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The Stronger Sex Physically

Question: Hi. I am a very athlethic lady and have been out with several guys I was physically stronger than. My question is abut female strength. Below are the choices. Also,post comments on if you are a guy, would it be an issue if the girl were stronger, and ladies would it bother you if you were stronger than the guy?
Created by: Teesco at 01:18:42 AM, Wednesday, August 09, 2000 PDT


I have no problem with. I am a small male only 5'4 and weigh about 130. I have been out with females who were much stronger than I am physically.

MickyAug 09 2000 8:42am

Great question. I have always wondered the same. I have wrestled several of my boyfriends and while I haven't been able to beat all of them, I have had several boyfreinds I could legitimately defeat. I think women are stronger than men realize, especially in the lower body area. I think men have na upper body advantage often,and women have a lower body advantage often. In a fist fight, the upper body advantage works for the man, but in a wrestling match, where you could use your legs to wrap around a guy and whatever, the woman definitely can whip the guy.

AnnaAug 10 2000 7:49am
Most of the time,I have been alot stronger than my girlfriends, but I did date one girl, who was as strong as they come. She would over power me alot when we were wrestling and such. I was embrassed, thinking I was the only one but I have grwo to discover alot of women are stronger than men.

SteveAug 10 2000 10:37am
Cool question. I was always embrassed about it, but my girlfreind is stronger than I am. It happens more than you realize.

WesAug 14 2000 7:11am
Well I am 20 and just got married nd I am much stronger than my husband. It isn't a big deal though. Come on othr ladies what do you think?

MarcieAug 14 2000 1:14pm
think women are just not realizing their full physical potential and many women are as strong if not stronger than men

BobAug 15 2000 7:14am
Men are stronger normally in their upper bodies, but women are far superior in lower bodies. Which means a guy usually would win a fist fight, but if wrestling for fun or whatever, if the woman uses her legs to scissor him or whatever, she can easily defeat a male.

AnonymousAug 23 2000 4:35pm
It ia baout soothing our ego. My girlfreind is just as trong as I am, and strongr than some of my guy freinds, but females think they have to act weak to pacify us. There are plenty of women stronger than men. As I said my girlfreind and I are aout equal, but hers sister is bigger and stronger than my girlfreind, so I am sure she could whip me very easily.

TomSep 09 2000 11:36am
Women have hid their physical strength for years, and there are many women who can whip a man. I am stronger than I would guess 75% of my male friends, and one of my best friends Laura is tronger than I am, so there you go.

MaxineSep 11 2000 4:12pm
I am not a very big man only about 5'7 or so and 140. My wife works out a lot and is 5'10 and weighs 150 or so. I guarantee you she is by far and away stronger than I am, but it isn''t an issue.

BudSep 26 2000 11:59am
Women are stronger than the guys in all actuality, even physically. We can take more pain and can dish it out a lot better. If it is in,say a wrestling match, once the guy is down you have him beat. It is not the same against another woman. However we hide our strength because in a guy's mind, his persumed physical strength advantage is the only advantage he thinks he has over a woman. We are more peaceful in genera, and guys are sometimes bigger, but pund for pund we are the physically stronger sex.

BettyOct 12 2000 10:19am
Interesting poll ,would like to hear other opinions. I think that guys normally have a weight and height advantage, but when it comes pound for pund the gals are stronger than we are fellows. I mean if it is a 200 lb man, and 100 lb female naturally the guy will be able to out muscle her, but if both if the weight is even, the woman heavier, or if she is within fifteen-twenty pounds of the guy, she is going to be alot stronger.

BradOct 13 2000 7:47pm
Well I was always told and raised that guys were the stronger sex physically and believed it, but then I started seeing and realizing there are a lot of women strongr than their boyfriends,husbands, etc. I think that sometimes women "fake" like they are weak to soothe that male ego, but it is time to stop. I don't consider myself stronger than every guy, but it goes both ways. There are alot of guys I am stronger than as well. Good to see intelligent responses, and people realizing just because we are girls, doesn't mean we aren't as stronga as you, guys.

MindyOct 18 2000 4:41pm
It is good to see people realize that you can be strong and be a female, and yes there are some women stronger than men. Speaking personally, I am a weakling though, and am not as strong as my brother, or most of my guy friends. There may be one or two that I compare to, but in my case, I am weaker than most guys I know, but I will admit I am not that tough. Most other girls could probably whip me too. It isn't a big deal to me.

CarrieNov 01 2000 10:43am
Hi five! I went for years kinda being intimidated that all the guys were stronger than me, and then when I got in there and competed with them and showed them what I could do physically I found out, I was stronger than most of the guys! Girls rule!

JillNov 10 2000 4:15pm
I don't think there is much strength difference anymore. I used to think being a female meant I was always weakre than the guys, but I have grown to find out, while maybe not as strong as all my guy freinds, I am as strong, if not stronger than many of them.

TammyNov 17 2000 7:01pm
Girls have definitely made strides physically. Normally the guy outweights the girl, so he does have an advantage there, however, pound for pund females are definitely stronger than guys. If the girl/woman is within twenty or twnety five punds of the guy, most of the time she will be able to take the guy apart.

StevenNov 23 2000 1:38pm
Well I am stronger than most of my female friends, and a couple of them I am much stronger than, but there is one girl, who could take me apart. She is awesome1 I don't think society wants to admit it, but there are a lot of females stronger than males.

LukeJan 01 2001 2:58pm
While your average, everyday woman may be stronger than your average, everyday man thinks she is, I think it's hard to deny that men are inherently stronger, particularly when you're looking at trained athletes of both sexes. Men are much faster than women in track and field, for instance.

AnonymousJan 07 2001 12:57pm
First of all, let me commend all the males who are openminded enough to realize that we can be strong, even stronger than the guys in some cases. If we are indeed stronger it is nothing to be embrassed about and doesn't make you less of a man. I do think that males tend to be bigger, and probably are stronger than the girl 70% of the time or so, but there are definitely exceptions to this. I don't claim to be able to outmuscle every guy, but there are certainly some that I can.

BrittanyJan 08 2001 9:53am
I think in general the guys are a little stronger than we are, but we have evened the odds somewhat, and there is always that one or two who can whip a guy. I am not as strong as most of my guy friends (I am not particularily strong anyway), but I am stronger than one or two of them. In other words, men are stronger in general, but there are plenty of women than can whip a guy. Men don't have the strength advantage we give them credit for.

MelanieApr 26 2001 6:37am
Men are stronger in their upper bodies in general, but women are much stronger in their lower bodies. So if a female works out a lot with her arms and gains some upper body strength, it is quite conceivable she can outmuscle a guy. Most fighting is done with arms, hands, and fists where the male often has the advantage. If the girl uses her legs or does develop some upper body ability, a male will be no match for her. In other words, it is about even but girls are definitely getting stronger.

PaulMay 25 2001 5:42pm
For females to be the "weaker sex", they sure seem to win a lot of times against males. I really think it is about even, some men are stronger and some women are stronger.

CarlJul 04 2001 3:10pm
Women have a strength that we males will never experience.

ChuckJul 27 2001 9:25am
I think the operative thing we have to keep in mind is that just because you are a female, does not mean that you have to be weak physically. Or just because you are a man, doesn't mean that you are physically strong. Some men are very strong, and some are not. Some women are very strong, and some are not. I feel like this. I believe that the strongest of the strong will be men. However, if you take an average guy or a weak guy and match his strength with a strong woman, then the woman will be stronger. I think that is the case many times. However, I don't think a male should be embrassed by it. I certainly don't think less of a weaker guy.

SheilaSep 06 2001 6:45am
It'a about even in a lot of ways. The guys are normally stronger in their arms, which means in a fistfight they have an advantage most of the time, though not always. However, girls are much stronger in their lower bodies, meaning we can hurt a guy with kicking, and in a wrestling match can definitely win as long as we don't get overpowered through our arms.

DanaOct 30 2001 3:05pm
Must admit that as a whole girls are stronger.

crisJan 14 2002 12:07pm
It seems apparent that most men are stronger than most women. It would certainly take a very strange set of circumstances (abnormally weak man or abnormally strong woman) to prove otherwise. Though women tend to have equal (not stronger) lower bodies, their upper bodies are generally much less developed. Additionally, most women are too timid to use their strength in a combative way. Personally, I would have to admit that it would be rather exciting to date a woman that was physically my equal. However, I doubt that will ever happen.

dannyJul 08 2002 2:08pm
I think most men are threatened by women that are stronger than them. Also, women are embarrassed if they are stronger than their male companion. That is why you would rarely see a relationship where the woman is stronger than the male. It also explains why female bodybuilders, boxers, and other athletes are always dating very strong men. I don't think society as a whole is ready for relationships where women have the physical superiority.

daveJul 08 2002 2:14pm
I think it is changing. Men in general are still stronger, but the gap has closed. There are also several instances where the woman is stronger. I have been stronger than most of my female friends, but i know of two that are stronger than I am. It is not impossible at all.

DonAug 06 2002 8:39am
I think that girls are slightly stronger than boys as a whole.

LAug 09 2002 12:49pm
im 5'5" and 109 lbs, so most girls r stronger than me. i dont have a problem with that.

a dudeAug 26 2002 1:31pm
holy crap there are alot of coments! wes is cool and women kick a**!!!

bexabooJul 21 2003 10:58pm
I think women have become the stronger sex becuase they tend to work out more than men. Men have gotten lazy and sit around all day while women hit the gym. Women are starting to show us men who the real stronger sex is.

AManJul 24 2003 7:16pm
My girlfriend and I kickboxed once and she knocked me out. I started out going very easy on her, but in the end I was fighting as hard as I could. She, of course, rubbed it in and made sure that I knew women are the stronger sex.

moAug 29 2003 7:08pm
Women are smart, strong, and sexy. Women have made major strides and now have proven to the world that women are superior to men. Face it guys, we are the weaker sex.

shawnSep 01 2003 1:59pm
The first time I went to the gym I bench pressed 300 lbs as a teenager with no training at all. I am fairly a short man (5ft 8") I look like I weigh about 170lbs but I'm actually 205. People underestimate my strength because I am small, I now bodybuild seriously and am approximately 5 to 6 times stronger than the bodybuilding ladies at our gym in the upper and lower body, also I know half of those ladies take steroids to increase their strength so the difference in stregth is even greater because I dont do drugs of any sort. Having said that my mother is stronger than my father and stronger than most men even at 50 years old! And my sister is pretty strong but no the strongest men will always be many many times stronger than a woman can imagine... you don't want to see me angry I will tip your car upside down with you inside :)

CarlitosSep 07 2003 2:50pm
I think it is sexy being with a stronger woman!

DanSep 13 2003 9:39pm
I am married to a 6'1 inch tall woman (I'm 5'11) and she's so muvh stronger than me it's embarassing. She often arm wrestles me and always destroys me!

LakeSep 13 2003 9:47pm
I love being stronger than my husband! I love being the sexually dominant partner.

KimSep 13 2003 9:47pm
I'm 6'5 and my husband is 5'7. I often carry him around the house. It's great!!!!!!!!!!!!

RachelSep 13 2003 9:48pm
Women have always been the stronger sex, people are just starting to realize it.

GregOct 19 2003 11:38am
Biology, Physiology, Sociology, Psychology, Communications, Interpersonal Relations, Parenting Skills, Academic Life, Managerial Ability, and more ? the verdict is in: Males are clearly the weaker sex!!

AronOct 19 2003 10:01pm
The female is the stronger sex mentally and physically, always has been. This has become common knowledge, a lot of macho males have a lot of adjusting ahead if they want to fit into a woman's world.

carieOct 23 2003 11:33pm
I am 6 1 and my husband is 4.0.He is physically handicapped.I have to carry him wherever he has to go.Even to the bathroom.

AnnaOct 25 2003 9:50pm
This weekend I saw a girl beat a man in a fight who was much bigger than her. It was no contest, he didn't have a chance. The status of women has clearly changed, they are avidly demonstrating their superiority.

AnonymousNov 03 2003 5:23am
There is no doubt women have become the stronger sex, physically and otherwise.

JillNov 21 2003 5:49am
In general women are the stronger sex. We have more endurance than men, especially as they get older.

ElaineNov 28 2003 10:40pm
Hettinger discovered that if we assume to compare a man?s and woman?s Carrying the same muscle mass the strenght of the man will be less 28%. Because estrogen , woman?s muscules are flexible and more profitable-90%. Man have more muscle but only 70 % profitable .So pound for pound woman are stronger.And teenage girls are much stronger than teenage boys. In fact, when Messing observed Olympic athletes she noted D. Chester's The Olympic Games Handbook, and found that, "in 1924, when women were first allowed to compete in the 400 metre swim, the best man's time was 58 seconds faster than the best woman's; in 1972, women's time had come to equal that of men in 1956 and was only 19 seconds slower than that of the men in the 1972 competition. Similarly, in the 100 metre run, men improved by 0.66 seconds between 1928 and 1972, while women improved by 1.13 seconds." Again, keeping matters in perspective, let's observe the difference, shall we: 19 seconds. 19 seconds is the difference between strong and weak, is it? Interesting. What is more interesting, however, is the indication that as women become more comfortable with building strength and being strong, the gap between the sexes begins to disappear. That is, if women become more comfortable with strength?

barbaraDec 01 2003 11:24am
I am an average guy, and there isn't a woman on this planet who is stronger than me. You've got to be kidding!

