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Girls, you are using your muscles to cause pain to your boyfriend or brother ?

Created by: Lucius45 at 12:56:28 AM, Tuesday, October 18, 2011 PDT


lucius45,i am sure there are and i know there are girls out there that get turn-on from using their muscles to cause pain to their boyfriends,husbands,brothers and even fathers! i see at the gyms or health clubs i work out in! i see girls getting bigger and stronger muscles then the males around them! and know for a fact girls love to see the males around them suffer using them!

jonathanOct 18 2011 10:38am

Chloe and Zanders,i am back!

jonathanOct 18 2011 10:59am
yes,i have felt a girls squeezing power with her thighs going down on her! when they are orgasming they can produce a tremendous squeeze and these are strong fitness girls!

jonathanOct 18 2011 11:24am
I have a douche of a big brother who is 21 and wont get it that females can be superior to males and have better, stronger muscles. I'm 17 and I'm our schools champion gymnast. My muscles are bigger than my brothers. I can even beat my 24 yearold brother at armwrestling but he is cool, he respects and is really proud of me and we get on fine. 21yearold bro hates all of this and doesnt like it when i wear a bikini round the house or flex my muscles. Now hes recovering from a broken arm and cracked ribs lol. He was stupid enough to lose his temper and push me off the breakfast bar stool which hurt! I put him in a body scissors and cracked two of his ribs and while i had him locked up in that i pulled his arm back, flexed my bicep and snapped his upper arm over my muscle. Its been a week now and he hasnt spoken to me, much less harassed me.

PhyliciaOct 18 2011 2:00pm
Phylicia!!!! BIG HUGS GIRL! So glad you posted that story, I figured you would lol. Gavin read it and it gave him goose bumps. He asked who was strongest out of the two of us and I told him you were probably. I told him our biceps are about the same size, he wants to feel your strength hehe

Chloe ( 18 2011 2:44pm
Heya Chloe! Say hi to Gavin for me. I'm so looking forward to meeting him, tell him he can armwrestle me tonight if he wants. And you and I should armwrestle too! Bet he'll love to watch that tehe

PhyliciaOct 18 2011 2:52pm
Phylicia and Chloe, you two sound like the Amazing Amazon Sisters! so,how big are your biceps Phylicia?

jonathanOct 18 2011 3:17pm
Hey Chloe, jus t one more match and the All Blacks are worldchamps.Just as the Dutch baseball team.

Anonymous2Oct 18 2011 3:45pm
Chloe, it seems you and Phylicia are friends. I have mentioned to you in another conversation that with great strength comes great responsibilities. You seem to already have that understanding. You should try to impress that idea to your friend. to have inflicted so much damage on her brother, even tho he is older, was a mean and irresponsible thing to have done. she should learn to control such strength. (Yeah, Phylicia, I am sure you are reading this. You can have so much fun with your power, run with it; but learn to control such strength.)

ObservingOct 19 2011 2:41am
Think, Phylicia. You are still very young. you are a very powerful young lady. Your brother really had no business pushing you off the stool like that. your reaction was, perhaps to be expected; however, couldn't you have had a bit of fun instead of creating a situation that could be breeding a bit of hatred for a long time to come. I beleive, from what you have said, that you could very well have pinned him with your legs, trapped his arm, and held him there in a very helpless situation for however long it took to make him recognize your great strength and finally to understand the futility of resistance. He should have appollogized before being allowed to escape. I believe he would come around to your side a whole lot more quickly than with broken ribs and arms. He would respect you on so many more levels than now. for now, I am sure he fears you mightily; respect, i am not so sure. Look at yourself. you are young and strong. respect yourself for who you are and accept the responsibility that will be facing you for many years to come.

ObservingOct 19 2011 3:05am
Think, Phylicia. You are still very young. you are a very powerful young lady. Your brother really had no business pushing you off the stool like that. your reaction was, perhaps to be expected; however, couldn't you have had a bit of fun instead of creating a situation that could be breeding a bit of hatred for a long time to come. I beleive, from what you have said, that you could very well have pinned him with your legs, trapped his arm, and held him there in a very helpless situation for however long it took to make him recognize your great strength and finally to understand the futility of resistance. He should have appollogized before being allowed to escape. I believe he would come around to your side a whole lot more quickly than with broken ribs and arms. He would respect you on so many more levels than now. for now, I am sure he fears you mightily; respect, i am not so sure. Look at yourself. you are young and strong. respect yourself for who you are and accept the responsibility that will be facing you for many years to come.

