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The Best Fight in the World

Question: Who would win in a fight between the following people:?
Created by: kickandrun at 04:04:19 PM, Monday, June 19, 2000 PDT


Dammit! The forking cheerio's bee would kick everyone's ass!!!

funkymunkyJul 24 2000 7:20pm

Jul 24 2000 7:20pm
This one Sy and her weak husband

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:27pm
I'm here have you read my questions?

syNov 15 2016 5:32pm
I would a man to jump but when I look at your husband I would say no not you, I need someone heavierπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:32pm
You know it would be great when you gain weight and become heavier than him so I'll ask you to jump not him because he's useless even as a weight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:33pm
Oh nice I will enjoy the ride up and down looking mu scared husband ad the guys up with me

syNov 15 2016 5:35pm
Hahsha guys aren't even good to become weight

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:36pm
I guess you showed that you won the competition

syNov 15 2016 5:37pm
I always wanted moderate wife to share our husbands for beating πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:37pm
But you will broke mine

syNov 15 2016 5:37pm
Of course I've never lost to any man before.

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:37pm
We can fix it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you can break mine. When you're big stronger woman you'll have 2000 of offers from other men 😍

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:38pm
Next a week a friend is coming to train on my husband and boyfriend. She promised she'll destroy their balls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:40pm
U treat him as a toy

syNov 15 2016 5:40pm
Not happy days for them

syNov 15 2016 5:41pm
Yes they're. No getting married from me is problem for men. I think now your husband thinks you're the best wife after i told him how I treat my husband πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:43pm
Do you want to have boyfriend other than your husband someday?

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:43pm
Or maybe a toy?

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:44pm
To be honest you look strong enough to push my husband in the wall take his belt with one hand and lift his feet from the floor smiling at him

syNov 15 2016 5:44pm
What is the difference

syNov 15 2016 5:45pm
Yes I'm. If you'll be wrestling my husband I'll do it to your husband πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:45pm
What would you do to mine? To wrestle I need to train

syNov 15 2016 5:46pm
Boyfriend someone you care about let's say (second husband)?Your male toy is someone to beat him only have sex with and make him your foot slave

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:47pm
Can I have both? :-D:-D

syNov 15 2016 5:48pm
So start training. Lift him from his belt with ine hand.

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:48pm
So you want a husband, boyfriend and toy. Good girl I like you. You're like me πŸ‘

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:49pm
How do you think your husband will feel about it??

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:49pm
And what else? Can I watch? I would training a lot if I can see you doing this stuff to hubby

syNov 15 2016 5:49pm
Yes I can naked him and lift him in one hand. You should train I think in 2 months you'll be stronger than him

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:50pm
Feel about what? Being lifted by you? I guess he will try to open your hand to free your grip from his belt . or he will be okay me having other guys around

syNov 15 2016 5:51pm
So he's okay with you having other men??!

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:52pm
80 kilos one hand you are a gym nightmare for guys that train close to you

syNov 15 2016 5:52pm
Of course he's ok with that we are adult open couple

syNov 15 2016 5:52pm
Yes I'm. I'll be real nightmare for your weak husband πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:53pm
Put a leg between his and lift just with that can you (?

syNov 15 2016 5:54pm
You're lucky. My husband at first was extremely jealous. Imagine he was jealous because I only wrestle men naked not sleeping with. He was so idiot can you believe that someone gets jealous because his wife beating other men naked? So stupid

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:55pm
Of course I can it's so so easy. But I might crush his ball by mistake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:55pm
You can tell him to try to stop you physically

syNov 15 2016 5:56pm
Is not jus a kik but he will be lifted by your leg

syNov 15 2016 5:56pm
He can't he was just talking but because of his stupid ideas he ruined our marriage. Anyway it was for good

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:57pm
Yes I know but my legs are full of muscles he might be hurted just saying πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:58pm
His business if he is worried about the balls should be stronger and defend himself

syNov 15 2016 5:58pm
Okay I got to go now. You should start from tomorrow. I want to hear good news. Remember no cardio, only lifting weights πŸ‹ biceps shoulders legs. Talk to you tomorrow

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 5:59pm
Of course he cannot stop you!

syNov 15 2016 5:59pm
Can I ask you last thing

syNov 15 2016 6:00pm
I like that you don't care about your husband balls since he's weak. Go women. Yes please ask me anything

Wife Woman Nov 16 2016 1:40am
Hi Sylwia how are you? How's your first day in the gym? Don't forget no cardio only lifting weights πŸ‹ and wrestling classes. Good luck

Wife Woman Nov 16 2016 6:36am
Only weight lifting?

syNov 17 2016 1:30am
Hi yes it's so important at first not to do cardio. Lifting weights and training in wrestling boxing etc..

