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Guys-What attracts you?

Question: What body part are you attracted to the most?
Created by: hotgirl at 10:26:04 AM, Tuesday, June 27, 2000 PDT


this is so wrong

janeane garofalo fan / male feministJul 24 2000 7:22pm

f*ck you janeane garfalo you suck f*ckin dick

hairsprayQueen_546@yahoo.comJul 24 2000 7:22pm
Ohmygod....All the guys that are answering this poll are full of poo. You can not honestly tell me that you are mostly attracted to a girls eyes. That is a big load of poo.

someone who knowsJul 24 2000 7:22pm

Trashball 20001Jul 24 2000 7:22pm
I'm attracted to how long their tongue is.

blue balls?Jul 24 2000 7:22pm
Wait! Who said only guys answer these polls?

Well?Jul 24 2000 7:22pm
I can't believe legs wasn't voted for, is that weird? Or are nice legs just a thing that doesnt' matter anymore?

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:22pm
A loving personalty and a full set of teeth will go further than any other choice.

codaAug 01 2000 7:11pm
does anyone know of a good porn site wit naked guys on it

born4pornDec 20 2000 11:31am
yea ok u see a girl in the mall and check her out because damn she has nice eyes lol

who caresAug 14 2001 12:41pm
sexy legs on a girl rule

AnonymousJan 05 2002 5:57pm
oh you don't like breasts! maybe that's because your mom nener breastfeed you

iJun 13 2002 5:28am
breasts legs eyes its all good

strange manSep 20 2003 10:43am
you all are sick and i am a leader of a game and my girl friend is 15 and i am 21 she attracts me by just being herself... her eyes are sexy brown and her skin is baby soft i love making sweet love to her.

StealthOct 24 2003 10:12am
I am 15 and i love my boyfriend who is 21 and i love his blue sexy eyes...i love those nights we spent together...I love you dave...

daves girlOct 24 2003 10:13am
The best thing about a woman is her face. It's the part, after all, that you'll be looking at for years. A body will gradually go downhill - you can slow it but you can't stop it. A good face, though, despite the addition of wrinkles, etc, will always be attractive, especially if the person inside is lovely. .... New Year's Eve 2003 ....

One who can look at a 16 yr old and see her futureDec 31 2003 2:26pm
face,ass,legs rock.

guyJul 26 2005 2:07pm

DUDESep 08 2005 12:04pm
A persons personality is best expressed in their eyes.Thus my wifes dominant personality over me shows most in her eyes.

Lou RollsApr 30 2006 8:40am
I can't believe that arms/shoulders was not even a choice in this poll! 25 2006 2:35pm
I'm a 13 year old whose not a virgen.I had sex with about 96 guys in my life.What do you think? Want sex with me?I will screw you if you want.

AnonymousJun 16 2006 3:04pm
Anonymous, why don't you start by learning the correct spelling of the word VIRGIN, you ignorant Puerto Rican dirt?

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efua_wanita2@yahoo.comDec 07 2008 5:38pm
im in my 30s,and what really turns me on is a woman with thin upper body but with bulging muscular legs-thighs and huge toned calves!

AnonymousJan 11 2009 8:31am
Another stupid pool. Where is face or some other parts men like? NO wonder everyone goes for breast or ass.

jakeMay 14 2009 11:16am
Thin ankles or wrists, or long hair, so she's easier to grab and drag back to my cave.

Ticklish Girly-armsFeb 11 2010 2:42am
sexy toned ass !

ashesh ghoseFeb 03 2011 9:01am
a girl's hard little biceps makes me horny!!

anonOct 09 2011 2:46pm
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samit mahataOct 22 2011 12:45pm
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LokeshJun 11 2012 4:59am
Breasts !! They are so soft and tender ..

