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Are preps favored by teachers in high school?

Question: I always feel like preps are treated with more respect in high school. Anyone agree?
Created by: favoritismsucks at 04:37:22 AM, Saturday, August 13, 2011 PDT


Blondes are always the more popular ones.

high schoolerAug 17 2011 10:55am

I think people with big c*cks who RAM the principal in her ANUS are the best!

Principal MegasorearseAug 24 2011 10:22am
Couldn't agree more. I'm glad to finally see that some people thought the same as me. Preps can be really mean to non-popular kids in high school but they indeed do get more respect among teachers cuz they usually are good looking and teachers secretely wanna f*ck them. Preps know this and uses this to their advantage to get teachers favor them over others and to get better marks in an unfair way. Plus, they can do anything they want, think they're kings and queens, and act rude to others cuz they know other kids are intimidated by them.

anonymousAug 25 2011 9:56am
School is the miniature of society..

anonymousAug 25 2011 9:57am
they're usually really rich too. Just saying

Idon'tlikeprepsAug 25 2011 9:58am
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