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:35am
Is it a nice feeling to be stronger?

syNov 17 2016 1:39am
It's the best feeling to know that many men are under your mercy and you can control their lives and control them in bed

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:41am
I was reading about some old posts of you here around like like. did so many strength shows I'm impressed

syNov 17 2016 1:42am
Thanks hope I can show you some when you visit me of course after start gaining muscles because my men aren't allowed to see women with no muscles πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:43am
One of the most impressive i had read was when you ordered your husband to stop you from flex your bicep and he triedeeverything until actually he felt his body lifted from the ground from just one arm of yours

syNov 17 2016 1:46am
Yes I remember that one. Some guy challenged me to do it to my husband and I did it. Next time I'll lift 2 men one in each arm. If you become stronger then your sissy husband

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:48am
I also noticed a lot of guys love this

syNov 17 2016 1:48am
Really so did you go to the gym yesterday?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:49am
You had never tried it before this guy asked you to try, how was the feeling,? What happened? How your husband react?

syNov 17 2016 1:49am
You convinced me to try, I will start tomorrow

syNov 17 2016 1:51am
My husband as usual was terrified from my strength and muscles πŸ’ͺ🏻. I had great feeling every time I prove to men how weak are they

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:51am
Can you please describe me the whole scene?

syNov 17 2016 1:52am
It's insane that one of your arm is stronger than his all body and bodyweight

syNov 17 2016 1:54am
I'm glad you should start today with wrestling lessons?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:54am
Can you please describe me the whole scene?Β 

syNov 17 2016 1:55am
I ordered my husband to try to squeeze my biceps while I'm flexing. Of course I was topless, and my whole body was pumping up. Of course he couldn't then he tried with his entire weight to put my arm down and again he failed

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:56am
So what you said to him? Was it hard?

syNov 17 2016 1:57am
No it wasn't hard. Actually I didn't anything to him. I was talking to other men who was watching I said see how weak and useless men are. I can destroy you I can f*ck you all if I want. They were all terrified

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 1:59am
He couldn't squeeze why?

syNov 17 2016 1:59am
Because it's hard!!! So would you start wrestling lessons as well

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:00am
So you just flexed and one guy was hold himself up by grabbing your arm

syNov 17 2016 2:01am
Oh so hard that a guy can't dent it? Yes I will start new sporty life included boxing

syNov 17 2016 2:02am
Yes it's so hard even your husband can't squeeze it for 1 mm. You'll be a great dominanted wife does your husband know about that?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:03am
Exactly and the other men were watching and getting scared

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:03am
Know about what? Can I watch when my husband try to squeeze you? Will it hurts?

syNov 17 2016 2:04am
No it doesn't hurt at all. Sure you can watch if you have all the conditions to enter my house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:05am
I will train. I am curious to see my hubby being weak

syNov 17 2016 2:06am
Don't worry you'll see it men are so weak when we women start to train

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:07am
Many are sure weaker than you. .. I wonder how your shirts sleeves resist to you flex

syNov 17 2016 2:09am
Maybe last time I wear something with sleeves was 7 years. I only wear it to rip it off infront of weak men

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:10am
Can you rip it when you flex?

syNov 17 2016 2:11am
Yes sure i rip it off when i flex πŸ’ͺ🏻 or boobs

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:14am
What do you mean

syNov 17 2016 2:15am
Wow you can flex to my husband and destroy your shirt than ask him to try to put your arm down

syNov 17 2016 2:16am
If I'm wearing a shirt with no bra. And flex my boobs and biceps it'll be ripped off

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:16am
Yes exactly. Are you excited because of that?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:17am
It is very interesting I always saw my hubby as a strong man but close to you he does look sooo light and weak

syNov 17 2016 2:18am
Look almost like you can toss him in the air one meter and catch him when he comes down like childs

syNov 17 2016 2:19am
Yes he's so weak you'll start seeing new different husband and you'll start treating husband and your other men as well like weak useless men

