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Females Dominating Males

Question: I'd like to start a discussion in comments, on which female actress, athletes, models or singers could completely dominate a male in a fight. Using myself, an average male standing 6ft tall with a thin lanky frame, flabby chest and 13.5in biceps, which actress, athlete, model or singer would dominate me?
Created by: rodzod2 at 09:12:35 PM, Saturday, July 16, 2011 PDT


Alex Morgan

AnonymousJul 17 2011 6:06pm

Personally I doubt highly any female, athletic or not under 5'5 would be able to dominate a man 6ft or above.

rodrod2Jul 17 2011 8:35pm
None! You want to get strength dominated by a woman, you need to be 5`6, 150 lbs and under

AnonymousJul 18 2011 1:17pm
All the actresses do fight scenes using stunt standins. They are weak as piss and all Jews, like you.

your a jewJul 19 2011 2:28pm
Shows how much you know. Angie Jolie does her own stunts (if they let her).

an intelligent life formJul 29 2011 3:13pm
I should think a whole number of actresses models and female athletes could overpower you and also pick you and carry you and thats what is relevant being so puny weak and frail you provide an excellent prop for them to show off her physical skills. Also with more and more men becoming unemployed because of the present economic conditions then at least some of them would take the opportunity to drastically reduce body weight and make themselves available as props to be hoisted and thrown about to make these women look good. Some features of women already putting her up to accomodate a guy sitting on her shoulders can already be seen plus cutting her hair short for the same purpose. But the really terrifying thing is these actresses models and soforth are actually icons for a whole host of young females and set and example for other females to follow.

hymatAug 26 2011 8:16am
Hymat, why are you terrified by this?

an intelligent life form Jan 05 2013 4:10pm
Heidi Klum can and does dominate the men in her life. She is strong, determined, and dominant. And she loves to wear leather.

KorobSep 16 2013 10:08am
mfOZPh Great blog article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

LatFLSVjmLNdxJul 19 2014 12:14am
Yes, women can dominate us men because they become much stronger than men in the last years. The average women can be 1,5 as 2 times so strong as a man. If they train hard in a gym they will become 5 to 8 times stronger than men. No men can reach that strange and strong men will be like a weakling compared with a trained women. This is the reason why women dominate us, they’re simply much to strong!

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