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See Brother/Brothers Naked

Question: I'm a 16 year old guy and at home, I live with my dad and older brothers (they're 17, 18 and 19 years old). We're all boys in the house so we get to walk around naked all the time, and we don't really mind that we see each other naked. Us brothers work-out a lot, so we like to show-off everything about our bodies, including what we have 'down there.' Even our dad doesn't care if he sees us teenage boys naked. I was wondering if you guys are the same with your brother or brothers at home. Pick which applies best for you.
Created by: tylerj at 12:39:11 AM, Tuesday, October 04, 2011 PDT


im 17,and i have a step-brother,living with us over 6 years.he is 18 and yes,i have seen him naked,we even masturbate together in one room,when watching a bit jealous on him,because he is extremly well hanged-like a horse.he is like 14.5inches and thickness of his massive dick is the same like regular big cup for well he have amazing huge and muscular thighs-ripped as hell,as his abs too.he is strong as animal.

AnonymousOct 06 2011 8:48am

I'm 16 and my younger brother Kyle is 13. The thing is, I'm only 5'7 while my younger brother is already 6' tall! He works-out while I don't, so he has ripped abs, hard pecs and huge biceps and thighs. I see him naked all the time because he likes to show off how much more mature and muscular his body is compared to mine. He actually looks like the 16 year old, while I look only 12. I'm already 16 and haven't even started puberty yet, and he started puberty really early. One time, my brother was 12 and I was 15, our parents called us both into the living room to discuss something with us. We were both on the couch facing mom and dad, when suddenly our mom brings out a used jockstrap. The thing was, the jockstrap was wet and covered in a lot of white cream. Our dad then said "Your mom found this in the laundry." They both look at me and say "Son, we know that you're growing up and that you've probably started masturbating and ejaculating sperm, but you have to learn to clean your own underwear if you ejaculated your semen into them." I remember getting so confused since I didn't know what they were talking about. Then they say "But you're 15 and the older one! This has to be your semen on this jockstrap!" My little brother then speaks up and says that the semen was his. He said "I was wearing it in gym class when I got really hard and the white stuff just started coming out." He got scared and just put it in the laundry. Our dad then says "But this is impossible! There's too much semen in this jockstrap to come from a 12 year old boy!" Then he looked at me and asked if I normally ejaculate that much. I had to tell him the truth that I have never ejaculated yet. Now, my brother is 13 and I'm 16. We share a bedroom and he always likes to take his shirt off. One time, he was sitting on my bed beside me and he wasn't wearing a shirt, and he asked me "hey, do you have this?" while he lifted his arms, showing off his armpit that was full of dark brown hair. He had a lot of hair in his armpits and it must've been at least 2 inches long. He made me lift my arms and he saw that I didn't have a single hair under my arms, while he had a forest of hair on both his pits. and he just laughed. He said "How can you not have hair in your pits, you're older than I am!" He then suddenly pulled his shorts down showing his crotch. He was showing off how much pubic hair he had. He asked me, "What about hair down here? I'm sure you have that by now." Then he made me show him my crotch and I didn't have any hair there. He then laughed harder and said "I guess I'm the bigger brother now." I yelled at him after that and I said shut up and that I'm still his older brother so he still had to do what I said. He laughed and what he did next really shocked me. He took my left hand and put it in my shorts, and he put my right hand inside his boxers. I couldn't see it, but he made me put my hand around his dick. His penis was so thick, warm and hard I couldn't even wrap my entire hand around it. He then held my right hand and made me move it up and down his hard penis so I could feel how long it was and he said "Can you feel that? It's bigger than yours isn't it?" I said yes. He then made me hold his balls. His balls were so big, warm and heavy that only one ball could fit in my hand at one time. He then said "That's proof that I'm more man than you. So I'm the bigger brother now." I had no choice but to agree with him. The first time I saw my younger brother's penis happened the morning after that. I woke up early