ObservingOct 19 2011 3:07am
Observing,sorry man! i think you are wrong on telling Phylicia she should have just pinned her older brother instead of breaking his ribs and arm! my father always said to me until you walk in another ones shoes you don't know if her older brother always resent Phylicia because of her early physical prowess? and we don't know what her brother physical abilities are? people like her older brother have a hard time accepting younger sisters being bigger stronger with powerful muscles then them! the only thing they understand is physical confrontation! so,Phylicia has every right to show her brother not to push her around! he just sounds like a bully!

jonathanOct 19 2011 7:54am
Chloe,did you get my e-mail?

jonathanOct 19 2011 10:11am
Phylicia, to me you did the right thing to your older brother! it sounds like your brother is or was a bully and had whats coming to him! he probably couldn't handle that you are stronger and have powerful muscles than him! unfortunately there are a lot of males out there we males are the weaker sex and you girls are the stronger sex!

jonathanOct 19 2011 11:56am
Phylicia, you can ask Chloe about me if you feel uncomfortable commenting with me!

jonathanOct 19 2011 4:43pm
You are a sick man, Jonathan

ObservingOct 20 2011 1:03am
Observing, i am not a sick man! i just see things differently than you thats all! i have been Phylicia's shoes! when i was young going through early school and althrough high school i was bullied and picked on all the time but during that time i discovered the weight room and wrestling and taught me never back down to bullies or to people that picked on me!so, you see i see things a different way!

jonathanOct 20 2011 7:43am
My biceps are 13inch - not as big as Chloes but I'm 5'4 shes 5'6. I'm also really white compared to Chloe who is lucky to be tan all year round grrr, shes so sexy! I can still get guys going wild over me though ha. I started at the same school Chloe was at, beginning of this year, she left end of last so I didn't know her bf etc. Jonathan I love how open and straight up you are lol! You sound like a stud too! Chloe tells me you're a personal trainer whos like 50 or something, you sound our age but way more clued up about chicks. I can see why you and Chloe get on so well tehe. Oh and I'm also way stronger than Chloe, I beat her at armwrestling then put her in a camel clutch infront of Gavin last night then let gavin feel my arms :P

PhyliciaOct 20 2011 11:36am
Phylicia - I'm glad you and Gav got on so well last night! Did you not realise he'd creamed his pants by the time we'd finished our armwrestle? Lol! Which you soooo took ages to beat me in babe! You're stronger but not by much pfft! Lol and you got lucky with that camel clutch you bitch haha! I should never have told you that was Gavin's and my favourite!

Chloe ( 20 2011 11:48am
Phylicia,i would have loved to see you and Chloe wrestle! two sexy Amazons doing battle! I would have a hard on that would never go down! its too bad you girls can't put that up on YouTube! and if you want to learn more about me go down this poll and look for girls muscle and strength and tell me what you think!

jonathanOct 20 2011 11:56am
My biceps are 13inch - not as big as Chloes but I'm 5'4 shes 5'6. I'm also really white compared to Chloe who is lucky to be tan all year round grrr, shes so sexy! I can still get guys going wild over me though ha. I started at the same school Chloe was at, beginning of this year, she left end of last so I didn't know her bf etc. Jonathan I love how open and straight up you are lol! You sound like a stud too! Chloe tells me you're a personal trainer whos like 50 or something, you sound our age but way more clued up about chicks. I can see why you and Chloe get on so well tehe. Oh and I'm also way stronger than Chloe, I beat her at armwrestling then put her in a camel clutch infront of Gavin last night then let gavin feel my arms :P

PhyliciaOct 20 2011 12:03pm
Phylicia, i hope you will also in time consider me a friend too! i love hearing from girls like you!

jonathanOct 20 2011 12:13pm
Phylicia,have you ever lifted a guy over head? Chloe told me she lifted Gavin over head!

jonathanOct 20 2011 12:48pm
Noooo I havent! But I reckon I could easily hehe. Yeah she told me about lifting Gavin, shes so awesome right? I might try a few things with Scottie, he was all over my muscles last night! It was awesome! So, do you have a girlfriend or just muscle girl friends with benefits? :P

