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Do you believe there are men who get a huge erection, AND THEN EJACULATE, while being overpowered by a woman?

Question: This is a question for females as well as for males: There were times when I developed a massive erection while a woman was beating me at armwrestling and also while I was being outlifted by a woman (after my own unsuccessful lift), watching her as she lifted that same weight over her head. However, I never ejaculated while a woman was demonstrating her superior physical strength over mine. Do you believe there are instances where a man gets a huge erection, AND THEN ACTUALLY EJACULATES, while he is being physically overpowered by a woman?
Created by: QUESTIONMAN at 05:10:34 AM, Friday, January 22, 2010 PST


Most men who are submissive are impotent and only climax as a result of self stimulation.

Dr. SusanJan 22 2010 7:36pm

I used to think that there certainly are guys who ejaculate while being overpowered by a woman because I get so excited by the thought of a woman overpowering me and fantasized about it. But about a year ago my wife and I discovered that she can throw me down and keep me there by sitting on me and she has done so a number of times. Let me tell you, that despite my fantasies of just what my wife has done to me, there is no way I could get an erection, must less ejaculate while it is happening. She puts me down on the hard floor and her weight while sitting on me feels crushing on that floor. I feel like I can't breath and the last thing on my mind is getting off while I am suffering like that under her. While it is happening, despite my fantasies, I only want her to get off me and let me up and have even whimpered and begged her to. Now the weird part is that when it is over, and I have recovered, I do get very excited thinking of what she did to me and with the proper , uh, stimulus (often provided by my wife) have ejaculated on that thought. So, at least based on my experiences, I do not think a guy would ejaculate while actually being overpowered by a woman if he is truly in physical distress from her beating him up. Obviously, however, if a woman overpowers a guy by simply throwing him on the bed and then jumps on him to have sex with him, he may well enoy it and climax.

TadJan 23 2010 4:30am
I have no idea because I am a real man, and that means it is impossible for a woman to overpower me.

Perfect BoyJan 23 2010 4:31am
A male should not come while being used by a Woman unless She orders him to come.

obedient husbandJan 23 2010 11:48am
As a man who has been physically taken over (and then quickly taken down!!!) by a woman, I can attest that there is no feeling on Earth quite like that of a small man like me being physically conquered and then taken down by a much larger, much more powerful woman than myself whether she is short or tall and I have been taken down and conquered by big, powerful women BOTH SHORT AND TALL!!! People might assume that I am "a real shorty" simply because I point out that I am a small man. However, nothing could be further from the truth as I am actually slightly taller than the average man!!! It turns me on to the max to be physically taken down by a woman because THAT is when she clearly demonstrates to me that I am completely under her control. I am truly amiss whenever I am not being ABSORBED LIKE A SPONGE by a big, powerful lady. However, I don't believe that even a small man like me who is rendered physically helpless by a much larger woman can ejaculate without some kind of further physical stimulation like when she jerks me off or when she sucks me (the latter known the world over as a blow job!!!) while she has me helplessly pinned to the floor (or helplessly pinned to the ground if outdoors). Getting a big, stiff, long and hard erection while she has me helplessly pinned? ABSOLUTELY!!! However, she would also have to suck me and/or stroke me while she has me pinned in order to get me to ejaculate. Whenever a lady succeeds in doing that to me, THAT is when I can really and truly call myself A PERFECT GENTLEMAN!!!

One conquered man (A PERFECT GENTLEMAN!!!)Jan 23 2010 3:27pm
Perfect Gentleman, while you are helpess benath her but not suffering in pain, I can well understand youru reaction. But have you ever really been in pain because of the woman's substantial weight pushing your belly and ribs on a non giving surface (such as a bare floor) so you have at least the sensation of not being able to breath and all of your senses are screaming for relief? At times when my wife has overpowered me, she has put me in pain like that, and believe me I could not even think of getting excited while it is happening. As I said before, I do get excited thinkiing of what she did to me after it is over, but not while she is causing me to suffer such pain.

TadJan 26 2010 4:28am
Dr. Susan You bring up a very good point. If a man can not cum during the act of intercourse, but only during self stimulation is he considered impotent?