one morning and looked at his bed and I saw that he slept naked that night. The thing is, he was still asleep and his blanket had fallen to the floor, and nothing was covering his body. I went to his bed and looked at him, and I got so jealous about how perfect his body was. His hair and face was perfect, that all the girls (even the girls my age) had a crush on him, and they don't even look at me. His upper body was ripped with muscles and I was jealous since that was the body I wanted. My younger brother was sleeping with both his arms over his head, and I could see both his armpits full of hair that he was showing off to me before. The hair in his pits really made him look like a man, and I heard some of the girls saying that his armpit hair made my brother look and smell sexy. I wondered what the fuss was about, and since my brother was a heavy sleeper, I slowly put my nose in the hair in his pits, and inhaled the smell deep. He smelled like men's cologne, except that he never wears cologne. The smell was his natural musk and sweat, and it was amazing. No wonder the girls all wanted him. The thing that got my attention and hurt me the most was his dick, which was erect because of morning wood, pointing straight up the ceiling. It was huge. I took a ruler and measured it while he was sleeping, and it was already 8 inches long even if my brother is only 13 years old!! I took my own penis out and measured it, and I was an embarrassing 3 inches erect. My brother suddenly woke up and saw me looking at his body. He asked what I was looking at, and he said "You like what you see don't you? You wanna see what else my dick can do?" With that, he put both his hands around his erection (because one hand wasn't enough), and he started pumping it up and down. I was in shock, that I was just standing there watching him. After a few minutes, he said to watch out. Suddenly, he gave a scream and his dick started spurting thick creamy white sperm. He squirted about 12 times far over my head, and down all over his abs and bed. I felt so jealous because I'm already 16 and I couldn't even ejaculate sperm yet, while my 13 year old brother can squirt out loads of super creamy white semen. After, I admitted to him that I couldn't do what he just did, and he just laughed. He took my hand and made me scoop up a lot of his semen from his abs, and he put my hand inside my boxers. He made me spread his sperm all over my penis and balls, and he said "There. Spread that around. That's pure testosterone right there! Maybe now you'll grow some hair." Then he laughed some more. After all this happened, I felt really jealous with my brother. The one thing that made me feel happy was the fact that I had a girlfriend who was my age and loved me for who I was. One time, my girlfriend and I were in my room talking, when my younger brother sudden;y walks in the room, just wearing his boxer shorts. He was shirtless and extremely sweaty since he just finished working out from the gym in our basement. I told him that I had company, and that he should leave, but my girlfriend's eyes were stuck at his sweaty muscles. Then she said "Is this your little brother?!? He looks 17! I don't want him to leave!" Then my brother says that I'm the little brother. My brother then walks nearer her, and then he starts lifting his arms and showing off his hairy and sweaty armpits, letting her smell his body better. She then said that my brother and I should have a body competition and compare who has the biggest penis. The one who's longer wins, and gets to have sex with her. My brother agreed. My heart sunk, since I have always wanted to lose my virginity to my gf but I know there was no way I could win against my brother. I told them I didn't want to, but they both forced me. They made me take my shirt off, and showed my scrawny hairless body that looked like a little girl's. My brother started flexing, showing his abs and pecs, and his armpit hair. My girlfriend said that my brother wins, and next we have to compare dicks. I take off my shorts first, and they both laugh at my small pecker and my lack of pubic hair. They told me to get it hard, and I only got it up to an embarrassing 4 inches hard. They both laughed. My brother then proudly pulls his boxers down, showing off his soft penis that was at least 5 inches long. He also showed off the fact that he was a lot of pubes. My girlfriend started at his meat, obviously amazed at it. She said "How old are you?" and he said "I'm 13." She then said "No! That huge thing can't possibly belong to a 13 year old." SHe told us that my brother wins, and gets her as a prize. I felt so betrayed by both my