KyleDec 13 2003 8:01pm
Women are definitely the stronger sex, especially in our lower bodies. I've wrestle with all my past boyfriends and win almost all the time. Once i wrap my legs around them it's easy to squeeze them into submission. As strong as their upper bodies may be, they're no match for a woman's legs

JardeenDec 14 2003 7:50pm
Women are stronger not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually as well.

NancyDec 14 2003 9:40pm
I was 5'8" and about 130 pounds and had a female housemate who worked out every day at the dojo. She was about 2-3 inches shorter than me and 10 pounds heavier--all muscle. She used to have me feel how rock hard her muscles were and she was definitely much stronger in the lower body and a little stronger in upper body. One night a guy got into her room and tried to rape her while she was sleeping. She fought him off and chased him around the block and caught him just as the police arrived. She wanted she just 5 minutes alone with him to beat him to a pulp, but they took him away.

BruceDec 16 2003 8:26am
After a lifetime of denial I've finally realized and accepted the fact that women are superior to men.

FrankDec 25 2003 11:36pm
I love it when I'm with a woman who is physically superior than me... all of them seem to be intellectually my betters.

jasonDec 30 2003 3:32am
I've always known that women were really the stronger sex. As a child, I was defeated several times by girls, and I lived near a pro womens softball field. I would watch these women in amazement and marvel at the strength and abilities, especially in light of the notion that women were 'supposed' to be weak and not have muscle. The women at my gym are focused and strong, while the men generally lack discipline, and assume because of their size that they're stronger. Women are waking up to their true potential, and I am convinced that pound for pound they are the stronger sex, and are capable of so much more in terms of endurance, and abilities.

AndyJan 12 2004 5:29am
While there are differences in design physically and emotionally, between men and women, people are generally the same,regardless of gender. What I mean by this is that a trained, skilled woman should always be able to defeat an untrained, unskilled man; and vice-versa. However, I do believe that in a contest between a man and a woman, of equal height, weight, training, etc. the man would theoretically emerge victorious. Is this simply because of the way society perceives gender roles. I think not. If it were the case that woman were indeed the stronger sex; why then, over thousands of years of history, different cultures and societies, have men always dominated every major aspect of life. Something to think about.

CameronJan 13 2004 5:14am
I think that the mens are the weaker sex and not the women. I Was beat by a lot of girls in the past , I must admiat that girls are the stronger sex and now they role the world. It is so embrassed to be the weaker sex.

andyJan 30 2004 3:18pm
My girlfriend is 6'2 and works out. SHe can pick up 135 pounds over head. Awesome! All I can do is 60.

anonymousFeb 04 2004 10:03am
I think female superiority has become a generally accepted fact, although most men are reluctant to admit it. But if you look around, the evidence is undeniable.

SarahFeb 06 2004 12:05pm
There is no doubt at all that in the lower bodies women are far stronger than men just look on the average high street at the differing lower body shapes! As in my case I have physically tangled with 3 women and lost every time each time the woman was physically smaller than me but once they were aroused they discovered a far deeper intensity and a far greater level of physical strength than I could muster and they whipped my ass big time!

RobertFeb 10 2004 3:39pm
My wife is 10 yeasr older than me at 51 and a lot stronger. She can bench 80 kg for reps while I can do half of that. All her female relatives are very strong, in almost all the cases stronger than their mates. It seems they all like their men a bit smaller and weaker but nevertheless they are very strong women.

minstarkafruFeb 11 2004 5:56am
I have also lost arm wrestling matches to lady co-workers, 3 of the 6 ladies working there hagve beaten me and it has been rather close matches with the other 3. I play badminton and run and they all work out with weights and also do aerobics. We have also tried thigh wrestling, you sit opposite each other trying to press your opponents thighs together with yours outside. I have never won a match against a woman in these tests of strength and at my office none of the men can defeat any of the women. It would be great to hear comments on this since women tend to be very strong and limber in the legs and hips.

minstarkafruFeb 11 2004 11:08pm
When I wrap my legs around a man, he can forget about escaping and I will make him submit and beg for mercy!

KimberlyFeb 14 2004 4:16pm
Women have superior endurance and stamina. This adds to the physical advantage women have over men.

TinaFeb 15 2004 9:46pm
Strength is in the Mind. Male or Female. I personally would get embarrased if a woman beat me physically. But if she beats you what can you do. Give in honourably that letting it seem like a big deal

ianFeb 16 2004 3:51am
Women are the superior wrestlers. I have been defeated several times by different females one of which put me in a headlock for 10 minutes, then hip tossd me to the floor, put me in a figure four neck scissors where I recall I was screaming and crying for release but she kept the pressure on until I went limp. She then released the hold, turned me on my back, stretched my one arm in a straight line away from my body, scissored the other arm in a straight line with her legs and layed right across my collarbone with her full weight(She was 6'3" 220 lbs.) and cross body pinned me like that for nearly 45 minutes. I begged to be let go but she taunted me and told me I was the weakest and most unskillful wrestler she had ever faced and wrestled against. I,m 5'9" 170lbs and can bench press 55lbs. Thsi girl totally destroyed me in this match.

MikeFeb 16 2004 1:02pm
As I was growing up, the male was known to be the stronger sex, and no one ever questioned it. These days everything has changed, and women have the advantage over us. It is a hard thing to accept.

BillFeb 16 2004 10:22pm
my girlfriend and i wrestle frequently and just the other day she picked me up and slammed me through a table. She usually hurts me bad.

DeanoFeb 24 2004 2:13pm
Really I surprised to see these much response.I thought I am the only person who suffered the strenght of a girl friend. One day to my surprise my gf dominated me all means and picked me up. Then I realised that women can become stronger than men

JoyzFeb 26 2004 12:07am
I think women are stronger if the physical size is same. For eg. a woman of 5'8" is stronger than man of 5'8"

abramFeb 26 2004 12:15am
Women posess power and will along with overall superior endurance and physical health. Men are declining, while women continue to get stronger.

NatalieFeb 27 2004 12:14am
When I look at the women in the gym and the strength of their muscles, I have no doubt about the growing number of women who are stronger than men. Some are not very tall but have thicker muscles compared to many taller men and you see that they are so strong by the work out they do. The women look at their muscles in the mirror and flex so you see they are bigger and then make sure you know it by waiting until you are looking. They have become the stronger sex, and they know it.

DaveFeb 27 2004 11:30pm
When a woman is stronger it can be demoralizing for a male. Women are already more intelligent, biologically stronger, emotionally stronger, and better looking than men. They get to experience things a man never can like chlidbirth and recent studies say women have far better orgasms than men as well. So if your a man standing next to a woman who is stronger than you physically than she is superior to you in every way and you are a just another perfect model of the weaker sex.

anonymousFeb 29 2004 6:48pm
I agree, women are stronger, they are superior overall. I think it leaves us with the fear that women won't need us anymore. They have more power than ever before, and men generally feel intimidated.

SeanMar 01 2004 8:51am
Have you ever noticed that when you're with your girlfriend, you're wiped out after a few minutes, but it seems like she could go forever? When you are this outmatched sexually, it is pretty obvious who the superior one is.

RickMar 01 2004 8:57am
I'm a pretty athletic male who loves to wrestle women. I've wrestled over 30 different women and lost to all of them. It shocks me how completely one-sided most of the matches have been. Here is how we matched up and how I got controlled 1) My advantage of being much bigger (I weigh 220 lbs.) was useless because they were much quicker than me. I constantly find myself in bad positions and struggling against the woman's leverage. 2) The women have been way more flexible, allowing them to escape the occasional hold I get them into. 3) The women control the matches with their legs. I have never escaped a woman's grapevine or headscissor hold!

AdamMar 05 2004 10:21pm
I've noticed at the health club tht it is mostly women working out these days, and these chicks are serious about it. They get on those machines and go long and hard. I think their physical superiority is obvious.

LarryMar 06 2004 9:50am
I wrestled my ex girlfriend on several occasions.She was a 5'10 150lb policewoman (I wrestled her in her uniform once!) and she easily beat me.(I am 6ft and 200lbs)

JohnnoMar 07 2004 5:20am
The people who keep referring to scientific studies neeed to do some research on hormones. Testosterone levels are naturally much higher in males than females, which makes males physically more powerful-end of story. Testosterone enhances the males body in numerous ways; muscle mass, physical size, and bone density. A male is on average 30% stronger than a female, has better spacial awareness, thicker bones including the skull, and better natural mobility in the quadriceps. The male was designed by nature for combat and defense, the female was not. As far as estrogen goes, it makes a females muscles more elastic (flexible) and it is true that a females muscles can hold the same level of strength for a longer period of time than a males, but that does not make them stronger pound for pound. A female can benefit from working out and should be encouraged to, but she cannot naturally develop the same muscle mass that a male can and therefore will never capacitate the brute strength a male possesses.

RobinMar 09 2004 8:01pm
The same testosterone which gives the male brute strength also renders him vulnerable in many ways. Women have superior endurance. Overall fitness should be the criteria in determining physical strength, after all, what good is a man's strength if he's so exhausted he couldn't move a feather, while at the same time the woman is still going strong. It does not come as any surprise that some men can't face the fact that women are the stronger sex.

NancyMar 09 2004 10:26pm
I'm 5'8" 150 lbs., and there have been very few women that I have met who were stronger than me in the upper body, and they were much bigger than I am if they were. Lower body is a different story, as size does matter. Most women that I know , have much stronger legs than I do, because mine are usually smaller than their legs. Every time I've played around wrestling them, everything has been in my favor, but if they get their legs involved, you kinda get humbled really fast. Men are bigger than women for the most part, so I would say that men have the strength edge statistically, but for a guy my size, there is an embarrassing number of ladies who are physically stronger than I am.

JackMar 10 2004 4:36am
You all are immature. Men and Women are equal in their own ways. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. Women who proclaim that girls are superior are just as ridiculous as guys who say men are superior. In all honesty, men are usually physically stronger than women upper and lower body. Sorry if you don't believe me, but that's the fact. Women are also usually more flexible than men. Men usually have better spatial capabilities, and women usually have better reflexes. In regards to wrestling, men can apply the same leg holds females can. Some holds are very hard to get out of even when done by a person of little physical strength. If women are really stronger than men, as many have said why are there so many laws protecting women against domestic abuse, sexual harassment, etcetera. Now don't you think those lows are unfair, especially if you consider males to be weak? What I'm saying is lets stop acting like kids on the playground and realize sometimes a horse is a horse and things wont change no matter how hard you try to believe they will. Men are usually stonger physically.

JakeMar 11 2004 12:48am
I agree with Nancy. In terms of overall strength, endurance, longevity and physical health, women are the stronger sex. I don't need to take anyone's word for it, modern science supports this fact.

MeredithMar 12 2004 8:42pm
Here are a few facts regarding the weaker sex: . The male fetus is at greater risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. . Male births slightly outnumber female births (about 105 to 100), but boys have a higher death rate if born premature: 22 percent compared with 15 percent for girls. . Overall, more newborn males die than females (5 to 4). . Sudden infant death syndrome is one and a half times as common in boys as in girls. . Boys are three to four times as likely to be autistic. . Boys are three times as likely to have Tourette's syndrome. . Mental retardation afflicts one and a half times as many boys as girls. . Dyslexia is diagnosed two to three times as often in boys as girls. . As teenagers, boys die at twice the rate of girls. . Boys ages 15-19 are five times as likely to die in a homicide. . Boys ages 15-19 are almost 11 times as likely to die by drowning. . Boys ages 16-19 are nearly twice as likely to die from a car accident. . Men are 16 times as likely as women to be colorblind. . Men suffer hearing loss at twice the rate of women. . Though women attempt suicide two to three times as often as men, four times as many men actually kill themselves. . The male hormone testosterone is linked to elevations of LDL, the bad cholesterol, as well as declines in HDL, the good cholesterol. . Men have fewer infection-fighting T-cells and are thought to have weaker immune systems than women. . Men have a higher death rate from pneumonia and influenza than women. . By the age of 36, women outnumber men. . Men ages 55-64 are twice as likely as women to die in car accidents. . Men ages 55-74 are twice as likely as women to die of heart disease. . In the United States, men are twice as likely to die from parasite-related diseases (in part, some speculate, because their greater average size may offer parasites a bigger target). . Among people 65 and older, men account for 84 percent of suicides. . Stroke, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and accidents -- all among the top causes of death -- kill men at a higher rate than women. . American men typically die almost six years before women do. . By the age of 100, women outnumber men eight to one.

MaggieMar 12 2004 10:18pm
Yeah, women are so much stronger than men that one of every three women is raped in her lifetime. And most rapists are weak pussies with the strength of a twelve year-old boy - but strong enough to overpower a woman.