PhyliciaOct 20 2011 9:11pm
Jonathan, I repeat, You are sick. I don't think you have ever had a responsibilty of raising children. The fact you were a weakling as a youngster is no excuse for what you are trying to do with these young women. I also was picked on when I was a kid. I managed to make myself strong by hard work on a relatives farm and later stayed strong thru work in heavy construction. I have never, in my life, weighed more than 150#'s. My weight now is down to 130 and i try to stay there. That is all beside the point. When my kids were old enough to play at sports, i became a coach at the sport they chose. I coached boys of about age 6 thru 12. Girls, i coached from 6 thru 18. When i was given a girls "traveling" team, I enlisted one of the mothers to assist me. Why, because I recognized girls have different problems than boys. i felt i needed a woman's help for me to be a better influence to those young women. I coached girls teams for 11 years and had a ball doing it. Those girls were just as competitive, maybe some were more-so than the boys. They were more fun by far. Thru all of that coaching, i always tried to be a good example and communicated with the parents, especially with the mothers. I think I was a good influence and have actually stayed connected with the sports groups in my town long since i was thru with coaching. I have been involved as with the rec commission in my town for over 30 years and am highly regarded for the work I have done there. I am still involved with all of the sports groups in town and at the present time, i am in correspondence with people who have influence at the state level. Not exactly in the direction of athletics, but a direction that is stlll very important to athletic activities for children. I am sick to my stomach over they way you are trying to influence these young women. Chloe is 19. she is legally, in many locations, an adult. I think she is already aware of her importance as an influence to her own siblings. She is heading in a good direction. Phylicia is only 17 and you are trying to develope a friendship that is not necessarilly healthy with her. your are trying to get close with another young girl who is only, by her own admission, 14. Sure, try to encourage them to be strong. That is admirable. you are trying to encourage far beyond what you have any right or obligation to be doing. As a matter of fact, i believe you are not only a very sick man, but you are also a bit long on the other side of truth. If you are a fitness instructor as a profession, you would have been out on your butt many years ago. With your reputed reputation for bedding your students (by your own admission) I would hunt you down should you have ever gotten near my daughter, or any other young girl in my area. End of rant for now.

ObservingOct 21 2011 12:27am
Chloe, i hope you have taken the time to read above. I hope you and your friends who have been following this series of postings can see the trees, so to speak. I admire your strength and do hope you can put it to good use, as you have in the past. you are physically strong and you have shown signs of being strong in other ways that will be of bennefit to yourself and others. you are not to young to be making something of your life. Hey, i was volunteering to work with younger boys when i was as young as 17, or thereabouts. You have potential to do good things with your life in ways that will be of great help to your friends, especially other young women. When I was your age, strong young girls 9teenagers and older) were not appreciated, especially if they showed muscles. I did get excited over such girls, but must sadly admit, i went with the crowd and steered away from such girls. I am ashamed of such turning away of possibly very fine persons. Discovery of the internet has been a revelation to me and i have come to understand my own deep desires. However, there are some, out in the world, who, even tho they have the potential to be doing great good, have chosen a road of predation. Be aware and above all, be careful. You are a very desireable young lady. learn to balance that with your potential to be a complete person. You have some interests that can lead you beyond what is presently of singular interest to you. make use of those interest and develope yourself to your full potential. Be an influence to your friends as well. I'm on your side

ObservingOct 21 2011 12:42am
Observing - thankyou for your viewpoints here and for your concern. It actually did make me think a whole lot and you raised a couple of issues I think I may have missed or over looked. Personally speaking (and I don't mean to make any excuses for anyone or make little of all you have just said) I tend to make liberal use of the internet's anonymity in that the chances of us all meeting are slim to none and so this forum is reality only to the degree that the reader of these posts trusts that the truth is being told. All of us could be anyone and not really who we say we are. Anyone can say anything and go at length to make it sound like the real deal. Which I guess is why, to some degree I dont so much take this site too seriously on the whole. I enjoy a relationship with my boyfriend were there is a deep and relaxed level of trust and understanding of where the boundaries lie and it happens that I enjoy turning guys in general on with my strength and muscles and Gavin loves the effect his fitness babe girlfriend has on guys. I'd never take it too far though. Theres alot of all that, with regards to the sexually charged nature of alot of these posts which I'm keen to keep between Jonathan and I via email which is why I suggested it back in the "girls strength and muscle" poll. Phylicia is 18 and in our country legally free to do what she wants sexually and responsibly. Zander is 15 and so you may have some valid points that her and Jonathan need to concider. I'm all in this for fun, Phylicia is just pure confidence and power and well aware of what her body and her power can get her. There is alot her and I talk about off line and theres alot we wouldnt bring up online. I cant account for Zander, I just urge care with regards to certain interaction because I think lines could be being crossed to some degree maybe.

