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has any of you guys got throatlifted by a lady?

Created by: yoyo21 at 10:56:20 AM, Thursday, February 09, 2012 PST


I wasn't literaly throatlifted,but very similar to that.I have always been very tall 6ft3,and weighted that time about 200lbs,220lbs max.I worked in retail security company where we guarded large supermarket with groceries and such.Full time staff in there was mostly mid-age women,who worked there 12 hours shifts-mostly filling shelfs,so lots of them had realy very strong legs and arms.some of these women were able to lift up and carry up the ladders unbelievable weights-often huge boxes full of corn in cannes and such,in order to put them on very top of the shelfs,where lots of stock was i was always walking around,from time to time some woman ask me to give her hand and lift up some boxes while they were standin up on ladders at front of me.most of them were dressed in tights,so i noticed how huge muscular thighs these women had,as their legs were just above my head.lots of them had noticable huge biceps muscles poping out,even when not flexed.there was one woman in her age about 40,i was 21 that time,she was always messing around with me.she was way smaller than me,but she was very veiny and noticable muscular woman,after her lunchbreak she just jumped at front of me,in the canteen,suddenly grabbed me by my uniform on my chest area with two hands pushed me against wall and lifted me into air and i swear there was a clearance between me and floor about 2-3inches!than she dropped me immediately.other women were just laughing at that,but i was speachless after,as i didnt expect her to have such strenght.since than i was always watching and eyeballing her biceps muscles when oportunity comes.

danFeb 11 2012 2:39pm

Not throat-lifted. But a girl I knew in college once grabbed me by the front of my shirt and lifted me a few inches off the ground.

AnonymousFeb 12 2012 4:34am
Women aren;t strong enough to throat lift or lift any male over head! and is just a fantasy!

anonymousFeb 15 2012 3:29pm
I wasn't on poll a bit of time,just checked now.I can assure everybody that what i wrote down is no fantasy and if that didnt happen to me,i wouldn't believe myself either.So iam not surprised or angry that some people consider this as a fantasy,because i would too.Its up to everybody express their stories or experiences as they like and up to reader to make up his own opinion about it.I have stated only the facts and the fact that there are many,many women out there,who have tremendous physical strenght even they may not look like it,or make that impression on you guys untill you encounter them physical way.

danFeb 21 2012 6:49am
Its too bad there are no females answering this poll because it would be very interesting to hear their point of view!

anonymousFeb 21 2012 10:14am
There are some women out that can lift guys by the throat. Just Google Goddess of devastation throat lifts, and you will see a women literary lifting this man off the ground with two hands. Man it's unreal. Daily Motion video.

anonymousMar 01 2012 8:25am
i was once lifted by a girl like this. we were in a garden and she for no reason put her hand on my collar and said wouldn't it be awesome if i lifted you like this. i was shocked but laughed. then i found myself slowly into the air. my feet left the ground. and i was about 2 feet into the air. i was dangling in air that time and she looked at me holding me with just her left hand. she laughed and then put me down.

sunApr 14 2013 7:54pm
the next day we laughed about this incident and thought of playing a game of superheroines and supervillaines. she became the superheroine and i became a villain.then we jokingly fought each other at last she brought her hands towards my throat she held my throat and said. u weak little man. u dont mess with me. and then lifted me up high in the air. and then said you are quite light villain child. how does it feel up there, dangling with just my left hand huh. then i apologised to her. then she said that wasn't so hard wasnt it.and then lowered me but still my feet didnt touched the ground.she still was holding me up in the air and she said look kid if i ever found u doing dis i will make u do the worst thing and u know it now. you are no match in front of me. i can hold u for as.long as i want so its an order for you.okay..then she lowered me to the ground.

sunApr 14 2013 8:04pm
Girls are quite strong and they can throatlift a boy i throatlifted my boyfriend wid one hand so easily....we were in a car park he was busy on his fon i called him he didnt listen i again called him but he didnt even look at me then i went to him made eye contact and grabbed his throat wid my left hand and slowly lifted him up off the ground in air...then he said sorry and then i lowered him...poor guy....but it feels kinda awesome when u see someone dangling off the floor while you use just one of ur hands....:p...

aliciaMay 16 2013 7:37pm
Hi Alicia, wow you are really strong.I've always wanted a woman to lift me like that. Can you lift me up by my throat with one hand? That would be amazing. I'm a guy and I weigh 130 lbs. I live in Toronto Canada.

want to be liftedJul 07 2013 10:32pm
#want to be lifted....ya baby...i wud love to see u get off the floor while i hold ur throat....

aliciaJul 10 2013 8:53pm
130 lbs is actually quite light for me.....u wud be like weightless for me ...i think i can even lift u using my fingers....:)

aliciaJul 10 2013 8:57pm
Hello again Alicia. Thanks for responding. Im curious, have a few questions for you. How much did your boyfriend weigh? How long did you hold him up off the ground? Are you a bodybuilder, or just naturally strong? Also, if you'd like to answer, how old are you, how much do you weigh? Im 32 by the way. I really wish you were here to hold me up off the floor by my throat, with one hand would be awesome, I think we would both enjoy that. I hope some day you'll get the chance to lift me with your incredible strength.

want to be liftedJul 10 2013 11:44pm
My boyfriend's weight was about 140 ...i think i held him up for about 10-15 seconds but that didnt hurted my arm and i didnt even felt a small pain after lowering him ....m not a bodybuilder though...actually...i m just 18...:)...i weigh around...145... Actually i m quite tall...i m 178 cms...

aliciaJul 12 2013 7:25am
Wow....alicia...i thought i was the only one who could lift boys up in the air...:)

kristenJul 12 2013 7:27am
Lol....wat a coincidence...:p...

aliciaJul 12 2013 7:35am
But i am taller than u...i m 6,1....means 185 cm...

kristenJul 12 2013 7:36am
Wow....who did u lifted...