DougMar 18 2004 8:40pm
Strength is measured by many standards besides just who commits the most rapes (an indication of the intellectual inferiority of the male). The fact that females outlive males by several years in itself is proof of physical superiority over males. While males typically have brute strength, females are endowed with superior endurance and flexibility. A woman can perform at a higher level for a longer duration than a man. What good is a man's powerful muscle strength if he is rendered helpless with fatigue, while the woman is just getting warmed up? Women also recover from fatigue faster than men. In other words, a woman's strength is more useful than a man's. Women also have superior immune systems and pain tolerance than men. In fact, if you read the articles circulating today on gender differences, it is clear that modern science acknowledges the biological superiority of women. And it doesn't stop there. Studies and school statistics suggest females are intellectually superior as well. Don't get me wrong, I love men, and I don't mean to rub your noses in it, but the facts speak for themselves. The best way a man can demonstrate his strength is to admit that women are the stronger sex.

NikkiMar 19 2004 11:03pm
Last week a we had a new female employee at my office. She is 55 years old, 14 years older than me. We had some drinks after work last friday and after a few the women at our office said that they the men at the office was rather weak and that three of the ladies could beat me at armwrestling. The new lady is rather big, wide shoulders and hips, big thighs and upper arms. She said she had been working out all her life and that she had beaten a lot of men in various tests of strength. She challanged me and she had my arm down in a second, the same with the other arm. She is even stronger than me 51 year old wife. I know I am not the strongest of men but I know that a strong female can beat a man just below average strenght. When I told my wife about the new lady she just laughed and flexed her big arms.

mistarkafruMar 20 2004 7:51am
Science has proven without a doubt that women are the stronger sex. We men are so weak its pathetic. Nikki, Maggie, I bow to your superiority. Thank nature for making you a woman and for making you strong and sexy. Nothing is more powerful than a strong sexy woman and everyone knows it. There is no question that women rule.

AnonymousMar 20 2004 3:26pm
Has anyone seen Varya Akulova? shes a 8 year-old girl 4'1" 55 lbs. she can powerlift 500lbs and bench near 300lbs, that is way stronger than almost any man you'll meet walking down the street. If an 8 year-old girl can become strong enough to kick almost any grown man's butt at only 55 lbs. I think women are definatley the stronger sex and can do anything a man can do, and more.

AnonymousMar 20 2004 5:49pm
In general men are physically stronger than women by virtue of having more muscle mass; but of course, there are always exceptions. If women are physically superior then why haven't they done away with women's sports? Shouldn't women by competing equally wiht men in all sporting events? No one thought of that, did they!

MickMar 23 2004 8:05pm
Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs at Tennis. Men don't want to compete against women because they fear the public humiliation of being put in their place.

SueMar 24 2004 10:22pm
If there are any ladies out there up for wrestling then this 5'10 190LB male is up for it too!

MickMar 25 2004 2:55pm
Huh, somebody gets off on this stuff because most of these comments are coming from the same person, and she's probably from the middle east.

DanMar 26 2004 8:14pm
as a rather small and skinny male I have experienced many girls and women stronger than me over the years. being 167cm and weighing in at 58-60kg is below the average female in Sweden where I come from. And surprisingly many of them like to show there superior strength. I guess knowing that your partner is strong enough to beat you up can be rather tough, this is the situation for many women. But this is also the situation for me, even if women seem to be a bit (just a bit) nicer then most men. I have lost numerous wrestling and arm wrestling matches to girls and women of all sizes. I have of course won quite a few as well. Many females have challanged me since I am not that big. I am right now living with a woman that is 25 kgs heavier than me. She is a very nice person but she likes to show me (and very often others) who is the strong one in our relationship. It's not much I can do about that. It takes her seconds to beat me wrestling etc.

skinnyMar 30 2004 5:52am
Girls are not weak, a lot of women are stronger than men. I lost armwrestling to a woman at work, she was a bit smaller than me too, I was suprised and embarassed. Girls are stronger than we think.

RyanApr 02 2004 12:47am

oscarApr 02 2004 11:18am

HUGOApr 02 2004 11:20am

GANSTER 18STApr 02 2004 11:35am

MARISSAApr 10 2004 12:14pm
I have been a trainer in the gym for years. My women weightlifters, pound for pound, outlift my males. When people start teasing and issuing challenges to each other to armwrestle, if the women is anywhere near the weight of the man, the women almost always wins. I have seen women beat men who were 30 lbs lighter than the man. I am 5'10, 200 lbs, with 18.5 inch arms. I have been beaten armwrestling by a woman who was 5'2, 160 lbs with 17 in arms. We were dead center for a couple of minutes. She gradually pushed me off center. We had our other hands clasped together for stability. Her muscles just stood out and looked so good. They were like bands of steel. I have it all I could and could not push her back. After about 4-5 minutes, my hand touched down and she won! The veins in her arms, shoulders and chest were just great to look at. What power. The sweat running down her cute face with that sweaty blond hair over her eyes, "bedroom material" for sure! Later she challenged me to the standing calve machine. I was able to do 380 lbs. She did 500 more easily than I did 380! We then went to the good morning machine, she beat me again. At the leg press, I did 600, she did 675. At the dumbells, I did 50 lbs, each arm, 5x. She then did 55 lbs 10 each! I was so much larger than her, and in the mirror appeared much more muscled up. She was short, but all muscle and overpowered me by far. After a few months, I took her home and she again prove she was more physical than I. She tore me up and wore me out! Geez, I love those muscles! When we were done, she let me lick her biceps, abs and thighs! Oh I am in love. And just think, the world is full of strong women who are just now realizing it! Go get them guys!

Weight TrainerApr 12 2004 8:40am

unknownApr 20 2004 11:07pm
I don't know about most women, but my girlfriend is my physical superior in every way. She can run faster, lift more weight, and she can throw some scary punches when she puts her mind to it. We arm-wrestle occasionally, but it has become pointless since she's so much stronger than I am. And I'm no lard-monkey - I'm 5'10", 160, and she's 6'1", 140. She's just better than I am. And I absolutely bloody love it !

MozzApr 23 2004 3:25pm
Anyone who reads the news knows that modern science has determined female are by far the stronger sex. Women also have more sophistocated and efficient brains. And according to the X/Y chromosome studies, women are genetically superior overall. If you watch everyday life, you will notice evidence of this fact.

AnonymousApr 23 2004 10:19pm

ANAMay 02 2004 1:51pm
I'm by far stronger and more muscular than my husband. I started weight lifting with him about 3 years ago but within two years I could lift the same as him. Now my muscles are bigger than his and I'm stronger. I read that for an equal amount of muscle, a woman is stronger and I was already stronger when I developed the same size as him. I think more women should pump iron to see what happens, I have much better muscles then he does. Women are stronger, they just need to work out.

jenaMay 08 2004 12:27am
Female muscle will produce a stronger contraction for a given amount of mass and continue to contract more times compared to male muscle with more endurance under the same load before failure. Now we also know that women can and are building much larger muscles and this is one reason they are gaining on men in track and weight lifting. I think at some point in the near future women will set some world records in some sports because they will have a better strength to weight ratio. Already some women have thicker muscles than some men in track. Research now shows that females have that potental. It is no longer uncommon for couples to discover that she is stronger through armwrestling or or weight lifting with each other.

GBMay 08 2004 12:48am
My younger sister plays sports and her couch has them lifting weights. She sarted braging about having muscles so we used at tape measure to see who's bigger and her legs and arms are about 2 inches more muscle and is harder then mine. I work out also but she is all muscle! She won at wrestling and pined me. She said "I can sqwuash your muscles with mine, your's are mushy" and I said "no-way" but she can sqwaush mine, and mine are not as hard, it seams scary that her muscles got big and she wants to wrestle me. She is to strong for me now. I see other girls are getting built like her or even more from sports. Her girl freind weight lifts too and has bigger muscles than my sister! I don't want to see how strong she is.

LenMay 08 2004 1:21am
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oscar#1 18stcholo phonixarizonaMay 08 2004 11:26am
If more couches would step in and help people get excercise like in Len's story, we'd all be in better shape!

BillMay 08 2004 8:46pm
I don't know if women are naturally stronger, but I have noticed that most of the people I see running and working out these days are girls and women. I think men have gotten lazy while women are pushing themselves to the limit all the time. Women may not have started out as the stronger sex, but they sure seem to be turning out that way.

SteveMay 11 2004 11:34pm
So if a guy is 5'8" and 150lbs and girl is 5'8" 150lbs who will be stronger?

AnonymousMay 17 2004 9:34pm
I wrestled a girl one time almost broke her neck i was 13 she was 23. But I worked out alot to. all these polls are the same there apears to be a bunch of liars

musclemanMay 18 2004 2:47am
most men are stronger than most women. having said that - I'm 6 ft my wife is 5'3" and she can beat me at wrestling. I can lift more weight than she can but she is tougher than I am - toughness and a bit of skill will win the day. She is very competitive and has beaten me more times than I can count.

TomMay 19 2004 7:58pm
All these comments are total bullpoo. Men usually have heavier joints bones and muscle...that means more leverage!!! I have not met a single women yet that can beat me in wrestling ....and Ive tried about for women being stronger in the legs...well thats more bull poo!!!...theguys on these site are real wimps if what they hve been beaten so often...they seem to get some kind of weird sexual sensation out of thinking women are stronger than them !!!...I'm an average guy ...i challenge any women on this site (if they are real)

The truthMay 25 2004 7:26am
The Truth, let's look at the truth a little more. Men seem to have one advantage over women in that they are generally larger so they are generally stronger. most polls on this subject favor women as the stronger sex, but why? Let's look for evidence. Women have stronger muscles, NASA finds that women are not as effected by extended space flight. Men weaken and muscles atrophy very fast, women are not as effected and are able to walk off under their own power after returning to Earth. Only women can do this, men are in a wheel chair. Not long after you are in space, you may need the physical strength of a woman to do a job that requires muscle. More evidence? Women athletes in this last generation have made more gains in strength, speed, & endurance than men have ever in recorded history because they are free to do so in much of the world. Women are now a fraction of a second off men in sprints, they have narrowed the gap in distance runs from two hours behind in 1963 to what is just minutes now or in some cases the women win. Women now hold deep diving records, their bodies withstanding great pressure with less harm. Women are making gains in weight lifting at a faster pace then men. Women athletes have gained more muscle than males in this last generation. Research shows that women have greater endurance over men and the efficiency of female muscle is greater. It is logical to conclude that (if the trend continues) the female athletes will pass men up at some point. That's the truth and just a small bit of it. Men are loosing wrestling matches at home because more women are working out and building their muscles. Men are on that athletic raceway watching that female hot rod getting closer and closer in the rear view mirror and in a very short time right on the bumper. We don't have just one or two laps left either. She will prove to be stronger if she is not stopped by men who are afraid of that truth. The biggest influence on women "being the weaker sex" seems to be culture manufactured by men and not what we are made of.

BrahminMay 25 2004 1:16pm
Muscle is muscle, whether male or female, and males are generally larger so they have more of it. We women have more fat because we need to nurture a fetus. But I found out I have some advantages over guys. I work out hard, and a lot of guys don't, so I am stronger. Also, I have much more endurance, flexibility, and brains. Whether it is swimming or wrestling, the guys seem to expend all their energy at the beginning. I just hold my own. When they tire (and they always do) I just whip em. GIRL POWER!

BuffgirlMay 26 2004 6:05am
Muscle is muscle, whether male or female is somewhat true. However, research show some differances. For example, a larger amount of muscle fiber contracts in females and with male muscle the percentage is less. This results in more power per equal volume of muscle. It is beleived to be a result of women having a differant nerv-signal from brain to muscle. In other words female muscle is generally more efficient at both contactive strength & endurance by using nearly 100 % fiber while men use about 90 %. So the possibility for women to beat men at some sports is very real when she has developed equal muscle mass. Women in sports are well on the way to accomplishing this and the evidence is in the fact that they have been closing the performance gap with men. Will women's performance level off at some point? below that of men by just a little like right now in some sports? Or will they continue to gain speed & strength like they are right now? If this is what happens, then they will become faster and stronger at some sports such as running, swimming, and weight lifting. This isn't just opinion, it is based on performance records for the past 40 years. This may seem like a long time but in human history it is quite a short time span. Most polls favor women as stronger and I don't think it is because most men are intertained by the thought of women being the stronger sex. Most men are fearful of such a notion and try hard to not be beat at something like wrestling with a woman.

Sports fanMay 26 2004 1:48pm
As I've gotten older, I've lost some muscle mass, strength and definitely lost flexibility. My wife, on the other hand, seems to have gotten stronger. Her weight gain from child bearing seems to have turned to strentgh. We have playfully wrestled in bed and I ended up very afraid of her strength and power though I wouldn't let on. She, on the other hand, is gaining in confidence, and just has this very strange, serene smile. She recently pushed me across the room and I couldn't stop her. Another time she playfully punched me in the chest ( I think to let me know what I was dealing with) and I had to smile and hide my pain. I'm not tangling with her anytime soon. I think I can beat her, but I'm not so sure anymore. My confidence is shaken. I know she wouldn't show any mercy if she got the upper hand.

JimMay 27 2004 5:25am
I am a 35 yr old guy,and at 5`3 113lbs, I have been exceptionally small all of my adult life.Most women I have dated were atleast somewhat stronger than me. Including my current wife. I have no problem with the female being the stronger sex in my household, as long as it is no issue with her. My wife does alot of the heavy lifting and physical work. And to be honest she could kill me in a one on one fight.But after 15 yrs our relationship remains very strong. Some ppl though just fail to see that there is much more than being a man than size and strength.