AnonymousAug 14 2012 5:30pm
hi, i think eyes pull it all together with her ass, and all tht good stuff. but eyes pull my vote in.

frenchgirls guyOct 07 2012 9:20pm
awww u did always say my eyes were beutiful

frenchgirl<3Oct 07 2012 9:21pm
im 12, i wonted to know how to turn my boyfriend on.........but all yall put was ass, legs and boobs, does personalaty count for eny thing eny more?

christinaJan 22 2013 6:59am
y wasnt there an all of the above?

jakeMay 05 2013 9:36pm
im a sucker for nice eyes

1991cristian76Aug 01 2013 6:45pm
Eyes and Personality.

A NobodyAug 24 2013 7:55am
A nice round smooth young boys ass!

yummySep 13 2013 9:44am
That was hard! I really wanted to pick the "all of the above"! In the end I went for eyes. Attractive eyes, and THAT look can just be irresistible. Although, the other options can be very, very, very nice aswell :)

thisisnotmyonlyemailaddy@gmail.comOct 05 2013 2:01pm
Def legs be honest how many guys can walk past a chick in a tiny skirt without turning to look personally if shes got a skirt thats just coverin you know whatimean im after her

nickyOct 09 2013 4:41am
Im wiv you on that nicky long legs skirt thats silly short dont care if shes ugly as poo iill bang away till im pullef off

needlesOct 09 2013 4:22pm
True true therx a girl at school shes poo ugly got spots and crappy short black hair but she wears her skirt turned over at the waist so its close to invisible when she sits down shes got quite heavy legs nothin yo brag about but im not the only guy knockin one out under the desk we all laugh about her but we still want to get st her

nolanboyOct 10 2013 5:07am
I want her already thing is shes reslly tryin to be sexy thstd hot skirt that short on ugly chick beats a pretty girl in trousers anyday

needlesOct 11 2013 1:50pm
Cool nolanboy before they chsnged rules bout uniforms the chicks mostly wore well short skirts to schl us guys spent allday ogglin they usta compete to wear the shortest it was the homeliest girls wore the shortest of all used to be so much bitchin between between them chicksi can tell u never stopped slaggin each other off now have to wear knee length so boring now

nickyOct 13 2013 8:57am
Women who feel entitled over men,and overall uncaring bitchiness is a major turn-off.Women who are of the group mentioned above will get absolutely no attention from me whatsoever.And marriage is totally out of the ?...I'll never trust a women enough to even consider marriage.Their is no benefit for married men...only risk,but don't take my word for it,simply just look at the statistics.Also more men then ever before in our history,are saying "NO" to marriage (smart guys).It's almost like a revolution lol.If you happen to still support marriage ,great...but MY financial security and dignity is much too important to me.Now to the topic lol...I like ass,but not j lo ass really,I think an ass that fits her body type is perfect.An overall thin woman with a huge ass just looks funny to me lol.Don't really care for huge tits either,a handful is great and all I need.

HiTechDeathNov 17 2013 2:41pm
Oh...almost forgot:Glasses!

HiTechDeathNov 17 2013 2:49pm
Saw a woman a coupla wks back friday night on the town she was probly forty at least and well hammered right nightmare must have bin nearly six ft right minger with a face like a potato, but she had high heels and a red dress that was so short you could see her knickers as she walked the legs werent anything to write home about but all the guys were leching and tryin to chat her not even noticing the other girls so theres a tip girls if you want to get a guy interested show your legs

dpDec 09 2013 6:55am
Noway you going to look anywhere but at her for sure if she had a swimsuit on you wouldnt spare her a glance but skirt that short is like guy magnet goes straight to the parts that count avoiding the brain and gets the hormones running around like madthings youre after it like a rat up a drainpipe

needlesDec 10 2013 9:34am
Worth anything youve got a chick like thatbelieve me.every guy knows that.older homely woman out in much too short skirt equals night of spunk and sweat to whoever wins her.

