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saul muendez

Question: soy un ni?o bueno con flow
Created by: saul mendez at 07:34:46 AM, Wednesday, August 01, 2012 PDT



TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:23pm

Hey tobby!

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:24pm
Hey bud xD

TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:24pm
Ill brb when kaitlyns back haha

TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:28pm
Okay xD i will too then

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:28pm
im back lol but i gotta take a shower soon..i gotz a choir concert 2morrow

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:34pm
Lol hi Lucas :P

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:36pm
Hey kaitlyn!

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:41pm

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:41pm
Heyyyy xD

TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:42pm
Tobby! *hugs u* heh

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:43pm
Wheres that emily chick? Does she have a bf?

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:43pm
lol! idk she left i guess :P how do u know bout her 0_o

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:44pm
*hugs you back* this is lucas hes very very gay so if he tries to touch me dont get upset okay?

TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:44pm
and i dont think she does..but idk we dont talk much anymore....

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:44pm
Tobby told me to go to that post first then he changed it to this one and i saw you said she was your friend! And fuсk you tobby -.-

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:45pm
Lol.....weird.. My sister Jaz has a gay bff his name is Jacob lol...he is verrrryyyy over the top gay..he does hair, make up, nails

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:46pm
I was joking xD LOL *sits on da couch*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:48pm
ik..but i wasnt lol.....jacob is soo gay he scares me sometimes :0

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:49pm
Lol xD tobby your mean *cries* xD

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:49pm
Kenzie were you the one that always used to have pool parties on here?

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:50pm
lol...i hate putting make-up on...and being a country girl..not some barbie doll,... and i have to curl my hair and do my make up for 2morrow

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:51pm
......sadly.....when i was a slut....

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:52pm
u 2 still here :p

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:55pm
They were fun though! We should have one right now!

LucasFeb 19 2014 5:55pm
Yea im here! Lol, pool party!

TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:56pm
idk lol ther r only 3 ppl..and tobby doesnt like it when i do tht how i described myself and..yea

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:56pm
ya want to?

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 5:59pm
Sure x3

TobbyFeb 19 2014 5:59pm
Dont worry about lucas, he's my best friend, were practically brothers. You can do whatever you want to him idrc if its just him xD

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:00pm
lol fine :P but it wont be the same as it was b4.... i cant do those things anymore XD i was wild at those parties..but not the nasty wild lol

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:01pm
Aww come on be wild crazy xD haha jk you dont have to but you start it!

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:02pm
Lol okay

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:03pm
* gets on my bikini, sits on the edge of the pool* lol

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:03pm
Its no fun if your not wild kaitlyn! Restart and be wild! Just this once haha, and actually descibe it! xD

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:04pm

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:05pm
0o0 ohhh ur lucas >_> XD

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:05pm

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:06pm
I was agreeing with him by putting the arrow! xD

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:06pm
lol u and him sound exactly and u mistakenly put his name instead of urs hmmm :P

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:07pm
ohhh lol

KaitlyFeb 19 2014 6:07pm
Uh, well we've known each other since 2nd grade and txt all the time i guess thats why we talk the same

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:07pm
Do it kaitlyn! You can even go by kenzie again!

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:09pm
lol u should send me a pic of u 2morrow,. i have sent u a ton lol

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:09pm
Eww taking a pic with just a guy! Thats weird! Maybe we can..... Does tobby have your #

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:10pm
lol :P idk it just feels diff for some reason :P

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:10pm
I do, but she means by email. We might be able to. It might have to be tomorrow after school.

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:11pm
:( aww kenzie please!

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:11pm
lol... i ment tobby..but noi cant text idont have my phone but i have email if u wanna email me..if tobby is ok with that :P

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:11pm
Lol his email is

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:13pm
Guys guys shutup! Pool party time! Like the old ones! Kenzie try to make us horny! xD

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:14pm
i dont have my computer :P its at school i'll email u both tommorw lol

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:14pm

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:14pm
Yay ;)

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:15pm
Can i go by Kenzie on here....

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:15pm

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:17pm
Kenzie were taking a break in our relationship for the next hour so you can do whatever you want (on this post) abd its not cheating) Lol! xD

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:18pm

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:21pm
*walks out of the bathroom, in my sexy tight string zebra print Bikini, that show off my big titz, and ass, long hair in a messy bun, make up done perfectly, looks at u guys, smiles* is this good enough

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:21pm
*jaw drops and i stare at you* yea good enough....

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:22pm

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:22pm
*nods slowly not taking my eyes off you*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:22pm

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 6:23pm
Mmm... Kenzie come here...

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:24pm
change my mind my hair is down and straightened *walks slowly to the pool my hair flowing in the sunset breeze*

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:25pm
um y is our relationship on hold...i told u im not a slut nymre..tht was in 6th grade and a lil of seventh grade

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 6:27pm
Cuz! Lol xD idk. *stares at you*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:29pm

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 6:29pm
What tobby is trying to say is he wants you to be a "slut" for us just tonight even though your not one. What slut like thing did you used to do at these?