BradMay 29 2004 7:15am
I can't believe some this stuff I'm reading. Yes, women have definitely made some gains in physical fitness in recent decades, but there is a huge strength gap. I'm 165 lb. and I can bench press 285 lb., of the 15 years I have been going to the gym, the most I have ever seen a woman of any size ever bench press is 135 lbs. And the ratios are about the same for squats (legs). Yes, I've let former girlfriends beat me in wresting before because most guys will find this to be a turn on, and I suspect this is why a lot of the men above have made the comments they have. Personally I think its great that women are taking physical fitness more seriously now, but don't let your hormones(men)or your wishful thinking (women) allow you to ignore reality and the facts.

TonyMay 30 2004 1:04pm
Tony, there is a 14 year old girl in the news with a 270 lb. bench press. A thirteen year old that has been on teevee that presses over 300. Nobody is ignoring facts here. On the contrary, they have been talking about facts. Yes men are usually stronger, because they are usually bigger. Now what do you think the results would be if a group of women trained in weight lifting and with equal muscle mass would challange you to a contest of strength? Time Magazine printed an article a few years back about women's little known strengths like this one. The U.S. Military finds that in only six months of rigorous weight training, women proved to become physically stronger with more endurance than fresh male recrutes. Now that tells us a lot about what we have perceived about women's strength and what is fact. Culture has influenced what men & women's strengths "should be" but it does not necessarily tell the truth. I for one beleive that a woman who "works out" to build strength will most likely become stronger than a man who does not work out or if she trains harder than he does the results will favor that woman so long as they are of similar size. Now think about this Tony, you have 15 years of lifting and a 280 lb. bench that you should be proud of. Some girls are capable of that and some aren't even fifteen years old and few girls train for muscular strength until now with more sports opportunities in their favor. This is not wishful thinking, it's reality and it's just the beganing.

BobMay 30 2004 11:48pm
Well I dont know what gym you are going to, but I would say the average woman at our gym benches about 125, and I have seen some bench as high as 200 lbs. There are a few women who bench less that 100, but most are either preteens or extrememly petite. An average sized grown woman should be able to push 100 on the bench press.

anonymousMay 31 2004 8:54am
I don't think this debate is really going to go anywhere, but I thought I'd give this one more try, with facts instead of heresay. I just went to the World Assoc of Benchers and Deadlifters ( As I stated earlier, I am 165 lb and can bench 285 lb I work my chest at the gym 1-2 hours per week at the most. The world record bench press for women at my weight is 330.5 lbs. So I am less than 50 lbs away from outbenching the strongest woman in the world. By the way the men's record at this weight is 523.5 lb. These are the facts, please look at them yourself. By the way, looking at the teen records for females, no teen female in any weight division has ever benched 300 lbs, so you may want to recheck your facts. Like I said, I have nothing against strong women, but lets at least be honest.

TonyMay 31 2004 10:11am
Women have better reflexes, are more coordinated, and have superior endurance. These are also forms of physical strength. Women are so much stronger that they outlive men by several years. The natural ability to survive is the most obvious example of female superiority. Nature made women superior in order to make them capable of enduring childbirth. No man could ever handle that much physical stress.

KarraMay 31 2004 9:27pm
Marathon records for women have been getting closer to men's at a steady rate. That gap between the men's world record and the women's world record shrunk from 50 minutes in 1970, to 20 minutes in 1980, 15 minutes in 1990, and down to 10 minutes in 2003. And one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world, the Badwater Ultra has been won by a woman two years in a row. Women came in 1st, 3rd, 7th and 9th in last year's Badwater. And considering that the winning women were much smaller than the men it seems that they were actually running a longer race in proportion to their size. Women runners run faster in proportion to size, more strides per minute, than men. Women hold many worl records for distance swimming as well. When you look at the most extreme distance endurance events you will find quite a few women hold the world records. Men may be able to lift heavier weights in general, but many tests show that when a man and a woman are equal in muscle mass, the woman will have much greater endurance. Women are stronger when compared in terms of overall strength and endurance based on muscle mass. You can't compare based on weight alone because of the differences in distribution of weight (upper and lower body) and women's greater bodyfat. So a man and a woman of equal weight, the man will probably have more muscle and almost certainly more upper body strength. Comparing lean muscle mass and measuring not only sheer muscle power, but control and endurance, women are stronger.

gogirlJun 01 2004 2:11am
I've been beaten many times at sport by sporty girlfriends who were good at their sports, but I think I would still be embarrassed at being 'outmuscled' by a girlfriend in strength events like armwrestling or weight lifting.

MikeJun 01 2004 1:50pm
As it slowly becomes acceptable for men to admit being battered, you will see and hear many more stories come out of the woodwork about men being humiliated at home. Men fight to end the fight and win while women fight to inflict pain and hurt their opponent. If women gain the upper hand, men are in serious trouble, especially if the woman is in a rage.

J.B.Jun 01 2004 7:13pm
It seems ridiculous to compare the strength of the two weakest animals alive, humans have relied on other means to equalize strength with the animals and have been quite successful. If a human charges into a fight with any animal near our size, that human is probably going to lose, male or female. If a human sharpens a stick and takes it into battle his chances just increased dramatically. Even a housecat can do amazing things physically that we can't even dream of, and if it were just a bit bigger it could tear us to shreds. Humans are physically weak animals regardless of sex, our brains are what got us where we are today.

BillJun 01 2004 10:10pm
Bill, you're right about humans being weak animals, but the poll is about the relative strength of men and women. There's nothing ridiculous about comparing men's and women's strength in a sports related poll. Sports is about competition. Men competing with men is accepted, Women compete with other women in women's sports. But any time there is a head to head competition between men and women, it seems like there's a lot of contraversy. Why shouldn't there be male - female competition? It's always hard for men to be beaten by women in an athletic event. But why? What's wrong with a women being stronger? And, even though humans are weaker than other animals in terms of sheer muscle strength, humans have longer lifespans than most species and women have the longest of all.

ymJun 01 2004 10:49pm
Some of you guys are living in a fantasy world. I am a female and work as a physical therapist, and I am about 5ft9 177 lbs with an athletic built. It is safe to assume that MOST men are probably stronger than I, but believe me there are some men who are in fact weaker. I know that because as a physical therapist knowing patients strength potential is extremely important. I can tell you those men who are smaller than me in stature are physically weaker than me. The same holds true when comparing them to larger female patients. Another fact is that the fat to muscle ratio between a man and a woman is very low. The prime reason for men as a whole being stronger is the SIZE factor. so, if you turn it around and the woman is larger than the man,she probably is stronger. To state that a woman is weaker than a man regardless of size is pure ignorance. You men seem to have fragile male egos, and ignore the laws of science. Grow up!

StephanieJun 02 2004 10:29am
Janet Faraone weighs 118 lbs. and can bench 285 lbs. Teen Cheryl Haworth overhead press 300 lbs. Teen Latavia Bagley bench press 275 lbs. Teen Jamie Johnson Bench 270. Heather Darling bench press 500 lbs. at "Women's Strength Exravavaganza" How's that for bench pressing Tony? Girls are getting stronger & stronger..

Joe P.Jun 02 2004 7:42pm
There are men who are VERY insecure that simply refuse to believe that there are women who are REALLY Physically stronger. If they see a woman who lifts more than they do, they TEND to rationalize it somehow. Once back in my college years I was taking a circuit training class. The man that was with me was absolutely devastated that I could lift more, and had more endurance. Yet The obvuious reason was clear. I was 4 inches taller than he;and had 45 lbs on him. But the truth is just so painful for some guys. I got him aside at the end of the session and pointed at some big guys and the gym and asked him;"would you compare yourself to guys like that?" He obviously said "of course not" I took it one step further; I asked him would it be any different if those big ppl lifting weight in that corner were women? He didnt know what to say on that one The fact is I had 45 lbs on him, and 4 inches taller. I am not a violent person, but I probably have the potential to severely injure or kill him in a physical confrontation.It would seem absurd that he would compare himself to me, but in hisown limited thinking. I am just a woman, and under any circumstances,"no woman could ever be as strong as a man" Men like this are obviously insecure about their own masculinity; furthermore they have such a disrespect for women. I guess it`s their fault really, perhaps its the culture they were raised in.

StephanieJun 03 2004 8:19am
I always here predictions that women are catching up with men in size and strength. And at the peak of our evolution, women will surpass men in size and strength. It would be a role reversal of sorts and raise alot of intersting issues. Would women create the majority of homocides? Would the vast majority of domestic abuse deaths be men? Would men take up the majority of domestic abuse shelters? And would the typical rape victim be a male? I dont`t think so. First of all what drives male aggression is testosterone.And in this future world. Women will be bigger, stronger and smarter. They will be the prime nurturers for the weaker male race and the world as a whole. It will be a far more of a common place to see a man being rocked like a baby on a womans lap. and domestic abuse perpetrated by women would be nonexistant.

DanJun 04 2004 1:26pm
Girls Are sissy's. Almost all guys are stronger, come on, are you guys crazy. Guys are tougher too.

Big JohnJun 05 2004 7:58am
Ya right "Big John" a sissy now hold the free diving record at 122 meters (400 ft). Her name is Tanya Streeter and her body took a pressure of 178 pounds per square inch. Another woman went more than 500 ft but lost her life in a rigging accident. So much for the sissy theory.. Oh one more thing is the amount of women benching 300-400 lbs.has grown.

anonymousJun 05 2004 3:27pm
Thanks for the info on Tanya Streeter. Her website, , lists her world records. She holds 10 world records in various aquatic events. Six of them are absolute records surpassing all men's and women's records. And it's interesting to note that one of her absolute records was already held by a woman over a male... Go Tanya!

femfanJun 05 2004 4:34pm
Hey, I open the sports page of our local paper and the results from Jr. High School track kinda caught my eye. I will not use names. 7th grade girls 100 sprint 1st 14.38 2nd 14.40 3rd 14.44 7th grade boys 100 sprint 1st 14.43 2nd 14.52 3rd 14.96 8th grade girls 100 sprint 1st 13.16 2nd 13.29 3rd 13.33 8th grade boys 100 sprint 1st 13.20 2nd 13.26 3rd 13.52 Wow! I would call that strength.

no nameJun 12 2004 12:19pm
A few days ago I go have pizza with frends and a girls varsity softball team & boys basball team are at tables. Two girls start showing their flexed arms to some boys and one arm wrestles a boy and wins and another boy arm wrestles and she wins. A third boy touches her flexed bicep and shakes his nead "NO" and they stop arm wresling. Two girls walk over to more boys and when it came to leg muscles, girls were much bigger. The boys are looking at the girls arms and legs but look away when the girl sees them. By most standards those girls have big well developed muscles over the boys and many men. I would like to have seen more of them arm wrestle each other. The girls that flexed did have suprisingly big muscles. If those boys and girls had a bodybuilding contest right then, I do think the girls would have won. They must be weight lifting to build up muscles like that. I would say the boys are falling behind in strength and physigue or I guess the girls are becoming noticeably more muscular than boys. Took me by surprise.

just watchingJun 12 2004 12:43pm
I know a few men, and YES, they are smaller than average, and YES, physically weaker than most women. I know some women who are larger than the average, and YES, they are stronger than most men. Dan made an interesting point. I find those categories I pointed out as growing at an alarming rate.There used to be men who might be weaker than some women, but now there are men who are actually weaker than most women. Likewise, you find more women who are stronger than most men.This leads me to believe that women are catching up with men. AND I predict WE will surpass men. In the end the gender dynamics might be like the black widow spider. She captures her little man, has sex with him, then overpowers and EATS him, and she lives happily ever after :=)

StephanieJun 13 2004 5:30am
Does anyone out there work out with the opposite sex? For a long time like several years with a husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend? I have read so many times from many sources about men finding their female workout partner has become stronger than they are. Usually when she does the same exercizes as he does and not a "girls workout." I've read about this but it came to mind when a friend who works out with her boyfriend told me she has become just as strong in a short time and said that she should become stronger because it took just two years. She said her muscles are just as big now but he has worked out for about five years. I can see her point.

wanna knowJun 13 2004 11:06am
OLD RESEARCH-women can't build muscle as well as men because women lack testosterone. Partial truth? Never explains why countless women have larger muscles over countless men in life. LATER RESEARCH- Women have more human growth hormone >HGH< than men and HGH proves to be as important if not more powerful at building physical strength. NEW RESEARCH- Women build muscle at the same rate and the same way men do. In most cases women are smaller to began with and are as strong pound for pound of muscle. LATEST RESEARCH- Female muscle is more flexable and able to withstand more stress before tearing under an equal load as male muscle of equal mass. Female muscle produces a stronger contraction to that of male muscle of equal proportion and will show more endurance by producing more full length contractions before failure under the same work load and of the same muscle mass as a male. Female muscle does not atrophy as fast as male or loose strength. Much of this comes from the space progams of the U.S. As for taking all this into account from early research & todays and sports performance from 1950-2004, women are evolving, developing, And exploring physical strength. As more women go to gyms and pump iron along with other exercises more men are going to find out that they are in fact no longer the stronger sex and maybe never were. The less women are oppressed the stronger they become. I think inside men know this so they devise ways to prevent this from happening but now those devices are failing. Something is happening, physical strength and sports performance gains by women surpass that of men. If it continues? Pretty simple to figure it out.

