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women who carry men

Question: hey guys..i am 5'6\
Created by: abhilash at 08:14:59 PM, Sunday, June 17, 2012 PDT


Whats the point of this poll-?! I don't get its point.

PeterJun 19 2012 4:40am

Peter,the point here is if guys like girls picking them up and carrying them and if girls like doing this?there a lot of men and women get off sexual with this show of strength!

AnonymousJun 20 2012 5:00am
Just wondering. I am a male, in his 30's, 6ft, 165 lbs. I always thought I was some kind of weakling because I would lose most wrestling and other such matches, even to some women. But the other day, I was working out, and my friend asked me to bench press the most I could one time. I maxed at 60 lbs. He said, "Wow! Your're strong." Now I'm kind of confused. Is it like he says?

JakeJun 20 2012 5:30pm
Jake,sorry man but there much young girls lifting awhole lot more than that! there is even a 12 year old girl that weighs 85 pounds benching more than 60 pounds!

AnonymousJun 21 2012 9:42am
My daughter is only 14,yet already legpress 640 lbs for ten reps in series.

AnonymousJun 21 2012 3:40pm
Ok,yeah,as i has mentioned yes i got very horny and rock hard feeling how strong woman can be,being lifted,carried,wrestled by strong dominant woman.

PeterJun 21 2012 3:42pm
Peter,i am a 55 year old happily married very strong woman! I am 5'11 195 pounds all muscle that has 15 1/2 inch arms 40 inch chest and 24 inch thighs that loves picking up her husband over head parading around the room and i also bench press him! he is 5'8 165 pounds and after i display my strength and muscles to my husband we than have the most intense sex! although i have two daughters that have caught me lifting their father over head and bench pressing him! i don't know what they are thinking when they see that?

LillyJun 21 2012 5:20pm
That's mortifying! A 12 year old doing more than me? Okay, that sounds like a rare exception, but what's the average?

jakeJun 21 2012 6:49pm
Jake,i am a 55 year old strong woman that can bench press 225 and i am a woman thats probably three times your age and in the gym i use to work out in there were much younger girls that are lifting a whole lot more than 60 pounds! sorry you are weak!my teen age daughters are stronger than you!

LillyJun 22 2012 12:11pm
i am taller and heavier than my hubby i carry him all the time this is so much fun

farahJun 22 2012 6:10pm
Hey Jake you are not strong.I think a lot of girls who are 14 or 15 can lift much more then you.

AnonymousJun 23 2012 12:50pm
Anonymous,i think it would destroys jakes ego to see younger girls than him lifting more than him and i would imagine the girls muscles are bigger than his!

LillyJun 23 2012 2:34pm
My wife loves to lift me. She is athletic and works out a few times a week. I am thin and she weighs about 25 lbs more than me and she maybe a little taller. She introduced me to lift and carry a little while ago. we were in te backyard standing on the steps of the porch. She got in front of me and said she wanted to give me a piggy back. Why? I asked. To see if I can! She replied. OK I said and she bend down and I got on her back. She adjusted me and began to carry me! Aren't I heavy? I asked she replied I am pretty strong now and not you're not. I kissed her neck and she walked us up the steps and dropped me by the door. We went in and she and I got on the couch and turned on the TV. I got us a couple of drinks and came back in the living room. She pulled me on her lap. It seemed weird but I didnt say any thing. I sat there and she kissed me as she was she put her arms under my legs and she stood up. I was amazed and said so. She asked do you really like it? I just nodded and she carried me around the living room. She put me back on the couch and took of her shirt and stood there in her bra. She looked powerful and her arms were pumped from carrying me. Needless to say she could see my excitement, I stood on the couch and said lift me some more. She walked over to me and bend a little and I was over her shoulder, She said this easy. She set me down on the couch and sat down. I put one leg and then rhe other on her over her shoulders and she lifted me. High on her shoulders I said Hon I may get too excited up here! She giggled and put me down. I began to kiss her arms as she flexed. About a minute later we were on the carpet making love. It was fantastic. After we recovered I told her that I loved it when she picked me up. She said that it was one of her secret loves. She had wanted to do it for a long time and the working out was to get stronger and be able to lift me. Well you dont seem to have any problem now I laughed. she flexed and I put my hand on her muscle and wanted to continue upstairs and we did.

