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why is the bulk of these polls about sexual superiority?

Created by: eihc at 05:54:22 AM, Sunday, June 12, 2011 PDT


Anyone who posts that this is a genuine issue needs to back up their response with *referenced* responses. Simply saying cos I'm a bitter hag whose husband left me or all my girlfriends cheated on me, therefore... Are not valid responses. For instance, claiming that men are superior to women in terms of upper body strength and emergency response headspace *without training* would need to be referenced with a website showing data etc. Not an editorial opinion. We have spoken.

easter island heads conglomerateJun 13 2011 5:47am

All societies like to keep a code of acceptable behavior. Western society is changing causing stress. Also talk of gender dominance and submission has become unofficially out of bounds and makes some people jump up to appoint themslves morality police. Like Muslim morality police western style. This leaves no place to publically discuss an important and highly stressfull issue. When a forum is found for such it will be discussed, and one critical mass is achieved the simplitic sadistic bullying morality police will find the shoe is on the other foot and it is quite an unsettling experience for them. They will try any approach to destroy a disscussion of any lifestyle which does not meet there approval. Politically we same the same thing from the ideological left.

SteveDJun 13 2011 7:17am
The above comment gives no references and is personal opinion only, thus bringing no credible point of view to his viewpoint. THUMBS DOWN.

@SteveD Unto whom is gender superiority an important or \'stressful\' subject... Oh hang on I know... 12 year olds...

answerer of kweschionsJun 13 2011 7:52am

: )Jun 13 2011 5:05pm
This site asks the tough questions alright...

answerer of kweschionsJun 14 2011 5:30am
Gender superiority is a taboo subject because it lies at the heart of the human psyche and challenges the definitions of the 'self.' But it is also not too different from the discussion of racial superiority/inferiority - so it has a lot of negative connotations. The big difference between gender and "race" is that there is a real genetic basis for sexual differences and this is not true for what we call "race." Until the mid 20th century, racism was not really challenged outright. Popular culture was full of racist imagery and literature, and women were considered the natural inferiors of men. If you go back to the 19th century, male superiority was considered the norm and anyone who questioned it was considered a kook. With the discovery in the early 20th century that the male was the inferior genetic form (the Y chromosome is a male weakness - making males much more vulnerable to genetic defects) women began to realize they could become more powerful in society. Over the last hundred years, females have steadily risen in power and are now poised to overtake males. We are seeing transformations in society which are unprecedented. So sexual superiority is a very important subject because it is a major part of societal change

AnonymousJun 15 2011 7:09pm
Again, no references making the above point moot. At what point in the 20th century was the discovery made that men are inferior. We want dates, times and names. Secondly, women were considered inferior due to centuries of Christianity and the oppression of the dark ages. Being 'poised to overtake males'. Can you please provide numbers, percentages and references to back these claims up, otherwise they are once again, moot.

Oh and the phrase you are looking for that makes women and men not a racial issue is sexual dimorphism...

easter island heads corporationJun 17 2011 9:31am
The reason the subject is important is that much of "male physical superiority" has turned out to be a big MYTH! So here's your references... In studies carried out at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, for example, 10 male and nine female strength athletes (powerlifters and body-builders) performed 20 maximal squat lifts, with three minutes of recovery between each lift. After the 20 lifts, the fatigued leg muscles of both males and females had lost about 20-24% of their maximal strength. However, various indicators of muscular power favoured the females. For one thing, the force-time curve an indicator of muscles ability to contract powerfully and quickly changed negatively by 28% in the males over the course of the workout but dropped by only 19% in the females. Females also recovered from the 20-lift session more quickly. One hour after the workout, female lifters leg muscles could generate about 92% as much force as before the session, whereas male muscles were just 79% as strong. Why was the fatigue greater and recovery slower in males? Part of the problem seemed to be that the male lifters nervous systems became less responsive over the course of the workout. From the first to the 20 lift, activation of leg muscles by nerve cells fell by 20-25% in males but held fairly steady in females. While it's not clear why male nerve activation should deteriorate more quickly, it is clear that females lose less of their muscular power during heavy-duty resistance training and seem to recover more rapidly once a tough session is over. (Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes during Heavy Resistance Exercise, International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 14(2), pp. 53-59, 1993)

AnonymousJun 18 2011 7:17pm
So men's power has always been based on a size advantage and not actually muscular strength. Now that so many girls are working out or involved in sports, both genders find out the female often is much stronger than the male... SURPRISE!

