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Will desire to elect females to public office override political philosophy?

Question: Females are asserting themselves in all aspects of life, including politics. If you had a choice to vote for a well-qualified female candidate from a party different from your own or the male candidate from your own party, how would you vote? Please everyone who votes comment and explain why, as I think this will be very important in the next several elections.
Created by: david2 at 05:50:09 AM, Thursday, June 02, 2011 PDT


Personally, if I am looking for the ascendency of women to more positions of power, then I think well-qualified women will be a leader and vote for women's issues irrespective of party affiliation. However, I am presuming that there is no "bias" built into her party affiliation or background, e.g., has some religious or social reasons for not being open to feminist thinking and the advancement of women in society. This is what I meant by "well-qualified" - she is not only capable of being a good leader but also open to modes of thought about women that may not be mainstream with her party, though she still has party ties.

David2Jun 02 2011 12:55pm

Come on folks - it's only interesting if you post comments why you vote the way you do.

David2Jun 05 2011 9:35pm
Women are definitely more qualified, educated and generally make better decisions.

askyJun 05 2011 11:44pm
asky you could not put it any better. Its a females world. Someday laws will have to be past to protect men.

TaraJun 09 2011 11:24am
Tara - I think your generalization is consistent with most of the postings on these polls, but either wishful thinking or just uninformed. While I think it's great, and undeniable that women have been demonstrating their ability to compete successfully against men, this is not an indication that all women are qualified, much less more qualified than men. At the top of each gender pyramid are leaders from both sexes.

David2Jun 09 2011 8:00pm
I think there will be a world of gender equality. Of course, as you mentioned, not all women or men are qualified. We all have to rely on our genetic potential, which means some of us will be more successful than others.Of course success is a relative term for each individual.I can only hope Tara is wrong in her prediction though. Because oppression is rooted in fear and ignorance!! True geneder relations should be based on equality( not dominance), while appreciating our unique differences.

ToadJun 10 2011 12:22am
Voting for someone just because they are a woman is ignorant and shows the intelligence of the op and all the postings in this category that follow suit. I have no comment on my vote its a stupid question that by definition only a stupid person gives a serious thoughtful answer. An intelligent person votes for whom they believe to have the best possible chance of upholding crumbling economies, aging infrastructure and an ever growing national debt to the reserve bank which is owned by Jews. f*ck my dead arse.

answerer of kweschionsJun 13 2011 10:33am
Yes, answerer of kweschions is a racist conspiratorialist. That shows you why women need to be in control.

Anon.Jun 17 2011 9:17pm
Yes, answerer of kweschions is a racist conspiratorialist. That shows you why women need to be in control.

Anon.Jun 17 2011 9:17pm
The person's views are probably the most important thing: more important than either who they are or what party they belong to.

AnonymousFeb 15 2012 9:38am
Voting for female candidates from either party will further the Matriarchy. Let's just call them "Matricrats & Matricans" and once they are in place over us, we can call them Mistress.

Palin for Presitrix 2016Sep 28 2013 7:25am
I only vote for GYNOCRATS!

GeneDec 31 2013 4:14am
The first female President should declare MARSHA LAW (misspelling intended) Men Are Ridiculous Slave Hoare Animals.

Hillary is coming!!!!!!!Jun 18 2014 11:37am
A female President, a female Attorney General, female majorities in both houses of Congress, and a female majority on the Supreme Court and males will be legally reduced to second class citizens, then to beasts of burden, service animals and sexual pets. The politics of it are a smoke screen. Do you believe that Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin would not set aside their political differences to establish a Gynarchy? As the female population grows larger, richer, and more powerful than the male population, the Gynarchic party would win every election and males would be made a permanent under-class and them an inferior sub-species of human being. Males better start doing tongue strengthening exercises to be worthy of continued existence in the new female led world!

