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Have you ever got piggyback rides from elder sister, mother, grandma, maid servant or aunty??

Question: Hi folks.. If you have got piggyback rides from your relatives or gfs, pls write the story in this. I love piggyback rides and would like to know in detail on how to climb on the female's back.. Pls mention your age and the lifter's age. Females who have piggybacked their sons, brothers or cousins can also make entries and mention the above details asked. Thank you.
Created by: piggybackrider at 02:33:59 AM, Friday, December 03, 2010 PST


most amazing piggyback i have got was from my daughter who was only 10 that time!my age is 34,my weight was 120kg-her weight was only son-who was 15 and his weight was 67kg couldnt piggyback me more than few metres,but daughter piggyback me not only a way longer distance than him,but up the hill!it broke his ego that time a lot.

brianDec 03 2010 2:58pm

yes i had a pigyback from my neighbor, she was 15years old and after that we played armwrestling. i won the first one but i lost the 5 other

sDec 05 2010 4:13am
Hi brian and s.. Thanks for posting.. Can you give more details about your piggyback rides?

piggyback riderDec 05 2010 4:10pm
what kind of details i can give you piggyback rider?

brianDec 06 2010 4:18pm
my mum can piggyback me my brother and father all in the same time-triple piggyback!my father can do double-my mum and brother or me!

sarahDec 06 2010 4:22pm
brian.... how this piggyback started and how do you get on to the back of your daughter?? how do you hold on to her during your journey??

piggyback riderDec 07 2010 11:16am
how old are all of you sarah?? Is your brother younger or elder?? Have you given him piggyback rides??

piggyback riderDec 07 2010 11:17am
im 17,my brother 19,my mum is 39,my father is 40.yes i did,lots of times.

sarahDec 08 2010 3:24pm
hi rider.i get onto my daughters back the way she squat me off the ground,i was holding around her neck with both hads wrapped around her.i couldnt believe how strong she was as she straightened up from squatted position with me on her back.i was even more shocked as she starts walking towards hill in our backyard without stopping.she managed to carry me about 100 metres all the way on the very top,my son who was 5years older than her couldnt manage to carry me more than 20metres towards that huge hill and had to let me down.her legs are genes after my wife,who had always the strongest legs of our family.she dont work out but have naturaly very powerful,massive legs.daughters legs were very developed already in her early age.

brianDec 08 2010 3:42pm
Good brian... really good.. enjoy further rides from your daughter.. keep me posted..

piggyback riderDec 09 2010 6:57am
Well Sarah.. the same question which I asked to brian... How does your brother climb on your back or your mother's back? For how long can you and your mother give piggyback to your brother?

piggyback riderDec 09 2010 6:59am
well,i never tried for how long maximum time i can carry my brother on my back,but it would be longer than he would be able to carry me for sure.but i can tell you my mum would be capable to piggyback him for hours.her legs are incredible strong-strongest of all of us.she can triple piggyback.she supports her hands against the wall in standing possition as she would do donkey calf raises,tgen we jump one onto other on her back,she then hold our legs begind her back and start walking.sometimes she traines her calves muscles this way-she does donkey calfs raises with me,my brother and my father all of us on her back.than she does few squats with us-while supporting her hand against wall.actualy i can ask her to carry my brother for max possible time and we will see how long she withstand,but i think she will last for very long legs are same strong as my father's maybe little bit brother have weakest legs of us all.when i carry him he usually jumps on my back hoping that once i will fall down with him,but he never managed to drag me to the ground,instead i grab him and start running with him until he have enaugh and wants me to let him legs-thighs are very massive compared to him,or most of adult men and im only 17.i dont even wear short skirts because of my thighs beeing so thick and muscular.i hope they stop growing,becaue when i see my legs in mirrors i feel like hulk.i dont realy mind to be so strong,but wish to have slim legs instead of these piles of muscles.everybody keep staring at them when i go to the beach,its not nice feeling.

sarahDec 10 2010 5:40pm
Good Sarah... Enjoyed the post.. Keep me posted on rest of the details like, maximum time and all... Anything interesting also, pls update... Thank you..

piggyback riderDec 12 2010 4:02pm
my neighbor who 14 she likes to play with my son who is 9. One day she wa giving him a piggyback ride. I was messing arond and said i will have one too. She is 5'2" 115. She said I can carry you. Im 5'11 187 pounds. I said no I will hurt you. She begged me to try it so I did. She lifted me with no problems. In the end a had my son on my back 53 pounds and she piggy back both us same time. now when she comes over she asks to do it all the time

jeffDec 26 2010 11:30pm
Hi jeff... How did you feel when you were piggybacked by the small girl??

piggyback riderDec 30 2010 5:37am
its a great feeling, i told her we need to find heavier people for her to lift.

jeffJan 24 2011 8:43pm
I get piggybacked by all of my neices friends who are 13.. I am 40 but light at 135 lbs.. it is easy for them.;.

themmanFeb 02 2011 3:03pm
My sister is 16. me and my freinds are 20 and 21. my freinds always get piggy back rides from her. on front and back she is 5'5 140 the biggest guy she does struggle with but can do it is 6'4 240.

benMay 11 2011 9:35pm
Back in my teens years my younger sister used to give me piggyback rides, she was very strong for here age. It was when she was 9 or 10 I was 16 or 17.

FrankJul 18 2011 5:10am
My younger cousin who is 12 and i'm 15 gives me piggy back rides and lets me feel her rock hard biceps, i hope she doesn't feel my erections, she also almost beat me in armwrestling, and calves of steel and did gymnastics

weakercuzinJan 09 2012 1:26pm
I really love piggyback from girls. But i don't dare to ask. When i was 20, i said to my younger cousin that was about 17 ou 16 that she couldn't lift me during 10 seconds. A sort of indirect question. So she asked me that i get on her back. She said : "just spread your legs and jump, i will do the rest". Then i jumped on her back and she lifted me for about 15 seconds. It was not difficult for her to lift me. This was the first piggyback i got from her, and since that day i dared a little more to ask her to lift me on her back. Every evening, her dog needed to walk out, so she had to follow the dog. I went out with them and when we were alone, i asked her a piggyback ride. Grace to this evening's walk, she lifted me many times. Now i'm 30 and she lives in another city. I rarely meet her and even i did, we don't have moment for a piggyback.

karlMar 04 2012 1:54pm
Some years ago a 15 year girl crossed her arms took hold of my hands and turned round so that I was behind her. As I felt sure that she was about to bend over I stood on tiptoe so that when she did bend over I was well up her back. As she started to stand up I gripped with my legs and hey presto I got a piggyback. I then found out that she liked carrying people. She bend over and joined her hands telling me to step on the joined hands and mount her back. Later she held onto the back of a sofa and invited me to get on her back. Concerned that I may hurt her I said how do you expect me to get on and she said jump. She seemed to like the jumping on more than my just sitting on her. She would say ?Don?t just sit there get off and jump on again. Sadly see found herself another boyfriend. I have no idea if he was also a jockey. I was 37 at the time.

