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Have you seen a kid lift/pick up an adult woman in any advertisement/tv-show ?

Created by: yui at 01:31:52 AM, Saturday, January 01, 2011 PST


2 times. One on a tv-show and the other in an anime.

coMar 08 2011 2:34pm

On a japanese gameshow. I didn?t understand anything but there was a boy(10-13?) and a japanese celebrity (20-25). The jury could bet if he would manage to lift her. He frontlifted her with ease and everyone gasped. The woman was in awe too because he even hold her up a short time.

natMar 26 2011 11:53pm

dDec 18 2011 12:40pm
plz tell links of those videos

dodoAug 17 2012 8:06am
hello Co. can you tell me the links about those videos??

adrianNov 26 2012 8:03am

jFeb 06 2020 6:45am
I have seen things on TV but I saw better in real life. Growing up around 3rd Grade I met my best friend and we played basketball together. We started hanging out everyday. We were both pretty tall for our ages but we were only 8. I was in love with this 5th grade girl 10 years old on my block. She was a little taller than me and had gotten all of her growth early. She never paid me any attention until she saw me play basketball when I was 9. She was 11 and already developed. I was shocked to see that I had grown taller than her and so was she when she came and talked to me. She had me and my friend come over to her house to play games when Me and my friend were 9 and she was 11. My friend was now already 5'5" at 9 years old and taller than me by several inches and definitely my neighbor girl. She said she used to be the tallest of all her friends and now everybody was passing her up.

JFeb 06 2020 6:51am
Well, while we were playing her mom came home and I had never seen her before. She was beautiful and a single mom to my neighbor. She was dressed from work in a dress, heels and pantyhose but what caught my eye the most is that she was the shortest woman I think I had ever seen that wasn't a midget. She was extremely pretty but very tiny. She kicked off her heels when she got home and walked around and my tall basketball friend Mike couldn't take his eyes off her. Even though she was old enough to be our mom she looked so tiny and Mike liked petite women already at 9 years old. The girl I liked even towered over her mom. Mike kept talking to the mom and trying to stand up next to her. She barely reached his shoulder.

jFeb 06 2020 7:02am
My girl I liked was named Jamie and her mom was floored when she found out we were only 9 and so much taller than her. I think she assumed we were older than jamie. Mike was so happy when she measured herself to him and looked straight up saying "wow, you are going to be a giant one day. I like tall men". Jamie was embarrassed and tried to change the subject but too late Mike was in love. Soon we were over there everyday and Mike was always hanging out with Jamie's mom and I always hung out with Jamie. We started really hitting growth spurts by the time we were 10 and both Jamie and her mom seemed to get shorter and shorter. By the time I was 11 I was a head taller than Jamie and she started to show an interest in me other than friend. Mike was becoming a giant. He was already over 6 feet tall at 11 and we both loved seeing Jamie's mom hug Mike and she was now below his chest in height. She was always walking around without her heels now and making a big deal about how tall we were. Especially Mike. When she would hug Mike her nice chest would hit him perfectly in his crotch which drove him crazy now that he was in puberty. You could tell she teased him. She looked so tiny next to him it was a turn on for me too. I was 5'10 by the time was was 12 and now knew that Jamie was 4'11". So she was almost a foot shorter than me and I was enjoying being so much taller than her. Mike was now 6'6" and Jamie's mom was at his belly in height. Mike was now picking her up to hug her and sometimes holding her in his arms. By the time we were 13 I was 6 feet tall and now Jamie was my girlfriend. I towered over her but the amazing thing was that Mike was now 6'10" and Jamie's mom was starting to look like a little doll next to him. I loved being so much taller than Jamie but i have to admit it was a real turn on to see Jamie's little mom next to Mike. We always saw her right when she got home from work so she was always in a dress and so pretty but without her heels in pantyhose feet she was so so tiny. So one night we were watching a movie and Jamie was sitting in my lap. Jamie's mom came home and asked Mike if she could sit on his lap. Mike was more that happy to accommodate. Jamie was embarrassed but laughed as her mom climbed on Mike's lap looking like a child on his lap. Jamie's mom curled up in his lap and was so small to him. Mike looked so protective over his little mommy figure. Mike held her little feet while she was in his lap to keep them warm and both her feet fit in his one hand. She became his little pet after that. Always in his lap or arms. We stayed close all the way through our graduation and even after me and Jamie broke up in high school we still went to their house all the time. Mike turned out to be 7'6" and Jamie's mom was the size of one of his legs. She would always hug his leg now like a little child. When Mike turned 18 they became romantic and I can only imagine what happened in private because in public he was always lifting her up and kissing her all over. It was so awesome to see her stand next to him at this point hugging his leg and looking straight up to him . Great memories.

JFeb 06 2020 7:46am
I'm a 44 years old mom, my son is 12 years old. Last week we were in city and i broke one shoe heel. I put my hand on my son's shoulder to take equilibrium. I want to reach a shoes shop near where we were. I ask my son to walk slowly because it was difficult to me in this condition. My son answer don't worry i can help you and with my surpruse he lift me in a cardle. I was embarassed and wabt to put me down but he continue to carry me to shoes shop and when was inner he sat with me on his lap. I was red in face all person watch surpris this little boy carry his big mom on his arm. I hace to admit even if I want to put down i feel his strenght and i was quiet in his arm, he can manage my weight very well

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