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Question: So, that you're here, what were you thinking before you decided to take this lame-a$$ poll?
Created by: alalala at 07:19:51 AM, Wednesday, July 26, 2000 PDT


i like spongebob. do you?

fongAug 26 2002 7:00pm

I need to masterbate!

stroke meJul 27 2013 7:11pm
I want a piece of ass!

yummJul 27 2013 7:12pm
Do I want to f*ck a male or female tonight?

lez be friendsJul 27 2013 7:13pm
Hmmm... Should I go to a strip bar or a normal bar tonight?

bar hopperJul 27 2013 7:15pm
Should I or shouldnt I.... oh yeeah I should!

decisions????Jul 27 2013 7:18pm
Why am I on this lame site, hell im just bored

zzzzzJul 27 2013 7:20pm
Jp2Hvv levitra nizagara

ZoHUNpXsjPbPgWzJuuOct 18 11:03am
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