nickDec 11 2013 4:10pm
True i love it when a granny gets dolled up in a sexy little skirt its because its not right that makes it so it when they show a bit of tit too.means theyre up for it whereas young girl in same means nothing.older woman knows what affect it Will have.saw a rough old bird on the pier one summer.probly fifty odd,with a supershort denim skirt on and ibarelegs.on the top she was wearing just an open denim jacket with bikinitop under.i couldve jizzed right then . I followed her along the pier watching her legs people were turning to stare at her and making rude comments which really turned me was when she passed a group of old ladies on deckchairs and they were laughing and discussing her clothes i hung around for an ear and was so horny listening to them talking so dirty about her.if id been older id have chatted her up and f..d her hard and long

pjDec 12 2013 9:16am
Strangely i can go along with that i was walking round a car boot sale one summer weekend and there was an older couple ,probably in their fifties and the woman was very far from pretty but her husband obviously got off on her dressing real sexy in public because she had one of those stretchy lycra skirts on ,which she kept pulling down to stop it riding up and showing her knickers,unsuccessfully i might add,and a crop top and roman sandals.her legs definitely showed her age and she had nothing worth seeing on top,but i couldnt take my eyes off her. I found watching peoples reactions a real turnon, especially when she bentdown to examine some object displayed on the ground, and displayed pretty much all she had too! Guys would turn to each other and make some comment and laugh and the women invariably some catty aside.i wondered whether her guy got hard with his woman showing like that. Even though she was someone i wouldnt touch with a bargepole normally , i would have fought the guy for a chance at her then.i wish my wife would do that for me sometime, id love it, even though i would be embarrassed

rogerDec 21 2013 6:14am
Would have found all three irresistable .when oldies get dressed up like that it always means they are lookin for sex or they are doing it to turn their man on.the guys know it and are like bees round a honeypot.the women know it and hate her because shes an open threat.i once saw an older woman in town wearing a bumhugger of a dress, being followed by three teenage girls who were drunkenly shouting vile comments at her and everyone was just laughing and cheering them was like one of those wildlife progs where the lionesses manage to separate one of the weaker animals from a herd and go in for the kill. I was torn between stepping in and following at a discrete distance because i was getting a real insistent hard on.the hardon won.i followed as the girls baited her and calledgher every kind of dirty slagbag,and You could feel the tension rising as the onlookers were obviously hoping for a good chickfight to round off the evening.i knew that anyone helping her and ruining the floorshow would get beat up so i decided to relax and enjoy.she tried once or twice to tug her little dress down but it stayed stubbornly just about covering herbutt cheeks with a little triangle of black pantie showing now and then.i was prayin that there would be a scrap before we came across any plods.some guys were talking to the girls and one of them threw a bag of chips at her,splattering against her back and she turned and swore at them. The main one of her mtormentors walked towards her and there was cheering and laughter from the crowd and some shouted fight fight I was so randy and walked up close the two females were faced off with guys around them playin the fool and tellin them to get stuck in.i was so excited i shouted one on one hoping the other guys would discovrage the other girls from joining in.a couple of the guys looked round then ,agreeing shouted fair fight got up real close now and just then the young girl punched the other and the fight was on.both grabbed hair and they swung wildly about in a real catfight the older womans little dresr had ridden up to her waist and the guys were loving the view laughing and mwhistling.eventhe young girl who was wearing a kneelength skirt was showing most of her rather nice legs.they were neither of them great scrappers but it was a lively and v sexy tussle and surpriingly evenly fought.they swung each other around until the older one tripped andfell and the otherkicked her until some of the blokes grabbedher and stopped the fight.

jackDec 27 2013 3:49am
Never stop a should be made law.only a twat tries to separate two bonnie lasses scraggin.hope you took full advantage and helped her god i would have,and had that wee dress round her waist again till morning.

