 2016 8:08pm

ChingonSep 23 2016 8:13pm
Saludos pero no me gusta esos mensajes no buenos ok es loco son putas en este chat. Desde payaso hjajajaja

Ángel Ramón Domingues Sep 23 2016 8:17pm
Ya tu sabe yaya es no ok acá para no respecto para sus mujeres eyos son tonto y 😂😂😂✊👌👅👄🍸🔪🔫🔫🔫

JOSUÉ VÁZQUEZ NICOLÁS Sep 23 2016 8:22pm

DREAM TEAM DE BAYAMONSep 23 2016 8:23pm

aspen hill laudronmat 100 Connecticut ave next to the kmart wereSep 23 2016 8:25pm
YO WIFEWOMAN GET RESPECT if u for real 😃😘✊👌👐👏👉👈

JOSE CARROÑERAS Sep 23 2016 8:27pm
HOLA personas son putos no escuchar ok jajaja es importante para respetar mujeres porque ellas ponencias mi en este mundo. Buenas Javi

javi Fernández lima williamsSep 23 2016 8:30pm
Hola Javi mi sexy lover😍😍😙😗

Carolina Flores De Leon Fernández Sep 23 2016 8:31pm
Hola Carolina como está yo esperando tu 😂mi nena

javi Fernández lima williamsSep 23 2016 8:32pm
Yo que paso personas... Please love all the ladies out there latinas indian asian and yah.. no hate yaya

Terrence Flamencos Sep 23 2016 8:35pm
You niggaz always haha talk sh^! But no accion

FlacoSep 23 2016 8:37pm
WE TAKE OVER THIS MO!&!^!^$ forum^ bet

JOSUÉ VÁZQUEZ NICOLÁS Sep 23 2016 8:38pm
Oye pero quien es Dominicana o Puertorriqueño? Yo no se

Yvonny Ayala Sep 23 2016 8:40pm

JOSUÉ VÁZQUEZ NICOLÁS Sep 23 2016 8:42pm
Omg por favor stop this guys

Carolina Flores De Leon Fernández Sep 23 2016 8:42pm

Xavier Villanueva Sep 23 2016 8:44pm
YA TU SABE XAVI my nigg watsup havent see u since like last month u still trippin on the job?

Jose González Sep 23 2016 8:47pm
No i respect policía ahora ellos son OK porque es nesisito en la ciudad tu sabe?? QUE TAL JUAN G

Xavier Villanueva Sep 23 2016 8:49pm

CARLOS FIGUEROA PATRÓN (El Chaupe)Sep 23 2016 8:51pm
Yo que esta asiendo guys aqui esta en Coco Cabana Nightclub 1727 University Blvd east Langley Park maryland 20783

Hola gentes yo quiero dinero y nesisito había personas de senderismo

Franco Reyes Sep 23 2016 8:54pm
Tu tiene que entender añ la gente que no son normales aquí especialmente en Wheaton . Usted no puede da su confianza a otras personas que es no bueno. Sé que mañana es el mismo pero confía en yourslelf que lo acepta porque es y sé que Dios es el única que verdaderamente confianza

YAYA IGLESIASep 23 2016 8:58pm

@Yvonny Ayala Que tal boy i know u grown

Baby Girl Sep 23 2016 9:02pm
Oye que pasa niños te quiro

Diego Hernández Sep 23 2016 9:04pm
@Baby Girl Hola nena yo soy 5'8 129 ahora solo 15 anos

Yvonny Ayala Sep 23 2016 9:05pm
Cuando es cuando cuando cuando es....

Its yo mamaSep 23 2016 9:06pm
puta ladron

Carlito Sep 23 2016 9:08pm
@Carlito También igualmente 😈😖🍗

Diego Hernández Sep 23 2016 9:09pm
You know cuando yo borrachar soy necesaria libro y papusas te quiro te quiro duerme zzzzzzzz

Sebastien Rodríguez DamienSep 23 2016 9:11pm
Sabastian zzzzzzz 😪😪😪😪

Diego Hernández Sep 23 2016 9:12pm
Hola hola hola gentes soy Ángel nesisito mujer con beneficio

angel cabrera Sep 23 2016 9:14pm

Lion Zaragoza Sep 23 2016 9:15pm

Alexander TorresSep 23 2016 9:16pm
Que tal

HENRICO MENDOZASep 23 2016 9:17pm
Entonces este payaso en la mesa?? Son muy fecilmanete tu nunca entienden porqué nadie

Tina Angelines Sep 23 2016 9:21pm
¡Es tiempo para revolución ya!

javid david fernández Sep 23 2016 9:22pm

Nicky Feliz Puñales Sep 23 2016 9:23pm
Bet personas aqui no entiendo nada ellos dicen jajaja no importa we the best ¡¡¡LATINOAMÉRICA!!!😂😃🎉🍻🍸

The Big BossSep 23 2016 9:25pm

Fernando Pauge Mahón Sep 23 2016 9:26pm

Willy Alen Sergio Rodríguez Sep 23 2016 9:29pm
Colombia putas!!

Joel E Guerreros Sep 23 2016 9:30pm
Guatemala y México y Panamá !

The dream teamSep 23 2016 9:31pm

Ronaldo Sep 23 2016 9:31pm

HENRICO MENDOZASep 23 2016 9:32pm
Espana y puerto rico y bayamon y frace y yaaaaaa

Canadá Sep 23 2016 9:32pm
Estados Unidos miami chicago la maryland dc Virginia

Ariel Rosa Rodríguez Sep 23 2016 9:34pm
Paraguy y Chile ecuador tambien america de sur

EdwinSep 23 2016 9:36pm
El Salvador we da best

Alejandro LoranSep 23 2016 9:37pm
PUERTO RICO 6x puerto rico puerto RICO Hola yaya es no bueno

Samuel J Lordes Sep 23 2016 9:39pm
Esque dice que es entrevista pero no se de que yo no entiendo yo quiero ayudar ah huste mi favorito

Julio Estaban Catalanas Sep 23 2016 9:41pm
f*ck YOU

Ricardo DiazSep 23 2016 9:42pm
Eso es pura basura forum y followers también

Yampi Guerra Sep 23 2016 9:43pm
Qué tal???

Domingo Flores Sep 23 2016 9:44pm

Manuel Bonito Reyes Sep 23 2016 9:47pm
Claro no hablan inglés nadie aqui entiendes??⁉

Henry Domínguez Sep 23 2016 9:50pm
We dont speak english or other languanges here ok that is it

Rincón QuebtanillaSep 23 2016 9:52pm

Manuel Bonito Reyes Sep 23 2016 9:54pm
Qué tal

Francisco Enriqueta Sep 23 2016 9:56pm

Manuel Bonito Reyes Sep 23 2016 9:59pm
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