brother and girlfriend. My brother makes me sit down on his bed, and they both go and use my bed! My brother was already naked from our contest, and he grabs my gf and starts making out with her, putting his tongue in her mouth. He then rips her clothes right off, and starts touching her tits - something I always wanted to do. When she was naked, he lay her on the bed with him on top of her, and he puts her legs apart. He made me look as he aimed his erection toward her pussy, and he slowly slid himself inside her. She screamed in pleasure and yelled that she instantly had an orgasm. I was staring in awe at my god of a brother as he slammed his penis inside my girlfriend. With every thrust he did and with every yell my girlfriend made, he proved that he was a man and that I wasn't. Suddenly, the door in our room opens and our dad walks in. I got really shocked that I jumped up my brothers bed. My brother and gf however, looked shocked but they didn't stop having sex. Our dad screams what the hell was going on, and my brother replies "just having a good time" and smirks. WHat my dad said next shocked me. He told my brother "Gooj job! That's my boy!" as he proudly watched his man of a son getting laid. My dad sat next to me on the bed as we watched them, and he whispered to me "Isn't she your girlfriend?" I couldn't answer him. He then looked back at them and noticed that my brother wasn't wearing a condom. He yells for them to stop and tell my brother "I won't allow you to have sex in this house without a condom!" My brother gives in, and pulls out from inside her, showing off his meat to our dad, reminding him who the real man was from his two sons. Our dad takes one look at my brother's long thick erection and says "That's my boy! I'm so proud at how you've grown!" My brother then looked at me and yelled at me to get the condoms from his drawer. I've never held condoms before so it took me some time to find it. When I found them, I saw that box and it said XXL on the size. I opened one and gave it to my brother, but he then told me that I should put it on him. Our dad watched as my 13 year old brother made me put a condom on his dick. As I slid the rubber down his shaft, the XXL condoms were still too tight for him! Our dad then said that they could continue, and my brother gave him a better view as he pushed his meat back inside her. Dad and I watched them have sex for another 30 minutes while dad kept cheering my brother on. He's never cheered for me for anything before. While they had sex, my girlfriend looks at me and says "sorry but I think we have to break up." Then my brother looks at me and smiles his perfect teeth at me and says "Yeah. Sorry man. I guess you guys have to break up. Sorry about that" He said that while he was pumping his dick in and out of my girlfriend!! My dad then looks at me last and says "Sorry son. You'll find someone else someday." After that, my brother pulls out and yells that he was about to shoot. He rips the condom off, and my dad, girlfriend and I watched as he shot his thick, creamy white sperm 20 times all over my girlfriend's face and all over my pillows! My girlfriend then uses her hand to scoop up as much of the semen as she can, and gulps it all up in her mouth. My dad then yells "Good job!" at him and gives him a high five. My brother gets up to go to the shower and he tells me "Sorry about the bed, man! Guess you'll have to clean that up." With that, I take some tissues and begin to wipe all that white semen on my pillows and above my headboard. I finished an entire box just to clean his sperm since there was just too much. Now, my brother just turned 14 and I'm 17, and he still walks around naked in our room especially when he has an erection. He also masturbates in front of me all the time, just to show off and remind me that he's the bigger stronger man, while I'm just a little boy. I get hurt of course, but now I'm amazed at my god of a brother. Now, we get along as much and is actually kinder to me. I asked him once how it felt to be able to ejaculate, and he nicely explained it all to me - how he started shooting sperm when he was 11, and how it felt. Sometimes, I'd even ask him to show me again, and he'd just take his penis out, start masturbating it to get hard, and show me his semen after. I often still get amazed at how he ejaculates up to 20 times when he cums, and how creamy and white his sperm is. He always shoots so much semen that the bed gets really wet. I even told him once "No wonder your balls are so big and heavy! You have so much sperm in it!" He even tells me "Don't worry bro. I'm sure it'll start happening to you soon!"