billy gDec 27 2013 6:31am
Omg idve loved that.wouldv been after that old f.k her all night just for wearing that dress let alone to watch an oldie fight like that

pjDec 29 2013 6:47pm
Once saw a right dicks delight of a scraggin tween two prozzies in an alley outside a pub in glasgow.there was a much older bird,typical old tart in short skirt and blouse showing her saggy tits and i was told this younger pro had moved in on her ,trying to take her customer when they were inside the pub.theyd squared off,naturally enough,and been thrown out and told to take it outside.most of the guys in the pub had followed,hoping for some entertainment,including me, and when they started on each other again had suggested they should move to a nearby service alley so the coppers wouldnt arrest was a very lively bunch that followed them to the back of the pub and filled the alley as the two women,whod been screaming at each other all the way,finally faced off.the older bird was real old time glasgae pro,hard faced,bottle blonde going grey,a very short black skirt showin rather heavy legs and a blue blouse,all designed to get the punters interested. The other must have been at least twenty years younger and was what we call a weekender, girls who come here from elsewhere to make a bit of extra money. She wore tight jeans and a little halter kneck top that showed a lot of tit,but had the sallow look of a druggie,and was on the thin side.she had tattoos on both arms and on her kneck, nd i reckoned was a nasty little bitch.she was doing most of the verbal. On the other hand an experienced glasgow streetwalker is no stranger to violence and well used to protecting her territory,she cant afford to lose her pitch or shell have nowhere to work. The men slouched against the walls smoking,laughing and placing money on the outcome the best prepared having brought their drinks with them, i put a tenner on the oldun cos im a leg man, also i was told that she was a right hard cow, and she was the bigger of the two.the two females were right in each others faces then suddenly they went for each other , and what a fight ! no girly catfight but a real punching kickin crazy brawl.the fellas were jumping up and down and cheering their favourites as the two swapped punches wildly ,at one point the younger woman tripped and the older was raining fists into her face and head as she tried to stand up and i saw her spit out a broken tooth.but as she got up i noticed shed grabbed one of the other womans high heel shoes from the ground and she started to slash at her with it! Opening a gash in her cheek and bringing blood dripping from her eye. The older female threw herself at her foe ,desperate to wrest the weapon from her grasp and they struggled round and round kneeing punching and wrestling in a furious knot of arms and now both were bloody and bruised.the older had one bloodied eye closed up ,a nasty gash from mouth to ear and bruising all over her face,her blouse open and one breast had popped out of her rather dirty looking bra and her skirt had long since given up trying to cover her modesty.her opponent had lost her top and her nose looked broken eyes blacked and bruising all over .however neither was looking like giving in eventually they fell to the cobbles and continued their furious battle, first one on top then the other,till the younger woman headbutted her older foe in the nose,knocking her nearly insensible,and rolling her sideways off her , launched a sickening flurry of blows to her head,rising to her knees over her and laying into her again and again,her fists covered in blood. The onlookers were very reluctant to interfere,and she was left to beat her foe viciously until a couple of brave lads grabbed her.

billy gDec 31 2013 8:46am
Saw a brilliant scrap between two women of about thirty both of whom were wearing very nice little skirts at about two in the morning after clubbing. There were two guys and two girls walking ahead of me about fifty metres away and they kept stopping because the women were having a go at each other.eventually the lads walked away a bit,having got fed up with it and the women were having a right old barney.the lads were having a fag and chatting ,leaving the women to it.from the way the women were shouting at each other i could tell it would soon get physical so i kept my distance hoping to see some action. One woman was wearing a striped dress that showed most of her quite decent legs and a little jacket , the other a short black skirt with a boob tube tshirt. Sure enough it wasnt long before they started on each other and what a fight! They punched,kicked,pulled hair,ending up rolling and tearing at each other in a flower bed on the grass was a massive hardon, legs everywhere.the one in the stripy dress was getting the worst of it although shed been winning at first, and i think was hurt,and the other woman got up and kept kicking her. I dont beleive in intervening in girlfights as long as its one on one and the guys werent in any hurry to either so she was left to give her a hell of a beating before she got bored with it.