aliciaJul 12 2013 7:40am
I throatlifted many of my

kristenJul 12 2013 7:42am

aliciaJul 12 2013 7:43am
Hello Alicia and hello Kristen. Awesome Kristen, you're really strong too. I am also 178 cm/5'10 tall. Its cool that there are strong women like yourselves out there lifting the boys lol. If I could only be so lucky. Very impressive, you ladies are stronger than me, and I'm pretty strong for my size. You both could lift me so easily. I've actually throatlifted a guy once, one hand too, when I was 25. It was my sisters ex boyfriend. Came home one evening and he was hitting her, hard. Bad choice. Adrenaline kicked in, and up he went. I surprised myself. Since then I've always wanted to see what it would be like to be lifted like that, by a strong woman. Being so light, I may one day get the chance! If any of you are ever in Toronto, maybe you could lift me too. Nice meeting you both.

want to be liftedJul 12 2013 10:05pm
Haha...its suck a feeling of dominance when u lift a guy in the

kristenJul 14 2013 10:10am
Haha...ya...domination...ehile the boy hangs up in air with our one hand and kicking his legs above the floor

aliciaJul 14 2013 10:11am
Yup....and its good to be the more dominant and stronger sex that time...

kristenJul 14 2013 10:12am looks like we are the boss now and can do u better dont mess with me

aliciaJul 14 2013 10:13am
Lol....when i lifted one of my friends...he was first very confident that i wud not be able to lift him but when i held him up in the air...almost 2 feet off the ground i asked him what was he was the funniest moment of that. .he was not able to speak a

kristenJul 14 2013 10:22am
Those guys are lucky to have strong friends like you. Even if I could speak, I would probably just hang there with my feet in the air in amazement. I wonder how many women out there can lift a man with one hand like that. You ladies are really awesome.

want to be liftedJul 14 2013 5:49pm
Haha...yups thats true...the confidence too that comes afterwards is awesome...and the ferling that someone was just hanging up in the air with ur one hand...

aliciaJul 14 2013 9:34pm
U know what i did once...i throatlifted one of my friends who is quite short....he's 5'3 i think....i lifted him up high in the air....and then lowered him a that he was eye level with me...and we were looking eye to eye but i was holding him up in the air....atleast a foot up...that was so awesome...we came eye to eye when he was 1 feet off the i put him we laughed at this very much...

kristenJul 15 2013 4:46am wud be fun watchin him in air....and the fact that you are on the ground and eye contacting with someone whose throat is in ur hands and you have lifted him up high in the air just to make an eye

aliciaJul 15 2013 10:55am
Wow Kristen, how many guys have you throatlifted? If there's more please share more posts! How old are you, how much do you weigh? Your strength is superhuman.

AnonymousJul 16 2013 12:51am
Oh thank you...:).....I have throatlifted about 7-8 guys.....I am 20 and i weigh about 61 kgs......

kristenJul 16 2013 9:37am
sure i will post more of me throatlifting boys stories if you want...

kristenJul 16 2013 9:41am
Hi Kristen, the last Anonymous post was me, forgot to put my name in lol. That would be awesome, your stories are great, you seem to lift guys so easily. I wonder how you can do it. Im not sure I could lift someone with one hand unless I was really angry for some reason, happened only once before in years past. You can do it for fun. 7-8 guys, wow. You would make a great real life superheroine crime fighter!!! I wish you could throatlift me, what an experience that would be.

want to be liftedJul 16 2013 10:12pm
Haha...ya sure...i cud lift most of my friends in high school....i have throatlifted about 8 guys and also lifted them by their collar....but lifting someone up by their throat is more fun....

kristenJul 17 2013 3:36am
Have you lifted girls too, or just the guys? The heaviest guy you lifted, how much did he weigh? Also wondering, have you ever lifted them overhead? Would be easy for you, you could press them for reps!

want to be liftedJul 17 2013 9:37pm
I have lifted two of my female friends too....the heaviest guy that i throatlifted was about 190 i think....but i think i can lift more...never thought of doing reps with them though i think i can do that too...!!!..

kristenJul 18 2013 12:06am
190 amazing. Do you put all your focus and energy into throatlifting someone, or are you just strong and its easy? Are you in USA or Canada?

want to be liftedJul 18 2013 12:47am
When I throatlifting someone I am like using a little part of my strength and I am like smiling all the way....I mean its quite easy to hold someone's throat and lift him up in the air and watch him hang up their...

kristenJul 18 2013 10:12am
actually I am from London...

kristenJul 18 2013 10:13am
Hello Kristen, greetings and salutations from Canada! London, awesome. I've always wanted to visit London. You must be the strongest woman there! Have you ever throatlifted 2 guys at the same time, one in each hand? That would be really cool. I have a good friend, she's 39, and quite strong. She's a swimmer, used to do gymnastics, and she works out. I want to ask her to throatlift me, one handed like you can do. I think she can, but Im afraid to ask her though in case it would sound strange to her. She once told me she could lift me if she wanted, I believe her. She throatlifted a girl once in a fight when she was about your age. Do you think I should take the chance and ask her to throatlift me? I need a strong woman's opinion.

want to be liftedJul 18 2013 10:28pm
You know it would be quite awkward for her if u walk straight to her and ask her to throatlift you... can talk with her about strength or something like that and can say 'hey, you are pretty strong too, i think u can throatlift that or something she would definitrly try to throatlift you then...

kristenJul 19 2013 7:28am
By the way i have lifted 2 boys at the same was funny was actually quite awesome to throatlift two guys at the same time...

kristenJul 19 2013 7:31am
2 guys at once, awesome Kristen. Good idea, I guess I can gradually ask that way. Did any of the guys you throatlifted get hurt, or maybe pass out while you held them up in the air? How long can you hold them up like that? I imagine they were kinda choking as you were hanging them, by hand! Incredible

want to be liftedJul 19 2013 4:42pm
None of them passed out though... Lol....but the one on my right hand was shaking legs very both were continuosly asking me to put them down...i kept them lifted off the floor for about 25 seconds....