ShaneOct 06 2011 11:44am
im a guy,im straight into woman only,but sometimes when i see some very well build man,with huge ripped muscles,especialy with huge muscular thighs and he have large penis big like horse,with huge balls hanging down-i often wish to feel how great it would be to have chance to hold his dick in my hands and jerk him off.feel how hard he is,so when man like this appear in porn,sometimes i focus on him-and get strong erection just to wathing his pumped large thighs with huge dick and balls hanging between them imagining im doing it to him with hands,touching his flexing muscular legs.

AnonymousOct 08 2011 12:46pm
Omg you guys have made me so f*cking horny!

ZanderOct 09 2011 4:42am
im straight too,only woman,but when i see very muscular man,with huge balls and dick-i get horny too-would have no problem to do it to him-i mean nothing more than using my hands-jerking him off,that would be great,i would be spraying too with him.

AnonymousOct 13 2011 8:20am
i always naked in public..

uDec 30 2011 8:18am
Im 16 but have a smaller dick than my 13 yr old cousin. He is 7.75 compare to my 4.5 inch n twice as thick

RandyMar 13 2012 4:41am
My 11 yr old brother caught me jerkin off. Im 15 and had just reach puberty 6 months earlier. I didnt know what to do so I told him that I would show him how to do it once he reach puberty. He just stood there n said he knows how. I laughed n he told me I was the joke. He pulled down his pants n I was shock to see he was more developed than me. He was 6.5 compare to my 5 inch. He had twice as.much pubes. He told me he had pubes 9 months earlier but didnt want to tell me because he knew I was still smooth n smaller. He is the same height n weight. we compared n jerk off. He calls me little bro but only when we're alone.

JamieMar 13 2012 4:59am
My dick is two inches smaller than my 13 yr old cousin. Im almost 16. We went swimming n after we went to take shower I covered my privates with my hand. He asked me if I was shy n said yes. He said it was ok n that he was gonna be nude to. I was facing away from him and he said see im ok to be naked around you. He was so much more developed than me. He told me not to be embaress n turn around n talk. I hesitated but turn towards him. He ask how often I shave n I told him I didnt. He was shock he had a full bush compare to my recent little crown of less than 100 hairs. He ask me to lift my arms to compare his pitt hairs. I had nothing n one pitt was more than my pubes. By this time his stepbrother who was also his age came in. he was shorter than both of us but had more pubes and just as big as his c*ck. My erection was smaller than their soft. It was exciting to see such huge c*cks n manly bodies.

ShawnMar 13 2012 5:45am
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AnonymousJun 18 2012 11:29am
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gaywodsJun 18 2012 11:30am
Wow i want the younger bro!

HornygirlnowJun 24 2012 11:40am
Im 17 but have small amount of pubes and have a 5.5 inch hard-on. My 12/13 yr old brothers have more pubes and are 6.75 hard.

daleJul 21 2012 1:59pm
I am a girl and reading all of this comments make me tingle!!!!!! Shane tell ur little brother to email me at ur little brother seems sooo SEXY!!! Do u think he would want to play with my private parts! Or suck on my Boobs one time my ex licked my vagina oh ya Shane if ur brothers not avalible u can email me too

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ChrisOct 07 2012 8:18pm
you are rude

charlotte harrisOct 12 2012 12:30pm
Wow no one I know is nearly as open to comparing dicks or anything, guess that's just Irish culture as opposed to American.

JakeOct 16 2012 11:07am
I am 16 and spend every other weekend with my 21 y/o uncle naked. While in college, he had a summer job at a nudist camp and got use to be naked at his home. When I first visited him, he encouraged me to go nude, but I was shy until I saw my dick was as big as his. Even though there is 6 years difference in our ages, we look like twins even naked. One time when I visited he had "found" some porn magazines. I found that my uncle and I liked looking at the male equipment mire than the naked girls. At the bottom of the pile, I found some gay magazines. I fascinated me; it contained pictures of brothers and uncles and young nephews having sex. I creamed without touching myself. My uncle winked and smiled as he licked the cum off my stomach. Now I only wish that I spent the entire summer naked with my uncle.

almost a twinOct 27 2012 6:20am
I wish i was more like my 11/12 yr old brothers. Im 15 but pubeless with a 3.5 in hard on. They both have full bush and pitt hairs and 4.75 soft/6.75 hard. They have hairy legs and arms to. Im 5.5" n they are both 5'7".

codyNov 01 2012 1:20pm
My 12 yr old brother has more pubes and bigger dick than me im 16. He reached puberty when he while i just started a month before my 16 th birthday.(2 months ago).im 5'8" and he is 5'5". He wanted to compare to see what he would look like when he is a teen. I tried to ignore him but he insisted on showing him my pubes. I only have a few hairs(bout 20-30). I said no so he said he would go first and pull down his pants and reveal a full bush and soft 5 incher. I couldnt believe how much more a man he was. It was exciting to see a big hairy c*ck. I hesitated but pull down my shorts to reveal my immature.dick with short hairs. He was surprised i look like a kid. He told me he looked like that 2 yrs ago. My hardon is smaller than his soft. His hard is 7.75 n thicker than my wrist. He is now my older brother

mattNov 06 2012 2:59pm
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RhysNov 07 2012 4:48am
My 12 yr old cousin is more man than me im 17. I just reached puberty n have little hairs(about 50) whereas he has a full bush n pithairs. Im 5'8" n he is 5'6". My dick is 3soft n 4.25hard n thin. His is 5.25soft n 7.9 hard n 3 times thicker.

jakeNov 09 2012 3:55am
it is like a blog for people that have not realized there gay but no efence

this was disturbing to readNov 10 2012 5:49pm
very gay. All of yous have tiny c*cks mines 8'

heathNov 10 2012 11:05pm
anyone from MA?