DavidJan 26 2010 6:42am
This is a psychological phenomenon which is common amongst men with submissive tendencies. Technically, I believe the answer is yes. Impotence can be caused by psychological elements as well as physiological ones.

Dr. SusanJan 26 2010 10:36am
After Wife/Mistress blisters my behind with a wooden spatula, I can come all night, but I concede I have never come while being beaten. I wonder if a powerful Woman such as Dr. Susan keeps slaves to do Her menial tasks and is speaking from experience.

obedient husbandJan 26 2010 4:26pm
I would never want a bigger, stronger woman to inflict excruciating pain upon me. It just turns me on to no end when I realize that she could inflict unbearable pain upon me if she really wanted to, especially while she has me helplessly subdued without inflicting any pain upon me.

A Perfect GentlemanJan 26 2010 5:31pm
Dr. Susan Thank you for your reply. I do have another question. Would you consider the size of a penis normal that measured 2 inches limp, but 4 inches when he can achieve an erection? A male in his 50's should he begin to become impotent, at this age? When he does ejaculate, his semen is a small amount. He has undergone sterlization many years ago would this account for this. His testes are quite small. I would appreciate any help you could give me.

DavidJan 26 2010 8:27pm
I got a huge erction and ultimately ejaculated when one of my female college friend lifted me up in bearhug and kept me off the ground for almost a minute.

AjayJan 27 2010 12:26am
The size is not a factor as it relates to function, and there is nothing abnormal about the measurements you have described. The prostate becomes enlarged in most men past the age of 40, and therefore sexual performance can become diminished with age. Impotence is the inability to maintain an erection, and psychological elements can also be a contributing factor as aforementioned. A vasectomy should not interfere with performance. There are medical solutions available for these concerns which are readily accessible. If you are over 40, periodic prostate exams are highly recommended as a preventative measure against cancer and urination related disorders. You should seek the advice of a medical professional. If you have a regular family doctor, they can refer you to a urologist. A urologist can diagnose and treat any disorders which may exist in this area. Do not be afraid to disclose all of your concerns to your doctor, they are trained to deal with these issues and there is nothing unusual about the issues you have mentioned.

Dr. SusanJan 27 2010 3:30pm
Dr. Susan Thank you for your information. I have always been embarrassed about the size of my penis and testes. It is very difficult to tell someone about being impotent. I will speak with a urologist, and I hope they are as understanding as you. Thank you .

DavidJan 28 2010 6:06am
I can only talk for myself. This is almost a rape story, where me, the man was the victim. Several years ago I was with some collegues at a trade fair. One of the bosses was a woman, 45 years old (10 years older than me) and very attractive. She was kind of big and athletic yet very feminine. The last night at the hotel before we were going back she asked me to her room for a drink when the others had gone to bed. We were quite drunk both of us and I don't remember why but the subject of rape came up and the after a while if it was possible for a woman to rape a man. She smiled at me and said rather challanging that because she was bigger and fitter than me she wouldn't have any problems doing what she wanted with me. She could against my will made me come over my own clothes, something that would upset my girlfriend when coming back. Even if I was drunk I was shocked! I said that we would never find out since I wanted to go to bed. She stood in the way for me and pushed me back in. She tock off her skirt and blouse and was standing in front of me in her panthouse and bra. She was right about one thing, she was bigger and looked much stronger than me, I was and still am slim. She then took me in a head lock, took me down to bed where she succeded to undress me, and I struggled as hard as I could. I really didn't want to loose to this woman and since I knew what she was up to I wanted to stop her from doing that. We wrestled for a while while she kept on undressing me and after a while I was laying totally exhausted with her legs controlling mine, with one arms under her heavy body and with my other arm held above my head with her left hand. I just couldn't get loose and she had one arm free. She whispered in my ear that I was hers. I told her my last trumph, she could made me come over my trousers since I was naked. She laughed and just took my trouser from behind her. She then started to work my member. I thought about everything I could think of to prevent an erection. She started to kiss my ears, caressed my body with her nylon clad thighs and soon I was very hard. She kept on until I was ready to explode. She then took my trousers and then aimed at them with my member. I started to struggle again but she was too strong. I shot a big load all over my trousers. She then took the trousers away and forced me to lick her until she orgasmed. This was rape of course. I lost my girlfriend and didn't see another woman in 3-4 years. I also quitted the company as soon as I found a new job. Well, this sort of answers the question, it is a very ebarrassing night in my life that I just told you about, the worst thing is that even if I never want to be so humiliated again I think about being overpowered by this strong woman and how she could get me hard despite me trying to avoid it, how weak I felt, how sure she was that she could do this to me. It sometimes excites me as well.

