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BP oil spill: do you feel more hostility towards the British?

Question: I find I am. Not angry at Obama as much as I am angry at the British. Its this elitism, classism that is so prvelant in the english culture that makes me furious. 1hat about you?
Created by: *question* at 03:20:01 AM, Saturday, June 19, 2010 PDT


The oil spill is a horrendous tragedy and we feel great sympathy for the affected communities. However, I don't see what that has to do with classism and elitism.

EnglanderJun 20 2010 1:36am

No one did this on purpose. It is OUTRAGEOUS for anyone, from the President on down, to compare this with what those BASTARDS did on September 11th.

AnonymousJun 20 2010 2:33am
I blame the World's idiotic dependancy on fossil fuels.

an intelligent life formJun 21 2010 3:12pm
The average Briton is no more responsible for multi-national British corporations than the average American is for multi-national American corporations. Still it would be nice if their CEO was whipped by Big Brenda.

obedient husbandJun 24 2010 6:03pm
Why not have your wife whip him, O.H.?

an intelligent life formJun 25 2010 3:23pm
Quote: "Its this elitism, classism that is so prvelant in the english culture"... I'm sorry that you have such a stereotyped and incorrect image of British culture brought on by the American portrayal of it's people in the movies and on TV. You can be angry at whoever you like, however there is no reason to blame the British people. Try venting towards the actual company involved, BP. It's their oil, their pipeline, their leak and their mess which they haven't yet sorted out! Where they are a British, American, Russian or a Chinese corporation for example, is irrelevant - as posted by 'obedient husband'.

AnonymousJun 29 2010 11:42am
It just goes to show what a real creep Obama is comparing the oil spill with 9/11. This does not even come anywhere near compared to the terrible things that happened to New Orleans. People died and vast amounts of damage was done in both New York and New Orleans. All what's happened here is a few fishermen and hotel owners are out pocket. Still 'President' Obama thinks suffering a bit of a financial setback is the same as people losing their lives and homes. BP was unfortunate the exact same thing could have happened to any American oil company.

wwJul 03 2010 9:02am
It wasn't entirely BP's fault. The overall project was a BP one, but the contractors were Transocean and Halliburton, neither of which are British. Halliburton is in fact American!

FCMay 12 2012 3:32pm
Plus, who allows all these new drilling projects in the Gulf of Mexico to happen in the first place? BP can't just drill in American waters without the permission of...the American government! Perhaps if Americans stopped driving everywhere in huge gas-guzzling vehicles there would be not be a need for new drilling projects at all.

FCMay 12 2012 3:37pm
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