AnonymousNov 11 2012 10:58am
I am 15 years old and have a twin bother we are both strait and both sleep in the same bedroom. we are very close we both work out so when we are in our house we are allways in our boxes. we both sleep naked every night so we have both seen each other naked we both have the same amount of pubes pit hair and the same sized dicks we jerk off in the same room all the time. And when in our room or at home by our self we walk around naked we both love boxing and wrestling and sometimes have naked boxing and wrestling matches I have touched my brothers Dick and he's touched mine we sometimes sleep in the same bed naked and hug because we are twins and we are close so that's what we do. we don't do any thing sexual as we both think that is going to far and gay we don't mind as we think there is nothing wrong with it because we are twins.

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The devilNov 13 2012 7:04pm
Someone send a link if u and u brothers naked

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SjsjNov 26 2012 12:54am
I am 16, and have 2 brothers, 1 is 15 and another 17. We live with our dad, mom lives in another city because of divorce.. We brothers stay naked at home most of the time and even jerk off in front of each other! Our neighbour who is single woman fancies us, as she get to see us naked, she would come to our house and enjoy seeing us three brothers naked and our ripped bodies.!

AlexNov 27 2012 4:40am
Y'all suck. I'm 15 and I'm over 7 inches with a full bush. Suckers

Boo elbowsNov 28 2012 3:59pm
I just wish I could relate to any of my siblings. Twin sister and 7 year old brother

Boo elbows Nov 28 2012 4:01pm
Shane sorry dude... You have a really sucky family. I hate them already for what they did to your whore of an ex girlfriend.

Boo elbowsNov 28 2012 4:02pm
In front of u too. Must have sucked.

Boo elbowsNov 28 2012 4:03pm
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NudieNov 29 2012 6:12am
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boyDec 01 2012 9:24am
Wow your girlfriend, bro, and dad are *ssholes... I'm 14, 6ft tall,;; and 6" long.. I workout but I would NEVER treat anyone in my family like that... and is 6" small at my age?

anonymous 14Dec 01 2012 10:09pm
When I was growing up it was perfectly OK to be naked around the house. My parents said it was just a God given body part, something we are born with. It's no different than someone seeing our bare feet or hands without gloves. Most people use their hands during sex. We can still let other people see our hands in a nonsexual setting. But walking around with an erection was very frowned upon. That meant something was on your mind that shouldn't be shared with family members. Nudity does not equal sex. If you get aroused just because someone saw you naked, or if you see someone else naked, your maturity level is quite low.

AnonymousDec 03 2012 6:53am
I was 11, when Dad took me and my brothers ages 16 and 14 to Disney World. We shared a room with 2 double beds, Dad and I slept in one and my brothers slept in the other. I awoke during the night, and saw my 2 older brothers and Dad naked on the other bed. It was awesome. When the others discovered I was awake, my oldest brother came to me naked, asking if I liked what I saw. He didn't wait for an answer, but took me in his arms cumming all over me. Dad and my other brother joined in cleaning me with their tongues. It was the best vacation we ever had. During the day, we were having fun at Disney World and at night in bed at the hotel. Since returning home I always have a bed partner.

AnonymousDec 04 2012 11:00am

PriyaDec 05 2012 8:29am
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AnonymousDec 06 2012 3:33pm
Im 12 and started puberty before my 15 yr old cousin. Im 5'4 he is 5'8. I have pubes n am 4.75 soft n 6.5 hard. He has no hairs n is 3.5 soft 5 hard.

zakDec 07 2012 3:13pm
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The Sane OneDec 27 2012 11:42am
I wish i had a brother...not in a wierd way i just have two annoying older sisters

the youngest childDec 27 2012 11:43am
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JustinDec 27 2012 4:16pm
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i am 15 have a younger bro 11 but he taller and more develped then me i didnt care at first but when my older sister found out she told my mum and dad they started calling me the younger brother and i get treated like im 11 by having a bedtime and needing to be back home by 5:30 at night or i have to stay naked at the weekend even if we have company so i think i am worse off then you bro