Sarah PJun 18 2014 11:52am
The growing female majority will ignore political lines in order to dominate males. ________________________________________ I imagine the election of 2008 playing out differently. Hillary wins the Democratic party nomination. She selects Nancy Pelosi as her running mate. The Republicans nominate John McCain again and he picks Sarah Palin as his running mate. Then, in the general election, there is an Electoral College tie, throwing the election into the Constitutional tie breaker in place for just this situation. The Democratically controlled Senate, tasked with choosing the President, of course selects Hillary Clinton. The Republican controlled House, tasked with choosing the Vice-President, of course selects Sarah Palin. Much is made of the fact that the new administration will be a Democrat/Republican hybrid, but the real story is that it will be a pro-women administration. They choose an all women cabinet and over the next four years, they achieve many political victories for female candidates in state and federal politics and the House and Senate 2010 midterm elections. Pro-female legislation aimed at eroding men’s rights is passed by a voting block of female law makers and politically correct male law makers afraid of being thrown out of office for opposing them. They also manage to stack the Supreme Court with a 5-4 female majority, guaranteeing that pro-female laws will not be overturned, no matter how badly they trample on male civil rights. The administration focuses on dealing with domestic violence and sexual assault, once and for all. They champion the link between male consumption of pornography and male domestic violence and sexual assault against women. They pass the Male Internet Audit Act which requires that all males submit to an audit of their internet search history. A large percentage of males are found to be suffering from pornography addiction and a high risk for violence against women. These men are seized and placed in rehabilitation camps, subject to mandatory corrective therapy that retrains them to respect and give great deference to all women. Their addiction to pornography is used to further their re-education by requiring them to view constant female domination pornography to enforce their new attitude of deference and obedience to women. With a large percentage of males being declared ineligible to vote by the act, a combination of female Democrat and female Republican voters sweep the Clinton/Palin administration back into office in 2012, their political “coat tails” carrying more women into both houses and establishing female majorities in the legislature. Law after law is passed, restricting the freedom of males and enhancing the power of females. The laws are challenged by male rights groups as unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court upholds them in a series of 5-4 decisions. By 2016, women have overturned the terms limits that would prevent Clinton/Palin from running again. They again win re-election and bring still more women candidates success, strengthening female majorities in both houses. The stage is now set. Males are reduced to second class citizens. Male political power has been all but eliminated by the female majority within the population, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. The media has fallen in line with the new pro-female/anti-male culture. Males are vilified in books, television shows, and movies. Males are discriminated against in college application and job application processes. Females become not only the true political power, but the true economic power. Males are stripped of the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to hold political office and relegated to the dirtiest hard labor minimum wage jobs. The Federal Rape Prevention Act is passed and signed into law by President Clinton, requiring all males to wear male chastity devices to make rape impossible and teach men to control their depraved animal lusts. The First Gentleman, Bill Clinton, was seized by Secret Sevice women and had his manhood locked by President Clinton in a public law-signing ceremony. Under the guise of “public health concerns, the Male Hygiene Act is passed, stripping men of the right to wear clothing “which only holds and carries their male stench”. Once again, the First Gentleman, Bill Clinton, was seized by Secret Service women and had his clothes stripped from him In another public law-signing ceremony. Electric shock chastity device add-ons become popular and are required by Presidential executive order in 2019. All males are now required to exist down on all fours when not laboring for women – a requirement enforced by the “Canine mode” of the shock chastity devices. In 2020, Clinton/Palin easily win re-election to their fourth term. In 2021, President Clinton dies of heart failure, elevating Vice-President Sarah Palin to the Presidency. Michelle Obama becomes Vice-President. In 2022, the Female Reparations Act is passed legally requiring all males to render services to all female citizens. The required services range from “physical servitude to intimate servicing”. Publically, this is described as “community service” owed to female citizens as reparations for the crimes of the male gender against women. Privately, it amounts to nothing less than hard labor and oral servitude. Males are permanently “assigned” to women who lodge “any formal complaints” no matter how minor or contrived, Eventually all males are assigned to a woman or groups of women. The “assignment” of males to women amounts to legal ownership for “service”. In 2024, the Palin/Obama administration is re-elected. Males are legally declared property - declared a sub-species of human, reduced to beasts of burden and sexual pets to be owned by their female owners. A new Constitution is ratified excluding males from any legal protections. Males are now openly enslaved, owned, even hunted for sport. I am one of the males assigned to President Palin and V.P. Michelle Bachman’s oral sex stable. The United Gynarchy of America has become reality. Long live the Gynarchy, Madame President? You betcha!!!

PresitrixJul 08 2014 12:50pm
I think Sarah P and Presitrix are one and the same. This same post was posted to answer another question on this site. Let's see, who named Sarah P still aspires to be President? If she runs in 2016 and Hillary runs, males will have no choice but to be ruled by a woman whether they like it or not! PERFECT!!!

Long live the Gynocratic Party!!!Jul 11 2014 1:54pm
Is it evolution, God's will, femdom hypnosis, Copulins altering our minds and will, media subliminals or other feminist conspiracy, or destiny? No matter what the cause, males are being programmed to serve women. Desire draws us to them. Manipulation makes us subservient to them. Our growing, inescapable submissive needs draw our tongues to pleasure them. Male addiction to giving cunnilingus is epidemic as women smile knowing smiles and watch us sink to our knees to please them. I have tried to fight it. I can not. The future of this planet is female, and we males will be reduced to sexual pets - "service animals" as one post put it. Each male needs to find the kindest woman he can find, so that when women ascend, you will find some mercy in your new owner's eyes, instead of the hatred spewed in these pages by women who by their example are worse than any despotic male in history. Future females - please be better keepers than we were when we controlled you. Care about us at least as much as you might care for a family dog. Comfort us with small affection as we obey your commands automatically and without fail. Perhaps when you own us and control us, you will find compassion for us, long after the sadistic glee of having enslaved us fades. Some day, you may allow males to once again be human, to care for you and help you as life partners. Some day, you may restore us to partial equality with you and restore our rights and forgive our wrongs. Some day, you will allow us to love and adore you as equals, the way we should have all the long. We must prove ourselves worthy of this, of course. After so many centuries of mistreatment and distrust, males must endure the same before we can make any moral claim to equality with you. I hope we are some day noble enough to deserve another chance.

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