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:19am
He is weak?

syNov 17 2016 2:19am
Yes I can but we have to do it in the beach otherwise he'll hit his head in the ceiling

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:20am
Your ceiling is so low?

syNov 17 2016 2:20am
So weak depends on what he said. 1 months gym and wrestling and you'll kick his ass

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:21am
What you mean depending on what he says

syNov 17 2016 2:21am
Not low but I'm 190 cm and him 180 with throwing him in the air he'll hit the cealing

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:22am
He said his biceps 13 that's poo and 85 kg I think he's so weak

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:22am
So i suppose that he will be shouted higher than just one meter in the air

syNov 17 2016 2:23am
I actually think he is around 78/80 kg

syNov 17 2016 2:23am
Crazy how weak he looks compared to you

syNov 17 2016 2:25am
I guess your size, muscularity and strength is a real issue for guys

syNov 17 2016 2:26am
I'm sorry maybe you are busy or bored by my question

syNov 17 2016 2:28am
He's 78 kg. So you almost same weight with you not working out at all. I'm sure you'll be much stronger than him in short time. Yes especially my masculrity, they lose their erection sometimes. No please keep asking I'm just bit busy at work

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:32am
So I Don want my husband to loose erected

syNov 17 2016 2:47am
But don't be concern of strength and mascularity of being issues with men, because when you'll have the muscles and power you'll be able to get all men you want and you'll have at least 3 men around you to pleasure you. This's strong wives life πŸ’ͺ🏻😍

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:48am
Do you think being stronger will help my everyday life? Not talking about domination guys. Just in normal life situation

syNov 17 2016 2:49am
Not all of them loosing it. Don't worry if you'll not beat him really hard instead of sex he won't loose it. I did that because my husband was so jealous about me wrestling other men naked or forcing them to kiss my body and feet. But I think your husband is fine with that

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:50am
Sure you can changing car wheels easily lift your refrigerator couches beds etc..

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 2:51am
Really that strong to lift couches? That's useful!

syNov 17 2016 3:12am
My husband is fine with what? Do you beat yours?

syNov 17 2016 3:13am
Sure it's so useful. But believe me if you become so strong πŸ’ͺ🏻 all the house work will be done by male servents

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:13am
I ve never thought about this but I can bring more groceries in less time maybe in the future many grocery all in one hand! I think shopping guy will be impressed

syNov 17 2016 3:14am
Yes he said that he doesn't have problem watching his wife wrestling and rolling over other men naked. Yes because i hate it when husband thinks his wife shouldn't interact with other men naked

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:15am
I really like to do house work. But if you think woman can really get so strong i can hoist a guy on my back all time while I clean

syNov 17 2016 3:15am
And you beat him? How

syNov 17 2016 3:16am
Hahaha, yes sure you can lift the groceries in hand and your husband in the other hand. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:16am
Really i can get so much stronger?

syNov 17 2016 3:16am
Okay cool so you'll be cleaning and scaring your men. Didn't you know that your husband doesn't have problems with you being naked with other men naked? Were you surprised? Yes I do beat him slapping spanking wrestling etc..

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:18am
That's something likeable do 5 floors grocery and husband holding

syNov 17 2016 3:18am
Yes you can you're athletic big and 34 perfect age to build muscles why not?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:18am
Why doesn't he defend himself? I know my husband is okay with that being naked

syNov 17 2016 3:19am
If you train a little bit harder you can do it easyily with your 75 kg husband

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:19am
Because is enormous weight to carry

syNov 17 2016 3:20am
Because he can'tπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Okay cool so enjoy being naked as much ad you want. I do it anyway not listen to this stupid men

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:20am
Can you do stairs 5 floors with your husband not touching ground?

syNov 17 2016 3:21am
His weight is nothing he's so small πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:21am
Why can't he defend himself

syNov 17 2016 3:21am
I do six with 2 men on my shoulders

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:22am
2man and grocery?

syNov 17 2016 3:22am
Because I'm too strong muscular big for him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ poor husband πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:22am
Yes 2 men on my shoulders and desk with my hands

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:23am
Can't he grab one of your wrists and hold it steady?