D RMar 31 2012 7:53am
When I was 11 years old I had lots of piggyback rides with a friend. One day we came across his twin sister playing with her friend and I got them to join us to play chariots. I managed to work is so that boys rode on girls and girls rode on boys. We had one turn each before my friend's sister decided that she had had enough. A Chariot was made up of 4 people. 2 would stand side by side with their hands behind them. They would cross their arms and hold right hand in right hand and left hand in left hand. This we called Bussing Up. These 2 formed the front of the chariot to which was added a back and a rider.

DRMay 26 2012 5:08am
We're into acting in school. There's a girl called Deboki,who learns Bharatnatyam and is really enthusiastic about acting. She was playing Helen of Troy in a play I wrote,and was having a hard time playing it. She asked me one day if I could go to her house after school to train her up a bit. I'd had tuition classes all morning,and had rehearsed for a full 3 hours after 5.5 hours of school,so I was literally exhausted. I spent another 3 hours at her house,showing her how to act. After that I was totally out of juice,and I asked her to get a rickshaw for me. But it was around 11 pm by then... But I was having a real difficulty walking,and my mess was quite a distance away. Then she offered to carry me home. At first I objected,but I was too tired anyway. She's as tall as me,so she squatted down on her knees,and I climbed on her back. I was hugging her waist with my legs and neck with my hands. She walked forward without much difficulty. When I asked,she said it wasn't a problem; she was trained in martial arts. She carried me for a full 15 minutes before we reached home. Later I tried to lift her,and was farely succesful too. Our bond of friendship has also grown pretty strong. She's 17 and I'm 19.

WickyMay 29 2012 9:08pm
When I was 16, I was at a track meet and met this latina girl who was 13, but she was gorgeous and had an amazing body, so we hung out most of the day. Once when we were walking, she asked if I would piggyback her. I did and was surprised at how heavy she was. Before I would have guessed that she was around a 100 lbs,, she had nicely toned legs, but she still looked pretty slim, but once I carried her, she definitely felt like she weighed more than 120. She just didn't look like it. I was holding her legs around my waist and surprised at how hard they felt. I had never felt anyone's legs that were so firm. Anyways, later in the day there was a dance for everyone who'd come to the meet, and she was was wearing a short that showed her toned legs quite well. I told her how awesome and strong her legs looked and she just grabbed me and picked me up in a front carry. Later in the evening, we went outside for a walk and she gave me piggyback while we talked. It must have been half an hour that she carried me while we talked. That was years ago, and I never saw that girl again, but I've always remembered her and that experience.

mikeJun 12 2012 10:33pm
This is maddening. Like your hands tied behind your back, and was repeatedly punching your stomach. No matter how hard you try, you can not be turned away, nothing can be done to stop it. You just need to be patient bully tired, stop picking on you. You hope that every day, others pick their own size. This is the life of the Cleveland Browns fan.

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alexisDec 02 2012 10:51am
i would go with you frank

aaliyahDec 02 2012 10:53am
funny ben

alexisDec 02 2012 10:54am
I use to get piggyback rides from my older sister and her friends all the time even when I was older I remember one when I was about 12 one of her friends who was 20 said I will give someone a piggyback ride I was all over it I said I want one so I went and stood behind her put my hands on her shoulders and hopped on she grabbed my legs boosted me up as I locked my grip around her neck off she went I got carried for like 10 min on her we were at the park walking so that's how I got one for so long I remember being younger then 12 and my older sister would always give me rides all I had to do was ask and I got one now that I am 31yrs old I talk to the neighbor lady her daughter is 10 and can give me a piggyback ride I was a little skeptical at first but one day she said I bet I can give you a piggyback ride I am 5'6 and 135lbs kinda a small guy so I took her up on it I put my arms around her as she leaned forward and then boosted me up she even then straightened up a bit and carried me around the yard all while her mom laughed and said I knew she could carry you now she wants to give me one all the time so I never pass it up and just go for a piggyback ride on her kinda fun

TomApr 16 2013 11:40am
When I was in my teens there were multiple times a younger girl attempted to carry me. Some successful, almost all were able to do donkey calve raises though.

AnonymousMay 19 2013 2:26pm
I get a piggyback from my little sister. She is 17 years old and me 20

.May 30 2013 10:31am
I use to give all my friends piggyback rides and they give me one too!

SamanthaJun 10 2013 6:51am
Yes I'm 11 and my older sister and to younger brothers are able to give me a piggyback ride my sister is 13 my brother is 7 and my other brother is 5 my sister name is Polly my 7 year old brother is named Samuel and my other brother is named Jon and I'm able to give my 13 year old sister a piggyback ride and Samuel and Jon

BeccaJun 10 2013 6:57am
Hi I LOVE LOVE LOVE PIGGYBACK RIDES I always give my classmates piggyback rides (Even The Boys) I Never Get One But I Don't Care Because we all weigh the same and we are all the same age witch is 11 and I go to McKinley School in Fairfield CT

Emily Hoffman Jun 10 2013 7:01am
Yeah I Always Get A Piggyback Ride From My Younger Brother Kevin I'm The Oldest And I'm In 4th Grade But I Never Give Piggybacks Because My Younger Brother Is Really Heavy And I'm Light

David ComioJun 20 2013 4:31am
Yes I Always Give Piggyback Rides To My Older Brother I'm Really Heavy And He Is Really Light You Would Not Even Know That He Is On Your Back Until You Would Get Really Tired I'm 8 And David Is 10

Kevin ComioJun 20 2013 4:37am
Hi David How Much Do You Weigh?