AnonymousJun 18 2011 7:20pm
GET IT? The cat's out of the bag and both sexes are discovering the female is a whole lot stronger than we were told!

AnonymousJun 18 2011 7:26pm
Good references! Makes the point quite clear about how "we didn't know" how strong women really are until they proved to be stronger than men in some ways including certain measures of strength! In some ways they are physically dominant.

AnonymousJun 18 2011 7:30pm
I'd say that most of these polls are the work of a small guy with an insatiable fetish for physically superior women. He also probably has a death wish- to be crushed or squashed by one.

Ziggy FreudJun 19 2011 12:54am

GAJun 20 2011 3:03am
^^ yes. Yes it is. As for all the references given by 'anonymous' (who appears to be backing themself up with other posts...) None of these support your original claim of ' the discovery in the 20th century that of xy inferiority' as an assumed genetic deficit. Instead you are quoting single case heavy lift studies by people who train hard, with a group of 19 hardly being representative of the entire human population. You are going to have to try harder than that. As for the above suggestion of increasing masculinity through chastity yoga, using sexual energy to open and increase the flow of the masculine elixir from the sacral chakra should include orgasm. To do these meditations without can be extremely unhealthy and lead to more problems then benefits. Please note these should be performed at minimum a few hours after the initial meditation. This is referenced to information provided on the following website, under the meditations heading under the sub heading of the magnum opus working.

For centuries women have been limited in their choice of education, career, family role, and recreation. Girls and women who did not comply were punished either directly or covertly. In the last 4 decades much of this has been washed away, and girls growing up today have almost as many choices as do boys. Obviously men and women are different, but the space between them is shrinking. Girls can now grow up to be cops or business executives as well as teachers or nurses. Girls now outnumber guys in medical and law schools. Physically, most men are strionger than most women, but we are no longer shocked when a girl pins a boy in a high school wrestling event, or beats the snot out of him in an MMA competition. The freedom girls now enjoy challenges traditional male privilege, and make many guys feel threatened as girls and women continue to kick down the doors of boys' clubs and demand to play. some guys resent being challenged. Others find competing against a girl ( and in a growing number of cases being defeated by a girl) to be a source of sexual stimulation.

Diana the HuntressJun 20 2011 10:08am
^^ Another bunch of worthless claims. YOU NEED TO PROVIDE REFERENCES! YOU CANNOT SAY ' girls outnumber boys in medical and law schools' without statistics and a link to where you got those statistics. Not to mention the post doesn't even answer the question posed!?! Clearly you are not one of these women taking the opportunity to become educated.

easter island heads conglomerateJun 20 2011 12:27pm
Google it chump. this is a goofy internet site, not my doctoral dissertation. Enrollment figures for U.S. professional schools are easily GOOGLED. You sound like the kind of "man" who lost a promotion to a woman, or perhaps a guy who wound up in some girl's choke hold at a bjj class. I'm having a laff.

Diana - Huntress and GoddessJun 21 2011 10:19am
Right on Diana! This silly boy wants others to do the work for him. The statistics are all over the internet. He's just afraid of the truth!

xyJun 21 2011 7:59pm
eihc is misunderstanding the true meaning of all these threads on female superiority. The criteria of proof for all these statements is irrelevant what they are evidence of are two repressed elements of the male psyche and it's only that which is relevant here, the motivation of the female comments are obvious. The first of these elements being the cathexis of the original Oedipus complex in this the mother image is big and powerful relative to her infant son. The next is the anima which is because the ego does not and cannot approve of it is repressed down into the realm of the shadow. Now the shadow exists in the form of a Mr Hyde to the ego's Dr Jekyll and is in a constant state of revolt. Thus the phenomenon of Female Domination and Sthenolagnia of which these threads are varieties of do not require evidence they simply obtain manifestation and provide a pathway for the id to aquire gratification and thus all three get the objective they are aiming for.

wwJun 22 2011 8:48am
Bla Bla Bla. At least someone did post the facts about female strength and endurance which is a TRUTH. What you do with that truth is up to you. The explanation above is really meaningless.

