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Do weak skinny men actually desire to be dominated by large homosexual men?

Question: As a weak skinny man, my true fantasy is to be overpowered by large muscular homosexual men. I believe this is true of all skinny weak men. Do weak skinny men want to be dominated by large homosexual men?
Created by: skinso at 04:17:03 PM, Tuesday, December 08, 2009 PST


I am A TALL WEAK SKINNY MAN who just loves being dominated by A SHORT STRONG FAT WOMAN!!!

A TALL WEAK SKINNY MANDec 09 2009 2:10am

I am 5'3 118 lbs. Most women are physically stronger. I know that because most women are bigger and taller and have been physically dominated by many in the past. Like all heterosexual men, I love a hot blonde with big boobs and a good ass. What sets me apart, I want that hot blonde to sweep me off my feet. And believe me, it is a wonderful experience. I guess if you are an average sized guy, its hard to imagine a world where you are physically outclassed by 65 percent of the female population. Well that's my world. And the more I think about it, the harder I get.

Heterosexual guyDec 09 2009 1:14pm
I am a tall thin guy. Nothing makes me more ROCK-SOLID than looking way down at a short stocky lady -- who is way bigger, heavier and stronger than I am -- while she and I are both standing in front of each other. While I am looking way down at her as she is looking way up at me, I become AS HARD AS A ROCK!!!

AnonymousDec 09 2009 4:11pm
I am tall, skinny, and weak. Nothing gets me off more than the thought of a strong hunk of man taking me from behind. The smell of a man's cologne while he pins me down is breathtaking.

Open Minded ManDec 09 2009 11:29pm
At 5'4 and 115 pounds, sure, most women are stronger than me. At the same time, practically all men are stronger than me as well. Sure, I would prefer to be overpowered by a female, but I have no choice in the matter. Thats the problem with being weak. Usually the only people who want to attack me are men, so I am often raped by guys. Women don't really have much interest in me, they have better things to do. But men are very aggressive and won't leave me alone. This is how it is for all skinny weak men. Most of us end up in gay relationships, even if we were straight to begin with.

KevinDec 10 2009 11:39am
Kevin, I am 118 lbs and like you, I am smaller and weaker than most women. But unlike you, I am constantly lady handled. I stopped counting the number of times that I have been roughed up by women. Guys have never touched me. The reason is they are so much bigger and stronger, it would seem cowardly. Kevin, here is your problem. YOu are physically small and weak, but you need to be big and strong on the inside. Once you do that, guys will leave you alone and the women will start rassling with ya. Women adore a smaller weaker guy who is a giant on the inside

AnonymousDec 11 2009 5:10am
I have dated women who are so much stronger and bigger, they would kill me in a fight. FOr them to beat me up would be like an adult beating a small child. Yet they adore me and have been passionatly in love with me. To them even though I am much smaller and weaker, I am their big strong man

AnonymousDec 11 2009 5:54am
Anonymous #7 I am NOT a big strong woman! This girl however is much bigger than you! YOU SIR are an unsult to decent men everywhere!!!! Why is it necessary to measure a womans worth by whether she can beat you up or not??? Does that mean if you are stronger, its ok to beat her???? It looks to me, women are nothing more than objects of violence to you...YOU obsess about a 200 lb woman crushing your famished 118 lb body-- as if it were socially acceptable. In turn I guess it would be ok for you to beat a 100 lb woman: ) ??? YOU SIR are a threat to women everywhere! I don't even want to be to be in the same room with you because I probably would be the last person would ever see :-0

KimDec 11 2009 10:29am
ROFL is my only comment

heheDec 11 2009 8:55pm
Its the other way around for a very few small weak men. A real little guy with a fragile male ego who is aware that he is smaller and weaker than the weaker sex. And then is unwillingly physically overpowered by a member of the opposite sex, can become emasculated. Eventually they remain asexual or switch orientations. But let empasise the majorty of very small weak men who know they are physically weaker than the weaker sex, accept it and embrace it and remain heterosexual. But I remember a guy who was real small and one night got beat up by the homecoming queen. He was CRUSHED. And to this day, he either is still asexual or has become homosexual

AnonymousDec 13 2009 10:02am
skinny men are always gay, even if trying to hide it.

