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Want to share pics of muscular/athletic women with me on email?

Question: dkdk8585(at)yahoo(dot)com
Created by: dkdk8585 at 03:58:42 AM, Thursday, August 16, 2012 PDT


You can send me any pics of any girls/women you find hot, actually. I'll send you something back. dkdk8585(at)yahoo(dot)com

dkdk8585Aug 16 2012 11:00am

I'm muscular and athletic and I'm a girl! Guys think I'm pretty hot too ; ) we should chat on yahoo messenger and share pics if ya keen : )

KayleyAug 24 2012 11:07pm
Kayley, well with an intro like that... I'd love to see you as well. So how big and strong are you? And how do I see more?

A34Aug 25 2012 10:09pm
This one

Woman Nov 29 2015 10:31am
you share pics woman?

picluvDec 01 2015 7:57am
This one darling sy

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 10:18am
Hello, have you read about that guy insulting you?

syNov 17 2016 11:49am
How can you be so calm talking with him

syNov 17 2016 12:03pm
Yes I'm waiting for him to reply let's see I'm so excited he said he's small weak man those make horny

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:05pm
They make you horn? Why

syNov 17 2016 12:05pm
Yes I don't know I love weak small men with their little arms and thin bodies. They're so cute

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:07pm
Thin arms, compared to you a big man seems thiny, 17th he's biceps look big or small yo you?

syNov 17 2016 12:08pm
I know 17 looks small mine are 23. But I love difference to be bigger like 23 to 9

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:10pm
23?!!! You know someone with 9?

syNov 17 2016 12:11pm
Yes my cousin he's so thin small weak guy I love him 😍

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:12pm
Your forearm is bigger than his bicep

syNov 17 2016 12:14pm
Yes here I'm. You wifewoman are evil. And you sy you should be normal wife. Being with other men naked is WRONG

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:14pm
Way bigger my forearm is 20

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:14pm
You even know what a forearm is?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:15pm
Anonymous you didn't answer why it's wrong? You said you're small man what's your size and age?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:16pm
Yes basically it's my arm between wrist and elbow right?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:17pm
Yes measure it is not possible that's is 20biggest man in the woworld had 16

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:18pm
Yes I'm small man 23 years old 170 cm, 69 kg.

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:19pm
Sy last comment from you ?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:20pm
Loo you're literally a child sy come and see this kid. Do you know what can I do to you? 😂

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:21pm
Yes I know. I'm not saying I'm strong I'm saying you women should be feminists not like that and you shouldn't convince sy to become like she's just a normal and she should be

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:23pm
Ah ah what can you do to him. wasn't from me I was cleaning dishes

syNov 17 2016 12:24pm
Anonymous I literally not kidding I can f*ck if you want with one punch from me you'll be flying. Are you married from strong woman? Maybe this's why you're upset 😂😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:27pm
One pinch you'll ko him

syNov 17 2016 12:28pm
No need to thread me I know you're stronger I'm not talking I'm talking to sy she looks not convinced with this and you're pushing her sy don't do it. Not yet but strong woman is following me to marry her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:30pm
You think you are able to win armrest if you use 2arms against one of her?

syNov 17 2016 12:31pm
Probably I won't punch him I'll slap him only and he'll go to sleep 😂😂. Sy answer him do you want become like me ?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:31pm
I want to become the strongest housewife

syNov 17 2016 12:32pm
You can ko a guy with single slap? !!!

syNov 17 2016 12:32pm
@sy why you're normal wife being strong wife is stupid

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:33pm
Yes I can it happened once in the university I slapped a guy and he was KO then they said because the slap was so strong and close to his neck

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:34pm
Why is stupid? Please answer my previous question

syNov 17 2016 12:34pm
In university? Now you are much stronger!

syNov 17 2016 12:35pm
I don't she looks so strong and I'm small guy never played any type of sport so maybe she'll win. It's stupid because men are supposed to be stronger. Do you want to be like her when you're strong? Beating your husband? Sleep with other men that's wrong you'll go to hell