kristenJul 19 2013 8:34pm
U know after throatlifting 2 guys at once, one in each hand i felt like strongest woman on i was walking in my street one boy came about 5'7" and weighing about 130, he held my throat and asked me to give him everything, i quickly removed his hand from my throat and grabbed his throat with my left hand and with right hand grabbed his hand, i told him he was messing with the wrong girl, then i slowly lifted him off the floor, and after about 10 seconds, i slammed him against a wall...and told him never to hold a girl's throat....:) was quite a superheroine like experience that i throatlifted a

kristenJul 19 2013 8:42pm
I bet he'll never try robbing a woman again lol. I guess people underestimate how strong you are. You're obviously very tough, are some people afraid of you because of your strength? Has anyone seen you throatlift guys? All these guys you throatlifted, did you lift them because you wanted to or did any of them ask you to?

want to be liftedJul 19 2013 9:07pm
I have mostly throatlifted guys at night or in some closed room or something....some guys i thtoatlifted because i wanted them to be lifted off the floor and some asked me to lift them...

kristenJul 19 2013 10:21pm
U know when you lift someone off the floor by his throat that too with one hand it means that you are quite stronger than can do whatever with him do he better not mess with me yeah some people are also scared that if they will do something wrong in front of me they wud be throatlifted off the floor by me...

kristenJul 19 2013 10:24pm
By the way how wud you feel if i am holding you in air by ur throat....what will you do if you are danhling of the floor...!!....:)

kristenJul 19 2013 10:28pm
True, I would be amazed and a bit scared that you could lift me up by my throat, with only one hand, and hold me there with my legs dangling and my feet up. Being only 130 lbs myself and 5'10 you're definitely stronger than me. You could easily lift me and keep me off the ground for at least a minute, or until I beg you to put me down lol although I would still want you to lift me like that to see what it would be like.

want to be liftedJul 19 2013 11:15pm love to see you beg to put you down on the ground....I would look into ur eyes and say no.....cuz i would like you off the ground....

kristenJul 20 2013 12:53am
I would like to tease you about my strength like it cold up their little like dude you are very light.....

kristenJul 20 2013 12:55am
Lol excellent. Not only do I admire your wicked strength, I love your attitude! I would really like to meet you someday. Was wondering, how did you know you could throatlift guys the way you do? Say with the first guy you lifted, did you know you could pick him up with one hand or did you try lifting him to see how strong you are?

want to be liftedJul 20 2013 11:52am
Ah i wanted to share this...the first guy i lifted was quite short...about 5'6" and very light too....he was about 115 or 120 maximum.....we were standing in a park...and i between our talks when we were standing he told me that i am quite taller than him...then i came closer to him....i stood face to face with him and lol i was 6'1' and he was 5'6"...7 inches difference...he was looking way up at me...he stood on his toes but still could not reach my eye level ...then i thought of something...i held his throat and said to him oh u wanna get towards me lol.....then i slowly lifted him upwards and his feet left the ground completely....he was amazed so was i...i didnt put him down for half a minute i was enjoying that... last he asked me to put him down...then i let him come on

kristenJul 20 2013 12:40pm
Has anyone ever throatlifted you before?

want to be liftedJul 20 2013 3:13pm
Ya..i was throatlifted by my friend....she was 19 at that time...she did it with one hand...and it was quite easy for

kristenJul 20 2013 10:46pm
At that time i hlgot to know how the person who gets lifted

kristenJul 21 2013 2:56am
I felt quite helpless lol when i had to kick my legs in air and was dangling high above the

kristenJul 21 2013 7:23am
I was wandering if uli throatlift you....what expressions would you like on my face....

kristenJul 21 2013 11:48am
Wow, you have strong friends! Lol you would probably be smiling or laughing watching me hang in the air off your arm, but an expression of dominance, power, and attitude while you look me in the eye knowing how stong you are would be awesome. Im sure my amazed expression would be something to see too!

want to be liftedJul 21 2013 12:51pm
Oops, spelling. Meant "strong" lol.

want to be liftedJul 21 2013 12:55pm
Just imagine that you are hanging in air and i have hands on your throat....what would you wantme to say..!!..

kristenJul 21 2013 8:35pm
What wud it be like if i first lift u up and then lower a little and make an eye contact with you while you are still off the ground....or kiss

kristenJul 21 2013 8:43pm
Hi Kristen. That would be the greatest feeling and the best kiss ever, being held off the ground at the same time! I would love that. I love how you would lift me high and low like that, teasing me with your strength. Lift me up slowly, and after put me down slowly, makes a big impact that way. You could say "I can make you levitate, like magic" then lift me up. If you hold me up by my throat for a while, you might say "hows the weather up there" or 'hey hows the view from there." Keep me lifted as long as you can and ask me "are your legs asleep yet" lol. That would be amazing. Love your strength and the way you think, you really are a special woman. I so wish you could throatlift me!

want to be liftedJul 22 2013 9:16am
Ya...i wish the same...i would want to see you get off the floor while i grab your awesome it would be.

kristenJul 22 2013 10:46am
Like imagine i am wearing high heels and i come face to face with you and i'll just say hey tiny....and grab your throat with my right hand and lift you up just so you are at my eye level awesome i feel when i lift someone up by their throat just to make an aye contact with me..!!

kristenJul 22 2013 11:52am
Lol I love it. You have really cool ideas. High heels would let you lift me even higher off the ground! I can imagine you grab my throat, one hand, lift me all the way up, then lower me just enough so I cant touch the ground pointing my toes down. Then back up to your eye level, with me dangling limp, your grip tight making it hard for me to breathe or speak. I would feel helpless and overpowered, you would feel strong and invincible. Id gladly travel to London if only just to meet you, and you could throatlift me as many times as you wish. I would love it every time. Especially with the eye contact lift and kiss :D Ive been wondering what you look like. I have medium-tanned white skin, very blue eyes, and very dark brown almost black short hair. My name is Matthew by the way, even though I havent posted it.

AnonymousJul 22 2013 10:18pm
Lol, again I forgot to put my name.

MatthewJul 22 2013 10:24pm
Oh.....hi matthew...i am blonde by the way, blue eyes....!!...u would want to be lifted for fun dear!?...and that'll look so cool that i am holding u off the floor with you pointing your toes i will be smiling upon u......teasing u ...

kristenJul 23 2013 9:16am
Hello Kristen, wow you have it all...tall, strong, assertive, and beautiful. Everything Ive dreamed of in a woman. Its great to be able to chat with you. To be throatlifted by you would be a dream come true, looking down into your blue eyes while you hold me high up off the ground. So unfair that you are so far away across the sea. Wish you were here!