John SmithJan 29 2010 6:50am
All smaller weaker men have fatasisies about being overpowered by a member of the opposite sex because they are small and weak ok? they are smaller and weaker in relation to the majority of members of the opposite sex, hence they develop their sexual orientation being smaller and weaker than women. Never heard of a big strong man who gets turned on by fantasizing about being overpowered by a stronger woman. But a big strong man does get turned on by overpowering a smaller woman

AnonymousJan 29 2010 10:31am
John, why didn't you just wash your trousers in the morning? That way your girlfriend would never have found out.

anonJan 30 2010 3:25am
First up: I believe that almost every man gets an erection whenever he is "bested" strengthwise by a woman although he might not ejaculate. As a rule, a smaller man doesn't stand a chance against a larger woman. It is perhaps less of a big deal (or maybe no big deal at all) when the woman is taller than the man but it is especially humiliating for the man when he is taller than the woman because a tall male is not supposed to lose to a short female whether in armwrestling, weightlifting or just plain wrestling. Let's face it, folks: Whether short or tall, SIZE MATTERS!!! If the woman is bigger and stronger than the man, the woman is going to win even if the man is way taller than she is. HEIGHT MEANS NOTHING!!! I know this from my own personal experiences vs such women because I am a man who is VERY TALL but VERY SMALL!!! Why must we always try to associate height with strength as is often portrayed in Hollywood? Height doesn't matter. SIZE MATTERS!!! As a tall man who is also a small man, I lost enough times to enough short large ladies to know that SIZE MATTERS!!! I towered over each and every one of those ladies (some by more than a foot!!!) and I have to admit that it was awfully embarrassing for me (although it also turned me on!!!) whenever I lost to either a short large woman or a short large girl (especially in front of other people!!!) whether I was outlifted by her in weightlifting, beaten by her at armwrestling or taken down and then pinned by her in a wrestling match. Whenever I lose to a short large lady, I always concede defeat while at the same time trying as hard as possible TO HIDE MY ERECTION!!!

AnonymousJan 30 2010 4:54pm
anon, the stain on the trousers wasn't the only sign of what had happened. I was a bit scratched here and there from the raping woman's nails, I was also in a shock that my girlfriend noticed straight away. I told her what had happened and she didn't believe me and even if she had believed me I think she had left me since she didn't want to be whith a wimp that could get raped by a woman. I actually have been to a shrink (a woman) to get help, I hated that evening when I got so humiliated, yet when I think about what happened I get aroused. I have met a woman just recently, I will never tell her about what happened to me. The thing is that she is bigger and probably stronger than me, something that both exites me and scares me. Complicated.

John SmithFeb 03 2010 12:25am
If a man is big and strong, there are far fewer women (IF ANY WOMEN!!!) who can overpower him. Therefore, he really does not have much (IF ANY!!!) opportunity to be turned on by even the thought of being overpowered by a bigger stronger woman because he is far less likely (perhaps UNLIKELY!!!) to encounter such a woman in his entire lifetime.

AnonymousFeb 03 2010 12:42am
I am a very tall man. I am taller than many big strong muscular men but because I am a very skinny man, I have no trouble at all encountering women who are bigger and stronger than I am.

A HUMAN RAIL!!!Feb 03 2010 12:54am
Me and my girlfriend wrestle for fun a lot. I am normally a bit stronger than her and win more than I loose when we wrestle, I have to avoid her strong legs and try to pin her as quickly as possible since she can go on forever without loosing strength. There is one occasion though when I always loose. When I have ejaculated I am extremely weak for at least 30-40 minutes. My girfriend discovered that and have wrestled me just after I have come. She wins easily. She has her strenght left.