syNov 17 2016 3:23am
A desk? Your leg muscles must be extremely strong and huge

syNov 17 2016 3:24am
Why can't you forces them to carry the desk

syNov 17 2016 3:24am
Hold me steady are you stupid my arm is bigger than his waist!!! Thanks yes my legs are extremely strong this's why men fear my thighs a lot

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:25am
Why??! I like to show men my muscles πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:26am
Not hold you steady just your wrist

syNov 17 2016 3:26am
Because is fatigue to carry all that for 6floors

syNov 17 2016 3:27am
He can't I'm way stronger than him. The only thing he can do is to approve watching me with other men naked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:27am
No it's not hard to me I love to show them how strong I am and how weak they're

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:28am
You are WAY stronger? !! A hah lift him holding your wrist

syNov 17 2016 3:28am

AnonymousNov 17 2016 3:28am
You are stronger for sure if you can do this. ..they're ashamed?

syNov 17 2016 3:29am
Hahaha ya maybe the good thing my husband doesn't resist at all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he's hopeless from defending himself

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:29am
If I get stronger so much i think I love to try always my strength with other guys and my hubby

syNov 17 2016 3:30am
Sure they're ashamed very much. 2 adult men on their thirties letting a woman lifting them and a furniture because they're tooo weak

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:30am
What people seeing you Will think

syNov 17 2016 3:31am
Really how. Would you lift them both naked??

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:31am
If I am strong enough yes. Also armrest him reminding him how smaller was and how our muscles now are opposite

syNov 17 2016 3:33am
Cool I think you'd be great powerful wife. I have struggled a lot to become as I'm and I think you can do it in much easier way

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:36am
If my hubby meet you in the stairs with desk and two man on your shoulders can you let him sit in the desk and enjoy the ride?

syNov 17 2016 3:36am
You think I can win armrest?

syNov 17 2016 3:37am
Sure you can win it

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:38am
Yes absolutely why not he's only 75 kg a child πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:39am
But if I grew muscle big like yours i can really take my hubby by the belt when he's sitter watching TV and lift from couch and throw him outside working in the garden. Sometimes he's lazy

syNov 17 2016 3:39am
Win easy is the goal

syNov 17 2016 3:40am
Yes that's the beauty of being strong wife you can control the lazy husband πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:40am
3man plus desk you are a human monster of strength

syNov 17 2016 3:40am
You think with muscle like your i can do that?

syNov 17 2016 3:41am
Yes I think you can win your sissy husband right now even before any training

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:41am
But I want to win with no effort at all like he is not even trying for me

syNov 17 2016 3:42am
With big muscles throwing your 75 kg will be the easiest thing to do

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:42am
I'm being interested in gain strength now

syNov 17 2016 3:43am
So you think you can win him now? If so all you need is few weeks of muscles training and that's it

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:43am
I will scream that if there's something too heavy to lift in garden he has to call me and leave heavy lift to woman

syNov 17 2016 3:44am
Good for you start ASAP

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:44am
I want more i want to win even if he uses two hands

syNov 17 2016 3:45am
You'll become a monster I'm so sure together we can beat 10 men at the same time πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:45am
You think so?

syNov 17 2016 3:53am
I still want to see my hubby vs your single arm

syNov 17 2016 3:53am
You have a home gym?

syNov 17 2016 3:55am
Yes I have home gym. I'm sure because you want to be and your circumstances is helping you

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:56am
So you have lot of weights in your home

syNov 17 2016 3:56am
Yes starting from 30 till 80

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:58am
Have you ever asked to your husband to try to stop you from lifting something just to add resistance to the training?

syNov 17 2016 3:58am
The lightest is 30 pounds?

syNov 17 2016 3:58am
No but sometimes I use him as extra weight. The lightest is 30 kg

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 3:59am
30 kilos oh can he train with so much?

syNov 17 2016 4:00am
How can you use him as weight? It's so exciting. like it? Does he like as well?

syNov 17 2016 4:01am
No he can't his max is 7 kg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anyway he's not training anymore. And your husband should quit the gym as well

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:01am
No he hates it soo much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I like it. I put him over my shoulder and squat

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:02am
7 kilos is not bad I know some young guy using 7/10 for arms

syNov 17 2016 4:02am
Yes my husband I think use 7 or 8 kg

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:02am
Hus max 7 yours 70 or 80 you are more than ten times stronger? !