dazzJan 19 2014 9:27am
Bet you had trouble walking straight after watching chickfights,sexiest thing guy with a c...k is going to want to stop one ever.seriously if my wife ever got at it with some bird i d have to let them sort it out between them even if she was losing those two guys were just hangin back and commenting on the action.seriously ,girlfight plus skirts equals massive boner.thanks for the description.

nickyFeb 13 2014 9:35am
Really love the description.lucky lad,mind you not nearly as lucky as the two who got to take them home after.i would love my girl to duke it out with another girl.

anonFeb 21 2014 4:43am
Me too.i fantasise about my girlfriend fighting pretty much everyone i come across! Love it to be an arranged fight with some other guys woman with both fellas as their seconds.dont mind what type of fight it is,a straight wrestling match or boxing or a good old catfight.leave a message if you fancy discusring this topic,especially comparing our women and how theyd do against each other.

nickyFeb 24 2014 5:03am
Any type of fight is really sexy,but i get most turned on when i think of her and another woman having a huge argument,getting right in each others faces until they go for each other and end up in a massive brawl until one of them iswell and truly thrashed

anonFeb 26 2014 6:24am
My girl is twenty three,with shoulder length straight ginger hair .shes about five ft ten inches tall and pretty slimly built.shes fair skinned with quite small breasts.she was born in ireland,and has an irish redheads temper! Her legs are real sexy and she does a lot of jogging and swimming so shes pretty you think your woman could take her? I imagine if she fought another woman shed use her fists as opposed to girly stuff, how about yours?how about if they had a straight wrestling match? What would your girl wear for a fight?

nickyFeb 28 2014 9:26am
My wife is forty one, five ft six,with short dark brown hair with a fringe down to her eyebrows.shes stocky and quite broad shouldered,with heavy arms.she has various tattoos on her arms,back and lower legs.her stomach is begginning to develop a bit of a paunch,but nonetheless shes still a very physical and sexy woman.shes always been a loudmouthed,laddish type of girl wholl argue the toss with anyone.shes had a lot of heated arguments with women over the years,but sadly none has ended in a fight! And she knows id love it to. When she was at school she was always fighting,but sadly before my love her to take your girl on.i reckon theyve had a spat on facebook and theyve been writing nasty comments to each other till one night mine offers yours out in a one on onethey arrange to meet and both couples turn up at this bit of waste wifes wearing a denim skirt and a jacket over a white shirt.she takes her jacket off and they approach each other.i would prefer a knockdown dragout all out female bare knuckle fight,shes got the weight and heft to do yours serious damage and i hope shed punch her into a bloody mess quite quickly as i suspect yours has more stamina and might start to overcome her after a time.shes also faster and fitter so mine will be0aiming to disable her as early as she can.her fists will be slamming into every available bit of her anatomy and her knees and boots too.if she fails to take her down,then the taller leaner woman will come back at her when shes spent and then its anyones guess whod win,but it would degenerate into a nasty long and increasingly desperate brawl.two women like ours could take a lot of punishment before giving in,but id bet my woman will end up on yours at the end holding yours by the hair with one hand whilst smashing her repeatedly in the face until shes done

anonMar 05 2014 5:48am
Yeah thats cool,mine and yours meet up on the wasteground to fight each other.theyd get right in each others faces,fists ready,but mine would swing at yours first,hard in the stomach,knocking the wind out of her,then go straight in after it.yours is heavier but slower and would try to grab mine and engage her in a wrestling fight,which would give her the advantage,but mine would evade her clutches and whack away at her,till bruised and bloody yours gives in

nickyMar 09 2014 12:56pm
Cant agree with that,im pretty sure my woman would take yours in any type of fight.still neither of us would accept that another mans wife could beat our own.wish we could settle the question in real life.

anonMar 24 2014 3:33am
Be real,a 41year old in straight fight against 23 ,yr old! Oldi would get th stuffin beaten out o her.