Loosing strengthFeb 10 2010 1:03am
Women lose their strength as well. There is no way that a woman, even a strong woman, will have all of her strength left while a man (or, perhaps, another woman!!!) is caressing her clitoris.

AnonymousFeb 10 2010 1:54pm
My wife loves to tease me, she is about 25 lbs heavier than me even if she is 4 inches shorter. We discovered some years ago that she was quite a bit stronger than me and that is when the teasing started. Her speciality is to keep me in bed when I am trying to get up, she knows that she can hold me, pressing me to her bosom and scissor my waist and there is nothing I can do to get away. She also knows how to take control of both my arms and legs and still have one arm free. When I am lying against her body totally looked in her grips she is jerking me off. Of course I like it but it is very annoying when I am my way to work of to my tennis matches saturday mornings, she makes me come late and I am very frustrated. When she has made me come I am weak as a kitten and she is then gets me hard again and rides me. She obviously enjoys the physical dominance she has over me, I feel very helpless, even if I like the sex I am tired of coming up with excuses for being late.

ImprisonedMar 17 2010 12:29am
Tad, my experiences are similar to yours. I always get a massive erection and usually ejaculate when my wife overpowers me at arm wrestling. Even more so when she wrestles and pins my entire ody down, in a sensual way without hurting me. The feeling of her pinning my arms and body down, totally over powering and controlling me, and being completely helpless to her is the most intensely arousing feeling I have ever had. But, when she has wrestled me for real and had me in holds that were seriously huring me, I am to fearful and panicked to be aroused. I am usually wimpering, crying and begging for her to ease up, or to let me go.

KeithMay 23 2010 11:26am
When I was 16 years old this 15 year old neighbour girl and me had a wrestling match for fun. I was very skinny and she was a robust, athletic girl. I was a virgin but she had some sexual experiences I knew. She totally dominated me in the wrestling match, she knew holds that made me tired and helpless in her strong embraces. When she had men totally exhausted lying with my back against her bosom she jerked me off and there was noting I could to about it. We had another wrestling match that was even more one sided since I was very weak after ejaculating, she won easily and then rode me. She became my girlfriend and we sex wrestled hundreds of times the following years. We broke up and the thing is that I now was so used to be dominated that I couldn't really be with a "normal" girl. The girls I met after my first thought I was crazy when I suggested that we should wrestle. About 15 years later I once again met the girl that took my virginity. We were both "free" and we ended up at her place. It was like the 15 years never had passed. Even if I wasn't as skinny as when I was younger she still outweighed me and was stronger. The first wrestling match we had was very much repeated. We have stayed together ever since luckily, since I don't think normal sex could work for me anymore.

AminMay 27 2010 11:27pm
I feel like you Amin. Once you have been dominated and expereince the arousal of submitting to a stronger woman, I don't think normal sex works anymore.

KeithMay 28 2010 11:03am
At a bar, I was joking, flirting with a girl. The subject turned to arm wrestling, and we started joking about it. But then she put her arm on the table and said, "Let's go." After looking at her for a few moments, shocked, she said it again...?Let's arm wrestle. OK, I thought. Can't refuse this, arm wrestle with a pretty girl. And I won't beat her right away, that would not me manly of me. Just toy around with her and then put her arm down. So I put my arm against hers, and her friend started us off. Right away, I realized something was wrong. She was not budging. I pressed as hard as I could. I gave it my all. But her arm would not budge. And then, slowly, I could feel her pushing me down. And the whole time she is looking at me straight and smiling. I struggled to hold off the inevitable. But slowly my arm gave way. This pretty girl was about to whip me in arm strength. In front of her friends. Damn. My arm was giving out. By this time though, I had a very stiff erection. Finally, I could hold on no longer, and she put my arm down. And then she just pressed it to the table, all the while looking at me. It was all I could do to keep from ejaculating. She then put her other arm up and challenged me again. Same result, but not quite as long. My erection had weakened me. She put me down again, and smiled again. Her friend was laughing and cheering. And then I just lost it. Major ejaculation. I was totally defeated by a woman. Just sat there, trying to figure out what to do. Made an excuse to go to the bathroom to try to clean it up. Pulled my shirt out to cover it. Of course, the girls could see what happened. Very embarrassing.