MatthewJul 23 2013 10:55pm
I wish i was like mr. Fantastic i would stretch my hands and grab ur throat where ever you are and then lift you up and then bring you towards

kristenJul 24 2013 3:50am
What a way to travel! You already have super strength, imagine super stretch too! You could throatlift me 100 feet high! That would really "elevate" my mind, body, and spirit lol.

MatthewJul 24 2013 10:27pm
Haha ...but throatlifting you just 1-2 feet would be

kristenJul 28 2013 6:24pm
Imagine tkyou are standing and i come from your behind and hold your neck from back....and lift you up...and i'll say guess who..!? you wouldnt guess correctly i will lift you up even higher....

kristenJul 29 2013 6:33pm
I would guess wrong a few times on purpose so you would do that lol. Sounds fun. A good throatlift would be handy right now. My legs and feet are quite sore from work, the floating weightless feeling from dangling off your arm sounds good :)

MatthewJul 29 2013 11:29pm
Lol yes....i wud then ask 'ur feet feeling light boy!?...

kristenJul 31 2013 3:09am
I would love to be throatlifted by you Kristen you sound so powerful

throatlift loverAug 05 2013 7:36pm
Hi Kristen. Now two of us could use a lift! Hello and welcome Throatlift Lover, I agree, would'nt that be amazing? Kristen I've imagined you throatlifting me since you first posted. Cool to know I'm not alone, and that others would also enjoy being throatlifted by a strong, powerful woman too. Still a dream of mine.

MatthewAug 06 2013 12:20am
I weigh 125 pounds could you lift that Kristen?

throatlift loverAug 06 2013 11:50am
Oh and thank you for welcoming me

throatlift loverAug 06 2013 1:51pm
Most welcome. Throatlift Lover, we're both lucky! Im only 135 lbs now, gained 5 this last month or so. And she's 3 inches taller than me too. I think she would definitely lift either of us easy, with one hand. Kristen please lift me one day!:)

MatthewAug 06 2013 11:11pm
She could lift both of us lol it would be a dream come true

throatlift loverAug 07 2013 1:23pm
Is anyone talking anymore

throatlift loverAug 11 2013 4:39am
If you can really life guys with one hand then post some pics or video of you doing it

ScottAug 20 2013 11:16pm
Sorry I mean Lift Guys

ScottAug 20 2013 11:16pm
I think everyone has stopped commenting now

throatlift loverAug 21 2013 2:11pm
I just found this yesterday. I liked read the posts and I do believe there are women who could Lift a guy by there throat, I have seen it. but what I read here seem fictional to me. If she can really do it then show us but Obviously Nobody is posting.

ScottAug 21 2013 3:13pm
I also believe there are women who can and i wish i find one who can do it to me one day, what do you mean by you have seen it like in real life or on a video?

throatlift loverAug 21 2013 4:47pm
The Goddess Devastation clip. The Japanese one where the girl two hand lift the little guy against the wall. That's what I mean't Real Life I don't think I ever seen a girl TL anyone. I'm not say it's impossible It's very possible that these women did TL a guy. But maybe not in the way WE think they did. Also this is the internet and people make up stories and stuff all the time. I love strong women and also would like to be lifted one handed or overhead. I'm pretty heavy so she would have to be pretty strong to lift me. I believe women are getting stronger, That I've seen. The girls that do crossfit. A lot of them are incredibly strong. I saw a couple of ladies of average build clean and jerk a 100lb olympic type barbell over there heads and run a hundred meters down the street like it was nothing. I'm sure there's women there who could lift a guy with 1 hand. The 2 ladies on here seem really confident (which I like) and convincing that they can TL a guy. It could also be a complete Hoax. Just a couple of people messing with you guys So I say show us. make ashort video or take a bunch of picks and post them somewhere.

AnonymousAug 21 2013 7:04pm
i haven't really seen women getting stronger really except for one who was at the gym i used to go to she was really strong and fully toned i never asked her if she could pick me up but now i wish i had because i knew she could, i only weigh 120 pounds i think so i would be easy to lift for some women

throatlift loverAug 22 2013 10:27am
I'm not brave enough to do that.

ScottAug 22 2013 6:53pm
Not brave enough to ask anyone?

throatlift loverAug 23 2013 4:48pm

ScottAug 23 2013 9:09pm
I definitely would if i was given another chance

throatlift loverAug 24 2013 12:51pm
Cmon we need girls to comment

throatlift loverAug 25 2013 7:48am
Ya I'm Pretty sure this board is dead. When was the last time someone else posted????

ScottAug 25 2013 8:51pm
Almost a month ago dunno what happened

throatlift loverAug 26 2013 5:06am
I met a girl in the gym she was very veiny and muscular she had biceps that measured 20 and her thighs could easily break a man s ribs a friend of mine started teasing her that she was weak she showed him her biceps and calves then she took my friend into a corner and grabbed him by his shirt with just one hand and picked him up like a rabbit and squeezed his neck he pleaded to be freed and then she left him then she made everyone touch her muscles I touched them and they were rock hard and I couldn't even budge them a little

Anonymous Aug 26 2013 9:00am
Do you have pics of this????

ScottAug 26 2013 10:10am
You should she If she's Single.

ScottAug 26 2013 10:23am
Id love to be that guy

throatlift loverAug 26 2013 2:08pm
I would liked just to have been there just to see it. I would only like to be him I was alone with the lady.

ScottAug 26 2013 4:39pm
True it would be a bit embarrassing in front of everyone

throatlift loverAug 27 2013 11:47am
Im gonna start going to that gym again see if shes still there and see if she will throatlift me

throatlift loverAug 29 2013 1:05pm
Good Luck!!!