tuebelApr 11 2014 2:59pm
There you are anon,your old fatty would get trashed,ok shed do some damage at first but shed soon be out of breath and my woman would beat her to a to watch them sort things

nickyApr 22 2014 9:17am
Hey you two,no ones ever gonna accept some other guys woman would take their need a third party to decide the winner! Id be more than happy to oblige,love a good girlfight! If you post a photo of each ill perform this onerous task! Im sure others will vote too.with women its usually quite easy to judge who will take who,as long as neither are trained in any martial art.the redhead is taller,much younger and probably fitter.the darkhaired woman is heavier and must be a clinch she would likely overcome the other.also an older woman would hate to be taken down by a younger woman,so i think shed not give in easily.,women are not natural fist fighters,they like to get hold of their rival and get in close.i think the older woman will win as long as she goes in hard and doesnt let up.if she fails to damage her adversary sufficiently at the start,she will tire quickly and shell get handled badly.

jackMay 11 2014 11:21am
I can easily understand you both getting worked up over your women.i cant imagine how id feel if my wife fought with another guys sure id hate to see her beat.however it really turns me on imagining them fight.

lovefemfightMay 17 2014 5:41am
My wife is 34 ys old. Stats36"/32"/37"shes got long straight brown hair,good legs and strong arms.she jogs,plays tennis and badminton i would love for her to fight or wrestle another woman.i reckon shed beat the younger redhead,but the bigger woman would be close.any guys out there fancy their wives chances against mine,catfight,fistfight or wrestle? Bring em on!

ybMay 26 2014 11:26am
My wife is 37.shes five ft ten an around eleven stone.she has small flat breasts and long slim legs.shes quite sporty and fit and id be really into her wrestling your wife

AnonymousJun 02 2014 3:26am
Yeah thatd be hot! Id like it to be a pure trial of streng th between our fine women.definitely needs to be topless,in bikini briefs.i think before they get to grips we should rub oil all over their bodies,each taking the others woman,to check them out closely.then they hook up on a soft grassy area,starting on their knees and hand to hand.wrestling only till one totally submits to the other and admits shes the lesser woman.

ybJun 09 2014 5:06am
yeah cool,great to rub oil into their soft bodies,feeling the muscle beneath the skin,checking out the firmness and strength in their opponents arms and legs,lingering a while over oiling their firm tits.when they wrestle,in the way of females,they are more than likely to end up in a little spat,knowing how difficult they find it to keep their nails sheathed and their hands out of each others hair.i hope you wouldnt want to play the hero and get between them! Personally im for giving them plenty of room and letting them fight the way their nature dictates and prove whos truly the best woman.

anonymousJun 19 2014 4:13am
If youre gonna rub oil into another womans body in front of yours theyre going to be spitting nails right from the off.nice.especially if we linger awhile over it.rile them up a bit! inevitably one of them will accidentally,or on purpose,do something that hurts the other and all hell will break loose.reckon my long tall woman would acquit herself well in a catball situation,so yours best look out!no way would i get in the middle of that.i might just spray them with some more warm oil though.if my woman takes yours id love her to humiliate your woman right in front of you,tease her and make her beg.being wet between the legs from the close wrestling she may want yours to lick her till she comes

ybJun 27 2014 8:19am
Maybe it should be a combination of a wrestling fight and a sex fight with both our women trying to take the other both physically and sexually.i know my woman would enjoy competitive sex play with another sexy female.just for a lark she got into it with the wife of one of our friends and she had her screaming in extacy.

anonJun 30 2014 3:03am
How about competitive sex fight between each of us two with each others wives.our women would be so angry if one of them could make the others guy come quicker than them,boy would they get mad! Then the girls can wrestle and boy would they!i think you and me would have to agree beforehand that no matter what happens between our women we wont interfere or try and separate would be horrible to see either of our girls beaten and humiliated right in front of us,but its a fair fight

ybJul 05 2014 4:19am
s9hxcV Very good blog.Really thank you! Want more.

mHDtpvixuTzMYsGGAug 03 2014 10:05pm
vZCqM6 I value the blog article.Thanks Again. Cool.