Piggyback RiderJun 20 2013 4:42am
Um Like 60 Pounds

DavidJun 20 2013 4:42am
Hi Kevin How Much You Way?

piggyback riderJun 20 2013 4:44am
Like 90 Pounds

KevinJun 20 2013 4:44am

piggyback riderJun 20 2013 4:46am
Yes My Older Sister Gives Me Piggyback Rides Mostly When I'm Not Happy Like When I'm Crying Sad Just Really Angry Nervous Scared Or Embarressed

David ComioJun 24 2013 4:23am
Yeah My Older Brother David Always Gets Piggyback Rides From His Friends Teachers And Once The Principal! and I Never Get One

Kevin ComioJun 24 2013 5:33pm

AnonymousJun 24 2013 6:06pm
My girl friend is 5'0 123 ,she can lift me . fireman carry, piggyback,cradle carry and on her shoulder,s Iam 6'0 192 wow.

allen.Jul 03 2013 11:45pm
my gf does martial arts and sometimes they have to piggyback each other and then squat each other while running from one end of the hall to the next. My gf got paired with a guy about my size and could squat him sooo easily. She has really thick legs and a powerful build. He on the other hand was rather skinny and weak. Hence he was shaking the entire time it was his turn and could barely lift her 75kg. Afterwards, they had a social where she changed into a pair of skin tight gym shorts and 5 inch heels which really accentuated her muscular legs and backside. The guy barely came up to her shoulder now and he was in shorts too so they compared sizes a fair bit. She then offered to piggyback him again in fron of the class. She had to squat wayy down low and she looked back, smiled and told him to cliimb on. She slowly extended her legs upwards while arching her back in a bent over position much to the amazement of the class. She then proceeded to dance around and girate with him still on her back

hJul 04 2013 2:31am
It was a lot like this The original squat was like the beginning and the dancing around was like at 1:07

hJul 05 2013 5:05am
I'm only 10 and I'm 60 pounds And my brother is 17 Years At 50 Pounds and I give him piggybacks every Day

John MartinsJul 13 2013 6:11am
Yeah both my younger brothers said about there piggyback ride stories and I give my brother David piggybacks a lot he cries a lot but he is currently getting bullied so usually he is sad a lot and I'm 11

Leslie ComioJul 21 2013 11:54am
David Do You Like Getting Piggyback Rides From People

piggyback riderAug 04 2013 6:58am

David ccAug 04 2013 7:00am

David ComioAug 04 2013 7:00am
I Give My Brother A Piggyback Ride And He Doesn't Want His Name On This Website Or Age And I Have A Very Bad Back

Elizia LigouriAug 05 2013 7:03am
I'm A Boy In Ms Murelles Class

Jason Aug 05 2013 7:04am
I'm Sorry Ms Morelles Class

Jason Aug 05 2013 9:57am
I'm 12 and 3/4 years old and my younger brother always jumps on my back its every day he does that and his name is Christian

SamSep 07 2013 8:44am
Oh yeah he is 11

SamSep 07 2013 8:45am
FW0W4R I value the article.Much thanks again. Really Great.

qFbNUjgtOct 25 2013 7:24pm

DANIELNov 11 2013 1:49pm
Sam wats ur age?

johnNov 13 2013 5:30am

SamNov 16 2013 11:04am

Jenna & KellyNov 16 2013 11:05am
CHTAho I loved your blog post.Really thank you! Really Great.

iVecExjecoNov 18 2013 10:07pm
My 2 younger bros are both trying to get on my back at the same time so I end up giving a double piggyback ride I am really strong I'm 11 and my two younger brothers are 10 & 11 I am a twin

KathyNov 24 2013 12:03pm
Kathy can u piggyback me? I weigh 55kgs. How long can u carry me?

johnNov 27 2013 2:45am
I always get a piggyback ride from my older sister I'm 11 She is 20

Anne JonsjjDec 13 2013 5:49pm
g0HLcO Very informative article post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

UEUESaqtgNmmDec 14 2013 9:00am
How long could your sister carry you anne jons??

johnDec 14 2013 10:09pm
I get them from from my sister without any clothing on our top halfs all the time.

A younger brotherDec 30 2013 8:28pm
I would love a tall girl give me a piggyback ride I'm 5 7 102 pounds.

AnonymousJan 02 2014 2:34pm
im 17 and I always get piggyback rides several times a week from a neighbor girl who is 12. Shes pretty athletic and muscular especially her legs which are built very well-toned,solid and thick . While on our way walking to the tennis court in the park to play tennis, she always asks me to hop up on her back and carries me nonstop like about just over a quarter of a mile like im as light as a feather. On the way back after our tennis games, I can just barely carry her piggyback a shorter distance and then she easily carries me the rest of the way back home. I was really surprised when we compared our weights on the bathroom scale and I weigh at only 121 lb and 5' 11" while she weighs a solid 154 1/2 lb and 5' 3" tall.

BradJan 12 2014 12:51am
I am able to carry my 17 year old brother and I am 10 years old he is 120 and I am 80 pounds he is very heavy

JoanaJan 12 2014 5:24pm
Yeahhhh I'm 12 and I can carry my 11 and 10 year old brother at the same time but it is very hard sometimes cause I do it nonstop every single day soooooo I get tired

Mariana SantiagoJan 28 2014 1:49pm
And there both 70 pounds I'm 130 pounds

Mariana SantiagoJan 28 2014 1:50pm
Hi my name is alex

AlexFeb 20 2014 7:47pm
I get piggy back rides from my sister sometimes

AlexFeb 20 2014 7:48pm
How old are you Mariana

AlexFeb 20 2014 7:49pm
Hi, im Brad again and im 17 and my close neighbor friend Sandy who is a 12 year old girl play tennis alot together almost every other day or so after school and the weekends at the tennis courts in the park down the street aways. Anyway i mentioned before that shes very cute, strong and athletic and we take turns carrying each other piggyback alot. I found out that one of the reasons why she is so strong and her very thick legs have such good solid muscle tone is because she practices swimming for almost an hour everyday. I notice that with a few other girls at my school as well. She has a fairly slender waist but her legs are built so awesomely very thick and heavy. The girth of her thighs and ankles is like about at least 3 times thicker than mine! (I told her that I feel tempted to measure them with a tape measure!) I notice that especially when she wears shorts or pulls off her dark blue sweatpants. Also i noticed she has never waxed the very dense soft blond fuzz from her legs and thighs...she told me that she prefers having her legs looking completely natural. I told her that it actually looks good on her, it compliments her very long ponytail and that shes a true individual. Anyways, I try to carry her piggyback for as long of a distance than she can carry me...and im finally able to get pretty close to achieving that goal. Yesterday we took turns comparing our weights together on my parents bathroom scale...she weighs a surprising 163 1/2 lbs (with her tennis shoes and sweatpants off) while im just barely 120 exactly, even though im over 9 full inches taller than her...well over 40 lbs difference! We then compared and measured each other's heights against the bathroom wall and I measured at just slightly under 6' tall and she at exactly 5' 2". I then asked her for about how long of an extended period of time she could lift me in a stationary front carry just to see how light i would feel on her in that position. She was willing to give it a try and then asked me to stand on the edge of the bathtub so i could embrace my legs around just above her hips securely and my arms around her shoulders. As she was carrying me in this position i felt myself immediately getting a hardon, so i was completely enjoying all this! Plus all the while i was nuzzling and sniffing her blond hair and ponytail and it smelled very sweet, warm and wholesome like new mown hay. She was able to carry me very easily in that position for well over an hour and 15 mins. and she said that i feel so light that i actually feel completely weightless on her and that she could carry me forever! After that it was my turn to carry her,so I then lifted her in a stationary front carry position like she had carried me and she felt very very warm and heavy against my body as she securely embraced her thighs tightly and up high enough around my waist so she wont slip off. After I got a secure enough hold onto her thick thighs, she playfully gave me a couple of gentle monkey bites and we then started kissing Suddenly, my younger sister who is 14 then opened the bathroom door, saw us and gasped "OMG !!"