ScottAug 29 2013 3:34pm
Thanks im probably gonna need it

throatlift loverAug 30 2013 2:11pm
I did it i got her to throatlift me, i was at the gym and i started talking to her, i said to her i bet you could lift me by the throat easily so she then said ok lets see if i can. She grabbed my throat and easily lifted me, she said your quite light aren't you, she lowered me to my toes and lifted me high again, i had to beg to her to put me down and she then did. It was such an amazing feeling

throatlift loverSep 02 2013 2:33pm
WOW! Really. I'm guessing you didn't get a pic of it??? How exactly did she lift you???

ScottSep 02 2013 8:15pm
Mo i didn't get a pic because i thought that would have put her off, she sort of pushed me up the wall and grabbed my throat and lifted me up

throatlift loverSep 03 2013 1:26am
Very Cool! I was wondering If you were against the wall.

ScottSep 03 2013 7:06am
Did she use one hand or Two hands????

ScottSep 03 2013 6:35pm
She used one hand and easily lifted me

throatlift loverSep 04 2013 1:59pm
Really WOW!!! You should see If she's Single. Is she nice looking????

ScottSep 04 2013 8:26pm
She is good looking but not single unfortunately

throatlift loverSep 05 2013 12:53pm
Let me guest Boyfriend is probably huge too.

ScottSep 05 2013 2:16pm
That didn't come out right now that I think about it. What I mean't to say was she probably has a very large Boyfriend or husband.

ScottSep 06 2013 6:48am
Guessed right

throatlift loverSep 06 2013 5:01pm
Wonder she can pick him up by the throat???? That would be a site.

ScottSep 06 2013 10:40pm
I don't think so hes a bit bigger than her

throatlift loverSep 07 2013 5:50pm
AH!!! Well that's all I have.

ScottSep 07 2013 7:37pm
DUGQaR Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

jbtiFATZkMwnRuZrguESep 13 2013 11:37am
Hi im Chelsea, im a 22 year old girl and ive throatlifted men before, ill tell you one, i was down the pqrk just having a walk and a man came up to me and because im a muscly girl he asked me to throatlift him, so i said yeah why not lol, so i used one hand and slowly lifted him off the ground, i felt so powerful and strangely he got a boner, bit awkward but i was happy i turned him on lol, i put him down and he just said thanks and walked off

chelseaSep 21 2013 7:05pm
Wow, you must be really strong, How old are you? Have you lifted other guys before? Can you share more stories?

AnonymousSep 22 2013 7:52am
Haha! 22, my bad :P But could you share more stories still?

AnonymousSep 22 2013 7:52am
how tall r u chelsea...!?..and how much do tlyou much weight do u think you can lift with one hand...!?..

jimSep 23 2013 1:37am
XnLzGb Great, thanks for sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

CkQxRNlvpkSep 24 2013 2:53pm
Amazing How people believe a story like this. If you can really TL then get someone to take a picture of you doing it and post it so we can see.

ScottSep 24 2013 9:41pm would the person who is in air would feel if someone takes a pic of him when a girl is holding him up in air with just one hand...

jimSep 25 2013 3:46am
That's why I said get someone else to take the pic. Come On you have to admit the story seems a little far fetched. A complete stranger walks up to a girl in a park and asks her to lift him up and she does it like it's an everyday thing. If I did that she would look at me like I was nuts and call the police and have me arrested. I think she's just messing with you and everyone else on this board. Very easy to create fake a story

ScottSep 25 2013 7:24am
well i too beleive that was fake but clicking aphoto at that time would be quite awkward...!!...

jimSep 26 2013 12:51am
Get a life ye clowns

BullshitOct 01 2013 1:22pm
REALLY!!! Then what are you doing here???

ScottOct 01 2013 7:10pm
Related website Supergirls runboard (google it!)

AnonymousOct 02 2013 4:35am
Shut it Scott the nerd

Scott the nerdOct 02 2013 11:22am
You're going to get people like Bullpoo on boards like this.

AngryCanuckOct 02 2013 12:01pm
I can believe it wouldn't let me type SH1T

AngryCanuckOct 02 2013 12:02pm
Why are u angry Canuck

AnonymousOct 02 2013 1:16pm
Don't want to use my real name. And everyone thinks all Canadians are nice polite people. I can be when I want too.

AngryCanuckOct 02 2013 2:31pm
Canuck your to stupid to spell bullpoo. That's the only problem.

BullshitOct 03 2013 10:58am
OUCH! You really got me with that one. Good American Come Back.

AngryCanuckOct 03 2013 1:43pm
Did a girl throatlift you...dats why you are so angry...

jimOct 03 2013 6:22pm
No Actually that would be Amazing. I've been a here for a while observing. Been reading a lot of the posts and they sound interesting but how true they are is another story. If there was a girl strong enough to lift me with one hand I would be hers for ever.But I'm pretty heavy so she would have to be damn Strong. I believe there are women out there that are strong as hell and can Lift a guy with one hand. The women that were on here say they are but You really can't believe everything you read.

AngryCanuckOct 03 2013 7:38pm
Anyone have any other stories????

AngryCanuckOct 05 2013 3:56pm
EIT8cO This is one awesome post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

ZJQIBIjTJOct 15 2013 11:03pm
bU7kKv Major thankies for the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

HnTIyrhoeDUOct 24 2013 2:19pm

JoeOct 30 2013 3:05pm
what do you mean dickheads?

AnonymousNov 03 2013 6:00am
Can't be anyone of us. Must be talking about himself.

AngryCanuckNov 03 2013 10:19pm

JoeNov 05 2013 2:09pm
There he goes again. Must really hate himself.

AngryCanuckNov 06 2013 10:38pm
Has there been any real looking throatlifts on YouTube?

AnonymousNov 10 2013 8:28pm
I've seen a few that look real....

AngryCanuckNov 11 2013 12:44pm
For the girls that are saying they have really throatlift guys; why not show a example on YouTube or something. This will prove if these stories are fake or true.

onetimeNov 11 2013 2:38pm
I've said the same thing.

AngryCanuckNov 11 2013 6:22pm
Ha58xq Thanks so much for the blog.Really thank you!

tAVHJKcwKNGljOADMNov 18 2013 12:37am
There is no woman strong enough to lift a man with one hand. If she could I'd let her, but I don't believe it.