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shane, ur story is a bestseling scholastic new york times newsberry novel lol

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guy with questionsJan 13 2013 4:10pm
lol everyone talking about my bro, not MEH

shaneJan 13 2013 7:20pm
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Eman,Jan 15 2013 2:35pm
wats ur question, scott? :] is it about..... what?

loganJan 15 2013 4:23pm
Dude Shane, to me ur lucky as hell lol I wish I had a less hairy body then and now, Trust me if I could magically give u some of it I would haha but on a serious note that was a sucky situation with u in that story and I feel for u, but anyways hit me up anytime if us like or anyone else here 9404141326

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andrewJan 17 2013 9:00am
Andrew i sould quit ur f*cking lying u dumb as f*ck if u think someone would belive this bullpoo ur a lying c*ntnugget u probely cant even cum dumb bitch

Eman who dont belive this shitJan 17 2013 1:01pm
You won't believe cause it ain't happening to you ok,i hate insults ok,eman you gotta watch the way you talk to people.Got that?

andrewJan 17 2013 4:16pm
eman calm down i read ur comments and it seems some 1 didnt get their naptime

calm the fuck down emanJan 17 2013 4:35pm
ok, right i have a 15 year old cousin and i am 17, it all started when we used to hang out with eachother like we used go out together with my brother and some friends, we ysed to go and hang on this field together and one time we where sittng there and i was so horny at the time and i started to wank in front of my cousin, he then pulled out his junk and started pulling on it, he complimented on my meat and said wow thats big, so then i was joking about by saying to him, wow your not hard yet and he replied yeah im half way their so i pulled my had to touch it see if it was hard and it was hard and warm, it made me harder. we started to jerk off and then we stopped to put our penises away. a few days later i was babysitting for a family member who lives on the same street as me and my cousin, so i said to him you can come and sit with me if you want and he replied with yeah ok, so then we were just sitting on the couches he was on one and i was on the other and next thing i know he got his already hard c*ck out and starting to jerk off i said to him, wow you are pretty big when your really hard, i could feel my c*ck going harder and harder and i could feel the precum in my boxers. he doesnt know that i am gay, know one does. then a few months past and he stayed at my house for the night to hang with me and my brother. when it was time to sleep he had no were to sleep so i kindly offered that we could share my bed and he would go at the bottom and i would go at the top then as everyone was asleep i took the quilt off us and he was snoring quietly so i knew he was asleep. he sleeps in his boxer shorts all the time so i bent over and started to sniif his hole i was so hard that i could feel my c*ck pulsing, i started to pull his boxers down slightly and saw his ballsack i sniffed that and licked it a bit, then i thought i am going to stroke his hole so i put my fingers by his whole and then he woke up, i threw my self down and pretended to be asleep and then pulled his boxers back up and when to bed. the next morning i had to rush out somewere and was really feeling sick about what had happened the night before because he might actually find out that i am gay or something but once i came back from where i needed to be we were siting their watching tv when suddenly he said to be ahy did you put your fingers up my bum lastnight and my heart sank right into my stomach and i replied no i think he knew i was lying because my face went slightly red. i then went on holiday for a week the next day with my family and i was very paranoid and thought that every phone call my dad got was about what happened a few nights ago anyway it was all good and fine and when we returned form the holiday my cousin stayed again he slept on the floor with lots of blankets and yet again he was in his boxers. i couldnt resist the thought of this night going to waste so i waited for him to sleep and then i made my move and went in to do what i usually do but this time i took pictures of my findings so that i could jerk off when ever i wanted. now this happened about august 2010 or 2011 so its pretty long ago but i few times sex and pubes and things have been brought into conversation with us and their isnt a problem like i said to him one time when he was in his boxers i said are you hard cause his penis was sticking out a bit and he said no and pulled his boxer down to show me or i said to him one time so did you sahve your pubes and he was like yeahhh and showed me, but i am so sexually frustrated and everytime i see him now i just want to suck him dry and do everything with him. i know he wont because i have seen his search hstory and he loves to watch staright porn. but when i stay at his house now he is never in because i stay with his sister whch is my cousin and we are really close so when he isnt in i sleep in his bed and usually their are dirty boxers on the floor and i scoop them up and sniff them and i cum for about 30 seconds, he makes me so hard and i hate that i cant have him but at every chance i get i will eventually suck his c*ck and eat that hairy bum hole of his, but in due time i will continue to sniff his boxers with cum stains in them and i will continue to anything when he is sleeping until i get what i want.