BradFeb 21 2014 12:08am
I am 12 Alex

Mariana Santiago Feb 25 2014 2:05pm
DyDxLr Appreciate you sharing, great article.Really thank you! Want more.

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dhyghjcgfMar 21 2014 3:20am
xCx8lR Fantastic blog article.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

udazDVNKdFeHApMar 22 2014 4:47am
I am a 15 year old fat black guy.I have a cousin sister in my house.She is 16 year old.She is slim and white in colour.I think she is born for piggybacking me.I always sit on her.I rides her like a bike.No to i am using her as my chair.She has a nice butt so i sit on that.Now a day i have tied a rope on her neck to ride her.She too loves that.Every place i go i will ride her.It too boring to ride a horse.The girls are too intresting.

yrwerfjdjyrsMar 25 2014 10:21pm
I have a habitt of woking up late.On day i was sleeping in the moring.My neigbour a 12 year old white girl came to my house a try to woke up me and make fun off me.I got angry.I jumped to her back.I am too hevy for her but too i dosent leave .I compressed her maximum.I I push my butt to her back to make her pain.i feel much comfortable and planned to ride everyday.One day when she was sleep i go to her house.Slowly i sit on her back She woke idosent leave . I tightly hold her.We fall down from bed.I always use this kind trick to sit on her.

We piggyback uMar 25 2014 10:34pm
I am a cute white girl.I like piggybaking black and fat guys.I prefer balck and fat guys means they can gives us much weight and it increase our power black guys are more fit to white girls.I always carry a guy on my back .I like that .Once i have caried 3 guys in my back.I have lifted them in my front too.Some guys like to sit on my face.THey say sitting on face is more enjoyable. Lol i am planning to start a piggybacking ageny there are many piggybacking lovers.

Ride me masterMar 25 2014 10:41pm
I will study u to make ready a girl for piggybacking. Piggybacking is the most enjoyable form of rides.One can sit on others back and ride.It is just like a horse ride.It is good that a girl can give piggyback rides to men.The girl is just like a horse. We can use the hairs as the rope to controll the horses.A seat is un nessacery there.Their thigs and butt are much comfortable.To ride a girl first of off tie her hair into two.Make the girl to bend down.The rider should use jeans to get grip on her.Slwoly sit on her waist or butt.I think sitting on waist is nice for slim girl if the girl is fat its better to sit on butt.Now tell the girl to hold our legs tightly.Catch the hair.Pull the hair she will automaticaly ride us.If she is not riding fast give beat on her butt and pull the hair tightly.LOL. To ride a boy its not simple as girls.First you make tthe boy bend down.Sit on him.If the boy has no much hairs you can catch his ears to control him.Or use some rope on his neck.Sit on his back a pull his ears.PLease dont make much pain.Tell him to ride. Please reply to this method of piggybacking and support or tell your ideas of how to piggyback.Thank for "Likelike"to give a chance for expressing piggyback rides.IF you can please add a page in this website to upload and watch our piggybacking videos.

Study to piggybackMar 25 2014 11:24pm
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Awar dongMar 26 2014 12:26am
You are right "Study to piggyback" I have tried this to my sister sara.It rally work.Please say how can we ride shoulder ride and boob ride

Chome and saraMar 26 2014 12:28am
I am 16 and my sister is 18.I am fat but my sister is slim white and me black.I and my sister will play master and slave game.For covering a lie she agreed to me that she will be always the slave when playing slave master play.In that i am the king and my sister is the slave.I wear the dress of the king and she wear the dress of the slave.I use her as my horse.I had tied a rope to her neck.And i ride her.Even to the toilet i will ride her.Some times i will do that on her.some time i will be the slave.then she rides me.I fell much pleasure when riding her.she can ride me a half an hour.I also try ass ride on her.Now i can always piggy back her.But i only know less mode of piggybacking.Hey "piggyback rider"can you say more ways of pleasurable piggybacks which are the other ways of riding a girl.I heard about face ride ,boobs ride,butt ride,hug ride,sqating,push up,pain ride but i dont know to use this.My sister is here to test these rides.Please say how to ride these If you know. From Europe

barche son Mar 27 2014 4:19am
I'm 13 now Alex it is my birthday

Mariana SantiagoMar 27 2014 2:14pm
Happy birthday "Mariana Santiago".I think you have got piggyback ride on that day.Have you tried the tricks i said.

Study to piggybackMar 29 2014 2:52am
My 10 year old brother tried but failed it was soo funny and thanks Study to piggyback

Mariana SantiagoMar 30 2014 5:04pm
U r welcome Mariana Santiago.Enjoyed your post.Be lucky to get piggyback from others.I request you and others to share your Piggyback ride videos images events stories links to the "Lift and carry community".I think you have many videos about this please share it with us.In the community there is many piggyback rides and such videos.You can watch and enjoy it.Please upload and share your videos in that too. The link is ""

Study to piggybackMar 30 2014 8:46pm
FgfsHk Thank you ever so for you blog article.Really thank you! Really Great.