SMNov 26 2013 7:22pm
I weight 195, I promise no female can lift me by the throat.

SMNov 26 2013 7:26pm
i weigh 125 so I reckon a woman could lift me with two

throatliftloverNov 27 2013 2:55pm
There is no woman that can do that, not to me, I promise, that's bullpoo! I challenge any woman!

SMNov 28 2013 1:14am
The challenge is on, I live in Baton Rouge Louisiana. If there is a woman brave enough, try it . If you can lift me, I reeeeeally owe whatever you want! My promise, women can't do that bullpoo.

SMNov 28 2013 1:25am
Fellows, it's a lie I promise, don't buy into the propaganda. Women just can't do it. Lollllllllllllllllllll ! BullPoo.

SMNov 28 2013 1:34am
Lies, no woman can do that. One hand, that's flat out nonsense. Those are all false stories! You lifted your man for 15 seconds because he didn't listen, lol , PLEASE

SMNov 29 2013 8:51pm
WOW!! Got anymore or are you finished????

AngryCanuckDec 04 2013 7:24pm
No woman can do that, those stories everybody read are bogus. One hand, the strongest person would have to use two hands. A women using one hand, please! Fantasy!

SMDec 06 2013 3:30pm
Like I said, I challenge any woman. Waiting for a woman to post. Lol! BS

SMDec 06 2013 3:39pm
I'm sure there are women out there who can do it. But I agree the ones that posted on here are probably fabricating the whole thing.

AngryCanuckDec 06 2013 10:25pm
Maybe, but a one hand lift, nah. I'm waiting for a female to post.

SMDec 06 2013 10:46pm
CZvS2p This is one awesome blog. Really Cool.

fGdvayZixFVDec 14 2013 3:42pm
NoCfHN I loved your blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

EBUnuEFWEUkucQDec 15 2013 2:40am
In 2014, my goal is to be throatlifted by a woman.

SMDec 26 2013 1:23am
Guys its girlfriend once lifted me up by my throat by using just her left hand...!

jackDec 28 2013 12:52pm
Get her to do it again and video it so we can see it.

AngryCanuckDec 31 2013 11:14am
Why should i video it.....comeone this is my personal stuff...iwouldnt post a video of my girlfriend throatlifting me with one hand...

jackJan 07 2014 12:07am
If it's personal then why did you share this info with us.

AngryCanuckJan 07 2014 10:51am
Plus are we just suppose to take your word for it.

AngryCanuckJan 07 2014 8:28pm
1HolwL Great article post.Really thank you!

SrPLwbUMofJan 08 2014 12:50pm

JoeJan 08 2014 12:58pm
Jack. Your full of muck too.

JoeJan 08 2014 1:53pm
Hey Joe. Get a life you A-Hole

AngryCanuckJan 10 2014 3:06pm
Angry is the perfect name for u Canuck. Ur a very sad and fat man. It would be more in your line to go outside and kick ball instead of looking at pc and eating fries all day!

JoeJan 12 2014 4:57am
A-Hole is the perfect name for you. You obviously have nothing better to do with time then harass people on this board. It's true I am over weight. You were right about that. But I don't kick a ball around cause I don't own one and I don't sit on the computer and eat fries all day either. So No idea were you got that from. So If you were trying to insult me you failed cause most of your facts were incorrect. But you keep trying there champ.

AngryCanuckJan 12 2014 10:44pm
Go buy a ball angry man. Fresh air will do u the the world of good.

JoeJan 13 2014 10:49am
Don't need a ball I'm out in the fresh air everyday for work. You on the other hand after having such stimulating conversations with sound like you're the one who could do with some fresh air.

AngryCanuckJan 13 2014 12:43pm
That's great. I thought u were a bum that lies around your parents house all day every day. I suppose I'll have to leave u alone now.

JoeJan 14 2014 1:52pm
No I'm not one of those people that sits on there computer 24hrs a day playing video games and looking at porn. I only do that in my free time HAHAHA!

AngryCanuckJan 14 2014 8:14pm
jktOBL I am so grateful for your article post. Much obliged.

VGlmrkKnqKvveXmmEdJan 16 2014 4:26am
Does anyone else have a fetish to be throatlifted by a woman

throatliftloverJan 19 2014 7:53am
Yups i have...

sunnyJan 20 2014 9:13pm
Tell us about it.

AngryCanuckJan 21 2014 8:15pm
i want to be lifted off the ground by my neck by a woman, I really don't care who, I don't know why I want it to happen but ive always had a fetish for it, do you guy have any tips or something to help me?

throatliftloverJan 23 2014 5:16am
I had a strong friend chelsea she was muscular and dominant and used to throatlift guys whenevershe had fights with them...she used to hold them up in the air by using just one hand and put them down only after they ask for it...she once lifted me off tge floor by her right hand and brought me down after about 40 seconds..she was talking to me most of the time when i was in air and smiling up at she held nothing..and my legs were dangling high above the floor..

sunnyJan 24 2014 2:32am
Is she single????

AngryCanuckJan 25 2014 12:41pm
I wish I could have a friend like her, im from the uk so not many women are like this

throatliftloverJan 26 2014 3:17pm
I think i should start going to the gym, i will probably have more of a chance finding a girl there

throatliftloverJan 28 2014 3:13pm
Its true women are strong enough to lift men, I am a male 5"10 and i had a women who was 6"1 pin me against a wall and lift me a foot off the ground by my balls with one hand.

SmezJan 29 2014 12:37pm

AngryCanuckJan 30 2014 6:58am
You say ouch but it was a turn on as she is a big women in every way and was wearing a tight fitted dress and 4 inch high heels

SmezJan 30 2014 10:59am
Well as long as it didn't hurt. Did she do anything else????

AngryCanuckJan 30 2014 3:21pm
Yeah when she lowered me down she asked me how it felt. I said it was ok so she squeezed them abit more and lifted me up agian. Then as she lowered me down she put her other hand on the back of my head and shoved it between her large chest while still sqeezing my balls. I'd love for her to do it again but dont see her anymore.

SmezJan 30 2014 11:58pm

AngryCanuckJan 31 2014 3:32pm
A woman has yet to respond! Pointless!