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:30pm
*smiles and walks over sits on the couch*

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 6:30pm
XD i tesed ppl..and dressed like a slut and acted like one...never was a sex slut

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 6:31pm
*sits next to you and pulls you on my lap.*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:33pm
You should be a sex one for us tonight o.o

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:34pm
*smiles and leans back my head on ur shoulder, lick the back of ur ear*

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 6:34pm
*wraps my arms around your waist and slowly kisses your lips*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:36pm
*kisses u back deeply, runs my hand through ur hair, my other hand i slide up ur shirt and run it along ur back, glances over at Lucas and putmy legs on his lap* ;)

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 6:38pm
*reaches behind you and unties your top so it falls off exposing your tits*

LucasFeb 19 2014 6:40pm
*pulls back from the kiss and stares at your tits*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:41pm
*covers them bye instinct* Poo i gotta shower for real..can i go take one real 20min or maybe 10

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 6:42pm
Okay :P

TobbyFeb 19 2014 6:44pm
ok stayon ok..i promise itll be quickzies

Kenzie:D brbFeb 19 2014 6:45pm
im back :P

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:13pm
Hi ;)

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:14pm
i hate new bras XD

Kenzie:PFeb 19 2014 7:15pm
Lol, watcha wearing irl?

LucasFeb 19 2014 7:16pm
Wrestleing shorts, and my new bright green and white tie die Sprots bra Xd

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:17pm
ik ik weird, but i wrestle lol

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 7:17pm
Thats hot.... Tobby your gf is fuсking sexy. Can i have sex with her e.e

LucasFeb 19 2014 7:19pm
whoah there buddy... 0.e

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:20pm
Lol! Whatever lucas. If she says you can

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:23pm

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:25pm
Can i?...

LucasFeb 19 2014 7:26pm
i feel like u 2 r da same person, and tobby is trying to trick me to see if i will be faithful even with his prmission.....

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:26pm
No... Were not... Do you want to... Or not! Go to the post below this one kenzie

LucasFeb 19 2014 7:28pm

KenzieFeb 19 2014 7:28pm
Kenzie you still here?

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:31pm

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:32pm
Cool :P *kisses you*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:32pm
*Kisses you back, hugs u close*

KenzieFeb 19 2014 7:35pm
I love you *hugs you tight*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:38pm
I love you more :)

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:40pm
Prove it :P

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:41pm
-.- *pulls away from you, walks to the other side of the room, crosses my arms, and faces away from you*

Kenzie:DFeb 19 2014 7:43pm
I was kidding silly. Whats wrong?

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:47pm
brb gotta blo dry my hair

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 7:47pm
ok...and nothing...

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 7:58pm
Tell me!

TobbyFeb 19 2014 7:59pm
its just that i look like sh*t and had to wear crap on my face, im stuffed up and cant breath, and i sound like crap when i talk ,and god knows wat wen i gotta sing in choir!!! ugh why god why!!!!

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:02pm
Awww im sorry :/ that really sucks baby

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:03pm
Yea it does :( i have to have this breathalise treatment done everyday befre i go to bed and when i wake up, i have to put on a mask like they use for laughing gas, and have medicince vapor pumped into my nose area

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:09pm
:o aww thats terrible im sowwy

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:10pm
no its not rlly...its a small machine smaller than a radio lol and it helps me relax also so i can breathe better....just untili get over this crap

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:11pm
Oh well, you made it sound bad lol, as long as its making my baby girl better thats good :)

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:12pm
* sits next to you leans my head on ur shoulder bends my knees/legs on the couch ang grabs ur hand* hey ur buddy is tryin to get me to 'tease him'

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:14pm
If you dont want to tell him that babe

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:15pm
i have a bf i cant do that :P

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:16pm
Hehe thanks, i love you so much. *lays down*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:17pm
hey do you swear to god and cross your heart and swear on our relationship, you r not Lucas, tell m the truth toby

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:18pm
Lucas is a real guy...

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:21pm
lol...ok, and is that his email, not one u made up and are using to be him xD

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:22pm
- hugs u-

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:22pm
sorry just 4get it lol

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:23pm
Uh... Yea... But uh... He kinda sorta left earlier x3 his last real msg was "Tobby your mean *cries*" x3 thats his real email though. Sorry for doing that it was wrong.

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:24pm
*hugs you back and kisses your forehead*

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:24pm
I TOLD U !!!!XD do u trust me now....thts why i didnt do anything with

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:25pm
Lol so if it wasnt me you would have done something? Lol! I know you wouldnt but thats what it sounds like your saying

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:27pm
cuz its wrong to be with anyther guy while i have a bf

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:27pm
NO XDsee i told "lucas' that i had a bf tht was his friend, lol and plus i had a bf

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:28pm
Ima tell Lucas u faked him

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:32pm
Good x3 hehe i wish you were my kitty :(

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:32pm
Lol! Meany xD

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:32pm
U wish I was her?!?!-.-

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:33pm
Uh xD no!

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:34pm
ummhhhmmm u just said tht, and then said 'uh xD no! like sarcastially

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:35pm
No x.x

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:36pm

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:36pm
suuurrre *laughs at myself*sure tobby sureee

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:38pm
hop ya no im kidding *hugs u, kisses u* im probs gonna go to bed i have a long day 2morrow

KaitlynFeb 19 2014 8:40pm
x3 i wish i could call you that hehe x3 my wittle kitty! I havent talked to her in like a month! And your cuter! xP

TobbyFeb 19 2014 8:45pm

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