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Girls muscles and strength

Question: There are more and more girls visiting the gyms and they are becoming stronger everyday. A lot of girls are lifting heavy weight and building some serious muscles. Girl why do you workout so hard?
Created by: martinG8 at 12:28:28 AM, Tuesday, September 27, 2011 PDT


Gina or Chloe,if you see this? i still like to comment with you! so,let me know if you see this? or go down on the Miscellaneous poll of teen age girls stronger than adult males!

jonathanSep 27 2011 10:21am

I am a male and can't speak for all women but, what i see girls want to get big and strong and its not a man thing any more! and the gyms and health clubs i go to and lift weights. i see more girls these days lifting heavy weights and no men in sight! and as male i think its great that girls want to get big and stronger!

jonathanSep 27 2011 11:56am
Heya Jonathan! What happened to the other poll???

ChloeSep 27 2011 8:39pm
strong woman are great!!

patrickSep 28 2011 6:33am
Chloe, i was wondering if you would find me here? great i really enjoy commenting with you! what happen to the other poll? these polls after awhile get switched around! if think they give this new polls about two or three weeks and after wards they changed to make room for new ones.the poll question still is there but they send it down the list! so, you get any good at the backbreakers you tried on Gavin? it still gets me hard just thinking you trying that on your boyfriend!

jonathanSep 28 2011 6:58am
Strong women are awesome! How are you doing Chloe?

David RiceSep 28 2011 11:09am
Chloe,ever put your boyfriend Gavin in a cradle wrestling hold or any other male you have wrestled? I have been put in this hold many times and it is a helpless situation especially, when i am wrestling a girl with a strong upper body!

jonathanSep 28 2011 11:46am
Chloe, i still love commenting with you on anything you want! you definitely have me hard all the time! matter of fact you are causing me many sleepless nights dream what it would be like wrestling you! and most of my dreams end up you defeating me and doing other things with you!

jonathanSep 28 2011 3:09pm
Oh wow! Jonathan are you serious?!!! I didnt realise I'd made such a massive impression on you like this. Hope you havent lost too much sleep dreaming, fantasing and jackin off over me hehe. Omg it turns me on so much that you dream about me and get all turned on and all hehe. So yup Gavin has been getting bent in half a whole lot (im glad his body can take it lol!) and what is it that being in that position makes their cum fly across the room like it does?! Lol! Okay so how does a cradle hold work? Hey so you've had many wrestling sessions with muscle girls, have you had many muscle worship sessions with fitness and muscle chicks? Especially early 20s and teens? You should tell me all about hehe

ChloeSep 29 2011 3:37am
Chloe, i am serious that you are causing me sleepless wet dreams! I guess you didn't think you had that kind of power over me! Tell Gavin before you wrestle him into different holds he should try stretching before and after! it helps! i learned that long time! I have wrestling matches with muscle girls,strong girls,and any that keep in shape! see,when i am not working out i help train or work with girls that lift weights! i have doing this for a while. i like helping girls get strong and muscular and i tell them if they are bored with regular aerobics that wrestling is a fun and you do burn more calories and teach them and go into holds and submission holds! the ones i feel sorry for is the husband,boyfriend or whom is their male partner and the males find out the hard way they aren't the strong sex of their domain! so, you see i wrestle are age girls.The cradle how its done! you traps gavin's head and legs,one under each of gavin's arms,then locks gavin's hands together immobilizing gavin! if you still have questions about the cradle go to Mixed wrestling holds gallery on-line! and if you master this hold you will drive gavin or any male total helpless! and if you do this to gavin while he is naked you can probably cause him to shoot very far!

jonathanSep 29 2011 12:04pm
Chloe, around what time do you usually these polls?

jonathanSep 29 2011 12:14pm
Chloe, i will keep commenting with as long as you like! and tell as much as you like! You are like a Fantasy Amazon Princess that talks or comments to me through my computer!

jonathanSep 29 2011 12:36pm
Jonathan - I dont really have a time I usually check these polls. Just whenever lol. I wanna know how often the girls you work with will flex for you and how long you spend feeling theire muscles.

ChloeSep 29 2011 12:58pm
Chloe, like i said i work with girls lifting weights and they love to flex for me and love me feeling their muscles! and i know it turns them on! Wish i could jump through your computer screen and feel yours!

jonathanSep 29 2011 1:23pm
Chloe, just fantasing about your muscles and strength makes me hard!

jonathanSep 29 2011 1:25pm
Chloe, do i make you wet knowing your great strength and muscles and your great wrestling ability get me hard and jacking off?

jonathanSep 29 2011 2:10pm
Chloe, ever accidentally cracked a guys ribs with a body scissors? i can just imagine that you have that kind of power in your thighs! and have you accidentally seriously hurt Gavin wrestling ?

jonathanSep 29 2011 3:58pm
Chloe, Jonathan is not the only one who gets excited. If i was single, i would be also jacking off. Unfortunately, i am at an age where i must conserve. My Dearly Beloved still likes sex. Jonathan, here you have always seemed like a guy who just had a way for picking up wrestling matches. Now I see it is just a side thing to a part time (or is it full time) business. Now i don't feel so useless for not having had opportunities in my own past. You and i have grown up in different eras. I only wish. But back to Chloe, you are my dream girl, and yes, it is only dreams. Keep up the good work and charms

ObservingSep 30 2011 1:16am
Oh here you are. Jonathan the answer for the previous poll question is no. I have not injured a men during wrestling. But I think I could if I applied full pressure. But I am always very careful, I apply pressure gradually and when I hear the guy screaming I do not increase. I just hold him thight and make him beg. I am not sadistic, I would feel terrible if I injured someone, especially my bf. I wrestle for fun, I love to show my power and I love wrestling, but everything has its limits. I workout because I love to have muscles and be strong, not because I want to break somebody. Well unless somebody really pissed me off :).

GinaSep 30 2011 3:47am
Jonathan - I do get wet knowing my muscles and strength turns you on hehe. For the record it gets Gavin hard knowing his strong sexy princess gets guys hard and turned on lol! Hes so proud of me hehe. I guess what I was wanting to know more about are some of your favourite experiences where teen girls or early 20s females have flexed their biceps for you and you'fe felt their biceps 6pack or whatever before/after/mid wrestling : )

ChloeSep 30 2011 4:42am
Observing - thankyou! You're comments are very kind. Is your partner strong and muscled? Sounds like that kinda quality in a woman really turns you on : ) You also sound like a gentleman and very loyal to your lover.

ChloeSep 30 2011 4:44am
Jonathan and Gina - Unlike Gina I went through a phaze where, while I've always been nice and pleasant to any given person, I would lose control with *ssholes and nasty types who would push me over the edge or hurt my friends. I deliberately broke two guys ribs in body scissors and almost orgasmed doing it. I picked one guy up over my head and slammed him onto the ground (grass) for punching his girlfriend. I had a fist fight when I was 17 with a school bully who used, abused and dumped a good friend of mine. I got pretty bruised up in that fight but he had to get his jaw seen too by a doctor and got suspended for alegedly beating me up and for getting beat up by me - it was a messy confusing issue that the principle had had enough of and threw the guy out because he was sick of him. When I was younger it turned me on to inflict pain on my victims, if guys were gonna be *ssholes they would meet me hehe. My favourite has always been a camel clutch or pining them down, grape vining their legs and straightening them out horizontally either side of me (the skills of a former gymnast hehe). I was a nasty freakin bitch to some guys and no one knew hehe. I stopped that when I realised who I was becoming though.

ChloeSep 30 2011 4:55am
Chloe, wow! i wish when i was young going through the early years of school i would have hired you to be my bodyguard! when i going through school i was very small for my age and got pick a lot by bigger boys and also girls.and did not start growing until i left school! but,in those early years i discovered the weight room and learned to wrestle!and yes,i wrestled girls back then! that was about 40 years ago! the early years i didn't enjoy wrestling girls!but,i started to like it after i got out of school and then began to love it!

jonathanSep 30 2011 11:07am
Chloe,i love girls flexing their biceps for me and love when i ask to feel their biceps! it gets me hard all the time! and i know the girl whom flexes for me gets turned on as well! i think they see a real man the appreciates the hard work they did to get to where they are !

jonathanSep 30 2011 11:14am
Observing,you should tell us some of your mixed wrestling matches! thats if you feel comfortable about it!

jonathanSep 30 2011 11:19am
Gina, glad you found me! i really enjoy commenting with you! although you didn't break a males ribs i bet you leave their bodies with bruises! and it sounds like you love changing a males perception that female muscles are stronger than the male you are wrestling! i know there are quite a few males out there look down at girls like you with muscles and very strong muscular legs can be stronger then a males!and it sounds like you like breaking their macho attitudes and egos! and listen them crying like little boys! and i would imagine its a great turn-on for you?

jonathanSep 30 2011 11:38am
Chloe, next time you flex your biceps for Gavin! place his sex tool on your bicep and flex it and he will have an Orgasm! i have done that a number of times and the orgasm is incredible!

jonathanSep 30 2011 1:10pm
Jonathan - OMG I can't believe we've never tried that before! The feeling og having his c*ck between my bicep and forearm is freakin amazing! He loved it hehe

ChloeSep 30 2011 1:30pm
Chloe, glad you enjoyed that! it certainly got me hard thinking that you and Gavin tried that! i can fantasize that you are doing that to me! have you ever put Gavin's sex tool between your breasts and let him screw your breasts and give him a b.j in between strokes? i have done that many times!

jonathanSep 30 2011 1:51pm
Jonathan - Yah we've done that and its great fun! Also what else we tried this morning is I put my legs up vertical while lying on my back and he tried sliding it between my calf muscles and my thighs. Cos of the bulk of my leg muscles this worked really well hehe. Another thing he does is slide it up and down between the ridges of my 6pack while I flex. Thats a fun way to prelude a bj lol. He sexes my abs then my breasts then into my mouth lol :P

ChloeSep 30 2011 2:50pm
Chloe, you are Amazon Sexual Princess! you are giving me multiple orgasms think about what you and Gavin is doing to me! so, i fantasize thats me instead of Gavin! I hope you not wearing out Gavin? Have you Gavin tried an upside down bear-hug with him you a great tongue job while you are giving him a b.j. i have tried that with young muscular women and its amazing!

jonathanSep 30 2011 3:12pm
Jonathan - haha you're a god! You're obviously very good with women and probably had a whole lotta sex with fitness girls. Girls like me generally dont wanna be having sex with guys who cant keep up with us so good on you, you have what girls want as much as what you want in girls I think. Nope Gav is really fit and hes no weakling for sure! He can definately keep up and hes spent the last 6years of our relationship making sure he can and I really love that about him hehe. Question: what do you do immediately after sex with a muscle girl?

ChloeSep 30 2011 3:18pm
Chloe, after sex with a muscle girl! i go back for more! its not once and done! i can go for quite awhile!and usual fitness muscle girls can to.i am also very good with my hands! i love giving the girls massages and i am especially good at foot massages!Is gavin good at massages?

jonathanSep 30 2011 5:54pm
Chloe, i am a giver! i love making sure the fitness muscle girl is getting pleasure but,also love feeling their muscles and feel their strength!and what keeps me going is although i lift weights ! i do a lot of cardio and that really keeps me going!

jonathanSep 30 2011 6:01pm
Chloe,and the wrestling is a very good cardio work out with fitness muscle girls!

jonathanSep 30 2011 6:07pm
Gina, i know listening to you that your thighs are very strong and powerful! so,how is your upper body? what go you bench ,over head shoulder press and bicep curls?i love girls that strong upper body as well as thighs!

jonathanSep 30 2011 6:17pm
Jonathan - Gavin is incredible at massages. Foot, arm and back massages are what he is best at. We usually have sex about three or four times back to back which can take up to 5 or 6 hours. Between times we're play wrestling, doing blow jobs, muscle worship and my favourite is when we've just climaxed I lay on my back on his front and he massages my breasts and feels up my 6pack, quads and biceps from that position. Omg that is freakin amazing!

ChloeSep 30 2011 9:25pm
Gina - Hey girl! What age are you? What sports do you or have you played? What's your boyfriend like?

ChloeSep 30 2011 9:27pm
Chloe, My first attraction to my wife was her strong legs. She is, however, very old fashioned and, having rown up in the same time period as i, has always believed the man should be strongest. She and I both have back problems, me for over 60 years and she for past ten years. She does swim exercise while i still work every day. upon occasion, i have commented on the results of her exercise program and she was afraid of building muscles and quit for a while. I encourage her now without making observations. She is strong, but I am stronger. Even tho I wish that could be reversed, she is my wife and so i love and respect her. perhaps in another life....... I do enjoy reading of your prowess and strength. You are very graphic and thus very exciting.

ObservingOct 01 2011 12:53am
Observing - Sounds like the whole stronger female thing is not totally limited to the later generations then, Im asuming you are elderly? Wow thats so cool : ) sucks about your back problems though. I guess you've had alot of enjoyment of your wifes strong legs over the years? Im glad you enjoy my comments. I hope your wife is okay with your arousal at the thought of a lean, tanned, strong muscular 19 yearold girl, I wouldnt want to get you into trouble Mr. :P

ChloeOct 01 2011 2:08am
Observing - Sounds like the whole stronger female thing is not totally limited to the later generations then, Im asuming you are elderly? Wow thats so cool : ) sucks about your back problems though. I guess you've had alot of enjoyment of your wifes strong legs over the years? Im glad you enjoy my comments. I hope your wife is okay with your arousal at the thought of a lean, tanned, strong muscular 19 yearold girl, I wouldnt want to get you into trouble Mr. :P

ChloeOct 01 2011 2:16am
Ha! Just beat my dad and two brothers at armwrestling! I rule this house hehe!