Johnny Apple SeedJun 13 2004 12:24pm
Well I don't know about all this. I know that I'm not physically stronger than my boyfriend but I do have an interesting story to share. We like to playfully wrestle and he usually ducks underneath me and lifts me over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. Well, a couple weeks ago the same thing happened and we both laughed and I told him he better watch it or I would do the same thing to him. I didn't really think I could, but I tried and slowly his feet came off the ground! We were both shocked. Of course I couldn't do it if he wasn't letting me, but I must admit having him across my shoulders made me feel powerful. Have any of you other girls ever experienced this? My boyfriend was really cool about it and actually quite impressed with me. I highly recommend it for a real confidence-boost!

LaraJun 16 2004 6:39pm
The article mentions that men overall have wider torsos or upper bodies. I admit first of all, that I am smaller than the average guy, but I see girls who have wider/broader shoulders than I do. Does this mean they are stronger than me?

maleJun 18 2004 6:28am
Male, yes she would be stronger most likely. When you consider that this is generally speaking, just like men are larger, but what about the vast number of women who have a larger upper body frame and musculature? How many men can not match the upper frame of the women in basketball? Boston Globe article starts & ends with the fact that this HighSchool girl has much more upper body strength than most boys her age. Boys can't beat her wrestling & SHE WINS when it comes to "pull-ups"... Boys have more upper body strength? Except sometimes girls have more? Every speed & strength record held by men right now is being rapidly approuched by women at a rate faster than that of the men that got there in this generation. Women in this last generation are at a faster (rate of physical performance gains) over men in sports. If one horse has a head start but the other goes faster, at some point the second horse passes the first. Enjoy her wide shoulders male!

FemaleJun 18 2004 11:46pm
Women are like the faster race horse that got off to a late start. Men got an unfair advantage at first, but in the long run they cannot out perform women. The rate that women are gaining on men is unprecidented. There was no way that males could ever have made such rapid progress. The male sex only maintained the illusion of physical superiority by excluding women from sports. This was possible partly because women were too busy raising families to have liesure time to play games. But as the modern age allowed women to have more time for such things, they demanded to participate. Once that happened there was no looking back for them. Right now men are reaching the limits of their physical capacity in athletics. Women are only begining and they are already almost equal with men in most areas, and are surpassing men regularly in some. Eventually no one will remember the time when males were thought to be superior or even equal to women..... There was one commentator who noticed that not only are women gaining on men in ultramarathons, but they recover from the experience faster. Women are redefining what strength means.

another maleJun 19 2004 12:25am
Male ,broader shoulders and larger torso is first big indicator she is stronger, furthermore: SHE probably could beat you up in a hypothetical fight. You can either be like some open minded guys here, and accept that fact or hide in a hole. I could advise you to workout,BUT I am not sure of your bodytype. You mentioned that you were smaller than most guys, AND that alot of women had wider shoulders/larger torsos. You sound like an ectomorph, which means you have a hard time gaining muscle and size, if not impossible. And any ounce of weight you do gain, generally, your body doesnt hold it very well. In other words, it is stored as fat causing hypetertension;etc. Male most likely you can`t completely change yourself. Just accept your reality or you are going to be miserable.

StephanieJun 19 2004 6:38am
One of the research articles above mention the fact that women can old a muscle contraction 75 % longer than men. This may be one reason why so many women beat men at wrestling. We now have so many women pumping iron in gyms and building muscles as large or larger than average men. We end up with women who are physically stronger by way of muscle mass or size in combination with 75 % more endurance. A man may soon find he is in trouble in a wrestling match with a woman of somewhat equal muscle as his muscles tire and weaken. I believe this is why so many men admit they can't beat their girlfriend or wife at armwrestling. I recently saw a woman beat her husband at arm wrestling and ask her man to flex and compare to hers. Her muscles were of equal size as his. They would both struggle for about one minute and then slowly she would start to move his arm down until he lost. She lifts weights three times a week for about one hour at home.

AnonymousJun 19 2004 8:57am
I once watched a water polo match between adult amateur men's and women's teams. It was really no contest, for the women beat the men easily. I never saw the men score one goal, but the women scored frequently. The women floated with most of their upper body above water, while the men swam with only their heads above water. If a man had the ball, all the nearest woman defender had to do was push him underwater and he'd give up the ball right away. The men could swim a bit faster, but overall could not compete at all.

anonJun 27 2004 7:47pm
Women are superior intellectually, physically, and spiritually. The facts are only beginning to be exposed.

AnonymousJun 27 2004 10:31pm
While I don't know about "intellectually" or "spiritually" superior because so much of that could be opinion. I agree that physically the facts are becoming known. Not long ago I was at a High School girls basketball game and six girl players sat down with their boyfriends in the stands in front of me to watch a game. Every one of those girls had broader shoulders and a wider back when compared to their boyfriends, not to mention more muscles. Usually boys have greater upper body strength but I just can't imagine those boys having more strength. The girl's legs were much bigger and more muscular too. Girls train hard for sports now and it shows.

DebJun 28 2004 9:21am
lol Deb, I bet those guys get some strong hugs, and they probably like it

AnonymousJun 28 2004 6:23pm
I'm a strong girl (22) and I arm-wrestle men all the time, hardly ever getting beat. Only big bodybuilders and powerlifters have beat me. Ordinary, untrained guys don't stand a chance. After I've beat a guy, I always slip my toes out of my sandals (I always wear sandals) and poke my toes into the man's crotch to see if he's hard. They always are. They love getting beat by a muscley young girl. Men are always asking to stroke my six-pack and squeeze my thighs. I love picking them up and showing them I'm WAY stronger than they are, and watching their crotches bulge as a result. It turns them on, even if they're in denial.

Miss MuscleJun 29 2004 4:04am
I think the last comment sheds light on an important point. When women are stronger than men they have a tough time not gloating about it and men have a tough time not being humiliated. I think women enjoy humiliating men and derive great pleasure from that.

JBJul 01 2004 9:20am
Sweetie, if men feel humiliated, that's their problem, but the weedy men I fondle are VERY happy, believe me. Okay, I have a tough time being humble about it, but I'm pleased with myself for having been born one of the weaker sex and reversed that through discipline and self-mastery. I don't need to gloat much, actually, because I just wear skimpy clothes and lusty men fuel my ego for me. I once heard a guy gloating because he could bench 240 lbs and that's actually less than I bench, so I can use my POWER to shut gloaters up too.

Miss MuscleJul 02 2004 2:24am
Wow miss Muscles at the moment you are alot stronger than me. Im just starting to workout, and I`m not beyond benching the 45 lb bar for 12 reps.

LeoJul 02 2004 6:06am
My freind is embarrassed because he and his wife joined a gym about two years ago and she was would work out during the day and again in the evening with him. As a result she has be come more muscular and stronger than he is and gloats over it. She would show pictures from a pool party about a month ago and point out how she is more muscular. She beat him at arm wrestling and compaired her bicep to his, asking him to flex. Hers is much bigger as is all her muscles now. I didn't think women could build larger muscles than men but hers is bigger than mine and most men her size. She has become very strong but shouldn't rub it in his face. I really don't think he will be able to match her. She has the biggest muscles I have ever seen on a woman except in a magazine.

noneJul 02 2004 12:33pm
I just came over this poll after what happened earlier this evening. My wife and I after sharing a bottle of wine talked about strength and I said that men naturally was stronger in the upper body but that we were more equal in the lower. She then looked at me and asked me if I thought I was stronger than her in the arms and shoulders (we both know she has far stronger legs than me). I was pretty sure I was. This led to an arm wrestling match. We are both quite bad at this game but I very soon find out I couldn't budge her arm at all, even if I put in everything I had. She laughed at me and was a bit shocked that she could easily mtach my strength. She then asked me how you move your opponents arm down! As if I knew still fighting to press hers. She then started to use only her arm strength and I soon felt my arm go down. We changed hands and this time she had me down in seconds. She then wanted to test the mercy game and I very soon found myself on my knees in front of my wife. I was chocked, really chocked. I know that I am not the biggest or strongest of men and I also know that my wife is rather powerfully built but I never thought she could be that much stronger. She comforted me and said that she was sure a lot women are stronger than their men and that it's no big deal. We both went to the computer looking for the words "physically stronger" and soon found this poll. She then said to me, "I told you", when reading all the posts here.

just lostJul 05 2004 12:20pm
My wife and I both work out and try to stay fit. We have started arm wrestling and I loose, didn't think I would loose but I can't beat her. The same with mercy. We than tried something else. On our knees and facing each other very close, we hold hands and while I try to push her arms up, she pushes down. My arms were pined at my shoulders. Again we tried the other way as I tried to push her arms down, she lifted me off the ground until my knees and legs were in the air as she held me up! I'm taller by two inches but only weigh about 5 pounds more. I was also surprised that her bicep was almost a half inch larger when flexed. We are not over weight either. I already know her legs are much stronger than mine and more muscular but her upper body has caught up and is stronger now too!

SurprisedJul 05 2004 2:58pm
I am the wife to the man "just lost" that I beat fair and square in some tests of strength yesterday evening. I must say I really enjoyed being so much stronger than him, it mad me feel powerful and also dominant. This morning I feel even more inloved with my man knowing that I am the strongest person in our relationship. He feels a bit strange about the whole thing and just before leaving for work asked me not to tell anyone about that fact that I am stronger. I don't know about that right now since I feel very proud of my strength. I will before going to work today do my normal 3 x 25 pushups and 3 x 100 situps. Then I'll bicycle the 15 km to work as I do most days (my legs are very strong like my husband pointed out, after cycling the 30 km every day for years). I will then tonight attend my aerobics class as I do twice a week. When I think of it it is not strange at all I am that much stronger than my husband, he runs once a week and play badminton once, that's all he is doing to stay in shape (he is very slim and I am rather powerfully built). I just decided that I will start working out with weights to improve my strength and then challenge more men. I just love to be strong.

just wonJul 05 2004 11:13pm
I have always thought I am stronger than my husband but I have been afraid that he couldn't take it if I challenged him to an arm wrestling match and won. It's so cool to see men and women here telling about the reversal roles. I always felt that I am the one that could protect my man instead of the other way around, I most of the time lifts the heavy stuff around since I don't won't to see my man hurt (he dosn't realize this). When we are making love I feel that I could do just anything I want with him but let him stay on top most of the time. I need to come out about this very soon, I more and more surf the net and see how many men that want to have a stronger partner, I just wish my husband was the same, not submissive just cool about having a stronger wife. What should I do?

Strong IngridJul 05 2004 11:27pm
I just been looking through many of the Like Like polls and it seems that this specifik topic, where women is physically stronger than their men, interest many people and surprisingly many have had experiences where the female partner is the stronger. As a woman growing up in the countryside in the north of Sweden (I am now 50 years old) I am not at all surprised that women can be stronger than men. My mother worked a lot harder than my father physically when I was a child and everbody knew she was stronger than my father. He always called for her when anything heavey should be lifted etc. I started to help my mother out with milking, digging, carrying water and a lot of other physically demanding tasks at an early age and very soon became very strong. When I was 15 I was stronger than all of the boys in my class. I have since then always worked hard and enjoyed being strong. I am today living with a 5 years younger man that is both lighter and far weaker than me, something we both take rather naturally. But a lot of both men and women are very conservative about who should be the stronger partner. I have proved myself a lot stronger than many men during my life and I would say that about half ot these men had a tough time to accept they were weaker than me. I salute all strong and proud women as well as I am happy to see that many men accepting to be weaker than their wifes/girlfriends.

strong farmer womanJul 06 2004 7:46am
Several years ago I was touring the gold country of California and came along a place that was having a Miner's Day fair. I watched a woman win a competition called "single jack" which is to drive a steel drill by hand with a sledge hammer into solid rock by rotating the steel drill and beating the top with a heavy hammer! She was finished way before so many men and at first I thought she was just built heavy, but when she started to use the tools her muscles really looked more developed than the guys. Some men seemed to be upset and when she received the ribon she was asked what she does and has she done this before. No, this is a first She replyed "I change wheels & tires on heavy equipment and trucks but my hobbie is black smithing, I bend steel bars and make things like gates and art." I was amazed at watching her strength and was taken by surprise by her good looks when she took off her safety glasses and smilled.

travelerJul 06 2004 11:15pm
It seems that being stronger than their man feels very sexy for many of the women responding here. Is that true? Perhaps wrestling could be a great prelude for sex.

wonderingJul 08 2004 1:45pm
I`m not a big guy(120 lbs fully clothed) and I see women at the gym who are fairly good sized that lift more than me. Now I could rationalize that a woman could never be stronger than a guy and therefore she must be working out more. But the reality is they are naturally stronger than me, and why wouldnt they be? I mean they are bigger, they can handle more weight and they probably could beat me in any physical confrontation. Those are the facts. I live with it and get on with my life.