AnonymousJun 24 2012 7:38am
My wife loves to lift me. She is athletic and works out a few times a week. I am thin and she weighs about 25 lbs more than me and she maybe a little taller. She introduced me to lift and carry a little while ago. we were in te backyard standing on the steps of the porch. She got in front of me and said she wanted to give me a piggy back. Why? I asked. To see if I can! She replied. OK I said and she bend down and I got on her back. She adjusted me and began to carry me! Aren't I heavy? I asked she replied I am pretty strong now and not you're not. I kissed her neck and she walked us up the steps and dropped me by the door. We went in and she and I got on the couch and turned on the TV. I got us a couple of drinks and came back in the living room. She pulled me on her lap. It seemed weird but I didnt say any thing. I sat there and she kissed me as she was she put her arms under my legs and she stood up. I was amazed and said so. She asked do you really like it? I just nodded and she carried me around the living room. She put me back on the couch and took of her shirt and stood there in her bra. She looked powerful and her arms were pumped from carrying me. Needless to say she could see my excitement, I stood on the couch and said lift me some more. She walked over to me and bend a little and I was over her shoulder, She said this easy. She set me down on the couch and sat down. I put one leg and then rhe other on her over her shoulders and she lifted me. High on her shoulders I said Hon I may get too excited up here! She giggled and put me down. I began to kiss her arms as she flexed. About a minute later we were on the carpet making love. It was fantastic. After we recovered I told her that I loved it when she picked me up. She said that it was one of her secret loves. She had wanted to do it for a long time and the working out was to get stronger and be able to lift me. Well you dont seem to have any problem now I laughed. she flexed and I put my hand on her muscle and wanted to continue upstairs and we did.

AnonymousJun 24 2012 7:38am
anonymous, so how big would you say your wife's biceps are? and what about her thighs?

LillyJun 24 2012 2:50pm
They are 14 inches her legs are strong not sure how big. She weighs 165 and I weigh 140. Do you lift and carry Lily?

AnonymousJun 25 2012 5:09am
ANONYMOUS i lift mu husband daily he loved it very much if we were alone but hate it if i lift him in public do you hate it if your wife lift you in public

farahJun 25 2012 6:03am
From the age of about 8 years old, I went to circuses and watched acrobatic acts on tv and was always strangely interested and excited when the females lifted their partners. I went through my teenage years dating girls who looked strong enough to lift me, but never having the courage to ask them in case they thought I was a weirdo. When I was 23 years old, I went to a party and met an extremely attractive solidly build girl. A few days later, she came to my flat for a meal. After the meal we were in the kitchen and started kissing. Without warning, she bent down and lifted up by the buttocks, sat me on the worktop, started laughing and moved in towards me. I reacted by wrapping my legs around her waist and she stepped back holding me in a front straddle. She pulled my head towards her and started kissing me passionately. I was in heaven. She held me there for at least 10mins, before carrying me into my room for the most incredible sex of my life. I had met the girl of my dreams who got turned on by lifting me, especially before and during sex. Unfortunately she was not willing to get involved too deeply involved with anyone and she stopped seeing me. It hurts when I think about somebody else enjoying the fantastic pleasure we shared when she lifted me.

AllyJun 25 2012 1:55pm
I want to get lifted in various lifts by female.Is there any girl/women who can lift me please? I'm 27 years, 5"7' and 60 kgs. I want to experience this erotic feeling.

SJJun 25 2012 2:17pm
farah, we keep the lift and carry to ourselves. Although sometimes if no one is around she might lift me. For instance we hike a little and she might piggyback me for a while.