ChloeOct 01 2011 2:19am
Jonathan - Hey so what do you do for a job where you get to wrestle and get lucky with so many sexy young muscle girls?

ChloeOct 01 2011 4:29am
Jonathan - Hey so what do you do for a job where you get to wrestle and get lucky with so many sexy young muscle girls?

ChloeOct 01 2011 4:31am
Chloe, when i am not working out i am a personal trainer! so, i can train the girls in weight lifting and watch them develop their muscles and they enjoy flexing for me and i get to feel their muscles! its a great turn-on for me and the girls and introduce them to wrestling! so, i get an endless amount of girls to wrestle! so,what do you do when you are not making your muscles bigger and stronger to be the Amazon you are?

jonathanOct 01 2011 7:55am
Chloe, my favorite thing about training girls is bring them out of their shell! one thing i can't stand is bullies and abuse especially among girls and children! Going through my early childhood through high school because of my size i always got pick on.and in that period of my life i discovered the weight room and wrestling and taught me never to back down! so,when i got out of school and working out in gyms i came across girls being abused from their boyfriends,fathers,husbands or what ever male in their, i started think what if i could get these girls to lift weights with me and show them they can get strong and build muscles to the point were they won't be scared and could take take on their abusers! and i also, trained them in wrestling! i would show them submission holds and other things!

jonathanOct 01 2011 8:12am
Chloe, one of my favorite true stories of training a girl is! it was about 15 years ago,she was in her early 20's about 5 to 5'1 about 100 pounds and married to abuse husband for 4 years now! i saw her at one of the gyms i worked out in and started talking and she told me embarrassingly about her home life and what her husband was doing to her and immediately told her if you would allow me train you i can promise you that would never happen to her again! so,i worked with her and trained her! when she started could only lift maybe 20 pounds. in three months of training in about 3-4 months she was benching 100 pounds and in 6 months doing 150-170! and was lifting over head 150-160 over head and was squatting over 300 and leg pressing 600! after i built up her strength i introduced her to wrestling! but, the funny thing about this the husband had no idea what the wife was doing! i suggested that she cover up when around her husband to give any clue what she was doing! or by the way her arms when starting were about 9 inches now they are 16 inches and her legs were about 15 inches are now 24 inches! and in no time after training the girl her strength was amazing in what she developed! and like i said the husband never knew! so, finally the girl after a good year and a half of training had enough of the husband! she finally, showed him her new body and went after him and started to put him wrestling power holds i taught her! she first put him in bear-hug nearly breaking him in half,and then backbreakers and lifting him over head and finally crushed him with her powerful thighs in scissor holds! she took him apart! after all this they divorced because he could not handle his strong muscular wife! he just couldn't get it up any more because of being in fear of her!

jonathanOct 01 2011 9:34am
Chloe, here is another true story! another one of my favorites! this is 10-12 years ago! there was a girl of 13-14 years old and was being abused by her brothers and father! i saw this one at a shopping mall! she was sitting on a bench crying and i could see the bruises! went over to her and asked if there was anything i could do for her! she looked up with these big brown eyes and told me uncomfortablely why she was crying about here home and what her brothers and father were doing to her! at first i said why not go to the police! told me too scared too! than i said to her i work out at a gym and have helped other girls to be able to handle it their selves! she asked me what i had in mind! i told her come to the gym with me and i will train you so your family will fear you and get your revenge! and i told her i would pay for her! so,i trained her lifting weights! her size about 5'5 and skinny! any way, we got started and i helped her build up her body!when she started she could only lift 10 pounds! in 6 months she was benching 100 pounds in a year i had benching 150! and was doing over head presses with 160! and her legs squatting 250 and leg pressing 500! this after a good two years! and i also taught her how to wrestle! not only did she finally got revenge on her family through breaking some bones and bruising them! now they live in fear of her!

jonathanOct 01 2011 1:03pm
Jonathan - I did wonder if you were a personal trainer after thinking on it a bit. I've had hundreds of guys ask me to flex for them, at the gym 90% of the time, the guy initiates then I let him have a feel. Very often they get an erection so sometimes when I'm done working out, I'll take my mezmarized admirer to my car and let him have a proper feel. A handful of guys have gotten so horny over that, that they cum in their pants and it's made me orgasm a few times too. You mentioned to Gina I think somewhere how you've seen this too. How much have you gotten away with regarding muscle feeling in the gym infront of everyone else there? Or do you or does she take you somewhere else more private to continue your fun? Also, who is the youngest muscle girl you've had sex with and what was the age gap?

ChloeOct 01 2011 1:31pm
Jonathan - Wow you have an amazing and inspiring story to tell of you past and the stand you have taken to help young women and women who are being abused and hurt. You are awesome Jonathan! BIG HUGS!!! My brothers and my dad all respect me and treat me like a princess. I've been able to beat Scottie my 17yearold bro at anything for a while now but Jake who is 23 lost in a hard fought armwrestle to me last night! Lol im so freakin stoked! And I beat my dad! Him and mum were a bit bewildered but okay, Jake is gonna take some time to come to terms with it, hes a bit unsure of himself now haha. And Kira my 14yearold sister is giving him sh*t about it lol. Shes got small hard round biceps herself actually, its so cute! But Scottie - OMG he got an erection from armwrestling me and feeling my biceps!!! How funny is that?!

ChloeOct 01 2011 1:41pm
Chloe,when i ask one of the girls i train we go some where private so she will flex for me and i get to feel her muscles! i don't like an audience and i feel the girl feels more comfortable! and the youngest i have had sex with a muscle girls is 19!

jonathanOct 01 2011 1:47pm
Chloe,when you met Gavin how long did it take for him not to be uncomfortable with you bigger and stronger muscles then his?

jonathanOct 01 2011 1:49pm
Chloe, thats an amazing thing about your family! i know it must be hard on your father and brothers knowing you are the Amazing Amazon Daughter and sister of the family! long will it take you to train you sister to be like you?

jonathanOct 01 2011 1:54pm
Chloe,when you go to the gym and lift weights do the guys stare at you when you are lifting heavy weights?or they turned on?

jonathanOct 01 2011 2:06pm
Jonathan - Gavin and I have known each other since we were both 10 and I saw the way he was looking at athletic fitness girls including me and my gymnast friends. He made no secret of his admiration for muscles of girls and we would watch fitness informercials and we would comment on how amazing the fitness models looked and it was when a couple of my girlfriends flexed up (we were 12) that he just stared in awe and I knew that I would be able to have the same effect on him hehe. Out of all the girls he knew, I was his best friend, I was the prettiest, strongest and had all the physical and personal qualities he liked at that age. Gavin had started doing weights with his brothers and enjoyed being around me topless and showing off to me which I loved! I'd developed a huge crush on him so I made my move by curling my right arm for him and flexing my bicep. His jaw dropped lol! We spent the next few hours fully exploring each others muscles, he saw my small firm gymnast breasts and that night was the first time I'd ever seen a guys c*ck when I finally gathered upthe courage to tell him he could jack off while caressing my muscles seeing as he had been erect for over an hour haha. Wrestling with him was like having sex, he would cum in his boxers and I would dominate him and we'd dry hump for hours too. Losing to me in tests of strength drove him nuts and he couldnt get enough of me hehe

ChloeOct 01 2011 2:10pm
Jonathan - Kira has my mum's build, very skinny, lean and petite. Scottie has same build, Jake and I got our fathers build - stocky and tall hehe. Kiras body type is way different to mine but we're both darkly tanned and really long shiney dark brown hair with striking dark features. However, her biceps when flexed on her skinny tonned little arms measure 11.5 inches and its like solid steel to touch! She has a beautiful 6pack like me and we both wear tops to show em off. Kiras the rebelious one in the family so shes already having sex and sneaking out to parties, gosh shes a handful. But any guy who messes with her has Jake and I to answer too hehe. She uses weights and does 50 sit ups and press ups a day to stay in shape.

ChloeOct 01 2011 2:26pm
Jonathan - Oh I forgot to tell you what I do for a job. I'm a life guard at our cities aquatic center. Full time and in the summer we boost the numbers at the surf life saving club at the beach : ) I spend most of my time in a swim suit :P

ChloeOct 01 2011 2:32pm
Jonathan - I get alot of stares from guys at the gym, I wear a bikini top and little hot pants so they cant help it. Plus I love the look of my own muscles so while I'm doing hero curls in the mirror I can always see a couple of guys getting distracted lol. There's alot of hormones racing around when it comes to mixed gender gyms lol. I get asked out for a drink alot, alot of guys wanting to spot for me when I'm bench pressing. Malcolm who is the gym owner says its great cos his staff dont need to worry about that haha. He tells me all the guys talk about me when I'm not their. Sh*t its kinda nuts being this popular, I feel like a celebrity some times lol.

ChloeOct 01 2011 2:38pm
Chloe, you should get Kira to keep it up working out! maybe she will develop like you later on! and i could see you as the great Amazon life guard flexing your biceps for all the males and causing them all to have hard-ons and jacking off! so, you could pose as one of those BAYWATCH girls on t.v.

jonathanOct 01 2011 2:42pm
Chloe,is there any other young amazon muscle girls like you working out of the gym you lift in? the reason Malcolm is not worry that you would beat them all up!

jonathanOct 01 2011 2:49pm
Jonathan - Kiras said she doesnt want to get any bigger. I've noticed though that she keeps pumping the weights intensely and is curling 15kg in one arm (33lbs). Shes also flexing while she curls and holds the flex a few seconds. Shes not getting any bigger so she may be packin on dense, heavier muscle instead of size. She certainly looks impressive in a bikini now.

ChloeOct 01 2011 3:04pm
Chloe,got two new wrestling holds to try on poor Gavin! one is called the Japanese strangle hold! its like the camel clutch but grab both of his arms and twist them in different directions and pull back it will look like he is strangle himself and pull back just like the camel clutch! the second is the sidewinder with gavin on his knees and upper body turned trap Gavin's arm closest to the mat with you leg getting Gavin's other arm trapped behind gavin's shoulder twisting.he will give or have you pop out his shoulder!

jonathanOct 01 2011 3:13pm
Chloe,maybe if you show Kira what fun it is to be able to over power a boy in wrestling match and hear him cry defeat! or show her how to use her legs in scissor holds!

jonathanOct 01 2011 3:18pm
Chloe,i hope your sister Kira knows there are adult males that can't do bicep curls with 33 pounds? and you should tell her girl's muscles are pound for pound stronger than a males! and especially in the legs!

jonathanOct 01 2011 3:44pm
Jonathan - Kira's already outmuscling guys. Shes just not really that into it as much as I am. She likes to be the girly girl who the guys protect. Shes wrestled with Gavin a few times and made him really work for it.

ChloeOct 01 2011 4:35pm
Jonathan - Kira's already outmuscling guys. Shes just not really that into it as much as I am. She likes to be the girly girl who the guys protect. Shes wrestled with Gavin a few times and made him really work for it.

ChloeOct 01 2011 5:00pm
Chloe,have told your sister that you are commenting with a older male from America? anyway, i hope your sister keeps up working out! she will appreciate it that she won't need a male to help her!So,what does your sister look like ? i always look foreward to getting comments from you!

jonathanOct 01 2011 5:07pm
Chloe,so whats it like to live and grow up in New Zealand? so,are you the Amazon Muscle Girl of New Zealand? I did look out of curiosity how long a airplane flight to your corner of the world and it would be about 15 hours on a jet! maybe one day! i always wanted to visit New zealand and Australia!

jonathanOct 01 2011 5:15pm
Chloe,correction about how long a flight for me would be 25 hours to New Zealand!

jonathanOct 01 2011 5:26pm
Chloe,when you have gavin in a reverse head scissors and his head and nose is buried in your ass and your are squeezing with your powerful thighs how does it feel to you and gavin? to me when i get in a reverse head scissors i feel a tremendous amount of pressure ribbing through my head with great force! and have you ever squeezed gavin or other males you have put in that scissors hold and squeezed him unconcious? have had that happen to me quite a few times! i guess you girls sometimes don't know your own strength?

jonathanOct 01 2011 6:19pm
Jonathan - Yup I told Kira all about you and she asked me if I was planning on kickin your ass lol! Kira reminds people of Miley Cyrus to look at, just probably a bit fitter looking. Where as I've been told many times Jessica Alba would be my closest match.

ChloeOct 02 2011 4:17am
Jonathan - Growing up and living in NZ is a privilege and a blessing! Its such a relaxed, fun, adventuous and beautiful place to grow up. I've been to Australia, Fiji, Roro, India, UK, half of Europe, South Africa, Israel and Egypt and while I really really enjoyed my visits to those places, I wouldnt want to live anywhere but New Zealand : ) we have the rugby world cup at the moment and its been so much fun so far. NZ All Blacks are favourites to win it so I so hope we do! Hey you should go online and look up "rugby world cup 2011 opening ceremony" on you tube and you should find parts 1,2,3 and I think 4. You'll need roughly 35-45mins, but watch it and tell me what you think : )

ChloeOct 02 2011 4:24am
Jonathan - I've never put Gav or anyone in a reverse head scissors I don't think. Only time I've ever been in that position has been 69rs with Gavin. Ofcourse he took every opportunity to feel up my solid bubble butt and the muscles in my upper legs hehe. I've always prefered having him facing up so I can enjoy him feeling my quads as I squeeze him or lying on his front so he can pleasure me and see my 6pack and breasts while I squeeze and yes I have knocked him out twice. I've ko'd guys when I was younger alot more when I was alot more rough and ruthless haha.