pWOtxMhjApr 01 2014 3:44am
Where is Piggybackrider.WE dosent see any replies by Piggybackrider.Plz reply .Other wise your commenters will decrease

zdgzdgxcv May 05 2014 2:46am
I'm an 11 year old boy my big sis is 12 and my other my big sis is 22 and I have a 10 year old bro I am able to carry my 10 year old bro he is light I tried it with my sister but failed haha my 10 year old bro tried it 10 minutes ago but he dropped me and my ankle is sprained my 22 year old sis takes care of us since my parents died Wich was 2 years ago I was crying she heard me cry we were at the beach we walked their it is a 5 minute walk so my 12 year old sis offered to carry me home on her back Wich I accepted so I got on her back she is VERY strong so anyways I put my head on her shoulder still crying so when we got home she said I can sit on her lap Wich I did and she was calming me down by rubbing me head stroking my hair (my hair is normal for a boy) and I started crying again cause my brother hit my ankle that was hurting so she pulled me close and my head was buried in her chest so my other older sister took me upstairs on her back my other big sister followed I am icing my ankle right now my head is also on my sisters shoulder cause were sitting and she is on her phone soo her arm is around me my careless brother keeps hitting my ankle so I'm crying while typing this so anyways Thx for reading this:)

The Awesome KidMay 06 2014 2:46pm
My 12 year old sister is giving me a piggyback ride right now to the doctor cause it is swollen and it might me broken

The Awesome KidMay 06 2014 5:58pm
jF7zTx I think this is a real great article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

KPynPFHJtMay 11 2014 8:35pm
"The Awesome kid" How do you feel when sitting on you sister.Do she front lift you.Can i get pics or videos of your piggy back ride.Do you tried ass ride with her.

MANDeMay 13 2014 12:28am
I can't get pics or videos they don't want me too so yeah but she is able to do both the horse one and front and the bridesmaid carry too (she only does that if I'm sleeping she says I'm nothing so it is actually very easy and she is sooooo soft) @MANDe

The Awesome KidMay 17 2014 12:26pm
Oh yeah it was a sprain

The Awesome KidMay 17 2014 12:27pm
Hey it's David Again lol I'm in 5th grade and I do taekwondo and we do piggyback ride practices there

David ComioMay 17 2014 5:47pm
I am an older sister and my younger brother always wants one hes 10 but somehow when I'm laying down on my stomach he will sit on my back jump up and down and make me do the horsey ride or if I'm sitting on the ground in my yard he will sit on my shoulders and make me give him a shoulder ride and if I'm standing he will keep jumping on my back so I can give him a piggyback ride he is soo annoying and I'm 12 my name is Amanda His Is Christian

And older sister named AmandaMay 23 2014 2:14pm
"an older sister named Amanda" I am ur age and have a brother Christians age so he does that to me too and if I don't he will do four things 1. Sit on my Back shoulders lap till I do it 2. Start crying where ever he is sitting on me 3. Will hit me till I do what he wants me to do 4. He will say "Madeline c'mon pleeeease do it"and start crying and say "Ur not being a good big sister/mommy u should be It is annoying sometimes I have to push him off

MadelineMay 25 2014 1:35pm
A younger brother who ever you r u r discusting and a liar Sorry for the spelling guys

Spillane studentMay 25 2014 7:41pm
Kl4tbE I truly appreciate this blog.Really thank you! Want more.

yBLgZtXFbOQfCSJuJun 04 2014 1:32pm
THe awesome KId" Can u r sis can carry me.How do u feel when She front lift u.Do u like to ride her by sitting on her butt.Do u tried Face riding on her.

MKJun 24 2014 9:34pm
Been a long time folks. Sorry. good stories by now. yet to see an aunt or mom carrying son or nephew to come. great going still. love you all.

piggyback riderJun 30 2014 9:51am
bip8o4 Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.Really thank you! Really Great.

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-1'Jul 07 2014 8:52pm
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JuddIUwJJul 18 2014 5:45am
My neighbor is 15 years old and she likes to play with my younger brother who is 11 and I'm 14 but so I was giving him a piggyback ride because he likes them when I do it so my neighbor came out and saw and said she can give me and my brother a piggyback ride at the same time at first my brother was not that sure but we did it my brother hated it I'm 100 pounds hes 65 pounds and she's 120 pounds but we stopped doing that because my brother fell off and hurt his head just a bump but I still give him piggyback rides he enjoys those

LillyJul 29 2014 8:05am
Hey john yeah bout 2 hours sooooooo yeah I am 12 now how old are you anyways? This is how I know to really know

Kathy Aug 03 2014 12:18pm
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pbekqTtgAug 05 2014 12:35pm
Great lilly and others. Any other indian mom or aunt caryying son or nephew? Pl.

Piggyback riderAug 10 2014 5:59am

MeAug 16 2014 6:35pm
I Wil Give you Pics And Videos Of me with my wife riding.Plz give ur gmail id.I am waiting to share it..

hiwiSep 09 2014 3:11am
Pl share it with me.

Piggyback riderSep 10 2014 7:02am
Hiya I'm 16 and I have a little brother (11) and he looooooooooooves piggyback rides

AnonymousSep 16 2014 3:51pm
Kathy am 18

johnSep 25 2014 9:55am
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AnonymousOct 01 2014 10:19am
frnds i need piggyback frm any girls please give me a piggyback or please give me a pic or video of piggyback my mail contact me in fb id: suresh suresh profile pic : one girl giving piggyback to man please help me frnds

harishOct 01 2014 10:19am
I am 12 and can very very easily carry piggyback my 2 older cousins who are 17 and 20. I can even carry them both at the same time. Josh who is 17 weighs 127 and Jason who is 20 weighs 122. I can carry them for about a couple of hours or so.

ElizabethOct 11 2014 7:57am
elizabeth i wanna contact with u

harishOct 14 2014 6:23am
lnJovO Currently it appears like Movable Type is the top blogging platform available right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

xZnoasvJpGSyhyFaOct 20 2014 1:14pm
If i was at ride me masters club i would let her piggyback me even though im 25 stone and she said she likes giving fat guys piggybacks im up for it babes

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AnonymousDec 03 2014 2:30pm
I do like them a lot comment if anyone else gets the detection and happy juice

mysterious man Dec 03 2014 2:32pm
I do and I love it

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Some teen at 12 or 14 have strengh. Her legs can be thicker than yours so they can easily lift you.