SMJan 31 2014 10:33pm
Who was this woman

throatliftloverFeb 01 2014 11:38am
Good Attitude

AngryCanuckFeb 01 2014 9:56pm
i don't know about lifting guys by the throat but I nearly strangled my ex husband to death twice with my bare hands and once I strangled a guy at a party with my bare hands. I used both my hands though.

MehrFeb 02 2014 4:31am
Damn! Nearly strangled him to death. Did you have a angry look on your face while choking him Mehr

SMFeb 02 2014 6:25am
Really, that's your question. If she had an angry look on her face. Were suppose to be talking about Throat lifting not attempting to killing someone

AngryCanuckFeb 02 2014 8:52pm
Mehr, I'll let you throatlift and strangle me I think you strong enough

SMFeb 03 2014 3:48am

MehrFeb 03 2014 6:39am
Yes I would let u lift me up and strangle me. Would you Mehr

SMFeb 03 2014 7:00am
Have you strangled someone while lifting him up in the air..

sunnyFeb 03 2014 11:49am
Sure I would

MehrFeb 04 2014 12:04am
Do you like throatlifts Mehr? I would love for you to strangle and lift me for fun. Your responding, make it interesting. I'm not trying to talk to dudes.

SMFeb 04 2014 12:34am
Would you use one are two hands to lift me Mehr?

SMFeb 04 2014 12:44am
SM, why don't you give me your ID?

MehrFeb 04 2014 11:49pm
I don't get it Mehr

SMFeb 05 2014 7:09am

throatliftloverFeb 05 2014 8:33am
Ok I get it I'd? I'd want u to grab my neck with both hands and lift me high as u can and strangle with a look of rage. Mehr

SMFeb 05 2014 8:48am
I want a woman to throatlift me too

Throatlift FetishFeb 05 2014 10:01pm
SM, I meant email ID, you idiot.

MehrFeb 06 2014 4:09am Mehr

SMFeb 06 2014 5:15am
I wouldn't have done that. You don't know who this person is.

AngryCanuckFeb 06 2014 10:55am
I don't have that to worry about and that's a promise

SMFeb 06 2014 8:09pm
AngryCanuck, are you his daddy?

MehrFeb 07 2014 1:30am
Well Good Luck with what ever it is your doing. And MEHR, Grow Up.

AngryCanuckFeb 07 2014 6:42am
Have you ever lifted someone with one hand?

sunnyFeb 07 2014 10:48pm
What did you want his email for?

throatliftloverFeb 08 2014 6:25pm
I wish I could be throatlifted by a tall beautiful woman

throatliftloverFeb 09 2014 10:32am
Who the hell is this Mehr chick talking about strangling her husband to death. He must be a weak man. Matter of fact MEHR is a weirdo, MEHR is psycho

Throatlift FetishFeb 17 2014 9:06pm

AngryCanuckFeb 17 2014 11:58pm
I would like to meet Mehr. Throatlift Fetish shut the hell up and you too Angry Canuck or better yet Angry C*ck in the bootie

TimmyFeb 18 2014 7:54am
WOW! very original Timmy. Now why don't go put your helmet on and go sit in the back of the short bus.

AngryCanuckFeb 18 2014 2:13pm
AngryCanuck, your a complete JACKASS! Your beening played dummy

Jokes on youFeb 18 2014 5:03pm
Yeah AngryCanuck is resource! Get it! Resource like they had in school! You slow bastard!

TimmyFeb 18 2014 5:53pm
Mehr your ok with me

TimmyFeb 18 2014 5:54pm
Jackass Canuck!

Jokes on youFeb 18 2014 6:38pm
Exactly how am I slow and how am I being played. None of your comments make a lick of sense. Makes me wonder how many brain cells died as you were coming up with these master piece come backs.

AngryCanuckFeb 18 2014 7:48pm
Because you respond jackass!

TimmyFeb 19 2014 1:22am
AngryC*ck in da ass! Lol! Who the hell is this clown

AliceFeb 19 2014 3:45am
This AngryCanuck guy has issues! Are should I say AngryC*ck in da ASS!

AmberFeb 19 2014 4:02am
I think Mehr told the most truthful story out everything I've read. Who the hell is this Angry COCK N the ASS guy

HeathFeb 19 2014 6:42am
So I'm a clown and a Jackass for responding EH!! So What does that make all of you?????

AngryCanuckFeb 19 2014 6:54am
"AngryC*ck In da Ass". That's hilarious. The American Education system at work.

AngryCanuckFeb 19 2014 6:56am
Hello AngryCanuck would you like me to put a c*ck in your ass! Idiot!

ToddFeb 19 2014 7:25am
Angry Canuck, I've been looking at your comments and from I see, the strongest woman couldn't throatlift your fat ass! Everyone's right, Angry C*ck in the Ass!

AmieeFeb 19 2014 7:40am
Hey AngryCanuck, take that c*ck out ass, it may relieve some stress!

TimmyFeb 19 2014 8:15am
What's the matter Angry COCK in the ASS did they tease in school and called you fat that's your so angry!

HeathFeb 19 2014 9:30am
LOL! I see by these school yard Insults That I'm dealing with a bunch of children. What's the matter Mommy and Daddy take away your iphones and ipads and lock you out of your twitter account so you have to come here and share your intelligent thoughts with us.

AngryCanuckFeb 19 2014 12:42pm
Does anyone else want to get back to the main topic.

AngryCanuckFeb 19 2014 12:46pm
Angry C*ck in the ASS!

TimmyFeb 19 2014 2:06pm

AngryCanuckFeb 19 2014 6:41pm
Angry COCK in the ASS!

$Feb 20 2014 4:20pm
Juvenile Humor!!. Never gets old with some people. Come on someone has to have a TL story or sometime to ad. I have a story but NOW I'm thinking twice about sharing it.

AngryCanuckFeb 20 2014 6:33pm
That's because no one can Throatlift your fat ass!

AliceFeb 20 2014 8:25pm
Or something to add DUMB ASS!