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:37pm
How this being so weaker make you feel

syNov 17 2016 12:37pm
Yes I know. So imagine what can i do now?? Anonymous tell us about woman who wants to marry you is she strong 💪🏻

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:39pm
Yes it's not good feeling, but I'm small man many women are bigger than me sometimes I'm really scared of big woman. Can you answer my questions

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:40pm
Yes she's she just came back from abroad she's the daughter of my parents friends she's much bigger and she's older than me in 3 years she's 190 cm and maybe 90 kg and she looks muscular

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:42pm
Why is not a good feeling wouldn't you like to being lifted over her head and enjoy the panorama? How much do you weigh?

syNov 17 2016 12:42pm
How big are her muscles

syNov 17 2016 12:42pm
I'm 65 her muscles are really really big I'm scared of her but everyone tell me to marry her because she rich and she's running her own company but I just graduated from university with no work yet and she's much harder than me

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:45pm

syNov 17 2016 12:45pm
So would you beat your husband and sleep with other men in the future?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:45pm
Wow looks cool anonymous marry her. Where're you from?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:46pm
Yes much harder she's much taller muscular heavier and her body is really hard

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:47pm
I don't know I'm really scared. India what about u

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:49pm
I'm Turkey and sy Egypt. Have you wrestled before

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:49pm
How do you know she's harder and stronger

syNov 17 2016 12:51pm
No we haven't but once we arm wrestle for fun or this's what I said she thought we're doing it for fun I was struggling she won then using her arm weight only and she always wears something expose her thighs and she makes me wear shorts and makes fun of my body

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:52pm
Cool so India Turkey and Egypt everywhere women are becoming stronger what do you think sy?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 12:53pm
Why she thought was for fyn? Were you tryin seriously?

syNov 17 2016 12:54pm
It's so obvious her bone is harder her muscles is harder she's really full of muscles and that's really scares me but also everyone keep saying marry her she's rich she owes a company I'm really confused

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:55pm
Because i was trying so hard. While she thought it was for fun

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:56pm
Looks like she can lift you one hand no trouble

syNov 17 2016 12:56pm
Was she laughing?

syNov 17 2016 12:56pm
She was smiling. I don't know if she can lift one hand. Please answer me would you beat your husband in the future? Would you sleep with other men

AnonymousNov 17 2016 12:58pm
You saw her showing strength somehow

syNov 17 2016 12:59pm
If I am stronger i decide so yes

syNov 17 2016 12:59pm
No not yet. You'll beat him and sleep with other. THAT IS WRONG

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:00pm
Go girl of course she'll beat him sleep with other men and wrestle them. And probably your future will do it as well 😂😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:01pm
Not beat him i will let him choose, for example if I win armrest I'll go out with friends if he wins I stay home, my arm vs both his

syNov 17 2016 1:02pm
HUSBAND stay home that's wrong it should be the other way around what about sleeping with other men licking you? Woman NO I'm so scared that she might do that to me

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:04pm
His choice he choose to lose

syNov 17 2016 1:05pm
Anonymous it's the new marriage look around you three different countries men are loosing women in control it's everywhere. Accept it. Sy you'll definitely sleep with others right?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:07pm

syNov 17 2016 1:08pm
You're so mean girls you want to sleep with other men just because you're stronger. Well my wife definitely will be stronger than me and my family is forcing me to marry her saying I'm looser and I can't live by myself so I need strong rich woman to depend on what should I do

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:10pm
She has big titts?

syNov 17 2016 1:11pm
Yes she has. Everything about her is big. I'm really scared maybe her titts are bigger than my head

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:13pm
I feel so sorry for your husband sy. Suddenly his life will change in a bad way

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:13pm
Good more to suck you can be her son to cuddle

syNov 17 2016 1:14pm
Yes when she hugs me I can't breathe and she knows that and keep pressing my head sometimes it's really painful

