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Small weak men. Does knowing that a bigger stronger woman could actually kill you with her bare hands turn you on?

Question: We all read here about the big strong nurse killing the hit man with her own strength w/o hardly fight. Oh he probably struggled, but he was over whelmed by her superior size and strength. Now, as small weak men, we know plenty of women could do that to us.My question is does this turn you on and why?
Created by: ratdoodle at 05:01:24 AM, Sunday, July 17, 2011 PDT



Joy KJul 19 2011 2:23pm

Now just a minute kiddos. I`m a very big lady, who happens to be athletic. Now lets say ur 5`2 100 lbs to my 5`10 190 lbs. We get stuck in an elevator that breaks down. There is no one else in the building. We have no cell phones either. I in this scenerio am a psycho and start physically attacking you? Are you going to be turned on or will you be terrified. I think it would be sheer terror for you

MelindaJul 22 2011 9:48am
I think your just a fat SLUT an I would hit you hard in liver 13 on your liver meridian and you would die instantly melinda the minda

irroJul 24 2011 10:06am
who wants to be killed or beaten almost to death? You could getting turned on by a big strong woman but just like Melinda writes, if there is nobody there to rescue you a big strong lady would scare a small man pooless. I am 5'6 and 125 lbs, many women are bigger and stronger than me. I have a thing for big women but I would never ever consider being with a violent bigger woman.

Ray WSep 14 2011 12:07am
I could never be turned on from being afraid to get killed but a big woman that I know is stronger than me is a big turn on.

AnonymousDec 08 2011 8:09am
It would not turn me on if my girlfriend wants to kill me but she is much stronger than me and i know she could do that if she want!

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