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Best X-Men

Question: Who's the coolest/best person in the X-Men? Everything considered: Personality, ability, and relationships with other members.
Created by: DuLac at 02:03:22 PM, Wednesday, August 02, 2000 PDT


Her name is ROGUE -- 'rouge' is make-up you put on your face. it's pronounced like "vogue". duh.

rhondaSep 11 2000 7:29am

My fave is Nightcrawler, but ONLY from X-Men Evolution!

BlueangelMay 08 2001 9:01am
My definite favorite is Nightcrawler; he is just really dreamy.

DebbieJun 26 2001 9:17am
Rouge All The Way!!!

Matt ColonNov 08 2001 12:17pm
Very sorry! I was too busy trying to think of things to say about all of them. I know HOW to pronounce the name, thank you! I just happen to be human and make typos :-P Storm is better anyway!

DuLacMay 31 2002 7:50pm
Nightcrawler is the BEST ever! He's so damn cute! Like a f*cking cat or something! You just wanna squeeze him til his eyes pop out! Okay, no, I wouldn't, but maybe someone else would, but he is cute! And He likes a girl named Amanda. AND MY NAMES AMANDA! It's like we're made for eachother...........blah blah

Nightcrawlers GirlFeb 24 2004 8:43pm
Storm!!!!!!!!!! I love storm! She is so great! Her powers are amazing! In an episode I sae her control an element!

#1 StormFeb 12 2005 8:15pm
The STAR TREK: NEXT GENERATION series has a novel starring the X-MEN. It is called X-MEN: PLANET X by Michael Jan Friedman, 1998, Pocket Books.

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