BrianJul 09 2004 3:42pm
This is just an opinion, but the quickest way to tell who is stronger is when you and your partner are in a loving embrace. Usually the partner who is lighter on their feet or literally airborn is the weaker sex in that relationship.

BrianJul 09 2004 4:34pm
Ingrid, who is the physically strongest boils down to who is physically dominant in the relationship. It sounds like you are that physically dominant person. In other words you do the heavy lifting, carry the groceries or that heavy food tray at the buffet. Being physically superior also means responsibility because it is he that would most likely get hurt in a harmful physical confrontation. But it sounds like he needs to grow up because a good relationship is not based on who can lift how much or who is more likely to beat up who. And there is more to a man than strength or the size of his muscles

BrianJul 09 2004 5:16pm
Ingrid, who is the physically strongest boils down to who is physically dominant in the relationship. It sounds like you are that physically dominant person. In other words you do the heavy lifting, carry the groceries or that heavy food tray at the buffet. Being physically superior also means responsibility because it is he that would most likely get hurt in a harmful physical confrontation. But it sounds like he needs to grow up because a good relationship is not based on who can lift how much or who is more likely to beat up who. And there is more to a man than strength or the size of his muscles

BrianJul 09 2004 5:58pm
Ingrid,if being stronger than your husband arouses you but you are worried about how he may feel about it. There are several options. Go on like you are and never explore it. Tell him you love him and ask him how he feels about it. Tell him you are physically stronger than him and it turns you on and back it up by arm wrestling or just wrestling to prove what you beleive to be true. Brian is right about "more to a man than strength or the size of his muscles" but many real tough men can find a woman with overwhelming strength and even larger muscles very erotic. Some men do not like that to be the truth and some fear it. Neither Nature or God created all men bigger and stronger than all women. I find women with great physical strength an attractive aspect and do not fear that. A woman's body even looks better with athletic muscles more so than the skiny models of fassion. It shows power and some don't care for female power. You should find out how he feels about it and take it from there. You want to hide it because of his feelings, that's your choice but if you arm wrestle him, tell about it here.

JDJul 09 2004 11:16pm
My girlfriend is a fitness instructor. I am larger than her, but it is obvious she has superior stamina and endurance. At that point it is irrelevant having brute muscular strength, because it is useless once fatigue sets in. A female in shape can outlast and outperform any man. Things which would cause me pain and stress are easy for her.

KyleJul 10 2004 5:40am
I'm a martial artist and I've been stronger than all my girlfriends except one. When I was 20, I went out with a 19 year old girl, who was into Rugby, who was tall and broad, but not very well defined. She looked more proky than muscular, but her steength was immense. She could lift the back wheels of a mini right off the floor. Sometimes she used to pick me up right over her head and she could beat me at arm-wrestling easily without even really trying. I was always slightly embarrased if anyone found out my younger girlfriend was stronger than me, but in private I absolutely loved it and it still turns me on to think about it. Unfortunately she went off with another woman. Ingrid, if you end up falling out with your husband altogether, I'm available, baby.

Kung-Fu HarrisJul 10 2004 8:03am
I'm a 17 year old girl and have never worked out, but for some reason I have got biceps like golf balls and a six-pack and that like 'teardrop' shaped muscle on my thigh. I'm stronger than a lots of the boys at my school, including some who do work out and boys are always, always asking me to show them my muscles and my stomach, then getting all horny. I'm not bigheaded, but if i wear a bikini in the street, everyone just stares and stares at my stomach and my leg muscles.

EmmaJul 10 2004 8:07am
Thanks for the supportive comments. I have decided to show my husband that I am stronger than him. It might scare him but I just need to make him realize how strong I am and how I feel about being physically stronger than him.

IngridJul 11 2004 3:03am
Ingrid, I would beat the crap out of him in a playful way. Let him experience your strength head on. That way he cannot rationalize and will have to face the truth

AnonymousJul 12 2004 7:03am
Me and my wife joined a gym 5 years ago and she got right into it, but I didn't and stopped going after a couple of months. I've seen her body slowly growing and hardening over the last 5 years, but because I see her every day, I didn't really notice and dismissed any idea of the possibility that she'd actually become stronger than me. Once one of my friends said that Charlotte looked like she'd become stronger than me, and I immediately snapped that she wasn't. But I accompanied her to the gym last week and there's really no way I can deny it now. I got on the Smith machine after she'd got off (and she'd finished off by lifting less weight than she started with) and nearly killed myself. She had to come and lift the bar off me. I started taking weights off and it transpired that my best bench was only 160 lbs. Tentatively I asked her how much she benched and she nonchalantly told me that her personal best was 225! I asked her "Doesn't it bother you to find out that your husband is nowhere near as strong as you?" and she just smirked and said that she'd known for ages. "Isn't it obvious?" she said, and flexed her 14 and a half inch biceps. I had to conced that it was obvious (it was VERY obvious), but I'd been in denial. She didn't know I'd been in denial about it and was suprised to find out that I'd spent all this time assuming I was stronger. She seemed a bit miffed that I'd spent a couple of years assuming I was stronger just because I'm a man, when she'd been working out and I hadn't. We had an argument (about something else) a couple of days later and I just backed down pretty much immediately in case she hit me (she never has, but I think she'd kill me if she did). I find her toned muscles very arousing (she looks amazing in a bikini or a short skirt and stilletos), but I feel a bit embarrassed and sort of less than a man knowing that my wife could outmuscle me without breaking sweat. Having said that, I think that seeing as she is stronger, I'd prefer to know about it than not do, so I think Strong Ingrid should come clean to her husband. Tell him I know how he feels.

SeanJul 12 2004 11:13am
Tony, a little higher up you said that no teenage girl had ever benched 300lbs. I don't know whether that was true at the time that you wrote it, but the 300lb was recently reached by not a nineteen, eighteen or seventeen, but SIXTEEN year old girl! It was in Powerlifting magazine either last month or the month before. If she keeps getting stronger, who knows what she'll be benching before she's twenty?

Miss MuscleJul 12 2004 11:30am
Many years back My girlfriend at the time and I moved in together. I got a job at the counter of an auto parts store and she took a job with a construction contractor. Her job was to move concrete blocks from pallets to the scaffolding for the brick layers and lift 50 lb. morter sacks to the mixer then push the wheel barrel loads to locations over and over again. I recall that she said she could only lift one block at a time at first and she cried because her whole body was sore. Soon she wasn't sore so often and was lifting two blocks at once, lifting them over her head on to the platform. This went on for eight months and by then she was very muscular. I was embarrassed by the fact that she was now more muscular than I was and she would ask me to flex in the mirror with her. She wanted to arm wrestle and beat me with little effort. Than we wrestled and I lost by being pinned. I bought a set of weights and bench and started to work out but by then she was laid off for the winter and she would pump iron for an hour or two when I was at work. Not long after that she said "My muscles are twice the size of yours" and the fact was it was true. She was so much stronger than I was by then that I began to fear that some time we would have a fight. We never did though and broke up some time later and went our own way. Within one year she had developed muscles and strength that I have never been able to compare with and few men that I have known could either. That convinced me that women are not always the weaker sex and can very quickly become the physically stronger sex. She even brought home some very thick pieces of rebar iron and bent them with her arms, I was shocked at how big her muscles had become. I could not bend those bars at all no matter how hard I tried.

withheldJul 13 2004 12:18am
Yesterday evening before bedtime I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror flexing my rather big muscles when my husband was standing right beside me. He looked a bit surprised to see how big I am since this was the first time he has seen me flexing. I just told him to feel my biceps and he did. He didn't say a word but I could see he was impressed. Flex yours I asked him. He hesitated at first but then flexed. My husband has a very slim type of body while mine is thick and hard. He can't pack any muscle while I without working out with weights have big muscles. I asked him if he thought he was stronger than me and he said yes, but he didn't looked sure at all. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I challenged him to some tests of strength, starting with arm wrestling. We sat down at the kitchen table and I had to ask him if he would feel bad about loosing to his wife. He said no but didn't look sure about his answer at all. I killed him with my right arm, he couldn't put up a good fight even if I am left handed. It was easier than I had thought. He got totally red and looked very embarrassed. I told him it was OK, that I was probably a lot stronger than the average woman etc. He asked me if I could live together with a man that was weaker than her and I just said that I always knew I was the stronger. He looked surprised but he started to relax. We continued with the left arm, he fought as hard as he could before I slowly put his arm down. I have never felt better in my life. I then suggested the mercy game but he said that this was probably useless since I already proved to be so much stronger in my hands and arms. He said that we could try wrestling but that we had to wait until the weekend. He wasn't sure he could take another loss the same day (he said this with a smile). So now he knows what I have always known. The wife is not only stronger than her husband, she is A LOT stronger. I feel fantastic about this and it seems that my sweet husband can accept it as well. I will tell you about the wrestling later. I will make sure he won't back out...

Strong IngridJul 13 2004 3:57am
When I was school, there was this bitch in my year who was ROCK! She had calves like melons and I once saw her pull up her shirt to show some other guy her abs and she had like a proper washboard (this was at 15 years old). On sports day, there were only 4 boys in the whole year who putt the shot further than she did. She was also a horrible bully and would go round slapping people and kicking them in the knackers for little or no reason. One time, she overheard me saying to one of my friends that she was a man-beast as she walked past, so she grabbed hold of my collar and spun me round. I ended up in a heap about 7 feet away and everyone was laughing. Then she ran over and started kicking me mercilessly with her pointy-toe shoes. I ended up begging her to stop. I was in agony and helpless. Even though I hate her and it was an awful experience, I can't help getting an erection whenever I think about it and I just don't understand why.

Bruised pride (and ribs)Jul 13 2004 3:59am
When I was school, there was this bitch in my year who was ROCK! She had calves like melons and I once saw her pull up her shirt to show some other guy her abs and she had like a proper washboard (this was at 15 years old). On sports day, there were only 4 boys in the whole year who putt the shot further than she did. She was also a horrible bully and would go round slapping people and kicking them in the knackers for little or no reason. One time, she overheard me saying to one of my friends that she was a man-beast as she walked past, so she grabbed hold of my collar and spun me round. I ended up in a heap about 7 feet away and everyone was laughing. Then she ran over and started kicking me mercilessly with her pointy-toe shoes. I ended up begging her to stop. I was in agony and helpless. Even though I hate her and it was an awful experience, I can't help getting an erection whenever I think about it and I just don't understand why.

Bruised pride (and ribs)Jul 13 2004 4:15am
It's not really surprising that some wives are stronger than their husbands when you examine their respective daily routines. If he typically spends all day seated at the office and comes home to sit down in front of the television, whilst she is more active in her daily work, does aerobics, and follows a daily programme of weight lifting, he shouldn't really be surprised or embarrassed when she thrashes him at armwrestling! He should take his defeat with good grace and congratulate her. Perhaps he should also start working out himself to try to give her a better contest in their armwrestling competitions! Just a quick question on another subject: a young lady friend of mine has recently started working out with weights with some male work colleagues. However, I think her personal programme adviser has given her a 'programme for girls' - should I suggest she does the same programme as her male colleagues. She herself doubts whether she will ever be as strong as her male colleagues, but she admits she would love it!

MikeJul 16 2004 7:11am
Of course if the is 2 or more inches taller and 40 lbs heavier, it would be a joke to even consider she is stronger. But now adays you find couples where there are both equal size or even the woman might be bigger. So the issue of who is stronger takes on a new importance. For instance if the woman is 30 lbs heavier and maybe taller, it could be there is complete role reversal here with the female being the strongest

AnonymousJul 17 2004 7:28am
About three years ago my wife started the "boys workout" with me and put the "girls workout" aside. She kept gaining on me and within a year or so we were even and using the same weights, sets, & reps. She gained faster than I was gaining new strength. One thing I noticed is that she has much more endurance and this seemed to give some advantage at building more muscular strength because she can simply do more. All this seemed to work together over the lenth of time, greater endurance enabled more exercise, more exercise developed more muscle, and more muscle produced greater strength. When we began to pump the muscles with weights until failure, she began to show clearly her superior endurance. Once she had matched my strength at one rep, we found she could continue to do more reps at 70 to 80 percent of that weight. She said she now had that advantage and used it and why not? When my muscles were spent and could not continue, her's still could continue. So she did continue until hers were exausted. Over the course of a few years she has become far stronger than me and her muscles are larger than mine now. I have read that women have 75 percent more endurance on average than men. It seems clear to me that if women use this advantage, they can overcome a man's natural advantage in strength, if a man has any advantage to began with. I did have that advantage to start with but she used her endurance over time to build more muscle and now she still has more endurance with larger muscles and more strength. I would never have thought this could happen and had underestimated female endurance or the advantage a woman really has by using it to her full potentail. She now really enjoys compairing her muscles to mine with a tape measure or in the mirror.

stronger?Jul 17 2004 12:09pm

GIRLS BOX!Jul 18 2004 11:11am
I'm a 16 year old girl and I'm stronger than my 20 year old boyfriend. When the girl is stronger, it turns the man on.