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:15pm
Hey Anonymous is she dominanted woman

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:16pm
Yes she looks like one. She keeps showing me her muscles and she keeps telling me how women should control life while men can't do anything

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:17pm
Press where

syNov 17 2016 1:17pm
Against her breasts. I'm really shy while she's not shy at all she does this in restaurants and near our families

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:18pm
Anonymous I can say your future with this is secured you'll be submissive husband 😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:19pm
It's cute you should hug her or resist if you don't like

syNov 17 2016 1:19pm
I'm afraid of that she keeps saying men should be submissive for their wives and not really sure how. Every time i ask she said don't worry later you'll know

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:20pm
Sy I'm trying to resist but I can't she's so so so strong if she wants she can keep me there for hours

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:21pm
She'll enjoy lifting you

syNov 17 2016 1:21pm
You think why you're saying that. That's so humiliating lifting me. So you think I should marry her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:22pm
She's saying that she wants to be heavier harder and muscular after marriage

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:23pm
Did you try?

syNov 17 2016 1:23pm
Yes I've tried a lot I can't her arms are so strong and she's just using one arm it's so embarrassing when we're in the restaurant

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:25pm
U tried to be lifted

syNov 17 2016 1:25pm
Why you don't want marry her?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:25pm
No not lifted not yet. I don't want to be lifted I'm man not child but she seems kind of woman who does what she wants

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:26pm
You think she's strong enough to lift you?

syNov 17 2016 1:27pm
To me she looks strong enough to lift 2/3 like you

syNov 17 2016 1:28pm
Wifewoman she looks like you, she keeps saying don't look for jobs I'll take care of you. She's so strong and dominanted even once we were at her parents house she took of her shoes and told me to massage her feet they were stink, she never shy she did that infront of her brother in law. Also to be honest I'm version while she had lots of boyfriends I don't know how to deal with her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:29pm
She's bigger than brother in law?

syNov 17 2016 1:30pm
Yes sure she can lift me, I don't know about lifting 2 people like me the problem is I can't lift her leg

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:30pm
Wow she really looks like me. Marry her it's gonna be great

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:31pm
Do you have her phone number?

syNov 17 2016 1:31pm
Yes much bigger, but he's bigger than me. It's so obvious he's scared of her also

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:31pm
Yes sure she calling me all the time asking me when I'll say yes to marry her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:32pm
Text her that you like to know her measurements and tell us

syNov 17 2016 1:34pm
Anonymous that's normal it's women time. As your parents said you're looser you don't have a job she's rich strong and runs her own company she wants you no man like you should say no to her

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:35pm
I'm scared she would ask why?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:35pm
Because you like

syNov 17 2016 1:36pm
Wifewoman I know but what if she's so violent to me I can't defend myself. Also I don't want her to sleep with other men naked like you too.

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:37pm
I'm shy maybe when she calls

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:37pm
Do it now!

syNov 17 2016 1:38pm
See if you behave well she won't be violent to you. Sleeping with other men naked isn't a big deal it's just something for change you'll get used to it

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:39pm
Okay as you want sy wish me luck

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:39pm
She said biceps 20 thighs 28 calves 21 hight 190 weight 95 breasts 40 DD feet 43

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:43pm
So wifewoman are you saying I should marry her and be submissive

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:44pm
She likes measuring them? !

syNov 17 2016 1:46pm
Yes of course in the next few years all women will be taking charge over their marriage and the number of househusband will be incesing so go with her and said I'm under your orders my bods

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:46pm
She said she makes her couch measure her everyday in the gym

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:47pm
Oh so she is not actually fat but muscular

syNov 17 2016 1:48pm
She's really big she can lift 3 men like you at least 😂😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:48pm
She's so muscular she goes to the gym everyday 4 hours do many things

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:48pm
I'm really scared now after she told her measures maybe she's 3 times bigger than me