HvlueLiiAug 04 2014 11:43pm
Guys,how do you think your sexy wives would do in a chickfight with my favourite celeb girlfighter celine dion? Shes 48,5ft9,slim and fit with smallish firm breasts and fantastic legs that she shows off in skirts so short they barely cover the do you think your sexy wives would do against her.i imagine if one of them caught you gazing longingly at her long bare legs the green eyed monster in her would want to rip her apart,and a fight would surely follow,especially if leggy celine was to flirt with you in front of her.that would be an open challenge to her.would your woman rise to the bait and face off with her? From what youve said i reckon youd be as excited as me,and longing for them to lock horns! Do you think your wife could beat her up? I love to imagine leggy celine fighting other women and would love to cyber fight her against your wives

nickSep 19 2014 7:32am
To be honest celine d is a little old for me as im only thirty,but for sure if a much older cougar woman like her started flirting with me,espetially if she was dressed as you say,in a sexy little dress halfway up her ass,my wife would be right there to head her off at the pass! Wives can sense a predatory female on the prowl a mile away,and in this case it wouldnt be difficult.if she was dressed like that all the guys would have eyes for little else,including me. I guess thered be an exchange of bitchy comments as my wife tries to stake her prior claim,and then if the other woman didnt back off things would quickly escalate till they eventually go for each other.yeah,lets do it!

ybSep 20 2014 4:41am
Celine,having recently moved to the neighbourhood,has been invited to a party at the house next and your wife are already there.your wife is in the kitchen talking to the hostess and you are chatting to a couple of guys in the livingroom.the doorbell sounds,and the host greets a woman yov dont reckognise.he takes her coat,and she walks into the do a doubletake! Shes tall and slim and older,maybe late fourties,wi th long red brown hair,and wearing a tight clingy purple tube dress thats so short you can see a hint of her matching bikini briefs as she walks.all the guys are pretending not to look,but trying to catch a furtive glimpse! Her unusually long bare legs are lightly tanned and hard looking,like a ballet dancers,and you cant drag your eyes away.she walks over to the bar area,and you offer to pour her a get chatting.a little later your wife comes over and joins you and its easy to sense the hostility between the two women.youre hoping no one can tell that youre carrying serious wood,as their little stand off is getting you very hot under the collar! Your wife is pretty much quietly telling the older woman to go find some other victim,whilst trying to keep a smile on her face.celine turns to walk away,muttering something under her breath,but your wife has heard it,and grabs her shoulder.....

nickSep 29 2014 4:32am
Watching my wife facing off this very hot cougar woman is making me so seeing a side of her i havent seen before,and im loving it.theyre just like two big cats ,hackles up ,psyching each other the moment its my sexy wife whos on top,and theolder woman looks away,mutters something under her breath and turns to walk away.i dont know what was said,but jane grabs the womans shoulder.omg,im so excited.others have noticed the altercation,and stare at us.the two women are trying not to shout,but from their expressions and body language alone everyone can tell theres a right old dingdong going on.then i hear my wife utter those magic words,shall we go outside and discuss this?

ybOct 03 2014 3:09am
The others in the room are aware of whats going on,but trying not to look interested.i can tell the women want to see the tarty older woman get put in her place,and the guys are hoping for a very entertaining catfight! Knowing everyone is on her side,my wife paula starts to tell the woman what she thinks of her and her hoochie little dress,looking her up and down,hands on hips.theres murmored agreement from the other women.the old cougar is obviously embarrassed,and goes to leave,but paula,emboldened by the tacit support of her friends,pokes her with her finger.still the woman goes to paula knows the other female is scared of her,and is starting to enjoy herself.she gets right in her face and challenges her to come out in the backyard and fight! The other woman is angry now and agrees.

ybDec 23 2014 4:29am

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