ChloeOct 02 2011 4:31am
Jonathan - Okay so I've been subtley messing with Scottie about my muscles and strength after I saw the effect I had inside his pants the other night when I beat him at armwrestling. He cant get his eyes off of my arms lol! I'll let him see my biceps bouncing when I'm fixing my hair or let my triceps flare out when leaning on the bench or whatever. Lol I know I'm naughty :P but what can he do. Anyhow, I feel sorry for him now cos I've put him in an incredibly humiliating position lol. I'd just seen Kira in her room ealier doing weights and she came down stairs in a sports bra looking pumped. I was like "wow girl look at you! You're looking pumped!" she flexed both biceps and she didn't know but I was trying to draw Scotties attention. "Kira's muscles look awesome. Right Scott?" He agreed but it was obvious he wasnt too keen on where I was going with this. Kira did the rest when she challenged him to an armwrestle and it took her nearly 4 minutes to get his arm on the table!!! You should have heard her screaming and jumping all over the place lo.l I looked at Scottie and he looked half impressed, half embarrassed haha. Poor guy! Little Kira's stronger than her older brother! She flexed her guns again and then ordered Scottie to feel them which he did and seemed to be mezmarised by her muscle much like he was of mine the other night. She even made him kiss her bicep and gave him sh*t. He was pretty quiet and dejected looking so she gave him a hug and they joked a little but it was noticable how he copped a feel of her abs for a little bit. I was pretty sure Scotties fighting with a thing for Kiras and my muscles hehe. Scottie went away and Kira and I talked about her muscles and how strong shes been getting and I figured I'd give her biceps some attention so I had her flex for me while I admired the tall peaked balls of muscle on my little sisters arm and caressed to both our enjoyment. Im so proud of her!!! Shes just like me, she enjoys her muscles being worshipped like I do lol. Shortly after, I went to see if Scottie was alright and apparently I'm very light footed cos Scottie didnt hear me coming and didnt realise his bedroom door was a foot open - wide enough for me to catch him jacking off!!! I was like "oh no!" I thought to myself "how do I deal with this?" I knocked and he freaked and went white as a sheet haha! He shoved his c*ck back in his pants looking so awkward it wasnt funny. I pulled the door closed behind me and he stammered something that made no sense and I told him not to worry just make sure Kira doesnt know and punched him for not locking his door haha. We had a talk about it and he confessed to being turned on by Kira and I and our muscles. Turns out hes crazy as you and Gavin are for girl muscle (I'm so setting him up with one of my gymnast girlfriends!). I assured him i didnt care if he gets hard over me when I flex, theres nothing he can do about it (I convinced him to wear speedos under his boxers when it was an issue) and theres no way he was gonna do anything he shouldnt. But I made him promise he'll be careful around Kira cos she would more than likely go to bits over this. How crazy is all that?!

ChloeOct 02 2011 5:08am
Chloe, you sound like you have a crazy family ? i am glad your sister is enjoying her strong muscles like her big sister! you two could be called the sisters of muscles or the female attitude male adjusters? so,you told your sister about me and she said to you about kicking my ass? you know you won't be the first girl to kick my ass! i have had my ass kicked by a lot of girls and i keep coming back for more!

jonathanOct 02 2011 8:12am
Chloe,have you shown your sister Kira my comments on these polls? I want you to know every time i think of you and muscular powerful body i get hard all the time!

jonathanOct 02 2011 8:16am
Chloe, i don't know why guys like me, gavin and your brother get sexually aroused when you girls flex your biceps? but, for me my start for my love affair for girls with muscles and biceps began when i was in pre-high school! i was in 6th or 8th grade i was 13-14 i was looking at Life Magazine and saw girls lifting weights and getting muscles and biceps and thought that was one greatest things i ever saw but,could never tell anyone because i did want the kids my age thinking i was weird and strange!so,i kept it to myself and yes even back when i was young i got hard looking at girls with biceps!

jonathanOct 02 2011 8:36am
Chloe,here is another one of my true stories! this was about 10-11 years ago! i was in a bar with a couple of friends and looked across the room and i notice this girl sitting at a table by her self she was 24-25 years old looked like she was crying and out of sorts! so went over to her and asked if there was anything i could do for her and why she was crying? i guess i have always been one of those guys that girls open up to! we started talking and she told me she is married and went home early for work and found her husband in bed with another girl! the girl started screaming at them ! the girl that her husband was in bed was stronger than her threw her out of her own house with husband laughing at her! so, i looked at the girl i was talking to she was about 5'8-5'9. and i told her i train girls like her with weights and when i got done training her she would be able to get revenge! so,i got her into the gym i was working out in! well,it took me two to three years working out with her and i was able reform her body! when she started maybe weighed 140! i said i reformed her body and she put on 60 pounds on all muscle1 and in that time i introduced her to wrestling! i can tell you she was a power house when it came down to wrestling. the power in her thighs was scary and her upper body was unreal the power and strength she developed!i experienced all that wrestling her! well,came that fatefull day for her ex-husband and the girl that threw her out of her own house! i went with her! she still had a key! we went in and went right to the bedroom and both the girl and ex-husband were there! the first thing the new power house of a girl grabbed the girl lifted right out the bed and threw around like a doll finally putting out crushing the girls head with a scissors hold and than went after the ex-husband! i never knew a man could scream that loud! she broke every rib in his body and broke other parts of his body! her ended up in the hospital for 6 months!

jonathanOct 02 2011 9:28am
Chloe,it should say the ex-husband ended up in the hospital for 6 months!

jonathanOct 02 2011 9:31am
Jonathan - My family is awesome, they're hard case though - real crack up lol. Last night Gavin and I spied Kira sneaking a guy up onto the deck and into her room. Couldnt quite see who it was in the dark but it may be the one who calls her Miley lol. Hes a hottie but obsessed with Miley Cyrus! So getting lucky with a Miley look alike would be close to the experience of his dreams lol. Kinky hehe.

ChloeOct 02 2011 12:26pm
Jonathan - I showed Kira all our comments and she was intrigued! She was so funny, she flexed her bicep and looking at it and goes "do you think this puppy would be good at a bicep job?" I was like "hells yes! A muscle like that would bring any guy to orgasm in more ways than one including a bicep job". She told me she wants me to show her how its done on Gavin and I was like "you just wanna see how big his c*ck is". Then she has this look on her face like she knows something haha! I quized her on that and she confessed she has spied on us naked wrestling and him jackin off while I flex etc. I tackelled her and gave her a playful hiding haha.

ChloeOct 02 2011 12:27pm
Jonathan - My family is awesome, they're hard case though - real crack up lol. Last night Gavin and I spied Kira sneaking a guy up onto the deck and into her room. Couldnt quite see who it was in the dark but it may be the one who calls her Miley lol. Hes a hottie but obsessed with Miley Cyrus! So getting lucky with a Miley look alike would be close to the experience of his dreams lol. Kinky hehe.

ChloeOct 02 2011 12:44pm
Chloe, you think your sister Kira would be to shy to comment to me also? i would be interested into hearing from Kira how she feels about her biceps and muscles!or would you be comfortable commenting to me? i would understand! you sound like you have an awesome family!

jonathanOct 02 2011 1:10pm
Jonathan - Wow sounds like you created a monster. Did you sex her? I bet you got hard watching her beat up?

ChloeOct 02 2011 1:11pm
Chloe,i did created a monster! like i said the power of her thighs and upper body were unreal1 when i wrestled her i would get bruises from her scissors holds! yes,i sex her! and inside her women hood when screwing her was like a vise and powerful hands milking my sex tool!

jonathanOct 02 2011 1:17pm
Chloe,if your sister Kira is intrigued about the bicep job? you should tell her about giving guys body scissors and watch the males she is squeezing them hard-ons and watch them come!head scissors will also cause the guys to get excited!

jonathanOct 02 2011 1:58pm
Chloe.Did you ever lifted somebody over your head?

Anonymous2Oct 02 2011 3:54pm
Chloe and Gina, here is one for you! have you ever go to a deserted beach for the day with your boyfriends and played fantasy mixed wrestling games? what you do is you and the boyfriends play pretend like chloe you play strong amazon princess and gavin is captured weak male or gavin play some one that washes up on a deserted beach and your the queen of the island and pretend but of course you two are naked!i have done that many of times! you just got to let your minds think of things! just remember its only fantasy! you girls and boyfriends will have amazing sex! you will be so turn-on!

jonathanOct 02 2011 4:10pm
Jonathan - Kira said she's not really interested in chats etc but she said I could tell you anything she gets up too : ) I asked Gavin if he was keen on letting her watch me give him a bicep job then maybe give it a go on him and he was way too eager and he knew it! Lol. So I growled him and he was all sorry but I punched him round a little, playfully ofcourse then put him in a camel clutch and made him eat me out after that :P Im keen to see who can make him cum faster though hehe

ChloeOct 02 2011 7:34pm
Anonymous2 - Yup I can lift my boyfriend above my head, its so much fun and turns him on hard lol! I have lifted a few guys like that and a couple i threw into the ground because the were *ssholes. You male or female? How old?

ChloeOct 02 2011 7:36pm
Jonathan - Might have to have a talk to Gavin about the fantasy games cos we know of some highly secluded beaches hehe. Could be a whole lot of fun! We've stayed the night at the beach and made a fire and had beach sex in the summer :P so far I've dressed up as a cheerleader, gymnast, she devil in a red bikini, hooker, egyptian princess, school girl and a nurse hehe

ChloeOct 02 2011 7:44pm
Chloe.I am a male and I am almost 30 years old.How heavy/light is your boyfriend?And did you ever lift a family member or a teacher overhead?

Anynomous2Oct 02 2011 9:26pm
Cloe.Where are you from?I mean which part of the world?I am from Europe.

Anonymous2Oct 02 2011 10:39pm
Here's my story. Got married at 22 with a beautiful woman, we were both 178 cm and about 60 kgs back then, both in good shape. I was stronger than her comparing upper body strength and she had stronger legs. We were together for 20 years. She got heavier over the years, added 15 kgs while I was the same weight because I was jogging frequently and also played badminton. We couldn't get any children unfortunately and my wife didn't want to adopt a child so we drifted apart slowly. She started to work out at a gym, first 2 times a week and then almost daily. Her body changed and she added muscle. One night we came home after a dinner with a lot of wine and I felt in a playful mood. It was a long time ago since we had sex so I planned to get my wife into the bed, I tried to wrestle her to the bed but she started to fight back. And what a shock, she was just extremely strong and she could easily threw me to the floor. I tried again but this time she threw me on the bed and pinned me, just as easy. She told me I was pathetic and that she didn't even use half her power to pin me. I wanted another match and she told me that she was 15 kgs heavier than me, and her muscles were all bigger so why bother. I wanted to armwrestle her and she accpted. We had done this in the past and I had always won but this time she could just slam my hands to the table. The sad thing was that this made her loose her interest in me, she told me she didn't want to have a man so much weaker. I was devastated, mainly because she wanted to leave me but of course also for the reason. She might have used it as an excuse to leave me I still don't know that. It took me a vere long time to get over and I lost a lot of weight, I was perhaps a little bit more than 50 kgs for a while and got sick. I got help and started a rehab program, including both psychological help, eating disorder help and also a physical therapist to help me build up my strength. I started to work out at a gym and got stronger even if my body type didn't change that much. I started to get interested in this woman at the gym, my age, mid 40's. But I didn't dare to get to close to her since she was quite a lot bigger than me, very powerfully built. I knew back that women prefered men bigger and stronger. Luckily she took the initiative, she was genuinely interested in me. I loved to see her powerful body at the gym and when she invited me to her place we had the best sex I had ever had. She was using her strong body in many ways. Lifting me, controlling me but also giving me so much pleasure. We became a couple. We have been wrestling a lot the 3 years we have been together and she can win with one of her hands tied behind her back. We both enjoy her being stronger. So I have experienced a woman that hated being stronger and one that loves it.

Mr HappyOct 03 2011 12:11am
Mr Happy, I know what you mean about two different sides to strong women. I had one girl friend (this was back in the late 40's and early 50's) who I found was very strong when she pinned me helplessly to the side and roof of my car with her legs and fee. Even tho she knew i was able to beat up her much larger brothers, she was upset that she was stronger than me. She broke off with me because she was stronger. I later went with another girl who was very powerful legs like tree stumps. She could push me across the lot with ease. We never wrestled, but if she were to have gotten her legs around me, she would have crushed me. She played softball catcher and was the only girl I ever saw who could throw a guy out at second from the crouch. She was very powerful. She could also push her 200# older brother around. She was maybe 130 and 5-5 tall. We had a lot of fun together until i went into the military. I never saw her again as she married. She loved that she could handle me. My first wife (ha!ha! she is the only one and will stay that way) is strong for her size with very strong legs. She has strong beliefs that girls sould not be muscular and wants her man to be stronger than her. so far, her wish has held true. I sometimes wish she were stronger than me, but do not dwell on it. She is who she is and i love her. that is what is important, as you have found out from your two experiences.