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:49pm
Really? Than of course she was laughing at armrest

syNov 17 2016 1:49pm
You think why?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:51pm
Ask her what she thinks about your armrest match

syNov 17 2016 1:51pm
Don't be scared just say yes to anything she says. And she'll protect you

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:52pm
She said she'll come to my house tomorrow morning to show me her muscles in life. Scary

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:53pm
Ask her if she thinks she's strong than you

syNov 17 2016 1:53pm
She said the playful one, yes you were funny pretending you're struggling it looks like she didn't do anything

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:54pm
Ask if she could have pushed more

syNov 17 2016 1:55pm
Wifewoman like I can say no to her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:55pm
She's just laughing she said I'm the weakest person she ever met

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:55pm
She said through her life she wrestled many men lots of them were so small and weak but she thinks I'm the weakest ever. I'm so embarrassed

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:57pm
So she wasn't trying? How much does she lifts

syNov 17 2016 1:57pm
She said to her I look like a toy

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:58pm
Ask her if you use two hands

syNov 17 2016 1:58pm
No she wasn't at all I've never been humiliated like this before. She's laughing at me with her sister and brother in law

AnonymousNov 17 2016 1:59pm
She said I need maybe 6 hands. Not only that she's aware that when she gave me her leg to massage her feet that I couldn't lift her leg. She said I'm the first man who struggled in lifting only one of her leg

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:01pm
Anonymous you're done this woman is your destiny. Join the club. Sy see every woman is getting bigger and stronger and take control over her man you should start immediately

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:02pm
She said she's coming tomorrow to show me her muscles and to decide in relation to the wedding

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:03pm
So she knew you were using all your power to win

syNov 17 2016 2:03pm
How she wants to show muscles?

syNov 17 2016 2:04pm
Yes she knows. I don't know she said tomorrow she'll show me I'm scared

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:05pm
She'll show you how strong she is i guess

syNov 17 2016 2:06pm
Why she's the one who's taking steps towards the marriage and wedding? Is it this way in India or only her?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:06pm
What do you mean her sy?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:06pm
No not all women but she's older she's the one who works she's stronger and she's really very good decision makers. So she said she prefers to talk directly to my parents as I shouldn't be involved

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:08pm
She will possibly challenge you in strnght contest

syNov 17 2016 2:11pm
That's really scary she'll beat me without any resistance from me what should I do

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:15pm
Maybe she just show you how stronger she is no beating. ..yet

syNov 17 2016 2:18pm
I wish, but if she beats me I think nothing I can do. Probably she'll beat me especially if she's going to ask for marriage she says once when two decides to get married the stronger should show the other party who's the boss. I'm really scared

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:20pm
Probably I'll runaway and not marry her that's better don't you think

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:21pm
She'll catch u

syNov 17 2016 2:26pm
Hey two ladies where did you go and left me alone after I text her. Should I runaway or stay and marry her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:26pm
Still are you text her? ?

syNov 17 2016 2:27pm
Seriously so you think I should marry her. I'm version while she's not I'm scared she won't be happy with me

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:27pm
Yes she's telling me what she's going to wear tomorrow

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:28pm
What she wants u to wear

syNov 17 2016 2:29pm
She owns a company I've just graduated she big I'm small she strong I'm weak everything in the wrong direction I think I should runaway

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:29pm
Try her tomorrow maybe she's stronger but gentle

syNov 17 2016 2:30pm
A short red dress so I can see all her thighs with high heels shoes 15 cm. the dress is open from her belly and from thr top of her breasts

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:30pm
She will be hot

syNov 17 2016 2:31pm
It's not only about stronger she's better in everything she's even older what should I tell my friends my wife owns a company and I'm unemployed

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:31pm
Yes I think so, but so tall without heels she's taller than me in 25 cm

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:32pm
You're lucky you should learn from her like wife woman

syNov 17 2016 2:32pm
With hills she'll be 40 cm more?