AnonymousJun 22 2011 5:36pm
Ww posts uselessly... Despite your ascertainment of my position as someone who 'lost my promotion to a woman' or blah blah Brazilian jujitsu blah blah, a claim to which I feel absolutely no need to justify my position, the blatant fact is that noone has actually answered the question. The post at the top stipulates a request for the links to be posted in your response. It's not hard. I agree, no its not your doctorate or a university dissertation by any measure but for all intensive purposes its my goddam poll, answer the comments as I request, or deal with the fact that I will continue to discredit your answers as useless and failing to answer the question or support your vote that it is a genuine issue. If you don't like the terms of my mildly psychotic delusion then f*ck off and go post what I perceive to be nothing but your bullpoo opinion elsewhere. In response to Diana the hunter unless you provide the links to where you obtain your facts and figures, your post is meaningless. As for those of you who revert to using personal attacks and insults only serve to prove your immaturity, wether or not this is likelike or a forum (by that I mean discussion context, not internet site) of rich and classic intellectual debate, your behaviour is still reminiscent of a twelve year old in a school yard, thus negating your vote and cementing in my mind whatever it is I will leave you to assume (or make insulting comments about) what that is.

You're not reading I guess. You got the references on how girls have more muscular endurance. Thing is men & women wrestle for fun and pleasure and during that process, they discover that the female has more muscular endurance... get it? They find that out in the real world, thus the superiority! They discover who is actually stronger. Some like it & some do not. The references back up what average people now know... by things like wrestling. You are the only one who does not really get it. THINK. The research IS NOT AN OPINION> it is fact. People are basing their opinion on both experience and the facts. It's not that difficult to put the two together is it? So some people have a fetish about it. Still based on real life facts.

AnonymousJun 23 2011 4:22pm
To answer why? I can not. But maybe it is because girls are "the weaker sex" until they exercise and prove to be stronger than boys. Why is it a fetish, who knows. I've seen much stranger things like feet and latex so who knows. I think girls being stronger is somehow "naughty" and so both sexes kind of like it but some boys are afraid of girls being strnger while other boys get turned on. Why? Your answers are bull and do not explain anything at all.

AnonymousJun 23 2011 4:29pm
Is it the subject you are trying to understand or how a man or woman feels about it? One thing for sure is men fear stronger women and have done every thing imaginable to keep women the weaker sex but now it doesn't work any more.

AnonymousJun 23 2011 4:34pm
So now that it doesn't work any more, men by large numbers are submitting to the new stronger sex. It doesn't matter what you think or how you see it. It is happening.

AnonymousJun 23 2011 4:36pm
The question is why are most of these polls about sexual superiority? All I can see is failed attepmts to prove a point that is essentially moot except for those who are twelve years old. The world record for weight lifts and pulls is still held by men. You have cited various 'wrestling' examples. They are not in context. Look at the 10000 cases outside the ones you cite. They don't report when a man beats a woman because it is COMMONPLACE. Anyhow, I am not here to debate sexual superiority. I think it is a f*cking stupid topic but I did ask WHY this website contains so many polls 'discussing' the matter. The evidence thus far is this. This is, a stupid and pointless anonymous website. Some people have fetishes about females dominating them. Thusly, these polls are a source of validation for sexual fetishes... This does not support the poll results but given the lack of thought and effort that has gone into most of these posts eg no matter what you think it is happening (lol), I am not surprised. Were this a serious forum of any merit, and not populated by immature 12 year olds, arguments like this would be ripped to shreds by more then just a bunch of ancient mysterious carved heads.

In answer to the above criticism of my explanation to the illusionary subject of female superiority/domination it's the only explanation that fits the fact of why a man should engage in such self-hatred of himself projected onto his whole sex. If someone wants to see the truth behind his delusional thinking thats another matter.

wwJun 24 2011 7:41am
Ok now that I have reread your first comment ww it seems (correct me if I am wrong) that you are following a similar rationale to my last comment prior to this one in the context of what I describe as 'the evidence thus far'...

