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Girls who can leg press more than guys

Question: Have you ever seen a girl who could leg press more than a guy? If so, what were their respective heights and weights?
Created by: Ultrabomb754 at 12:57:44 PM, Monday, April 18, 2011 PDT


She was a very fit Asian girl and 5'4" 125 pounds. Muscular legs and calves from the gym and former dancer. Her calves were 15.5 inches and her thighs 23.5".She had no upper body strength with only 10 biceps. She could leg press 360 pounds 15 to 18 times. I am 5'"11 185 pounds. I could only leg press 320 pounds 12 times. My biceps at the time were 15.5 inches but my thighs were only 21 and my calves 14.0 She had slightly stronger legs but I could bench press 245 to her 65 pounds.

Sissy legsApr 18 2011 9:32pm

My wife has 17" calves and 24" mid thighs. She's 5'7" at 175 lbs and I've watched her leg press 750 lbs for sets of 12. I'm her husband and could never do that much 12 times. I can do 400 lbs 12 times and 650 twice.

AnonymousApr 21 2011 1:15am
There was a girl in the college gym who was about 5ft 2in, maybe 130 lbs at most. I watched as a guy got on the leg press after her and couldn't budge the weight she'd just been using. He called her over to see if he'd set up the machine right or whether there was a 'lock' that had to be undone. So she sits back on the leg press, does a couple of reps, and proclaims it's working fine. The poor guy got back on, tried at that weight, failed then had to drop it back. I've seen this girl lift the entire weight stack at about 800 lbs.

AnonymousApr 22 2011 3:11am
its very common,girls,womens using more weight than men on be honest,im watching four mid age women in my gym,they are arround 45-50.the weakest from all four of them does 10reps with 650lbs,the one with most muscular most powerful legs regularly pressing 900lbs for 15reps.i have witnessed her to manage 1150lbs for 5reps!she was groaning like wildest animal,with huge thick veins poping out of her body and neck.whole floor and walls were shaking,like an earthquake as she handled that mountains of iron up and down.lots of men was shocked arround.other two of these housewifes are regularly pressing 700-850lbs for long reps.i m fairly big man,but most i ever managed was 680lbs for few reps.

AnonymousApr 25 2011 5:29pm
just have a look at average man standing next to same height-average woman,on the beach or swimingpool,have a look down on their legs and for everybody must be clear who's legs are addition,womans quads are longer and way more developed from nature.woman legs are always longer as well.when boy and girl join the gym,in most cases girls are able to push much more weight with their legs,from very begining workouts.often happens that girls push double,sometimes triple of the weight with legs,than their boyfriends,husbands,friends who working out with happening every normal a gym instructor,working in the big and very busy gym.

johnnyApr 28 2011 9:26am
I found this site looking for what most girls leg press on the machine I was pretty shocked when I did 240 lbs 10 times and could have kept going. I am a 22 yr old female 5'5 and 126lbs solid muscle really my measurements are 11"-biceps, 26"- waist 36"-Hips 20"-per leg measured at the mid thigh level. and calves are calves are 14"..

lindseyJun 11 2012 2:19pm
One of our female friends in college was able to leg press 900lbs. for at least 5-6 reps, making it look easy. She did it when we were all hanging out and fooling around in an apartment complexes' clubhouse one evening. She was a fairly big girl (maybe 200-220lbs. or so?) but still very impressive. I remember there was only more more plate to move the key down to, to do the full stack. I think the only reason she left a plate off was embarrassment at guys going around talking about her pressing the entire thing. She could definitely have done it.

AnonymousSep 29 2012 8:27pm
Well poo. I thought I could show off my numbers, but I don't think that's necessary now...

KateDec 02 2012 9:47pm
Show some pictures. Remember, a picture says a thousand words.

RGWJan 17 2013 6:29pm
girls can legs press more than boy.

AnonymousAug 03 2013 3:11am
I can leg press 180 lbs one time. I'm a cute little 24 year old male model boy. I'm 5.6 and a half tall weigh 120 lbs. also I can benchpress 110 lbs. squat 110 lbs.

AnonymousAug 31 2013 1:11pm
Oh and I'm my blog is one up. Lol. I'm the cute little 120 lb guy

AnonymousAug 31 2013 1:13pm
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bgPPOCZAPoVNsmVRTSep 07 2013 7:50pm
Wow. Omg. Lindsey and everyone here is stronger then me. I'm blushing. I just tried this again but can only get that 180 up one time. It's heavy. My thigh is 19 at the top where it's biggest. 17 at mid thigh. Calves r 12.5 inches. I'm very cute though just petite male. Lol. Still 120 lbs. at 5.6 and a half tall. I'm Lenny. Hi. I benched pressed 110 today. One rep max. Blushes.

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kQcGOqkPXccTfLXWJan 30 2014 9:09pm
For leg press you not only need strong thighs but also strong butt muscles.

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xeqndbigApr 01 2014 1:54am
I can legpress 400kg, my boyfriend can only legpress 150 kg. His friend is stronger, he can legpress 180/190 kg. My mother can legpress 280 kg. It's not fair to compare, because females are much stronger in the lower body to begin with.

Nancy, 23 yearsMay 08 2014 7:10am
My girlfriend has scary strong legs, and I love it - it's really sexy. For instance, if we play-wrestle, I can easly pin her down with my arms, yet, she can lock her legs togheter around my chest or waist and squeeze me so hard I think she's goona cut me in half. It's impossible to breath, even talk and so eventually I will panic and tap desperately. Her legs are WAY stronger than mine, and way stronger than my arms too, so of course I'm helpless. I can be sore in my stomac for days afterwards.