TomJan 18 2013 2:54am
had pubs by the age of 10

fredJan 18 2013 10:46am
Hey,this site is full of gays

namelessJan 18 2013 2:03pm
Shane so sorry,your stroy is so touching,your girlfriend is heartless,she is a cheap bitch,your dad is a shame to fatherhood sorry to say,he bro dunno what to say,anyways don't worry ok,you'll find a girl that's loves you just the way you are ok,if you need advice just alert me ok.

sexy divaJan 19 2013 4:30am
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EmanJan 19 2013 4:08pm

namelessJan 19 2013 7:20pm
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AnonymousJan 28 2013 12:05pm
fine stories. some boys are straight, several gay. I like that. our whole family often meet naked in the bathroom, whoever has to go in or come out: dad, mom, 2 bro and one sis

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curious teenFeb 02 2013 8:02pm
Have I actually read these comments properly. OMG! But then fair play.

TeenFeb 03 2013 1:30am
Jesus you Americans are crazy. Here in Europe, you would never hear or talk about this poo. If I where you guys I would be careful what you write on this as the police and child protection services monitor sites like this. Be careful to who you share your information with.

Euro guyFeb 03 2013 9:43am
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''just Believe In Yourself''Feb 04 2013 5:32am
I am gay

'' just belive in yourself''Feb 04 2013 5:55am
wish i could find one of you horny boys.

lonely manFeb 05 2013 11:42am
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EmanFeb 05 2013 5:18pm
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daniel {age 16}Feb 07 2013 1:57am
Eman, ur facebook page, you look like a 9 year old...... and why does it have: (young kazz)

namelessFeb 07 2013 2:14am
Danel no im not gay so hell no and nameless dats my son as my profile pic

EmanFeb 07 2013 2:50am
Young kazz thats my star name

EmanFeb 07 2013 3:06am
His name is raezz and he is three

EmanFeb 07 2013 3:29am
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AnonymousFeb 07 2013 5:00pm
No im not gay eman dont send pics leave me alone u fags

EmanFeb 07 2013 5:09pm
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EmanFeb 07 2013 6:03pm
Sorry if i affended any one i was just mad im bipolar and get mad veary quick

EmanFeb 07 2013 6:18pm

AnonymousFeb 07 2013 6:41pm
U dont gotta send any if u dont want to im asking others too

AnonymousFeb 07 2013 6:52pm
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i feel bad for shane(think i got it right) your brothers mean and your gf is a cheater i hope you find love soon!!‹3

AnonymousFeb 19 2013 10:41pm
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AlexFeb 19 2013 10:43pm
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And Shane ur a f*ckin lieing little twat

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Shane send me pics of you and your brother compared at I wanna see if you're being serious.

AnonymousFeb 23 2013 11:00pm

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Been into boys since I was about 9 loved to watch the other boys change when we went swimming . I am bi not love boys :-)

MMar 02 2013 7:01am
i love these posts

AnonymousMar 03 2013 4:31pm

IdkMar 06 2013 9:28pm
Who got pics

AnonymousMar 06 2013 10:07pm
Of Shane and his bro

AnonymousMar 06 2013 10:08pm
Turned on!

Email meMar 07 2013 5:17pm
i dont have a smaller bro nor a bigger one all i know is that im straight and am 16 and have a 9.5inch c*ck

kevMar 10 2013 5:36am
u know im an asian and in asia we dont usually show our dick to our bros

kevMar 10 2013 5:54am
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Hottieloleric@gmail.comMar 10 2013 4:25pm
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Fact asians have small dicks and thats all i have to say

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I hate asians there dicks r not worrth looking at

EmanMar 12 2013 4:30am
I know

AnonymousMar 12 2013 2:55pm
But the thing is im bord and wanna chat 954 274 4790

EmanMar 12 2013 4:59pm
I Consider myself bi when I was 8 me and my cousin who was a year younger use to hump and suck each other he move away 5 year ago now I'm much older and wish he was around now because there's so much I want to do with him that we didn't do then

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