LucioMar 06 2015 7:22pm
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AnonymousApr 18 2015 3:44am
I've been carried plenty of times by a girl, Its usually best when they are attractive makes it all the fun, but this time in particular was the best ever. I was at the beach with other family friends and we were playing chicken in the water; the guys carrying the girls that kinda thing. Well this one girl who is fairly pretty and she was also very kind that I've know for a long time gave me a piggyback that day. I was in 10th grade so, but when I was in 12th she was a 10th grader so when this happened I was about 15 in 10th and she 13 in 8th. So we had been playing chicken all day long and everybody decided to go back to shore but me and this girl stayed. I decided to ask for a piggyback ride while we were in the water. I was wearing this embarrassing tight shorts for swimming and she had been wearing this gorgeous beautiful blue bikini. Now I won't say her name but she was about 5' and 100-95 pounds and I was a heavy chubby kid at 5'7 200 pounds. So when everyone had left I placed my hands kinda heavily on her shoulders and asked her if she would be my horsey jokingly. She said yes and I told she was my trusty stead like a horse. So I jumped on her back, we were in the water which kinda makes things lighter but at 200 pounds and she being 100 pounds and much shorter I was still heavy. And I knew I was heavy on her back because she I jumped on her back I put my full weight on her and about 2 mins into the ride she told me I was heavy and I realized she had been struggling and but and grasping for air a little especially cause of the water hitting her face but she continued on. I kept apologizing that I was so heavy and asking if I was heavy, even though I kenw I was, just for fun. Despite being heavy for my close friend and knowing she was a girl and probably couldn't take much more but I was being really lazy and demanded that she keep going. I had stayed on her back and my arms tight around her chest and neck as she carried me for about and hour in the water, she also told it was okay that I was heavy and that she kinda enjoyed carrying me and giving me a piggyback despite the pain of me being so heavy. As the ride got longer she actually got better and stopped falling down for a good 40 mins. We did this non stop that day, we kept going back in the water and she did this for 2 more times. She and myself dunes herself as my pony/horsey. And every time we go to the beach she always carries me like this. And we've been to the beach twice together. It was the best experience, I mean to be carried in the water for an hour. She did have long hair so whenever I was about to jump on her back I would flick it to the front. That was the experience of being lifted by a girl. I have been lifted by other girls.

Kid1Apr 18 2015 4:16am
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qlRnvMJsGFiEMay 05 2015 6:55am
Just ask. I'm 35 and I give friends and family of both genders piggyback rides whenever they ask. They range between 6-42.

the queenMay 24 2015 12:44pm
My 42-year-old mom gave her 47-year-old sister-in-law a piggyback ride. We were hiking and my aunt said "I'm tired." My mom said "Do you want a piggyback ride?" My aunt said sure and got on her back.

SamuelMay 24 2015 1:38pm
I'm 28 and I have given my 35-year-old sister piggyback rides. Sometimes she is tired and wants to be carried and sometimes she just finds it fun.

28-year-old womanMay 25 2015 1:56pm
I gave a piggyback ride to one of my friends at school on field day (we're both 12). He said "I want a piggyback ride". I said "ok" and got down so he can get on my back.

PrincessJun 07 2015 12:04pm
m63IiV I cannot thank you enough for the blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

YPsaBvJVVIwvNOlJun 09 2015 3:35pm
So I'm 25 and my baby brother is 10, we went hiking with me and a friend and we didn't have the backpacks it was only an hour going up, but he said about half way up he said he was tired and started crying that he was tired (he had a rough morning) and I asked him if he wanted a piggyback ride he nodded and I squated down which caused him to fall and hit his head lightly thank god he was still crying so I had him jump on which worked and I carried him the rest of the way up and down but he fell asleep when I was carrying him and we went down he woke up a little to get more comfortable and I carried him for 90 minutes it was fun but I was tired and he fell asleep on my lap in the car because he asked to sit on my lap

AmberJun 24 2015 8:14am
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YakccxjWCMay 15 2016 6:55pm
I was lifted by my girl before. She is like 80 lbs 5'6 and im like 135 or 125 i am 19 and 6'0. she is small for her age at 18 but she carry me on her back when we makeout in the dressing room in the mall. nd she got sexy body and i always ask her to let me get on her back. it started wen i gave her something and she was exited and hugged me and picked me up this was yesterday. she say im light and one time she lifted me in some park for hour on her back. but of corse i can carry her to. this is perfecta for beaches in puerto rico where we live. all the girls here are da best!

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APuXsQimhFBsxAug 03 2016 6:00pm
Hi Hashish, I could lift both my 2 cousins at the same time easily then I could lift you piggyback easily too. I have very strong thick legs. My thigh girth measures 29" around, solid muscle with a soft cushion of baby fat.

Elizabeth, 14Aug 13 2016 2:46pm
hi i am Jayanthi i carry my husband about 5hours a day when i am cooking i want to carry him he stand on my stomach he walk on me stand on my boobs jump on my booty he shave my akul hair nude hair and give me shock when my house any one not there one day i want to carry him one day fully when i am bathing i want to carry him hip carry my daughter also carry my husband stand on her stomach biibs jump on booth two day fully my daughter carry him when he wants to go to up floor my daughter want to carry him

jayanthiSep 06 2016 5:36am
hiii i am senka i am studying 6th standard i carry my computer sir in toilet one day fully i carry him he duck me now i am pregnant 3months

snekaSep 12 2016 4:17am
hi sneka can u carry me

AnonymousSep 12 2016 11:12pm
hii sneka, how r u today, its amazing to know about your strength and i hope you looks cool, can u explain your story and also tell me about your age, height and weight... even more if you dont mind can u carry me too for whole day... also jayanthi can u tell me too your height and weight as well as your husband's too, and can u carry me too on your hip...

karanSep 15 2016 8:13am
hi i am Jayanthi height i didn't know weight 40 did know height weight 65 ssss i can carry below 80 kg what is your weight i can carry 1 weeks fully without i leave you down when i want to eat you can sit on my leg what is your weight if your weight is 50 call another person also i can carry 2 guys at same time on my hip or back

JayanthiSep 17 2016 7:35am
i like to carry my husband and others

JayanthiSep 17 2016 7:40am
ss i can carry you 1month above 100 weight i can carry five member at same time

snekaSep 17 2016 7:42am
hello jayanthi, its karan here, thnx for reply and my weight is 68 kg, i wish you will carry me on your hip and back,can u carry me whole week without letting me down its amazing when we eat i will sit on your legs, its really enjoying and pleasuring moment, i want to feel that week, even i want to know how u carry me around, what you say while you carry me around, and sneka its unbelievable your weight is 100kg,while you are in 6th standard,

karanSep 17 2016 10:54am
Jayanthi where are you from? Can you carry me?