Chloe ( 21 2011 3:28am
Chloe, evidently there have been some birthdays recently. I am not concerned about physical meetings between respondents. A whole lot can be going on mentally that might not be s appropriate. I just think a lot can be read between the lines as far as inappropriate influences are concerned. I think You are right on point in healthy direction

ObservingOct 21 2011 4:20am
To all out there! i never attended to offend anyone on this poll or any other ones i have answered! and i am going to try and tone it down. and Observing if i offend you i am sorry! i am not this monster you think i am! and going to tone it down with Zanders!and i do respect every ones opinion even your Observing! i really did not think that people would take these polls so serious!like i said i hope you all can fore give me!

jonathanOct 21 2011 5:35am
Observing, i want to apologize to you if i deeply offended you from my answers on these polls! i really did not think people really took these polls very serious! like Chloe said i really don't know whom is at the other end of these computers and i need to look more carefully at whom i am answering to! so,i hope at sometime you can forgive me! i will try to answer these polls better!

jonathanOct 21 2011 7:38am
To all of you out there think i prey on young girls i do not! i have a very big heart and i try to help every girl reach there physical potential and it does upset me to think some out there think i do! i am not a sick person that this other person things i am! i really try to train girls of all ages and i do train a lot of abused wives,girlfriends.daughters and sisters to be able to defend them selves! and i do see a lot ugliness and the mistreatment and abused! and i do say to myself why we all can't treat one another nicely! but, thats not the real world we live in! and nothing gives me satifaction to see the girls i train to stick up for their selves! so,you see i am not a monster that some one makes me out to be!

jonathanOct 21 2011 10:16am
Phylicia, you asked me if i have a girlfriend? No i don't never found the right one yet! but,i did about 20-25 years ago before i started workig as a personal trainer! did find the one that i thought i was going to be with! i was working out my gym one day and i notice this girl lifting these heavy weights that i never saw before and as she was bench pressing i could she was struggling a little with what she was lifting by the way she had on 375lbs and walked over to her to spot her because i saw no one trying to help her! and after what she told me was her 10th rep! she thanked me and was able to get a very good look at her and when i saw her my heart almost jumped out of my chest! just before was this power house amazon benching more than i could! she introduce her self to me as Molly! and when she stood up she was about 3-4 inches taller than me and 200 lbs of pur muscle! by the way i am only 5'6-5'7! and soon as we met we connected right away and became her training partner! she always looking for a male partner for awhile but she told me she always scared the guys away seeing that she was stronger and bigger muscles than them! molly was 25 years old and i just turned 30! we spent 4 years together and it did not bother me that saw was bigger and much stronger than me! matter of fact it was a great turn-on for me and molly!and every day after we lifted we would wrestle and i never ever beat her! she would put me all kinds of wrestling power holds! and let me tell you once molly put me holds there was no getting out! see,molly use to lift me over head with out breaking a sweat! and her bear hugs and backbreakers were unbelievable!and yet we haven't got to her legs! the strength in her legs were scary because of the tremendous power and strength she had in them! by the way i forgot to tell you her arms were 17-18inches,chest 44 inch and thighs were 25 inches! like i said was with her molly for about 4-5 years and was going to marry her and hopefully spent the rest my life with her! but,molly developed breast cancer going into are 5 year together. if was discovered to late for her and found out had spread! and i watched the love of my life slip away from me! i took care of her the whole time she was sick and up to the end which was 6 months! so,every once in awhile that special person does walk into ones life like mine and so far i have not found that special one! but,after her death i could not go into a gym or health club for almost a year with out thinking about molly! then i started to get it together again started working out and was offered a job as trainer and thats how i started as a personal trainer and worked with girls hope to fin that special person again but,i guess you only find that once in your life!

jonathanOct 21 2011 11:27am
Jonathan,after reading a lot of your messages I think you are turned on reading messages of girls inwhich they tell you about their strenght and how they lift boys/man over their heads.

AnonymousOct 21 2011 1:18pm
Woah woah woah! Seriously there needs to be some chilling out people! This is just an internet poll, it doesnt need to be taken so seriously! And yes I am 18 not 17 and I've been legal for over two years now. Also, the topic of girls muscles and strength is usually always going to have some kinda turn on/sexual aspect to it when guys are involved. I don't know what its like in other parts of the world, but here in New Zealand, girls with muscle are mostly accepted as hot and sexy and usualy when you get some opposition is only from guys or girls who are jealous and really like it or want it themselves. Every guy I know including my brothers are turned on by the sight of my muscles. The same with Chloe. My brothers won't do anything further, but its really difficult to separate the sexual stuff from it if you're going to be honest about it. I don't think Jonathan has done anything wrong! No offence Chloe but if Jonathan is going to get into trouble and Chloe gets completely let off, how is that fair? Chloe and I are both concenting adults as far as sexual interaction go and Jonathan is not the only one who gets way turned on by the posts we have been discussing. I think Jonathan is genuinely a good person and I think this is a clash between conservatism and realism than anything else. When it comes to Zander, well theres all kinds of other things going on there and people need to show some maturity. But I don't think we should stop having fun on this thing.