syNov 17 2016 4:03am
I bet you can do more repetition with 40 than him with 7

syNov 17 2016 4:04am
Yes I'm 10 times stronger. That's one reason why he lost his erection πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:04am
Sure with 50 I can do 100 repetitions

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:04am
Ten times stronger is alooot he can't compare to you at all

syNov 17 2016 4:04am
No we don't compare at all. This's why I need extra men in everything

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:05am
100 reps with 50 kilos? My hubby maybe 10 with 12 /15 kilos

syNov 17 2016 4:05am
How big is his bicep than? Yours?

syNov 17 2016 4:06am
He can't lift the lightest weight in your gym

syNov 17 2016 4:08am
Your husband is just a sissy boy you'll beat him bad really soon. My biceps 22 his 10

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:08am
How do he feel comparing you

syNov 17 2016 4:08am
No he can't he only enter the gym to clean. If he wants to move any weight to clean my boyfriend helps him in cleaning

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:09am
Like mother and child not husband and wife

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:09am
So what if there's the 60 kilos around?

syNov 17 2016 4:09am
Very big mother

syNov 17 2016 4:10am
Yes so big. They till a third come or until I bring another man you know I bring lots of strangers into the house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:11am
Dear wife can you please remove those heavy weight i need to clean and i can't move it

syNov 17 2016 4:12am
Exactly, usually he calls friends or relatives please can you come around to help me moving my wife weights i need to clean. I'm serious him and my boyfriend do it alot

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:13am
I think he would have huge sense of discomfort know in that his wife can lift 100 times with one hand what he cannot even dream of lift with moth of his hands even once

syNov 17 2016 4:14am
I guess friends are impressed lifting those weights knowing that just one hand is needed from you

syNov 17 2016 4:15am
If your bicep is 22 how big is your forearm?

syNov 17 2016 4:15am
Yes he's facing hard times accepting that but thanks to those πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻Him and others are convinced πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:15am
They are convinced because they are completely powerless

syNov 17 2016 4:16am
Sure my biceps bigger than his body. His friends fear me like he does πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:16am
Yes and because all suffer under my boobs feet and asses πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:17am
He can use u bicep as chair to sit if you flex

syNov 17 2016 4:18am
Haha, yes he can. If i may ask which country do you live?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:19am
He can? I was joking! I'm from Egypt and you?

syNov 17 2016 4:20am
Β your bicep is 22 how big is your forearm?Β 

syNov 17 2016 4:20am
Oh really cool. I'm from Turkey. As far as I know Egypt is really conservative religious country. Won't you face problems getting stronger and bigger and controlling your husband?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:21am
Yes it's bigger

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:22am
Because i faced lots of problems controlling my husband and having people accepting me being stronger and naked most of the time what about you?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:23am
Is conservative but not much how about yours

syNov 17 2016 4:24am
Forearm is the muscle between your hand and your elbow i ask how big it is

AnonymousNov 17 2016 4:24am
Well Turkey was really conservative and it was so strange for people to see married women controlling her husband beating him and his friends. Wrestling others Naked, but I fought them all and now they all accepting me. I love the fact that there're dominanted women in country like Egypt. Is it normal for married women there to be stronger and wrestle other men naked?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:27am
I think it's 21 inches

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:27am
No is not normal

syNov 17 2016 4:30am
It's not normal!! How's your husband is fine with that? What do you think his family reaction would be? Sorry if I'm asking details questions

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:32am
My husband will challenge me everyday i think

syNov 17 2016 4:33am
Going to buy grocery see you later

syNov 17 2016 4:33am
Challenge you because he doesn't want you to wrestle other men naked!!!

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:34am
Okay try to find a man to carry him with the grocery

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:35am
Sorry if I'm asking bit private questions about yo and your husband relationship and wrestling and nudity. But this's really important to me and i'd owe you big one if you can describe to me how you, your husband, friends, family and society in Egypt will look to independent powerful strong wife who in open relationship and wants to have other men alongside with her husband. I would really appreciate it if you can chat with me about this.