Masie of Mega-MightJul 21 2004 4:12am
The last girl I went out with wanted to establish fairly early on in our relationship who was the strongest and it was her by a long way (she was a very strong girl and probably most of the men she dated were weaker than her). Once we both new that, she changed and became quite overbearing. Whenever we had an argument, she would often hit me, until after a short while I started holding my tongue. Domestic violence seems more acceptable if it's a 24 year old girl abusing her 30 year old boyfriend. It would get laughed out of court and I'd rather no-one knew anyway. She would humiliate me, by asking me to move something that she knew I couldn't lift, then when I'd tried and failed, she'd sigh and move it herself. She used to make me wear her shoes, because she said she was the man in the relationship and she'd drag me out to the shops wearing sandals that were clearly women's. She would tell me to flex and feel my own bicep, then feel hers to demonstrate the difference in size and hardness between the two. When I write this, I can't believe I didn't leaver sooner. Eventually I left, because I retaliated to one of her random physical attacks and she gave me a proper beating, culminating in her knocking me unconscious. When I came round, I was in a field near our house wearing a denim skirt and a pair of backless blue sandals with wooden soles. I had to walk home like that. I think she chose those sandals, because they're noisy and attract attention. That's what made me think her abuse was beyond the ordinary. She used me like a toy and didn't love me at all. But since her, I haven't been able to find ordinary, slim girls attractive. They seem so puny and weak compared to her, I have difficulty respecting them as equals. Plus I feel like I'm used to being the weaker one in a relationship and need a stronger person. think what I need is a kind, gentle female bodybuilder or powerlifter. A strong woman who'll be nice to me and not abuse her strength.

AnonJul 21 2004 6:16am
uh, well your both pussies, her for abusing power, and you for taking it.

AnonymousJul 21 2004 6:39pm
A couple of years ago a 15 year old neighbor girl I knew, would lift her brother's barbell all the time and when he went in the millitary, she would lift those weights alot. She said she could beat some of the boys in the neighborhood at arm wrestling and did beat four boys about her age. There was this 16 year old boy who arm wrestled her on her folks patio table. I remember the match went on and on, both were struggling but that boy made a mistake I will never forget by trying to put his shoulder into it by turning to his left when werestling with right arms. The girl brought the boys arm back and started to win and the boy's arm broke! It was a loud crack and he really cried from what must have been painful. Than the girl cried too! I remember he was bigger than her and taller but she really had bigger muscles and a bicep that was like a baseball! I had no idea at that time, a person could brake another person's arm when arm wrestling. He shouldn't have turned like he did plus she was starting to win and she twisted his arm like nothing. I have arm wrestled a few times and I tell people to face each other or you could get hurt. I have noticed many girls are able to beat boys even when the girl is a little smaller but when the girl is about the same size, she most often wins! Also a girl doesn't look like she has muscles but during a match you see they sometimes have very big muscles when they are flexed. I have seen this several times. Her arm looks soft and no muscles and once they have someone pulling on their arm you see it's pretty big and when the boy that's arm wrestling takes a look they are surprised at that and sometimes hers is bigger and the guy has that shocked look! It's funny because if the boy doesn't win right away he always looks at the girls muscles.

TedJul 22 2004 6:11pm
I got my chance to challenge my husband to a wrestling match last week when we had some days off in the countryside. We camped near a lake and while sunbathing I poored some cold water over my husband. He got a bit upset and came after me. It all ended up in a wrestling match. This was one of the most exciting moments in my life. I already knew I was stronger than him but to wrestle him down and feel that his muscles were no match for mine was very erotic for me. This is something I have wanted to do all my adult life. The first match was quite long since I didn't want it to end too soon. He got more and more tired since he had to use all his strength while I had a lot of power left when he was pinned under me totally exhausted. After a while he asked me for revange and we had two mure tussles. I guess I don't have to tell you how it all ended I can just say we both enjoyed it very much. I really like being the physically stronger, my husband seems to start enjoying it as well after this day. I know we will have a lot more wrestling matches ahead of us.

Strong IngridJul 29 2004 1:17am
Ingrid:Keep beating him sister. men have a tendency to be in denial

JanetJul 29 2004 7:45am
It is a proven fact women have superior endurance. Superior endurance enables women to push their training to a higher level. Women have a greater capacity to develop strength and power. Look around at the health club and you will agree.

DarleneJul 29 2004 11:40am
The facts of modern research are very revealing. While men do have the advantage of size and greater strength as a result of size, it is only a generalization. After all, we now see 6'5" tall women playing basket ball becoming the normal. Here are just some of the facts about the physical advantage that women have. Women have a 75 percent greater muscular endurance over men, so Darlene's observation of a woman's superior training capacity is a fact. There is no difference in the ratio of fast twitch/slow twitch muscle fiber between men & women, however the amount of fiber that actually contracts and produces power is greater in women. Male muscle uses about 80% while female is about 90% with some research showing male at 70%. This fact gives female muscle at least 10% more power if her muscles are of equal size. Research now proves women build muscle the same as men with two factors to consider. First an individual's genetics and second a male's testosterone. For sure there are many women with larger & stronger muscles than many men that have all that testosterone but are still smaller and weaker than women. That is genetics at work. The other thing is that research shows that women on average can often build just as much muscle size and strength as men, sometimes more and sometimes it takes longer but they can do it. Bottom line is this, if that woman is the same size as the man we compare her to and she has equal muscle mass, she will be about 10% stronger with 75% more physical endurance. She will defeat that man in tests of strength. Men are admitting defeat at arm wrestling & wrestling wives & girl friends alot on forums, chat rooms, & polls. I think it is because women are training at gyms and at home. Personally from my experience at a gym I work out at, there are several women that I can't match in strength or muscles for size and plenty of other men can't. These women have taken full advantage of their endurance by continueing to lift weights when most men call it quits. I have seen it pay off in a relativly short time. Those women have larger muscles than men of their size and power to go with the muscles. They are not the biggest in the gym but men their stature about 5'6" can't match those women. They're stronger & more muscular. I'm 5'10" tall & I don't have the endurance they do. Those few women are physically stronger now too.

GuyJul 29 2004 6:40pm
Women have superior muscles period. Once they develop those muscles it's all over in a strength contest with men of the same size and women come in all sizes! I have seen a woman with arm muscles the same size as the men she arm wrestled simply destroy those men easy. four men to be precise, they couldn't stop her from beating them several times.

AnonymouslyJul 29 2004 8:31pm
I would encourage ALL girls, from age 10 onwards, to think in terms of becoming the stronger sex. We are undergoing a new stage of human evolution in which the reversal of male-female characteristics is necessary for the purpose of achieving gender balance. As women get stronger men must develop more gentleness and sensitivity. Women are balancing their feminine side with a strengthening of their masculine aspects, and vice versa. The reason why so many men - self included - get sexually aroused by a stronger woman is that sex is the most powerful motivator and for its sake women will be motivated to reach their full strength potential while men will support, encourage and love being turned on by it. It is evolution at work and strong women are our future. This doesn't mean that men must become weak. We must still develop our own strength potential as well, but let us also enjoy the fact that we will continue to be outmuscled by our wives and girl friends. As so many have already realized, pound for pound women are already the stronge sex - and will keep on getting stronger while we men will become their loving partners in every other way.

AlanJul 31 2004 9:44pm
At the time I didn't know about the hormone oestrogen. I had continued to exercise and with weights too as long as I could during my three pregnancies. My best strength and muscle gains were during those times! oestrogen goes way up during a pregnancy. I have kept the muscles that I gained even though it's been several years now after having kids. There was a big differance in gaining strength and I haven't done that well since. I no this sounds weird but look it up and you'll find it's true. Prior to having kids my husband was stronger. I really am stronger than he is now. My leg muscles are much larger than his and even my biceps are bigger. It wasn't that way when we first married! I did not know about oestrogen until my last pregnancy and really didn't think much about what I read but my muscles became very big that last time as I worked out and have stayed just as strong. It was after two kids that I beat him at arm wrestling and I wanted to try it because I could see I now had thicker muscles when looking at his and mine. I first noticed that when I put my hand on his bicep and asked him to flex and than I did mine and my muscle filled up my hand more and was harder. That's when I wanted to arm wrestle him. I read that some supplements can increase oestrogen in women but I haven't really looked into it.

muscle momAug 01 2004 1:57pm
Okay, the fact is men are on average 30% larger then women, not to mention have lower bodyfat levels. The muscle on women and men is the same, so on average the percentage stronger that men are then women is equal to their weight difference. On average. Now some women are certainly larger then some men, not to mention don't forget height, its way easier for someone 5'6" to lift weight then someone 6'5". So, a woman 5' 4" 150lbs of muscle, is going to be very strong, just as a guy like, 6' l50lbs of muscle is going to be strong but not near as strong as the woman. I am 6'3" 265lbs, I am very strong, but know of women that are stronger, but not many. Some women pound for pound are stronger, but I'm not incredibly lean nor do I train for super muscle tone or power. I think lean muscular women are sexy, but any woman taking synthetic hormones to grow doesn't look good nor is it attractive to me. And personally I'm not attracted to women larger then myself even if it is natural. Nothing wrong with is, thats just me. Women who are exceptionally strong naturally, yet still small and lean, that to is very sexy.

JonAug 01 2004 3:45pm
I don't know what it is or why but women are getting physically stronger. I have a small construction business and I have hired several women. At first I thought I may not see much work out of them but I was wrong. The endurance of the women is tops and I'm finding that the women's physical strength is boarder line with men and maybe stronger. When it comes to lifting and carrying heavy things it doesn't look like they are strained as much as the guys. One woman in particular has built up her shoulders and arms very fast just doing the same work as men. She's about 5'9" and I can't help but notice that her shoulders are getting bigger than the men she works with. Her muscles are stretching her old work t-shirts now. I asked her if she goes to a gym, she said no. I kind of want her to show her muscles flexed but I figure it's wrong to ask. You can sure see them when she works in a sleevless shirt. I think she looks good but some of the guys say they don't like it when women have bigger muscles than a man. But they always look at her muscles.

DarrellAug 01 2004 4:36pm
On our site we have found that female laborers are much more productive. They are stronger and in better shape than their male counterparts, but that's not all. They are better organizers and have more common sense than the guys. These women are the ones being considered for higher positions, as we have also found they make better project managers.

NealAug 01 2004 10:49pm
So it's not just me.. yes the women are smart and I can count on them. They don't get in a bind with the wrong steps. The work flow is in order with zero rework. I still can't get over the physical strength that I under estimated with women. Fact is I'm still prejudice because of my up bringing, I think men are stronger and better workers in at least construction but the women who work for me have shown otherwise. The one is very attractive and has become muscular as can be from working. She just has the best work ethic and is stronger. Yes, I think she is attractive with her big muscles, she is graceful at everything. I have seen her lift things with little effort that I see men struggle and shake at lifting, because they are heavy! So I'm re-thinking it all and that's why I read the messages here and thought I would say something. She is starting to lead the guys at work and they follow her natural authority and listen to her. She's smarter but they still don't like that she's got those muscles.

DarrellAug 02 2004 12:01am
The more enthusiastic and supportive we men become regarding women achieving their utmost muscular strength potential, the more amazed we shall be with the degree of strength women can develop. The main thing holding girls back from exercising their full strength potential is the thought that physical strength is masculine and muscles on a girl are ugly. They believe men find a strongly muscled girl unattractive. If more of us can convince them that we find female strength and female muscle not only attractive but extremely sexy as well, they will lose their inhibitions and really wow us with their full strength potential. It is a strong man who can admit that a woman can be better, wiser more accomplished and even stronger than he is. Men whose egos are so fragile that they feel threatened by strong women are actually weak, regardless of their macho strength. Let's give the ladies credit for what they are and can become.

AlanAug 02 2004 8:00am
Here's a general question which someone may be able to answer: if a girl/lady starts weight training and works out fairly intensively once or twice a week, how long will it be before she is as strong as the average man (eg. able to beat him easily and regularly at armwrestling and lift heavier weights than he can)? I ask the question partly out of curiosity and partly because a young lady friend of mine has recently started weight training twice a week - I am wondering what sort of 'muscle power' she is likely to build up.

MikeAug 02 2004 2:36pm
Are there any strong girls or ladies reading this forum who would like to engage in a dialogue with me to discuss their strength feats and workouts - and also what it feels like for them to know that they have above average strength? I have made a study of male/female strength potentials and would be very interested to hear about real experiences from the point of view of the 'stronger and fairer' sex.

AlanAug 02 2004 8:45pm
Heres one thing to keep in mind, on average, men have 16 percent bodyfat and women 24 percent. If you paired a man and a woman who are the same height and weight with normal bodyfat percentage, the man would win. Lets say this man is about 120 lbs and the woman 140 lbs, and they are both equally fit. At this point they are both equal or she might be slightly stronger. Whatever they would duke it out to the end. An evenly matched fight. Now if you paired this 120 lb man with an equally fit 160 lb woman, she would clearily win. Even though the man has a smaller bodyfat percentage, at this stage she still will have more muscle mass. Lastly, if you paired him with a woman who is 180lbs, he would be slaughtered. Possible deadly concequences for him Ofcourse there aren`t too many "fit" 180 lb women, unless they are 5ft9 or above and/or female bodybuilders. But needless to say, if that criteria was met, I could say the man is literally in danger.