syNov 17 2016 2:33pm
What do you mean learn what?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:34pm
Learn how she become successful strong lady

syNov 17 2016 2:34pm
Yes can you imagine 40cm taller

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:34pm
Your face on her boobs

syNov 17 2016 2:35pm
But I really can't she's so strong clever she's only 27 and owns company with 200 employees. She's professional athletic while I'm just unemployed guy. So embarrassed

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:36pm
Maybe lower than her boobs

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:36pm
Maybe wife woman is right we men can't compete with women anymore you're just way better than us

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:37pm
But is she really that strong?

syNov 17 2016 2:42pm
Hey come on ladies please don't leave me. She sent a picture to her biceps its huge it's bigger than my both hands it's terrifying

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:42pm
She said she won the championship of fighting in university for both sexes

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:43pm
I want to see it

syNov 17 2016 2:43pm
So you are not the first she beats

syNov 17 2016 2:44pm
No please no she said don't show it to anyone until we married I can't disobey her she'll destroy me

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:44pm
What do you mean bigger than both your hands

syNov 17 2016 2:45pm
No not the first. She said she always beating her brother in law, cousins, university friends, even her friends husband

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:45pm
I meant if my both biceps emerged her will stay much bigger

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:46pm
In what she beats them how

syNov 17 2016 2:46pm
I'm not sure she said she beats them in fighting do you want me to ask her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:46pm
Please ask her how much she lifts

syNov 17 2016 2:47pm
And if her biceps are hard

syNov 17 2016 2:47pm
The problem is I'm the weakest between all of them

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:47pm
How big is your bicep

syNov 17 2016 2:48pm
Her biceps is so hard I know that. She said she lifts in biceps 40 kg each hand. Is it too much?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:49pm
20 inches

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:49pm
40 kilos well how much do you lift

syNov 17 2016 2:49pm
I mean yours not hers bicep

syNov 17 2016 2:50pm
I've never went to gym in my life I've never lifted any weights. Why 40 avarage or too much

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:50pm
Mine 8. What about yours ?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:51pm
8 inches vs 20? ? A hahaha

syNov 17 2016 2:52pm
Please tell how much the average man lift in one arm

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:52pm
I know big difference I told you she's so big. Probably it's better to run

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:53pm
Average man around 10/15 kilos

syNov 17 2016 2:53pm
Do you have boxes of water at home? Pacs of 6th less?

syNov 17 2016 2:54pm
What so she lifts 3 times more than the average man. Is she stronger than wife woman

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:54pm
Yes but the small bottle what's your biceps size

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:55pm
Why did you ask me about the water?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:57pm
Small bottles are how many liter? I have around 13

syNov 17 2016 2:57pm
Yes and her bicep explain her strength

syNov 17 2016 2:59pm
Your biceps is 13 and you're a woman this is before joining a gym that means you can easily beat me also. I think each 1 liter 6 bottles

AnonymousNov 17 2016 2:59pm
Ask her if she had ever lifted a car weel

syNov 17 2016 2:59pm
She can kill if she wants. I can't argue with her about anything I guess

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:00pm
So one liter x six bottles means 6kilos. Try to train your bicep with those and tell me how many reps you can do

syNov 17 2016 3:01pm
A car wheels no I don't think so it's so heavy but I'll ask her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:01pm
Oh definitely not argue with her

syNov 17 2016 3:01pm
How many reps you can do with 6 killos

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:01pm
How I'm going to marry a woman I can't argue with her??