PhyliciaOct 21 2011 1:59pm
Phylicia,i am glad you are on my side! thank you! and i do enjoy polling with you and Chloe! it is hard to know for anyone to really know whom is on the other side of these computers! and when they don't really tell you what age they are it is difficult to know!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:06pm
Ok i can speak for myself thankyou! Im 16 in 6days and im gonna have sex, im gonna have guys and girls at my party and my cheerleader friends and i are gonna make muscles for the guys and let them all go wild over us wrestling, armwrestling and flexing. Im going to give myself to my best friend who has been crushing on me for months now and i like him - hes great to me and looooves my muscles. This is the 21st century. Im sick of the so called moral majority telling teenagers what not to do. So much negativity - dont do this dont do this - its like their world is all built around what we cant do and then they wonder why we rebel!!! Hello!!! Tell us why, how and what is good or better. The world is full of haters and complainers - but do they ever come up with better ideas? No! They don't! So anyone who has a problem with me, Jonathan, Chloe or Phylicia talking muscle sex etc can piss off! Ha!

ZanderOct 21 2011 2:07pm
oh and jonathan, im really sorry to hear about your ex dying from breast cancer! That must have been so hard for you! My uncle died of throat cancer years ago and that was difficult for my family. I think you are a nice person too : )

ZanderOct 21 2011 2:12pm
Go Zander! Wow I feel sorry for anyone who tries to pick a fight with you girl lol! You got some fight in you!

PhyliciaOct 21 2011 2:13pm
You are right Zander.This is the 21st century.If people can't take it when you girls talk this way,why do they visit these polls I would say.

AnonymousOct 21 2011 2:19pm
zander,thanks! my father also died of throat cancer from smoking for along time! and thank you for rallying for me!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:19pm
Phylicia, also thank you for rallying for me too!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:21pm
You girls are like the Calvary in one of those westerns coming to my rescue!Phylicia if you don't know what i am talking about? you can looked up on YouTube under any western movie!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:26pm
Haha I know what a western movie is! Oh by the way, when I said that I've been sexually legal for over two years, I still had sex since I was 14. It was always kept very secret, but theres a whole lot more sex involved in gymnastics these days than people would know. I mean gorgeous looking girls with sexy, hard bodies and lycra suits and during training - sports bras and bikini bottoms? Its kinda asking for it in a way lol

PhyliciaOct 21 2011 2:31pm
Phylicia,out of curiousity do you girls or people of New Zealand celebrate Halloween? here in America its a big thing!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:37pm
Its definately not as big in NZ as it is in USA. Its not even a holiday here, more like a commercial thing and theres the occasional halloween party and group of kids trick or treating. I hardly see the point in it to be honest.

PhyliciaOct 21 2011 2:43pm
Halloween,is where kids and even adults can dress up in costume! and the kids go house to house getting candy! but, the Horror Movies are very big here but,thats all year round!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:55pm
Phylicia,i once dresses up as the Incredible Hulk and painted my whole body green!and of course after many years of lifting weights!

jonathanOct 21 2011 2:57pm
Observing - I totally hear where you're coming from man. The thing is, none of us really knows each other. I stress my point, either of us could be fakes or who we say we are, what is written could mostly be fantasy or the real thing. At the end of the day, there is no sound proven way of knowing the difference on this site, so we may aswell not take anything too seriously. And after all, strong girls can handle themselves really well. Us females are a much different breed than back in the day, yes we still need males to comfort, hold and care for us and any woman who denies that is simply in denial for whatever reason lol but we're physically and mentally tougher than we've ever been. The reason why Jonathan is so attractive is not because of his muscles or smooth talk and ability to "bed young women" its because he believes in us, hes both suffered loss and witnessed abuse and champions young women to become fit, energised, strong and confident. Phylicia, Zander and I are young, free and confident, from what I've read so far its all under control, even Kira's toned it down and is being a whole lot more careful with her sex life etc. She has Phylicia and I to keep her on the right track. But we're babes and we have guys eating out of our hands, we won't abuse that. This could be a whole lot worse, we could be nasty horrible feminist bitches who treat all males like scum. But I love my brothers and Gavin and Phylicia loves her brothers, even if she can be brutal to her a*ss hole one who treats her like scum. Thats the exception and a work in progress. But don't worry man, chill. Just concider alot of what Jonathan and I say as fantasy that gets us off if that helps : )