Kevin, 20 years oldMay 08 2014 7:22am
99% of the people who use the legpress are girls, so naturally girls are sronger in this exercise. Girls are also stronger in leg extensions, because of a thicker upper thigh/quads.

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NNfaXiQDDhJun 19 2014 2:57pm
I really enjoy teasing guys at the gym. I can outlift all of them on the legpress, and most other leg exercises. Recently, a couple of arabian guys, good-looking, well-trained, where completely shocked and scared at the amount of weights I was lifting with my legs. I don't think they dare hit on me again. I mean, I was leggpressing three times as much as they did...

Vivian, 22Jul 12 2014 3:08pm
wow, incredible. i can legpress twice as much as my boyfriend and his pals. they are also surprised about this, even hough women have much wider hips and bulkier thighs... men can be stupid sometimes :)

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oXGOHEtfmAug 05 2014 9:03am
how come female legs are so strong? i'm taller than her, but my girlfriend is actually heavier than me, due to her muscularity in lower body, and she doesn't even work out much

alexAug 25 2014 12:03pm
alex, my boyfriend can legpress 130kg, while i can legpress 550kg. his male friend can legpress 160kg, while my sister can legpress 490 kg, it's ridiculous to compare, because girls have MUCH stronger, thicker legs. it's from nature's side. Your girlfriend's legs will probably be stronger than yours will ever be, even if you work out your legs really hard, but i hope you are not discouraged?

Jen, 20Aug 26 2014 9:38am
girls' legs are very strong... it's not uncommon for girls to lift the whole stack on legpress machines...

wendySep 02 2014 12:48pm
550kg? are you kidding me? how many reps/sets? my max is 190kg, and i work out usually with 120-130kg.

alexSep 02 2014 12:50pm
i can do 550kg with 5 reps x 4 sets. My max is probably closer to 650kg :) I'd say the average legpress for a girl is approx. 350-400 kg.

Jen, 20Sep 03 2014 12:12pm
i can legpress 600kg too

wendySep 04 2014 11:13am
i tried 600kg today, just for fun, and the weight wouldn't budge... i tried half, 300kg, it still wouldn't budge... a teenage girl a head shorter than me sat down and legpressed 500kg for reps... lol, that's scary...

alexSep 05 2014 8:47am
i agree, when it comes to legpress there is no contest... for instance a group of soccer girls cam to the gym, working out together, and i could't legpress even half of what they did. i bet them in upper body exercises though.

harry, 19Sep 06 2014 9:19am
i have very strong legs due to horseback riding, so i can legpress much more than my boyfriend

josieSep 07 2014 11:11am
Wow its crazy the numbers i read here! The best girl i have seen was 'only' 250 kg! I am only bout 62 kg and can legpress bout 130 kg! Really like strong girls would be cool to chat with one who can outlift me, kik me tobiasb_93

TobilikestronggirlsSep 09 2014 3:50am
It sure is crazy. It's a common misconception that men have stronger bodies all over - evne lower body, but after a while I realized that many girls don't really lift even close to their potential at the gym, because they are afraid they will get too big. Most women, when tested for their actual sterngth, can legpress more than the average man. Average of 350-400 kg sounds not too far off in my experience.

personal trainerSep 09 2014 9:23am
Some guys simply will not accept the fact that their legs are weaker, because they are too proud of being the "stronger sex". A male friend of mine had a serious leg injury because he tried to legpress the same amount as I did. His legbone simply cracked under the pressure. We had to call after emergency personel. Luckily, he is fine again now (it was a few months back), but I doubt he will try to challenge me on the legpress any time soon, lol :)

Carrie, 26Sep 10 2014 8:50am
I am 6' 195. 16" arms 45" chest all muscle. Bench, curl and should press very heavy. I don't work out my legs much. Some sports or running but thats usually it. I leg press wrestled my GF and her soccer team friends in a hot tub. Their upper bodies are weak in the gym but I notice how much they leg press. In the hot tub leg press contest I only could manage to barely beat one of the 5 girls. The others beat me and two beat me easy folding my legs like soggy pretzels jamming my thighs to my chest I less then 2 seconds. I could not budge. My ribs were sore after.

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qsLzlMYnglPxDYmEJDec 21 2014 8:17am
My boyfriend and I are both athletic. He plays tennis and soccer, while I'm a gymnast. He is much stronger than me in the upper body, but I can legpress three times as much as him, and squat maybe twice as much.

Diane, 18Dec 26 2014 6:20am
I can leg press 215 lbs one rep. I'm a cute little prettyboy I'm 24 5'6 and a half inches tall weigh 120 lbs. with 12 inch biceps and 18.8 inch quads. Also I can bench press 120 lbs one rep. Who can beat all that. Lol.

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My wife can leg press triple what i can.She has rode horses for like 15 years though.A few times we have sat across from each other on the couch.To leg press against each other.I couldnt even give her a challenge lol She had my knees pinned to my chest in seconds and acttually my ass lifted off the couch.

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I'm only 5 feet tall but back in my bodybuilding days I could leg-press 400 pounds all day long. I leg-pressed my 200-pound boyfriend while lying on my back on our bed with my feet on his chest! You know that got him pretty excited, LOL.

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