EASTER ISLAND CONEHEAD, what is your point? I agree there is plenty of stupid stuff on here. I really think that the female superiority fetish has grown because women as a whole have grown physically stronger at such a fast pace. The scientific examples go on and on and are after so many years of the male superiority myth as the "truth" being proven wrong. So the fetish is born out of the discovery of female strength. Now common sense tells you that not all men are stronger than all women and it's been common sense forever but now people are seeing with their own eyes that girls are much much stronger than what was "the truth" as we knew it. So if you think NOTHING IS HAPPENING but 12 year old imaginations, you're just fooling yourself for some weird reason. Matter of fact what's funny is you are using a computer that will show you hundereds of thousands of girls/women/females, that are now physically stronger than the average man. That is not from the "12 year old" imagination. You can see photos/videos/info on these subjects... if you choose. It is a cultural change and it happened in one generation. When a 5'5" female water polo player can squat 960 lbs. then men realize that girls are very strong even stronger than they are. The reason there is so much fetish about strong girls is because there is so much strong girls... the two go together. In the past, say 50-60 years ago female strength was pretty much fringe of society wouldn't you agree? Not now, girls are involved in all kinds of sports, strength, bodybuilding, wrestling, fighting, and so on, what was once only a man's world is now a girl's world. Why men have sexual fantacies I can not tell you but I can tell you that the physical strength and muscle of the female isn't a fantacy at all. Like I said there is at least 1,000,000,000 images of the female body more muscular than the male to prove that fact. How you take "the news" is up to you. You can try to figure it out or let it be. Insulting anyone is pointless and doesn't make the musclegirl go away. It isn't that the internet has somehow created the fetish any more than the internet created the endless amount of muscular girls. I believe girl's freedom to explore their very own physical strength has created the musclegirl and not the mind of a 12 year old. Obviously. So let us review the facts. 1. The girls with big muscles are real. 2. The girls with incredible strength are real. 3. Men fear, respect, desire, lust, admire, love, hate, the new powerful girl. Why some men fantasize about being physically overpowered by these real or imaginary girls most likely has lots of explanations. One thing for sure is it is real and imaginary at the same time. The real "strong" girls are here to stay. Yes they are way stronger now compared to just one generation ago. So do what ever you like with the truth. Deny it if you like, who cares. But it is funny for you to say such nonsense as "the evedence thus far" because IF YOU CAN NOT SEE IT YOU ARE NOT LOOKING. You could never run out of images of female bodies that are much stronger & more muscular than most men. Even with searching 24/7. *the evedence* is right at your own finger tips.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 5:50pm
"my explanation to the illusionary subject of female superiority/domination" LOL True one just has to take a look! some web sites have over 50,000 images of women who are stronger than 90% of men. How many sites? Google "strong women" gave me 38,700,000 results and "strong men" 39,900,000 results. Very close.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 6:03pm
Ya, I don't get the 'illusionary' part at all? I agree that those muscular woman are real! Or are they the imaginary? Mmmm. I don't find them difficult to find at all. They are stronger than most men. But illusionary? I don't think that's the right answer. >F< in observational learning!

Not the cone headJun 24 2011 6:10pm
There are a lot of "real" muscular women who are making a good living letting men look at their "real" muscles on the internet. What fantacies are created in the minds of men is a different subject and complex no doubt but the muscles are real.

manly manJun 24 2011 6:14pm
*EASTER ISLAND HEADS CONGLOMERATE* is attempting to discredit the tital wave of female muscle & strength. Somehow the obvious fact that countless girls have become stronger and yes more muscular than the average male has escaped his sharp eye, even with the internet! Poor vision? Ignorant? What could it be? Are the endless images of muscular girls and strength facts blocked from the CONGLOMERATE computer? It's hard to say. Maybe it is just simply denial. The average dude is only so strong and only so muscular, clearly any person can see these girls of which the subject is about are superior in these areas. Yes even a 12 year old can see that is the truth but not the EASTER ISLAND HEADS CONGLOMERATE Nope, it's all in the imagination of a 12 year old! Sheesh! I'm sure glad someone has brought out the real answer for all those strong girls... I was starting to believe it myself! They're internet musclegirls! Not real of course! Real girls are weak, submissive, and obedient. The other's are imaginary only, their strength is fake as is the muscles. Thanks! I got it! Nothing to see on the internet folks, just move along, nothing here at all.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 6:39pm
It is all in the imagination of a twelve year old! In the real world the the "BLOCKHEAD" lives in, men are always stronger and always more muscular! Wait a minute! Does that sound like a fantasy? Maybe a fetish! Certainly a fake world! Must be some weird fetish? The men are always stronger fetish! Use your imagination! Never mind the zillions of girls with better muscular strength, use your male superior fetish as the truth! See it's that easy, pretending is easy!