AnonymousDec 14 2009 5:48am
its in their genes

AnonymousDec 14 2009 5:49am
Major claims? MAJOR PROOF!!! Baseless, unsubstantiated, hot air comments mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! What matters above all else are MULIPLE, RELIABLE, UNBIASED, UNCHALLENGEABLE, HIGH-PROFILE SOURCES!!! To all who perpetuate baseless, unsubstatiated claims: CITE THOSE VERIFIABLE SOURCES -- OR SHUT UP!!!

AnonymousDec 20 2009 4:44pm
For some small weak guys, who are smaller and weaker than women. And who never learn to accept that. Their orientation can change. The reason is they still hold onto the old concept that a man must be bigger and stronger than a woman. So when they are aware they only as strong or weaker than women, they obviously cannot particapate in manly activities that involves some strength. That's usually everything from sports to home and auto repair--yes you don't find to many 5'2 110 lb men working in an auto repair garage. Because of that they tend to identify with women and engage in 'feminine activities. In time that could change their orientation.

A straight small weak guyDec 21 2009 12:01pm
Major proof, indeed. There has not been a statement on this forum which has not been thoroughly researched and verified prior to posting. I will cite those sources when you can prove you have the authority to force me to reveal my sources. If you can't back yourself up with authority, then you have no right to instruct anyone to "shut up". You require objective evidence? You don't have the juice to require anything. You are nobody. You don't matter. The only reason you need evidence is that you are stupid and can't think for yourself.

AnonymousDec 21 2009 3:44pm
No reply? That's what I figured. You don't matter!

AnonymousDec 23 2009 3:32pm
I'm a very skinny effeminate guy and I love being dominated by a big strong man, it turns me on very much. It hasn't always been like this though.

Ticklish girly-armsFeb 25 2010 9:45am
The most excited things to me is be dominated by muscular women,also it turns me on immediately when i have muscle worship with muscular women. I am a guy with 5'11 and 143lbs,it obviously is a lot light weights comparing to my own height,so I am happy,too in this world.

wjxshowSep 01 2010 9:23pm
im 5ft 9 192 and a gay man...i love to be held and or picked up by skinny men....taller and skinnier the better....even when they try and cant...

?Nov 20 2010 1:15am
this is really freaky lol

5 9 196lbsFeb 18 2011 1:01pm
I am 6' 2" but am very thin. I weigh 165 pounds. Nothing gets me off more than being wrestled to the ground by a woman or a man of any size. The vast majority of men are shorter than me but I am no match for their strength. The few women I have wrestled are often amazed at how easily they can over power me.

beat downMar 27 2011 7:09am
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VKHYEQUlHyXZhEBESep 27 2011 8:37pm
f*cking fags

fag kllerSep 09 2012 4:10pm
I'm a really small, short, skinny male who is only around 5'3" and I've never weighed more than 110 pounds, right now I might only weigh 90 -95. I am cute, delicate, gentle, and a little feminine and I am really attracted to big, strong men. I wish to be wrapped up in a big man's huge arms and dominated sexually. I want to be the girl in the relationship because I like men who can overpower me. I've been like this from around age 11, but I was a very feminine child in early childhood.

AnonymousDec 19 2012 6:52pm
I have always been quite weak and thin. Presently I weigh 125 pounds and am about 5'9". Sometimes it is embarrassing being so weak. When I was 14 and weighed about 94 pounds my neighbor who was only 10 but weighed 100 pounds repeatedly wrestled me down and pinned me in front of his sister who was 12. I was also targets for girls who liked to show off how they could take down a boy who was older than some of the girls

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SkVWFBrpxsOcsDHYDec 14 2013 5:06pm
I love the feeling of a strong powerful man grab me in his big strong hands and lift me up... The feeling of being dominated by a strong powerful man is beautiful. To be grabbed between my legs and pressed up and if possible overhead carried as a trophy, feeling his power, looking down as i am helplessly taken is the most beautiful feeling....But very hard to find... Reversed pressed is the ultimate... feeling the finger/s inside as i am hoisted up towards the ceiling, knowing i am helpless... beautiful

sammyDec 16 2013 5:02pm
I would love to be dominated

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