TZSep 08 2010 5:10pm
When I was 18 I armwrestled a 15 year old girl, the kid sister of my friend. We were alone at their house and she liked to show off her strength. She had challenged me many times to armwrestle her but I had always said no, partly because I wasn't sure to win and partly because the thought of matching my strength against a muscular girl was very erotic. So we sat down and she wanted me to use all my power. She was very muscular from years of gymnast training and I was this string bean of a young man with very little muscle tone. And she absolutely killed me, with both arms. She then wanted to wrestle me but I left the house, I had an erection that I didn't want her to see. She kept this secret to my surprise and only teased me sometimes and flexed her biceps to make me scared she would tell everybody around us. Four years later we had both moved away from home and we met at a bar in town. We had a good time catching up and soon she asked me if I remembered the armwrestling. I was embarrassed but said that she was very strong back then. She told me she was now teaching gymastics to kids and still worked out hard, she flexed her arm and wanted me to feel her bicep. Big, and rock hard. She asked me if I wanted to go home to my place with her and armwrestle her again and so we did. I lost again and this time the armwrestling became foreplay to great sex. She later told me that she had seen me getting the erection and she had a crush on me back then and didn't want to tell everybody to avoid to embarrass me.

AnonymousSep 09 2010 4:49am
I once dated and lived with a very strong women with exceptionally muscular legs.She was a police officer and she constantly worked out at the gym with weights.She also was trained in Judo and joined a lot of competitive tournaments against other women.She compeeted at 167 lbs and above winning about half of the tournaments she entered.Although I was taller than her at 5ft10 and 180lbs to her 5ft7 and 190lbs non tournament she weighed more and her lower body was much stronger and more flexible than mine.Although I considered myself more athletic becouse I could beat her in tennis and golf as well as most sports.When we wrestled she completly overpowered me by a large margin.It was very embarrasing and scarry for me when she would catch me in leg scissors and double leg grapevines with her hiking boots on which made her leg locks feel like a python.After wrestling with me and knowing she could beat me she would try various positions on me when I would get out of the shower.She attacked me a few times by supprise with her winter boots on by applying a double leg grapevine,she was very well trained and knew all the submission moves.Although she never raped me against my will she got sexually turned on by proving to me that she could.She liked to catch me in grapevines and then spread my legs out into a split with her back arched and her chest pressed against my face in a breast smother that makes it hard for me to get air.After trying to fight out of this position for a minuite or so it is very hard not to get an erection.She proved to me that a trained women could in fact rape a man although it is still a little uncomfortable for both.The only way for this to happen in most cases is if the man and women are only a few inches apart in height and the women overpowers the naked man in a tight grapevine.I have also been caught by the same women in a reverse head scissors by supprise when I was sleeping and she secretly applied the head scissor on me and made me give her oral sex.This is a hold almost no man can get out of if the women applying them has really strong muscular legs even if she is a little smaller.Any way after a while I became a little sick of being dominated by this bitchy cop and I dumped her.She liked to boss me around verbally as well and I found her face to be a little masculine looking for me to deal with on a day to day basis.But I must say the dominant sexual overpowering felt very good sometimes.

BradOct 21 2010 1:49pm
Dr Susan must be a vet as her comments about submissive men are laughable. Comments by others about real men are also laughable. I am 6'4" and 215 lbs and in quite goo shape. My wfe is 5'7" and 140 lbs. She is very strong quick knowledgable in wrestling and never seems to tire. Sometimes we wrestle all out and sometimes she just likes to put me in holds. Either way she can quite easily make me submit especially with various head scissors. I love it and qualify as submissive. I have absilutely no problem Cumming during sex, or by my hand ir by her hand. Any strong woman can knock any man out with a good head scissors if she wanted to. And submissive men are every bit as sexually capable as any other man.

WrestleDadNov 14 2010 6:34pm
I have wrestles a lot of women and I get very hard every time I do. Of the women I have wrestled they are universal on three points 1. Most. men they have wrestled secretly liked to lose. 2. All men who wrestle get erections when they wrestle. 3. Of those men they had sex with after wrestling the sex was great. So much for the phony credentials and knowledge of Dr. Susan. Submissive wrestlers are just like all men horn dogs with hard members.