imaginary thoughtJun 24 2011 7:02pm
why is the bulk of these polls about sexual superiority? 99% are about female superiority. Could be because the other way around has been exposed as fake, fabricated, and a facade or illusion. The average man isn't as strong or muscular as the vast numbers of women who workout and show the results to the world on the internet. Anyone can see that is the truth. Some just can't accept it. I belive the average man has 13" biceps and can bench 135 lbs. Not anything to get all excited about and very easy for a girl to become stronger than such stats. Within a few months usually in the gym and a girl is stronger than that average.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 7:17pm
The University at Boulder Colorado found that women have 75% more muscular endurance during an isometric muscle contraction against a lode. That's interesting because reseach proves that male and female muscles produce the same power when equal in size. Even more interesting is how women actually gain more strength than men without adding as much muscle size to do it. So it would be logical to say that pound for pound the female muscle is really stronger when equal in size. Pretty easy to understand.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 7:40pm
Easter island head, I have a simple question. Can you squat 960 lbs? If not why? If a 5'5" girl can do it, it should be easy for any man because of his superiority. Would 960 lbs crush you? I would enjoy seeing you deal with 960 lbs of "evidence" on your shoulders!

GirlymusclesJun 24 2011 7:58pm
The "evidence" has gotten heavy! Hahaha! Shucky darn! Krystina Alogbo isn't even a bodybuilder or weight lifter!

AnonymousJun 24 2011 8:03pm
History is filled with all kinds of ways men have tried to keep women "the weaker sex" examples of FOOT BINDING to BURKAS all keeping women weak. Why? Because men know women will become stronger if they are not bound down. It becomes quite clear that it is all based on fear men have of women. It wouldn't surprise me that middle eastern women have vitamin D deficiency and weakened bones. Girls could never be much trouble if men figure out ways to keep them weak. Even fashion models are note exactly the picture of strength being more like prisoners of war they are so skinny. Now like one blogger pointed out that within one gemeration of trashing most all of the chains that bind girls down (all fabricated by men) and you see how strong girls are becoming. The male fears I guess were real as the muscular female is now feared by so many men.

AnonymousJun 24 2011 8:39pm
I have never seen such a pathetic attempt to prove something by posting numerous times under a different name but using the same writing style. Your facts and figures are being misinterpreted. You obviously have no idea what sampling errors are or how they relate to numbers. You aren't a geneticist so you can't comment on the complex processes going on inside the muscles etc. Etc. If you are a woman, and truly 'superior' (I'm not inferring inferiority). Then surely, ever so surely you would have better things to do then try to prove it in this apparently stupid forum. Since you contradict yourself by telling me not to insult people then using derogatory terms toward myself, clearly you have self esteem and fantasy issues that no amount of 'googling' strong women will fix. Your fixation on who is the most superior is reminiscent of a twelve year old 'attitude' (not once did I use the word imagination) and quite frankly is as moot a discussion as when did the universe start. Sitting around on likelike and posting polls, pictures and comments may seem rational to you, but all that it does is ultimately prove your immaturity. Thusly, the result of the poll is that MOST OF THE POLLS HERE ARE ABOUT SEXUAL SUPERIORITY (notice how I didn't actually distinguish between either one) BECAUSE WERE ALL TWELVE AND IMMATURE.

EASTER HEAD, the world has changed and so have women but some how you lack the insight to see this. It wasn't long ago that 6'4" girls would be very difficult to find much less form basketball teams. The female physique is changing. This change in many people's point of view supports the notion of female superiority. In many respects the female athlete is new but also making gains never before seen in men. It's all right in front us. The size and strength of girls is new. The modern basketball player is new and genetically a new type of girl that rarely even existed in just a short time in the past.

LCJun 25 2011 10:17am
That type of girl has always existed, it's only now that culturally mandated artificial stunting of girls' growth is being binned that we are now seeing her emerge. And not a moment too soon!

an intelligent life formJun 25 2011 3:58pm
In the about 1900 the competition between men all over the world centered on the measure of a man's strength & stamina by open ocean swimming with great distances and records were set and the men were separated from the boys in this grueling display of power. However no one actually thought that a girl could be stronger and separate then men from the stronger girls. Once women tried the distance swimming, they distroyed nearly every man's record. The point is that they have superior muscular endurance. It can now be measured. " muscles ability to contract powerfully and quickly changed negatively by 28% in the males over the course of the workout but dropped by only 19% in the females" & "Females also recovered from the 20-lift session more quickly. One hour after the workout, female lifters leg muscles could generate about 92% as much force as before the session, whereas male muscles were just 79% as strong" - (Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes during Heavy Resistance Exercise, International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 14(2), pp. 53-59, 1993) So we now know that both sexes have on average the same ratio of fast twich/slow twich muscle fiber and when equal in size produce the same amount of power. We also can se that girls can not just equal an average man in muscle mass but often out-muscle him. The combined power and endurance favors the female when she is equal is size. Just the facts. The fetish is most likely based on reality. Can the advantage be noticed in regular every day life? Maybe a wrestling match or arm wrestling? I think when men armwrestle women their own size, they find out the truth. No one is saying woman are always stronger at all. But the endurance advantage is real and people notice it in real life. Thus the belief she is really the stronger sex. Most men have the size advantage but obviously not always and that is when the big surprise is discovered. Just like many years ago out in the open ocean when women proved to be stronger. The more women explore their physical strength, the more surprises we find.