ObservingOct 03 2011 1:30am
I overheard some ladies on the tube not long ago, the conversation was about strength in men and women. They were in their 40's these ladies. One of them said that because of her work outs she was now stronger than her husband, the other ladies reacted very strongly to this saying something like what a wimp he must be etc. The first lady said that he was not a wimp at all but she was stronger, and the other ladies should know how strong she was since they worked out together. They realized this was true but at the same time they said that they would find it difficult to be with a man that was either shorter, lighter or weaker (or in the worst case all of these three). The first lady asked one of the other women, aren't you stronger than your husband? He sure looks a lot weaker than you and you are almost as strong as me and I am sure my husband is stronger than yours. The second lady was quite for a while and said that this was probably true and that she had hidden her strength from her husband since she didn't want him to know she was stronger. I then had to get off the tube, interesting conversation though. I am married to a woman that I know is a lot stronger in her lower body but that I am pretty sure is weaker then me in her upper body. After hearing the conversation on the tube I wanted to find out if I really was stronger than my wife if we armwrestled for instance. I told my wife about what I had heard and also said that I was pretty sure that I was stronger than her but that I also knew that her legs were much stronger than mine. She smiled and said that she wasn't too sure that I could take her in an armwrestling match. We started right arms, I was surprised how strong she was but slowly I could pin her arm to the table. None of us are good at this so it wasn't a question of technique. Left hand was different. As hard as I tried I couldn't move my wife's arm, we were armwrestling for a very long time and my arm started to shake. My wife then surprised me when she changed her position, she suddenly put her whole body behind her arm and then just pinned my arm. She was extremely happy to win and I felt like a fool. She then wanted to try right arms again. This time she had realized how to use her body and again it was a very long match. I did as she did and put everything I had in and at last took her right arm down. She insisted on a new left arm match and I said no since my left arm was still almost useless. But of course she should be tired as well after our previous match. This time she could slam my left arm to the table. She straight away put her right arm up, she looked fresh while my arms felt like wet noodles. This time she could slam my right arm down as well. I am stronger than you was her comment. What could I say, her endurence was for sure better than mine and she won 4 matches out of 6. And like I mentioned, her lower body is probably twice as strong as mine. So wrestling is something I avoid.

BernieOct 03 2011 4:19am
I am sure that a majority of women would answer that they prefer a man that is stronger but I also think that younger women could be cool being stronger. I still believe that most women like their men to be taller. My wife to be is a bit shorter than me at 175 cm but at 83 kgs 23 kgs heavier, a big difference. Even if I am sure that most men can beat their wifes in a test of arm strength I think that the gap is smaller seeing all the women at the gyms working out. Chloe and Ginas seems to be good examples of that.

Mr HappyOct 03 2011 4:26am
I am a health nut that has been working out for many years. Hitting the weights but also self defense training, pushups, situps etc. I have enjoyed seeing that I am stronger than many men around me, it makes me feel good and safe. I know that it takes a big strong man, that knows how to fight to take me. I lifting weights that are heavy, and when I see that a man comes after me having problems lifting the same weight I feel great. I married a man that is thin and compared to me, weak. I love him very dearly. Our daughter is now 16 years old, she is an active swimmer and very strong. My husband is the weakest in our little family. But he is all right with this. He told me from the start that he liked strong women and that I was his dream come true. I think you just need to be open about things like this.

Annie BOct 03 2011 4:33am
My wife started to work out abot 3 or 4 years ago. She was a small girl around 161 cm height and 52 kg weight. She instantly loved lifting weights. She become more and more muscular over the years of hard training. Today she still works out like crazy and she is very muscular. She is much stronger than me today. She is now 67-68 kg but of all of it hard muscles. I am 182 cm and 73 kg but my arms look like sticks compared to her. Her biceps are 38 cm around and very ripped. I really love her muscles and strength. She likes to show me how much she is stronger than me on a daily basis. She lifts all the heavy stuff around the house and does the heavy jobs. She loves to show muscles to others, she is always wearing short shirts that show her ripped abs during summer, short sleeves to show her biceps and skirts to show her legs. Its really fun to see that my friends to stare at her muscles. She is much more muscular than the guys I know.

AndreOct 03 2011 6:40am
Chloe,it sounds like you are going to have to watch out for your sister and Gavin! my guess gavin is turn-on to Kira in her stages to getting stronger and big muscles and biceps!

jonathanOct 03 2011 10:34am
Chloe,does your sister Kira watch you applying wrestling holds to Gavin or other males you have wrestled hold too? and has she tried to do any on Gavin?

jonathanOct 03 2011 10:51am
Chloe, i use to go out with a real Amazon muscle girl about 12 years ago! she was about 25 years old,5'10 200 pounds of per muscle!she had 17 inch arms,44 chest,and legs that were 25 inches and we would role-play! she would be Sheena of the jungle and i would play Tarzan! and we would have wrestling matches to see whom would have control of the weekend! the winner would rule over me or my girlfriend! well i never won ever! her strength was unreal especially upper body and her legs were lethal! when she applied her legs in scissor holds there was no getting out unless she let me or eat my way out and even that was dangerous because when she climaxed she would squeeze so hard i would get squeezed unconcious! but her favorite hold was the kister bomb! she would wrap her thighs around body from the back to front and place her arms under mine and would lay back taking me with her legs lifting me off the floor or mat or bed and then go foreward slamming my but to the floor,mat or bed! she would do this a number of times and i would have to cry out submission! because my back would take a pounding from the tail bone all the way my back!

jonathanOct 03 2011 11:11am
Gina,hope you weren't scared off? what happens to the guys that piss you off? do you punish the guys with your powerful scissors holds?

jonathanOct 03 2011 2:40pm
Chloe, i got a new one you and gavin can try! seeing you got very strong and muscular legs! you two will have to stand up and be naked! you get Gavin hard which i would think would be easy! you take his sex tool and wrap your thighs around his sex tool and squeeze lightly and as he is about to explode your squeeze you thighs a little more tightly cutting off his explosion! you can do this to him quite a few times! bring him close to orgaming and then back off and when you are ready he will have the biggest orgasm of his life! Gavin won't be able to stop coming!

jonathanOct 03 2011 5:47pm
Anynomous2 - My boyfriend and I are from New Zealand and we are both 19. Hes 82kg (180lb) - 182cm (6'0")and I'm 78kg (171lb) - 173cm (5'7"). So we're pretty even, only difference is my muscles are stronger because I've been doing strength training all my life and Gavin hasn't. I've only ever lifted my 14yearold sister over head but doing that to my brothers - I'm sure they would make a whole lotta fuss about that lol. The only time I would ever show off my strength to a teacher was when I flexed my biceps for a male teacher in private after class in the weights room when I was 16.

ChloeOct 03 2011 7:04pm
Mr. Happy - I'm really glad that you found a lovely lady who is stronger and could accept that you are weaker. I think theres a generation that don't get it and different people have insecurities and preconcieved ideas about what a male should be or what a female should be. In an ideal world there would be stronger females and strong males and it would be accepted either which way. My boyfriend is just as muscley and same size as me but theres no way in the world he'll ever be stronger than me cos we both like it this way plus he has a hell of alot of catching up to do which he wont lol. I'm also the strongest in my family. I can beat my dad and my older and younger brothers in armwrestling and they've come to terms with it. I guess it makes it easier for a guy knowing that I'm a trained elite gymnast who still strength trains alot and its near impossible to beat me. My family is proud of me and I'm still daddys little girl and my brothers still look out for me, I'm still their little sister with other aspects that need protecting after all lol. The only issue that any of us face and I think you Bernie and Observing have seen or experienced this to different degrees, is that there is still a femist and chauvenist macho small mindedness out there that stops acceptance of strong muscular women. I've had to put up with some pretty nasty remarks even while im not a huge body builder, I just have a visibly buff hardbody some people cant deal with. Its changing though which is good : )

ChloeOct 03 2011 7:12pm
Annie B - Its so cool that you and your husband are really happy with your strengths and you ability to outmuscle him. My guy is the same, I'm his dream girl and he is very, very turned on by how strong I am, how I can beat him at everything and the sight of my flexed biceps or 6pack : ) Its so amazing being so strong and muscley, I feel so sexy and my boyfriend is so crtazy for me hehe. How old are you and your hubby? Do you let other guys feel how hard your muscles are? How big are yours and your daughters biceps? I take it she can beat him in armwrestling or other strength competitions? Keep up the great work Annie, you sound way cool! : )

ChloeOct 03 2011 7:14pm
Andre - What are your wife's stats uncluding bicep, quad and calve size? Do you have a body builder or fitness figure?

ChloeOct 03 2011 7:15pm
Jonathan - Gavin confessed last night that he thinks Kira is very sexy and turns him on and also that the sight of her in a sports bra or bikini has made him hard. He tells me this while I am straddling him and I could easily hurt him if he told me anything I didn't like. i asked him if he'd ever fantasized having sex with her or if he'd jacked off over her and he said "no" to both. We both love each other and have a great deal of trust and honesty so I was really happy with all his answers. He's seen her abs (they're generally on display most of the time despite our parents telling her to cover up more) but he's never seen her flex her bicep so hes gonna get a shock when he sees her super defined and solid biceps before she uses them to pump his c*ck to orgasm tonight. Im gonna supervise that lol and show her how its done before she gets a go. When I asked Kira how she flet about Gavin she said shed never go there but if he was single and I had no interest she'd haver already seduced him lol! Tonight shall be interesting hehe

ChloeOct 03 2011 7:15pm
Chloe.If you can lift your boyfriend over your head and he is 82kg, you must be very strong.What is your max overhead lift?I am from Holland and weigh 109kg.

Anonymous2Oct 03 2011 9:33pm
I've been teaching Kira gymnast moves, flips and ways to throw her self around and do it properly without hurting herself. This afternoon we went to the park to practice. Its getting warmer here, southern hemisphere summer is on its way and while its spring we're having some pretty hot days at the moment so we wore little denim shorts and sports bras. Needless to say we got an audience of teenage boys watching us bouncing and jumping around. Kira was in her element it was so funny! We were getting comments like "woah that is so hot!", "check our their abs!", "they look so f**cking strong!" and a series of "oh wows", "poo!s" and "dayum!s" every second move we did lol! So much fun! After the show the guys talked to us and told us how cool that was and wanted to know everything from how old we were to do we wanna have sex? Lol! Omg teen boys are forward these days! They thought we were both 15 or something which was a huge compliment lol and they didnt believe i was 19 lol, they were all 13, 14 and 15. They believed i was 19 when they saw the size of my biceps and Kira in particular let them feel up her arms, abs and leg muscles as much as they wanted and oh was she enjoying the attention! Kira now has a few new phone numbers along with abvout three of them she thinks are real cute and wouldnt mind having some fun with lol!

ChloeOct 03 2011 9:33pm
Jonathan - Did you check out those you tube clips i was telling you about?

ChloeOct 03 2011 11:19pm
Anonymous2 - Hey dude! Yup I'm very strong! I'm ex gymnast and I've been doing strength training since I was little :) I think 82kg would be my heaviest lift. That doesn't include lifting the engine of a 2ltr Primera with my big brother (just the two of us). That was the single most hardest thing I have ever had to lift and it was HEEEAAAVY!!!! Lol

ChloeOct 04 2011 2:04am
Chloe.But liftin a body is more difficult then lifting a barbell.How much do you think you can lift as it is a barbell?

Anonymous2Oct 04 2011 4:31am
Chloe.But lifting a body is more difficult then lifting a barbell.How much do you think you can lift as it is a barbell?

Anonymous2Oct 04 2011 4:32am
Anonymous2 - I got no idea lol. There's more balance to get right when lifting someone above your head.

ChloeOct 04 2011 4:35am
Chloe,no i haven't watched the Rugby on Youtube but,i have seen Rugby on T.V. here in the states! and i have seen your New Zealand Rugby team! i would love to see Kira giving gavin a bicep job! i wish it were me! i just get hard thinking about it and want to jerk off! you really sound teach her to wrestle and show here some wrestling power holds! i bet she would be very good at it! tell her guys love girls to put them in wrestling power holds and would worship her strong biceps and muscles!

jonathanOct 04 2011 7:05am
Chloe, its much easier to lift a person over head then a barbell! but, the only thing you have to be careful about is you can drop a barbell with out it getting hurt but not a person!

jonathanOct 04 2011 7:09am
Chloe, i want you to know every time i think of you you get me hard and want to jack off! and it really makes my day reading comments from you! so keep them coming!

jonathanOct 04 2011 7:12am
Chloe,I am a big fan of " The All Blacks" And I hope they win the World Championship.They deserve it because they are the best team of the last 15 years.Do you play rugby.You seem strong enough in my opinion.

Anonymous2Oct 04 2011 9:45am
Chloe, i hope for Kira's that is careful when having sex with the boys? you don't want to be an Aunt yet do you? thats a very big problem her in the states! a lot of young girls like your sister becoming a mum so soon!

jonathanOct 04 2011 9:57am
Chloe,so at what age were you when we guys had a weakness for girls like you that could flex huge biceps and be strong enough to over whelm us guys? and what age were you realized to was such a sexual turn-on for you?

jonathanOct 04 2011 10:41am
Jonathan and Anonymous2 - Yesturday night after dinner, we all went downstairs to the gym, I told Jake I wanna see how much I can lift. Gavin, Kira and Scottie came down to watch. I can now bench 95kg (209lb) 2reps, curl 30kg (66lb) in one arm, 10reps, 70kg (154lb) both arms, 10reps and overhead I can lift 110kg (242lb). Once I was done I did a double biceps flex and they all came over and felt my arms hehe. Jake has come to terms with being weaker than me and told me how proud of me he is, we had a big hug and that was a big relief cos he'd been pretty quiet around me since I beat him at armwrestling.