PrabhuSep 19 2016 6:13am
no my weight is 45

sneka Sep 20 2016 6:38pm
sssss but this month i want to carry my husband. next month my husband and my father without leaving down

JayanthiSep 20 2016 6:40pm
where r u from

jayanthiSep 20 2016 6:42pm
oh jayanthi, you have quite a busy schedule of lifting you hubby whole month, but you looks really strong enough.. i am from india and where you from jayanthi..(SNEKA), thnx for your reply, so i want to know, can you lift and carry me around also which lift you can do with me, can we talk like a way you are lifting me around, also from where you are... waiting for your reply strong sneka..

karanSep 20 2016 10:24pm
i am from utter Pradesh

jayanthiSep 21 2016 4:12am
hlo frnds i want to know how to piggyback ride on my lover how to jump

kanSep 21 2016 4:16am
Jayanthi my weight is 56 kg and height is 5'3..can u lift me?

PrabhuSep 21 2016 7:37am
Can u give me a piggyback ride? @ jayanthi

PrabhuSep 21 2016 7:38am

JayanthiSep 21 2016 8:33am
How long??

PrabhuSep 21 2016 9:57am
Hello jayanthi when you gave me piggyback I wana you carry me around and also hip carry too,

KaranSep 21 2016 10:35am
more than 20 kilometers in piggy back more than 10kilometres in hip carry how many kilometers you want to go in my shoulder or hip or both

JayanthiSep 22 2016 6:58am
sorry piggyback or hip or both

JayanthiSep 22 2016 6:59am
totally i go about 50 kilometers

JayanthiSep 22 2016 7:01am
Hello jayanthi I want to enjoy both rides, can u give me both hip carry and piggyback as long as you can, during lifting if you take some rest allow me to sit on your legs, will you do, kya tum mujhe le jaogi.

KaranSep 22 2016 7:30am
ok i can carry you 50km now my husband lying on me

JayanthiSep 22 2016 8:10am
have you get married

JayanthiSep 22 2016 8:10am
Hello jayanthi I need 50km

PrabhuSep 22 2016 8:27am
No jayanthi I'm single, but I like to be carried by you

KaranSep 22 2016 8:56am
after 50 km when i am taking rest you sit on my leg or my shoulder

Jayanthi Sep 22 2016 7:01pm
prabhu have you get married

JayanthiSep 22 2016 7:02pm
its my pleasure to sit on your legs or shoulder, but i really like the way you carried me the whole journey, btw can i know what you wear and how u carry me first while start walking..and really a 50km is a long journey, even you didn't feel any tiring while walking

karanSep 23 2016 3:25am
No single..i want a piggyback ride from 19yrs

PrabhuSep 23 2016 4:51am
Can you carry 30km piggyback??@jayanthi

PrabhuSep 23 2016 4:52am
Sneka can you carry me?

PrabhuSep 23 2016 4:52am
sss prabha i can carry you i am not married

snekaSep 23 2016 7:09am
How easy for you to carry me?? How much time you can carry me Sneka

PrabhuSep 23 2016 7:33am
Hello sneka can you Carry me around

KaranSep 23 2016 9:46am
how much day or hour or week i want to carry u prabha

snekaSep 23 2016 7:54pm
sss i can carry u around

snekaSep 23 2016 7:54pm
Sneka, how many days you can carry me, also how u carry me like piggyback or front, what you do while you carry me

KaranSep 23 2016 8:56pm
that is your wish how many days and piggyback or front or hip you tell which you want or three also you want

snekaSep 23 2016 10:38pm
I want all three sneka, well it depends on you how many days you will lift me, also when you take rest or sitting what will I do,what you say while you lifting me

KaranSep 23 2016 11:36pm
Sneka actually I need for a month

PrabhuSep 24 2016 12:06am
I need piggyback + hip carry Sneka

PrabhuSep 24 2016 12:07am
now my husband lying on me

JayanthiSep 24 2016 7:37am
When can I lie on u jayanthi?

PrabhuSep 24 2016 9:53am
when u r sleeping

JayanthiSep 25 2016 6:38am
Hello jayanthi can I lay on you too, what you wear while I'm laying on you

KaranSep 25 2016 7:37am
Jayanthi I seriously need a lift

PrabhuSep 25 2016 8:25am
bra and under wear you want dress or non dress while i carry u i wear bra and under wear or non dress

jayanthiSep 26 2016 4:21am
Oh wow jayanthi it looks hot if for few minutes a dress then what you wear and first how u lift me in hip carry then

KaranSep 26 2016 5:43am
i stand u jump on my hip then you stand on bed and jump on my back now my husband lyi on me and ducking my boobs u want to sick my boobs

JayanthiSep 26 2016 6:10am
karan i want to wear dress or non dress

JayanthiSep 26 2016 6:12am
Yes jayanthi if you allow I wish to your boobs too and non dress is good for you and me how about me jayanthi I'm in dress or non dress, also can I suck like a small kid too..

KaranSep 26 2016 6:32am
Jayanthi will you lift me??

PrabhuSep 26 2016 6:56am
Will you let me suck your boobs jayanthi?

PrabhuSep 26 2016 6:57am
that is ur wish karan

JayanthiSep 26 2016 7:29am
ssss prabha

JayanthiSep 26 2016 7:30am
How will you lift me jayanthi? What will you wear?

PrabhuSep 26 2016 7:36am
And jayanthi if I give my email id or mobile no will u cont me because this poll may end anytime and we will not be able to chat to keep up our friendship can I send my mobile no or email id.

PrabhuSep 26 2016 7:43am
Well jayanthi will you let me suck your boobs

KaranSep 26 2016 7:56am
Jayanthi if you don't mind can we continue our chat on email too coz this poll may end up too 300 comments i will write my email here I hope you won't mind to talk on email too, my email is

KaranSep 26 2016 7:59am this is my email id jayanthi

PrabhuSep 26 2016 8:15am
ssss karan you can suck full milk in my boobs in morning afternoon evening and night

JayanthiSep 26 2016 9:14am
no i don't know to use gmail

jayanthiSep 26 2016 9:16am
you want to keep any nick name for me i change name as rider Jayanthi or boobs jayanthi

jayanthiSep 26 2016 9:18am
at the same way what i say to karan

boobs jayanthiSep 26 2016 9:19am
Hello my boobs jayanthi I want to drink your milk as well as I wish you breastfeed me too like I'm a kid and you decide what's my name

KaranSep 26 2016 9:40am
Jayanthi I want to drink your milk as a baby..will you feed me?

PrabhuSep 26 2016 5:22pm
Sneka are you there?

PrabhuSep 26 2016 5:24pm
And jayanthi can I give my mobile number?

PrabhuSep 26 2016 5:24pm
ssss i am there i am very busy to lift my husband and others

snekaSep 26 2016 5:57pm
Why don't you come online?? You don't like to lift me?