AliceFeb 20 2014 8:28pm
Lol! Thank you Alice

TimmyFeb 20 2014 8:30pm
OUCH!! That really hurt. You got me good with that one Alice.

AngryCanuckFeb 20 2014 9:24pm
Juvenile humor and yet you respond to it. Ok Angry COCK in the ASS! Now respond JACKASS!

Alice Feb 20 2014 11:27pm
Just found this board. Some pretty cool stories. I don't have any TL lift stories but I look forward to reading more.

DH88Feb 21 2014 3:39pm
No women responding, hell this sight is pointless, matter of fact I don't believe any of the stories I've heard except for this Mehr chick, and she seems very crazy. Psycho Bitch!

CeeFeb 24 2014 9:10pm
Omg I know her! Her name is Mehr Gomes I'm related to her ex! She's a complete looney tune!

ToniFeb 24 2014 9:15pm
That's what I thought.

Angry CanuckFeb 24 2014 10:14pm
I don't blame women for staying away from this board. It gets a little crazy now and again.

AngryCanuckFeb 25 2014 1:48pm
KjWeb5 I loved your article post.Really thank you! Really Great.

yaUrczgmWCRFyEuFeb 28 2014 1:31pm
Boring! Plus I don't believe any of these stories except for Mehr. I think she has the most truthful story.

RicsMar 05 2014 7:06am
Women throatlifting! Lol! It's called a FANTASY!

Anti Woman PowerMar 07 2014 8:07pm
"Archie Bunker Ladies and Gentleman" How about a hand.

AngryCanuckMar 12 2014 2:58pm
Ok Angry C*ck In The ASS!

Anti Woman PowerMar 12 2014 7:34pm
Good Come back. Never heard that one before.

AngryCanuckMar 12 2014 9:42pm
Your a complete idiot Angry C*ck in the Ass

Anti Woman PowerMar 13 2014 4:15am
Whatever you say!!!

AngryCanuckMar 13 2014 10:02am
Angry Canuck you actually go on the internet argue and entertain bullpoo. Poo ain't cool at all

RicsMar 13 2014 11:40am
I agree, there's to much sh1t on this board. can we please stop and get back to the topic. If you are not going to contribute anything intelligent to this topic then get the hell off this board.

DH88Mar 13 2014 1:43pm
Well said DH88. My apologises to everyone. I'm not handling this the right way. It's a lot of fun for me but it's not solving the problem and it's cluttering up this thread. As Rics said I'm entertaining BullSh1t. Sh1t ain't cool at all and he's right. So lets move on.

AngryCanuckMar 13 2014 1:57pm
g27PtQ Thank you for your blog.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

ApWiCqXiHIwnjTMar 22 2014 7:46am
Lets start this up again and see if any girls are wanting to share stories

throatliftloverMar 28 2014 9:06am
vNbd0C Very informative blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

MmmvwryhZKthKewZjJApr 01 2014 7:44am
Doesn't look like anyone is interested in this anymore.

AngryCanuckApr 02 2014 9:42pm
Looks like that doesn't it

throatliftloverApr 03 2014 8:56am
Over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arguing messed it up! Is everyone happy now!

RicsApr 04 2014 12:00am
YEP! Purposely messed it up for you Rics

AngryCanuckApr 06 2014 8:02pm
You don't think this board has been ruined for all of us. I don't blame AC. He probably thought It would keep those idiots away. I actual got a kick out of his responses.

DH88Apr 06 2014 10:03pm
No women, no point!!!! Dumba$$es!!! Quit talking sh1t behind a computer idiots.

$Apr 07 2014 3:53am
Did you really think those posts were were true and from women. They were probably from dudes pretending to be women or if they were women they were having fun with you making Sh1t up. My opinion you're the Dumba$$es for thinking it's legit.

AngryCanuckApr 07 2014 10:42am
But yet your stupid A$$ continue to entertain what you feel is a fake site! Like I said Dumb A$$!

$Apr 07 2014 11:22am
Everybody has long stop entertaining this site, your still the only D1CK that, and all you doing is internet arguing. Whackkkk Angry Canuck

$Apr 07 2014 11:30am
Matter of fact, you can't argue with this jackA$$ he is going to break you done to his stupidity and beat you with experience. That's to you Angry Canuck! Enjoy your site Dummy!

$Apr 07 2014 11:43am
Never said I wasn't entertained by this site. I like reading the stories and responses. Even If they are a little out there. It's just distracting when people like those post there garbage. I thought Responding back the way I did would get them frustrated and they would move on. I was wrong and ignoring them would have been the best way to go. Call me what ever names you want, Makes you no better than the others.

AngryCanuckApr 07 2014 3:18pm
Been viewing this board for a few weeks now. Can we please get back to the original topic. Does anyone else have any TL stories they would like to share?? If not then lets put this subject to rest.

HootieMcb00bApr 07 2014 3:57pm
Where is everyone??? Want to hear more stories.

HootieMcb00bApr 07 2014 9:05pm
Face it, it's over too much negativity. People think fighting fire with fire is going to solve the problem. That just made things worse.

$Apr 08 2014 2:57am
Hi I'm Jessica, and I've once lifted a guy by the neck. I only held him up for 5 seconds. It's hard but it felt incredible!

AmberApr 12 2014 1:23am
Hi Jessica was it with one or two hands?

throatliftloverApr 12 2014 5:06pm
It's was with two hands, but it was so hard. My name is Jessica Amber. You can call me Amber

AmberApr 12 2014 10:17pm
Ok amber, tell me how it happened

throatliftloverApr 13 2014 8:38am
I'm a little muscular, so I was testing my strength on one of my male friends. I grab his neck with both hands, pressed him against the wall and lift him up. But I only held him up about four seconds.

AmberApr 13 2014 1:01pm

AngryCanuckApr 14 2014 3:08pm
This is a loaded question Amber but can you do it again and take a pic or video of it???.

AngryCanuckApr 14 2014 7:31pm
Sure! You can find it on! This is a dude pretending to be Amber JackA$$

Whoever u want me to be. Lmao!Apr 15 2014 9:38am
I know. Why do you think I asked.

AngryCanuckApr 15 2014 9:31pm
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