ChloeOct 04 2011 11:56am
Chloe,good job! you should be a role model for all young women like you! Muscular strong and powerful and beautiful! if more girls like you worked out got strong there wouldn't be any abuse in the world! too bad you couldn't put the strength testing you did in front of your family on YouTube! you are making me hard just thinking what you did!

jonathanOct 04 2011 12:25pm
Chloe, i guess we will have to call you the SHE-HULK !

jonathanOct 04 2011 12:29pm
Chloe, i hope your sister Kira will follow your footsteps and you are a inspiration to her?

jonathanOct 04 2011 12:33pm
Jonathan - Last night with Kira and Gavin was awesome and very very sexy! Kira and I got into our bikinis which was more than enough to get Gavin hard lol He got topless and then I told him to take everything else off which he did. Kira was obviously impressed and I asked her if she liked what she saw and she goes "hell yes! F*ck I wish I was you sis!" Gavin and I both laughed. Then I got Gav to stand about two meters from Kira who was sitting on my bed. I got down on my knees and put my unflexed bicep under his swollen c*ck so my inner arm was facing Kira. Then I curled my arm up to 45degrees, made sure his c*ck was in the right place and started pumping my muscle on his c*ck. Kira goes "oh wow!" I told her that was all there was to it and just keep going till he cums. Gavin was breathing hard and making signs of being in ecstasy and when he orgasmed I quickly reached round and aimed his c*ck at my bicep so his juices would get my arm and not Kira lol. Kira and I had gotten pretty wet from what I'd just done to Gav. I licked his cum off of my bicep while the others just watched kind of in awe lol! Then I went around to behind Kira and put my hands on her sides and told her to show Gavin a double biceps which she did. Omg my little sister knows how to flex for a guy! The whole way she did it just oozed sex appeal lol. Gavin was very impressed with what he saw and came over immediately and placed both hands on her solid very peaked and very defined bicep muscles. Her guns were maybe 3 times smaller than mine but equally as sexy and uniquely attractive especially to a girl muscle fan like Gavin is lol. Both Gavin and I caressed and felt the muscles in her shouldars, upper and fore arms at the same time and you could feel the energy in her, she was loving being worshipped! Eventually I told her softly to make him cum so she got down on her knees and I helped her get his c*ck in position with her bicep and she went for it. Gavin was having round two of female muscle pleasuring and it was crazy hot to watch. She was starting to get tired from flexing but she did manage to make him cum in half the amount of time I did and when he cummed she spin round and almost instinctively took his c*ck into her mouth! At first I was like "omg my boyfriends c*ck is in my sisters mouth!!!" But I didnt worry too much. She sucked him a few seconds getting what was left of his juices, looked at me, said sorry and then asked how was that. I told her it looked amazing and Gavin fell to his knees. I pulled my bikini bottoms down and got my vagina inline with his mouth and he knew what to do hehe. Sh*t I was so freakin horny after watching Kira bicep job him, I needed somethin lol. I told Kira to get behind me while I flexed and she ran her hands all over my flexed biceps, my abs and started to squeeze my breasts just as I orgasmed lol. I told Kira Gavin and I were about to get it on after that and she left. Turns out shed organised for a guy to come round so she could try out her new skills and get some action herself.

ChloeOct 04 2011 12:35pm
Jonathan - Already been down that track with youtube and decided to pull the plug when I got stalkers. I had atleast 50 or so videos of me flexing, doing gymnast streatches and posing in string bikinis and lots beating guys at armwrestling. I got wet from all the attention I got online. But it was about same time I quit all the stuff with my old neighbor that I ended the youtube thing. Not goin back there at all.

ChloeOct 04 2011 12:40pm
Chloe,thats amazing and too think i gave you the inspiration to try it! i got hard and jack off think of what you girls did! Gavin probably thought he died and went to heaven! so,how big are your sister Kira's biceps? and have you taught Kira scissors hold yet? because if she learns scissors holds especially body scissors she can cause the guys that she is scissoring to get a hard-on and making him come!

jonathanOct 04 2011 12:47pm
Jonathan and Anonymous2 - Yesturday night after dinner, we all went downstairs to the gym, I told Jake I wanna see how much I can lift. Gavin, Kira and Scottie came down to watch. I can now bench 95kg (209lb) 2reps, curl 30kg (66lb) in one arm, 10reps, 70kg (154lb) both arms, 10reps and overhead I can lift 110kg (242lb). Once I was done I did a double biceps flex and they all came over and felt my arms hehe. Jake has come to terms with being weaker than me and told me how proud of me he is, we had a big hug and that was a big relief cos he'd been pretty quiet around me since I beat him at armwrestling.

ChloeOct 04 2011 12:49pm
Chloe,its to bad you pulled the plug on YouTube! i would have loved to seen it!

jonathanOct 04 2011 12:50pm
Chloe,what is your bigger thrill or turn-on able to lift Gavin over head or able to lift heavier weights then the other males around you?

jonathanOct 04 2011 2:11pm
Chloe,did you tell Kira where you got the idea of a bicep job from? and if you did what was here reaction?i can picture your sister Kira wearing out the boys she is going to try the bicep jobs with!

jonathanOct 04 2011 2:20pm
Chloe.That's very impressive, lifting 110 kg overhead.My dad is 104,so I can imagine how much you were holding over your head.You must be one of the strongest girls around.

Anonymous2Oct 04 2011 3:05pm
Anonymous2,what impresses you the most of Chloe? and i get an impression that you love young strong muscular girls just like me! but, i get to train the girls to lift weights and get to see them transformed to the strong young muscular power house girls they are and i get to wrestle them and be able to feel their strength!

jonathanOct 04 2011 3:29pm
It is really amazing to me that there is so many males out there that have a fetish about strong muscular girls that are bigger and physically stronger than them.and men that are married or have girlfriends that are.but,working out with these girls for years and males of today are finally excepting that we are the weaker sex and the girls are the stronger sex!

jonathanOct 04 2011 3:51pm
Jonathan.What impresses me most is her strenght.I don't have a fetish about strong young girls.I am also impressed if a woman of 50 has a lot of strenght.

Anonymous2Oct 04 2011 9:34pm
I have never managed a strength contest with my wife. She just does not go for such things. I wish she would. When our kids were small, I sometimes went with her to shop for groceries. If one of the kids wanted to be carried, I would do it. In a very short time, i would start to lose power in my arm and find i had to switch arms. Soon, i had to start fooling around, tossing them around. That would relieve some of the strain. Eventually, i would need to put them down. I am not a weakling, as I was a mason for over 35 years, used to very heavy lifting. But to hold a child on my arm proved to be very tiring. On the other hand, i would sometimes watch my dearly beloved carry the same child with one arm for what seemed like forever. She did not get tired. I would get hard just watching her and/or later just thinking about her. I mentioned it to her one time and she got a bit angry saying i was just tired from a hard days work. Yeah! Riiiight! Like i said before, she does not believe a woman should be stronger than a man. I see her working in her garden and she can outlast me out there, but does not want to admit it. I wish she would compete with me at anything. Married well over 40 years and i keep working at it.

ObservingOct 05 2011 1:36am
Observing, I have been there where you are with my wife. She gained a lot of weight and muscle when she was pregnant with our three kids. It was amazing how her body changed, from a slim and athletic to powerful and a bit fat within 6-7 years. We used to be the same weight before the kids but then she gained a lot of weight while I actually lost quite a lot, I loved the kids but also got a stress related physical illness. Before the kids I always suspected that my wife was stronger then me, with her athletic background, I was attracted to her strength. If I couldn't get a tough cork out of a bottle, or a difficult jar lid etc. I asked her to try but she never wanted saying that she was weaker than me, and that was the way she wanted it. When the kids came and I was quite often ill as well my wife showed me how strong she was in mind. She took care of almost everything and with a smile, a super mommy for sure. Very little sex though. After the third child she became different. She started to work out several times a week to get back in shape but she didn't loose a lot of weight. She started to treat me a bit more like a child sometimes, something that irritated me. About three years after our third child my parents in law took care of the children for me and my wife to get a weekend alone. It started with a spa visit and we were both very relaxed. In our room we were standing in front of the huge mirror and we both started to laugh. I really looked like a child beside my wife, she was very powerfully built now, Rubenesque some would say while I was skinny and I never had any body hair. She suddenly surprised me when she just lifted me up in a bear hug. She started to squeeze a bit and it hurt, damn she was strong. She then lifted me up in a front lift and I automatically wrapped my legs around her. This was the first time she had lifted me in our more than 15 years relationship and we were both turned on. We kissed and she carried me around the room like I weighed nothing. When she put me down she surprised me again and took me in a headlock and easily forced me down on my back where she pinned me. She smiled and said she knew that I liked this, she had noticed that I often looked at strong women more than skinny model type of women. This also surpised me. After this we made love and the rest of the weekend was a mixture of wrestling, arm wrestling, lift and carry and love making, with some food and drinks here and there and I was in heaven. My wife said she had planned this for a long time but having three kids and two full time jobs like we have was a problem sometimes. Now our sex life is fantastic, she likes to be the strong one in the family and she certainly is.

GerardOct 05 2011 4:43am
Chloe, i know its great that you can lift that much weight and have very super strong muscles and you love over powering your boyfriend gavin and destroy other males! but, i have to tell you that i have also seen and experienced older females that have big muscular power bodies as well as young big muscular powerful girls! i have seen older women benching well over 250-300 pound plus and curling close to 200 pounds and squatting 300-400 pounds or more and leg pressing between 600-700 pounds! i have experienced one of these older ladies and can tell i still get hard to this day when i still think of her! I was around 25 years old and this older women was in her middle 40's and had one of the most muscular powerful bodies i have ever seen and i have seen a lot of strong powerful muscular women of all ages.she would come to the gym i was working out in and lift a tremendous amount of weight and i would always asked to help her and spot her if needed because she could see that every time she work out i could not hide me hard-on and i think it turn-her on knowing a much younger male would find her attractive and turn-on! and no matter when i helped her with her work outs i would get stiff! and i guess i was the only male at the gym that had no problem with her muscular powerful body that quite a few males that worked out had! they couldn't handle a older women was out lifting them! and there was one strong male that had a problem with her and always say something not very nice to her and she would just smile at him and not pay attention to him.but,one day he said the wrong thing to her and she challenged him to a wrestling match and she said in such away.this strong muscle guy could not back down. so, she and this male went off to one of the big matted room! i was chosen to ref. the match! she went off to change in something better to wrestle in and when she came back immediately i got, the wrestling match began and these two tried to see whom was stronger so they went to inter twin there fingers and hands to see was stronger and she started to push him down with her great strength and then she put him a headlock and i thought his head was going to explode from pressure she was using and took control of the whole match putting him in wrestling power holds.she used a bear hug thought she was going to crush him,then got him on the mat and used camel clutches,backbreakers, boston crabs and then went to work on him with her powerful thighs in scissor holds! be the way the wrestling match was submission only and each one had to cry out for the wrestling match to stopped! he kept crying out but,i was so into her destroying him and sexually turn-on i couldn't help myself which i know was cruel! but,he asked for it! anyway,after the match we had to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital to get treatment because he looked like he got run over by a truck! he never came back to the gym! i guess he learned the hard way never underestimated a woman's muscles! well, after the match the older woman invited me back to her home had great sex because she was so turn-on by the match and seeing me with a massive hard-on! and yes,she was a dynimo in the sack! so,i finally asked how she knew all these wrestling power holds? she told me when she was in her early twenties her boyfriend would love to wrestle her and put her in holds and she learned quickly and was putting him in these holds with much better affect and no time was dominating every time they wrestled! eventually,the boyfriend had enough not able to beat her he left her having a hard time dealing with this! than after that she discovered weight lifting and been lifting for close to 20 years! we were together for 4 years! unfortunally she got breast cancer and passed away! but,i always remember fondly!

jonathanOct 05 2011 10:16am
Jonathan you are busy on here. I work out to stay fit and too keep toned. Keeping my legs toned and strong has become important for me. I don't want big flabby thighs and I find squats give me great legs and my nice ass looks firm and tight.

CindyOct 05 2011 7:40pm
Gerard, My wife is very short and for her age, very petite. i am a few inches and several pounds heavier than her, but I really believe that pound for pound she is stronger. I have commented such on several occasions only to stress her out by saying so. She just does not care to know such a thing. We recently had some work done on our house by a lady contractor. The woman is obviously very strong. some cabinets had to be lifted and moved to another room. I had tried moving them and could not get them completely off the floor. Later, when the contractor came, she started lifting one of the cabinets and my wife immediately told me to help her. I had already realized the moan's strength and just told my wife she woud have no trouble moving the cabinets. The woman just smiled at us and proceded to pick each cabinet up wih ease and carried them to the other room. I don't know if i could have done that even in my contracting days whether 30 or 60. When I was in my 20's I know i could have done it, but by 30's I had already somewhat destroyed my body with too much heavy lifting. This woman is just plain strong but has a really sexy figure. I can see she is stronger than she looks. After watching my wife, I had to admit that a woman can be strong. the difference between my wife and the contractor lady is my wife refuses to admit she can be strong, while the contractor is perfectly willing to show her strength without being pushy about it. Once again, two different attitudes. I love hearing from women such as Chloe. I love observing strong women who are not afraid to show their strength and even their muscles.