PrabhuSep 26 2016 6:58pm
Can I give my mobile no or email id Sneka?

PrabhuSep 26 2016 6:59pm
i like to lift

snekaSep 26 2016 8:04pm
Hello sneka quite busy you are and it's pleasure to see you again, I wish you lift me in all three lifts earlier you say, will you lift me and can we talk on email chat like Gmail or Kik any messenger app if you don't mind.. I want you to lift me

KaranSep 27 2016 12:00am, friends sneka and jayanthi... i wish to talk to you more and more and i think this will end soon, if you dont mind we will switch to above poll to talk again, and being lifted by you sweet strong girls sneka and jayanthi...plz stay in touch..

karanSep 27 2016 1:06am, i mean to say this new pole, what you say sneka, and boobs jayanthi

karanSep 27 2016 2:16am
tdy boobs pain tdy full my husband suck my boobs

boobs JayanthiSep 27 2016 6:40am
If I was with you I would have massaged @ boobs jayanthi

PrabhuSep 27 2016 7:22am

boobsSep 27 2016 6:25pm
Hello jayanthi it's today morning I need morning milk will you feed me now and I will massage your boobs

KaranSep 27 2016 9:31pm
ooooo sad tdy also my husband sucking my boobs

boobsSep 28 2016 12:04am
Why not we both suck your boobs right one me and left one your husband

KaranSep 28 2016 12:12am
my husband want 2boobs milk also

boobsSep 28 2016 4:19am
Tell me when you are free...i will drink your energetic milk and jayanthi will feel as your baby! You will feel motherly..will you feed your milk?

PrabhuSep 28 2016 7:53am

JayanthiSep 28 2016 9:18am
Can you feed me now jayanthi I want to drink your milk and can I be your baby now

KaranSep 28 2016 10:35am
no tdy my husband hip carry

boobsSep 28 2016 7:06pm
Boobs, what about you hip carry both of us on each side of your waist

KaranSep 28 2016 10:53pm
noo my father and husband on my hip

boobsSep 28 2016 11:15pm
boobs nude booty

boobsSep 29 2016 6:15am
Can I come and will you breastfeed me now and lift me too

KaranSep 29 2016 10:20am
boobs and sneka, are u there strong girls, what happen to you, i want to be carried by you strong girls, plz lift me

karanSep 30 2016 11:31am
Jayanthi you are always carrying your husband..but accept me as a is waiting for his mother to lift him..please mummy piggyback me..please mujhe uthao na

PrabhuSep 30 2016 5:51pm
Someone create a new poll and share the link here. It will end soon

PrabhuSep 30 2016 6:51pm
Sneka there?

PrabhuOct 01 2016 8:50am

boobsOct 02 2016 5:08am
Boobs or Jayanthi can I sit on your lap?

SuganOct 03 2016 10:52pm

boobsOct 04 2016 6:41am
Hi boobs! Does that mean yes?

SuganOct 04 2016 7:57am
hi boobs, i want to sit in your lap and play with your boobs, can i do it now, also with you pick me up and carry me too, also can we chat on another poll which i have shared here,

karanOct 04 2016 10:50am
Boobs with what name I shld call you?

PrabhuOct 05 2016 6:25am
my aunt can carry her husband,daughter, son,husband father, husband mother, her father,her mother then i my sister my mother my father aunts brother brother wife son daughter then sister sister husband sister husband mother sister husband father sister son daughter

aaaaOct 10 2016 1:00am
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uQCaTPCoUmhlbkhQJan 31 2017 11:20pm
Hey love the piggyback ride stuff. Have any of you asked your mom/aunt/sister or whoever is giving you a ride. The following, she must wear pantyhose and a shoe on her right foot. No shoe on her left foot and try lifting you with her leg,believe me it is nice.

JeffApr 17 2017 2:55pm
Would love a one shoe piggyback ride now .

JeffApr 17 2017 2:57pm
Hi huij

AnonymousJun 12 2017 11:58am
Hi..i can carry all you guys. If u need to carry you ask to me. I will do it if u r reachable. I am fair skinned Slim women. Even Slim I am stronger.i will give u any type of ride you need. You can stand on my stomach boob's or face. If you need you can sit on my face also. You can beat my ass when you riding.i will do all these if you give me money. If u need to fart on my body it cost more. And farting on face cost little more. I can be your horse for whole day. Common guys do everything you like on me.

Jayanthi Jun 12 2017 12:06pm
Hi jayanthi can u give me piggyback ride Where are u frm

AnonymousJun 19 2017 12:21pm
Hi jayanthi can u give me piggyback ride Where are u frm

sureshJun 19 2017 12:21pm
zhwAOP You have observed very interesting details ! ps nice web site. Loneliness seems to have become the great American disease. by John Corry.

AwsjEjmmNJul 10 2017 5:10pm
7TjQxl I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You are wonderful! Thanks!

BJKvyBqpuSep 20 2017 1:06am
I was lifted by my cousin sister

rassyOct 24 2017 4:54am
once my cousin sister was busy arranging and carrying the grain to proper place in the home .she was wearing only bra and bikini in order to make it easy .she was around 17 and I was 20 that time.when I reached that spot non of the family member were there so I tried to give little aid by descending those small grains from top arranged in the stock .once those grain was finished she asked for more I denied having said this in playful manner she caught my legs giving me forward inclination she lifed me I was very surprised then she asked me to sit on her shoulder and gave me nice 4min ride then piggybacked me

AnonymousOct 24 2017 5:03am
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AnonymousJun 27 2018 7:48pm
Hi was up

AnonymousJun 27 2018 7:49pm
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ehpZwmFzzoAug 12 2018 8:15am
The relationship I want is a ponytailed girl giving me a piggyback and sitting on there lap I'm 6 foot and weigh like about 128

QuinnSep 05 2018 6:32pm
DZMljW There is definately a great deal to find out about this subject.

qdjzgySCRxkBJXwrSNUOct 11 2018 11:05am
So like I said is there any girl that can carry me? I love to be held by them for eternity

QuinnNov 11 2018 4:33am
Quinn,I am an 18 y.o girl, 5'6" and 164 lbs with a very long ponytail and I am sure I could carry you piggyback maybe not for eternity but quite effortlessly for a very long distance

TarynJun 13 2019 9:27pm

JohnNov 17 2019 10:13pm
Taryn, it sounds that you are a strong sporty girl. Which kind of sport are you doing?

Henni Nov 19 2019 10:50am
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SdJPYXHeztHrUyOct 18 2020 10:38am
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