AnonymousNov 18 2010 10:48pm
I admit I AMA feminist fraud who was fondled by daddy when I was a wee one.

Dr. SusanNov 19 2010 7:05pm
The answer is yes. At least for me the thought of being overpowered by a woman is very much a turn-on, especially if she is attractive. And I am not a small man 6'1" 185 lbs.

ArthurNov 24 2010 9:51pm
Arthur, I ti am a large man 6'4" 220 lbs. I have been losing to my wife wrestling for 20 years. My closest guess is a little over 2000 matches. She is a very strong muscular hard body at 5'6" and 140 lbs. Her muscles are like steel cables and once she sinks in a hold I am done. Before the match I am stonger than her bot I. Very short order I tire and she gets stronger. Size has kittle to do with escaping from a hild against muscles that do Not unfelt. It is like being tied up. I love her muscles and look forward to losing for another 20 years.

WrestleDadNov 25 2010 6:32pm
I wrestled about 30 professional women wrestlers who were BB's. It was always set up tha the last 5 minutes with me in a submission hold they would force me to masturbate. I had been hard fir 55 minutes by that time. They were all strong enough to do it. My preference was a head scissors where I could watch their face while they forced me. I loved watching them watch me. Sometimes I would playfully refuse and they would simply increase the pressure on my head and neck which would convince me to continue. I have very sensitive nipples and they would pinch them at the same time I was masturbating. I still love this to this day with my wife, not a BB bot incredibly strong hard body.

AnonymousDec 10 2010 1:16am
Yes. It is totally awsome to be told or forced to masturbate, when being totally overpowered and helpless within a submission hold. The combination of the immense power and the feeling of the rock hard muscles has me so aroused that I am praying for release. If I wasn't ordered to masturbate, I would beg to be allowed to.

KeithDec 11 2010 8:09am
Anonymous and Keith. You are both highly submissive and are on a path to to being impotent. Is self stimulation more desireable for you now, or is it the only way that you can climax?

Dr SusanDec 12 2010 7:39am
Not so. I provoked a woman into a friendly fight, and let her win. She sat astride me for awhile. She gloated over for me for a time. Then she moved up a little on my body. Caught my arms under the crook of her legs, and sat back. Both of us knew I was totally helpless at that point. She put her hands on my throat, said "I could kill you now." Her weight was on my crotch, I was totally aroused, and totally in her power. I was never afraid of her. She was a Friend. Still, to be in her power that way, excited me beyond belief. She said "Im not going to let you up until you come." Then she proceeded to make me. The most shattering orgasm of my life. If you can trust a woman to let her overpower you, and submit, you may open up something you never thought existed. Laura liked to be dominated too. I held her hands down when I took her, and it transported her. She struggled a little, never enough to alarm me, just to make me more excited. When she was on top, I encouraged her to hold my hands down, and struggled just enough to get her hot. Never enough to get away. If she fantasized being raped,with me on top, so did I, with her on top. If that makes me strange? Then I embrace it.

RobBobDec 22 2010 11:59pm
It's a huge turn-on when my girlfriend flexes her boobs. She can do it better than I can flex my pecs. She can make her boobs dance up and down whenever she wants! She has DDs, and a little research turned up that generally the bigger a woman's boobs, the thicker and stronger her outer chest muscles (pectoralis minor) are because they have to support heavier boobs. We found that it's actually not uncommon for women with big boobs to have enough muscle to make them dance like she does.

AnonymousJan 20 2011 8:54am
It's a huge turn-on when my girlfriend flexes her boobs. She can do it better than I can flex my pecs. She can make her boobs dance up and down whenever she wants! She has DDs, and a little research turned up that generally the bigger a woman's boobs, the thicker and stronger her outer chest muscles (pectoralis minor) are because they have to support heavier boobs. We found that it's actually not uncommon for women with big boobs to have enough muscle to make them dance like she does.