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:02pm
Guess what she said in the gym they have 2 track wheels the huge onse she lifts them both and train with it. That's really scary

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:03pm
You discuss with normal tone respecting her

syNov 17 2016 3:03pm
What if you can't agree who's going to decide? How many reps you do in 6 killos

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:04pm
How does she train with those? Can you lift the car one?

syNov 17 2016 3:04pm
I asked you first

syNov 17 2016 3:05pm
No once me and my friend struggle a lot to lift small car wheel. She said lift them and run

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:05pm
I did 2.5 almost 3 You?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:06pm
One each hand? Not possible a maybe with one hand you cannot but two hands yes

syNov 17 2016 3:06pm

syNov 17 2016 3:07pm
Not many man can loft one truck weel

syNov 17 2016 3:08pm
13 are you serious you're so strong. I don't she said tomorrow she'll show pictures for her in the gym. She said people in the gym come to her ask her to flex and touch her muscles

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:08pm
And she let them touch? Does she lift guys?

syNov 17 2016 3:09pm
So she's stronger than most of men I'm in big trouble. Will I marry a man

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:09pm
I don't know if she let them or if she lifts them let me ask her

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:10pm
You marry a big boob smart rich girl with monster strength

syNov 17 2016 3:10pm
Yes you're right good she won't see the man massage or she'll destroy me

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:11pm
She said yes she flex and she let them touch her muscles. For lifting she said not always imagine she actually can lift a man !!! That's great

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:12pm
Ask if she thinks she can lift you and if she can prove that she can win a armrest with one hand vs both yours

syNov 17 2016 3:14pm
She said flexing and letting people touching is absolutely great

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:15pm
What's the feeling

syNov 17 2016 3:16pm
She laughed at me. She said I'm so light she said probably she'll lift me in the wedding. For armrest wrestling she said tomorrow at my house. I don't want to ask her anything else she's making me look like a jok

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:17pm
I don't know I don't have muscles to flex hahaha

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:17pm
Anonymous are you jealous because she flex and let others touching her muscles?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:18pm
No why? Should i be jealous I'm not sure it's my first relationship

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:19pm
What's the feeling for her! !

syNov 17 2016 3:19pm
She said good feeling people saying nice things about her body and touching it with passion also she feels extremely strong and powerful. Do you think I should be jealous because of this?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:20pm
Is this your first relationship? How old are you?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:21pm
You should be proud and kiss her muscle first

syNov 17 2016 3:22pm
I'm 23 and she's 27

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:22pm
I should kiss the muscles really!!!! What do you mean by first??

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:23pm
I'm not proud I'm bit scared is that alright ?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:24pm
Sy is right you should be proud she's your wife

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:24pm
First before others

syNov 17 2016 3:24pm
Really sorry sy, maybe stupid question but why I should kiss muscles and why I should it first? I really need advice here

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:26pm
I'll try to be proud

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:27pm
Because she will appreciate ask her

syNov 17 2016 3:29pm
Ask her what?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:29pm
I asked her if she wants me to touch her muscles and kiss it? Is that right? She laughed as usual and said yes if I like the feeling from other men I'll like it from my husband if course

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:33pm
I think your tongue will be tired

syNov 17 2016 3:34pm
Yes I think this's what sy wanted you to ask her. Would you like to kiss her muscles?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:34pm
Squeeze ad as hard as you can

syNov 17 2016 3:34pm
My tongue why??

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:35pm
Kissing and licking muscles so big

syNov 17 2016 3:35pm
I don't know wifewoman her muscles are really big and scary I've never seen a guy with big muscles. Sy squeeze I tried once while she was hugging me my hands hurt me

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:36pm
Did she enjoyed?

syNov 17 2016 3:37pm
I should lick her muscles?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:37pm
I think she likes

syNov 17 2016 3:37pm
I think she didn't notice.

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:37pm
No way

syNov 17 2016 3:37pm
You're amazing apparently they're not only kissing they also lick her muscles and she likes also. You know everything sy

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:38pm
I talked to wife woman and i guess i would also like the same

syNov 17 2016 3:39pm
Yes I just asked her and she said I never squeezed her muscles before, but my hands really hurt me when I tried to

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:39pm
They felt big in your hands?

syNov 17 2016 3:40pm
Oh really I've never knew that so this's why you build muscles so men can kiss it and lick it. She told she prefers more when guys lick her muscles

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:41pm
Can she hoists overhead?

syNov 17 2016 3:41pm
Yes so big and so hard. But what should I do she's feeling my squeeze?

