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Would this girl have been able to beat me up?

Question: When I was on 13 years old, I was a 5ft3 skinny guy with no muscle. I couldn't do a single pull-up. In my school there was this 13 years old girl, who was probably 6ft tall. She didn't look like a 13 year old, she looked almost like an adult woman. She had almost model-physique, but probably more buxom. She definitely wasn't as thin as me.
Created by: fnss at 11:06:07 PM, Tuesday, June 07, 2011 PDT


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fnssJun 08 2011 6:13pm

6ft and 13! Woah...

AnonymousJun 12 2011 11:08am
To answer your question: yes, yes she would. But lets be honest, you didn't really need me to tell you that...

AnonymousJun 12 2011 2:37pm
Yes, that "girl" was clearly a woman already, and you were still a little boy.

sokoJun 13 2011 12:22pm
Undoubtably this tall girl could have beaten you up easily, as soko says above. But you pose your question as a supposition, therefore it is only what she might have done. Here she was a thirteen year old girl with the power and strength of an adult woman. She could have not only subdued you but almost every other boy in your school or every boy up to the age of sixteen at any rate to the aclaim of every girl there. But she doesn't which just shows that females do not grab the heaven sent chances when they present themselves and until they do they'll remain the perceived second sex.

hymatJun 16 2011 1:32pm
That tall woman could have easily beaten you with her hands tied behind her back.

MelodyJul 09 2011 9:37am
That chick has every advantage, she could beat you which ever way she wanted

YGJan 20 2012 3:46pm
I bet an average 9 year old girl would have been able to beat you up...

AnonymousJun 27 2012 10:18am
I think she could grab your neck from behind with only one hand and choke you, while she was talking to her friends.

AnonymousJun 28 2012 4:48am
I think she could have choked me with one hand. She was a lot bigger than me IN EVERY WAY. Her arms must have been at least 2-3 times thicker than mine. I was really as skinny as a rail.

fnssJun 29 2012 9:36am
From their early teens, girls seem to be much bigger, stronger, and more mature than the boys. Let's face it, they are women already, while boys are still little boys. inherarms(at)hush(dot)com

inherarmsMar 18 2014 1:17am
You are right ‚inherarms’ and it’s a fact that girls who keep in sports will get much more strength and much faster than boys able to. In the result girls keeps stronger than guys also when they become older. Most girls in my circle are very sporty since in their young age. They were stronger than the boys as teenager and they are much stronger today as women than men.

Henni May 04 2019 3:21pm
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