Chloe ( 22 2011 3:18am
Jonathan - you're sweet with me. I don't think you're a predator, I think unlikely. And even if you were, what are you going to do Phylicia and I are half a world away and you don't even know where in NZ to track us down. And if you went to the trouble, Goddamn dude you would be takin on the power of two elite gymnasts and by your own admission you know how that kinda thing goes down. Zander on the other hand hasnt even given us any info on her whereabouts. I cried when you shared the story of your ex : ( that is soooooo sad. I know how experiences like that can bring out the best in a person, the more I read about your experiences the more I'm peicing together the kind of motivational gentleman you are. You kind of remind me of a cross between James Bond and Tony Robins almost lol! You are quite forward though too, with the exception of myself, Licia and Zander some strong fitness girls have come on here and after you've quized them with a bunch of questions and stuff about bicep jobs and orgasms we havent heard any more from them. Thats not a criticism its more of a suggestion to slow it down a bit, get to know them first like you did with me : ) they're need to see the nice, cool guy you are first before the fun stuff :P

Chloe ( 22 2011 3:33am
Phylicia - No offence taken, I agree with everything you said honey. I know what you mean about scoring guys being so easy when you're a gymnast, I cant speak for myself but all the single girls on the Fraser High team got it on regularly with the single male gymnasts and the coaches. Some of it should never happen but it does, theres a mega overdose of hormones and muscle lust flying in all directions in the gymnastics world lol. We should tell some of ours or more - your stories on here :P

Chloe ( 22 2011 3:41am
Zander - you're a little hottie :P you go girl and aim high - you will be an incredible woman if you believe in yourself, train hard and let nothing stop you. The biggest peice of advice I can give you is always respect those around you, always seek to build them up and make them better people aswell. If you give as much as you get when it comes to guys, you will always be a very popular girl. And you so have to tell us who your crush is! Whos this "best friend" of yours who is going to be oh so lucky on your birthday? Keep us up to date with that one wont you?

Chloe ( 22 2011 3:45am
Jonathan and Phylicia - Phylicia remember that costume party we went too in February and I went as she hulk and you went as wonder woman? Jonathan I did the same thing - painted myself all green and wore a dark green sports bra and bikini bottom. Gavin went as a monk and he was completely naked underneath his brown sackcloth robe lol! Phylicia and I did a whole lot of flexing that night and we armwrestled each other and I lost lol. She beat all the guys too and after spending the whole night making a choice out of all the guys drooling over her she decides to go for this large nerdy guy who nearly creamed his pants when she took his hand and locked lips with him lol :P

Chloe ( 22 2011 3:53am
Chloe, i really appreciate it what you have said and i am proud to be friends with you! So,how strong is Phylicia? whats her work outs like? how much weights does she lift? and have you two ever lift weights together?

jonathanOct 22 2011 7:49am
Jonathan - you're welcome dude : ) Phylicia and I don't often work out together really. Once in a while we have. We've known each other only for this year and so far I havent been able to beat her at any strength test, shes way stronger than me. Im powerful, but since Im not as focused any more havng retired from gym I don't have the competitive edge anymore. I can still lift my own body weight and I think Phylicias 80kg/176lb or something so she'll be able to bench or lift anything from that to 100kg/220, curling that is a different story but. We actually do alot of pole dancing to keep our muscles flxible and limber too. Shes also alot fiestier than me too and she'll take you on just to see how quickly you go down lol

Chloe ( 22 2011 6:51pm
Chloe,its always great to hear from you! and it seems like are two great friends!i doubt where you live you have to deal with cold weather but,here we are into weeks of fall with winter around the corner! it must be wonderful to wake up where you live not have to worry about that! you say your biceps are bigger than Phylicia's ? but,she is still stronger! is it that really weird how that works out? Your boyfriend Gavin must have a very hard time being around you and Phylicia? and having Amazon like you and Phylicia has to be a fantasy thats come to life!

jonathanOct 22 2011 8:02pm
Jonathan - yah its getting warmer and warmer here. Just got back from the rugby world cup final! All Blacks won!!! Sooo so good! Gonna go to bed in a sec and celebrate with some great sex hehe! Phylicia's little, shes a sexy little powerhouse and I love her! Her biceps are more defined than mine too. They look pretty big on her arms cos of her size though. Basically, compared to her im out of shape. And for Gavin, hes pretty much grown up with muscle girls and gymnast babes flexing and turning him on. So its never really needed to be a fantasy, more hes got his dream girl and he knows how good he has it hehe.