AnonymousJun 25 2012 2:59pm
SJ you are 60 kg most women could lift you easily

farahJun 25 2012 3:48pm
Anonymous,yes i do lift and carrying with my husband! i can lift him over head and parade around the room with him over head! i can also bench press him as well very easily! I have been lifting weights since i was 12 years old and now i am 55 years old! I am 5'11 195 pounds of muscle! i have 15 inch arms 24 inch thighs and a 40 inch chest and after i show my husband my dispay of my strength which he loves we have the most intense sex afterwrds!

LillyJun 25 2012 4:06pm
Are you sure Farah that most women can carry me easily? could you please share the details of height, weight and age of you and your hubby?

SJJun 25 2012 8:36pm
I am 24 my hight 5.8 weight 172 pounds my hussband is 26 his hight 5.6 weight 130 pounds and yes i am sure you are so light

FarahJun 26 2012 1:51am
Ok, I like girls who are slightly taller and slightly weigh more than me. Your husband is very lucky guy. In what lifts you carry him?

SJJun 26 2012 3:29am
some times i lift him over my shoulder but most of the time i carddel him

farahJun 26 2012 5:26am
Lily, you sound awesome! Lucky hubby.

AnonymousJun 26 2012 5:29am
Thanks Farah, will you also pls lift me? I want to be with such girl in her arms in various lifts, especially front lift and craddle.. As you said I won't be too heavy for you..

SJJun 26 2012 5:52am
SJ i live in egypt do you know it i dont think that you will come over here for this look for a strong woman in your country

FarahJun 26 2012 7:25am
Anonymous,thanks!My husband and i have Two teenage daughters that have watch lift their father over head and parading him around our family room when i thought they were a sleep or out and they have seen me bench press their father also and have seen me do other things as well! and its funny my daughters don't think i know they are watching us but i do! and they also lift weights and are very strong and stronger than their father because i have worked with them and have trained them! so,i think they would like to try what i do to their father!

LillyJun 26 2012 7:29am
Lily, does your husband mind being the weak one in the family? I like the fact that my wife is stronger but it might be a bit weird to have my kids carry me around! But it is a lot of fun being in my wifes arms and over her shoulders. She can't lift me overhead, you must be really strong to do that.

AnonymousJun 26 2012 2:59pm
SJ, you sound adorable! So light and tiny! I'm pretty sure I could easily lift you without any trouble at all. I'm an even six feet myself, and I weigh 205 pounds. Don't you worry, most of it's not fat!

MandyJun 27 2012 4:54am
No, I didn't know that Farah, it is too far.. :(

SJJun 27 2012 12:13pm
Wow, thanks Mandy, it seems you are too big in front of me, but with less fat, you sound awesome ! What's your age? It will be like dream for me to be in your arms.. How long will you carry me?

SJJun 27 2012 12:15pm
I'm 23, SJ. How old are you? I'm not fat at all really, just a little bit around the big muscles because I'm bulking up a bit. I'm sure I could carry you for hours. Especially if I had you on my shoulders. 60kg isn't a lot for me. I bench about twice that.

MandyJun 27 2012 12:23pm
missed it, 27, gotcha.

MandyJun 27 2012 12:32pm
I'm 27 Mandy, it would be great to be in your arms for hours. How will you feel when I'll be in your arms? I've never been with such taller and stronger women in my life till date..

SJJun 27 2012 12:38pm
When I hold men I typically feel big and strong, especially with small guys like yourself. It's always a rush to see how tiny they are in my arms. I like being dominant and motherly so small guys are best for me.

MandyJun 27 2012 1:08pm
How big are you SJ? I mean, how big are your arms, what's your waist? Are you big boned, small boned, toned or soft?

MandyJun 27 2012 1:09pm
My waist is 32", arms are about 12", I don't know about bone structure but I have minimal amount of fat in my body, I have quite structured body type though I weigh slightly less. Will you lift me in front lift for long? I would like to wrap around your body..

SJJun 27 2012 1:22pm
How will you behave with me Mandy by being dominant and motherly when you will carry me in various lifts? Could you please describe with some scenarios Mandy when I will be in your arms?