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:42pm

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:42pm
I don't understand the question

syNov 17 2016 3:42pm

syNov 17 2016 3:42pm
A strong masseuse can help you

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:43pm
She said with man my size of course she can

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:44pm
Oh impressive

syNov 17 2016 3:44pm
So should I bring masseuse to make her feel the touching

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:45pm
What's masseuse

syNov 17 2016 3:45pm
Don't if I should feel proud after your impressive or afraid

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:46pm
A professional man gives you a massage. I just said that as suggestions if his wife can't feel his hands and he wants to pleasure her

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:47pm
If your wife is honey she can put you overhead and push your body up and down, when you down suck your dick than up again, will be a flying blowjob

syNov 17 2016 3:47pm
She said she doesn't mind having really weak husband. She said she doesn't want me to become any stronger. I'm really happy I was afraid she'd tell to go to the gym

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:48pm
OMG I'm so shy I've never had a blowjob should I ask her? Or it's so dirty

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:50pm
Ask if she can

syNov 17 2016 3:50pm
You're lucky so you can stay weak. Do you like that way?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:51pm
She was shocked she asked me who told me that

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:52pm
Then she said yes she can do it no problem if i am submissive husband

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:53pm
No I don't want to go to the gym. I can't I'm too weak to go there

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:54pm
So she said she can easily lift you up and down and give you below job. Good wife

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:56pm
Yes she said she can. She was pretty confident I think she lifts many other men heavier than me so she knows she can do it

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:58pm
Sy where did you go ? I need to ask you what do you think I should do to her also

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:59pm
Yes probably she did it to a lot of guys so she's really confident. You're lucky she's hot strong and rich. Best wife

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:04pm
Yes I know she can really be the perfect wife. She's calling me now, I'll get back to you

AnonymousNov 17 2016 4:04pm
Hi ladies, She called me, and said tomorrow i I'll be visiting you at your home. I'm going to tell your parents that we agreed to get married. However, before I do this want to make few things clear. I don't like men who argue with me, so whatever I say I don't like to be argued about. I'm older than you and have more experience in life, so it's always my decision. I will be responsible on you financially, and we'll live in my house so don't panic about finding a job, my income is really high. I loved you as you're thin, small and weak hope you will not change. I should know everything about you, how you spend your day, who's your friends etc... I'll get you a new mobile tomorrow, and only people I like will have the number. Some of your friends I don't like so you won't see them anymore. I spent a lot of time and lot of time on the gym, and a lot of time with my friends, so no need to complain about it. You should start get used to the fact that you'll spend a lot of time alone in the house.

AnonymousNov 17 2016 4:58pm
What do you think ladies? Don't you think that's too harsh for me? I'm really scared from continue with this. At the same time it's really amazing opportunities to have such kind of wife. What should i do? So confused..

AnonymousNov 17 2016 5:00pm
I think your gf and wife woman are same person lot of similarities

sparrowNov 18 2016 1:33am
Sparrow women like me are spreading and soon we'll control many other men 😂😂

Wife Woman Nov 18 2016 2:12am
You can not control all men

sparrowNov 18 2016 2:14am
Anonymous I think you should marry her it's so clear she's your destiny

Wife Woman Nov 18 2016 2:14am
You like as far as I read to constantly show off your size and strength

sparrowNov 18 2016 2:16am
Not all of them but most of them. Why are you another weak useless man. Actually I'm so bored from chatting with men I want to chat either with big women or submissive men

Wife Woman Nov 18 2016 2:18am
Hey guys this poll will close after few comments please to the one directly above this one.

Wife Woman Nov 18 2016 2:20am
If we meet you will be not bored just come back your woman role, of course you are strong but this isn't enough you will end using your strength to make house life easy and not controlling men

sparrowNov 18 2016 2:20am
Sy, anonymous please move to the one above this one

Wife Woman Nov 18 2016 2:20am

HUSBANDAug 18 2020 6:22pm
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