Chloe ( 23 2011 4:59am
Chloe,congratulations with the All Blacks.I thought that they would smash FRANCE,but they did win.That's what counts.

gethewilOct 23 2011 5:22am
CHloe, first congrats on your rugby team! second i do know why you are your boyfriend Gavin's dream girl! and i hope he never takes you for granted! and every time before you both go to sleep you appreciate on what you to have!and when you wake and read this hope you had a great sleep!

jonathanOct 23 2011 8:18am
Phylicia, how are you doing? you look AWESOME!

jonathanOct 23 2011 4:03pm
Heya Jonathan! Thankyou! Chloe told me she'd shown you a pic of me flexin hehe! I'm glad you like what you see. Gavin sure does :P he loves me and loves my muscles haha. But I'd never ever get between Gav and Chloe, they're such a cute and happy couple. I told Chloe I could beat her armwrestling infront of Gavin and take him for myself once and her face dropped! I felt so bad, I was only kidding around and I had to fix things afterr that lol. We're best friends now though : )

PhyliciaOct 23 2011 7:44pm
Hi All, It's been a few days since I checked in. As Jonathan said, it's fall, gettin' colder and leaves coming down. Once that happens, i am into 7 day week working on yards. cleanups and feeding lawns & shrubs. Pruning and all sorts of what it takes to get things in shape for the winter. I am on a deadline to get all finished before first snow comes along. Also need to get sno handling equipment, trucks, plow, sander conditioned for working. fall is my busiest time. This forum was started about girls causing pain with their muscles. I do not have a story about such as having been a direct cause of pain, but i do have a funny story about my pain. I used to coach girls soccer teams (you Kiwis might call it "football"). Once I quit coaching, i continued with lining of all fields in town. I did that for 30 years, finally retiring from that about 4 years ago when my back deteriorated to serious pain 24/7. Anyhow, I was prepareing all of the fields for a Labor Day weekend tournament.(first monday in September) I had to line 13 fields and still keep up with my landscaping business. I needed to do all of the fields in just two days where it usually took me atleast four. I was not running, but i was walking on the fast side as I pushed my machine over the grass. I was down to the last two fields and had just mixed my paint and started pushing the machine down a side line. As i started at one corner, a girls team appeared for practice. By the time i had reached the first corner of the field, they were into loosening up exercises. By time i finished penalty and goal areas and started down the far side, the girls, I think they were 13 and 14 year olds (the oldest teams in the tournament), The girls had started running around the field. I had just reached the corner when the first two girls went past me. I stepped up my pace to keep up. as i caught up, the two lead girls stepped up their pace. I speeded up. they speeded up. I kicked in the afterburners and by the far corner, i was slightly ahead. I had been a sprinter in HS days. Not world class, but fast enough to make state finals. I could, in my 70's, still move, but i was surprised that after sprinting for 120 yards, I was ahead of those very fit young ladies. I think if it had been 122 yards, I would have fallen on my face and they could have buried me right there. Once I reached the corner, i backed off, but not wanting to give them the satisfaction that i was dead on my feet, i continued pushing my lining machine at a very fast walk. I made a good show of still being very fit and went on to finish my lining project at the next field. I then went to work at my landscaping jobs and finished the day with plenty of aches and pains to reward my bravado. I was fine that evening, even tho i was a bit achy. The next morning, when i woke up, i could not move my legs. My back was in excruciating pain and I had to work at moving my feet to the floor. i have had this back problem for well over 50 years, so I know how to manage the problem whenever it goes bad on me. Plus, i have a good chiropractor. Once my feet were on the floor, i still could not move. The only way I could get around was to lie on my right side and drag my body around the house using my right elbow. Even that was causing unbearable pain. along with pain, when i had to go to the bathroom, the only way I could get up to pee was to chin my self on the toilet bowl and push up with my arms and force my hands against the wall to stand up. To sit at table to eat breakfast (I need to be dead before i will ever miss breakfast.) my wife had to hold my chair from tipping as i dragged myself up to be able to sit. I, later in the day, as I realised the pain would not go away (I have warn the discs in my spine to practically nothing and I have two vertebrae that become unfriendly with each other if i do anything to upset them. They just separate and try to go their own ways in directions unrelated to any of the plans they were originally expected to go.For the arthritis that lines every jont, i just keep working and moving to grind off the rough spots:) My chiropractor, once we were able to reach him, came right to my house and after forcing all sorts of crunching and grinding noises, he left me in walking condition. He told me to come over to his office the next day and he would work on me some more. I have been going to him for over 30 years now, sometimes i have had to nearly crawl into his office, but I always walk out. This time, when I went back, his main comment to me was, "you horney old fart, you got what you asked for." He DID say it with a SMILE, but that seemed to be the general consensus of opinion among my friends. I suppose those who were not my friends had even stronger opinions as to what I deserved. i finally had to quit doing the field lining as my back just could not hold up to lifting those paint buckets and mixing them with water. To mix, i had to hold cans and pour back and forth from one to another and that was the killer. I also had to give up chasing after those young girls. :( They had just gotten to be too rough on me.