ObservingOct 06 2011 1:33am
Help!!! Jonathan I need to talk to you outside of this public forum about something! Is it okay to ask for your email address?

ChloeOct 06 2011 4:37am

jonathanOct 06 2011 5:13am
chloe you can send one email to me plaase:)

LukaOct 06 2011 9:00am
Cindy, i bet you have great looking thighs and a great butt! I guess when you work your legs there aren't many males around that work out their legs? i notice in a lot of gyms and health clubs i work out that males don't work out their legs!

jonathanOct 06 2011 9:54am
Chloe,hope all is alright with you and your family? i be glad to help you if i can!

jonathanOct 06 2011 9:58am
Cindy,would you like to have bigger biceps? or you happy with what you have?

jonathanOct 06 2011 11:21am
Chloe, is everything okaay with you?

Anonymous2Oct 06 2011 12:18pm
Jonathan - Yeah I think so, just Kira causing havoc. And Luka - why am I emailing you?

ChloeOct 07 2011 3:11am
Chloe,are you still going to e-mail me?

jonathanOct 07 2011 6:04am
chloe.Do the All Blacks have to play again today?Do you play rugby?You are strong enough I think.

Anonymous2Oct 07 2011 7:07am
Chloe,its only fair to me to explain why you said Help to me! and you needed to discuss something with me! so, i keep waiting to hear from you!

jonathanOct 07 2011 7:27am
Chloe,the reason you need to contact through e-mail because of Kira? or is it something else?

jonathanOct 07 2011 5:22pm
chloe: to chat:)

LukaOct 08 2011 3:47am
Chloe, i am not going to chase after you about you wanting my help with something and wanting to contacting through e-mail and discuss something!i but, like i said i would like to know whats going on!

jonathanOct 08 2011 5:35am
Chloe.Sunday against Argentina.Kick ther butts.

Anonymous2Oct 08 2011 9:30am
Jonathan - Hey man! So sorry for disappearing on you! I've just been getting real pissed off with everything and grumpy and havent been in the mood for coming on line or much. I can tell you here I guess. Kira has been taking advantage of Scotties girl muscle fetish and letting him go for it with her as far as flexing and feeling, hand jobs and jacking off over her while she pumps her guns, shows off her 6pack and lets him feel her legs up. I told them both off hard out cos its so wrong. Scottie said he knows its wrong but he cant stop her, cant help it and no one needs to know, he reckons. Kira thinks its incredible that she can get who own brother hard for her and told me I cant stop her from getting what she wants and shes only giving Scottie what he wants. I should freakin bash the poo outta her!!! F*ck I'm so mad! Oh and shes even doing bicep jobs on him. While sexing those guys we met at the park. Shes kinda out of control and I dont know what to do : /

ChloeOct 08 2011 9:38pm
Chloe, It's time for you to have a real serious heart to heart with your sister... and yourself. You are basically a good person. you have had a lot of fun with your boyfriend and at your age, you should be having all sorts of fun. Your boyfriend is enjoying the ride and that is also as it should be. Hey, i only wish i could have been in his shoes (or shorts, so to speak) at his age. It would have been a dream come true. Your own fun should not come to a stop over the problems with your sister. But she looks up to you, like it or not. You are an inspiration to her. You are an outgoing person, but with the younger set, you should really be just a tad more demure. Your sister is not yet mature enough to handle sensibly what you have taught her about strength and muscles in relation to boys. she does not understand any of the boundaries. you need to teach her with good sense and good humor. If you cannot do this, you both are bound to become unhappy. Please be aware that I am not a psychologist, nor have i in any way taken any studies along such lines. I am only speaking from my heart and i do hope you can settle your own outlook. it is important you do so for your sister's sake, your brother's sake and, of course for your own peace. And yes, you are an example to your younger brother at the same time. you are stronger physically. Be the adult that i think you may just be realizing that you are becoming. I wish i had known somebody like you somewhere around 60 or so years ago. I would be in perpetual heaven.

ObservingOct 09 2011 1:05am
Observing - aww thanks so much for your wise advice! And thankyou for all your kind comments to me : ) I'm gonna have a talk to Jake and get him to help me with the two younger ones. We'll get there and i'll let you know how it goes. What age are you by the way?

ChloeOct 09 2011 4:23am
Chloe.Congratulations with the victory of the All Blacks.Now they are gonna kick som Aussies butts.Saw the game on tv.They smashed Argentina 33-10.

Anonymous2Oct 09 2011 4:32am
Anonymous2 - Yah the game was good. The ref was a complete a*shole too. Hmmm how you been? Had any fun with strong muscular girls lately?

ChloeOct 09 2011 4:47am
Chloe,if you still want to e-mail me you are more than welcome? i feel for you and your problem with Kira! Observing is right! you need to have a heart to heart talk with your sister and tell her she is out of control!! unfortuately i think whats happening your sisters hormones have kicked in! hope your sister Kira is taking some kind of birth control because she could be looking at being a young mother! and you an aunt! like i said if you still want to e-mail me do it! besides,we don't know when there going to change this poll! we me know if you are going to send me your e-mail address?

jonathanOct 09 2011 5:40am
Chloe,no I haven't.I am single and don't go out at all.Just surfing the Net .And watching sport on TV.Have you've been lifting lately.What time is it at your place?Must be after midnight.

Anonymous2Oct 09 2011 5:41am
Chloe, i am only going to be on-line until weds and then i am going to off on-line until the following tueday which will be from the 12th to the 17th of oct. so,if you need to talk to me i would be glad and try to help you the best i can! so,let me know and i guess by the time i am back on-line this poll will have changed!but, i can be found in any of these polls even after they have changed!and i did leave my e-mail address on this poll!

jonathanOct 09 2011 8:54am
Chloe, i hope you don't blame me for some of this whats going on with your sister Kira and your brother Scottie? and giving your problem some thought! it appears to me whats happening is your sister Kira is enjoying her muscle power over the guys around her and her age does not understand the consequences of her actions of what she is doing to especially to her brother Scottie! and sounds Scottie needs help also!

jonathanOct 09 2011 9:27am
Chloe,although you really don't know me and what you do through these pols and you and I have an quite an age difference we could be very good friends! and i hope you will consider this? and if you rather discuss this through e-mail let me know!

jonathanOct 09 2011 10:58am
Chloe, i would like you to know any time you feel up to telling me whats happening with you and crazy family you can find me on any of the other polls when you want to discuss whats going on! probably by the time you decide to saying how you are doing they will have changed this poll!

jonathanOct 10 2011 10:45am
Jonathan - Haha I will get around to it just real busy at the moment so everything is short and sweet. I'll get you up to date soon though : )

ChloeOct 10 2011 12:37pm
Chloe,just remember that i will only be on-line until late tuesday and won't be on-line until next tuesday! that would be the 12th to the 17th! but,glad to hear from you! wish i could give you big Hug! you probably could use it!

jonathanOct 10 2011 12:51pm
Chloe, if you rather e-mail me into whats going on than telling the whole world please free too!

jonathanOct 10 2011 1:51pm
Chloe, You are a very strong young woman. You have been showing your strength to you BF in ways many of us can only dream of. You are apparently the strongest person in your family, including your parents. Your brothers are not even close to you in strength and your sister is evidently stronger than your brothers also. Your younger brother is unable to stop his younger sister from having her way with him, nor does he wish to stop her. You are suddenly coming to the realization that some of this is wrong. The strength part is not wrong. You girls have every right to become as strong as possible no matter how hard you work at it. i am sure that niether brother would find it possible to catch up in strength with either of you sisters in the near or far future. The genie is out of the lamp. Your concerns about your younger sister are very valid. I am not pointing a finger at anybody, but you, my dear, are suddenly starting to realize that with great strength comes a greater responsibility. A large part of your responsibility is a respect for your parents. I am sure you are stronger than either in a physical comparison. you do not need to burden them with your sister's and brother's antics. It is possible they might even suspect such activity in some way. your job is to try to talk some sense into both your brother and sister. Your brother is actually helpless (as I would have been if I were in his shorts at his age), so it is basically your sister who needs a talking to. It is fun what they are doing now. What they do now will stay in their memories for the rest of their lives. Sometimes, those memories are not comfortable many years later. don't ask me how i know, but it is so. You need to be careful who you listen to and you need to realize your own capabilities for influence to those who look up to you. I may never know if my advice is helpful to you, but I do hope so.

ObservingOct 11 2011 12:17am
Jonathan - I'm gonna email you as soon as possible :) And Observing - pleeeeeeeeeas please please give me your email address! I'd love to keep in touch with you, you have alot of wisdom and its nice to have two guys so onto it, encouraging and helpful! Thank you both of you sooooooo much you rock! There's a whole lot to fill you guys in on and I'll get too it when i can haha.

ChloeOct 11 2011 2:37am
Chloe, sorry, but E-mail won't hoppen here. The wonderful thing about a site like this is anonomy. My E-mail is dead giveaway to who i am. not good plan for home or biz. I don't think you want your own E-mail out there for your own sanity. You, also, do need to be careful with this type of communications. I'll do the best i can with what I gots. My best for you

ObservingOct 11 2011 2:50am
Chloe, If i were a computer geek, i could figure a way. I know how to plant bushes and trees and how to grow green things. i know how to cut wood and make a few things from that. Know how to drive trucks and bikes, anything with wheels, but I know little about electronics and such. maybe you have such answers

ObservingOct 11 2011 3:45am
Chloe, If i were a computer geek, i could figure a way. I know how to plant bushes and trees and how to grow green things. i know how to cut wood and make a few things from that. Know how to drive trucks and bikes, anything with wheels, but I know little about electronics and such. maybe you have such answers

ObservingOct 11 2011 3:45am
PS: Do you have any other interests other than weight training and beating up boyfriend ;-) ?

ObservingOct 11 2011 4:17am
Observing - No thats cool hehe. Thanks anyhow : ) I dont so much beat Gavin up as I erotically dominate, twist and bend him to sexually satisfy us both :P my other interests include gymnastics, rugby, fitness, surfing, netball, watching dvds with gavin, making out with gavin, going to the movies, road trips and cooking. You?

ChloeOct 11 2011 5:23am
Observing - No thats cool hehe. Thanks anyhow : ) I dont so much beat Gavin up as I erotically dominate, twist and bend him to sexually satisfy us both :P my other interests include gymnastics, rugby, fitness, surfing, netball, watching dvds with gavin, making out with gavin, going to the movies, road trips and cooking. You?

ChloeOct 11 2011 5:23am
Chloe, i hope with your situation with your sister and brother you haven't given up working out and lifting weights? the weights you can take out your anger! and would be a great release for you! i know when i get angry i take it out on the weights and lift better! anyway, look forward to hearing from you when ever you feel up to it! and again like i said i will be off-line tomorrow until next tuesday which will be the 12th of oct to the 17th of oct. i am going to be away and i leave my computer at home!

jonathanOct 11 2011 6:29am
Chloe, I knew you didn't really beatup on your BF. He is so lucky. I do a little woodworking when I have the time. I like gardening, but am very limited with lower back problems. I do landscaping for a living but am slowly phasing out and no longer do tree work or pruning. No more heavy work. I was a mason for many moons until my chin started rubbing my kneecaps from so much lifting. i really liked the trade but just tore my body to pieces. I am impressed with your lifts. I used to pick up two bags of cement and carry on shoulder whenever loading or unloading a truck. I could pick up three bags and carry cradle style. A bag is 94 pounds and I weighed one 45 to 150. Now, you can curl with one arm more than i can lift, forget about carrying. I love watching gymnsts, especially the women. The college women are so built, it is unbelievable. You love to cook. I LOVE to eat. My wife is an excellent cook but in last few years, as I have slowed down in my work, I need to be more careful about quantities and she has a hard time cutting back on her gourmet cooking. Like I said, I do like working with wood and landscaping. finding it difficult to slow down. the eating has been as difficult to slow down. My weight is down to 130lbs and I try to keep it there. Very careful with almost no lifting heavier than 50 lbs or i could end up in hospital.