SJJun 27 2012 2:05pm
12 inches? That's smaller than my forearm. You really do sound too cute. My own biceps are 17 1/2 inches right now(16 1/2 cut) and I have a 30 inch waist. I could front lift you for a long time, SJ. And besides, if I were to get tired, we could just change positions. I could cradle you or hold you by your buttocks while you wrap those adorable little arms and legs around me.

MandyJun 27 2012 2:07pm
Yep sure Mandy, we can change positions as per your convenience, that will be exciting, alternatively, you can sit on bed with me in your lap. With this big biceps for a woman, are you an athlete or so Mandy?

SJJun 28 2012 5:25pm
@ MANDY... < six feet myself, and I weigh 205. When I hold men I typically feel big and strong, especially with small guys like yourself. It's always a rush to see how tiny they are in my arms. I like being dominant and motherly so small guys are best for me. > And you have 17.5 inch biceps... ok WHAT guys are NOT small compared to you?? MANDY you sound ADORABLE!!!! HUGE and Bionic yet TENDER and LOVING. I'm NOT a small guy, I'm 5'9 and 185lbs... yet compared to you, I'm small. How INCREDIBLE you sound.

AA34Jun 28 2012 9:27pm
SJ, yes I'm an athlete. I play hockey and work out at the gym. I find men get very timid when they sit on my lap. I think it's because it's interpreted as a sign of physical weakness and I've got a big lap too for a gal at 26 inches. @AA34, they are plenty of guys who aren't small compared to me. I'm big for a girl, but I won't shortchange the men. There are LOADS of big men out there and plenty who are bigger or taller than me. You're pretty average yourself for a guy.

MandyJun 29 2012 3:21pm
ok Mandy, are you a typical body building woman with all muscles or just a fit girl? I don't want to be interpreted as a sign of physical weakness when I will be in your lap. It's just that i have a fetish for lift carry.

SJJun 29 2012 3:32pm
Oh SJ, I didn't mean it in an offensive way! It's just that usually the smaller person sits in the lap the bigger person(and the smaller person is usually the physically less strong person). That's all. I don't see it as submissive but just as two people enjoying the physical attributes of other people. I'm a big girl I like smaller, physically weaker guys. For the body, I'm probably in between SJ. I work out and try to build muscle, but I never go ripped with like 5% body fat or something. I want to retain some femininity and curvy.

MandyJun 29 2012 4:12pm
And I like lift and carry too! I just love picking small guys off the ground and playing with them in the air or doing airplane with them.

MandyJun 29 2012 4:18pm
That's great Mandy, I also don't want to be a typical submissive in offensive manner, just enjoying in the arms of a woman. I'm not into a big muscular women, I want to be with a girl who is still feminine and curvy. As you said could you please describe how will you behave dominantly and motherly when i will be in your arms Mandy?

SJJun 29 2012 4:42pm
Well, what would you want me to do?

MandyJun 29 2012 4:51pm
I don't want you to put me down and just let me in your embrace. We can get into normal daily conversations in various lifts and at times I want we both to caress each other too. By dominance, I don't want you to hurt me.

SJJun 29 2012 5:00pm
@ MANDY... well I here what you're saying Mandy about there are guys bigger than you you but it is so RARE for a girl to have 17.5 Biceps. And the majority of men do NOT have arms that big either. And your Lift and Carries sound so sensual and tender. << And I like lift and carry too! I just love picking small guys off the ground and playing with them in the air or doing airplane with them. >> Oh I hope I'm light enough for you too so we can explore all that you and your POWER can do...

AA34Jun 29 2012 7:56pm
I am mighty mouse! thats 5'0 185 pounds of muscle with 15 inch arms,40 inch chest and 30 inch thighs! i have been lifting weights since i was 12 years old! but,before that i had years of gymanastics at the age of 5! so, i hag a good start early to develop muscles from that and when i turned 12 i discovered weight lifting! and now that i am 30 years old and now i am a very strong and powerful woman! but,what i really like to do is show my great strength using it on men and when i am with a man i can lift him over head and i can put his penis in my mouth while lifting him over head and i also love putting his penis between my breasts and lift him up and down and we have an incredible intense orgasms together!