AnonymousJun 25 2011 4:31pm
It isn't just physical, girls do better in school and outnumber boys in higher education. Duh, I'm a dude and even I know that!

AnonymousJun 25 2011 11:20pm
Most of these posts are as I stated above from those who only see what they want to see. It is no good quoting a few female athletes and saying that is evidence of women becoming in general superior either in the physical sense or otherwise to men. They are few very few compared to the numbers of men who can do not only the same and more. Women are for the most part small in size compared to men thats a fact of life. Females may do better in schooling though that has to do females finding it easier to apply themselves to the task in hand. Males tend to become distracted by sport and drinking in bars and soforth, regretable though that is when males do apply themselves that discrepancy soon disappears. All this wasting of time on this worship of women which by the way women themselves aren't interested in they think no better of you than they do men in general worse in fact. The reason for this phenomenon remains as I as I have explained above and that as far as I am concerned is all the time this talk of female superiority warrants.

wwJun 26 2011 5:53am
GOOD GOD someone who isn't the same troll repeating themselves over and over again pretending to be men and poo... The Easter island heads corporation has their answer to their question and for those wondering or too STEWPID to read past posts it is fetish and wishful thinking no way in HELL can your stupid arse one off examples and bullcrap statistics or 'think what you like' psychology type mental prompting statements could convince me otherwise. To those who indulge in such fantasies I say good day! And may you fall off the evolutionary chain swiftly and quietly. And to the overweight trollface female supremacists I say come pick a fight with me on the street if you want a harsh dose of reality. We are the Easter island heads! We haf shpoken!

Easter Egghead never ever brings facts, just stupid bullmanure. Never mind that women are for the first time actually given a chance to become athletes, wrstling, powerlifting, running, swimming, and so on. Their gains are actually better than men's ever in men's history! No big deal to this meathead. It's been mentioned the fact a little 5'5" girl water polo player can squat 960 lbs. Just because she plays sports and not bodybuilding or powerlifting! Few men no matter how large and how much they workout will ever be able to put 960 lbs. on their back and do a full squat! EVER! But you brush it off like it's nothing! You never have anything to say! BUT BULLMANURE! No facts just fake ass oppinions and name calling! You really are an idiot. It was mentioned the fact that it's women who hold all the great distance swimming records but no big deal again that only a woman can swim that far! Try it scum-mouth! Try swimming to Easter Island! If anyone can do it it's a woman! MORON! Try that for fantacies, you drowning on your way to Easter Island to prove your myth while being passed by a girl. REALITY! All your S//T talk won't prove a damn thing exept how stupid you really are. SWIM! Swim from Cuba to Florida! Like Diana Nyad! Show us all how it really is you sick fuk. DROWN. You weak fukup, you can't even see the beauty in what women have accomplished NOPE, just your oppinion void of actual reality! Nothing has changed in you sick mind at all. Meanwhile it's all around you. As soon as you get to Florida give us a call we have 960 lbs to put on your back so you can give us that reality check huh punk? Right. Now who's fantasizing? If anyone's going to fall off the evolutionary chain it is you! Not so much because you are weak but because you are not able to see the obvious change going on around you, that's pretty deadly to any species when it comes to survival. You didn't even see it comming like the dumb rabbit in the roadway of life. That's you. You couldn't recognize evolutionary chains if you were beating with them! Fantacies and fetishes are one thing and statistics and facts are another. I have brought stats & facts but you brought what? Child like talk, name calling, and oppinion and added up actually amount to nothing more than your fantacies and fetishes. EASTER ISLAND HEADS CONGLOMERATE? Really. WTF? 140 miles of open ocean is just waiting for you. N o b i g d e a l h u h M o r o n

Reality checkJul 16 2011 2:20pm
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