ObservingOct 12 2011 12:28am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 11:56am
I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 12:59am
My wife started working out about 2 years ago. She is very fit with firm arms and she weighs about 20 lbs. more than me. She was stronger than me for sure. I wasn't insecure about it. I thought she looked great! She got me used to being bearhugged and lifted off my feet. She is about an inch taller. We started to play wrestle which always lead to great sex. She never hurt me and knew when I was getting a little too roughed up. On our date nights we would meet in a bar. She would dress in jeans and Tshirt and I would pretend to pick her up. At the bar she would pull back her sleeve and give me a little flex. We would usually stay out for a little while but seeing her arms always gets me excited. When we get home she changes out of her boy clothes into muscle shirt and boy shorts. She comes downstairs and sits on the couch we me on her lap. I kiss her and feel her arms. She stands up with me in a craddle carry. Kisses me and says if we are going to wrestle or she is just going to lift me. I usually beg for both! When she does she puts me in holds for about 10 minutes, pins me and for the next 15 minutes keeps up the holds. I hold out as long as i can. But she is just too strong for me. She lets me recover and helps me to my feet. She lifts me in a front straddle and we make out for a little while. She lets me down. She asks me what carry I want. I love being across her shoulders so she easily lifts me and I feel her bicep. She carries me around with no problem. I call her my Amazon queen, she laughs. Across her shoulders she can feel how excited I get. She will piggy back me and let me sit on her shoulders. The wrestling and lift and carry really pumps her up and she changes into a frilly teddy. She looks totally powerful and we both know who is control! She walks over to me and grabs me and kisses me. Her powerful arms I kissed and she made me beg her to take me upstairs. She threw me over one shoulder and carries me to the bedroom. I will stop there, but our foreplay is always wrestling, lift and carry and she likes to roleplay sometimes and I can refuse!

franklinJun 25 2012 4:03pm
My wife started working out about 2 years ago. She is very fit with firm arms and she weighs about 20 lbs. more than me. She was stronger than me for sure. I wasn't insecure about it. I thought she looked great! She got me used to being bearhugged and lifted off my feet. She is about an inch taller. We started to play wrestle which always lead to great sex. She never hurt me and knew when I was getting a little too roughed up. On our date nights we would meet in a bar. She would dress in jeans and Tshirt and I would pretend to pick her up. At the bar she would pull back her sleeve and give me a little flex. We would usually stay out for a little while but seeing her arms always gets me excited. When we get home she changes out of her boy clothes into muscle shirt and boy shorts. She comes downstairs and sits on the couch we me on her lap. I kiss her and feel her arms. She stands up with me in a craddle carry. Kisses me and says if we are going to wrestle or she is just going to lift me. I usually beg for both! When she does she puts me in holds for about 10 minutes, pins me and for the next 15 minutes keeps up the holds. I hold out as long as i can. But she is just too strong for me. She lets me recover and helps me to my feet. She lifts me in a front straddle and we make out for a little while. She lets me down. She asks me what carry I want. I love being across her shoulders so she easily lifts me and I feel her bicep. She carries me around with no problem. I call her my Amazon queen, she laughs. Across her shoulders she can feel how excited I get. She will piggy back me and let me sit on her shoulders. The wrestling and lift and carry really pumps her up and she changes into a frilly teddy. She looks totally powerful and we both know who is control! She walks over to me and grabs me and kisses me. Her powerful arms I kissed and she made me beg her to take me upstairs. She threw me over one shoulder and carries me to the bedroom. I will stop there, but our foreplay is always wrestling, lift and carry and she likes to roleplay sometimes and I can refuse!

franklinJun 25 2012 4:04pm
For me i just like to be stronger than men also i think muscles for woman is very sexy

RamDec 13 2012 7:13pm
If I had a daughter who was strong enough to lift me over her head, I would be thrilled.

gethewil82May 14 2013 3:23am
mLT9WW Thank you ever so for you article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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FYiqWjorvXLJfAEOct 25 2013 11:04pm
GUYS, I HAVE AN ADVICE FOR YOU having a girlfiend stronger heavier taller than you does not matter, but don't never married some one stronger than you from my own experience women getting stronger when they getting older reversed men when we getting older we become weaker. I married a very strong musclar dominated woman i used to adore strong woman when i married her the first few years it was like a dream become true i lived the life i want i was so submissive to her i was weaker than her she controlled my life as i always wanted, but after ten years if marriage she became much stronger, heavier, more dominated the problem is i don't want this kind of life any more i want a regular life like other people but she will never accept this she used to live as a boss and me as a slave to her now she forces me to stay at home, cook, clean, kiss her feet, wash, wear women clothes she beats and wrestle me. What i want to say i used to find these things very excitement but not any more i did this to my self

MARRIED MAN Oct 26 2013 2:27pm
I work out to build muscles. I really love watching myself in the mirror while pumping iron. My muscles get bigger and harder. I lov how hard they feel, I lov running my fingers down my veins. I always flex in front the mirror and admire my muscular body. I think of my body as a beatiful sculpture. I really love it when people look at my muscles, especially men. My bf always worships my muscles for foreplay. It really gets us going at it.

MiaJan 08 2014 2:34am
f5GOBb I really enjoy the blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.

ZRBxChhhMYqHoJvaFlwJan 16 2014 3:00pm
Mia how big are your muscles and how is ur physique

Skinnyboy8Jan 19 2014 4:47am
I work out to gain muscles. I love the muscular look on a woman. I couldn't stand being overweight or slim. I am not a huge girl, but my body is all muscle. I love going into my swimsuits. Guys and girls too are always staring at me. I am also very strong. I can outlift most of the guys at the gym I go, especially at legpressing.

MariaMar 20 2014 7:23pm
Hi Maria do guys get embarrassed when you outlift them at the gym how they do react?

Ram Mar 23 2014 6:19pm
EMRkHO I cannot thank you enough for the blog post. Really Great.

kFUCppJWfawJQqApr 19 2014 6:32am
Mia or Maria how tall are you and how big are your biceps. Are you stronger than your brother or boyfriend and how do they feel about it ?

Knowledge seekerMay 20 2014 9:41am
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OHSzNAYUepBlrwIVOzAug 05 2014 6:21pm
I work out to get big muscles!

AnonymousOct 23 2014 12:53am
Is started to work out a couple of years ago to get in shape. At first I started to go easy, just twice a week in the gym, light weights. As I got a leaner and athletic body I started to love, I started to increase the intensity of the workout routine. After about 3 months muscles started to become visible. One day I flexed in front of the bathroom mirror and saw my bicep jump out. I undressed and started to flex my body in front of the mirror. My body had become lean and athletic, with nice muscle definition. I loved the look of it and decided to get bigger muscles. Since that moment I have been working out like crazy. My muscles can put any guy at my gym to shame. I love the feel of my pumped, strong muscles throwing the heavy weights around. I love the feeling when guys realize that I, a girl, am so much stronger than they are.

BrankaOct 23 2014 1:04am
How big are your muscles branka??

interestedOct 25 2014 9:58am
Hi interested! My biceps are around 16 inches flexed, thighs 27, calves 17. Its all hard, strong muscle.

BrankaNov 04 2014 12:21am
Ioh wow all bigger than mine !! I suppose it meanstthat you can be stronger too

interestedNov 04 2014 3:28pm
h80FVp Great blog right here! Also your site quite a bit up fast! What web host are you the usage of? Can I get your associate link to your host? I want my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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1Jul 11 2015 11:52am
That's intersting. I'm 29 years old woman. 192 cm 98 kg. i go to gym everyday lifting weights and gaining muscles

Woman Nov 22 2015 10:09am
29 years and so big?you look like hell of a strong lady! are you still gaining muscles?

danielDec 13 2015 5:39am

A TALL SKINNY GUYDec 19 2015 12:33pm
I am a tall skinny guy. I encountered a short fat girl on the subway one day. I knew right away that she was way bigger and stronger than I was even though I stood way taller than she did. I was VERY TALL AND VERY SKINNY while she was VERY SHORT AND VERY FAT!!! I stood a tall, towering 6-foot-1 but I weighed a measly 125 pounds while she stood a short, squat 4-foot-9 but she weighed a massive 230 pounds. We were both standing on the subway platform underground. I always become sexually aroused whenever I spot a short fat girl who I know is way bigger and stronger than I am, especially when I tower over her by more than a foot while she outweighs me by more than fifty pounds (I towered over her by an incredible sixteen inches while she outweighed me by an equally incredible one hundred five pounds!!!). She walked over to me and then she stood in front of me. We both noticed that her arms were like huge boulders while my arms were like tiny twigs!!! She flexed her huge upper arms in front of me and then, while I was looking way down at her, she looked way up at me and then she said to me: "whatever you try to do to me I would do to you with greater force because I am stronger than you are and I weigh more than you do." While she was saying that to me, I WAS GETTING A HUGE, MASSIVE ERECTION!!! She knew I was becoming sexually aroused upon witnessing her massive size over mine. She also became sexually aroused while she was saying that to me. She and I then engaged in various physical tests of strength, especially with her arms vs. my arms. I WAS NO MATCH FOR HER!!! She easily defeated me all around. As skinny as I was and as fat as she was, despite my towering height over her, I already knew she was easily strong enough to lift me over her head!!! She and I went off into a corner somewhere where we could be alone. We resumed standing in front of each other. I continued looking way down at her while she continued looking way up at me when she and I suddenly began kissing each other tenderly and passionately while we both proceeded to gently but firmly caress each other. At the risk of her picking me up and throwing me across the platform, I slipped my hand under her jeans. She offered no resistance so I loosened her belt, unzipped her fly and then I began to caress her clitoris with my middle finger. I knew she would come to orgasm before I wanted her if I continued caressing her clitoris to so I then proceeded to slide my middle and index fingers deep into her vagina. She unzipped my fly and then she began to stroke my penis which was already huge and rock solid!!! We then proceeded to caress and suck each other's nipples. I stood so much taller than she did that my nipples rose well above her mouth!!! At that point, our lust was way out of control!!! We both pulled our jeans down and then I proceeded to slide my huge, long, rock-hard penis deep into her thick, moist, juicy vagina (thank goodness she didn't become pregnant!!!)

A tall skinny guy having sex with a short fat girlDec 19 2015 1:16pm
It's just like in weightlifting, especially in the clean and jerk (lifting overhead from the floor or from a mat at the gym). A tall skinny guy becomes embarrassed after he is easily outlifted in weightlifting by a short fat girl, especially when he towers over her by more than a foot while she outweighs him by more than fifty pounds. As a tall skinny guy myself, I always become embarrassed after I am easily outlifted in weightlifting by a short fat girl, especially when I tower way over her while she far outweighs me. But then I immediately become SEXUALLY AROUSED!!! And usually the short fat girl who I am involved with does, too. One day, I was easily outlifted in the clean and jerk by another short fat girl (a different girl from the girl described above). And yes, I towered way over her while she far outweighed me. After she outlifted me, she and I engaged in a one-on-one wrestling match. As soon as the match began, with her looking way up at me while I was looking way down at her as we were standing in front of each other, I grabbed her by the leg in an attempt to throw her off balance. My attempt proved futile as she remained standing. She then grabbed me by my waist and she swung me around (just like a ragdoll!!!) and then she easily threw me down and subdued me whereupon she grabbed me from the floor and then she easily lifted me RIGHT UP OVER HER HEAD!!! She set me back down in a standing position and then once again, with her looking way up at me while I was looking way down at her, she and I proceeded to have sex, albeit non-coital. I was alternately caressing her clitoris and penetrating her vagina with my middle and index fingers while she was stroking my already huge, rock-hard penis. In my humble opinion, a short fat girl and a tall skinny guy ARE A PERFECT MATCH INDEED!!!