Mighty MouseJun 30 2012 3:00pm
Mighty Mouse, I didn't even know those things were possible. So do you need to put his back against the wall when you do this or are you just strong enough to lift him over head and blow job with just your strength. That all sounds pretty wild. How heavy of a guy can you lift to do all this. I'm about 190-195lbs?

AnonymousJul 01 2012 10:50am
Anonymous, i can lift a man over head with out putting his back against the wall! and i have lifted guys of all weights! and i have lifted guys as much as you weigh!

Mighty MouseJul 01 2012 11:06am
Mighty Mouse, thats incredible. Have you lifted men 195lbs in the lifts you described including the blow job lift? And have you ever had a man front straddle you with his legs around your waist and carried and kissed him?

AnonymousJul 01 2012 11:31am
Anonymous,i put one hand between his thighs and one around his neck and lift him over head! and yes i have had a many man front straddle with his legs around my waist carrying him and kissing him! and as much as 200 pounds! and i have done that in front of a mirror!

Mighty MouseJul 01 2012 11:52am
Mighty, is that Kiss with the guy lifted and straddled around your waist as you kiss him, is that a turn on for you too? It sure sounds like it would be and sounds really hot.

AnonymousJul 01 2012 12:06pm
Anonymous,yes its very hot! even smoking! and yes its a very real turn-on!

Mighty MouseJul 01 2012 12:32pm
Mighty, why the mirror? And just how strong are you? What kind of lifts at the gym do you do, how heavy you go?

AnonymousJul 01 2012 12:45pm
@ MIGHTY... oh the Mighty has returned. You girls on this poll are incredible. Oh the things you can do... the power and powers you have.

AA34Jul 01 2012 12:48pm
@ MANDY and MIGHTY... So Mighty is 5'0 and 185lbs with 15 inch arms and Mandy is 6 feet and 205lbs with 17.5 inch arms. My GOD, you're both incredible and what a sight it would be to see you together. Two opposite and ends of the Power Goddess Spectrum. One a True Amazon, the other a Bionic fireplug powerhouse. You both sound so HOT and insanely Strong and even more sensual with your powers!!!

AA34Jul 01 2012 12:51pm
Anonymous,why the mirror because its quite a turn-on watching oneself put men in different positions lifting or cradling them! or doing other incredible things with my great strength! and you want to know how strong i am? i can bench 225 pounds.squat 450 leg press 825 pounds dead lift 375 press over head 235 and can dumbbell curl 95 pounds!and you want to know the real power i have in my thighs i can crush a watermelon to where it just explodes with ease!

Mighty MouseJul 01 2012 1:13pm
I love women who are stronger. I am a professional, somewhat older, who loves strong built women. Muscles a plus. Email me at

Chris PJul 01 2012 2:52pm
Chris P, why on earth would we strong muscular women would ever want to E-mail you?

Mighty MouseJul 01 2012 2:55pm
maybe because he sounds like he appreciates girls you like mighty mouse...dont you wanna talk with someone who appreciates you?

jimJul 01 2012 9:27pm
JIM, good point... Mighty Mouse has her sensual moments, but as I recall Mighty Mouse has a domination streak in her. She likes to physically destroy men. Where as I like the Power and Energy of a strong, beautiful, and sensual Goddess using her powers in exotic ways :)) Speaking of that... WHERE IS MANDY???? Come back Mandy :))

AA34Jul 01 2012 10:21pm
Agreed with AA34. I'm waiting for Mandy's reply, She seems strong and powerful yet sensual, beautiful, erotic and caring. Reply pls Mandy

SJJul 03 2012 10:19am
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wikiJul 17 2012 3:10pm
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wikiJul 17 2012 3:11pm
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pepeOct 26 2012 3:20pm
Any new lift carry experiences ? It seems this poll is dead. Where all these females like Mandy, Farah, Lily have gone? It seems they've stopped visiting this site.