AnonymousJan 20 2011 8:54am
When I was 15 we were on school tour and had a boys and girls soccer match, whilst I was going for the ball a female student about 25 kgs heavier than my 60 kg tripped me, and I landed on my arse. Everyone thought it was a big joke especially her. She assumed I was a weakling that could be easily dominated, and overpowered. I am naturally strong for my size and have beaten many guys in weight lifting 30 % bigger than me. She on the other hand was very sporting and did gym and was known for her strength. Later that evening smiling from ear to ear she challenged me to an arm wrestle in front of her friends. Within a couple of seconds I had slammed her - guess it wasn't enough time to get an erection, but what satisfaction I got from that look on her face. I'm only turned on by dominating a woman in the bedroom. The most skilled black belt female would never dare go up against a normal male boxer of the same size, she'd have the poo kicked out of her.

LawrenceMar 01 2011 6:32am
I think alot of men get an erection over women overpowering them I DID! just last week! i have a family friend who i a year and a half YOUNGER THAN ME but it sounds like 2 her being 12 me being 14. anyway she is 5ft9 i a 5ft 5 and she always says " haha im atller and younger than you" so i said to her yeah but im stronget than you so she challanged me to some strenghth games first we lifted each other in differant ways she won i had an erection then we did other strength games then we wrestled prperly she had won every event do far most of them very easily. she laughed playfully boating im stroner younger and bigger than you i had an erection so anyway she pinned me i noticed her body was a lot more developed than mine dispite the age gap her breasts were developed and she told me (even though i already knew) i told hr i neededa toilet i coul fell the "orgasm " beging she smiled and looked at my trosers she knew and then she picked mu upm over her shoulder and wouldnt let me go althouth i wa turned on the fact i cumed myself and she knew was very embaressing

jak3May 09 2011 1:09pm
all it takes for me is a woman telling me she expects me to obey and I get an erection!

cfnmguyMay 17 2011 12:45pm
John how tall is the woman who raped you. How much did she weigh? What size are you?

ArronJun 12 2011 8:48pm
Dr Susuan. You are right. I have become highly submissive. More and more so it seems. Self simulation is so much more desirable for me know. I have become very dependent on it.

KeithJun 20 2011 8:12pm
Dr. Susan, I just had an encounter with an older woman. She whispered to me, "I hear you like to wrestle. I can do that." She was pretty, and I took her up. What started as a make-out session on her floor turned into wrestling, and I let her get on top, I didn't have to pretend. She was strong. While sitting on me, she teased me. "Why do you get so hard when I sit on you?" I admitted that I liked being dominated that way. She asked, "Didn't you ever fight girls when you were little?" "Yes" I replied. "But not like this." She let me up, towed me into her bedroom and we both tore our clothes off. She kept her yellow nylon panties on A brief bout of wrestling ended with her sitting astride me again. She let my hands up once in a while and placed them on her breasts. When got a hand free, I slipped a thumb under the waist of her panties and tried to slip them off. She would grab my wrists, pin them next to my head, and say "No!" I thought things had gone as far as they would, when she complained that "You aren't giving me much of a fight anymore." So I bucked and wiggled. She sat harder and did some wiggling too. I know that I came. Mostly through the thrill of being dominated by a pretty woman. She came too, I think, if her gasps, wiggling and bouncing meant anything. She later wanted to tie me up. I was tempted, but they were serious ropes. My good sense kicked in, and I said "Maybe not."

Rob BobJul 18 2011 11:13pm
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I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

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Yes, as the belief turned to fact, like what TZ and Mr. Anonymous said just after his remarks above of that when the man takes on both biceps of an over-power-ing woman, there be at first the wet spot and then him losing it all, of that ought not be be an embarrassing moment, but proof of they got something down there, that although not as strong as maybe it should be of needing to exercise those PC (pubococcygeal) muscles so as to be only that moist spot, because if you're not shooting bullets of sweat over your entire body, you're not putting all of your efforts into the engagement. To see what my PC limit is with some of the great women body-builders would be an honor. For which I say: to the victor belongs the "spoils", that if I should lose it to any degree, let the gray gym shorts be taken off and hoisted up the May Pole to show the witnesses that she may be the boss at the moment, but giving me the inspiration for a return visit after much more visits to the gym, mountains and ocean to see if she can say the battle cry of getting a "bulls eye" the next time too, as I "cry U.N.C.L.E." for now. (;-)

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