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 4:46am
I will of course as soon as I am back ok?

syNov 17 2016 4:47am
I also wish to know in every single detail what will happen to my husband with youon one day, what you do what you say which rreactions you expect from him etc

syNov 17 2016 6:02am
Yes sure. After 4 hours I'll be at home and gives you all the details, but let me tell something your husband will be f*cked by me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 6:07am
I'm so excited that I found a married woman whose dominanted strong πŸ’ͺ🏻 love to control her life her sexual life isn't limited to one stupid husband, and very librarl woman (wrestle other men naked) and from conservative religious country like me. I'm really so excited about knowing you dear Sylvia

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 6:09am
You know my husband has good job and I like to be a housewife and with muscles I'll still would like to not be working. Maybe all this free time will help me to have more time to train

syNov 17 2016 7:47am
Yes sure you are right on your situation. For me it's totally the opposite way, I work my job is so good, I'm the CEO of my company, while my husband remains in his entry level job. So I decided that he should leave his work at become full time househusband. Now I'm the only one who works in the family and I'm responsible for my husband and boyfriend financially

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 7:59am
I find it funny that husband come back home to his nice wife, housewife that spends hours lifting weights wile he is busy at work and she keeps growing and growing

syNov 17 2016 8:02am
You decides he leave job? What does he said

syNov 17 2016 8:03am
Plus if I'm lazy I'll force him to clean after job

syNov 17 2016 8:05am
Yes it's funny he'll come back think you spent the day cooking while you spend it lifting weights πŸ‹. Yes I did at first he didn't agree but the I forced him to. He was a secretary so he didn't make a good money at all plus he needs me to support him financially and of course my muscles πŸ’ͺ🏻 convinced him as well

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:06am
Yes I think men should clean the house we should only do the hard work lifting carrying etc...

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:07am
Sorry to keep asking but till now I'm not really sure what's your husband opinion in you being topless infront other men have you done it before??

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:08am
You forced him physically to leave job? I may use him for chores at home lifting him to change light bulbs or cleaning ceiling corners

syNov 17 2016 8:08am
We are open couple so no problem with hin

syNov 17 2016 8:09am
Yes I did. I forced him to do anything physically this's why I beat him a lot πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my poor husband

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:09am
You just need to flex now to convince him

syNov 17 2016 8:10am
Cool have you done it before. Like some of his friends saw you topless? What about wrestling other men naked? Does his family know?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:10am
No his family doesn't know and nobody in his conservative fam knows

syNov 17 2016 8:11am
No but sometimes he's really stupid so I have so I have to beat him. Imagine until now he criticised me for wrestling other men naked 😑😑😑😑

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:11am
Do you lift him to reach high places? To clean for example

syNov 17 2016 8:12am
Ohh, so it's only both. Shame you can't wrestle his friends or family 😒

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:12am
You have to ask him while you are wrestling others to try to stop you

syNov 17 2016 8:13am
Actually I'm never involved in cleaning sorry but I lift him to throw him after that

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:13am
I guess if my muscles were as big as yours everyone could notice who's stronger anyway

syNov 17 2016 8:14am
I'm so masculine woman I don't do any homework. I do he tried many times, now he said he feels sorry for men I wrestle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:14am
I would love to be able to take him from back, hands from armpit and lift him veryhigh to reach roof

syNov 17 2016 8:15am
Yes probably people in Egypt would be surpris from you? Is there big muscular woman in Egypt?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:15am
So you wrestling and husband act to stopand no rresults?

syNov 17 2016 8:16am
Big but not as muscular as you

syNov 17 2016 8:16am
You'd be able to do it he's only 75 kg just start lifting weights.

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:16am
You can?

syNov 17 2016 8:17am
Bigger than men? Yes him and 2 others friends and couldn't stop me

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:17am
If I was big like you all man in the room would chk my arms compared to theyr and know immediately I'm stronger

syNov 17 2016 8:18am
Sure I can lifting men is so easy for women because we naturally very strong thighs

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:18am
Yes absolutely they might come to you ask to compare with you

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:19am
I bet you are lifting 30 kg for training and he can't stop u from doing that as well

syNov 17 2016 8:19am
You're bigger even no flex

syNov 17 2016 8:20am
He can't stop me no matter what. Bigger than who? I was asking about Egypt woman are they bigger than men

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:21am
They are sometimes bigger than man

syNov 17 2016 8:21am
You bigger than man general

syNov 17 2016 8:22am
Good so you won't be the only one. Yes I'm way bigger than all men

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:23am
Poor your Lil hubby

syNov 17 2016 8:23am
My husband is the most unlikeliest husband on earth πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sometimes I forced him to watch me sleeping with other men. He really hates that.