A tall skinny guy having sex with a short fat girlDec 21 2015 1:48pm
Ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft war damals auch sehr, sehr stark. Ich war 15, fast 16, und sie war 14, als wir uns kennengelernt haben. Sie ist mit Ihren Eltern und ihrer kleinen Schwester in unsere Siedlung gezogen. Wir haben uns, mit den anderen Kindern aus der Siedlung, immer am Spielplatz getroffen. Mir ist als erstes ihre Größe aufgefallen. Ich war etwa 1,75m und sie war bestimmt 1,80m groß. Zu ihrer Figur konnte ich da noch nichts sagen, weil es Winter war als sie eingezogen sind, und wie wir alle sehr dick angezogen war. Wir haben aber immer viel rumgealbert und etwas rumgerangelt. Da viel mir schon auf, dass sie für ein Mädchen, dass auch noch jünger war als ich, sehr viel Kraft hatte. Als es dann wärmer wurde und wir endlich wieder Sommerkleidung tragen konnten, habe ich erst ihre Figur gesehen. Wir waren diesmal alleine am Spielplatz, weil die anderen da unterwegs waren oder andere Sachen zu tun hatten. Sie hatte ein ärmelloses Oberteil an und eine kurze Hose. Sie hatte extrem breite Schultern und dicke Arme, an denen ich die Adern am Bizeps und Unterarm sehen konnte. Ihre Beine waren auch sehr durchtrainiert. Sie hatte auf jeden Fall viel mehr Muskeln als ich. Zu der Zeit wog ich gerade mal 62kg, war also eher schmächtig, aber ich hatte auch einen recht guten Bizeps. Ihr ist aber auch mein Blick auf ihren Körper aufgefallen, sie hat dazu aber nichts gesagt. Wir haben dann wir immer etwas gequatscht und waren wie immer. Dann fragte sie mich, wie viele Klimmzüge ich schaffe. Da hatte sie mich, ich konnte gerade mal einen. Ich sagte ihr, ich kann 5, und versuchte dann das Thema zu wechseln. Darauf ließ sie sich aber nicht ein und wollte dass wir das hier ausprobieren. Also musste ich ja doch ran. Ich stellte mich an die Stange am Spielplatz und habe versucht alles zu geben. Mit Mühe habe ich gerade mal einen Klimmzug geschafft. Sie lachte mich aus und sagte, ich zeige dir mal wie das geht. Sie ist an die Stange gegangen und hat 10 Klimmzüge gemacht. Ihr Bizeps war so aufgepumpt, das habe ich noch nicht mal bei den sportlichen Jungs aus meiner Klasse gesehen. So wie das aussah, hätte sie locker noch weitere 10 geschafft. Dann kam sie zu mir und sagte, wusste ich doch, dass ich viel stärke bin als du kleiner. Ich konnte darauf gar nichts sagen, so schockiert war ich. Dann wollte sie mit mir wrestlen und zeigen wie viel stärker sie ist. Ich habe versucht von ihr weg zu gehen und gesagt ich muss nach Hause, aber sie hat mich aufgehalten. Ich hatte nun doch etwas Angst vor ihr. Als ich gehen wollte, kam sie von hinten bei mir an und griff um meinen Bauch. Dann hob sie mich hoch und trug mich zum Sandkasten. Auf dem Weg sagte sie noch, du bist ja noch leichter als ich dachte und wollte wissen wie viel ich wiege. Als ich ihr dann mein Gewicht sagte, lachte sie nur und sagt, das sind ja über 10kg weniger als ich wiege und schmiss mich in den Sand. Dann stand Sie mit den Händen in den Hüften über mir und sagte, dass ich aufstehen soll. Nun standen wir uns gegenüber, sie größer, schwerer und bedeutend muskulöser. Sie meinte, darauf habe ich schon seit unserer ersten Begegnung drauf gewartet. Ich hatte zwar schon im Fernsehen Wrestling gesehen, aber ich wusste nicht was ich machen soll und vor allem bei dem Gegner. Sie kam auf mich zu und wir packten uns an den Händen. Ich war sofort auf meinen Knien und hatte den Kräftevergleich verloren. Sie ließ mich wieder hoch und nahm mich in einen bearhug. Ich konnte meine Arme nicht befreien und meine Beine baumelten in der Luft. Ich habe kaum noch Luft bekommen und mir tat alles weh. Wie konnte sie nur so stark sein? Sie ließ mich wieder in den Sand fallen und ich konnte mich kurz erholen. Ich versuchte wieder aufzustehen, aber da griff sie mir schon am Bauch und hob mich kopfüber hoch und trug mich durch die Gegend. Sie ließ sogar einen Arm los und trug mich dann so weiter. 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Sie hat mich wieder hochgezogen und mich dann mit dem Rücken nach unten auf ihre Schultern gelegt. Das tat so weh, aber ich konnte mich nicht wehren. Zum Glück hat sie mich dann wieder in den Sand geschmissen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit gebettelt, dass sie aufhört und ihr gesagt, dass sie gewonnen hat und viel stärker ist als ich. Sie lachte nur und zog mich wieder hoch. Sie packte mich mit beiden Armen unter den Achseln und hob mich mit ausgestreckten Armen hoch und hielt mich da. Dann sagte sie zu mir, das machen wir jetzt öfter mein kleiner und ließ mich wieder ein Stück runter, um mich dann wieder hoch zu heben. Sie machte das ein paar Mal, um ihre Kraft zu beweisen. Dann setzte sie mich wieder ab und hob mich wieder auf ihre Schultern. Sie sagte, jetzt will ich mal was ausprobieren und fasste zwischen meine Beine und an meinen Brustkorb. Dann hob sie mich noch höher, bis sie ihre Arme durchgestreckt hatte und ich nun über ihrem Kopf hing. Panisch griff ich nach ihrem Arm, der sich unglaublich muskulös anfühlte. Sie lachte und ließ mich wieder zu Boden. Dann sagte sie, spann deinen Bizeps an und ich tat was sie wollte. Sie lachte über meine Muskeln und sagte, so sehen Muskeln aus und spannte ihren Arm an. Ein dicker Bizeps füllte ihren Armen und dicke Adern kamen zum Vorschein. Wir verglichen unsere Arme und ich kam mir wie ein kleiner Junge vor. Ihr Arm war so viel muskulöser und größer als meiner. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, ich wurde so gedemütigt von einem Mädchen, einem so starken Mädchen. Zum Schluss zog sie mich noch einmal hoch und fasste mit einer Hand an meine Kehle und mit der anderen unter meine Achsel. Und dann hing ich schon wieder in der Luft, sie hielt mich nur mit einem Arm am Hals fest und lachte. Dann schmiss sie mich in den Sand und sagte, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal. Dann spannte sie zuletzt ihren Bizeps an und ging dann los.

GeorgMay 08 2016 6:57am
I've been working out for 16 years. Mow I'm the strongest and biggest person between family and friends

Woman Jul 29 2016 4:15am
Hi woman this is a old post but I hope you are still around, how do you know that you are the biggest and strongest?

manlymanOct 14 2016 6:33am
&manlyman it's easy to know who's the biggest it's so clear I'm 189 cm 105 kg full of muscles, 30 inches thighs 23 calves and 22 biceps. Also I've wrestled with all my family members and my husbands family and friends and beated them easily. Even i won wrestling against my sissy husband and his 2 friends

Wife Woman Nov 12 2016 5:35pm
what you mean wrestling? are those your real measurements?

manlymanNov 14 2016 5:27am
Yes real. Wrestling as wrestling grappling, scissoring etc..

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:44am
you are very big lady

manlymanNov 14 2016 5:50am
Yes I'm extremely big woman. Even my doctor said that I'm one of biggest women he ever seen. My testsron level are extremely extremely high

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:53am
i guess you are exttremely strong

manlymanNov 14 2016 5:55am
Yes I'm. It's not a problem for me to wrestle 2 avarage men at the same time or 3 weak men at the same time

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 5:57am
how bbig is average man for you?

manlymanNov 14 2016 6:01am
The avarage man is: 185 cm, 85 kg, 15 biceps. Approximately measure

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:02am
oh well i am less than average than :(

manlymanNov 14 2016 6:03am
Lool sorry. What's your size? As I said that's normal the doctor said i have teststron more than men so it's normal to be more manly than men 😂

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:05am
I'm 180 with 13 maximum biceps if flexed hard and around 80 kg

manlymanNov 14 2016 6:08am
That's alright. I'm stronger muscular bigger and even more maculane than all men

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:10am
stronger than me therefore?!

manlymanNov 14 2016 6:16am
Yes I think you're small guy, and looks not very strong. But still better than my husband and boyfriend

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:18am
sorry lady but i do hard work in the fmily, rocks on the garderns are my responsability

manlymanNov 14 2016 6:20am
Haha, okay good for you. In my family women do the hard work, and I truly believe I can win against 2 men from your size. Ask my husband and boyfriend and neighbors and relatives

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:22am
Hey I know that you're calling yourself manlyman so you might be upset because I'm bigger or stronger or more masculine, but that's the fact so relax. 😂

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 6:30am
how should i call myself ? now that apparently you are way bigger

manlymanNov 14 2016 7:57am
Maybe soft man😂 And I call myself manly woman😂 Anyway I'm much manly stronger muscular than my husband and boyfriend

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:03am
I didn't know woman can be so bigger in muscles

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:06am
I THINK you share heavy dutyes with hubby uh?

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:08am
Yes we can and much bigger than yours. No my husband and boyfriend don't do any heavy duty, it's only me. So I play the man role

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:10am
they actually are very big indeed! what you mean you do all job? who moves sofa's when needed? who take heavy benches or gazebo for the garden?

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:11am
Of course me. My husband and boyfriend are absolutely useless and I think this Women work so men not allowed to do it anyway

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:14am
As I said in the relationship I'm the man in everything

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:15am
what you mean useless, maybe a bit weaker but together they can lift as much as you do!

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:15am
No they can't I train with 75 kg biceps single arm they can't lift 30 together

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:16am
75 pounds you mean? wow is alot! more than me you are strong

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:17am
No 75 kg. One hand 2 hands 150 it's not my maxi

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:18am
are you kidding me?!

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:19am
No I'm not. I told I'm so strong 💪🏻 much stronger and muscular than all men. This's why poo in their pants when they see me naked 😂😂😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:21am
with a rapid math, I can lift around 12 kilos on single arm, means that you are more than 6 times stronger than me in your arm!

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:23am
of course you can move heavy benches on the garden if this is your strength you can actually make your husband sit and relax on that bench while you move it

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:24am
Yes something like that I told when you chat with me your name will be soft man and me Manly woman 😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:25am
Yes I always put my husband and boyfriend on the couch and lift the couch 😂💪🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:26am
Sorry if I ask but if you train with 75 kilos one arm, and I am 80 therefore you could lift also me one arm?

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:26am
I always put my husband and boyfriend on the couch and lift the couch ...can you explain this?

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:27am
Yes I can I do it a lot and it's alright to ask

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:28am
What mean is that you can lift all my bodyweight maybe holding my tshirt collar by just one hand? is that correct what I understood?

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:29am
Put my Husband and my boyfriend, together on the couch and the lift the couch. It's so clear!!!

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:29am
Yes it's correct. Why you're not calling me Manly woman

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:30am
How do you lift it? why do you have husband and boyfrien?d

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:30am
should I call you manly woman?

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:30am
I lift the couch over my head using 2 arms. I need more than 1 man to satisfy me, much more. Plus my husband lost his erection he fears my muscular body 😂💪🏻

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:32am
so sorry but what does your husband and apparently boyfriend do when they are liftd? what do they think?

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:32am
Yes call me Manly woman or my man. They're so scared they think I'm monster

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:33am
well you are a monster! 2 man and a cuch overhead is unheard before manly woman!

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:34am
so you are saying that left me by the shirt is not a big deal for you?!?!

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:35am
Sorry I might lost interent connection at any point. After 90 minutes I can be back. Monster became beating 3 men at the same time

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:35am
yes you told me you do beat 3 men atsame time! but i don t think me and other 2 men like me can lift a couch with 2 guys sit on it overhead!

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:36am
No it's not at all. So why you think my husband is alright with having boyfriend and many others 😂😂 I'm too strong

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:36am
Well you men are weak not like me 💪🏻. So it's official Maybe I need at least 5 men 😂

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:37am
you are tooo strong for me as well, I am thinking on being half sleepy in the couch and suddely seeing the roof very close to my head because manlywoman is listing me overhead with all couch!! crazy!

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:38am
Haha exactly. Are you married??

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:39am
yes I am, my wife is a standard woman Im stronger, I suppose you need more than 5 since if you lift 75 (or maybe more) and I do 12 you are 6 time stronger so if I use 2 arms you are 3 times stronger and I may need 2 guys like me to try to beat you single arm, so to compare your arms strength you need 6 guys like me and maybe we are a good fight but not sure to win

manymanNov 14 2016 8:41am
Hahaha, 6 men you men are so weak. I'm sure you're glad that you don't have a wife like me😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 8:45am
this is what I think you can do to a guy my size :)

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:45am
I wish my wife was a bit stronger to carry bit heavyer groceries etc

manlymnaNov 14 2016 8:46am
or like this

manlymanNov 14 2016 8:47am
sorry if I offended you

manlymanNov 14 2016 9:05am
No no never but i lost my internet connection

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 9:48am
I know you must be wish for stronger but not manly wife like me 😂😂😂💪🏻💪🏻. I think your wife and all other women should take action and start act like the bosses of their relationships physically and emotionally

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 9:50am
Although I enjoy it a lot being that strong but other times it's really so hard. For example it's so hard to find a man who loves woman like me so no sex whenever I want for me

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 9:52am
you don t have yu husband for sex??

manlymanNov 14 2016 9:55am
I told you my husband fears my body so whenever I'm naked he losts his erection. Not only and most of the men I know 😭

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 9:57am
Although I have very very big boobs, but men fear the rest of my body. And when they see me naked it's directly linked in their mind for me beating, wrestling and spanking thrm so no easy sex for me 😭

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 9:59am
no offence but i think you will be a good sex

manlymnaNov 14 2016 10:00am
but who will be in charge in bed between us?

manlymanNov 14 2016 10:02am
No no offence at all. And really thank you 🙏. I'm good but my men don't appreciate it. Sorry if I'm bothering with my weird situation

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 10:02am
Of course of course me. As I told you in every small detail I'm the man. Why you stopped calling me Manly woman or my man?!! 😡

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 10:03am
id love to have a woman so strong and ful of energy,Ii guess you can do much many more position that normal woman wouldn t allow to

manlymnaNov 14 2016 10:04am
Really, I can do lots of positions but I'm really huge and tough. I don't think you'll like it. My husband says the only man who likes sex with me is a gay man. But I beat him every time he said that 😂

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 10:05am
why a gay man? what positions are you talking about, I suppose many of them the guy is lifted by your amazing force

manlymanNov 14 2016 10:06am
Yes I can lift and f*ck at the same time it's so easy. He means that a man who likes woman with these muscles 💪🏻 and size and voice etc... must be gay

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 10:08am
I usually sit on my house topless. So weird thing happens when i'll be watching a movie with my husband and boyfriend and other guys, and I look at their dicks and notice that none of them have erection even I'm sitting with them naked 😂😂😭

Wife woman Nov 14 2016 10:10am
See after 3 comments this poll will close so we should move to the one directly below tjis one. Link:

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 10:12am
Hey did your wife caught you and she discipline you? 😂😂 Anyway sorry for bothering with my weird boring stories with my wife and boyfriend

Wife Woman Nov 14 2016 10:21am
My girl friend sherri has bigger arms than me but I think its because she is 5"-0" and 155 lbs. I'm not she if it's muscle or not but i'm afraid to arm wrestle if I might lose! That would be awful.

bill boyFeb 08 2017 12:13pm
Why it would be awful? It's natural for women to be stronger and muscular

Wife Woman Feb 09 2017 9:03am
To lose to a woman would be bad enough but to lose to your girlfriend it would be awful and embarrassing for sure. Woman aren't supposed to be strong!

bill boyFeb 09 2017 12:38pm
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