ObservingOct 24 2011 12:53am
Haha funny observing - sounds like you over did it a whole bunch :P

PhyliciaOct 24 2011 4:00am
ALL of you women are just too much for me

ObservingOct 24 2011 4:12am
Phylicia, i did enjoy the pictures Chloe sent me of you and her! When i saw them this past Sat.morning first thing in the morning i had to go and have a cold shower! what away to start the day! and hope Chloe isn't going to be angry at me? but your biceps look more impressive then Chloe's although,hers are bigger!and i just can imagine what power and strength you have in them! in fact i would love or could only dream about wrestling you and feel your muscles,power and strength!

jonathanOct 24 2011 11:16am
Phylicia, if you want to e-mail me please do! Chloe has it and love to hear from when ever you like!because they will probably be changing these polls again very soon! if you don't know what that mean ask Chloe! but,if you feel uncomfortable about e-mailing me i will understand! i just would like you to consider me as a friend just like Chloe does!

jonathanOct 24 2011 11:27am
Chloe and Phylicia, i look at the pictures of yourselves that you sent me all the time and do dream about you two all the time! wishing i could pop through your computer screen and worshipping you two!

jonathanOct 24 2011 3:31pm
Oh you got it real bad for us don't you? And you're right Licia's muscles do look way better than mine. She was trying to see how many successful bicep jobs she could give Scottie in a row tonight and she actually managed to make him cum 5 times in two hours! That shows you how amazing her biceps actually are. She did swap arm after 3 goes though lol!

Chloe ( 25 2011 3:51am
Chloe,yes i do have it bad for you and Licia! anytime you want a willing slave let me know? right now i can dream about you girls being my fantasy muscle dream girls!

jonathanOct 25 2011 12:45pm
Jonathan you're pthetic dude! And NO this is not Observer. You are a creepy internet predator period. You flake!

CharlesOct 26 2011 9:24am
Observing and too all out there! i am quitting likelike polling! and noboy is ever going to hear from me again! i am truly sorry if whom i ever offend on these polls! and i have learned there is no way a person can ever defend him or her self up on cyberspace! so i am done! i know you will see that my actions will be better than my words! and when i say i am going to do something i will! anyway,i hope in time you all can deeply forgive me!

jonathanOct 27 2011 9:06am

JCOct 27 2011 9:45am
Jonathan,we are living in a free world and if people don't like what you are writing,they musn't read it.There is freedom of speech and a lot of man have given their lives for it.

gethewilOct 27 2011 11:19am
Jonathan, I have been busy of late and not time for comment. I see you are somewhat upset and refusing further comment. It is not a surprise to me as your most recent reaction has been somewhat predictable. I have observed your activities for several weeks (has it been months?) and, as somebody else mentioned, you have shown some very serious tendencies that could become self destructive, or, in some context, harmful to others. I don't know exactly what I am talking about, i leave that to others with better education than i; but your predatory attitude does get results for a time. However, people like you eventually discover that you have been discovered and you either end up in a heap of trouble for yourself, or as a disruption to other peoples lives. You have been, I am sure from what you have related, a very fine example to many women and have been very helpful to them. For that, I do commend you. However, you have shown some symptoms that lead me, and apparently, some others to a suspicion that your motives have not always been for the better. I can not guide you but I can advise that you cool it just a little and maybe even get some help. In the meantime, happy sulking. We will miss you. :(

ObservingOct 28 2011 12:30am
I too have been reading this poll for weeks. And the communication back and forth have been numerous. There is nothing wrong with a healthy disussion on gains that women have made in regards to strength and physical development. BUT! When you have a middle-aged man having sexually explicit conversations with obviously underaged young women and then offering to be their SLAVE. That's when I chimed in. Because to me that was crossing the line.

CharlesOct 28 2011 7:46am
You and i are on the same page. I chimed in to blow horn when the guy encouraged a situation, whether real or fake, where a young lady broke several bones in her brothers body. A 55 year old man encouraging that sort of behavior, even if the broken bones were accidental, has to be sick. He has no morals and needed to be exposed.

ObservingOct 28 2011 8:39am
You and i are on the same page. I chimed in to blow horn when the guy encouraged a situation, whether real or fake, where a young lady broke several bones in her brothers body. A 55 year old man encouraging that sort of behavior, even if the broken bones were accidental, has to be sick. He has no morals and needed to be exposed.

ObservingOct 28 2011 8:43am
God, I love reading the fake conversations in this place.

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