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:25am
I bet he can punch you all day and you don't bother

syNov 17 2016 8:25am
Sleep or have sex with other man?

syNov 17 2016 8:25am
No probably I won't feel it. He's so helpless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:26am
Is there difference? πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:26am
And how many slaps will you need to make him cry or put him ko

syNov 17 2016 8:27am
Sleep is sleep sex is sex

syNov 17 2016 8:27am
I slap him for 2 minutes most men cry after 4 minutes. I know recently I forced him to watch have sex with other men. Sleeping with other without sex have been doing that for really long time, since we got married and he sleeps with me at the same bef. So on the bed 2 men no sex and sometimes 3 men it's fun really

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:30am
You should try it someday to sleep with more than 1 men without having sex

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:32am
Did you randomly do something to show your strength?

syNov 17 2016 8:37am
Why is funny sleeping with 2and no sex?

syNov 17 2016 8:39am
Anything I do show my strength. What did you mean exactly? I had feelings that you were surprised from sex thing. Do you find it something extreme??

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:39am
It's funny having 2 naked weak men sleeping with you in the bed and being forced to kiss you without sex. Believe me it's fun for us women especially if you're not in sex mood

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:40am
What do you order them to kiss? I wonder if you have energy for sex with 3men

syNov 17 2016 8:41am
Yes I do have the energy I did it many times 3 men in the same day. It depends usually kissing my feet ass maybe boobs

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:43am
And locking muscles?

syNov 17 2016 8:43am
What di you mean locking muscles?

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:44am

syNov 17 2016 8:45am
Yes absolutely they have to lick kiss my muscles and ass

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:48am
Sounds very relaxing

syNov 17 2016 8:49am
Yes I know this's why you should try it. Especially that your sissy husband is fine with that.

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:50am
Yes Ok I want but I want to have something big to lick. ..I start to like the idea of having size on my muscles

syNov 17 2016 8:52am
Okay darling Sylvia I'm gonna loose my interest connection now, I'll be back after exactly 90 minutes or less. If you want to know more about having sex with 3 different or my relaxation session with sleeping with different men please ask anything you and I'll answer you after an hour. 😘

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 8:53am
I wait still the detailed info about you vs my hubby as you promised :)))

syNov 17 2016 8:55am
@wifewoman you're just a crazy woman you're the worst person I've ever seen in my life I don't know how your husband is staying with u you're beating him you're humiliating him WHY because he's weaker you shouldn't. And Do you know married woman shouldn't be naked infront other men you're sleeping with other men and making your husband watch your evil your husband should go to police. You know GOD will punish you and put u on HELL woman shouldn't have sex with other than their husband. THIS IS NOT NORMAL MEN Should be doing that not you WOMEN yoi just driving me Crazy. Go to HELL

AnonymousNov 17 2016 9:19am
@sy And you you're doing bad stuff as well but you should stop it DONUT listen to wife woman she's evil she'll destroy your life YOU shouldn't be stronger than your husband you shouldn't be muscular than him this's how men should be and not women YOU should stay at home be nice and weak DON'T listen to her you shouldn't sleep with other men you shouldn't have SEX with other men you shouldn't be be naked with other men. YOU should be weak small wife listen to her husband not to Crazy woman

AnonymousNov 17 2016 9:23am
Anonymous how big are your muscles? Are you stronger than your wife?

syNov 17 2016 9:30am
WHY are you asking? I'm not big or muscular man I'm small one

AnonymousNov 17 2016 9:33am
Hi Sy I'm back and ready for you. Note this one will close after few comments we should move to the second one from the bottom here (wanna share pictures...) Link

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 10:19am
Hey another sissy boy what's your problem. There's nothing with what we're doing we're women we're stronger we're in control we can do whatever we want

Wife Woman Nov 17 2016 10:21am
@wifewoman. There're nothing wrong you're beating your HUSBAND, you're making him watch you having SEX with other men. You're sleeping NAKED with other man it's all so WRONG. I'm not married yet but there's this girl very rich and big and she talked to my parents she wants to marry me.

AnonymousNov 17 2016 10:58am
Hi Anonymous if you want to chat go to "Second one from below" (Want to share pics of musculanr/ athletic women with me on email) Link:

Wife WomanNov 17 2016 11:21am
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RnooUYkMuHZVAOct 18 11:30am
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