SJOct 30 2012 3:54pm

ZNov 07 2012 9:23pm
I was at the door of my bestfriend Georges house ringing the doorbell, hoping he was home so we could hang outl. But who opened the door was his mother who had been on a 3 month trip to georgia for some reason that i forget. Anyways me and Georges mother hav a good relationship and she was really glad to see me since it had been a long time. At the time i was a small boy 15 year old boy, about 5'6" and 120lbs. She probably outweighed me by 4 times my size. I knew for sure that she was 5'11" but her shoes made her look 6' tall and i know that she was about 480-500 lbs with huge breasts and a gigantic stomach and rear. She smiled and was overjoyed to see me after along time and told me to come inside. After i stepped inside i noticed she was in a bikini that showed off all her curves. (She was just about to go swimming when i arrived). Anyways she gave me the greatest hug of my life. She bent over and bear hugged me off the ground. It felt weird being pressed against the breasts and stomach of my bestfriends mother but i liked it alot. When she let go of me, i did not drop off of her because i had my legs wrapped around her belly. She then, with me still in a frontwards piggyback lift, proceeded to do all of her usual household cleaning for about half an hour, talking to me whil i was clinging onto her. After she finish we went outside and lay by her pool on a pool chair long enough to let her huge body lay down. She pulled my body ontop of hers and let me play with her belly and tits until i got tired. At that point she cradled me for an hour straight. It was the weirdest yet greatest experience of my life

WowedNov 07 2012 10:49pm
Today at new celebration i left two men ( hugged them and lift them ) it was amazing it gave me a great feeling of unlimit power

RamDec 31 2012 2:34pm
Hi im jake and im 14 years old 5'9 110lbs. One day during college football games, my mother had her friend over to watch the game on tv with us, who was an alumni of Texas A&M. She is the same height as me and is probally 200lbs. Anyways she was very passionate about the game and at one point, it came down to the kicker to make a 30yd fg for the win. When he made the kick my mother friend went insane. She happily started yelling and i was standing up cheering when she gave me a huge hug and lifted me off the ground. I didnt really mind and she spun me around and around. After that she craddled me around the room just talking about the game. She had me on her lap for 30 min after that just watching the game. It was awesome!!

JakeFeb 04 2013 9:40pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm and weight only 55 kg! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl!

mick73Feb 08 2013 4:55pm
Ram, what is your height and weight and your strength level ? What do the two men that you have lifted are in terms of heights and weights ? Thanks

Preferer_of_300_PoundersFeb 09 2013 10:56pm
Farah, do you have a relative or a friend who is of your capabilities ? I am currently in North Africa like you are ! My Sincere Congratulations to your Lucky Hubby !

Preferer_of_300_PoundersFeb 09 2013 11:00pm
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mick73Feb 10 2013 2:14pm
Few days ago a sex worker has lifted me naked in front lift during foreplay and kept me lifted for almost 15 to 20 sec till i ejaculated on her, i was totally embarassed as she laughed at me

pradeepApr 14 2013 12:19pm
Sorry for my late reply, i'm 190 cm and 97 KG, the men i lifted were both shorter and thinner than me one is 176 cm and 68 kg the other is 168 and 59 kg

RamJun 22 2013 3:26pm
I would loved to be lifted and carried too I'am 5'7" and weigh 150 pounds slim guy and want to be lifted in various positions by strong girls. Any girls interested leave a message thanks .

DavidJun 23 2013 4:01am
To Wiki - who was the bbw escort that lifted you last year? Any info you can give would great. Many thanks.

LirpaloofJul 30 2013 7:22pm
Im looking for a ssbbw to pick me up and carry me around..that turns me on

big woman loverAug 12 2013 7:44pm
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I've always loved tall strong women and have hade a lift cary fedesh. I loved to be lifted and carried. I'm just over six feet tall, and 165 pounds. Anyone out there who is strong enough to carry me in there arms?

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I've always loved tall strong women and have had a lift cary fedesh. I loved to be lifted and carried. I'm just over six feet tall, and 165 pounds. Anyone out there who is strong enough to carry me in there arms?

JoeApr 06 2015 4:03pm
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