LarryAug 04 2004 7:34am
Hi, Alan. I'd like to know more about your study. I'm a 22 year old female bodybuilder with 15 inch biceps and I bench 240 lbs. Even though I'm stronger than most men I meet, I think there's a lot of rubbish on this board about women being stronger than men. A strong woman can be stronger than a weak man, or an average man, but that's not a like-for-like comparrison. If you compare the world's strongest woman with an average guy, she'll be LOADS stronger, but a fairer comparrison would be with the world's strongest man, and then he would be a lot stronger. Also, there's a lot of people on here who say that if you got a man and a woman who were the same weight, they'd be equally strong, or the woman would be stronger. That's wrong. The average man can bench-press 93% of his bodyweight and the average woman can only manage 44% of hers. The best bench ever by a teenage girl is 300lbs, which is amazing and more than almost any guy I know can bench. All the guys i know who bench more than 300lbs are seriously into their weights. But the best bench ever by a teenage male is more than double that at 670 lbs. Anecdotal evidence can be pretty misleading. I think a lot of men who post on here are motivated by their labidos because they're attracted to muscular women. But that's fine by me, because I am one. Ooh, I wish all you horny men could see my forearm tendon dancing and my bicep bulging as I write this (tee-hee). I think my six-pack just rippled!

Miss MuscleAug 07 2004 3:35am
In the 1950's Paul Anderson was hailed as "the strongest man in the world." Among his legendary lifts was a 670lb bench press. He was 5'9" and weighed 350lb. When he was 19 he squatted 400lb and benched 325lb. His BP of 670lb came years later. Now for the crunch! Devan Doan, a 15 (or 16y.o.) schoolgirl, weighing not much more than 165lb, I believe, recently benched 300lb. What would the reaction have been, I wonder, had Devan gone back in time to 1951 and, after seeing 19y.o. Paul BP 325 at a 300+ bodyweight, proceed to press only 25lb less? Can you imagine the unbelief of everyone present, witnessing a 15y.o girl, half the weight of Paul Anderson, virtually equalling his admittedly spectacular lift? I even imagine Paul himself being totally crushed by her feat. Does this mean that a much smaller, younger girl is as strong as the young man who was destined to be recognized as the world's strongest man? Fortunately for Paul and the onlookers, Devan is doing her lifting more than 50 years later, when some men are stronger now than Paul Anderson was. But if we rule out the time difference, the fact that a 15y.o girl can virtually equal the feat of the 19y.o. man who became a strength legend speaks volumes.

AlanAug 07 2004 4:28pm
Eye roll, Miss Muscle is right, and I don't know much about Paul Anderson's teen years but here is one, Anthony Clark, lift total over 2700lbs was the first teen male to bench 600lbs at 19, roids were involved. Also, don't mix the exceptional with average. So and exceptional female verses an average male, she will likely win out in the strength area time and again. Don't forget, there are exceptional male lifters as well. And, while I do think women with a lean muscular physique are sexy, I refuse to let it rule my judgement of the facts. I have yet to meet a woman stronger then myself, sorry Miss Muscle, maybe your legs but I got you way beat on bench, but I know there are some out there. As for men, I know quite a few stronger then me, I see them in the gym every time I go in there. Of course I live in a decent sized city where you more likely to get a leveled off population e.g. some weak men some weak women, many average men, many average women, and some exceptional men and some exceptional women. So, take it from a woman if you don't take it from me, men are on "average" stronger then women and likely will remain so.

JonAug 08 2004 5:21pm
I agree, Jon. While I'm very pleased with my 240 bench because it's significantly more than the average woman can manage, I still know that there are men and other women (some as many as 6 years younger than me) who can bench much more. Alan, when you say "untrained men are no stronger - and often weaker - than untrained women of the same weight." that it completely wrong, my lovely. An untrained man who weighs 150 lbs will bench (on average) about 140. A woman who weighs 150 will, on average, bench under 70. If you go to a cheap gym (not a big serious bodybuilding gym) and see average people working out, you will se that average men are lifting much more than average women, even when they're short men and tall women. BTW I'm wearing hotpants and stilletos today.

Miss MuscleAug 10 2004 3:29am
Well, maybe I was carried away by my enthusiasm regarding strong women (figuratively, not literally - although the thought of being carried away by you, literally, is extremely exciting to say the least, especially if you are wearing your hot pants and stilletos). I think the important point is not "who is the stronger sex" but that women are emerging as fully equal to men in all respects, including physical strength. Not too long ago it was almost unheard of for a woman to bench 200+lb. The women who did were regarded as total exceptions, and were featured in special articles in men's health and strength magazines. There were exceptionally strong women through the ages, but they were either circus acts or serious weight lifters - and they were few and far between. Nowdays they are to be found in almost every gym, often outlifting most of the men as well. The fact that there are some men who are still bigger and stronger than the strongest women doesn't in any way diminish the fact that female strength is on the rise. I think it is a truly significant phenomenon, to be welcomed and encouraged. For too long, too many women have been subjected to male abuse, both physical and psychological. With the advent of so many really strong women today, and the removal of prejudice regarding female muscle, men are being compelled to rethink their own role - no more as "lord and master" because of being the "stronger sex," but as true partners in every sense of the word.

AlanAug 10 2004 11:04am
Alan, did you read what Miss Muscle said? Well far be it for me to beat a dead horse. BTW, I would be impressed Miss Muscle if you could carry me, although I'm sure you could it wouldn't be easy. I'm sure you look fabulous whatever you wear. Did I mention I'm 6'3" at about 260lbs? Not to many women my size.

JonAug 10 2004 6:05pm
"often outlifting most of the men as well" No, Alan, my lovely. You're fantasizing, sweetheart. Outlifting SOME of the men would be more accurate. Not most. What do you weigh, Alan? If it's 170 lbs or less, I could lift you right over my head. Jon, I could lift you reasonably easily, though not right over my head. I'm sure you could lift me too (all of which would be fun I'm sure). Today I'm wearing a white vest, short denim skirt and backless, wooden-soled Dr. Scholl exercise sandals with a single blue strap. I love to sit cross-legged and dangle them. BTW I've noticed that a lot of men who are into feminine muscle are also into feet. Maybe they both appeal to someone who likes to be submissive (just speculation; I'm no psychologist). Also high-heels make my calves BULGE like melons. How big are your biceps, both of you?

Miss MuscleAug 11 2004 4:14am
I was going out with a girl who was about 6 feet tall and quite tubby (but she had a nice face) and I always assumed that I was stronger than her and I assumed that she assumed me to be stronger as well. Then one day, we saw this talk show (I think it was Kilroy in about 1996 or '97) about men who liked stronger women, and one of my housemates said "Imagine that: your girlfriend being stronger than you" and my girlfriend said "Well, I'm stronger than Sam (me)" We both looked at her aghast. "What?" she said. "How are you?" I asked. She said "You REALLY don't think I am?". She was genuinely amazed to find out that I assumed i was stronger. She assumed she was stronger and assumed that I knew it too. I said "But you don't even work out, darling. You're quite tall and sturdy, but...well...." "I'm a girl?" she interjected. "Yeh" I said. So she said "Show us your biceps then" and i flexed and then she flexed and her arm was a lot bigger, but less peaked and a bit fatty, so it was hard to say which was stronger. "How about arm-wrestling?" said my housemate. She said "I know. Come with me." we went outside where her car was and said "Lift the back wheels off the floor." Me and my friend both tried in turn and couldn't shift them at all. Then she just got hold of the car and pulled it straight up and didn't even seem to be straining at all. My housemate went "Oh, my God, she's as strong as a horse!" We both tried to lift the car together and couldn't even move it together despite puffing and straining. I didn't feel embarrassed at all, as I might expect, but I was really turned on. Then she said "Arm-wrestling now?" We both declined. I'd found out that my girlfriend was a LOT stronger than me and couldn't believe it. It was on my mind all the time for weeks and I couldn't think about anyhting else. I was embarrassed to tell anyone who hadn't been there that my girlfriend was stronger than me, but i loved it and got an erection when I thought about it. A few weeks later we were sitting in the park together nd decided to have a pushing contest. She stood up and I tried to push her but couldn't move her at all. Not one inch. Then she push me and I staggered backwards about 10 yards before losing my balance and falling over. She didn't even work out. She was just naturally strong and ate a lot.

SamAug 11 2004 4:29am
True, the women such as Heather D. and Jill M. got me beat for bench, but I can proudly say I "am" all natural. I was a hard gainer but after 13 years of lifting I've gained some ground. As for arms(going by my smallest, the left) 18" flexed, not pumped but it wouldn't me much more, I'm not that cut, Calves are small at about 17 1/2, but my thighs are 28". I wear 38/34 in pant size but you know how that goes(btw, for guys that is inches for pant size waist/inseam). My chest w/lat spread is about 51 1/2 inches. While I haven't lifted maxes on anything for I don't know how long, my approx. for bench is around 400lbs/better for decline/not as good on incline. I've done at best 275lbs on military press for 8 reps/ I do many handstand push-ups. On rows, I do the stack for about 10 reps. not the best form but not bad, stack is 300lbs. I've done 4 pull-ups with 90lbs strapped on and 10 dips with 115lbs strapped on(I love weighted dips and pull-ups). Now my legs are not as proportionatly as strong. Best leg press was 11 plates either side for 3 reps, currently I'm recovering from a torn stablizer in my left quad, not fun. I've deadlifted with 335lbs for 10 reps, but not big on it, and I haven't done squats for a while so I couldn't tell you. Anyhoo, thats me. I do not have a thing for feet Miss Muscle, but most pleasing to me are muscular legs, round hard glutes, and a small yet hard belly(six-packs are hot). Oh, and Alan, I am not a professional musician but I do sing twice a week.

JonAug 11 2004 5:20pm
Guys are simply more aggressively built, a women who can bench 240 is amazing and something to be proud of, but in an actual physical confrontation that same woman has a very good chance of losing to a guy who only benches 170, he will be naturally more well rounded in strength. Sorry people, but males are designed for taking the brunt of combat, women are more reserved and have smaller weaker bodies.

DaleAug 11 2004 6:37pm
Im glad I found this board because I need to put something rest. I am 27 yr old female and is 5`10 165 lbs in stature. To say that size means nothing is an insult and BS. I do know for a fact that if anyone(including men) are smaller than me, then I am stronger-I`m not athletic either. I know this from experience. Therefore if you are 130 lb guy or gal who wants to pick a fight with me, I will kill you.

AmandaAug 16 2004 6:47am
Dale's full of it.. The physical confrontation you mention is simply stupid without any real people and if they have any training at such things as boxing, wrestling or marshall arts so it's pointless. The other thing about being more well rounded is also doubtful because women have on average 75 percent more muscular endurance. Thats why they hold the great distance swimming records as well as ultra marathons. The other thing is NASA found that only women remain physically strong after extended space flight, showing far less muscle atrophy. We also see that High School girls that wrestle are only less than 2 percent of the wrestlers yet are taking reginal and state titles against boys. Women athletes have made more progress in speed & strength in the last 50 years than men. True women are on average smaller than men and as a result are not as strong but we now have 6'5" tall women playing basketball & volleyball plus it was a GIRL who won the National High School Slam Dunk Contest in 2004. I really think in the next fifty years women will hold world records in some sports such as track, weight lifting, and swimming. Even watching the Olympics now, the women swimmers are now generally more muscular than the men. At the rate women are making gains in sports, it may only be one or two generations of female athletes until we see several sports records fall into their hands. A woman now holds the free diving record because her body can take the crushing pressure of 500 ft depth better than a man. That's how well rounded they are physically. As women add more & more muscle to their bodies (and they are).. men will loose ground to women (at some sports).. not all sports, just some.

BillAug 16 2004 9:55am
You're right, Bill. The problem with the question of "which is the stronger sex physically" is that people have different definitions of physical strength. Males are generally 'stronger' when it comes to lifting weights because they generally have more muscle in proportion to their total weight. But women's muscles have been proved to be at least as strong by that measure as men's when of equal size - and women have significantly greater muscle endurance and flexibility. It seems to me that if a man and a woman can lift the same weight, and the woman can hold it longer, that means she is the stronger one. Another interesting bit of information is that studies of male and female sprinters have revealed that females run much faster than males in proportion to their size. Women take more strides per minute than men when they run and cover more ground in proportion to their height. This can be seen clearly if you watch the olympics. The women really look faster. Also, compare male and female gymnastics. The males routines are mostly based on arm strrength, but when you compare the overall physical prowess of males and females, the females make the males look slow and clumsy. The only advantage males have is size.By the way - can you provide a link to any info about female astronauts that you mention?

XyAug 16 2004 12:16pm
Xy, this was featured on the Learning or Discovery Channel on TV but I'm sure you can find more info. The show was about how women may be better astronauts and it is ONLY WOMEN that can walk away from an extended space flight basically just fine, while men are in a wheel chair because zero gavity causes atrophy in muscles. In many respects female muscle is superior. When female muscle is developed and of equal size as male, the female muscle is simply more powerful in capacity of work load (endurance) and often produce a stronger contraction (pound for pound) as well. This is a fact of science. So it stands to reason that at some point women may have an advantage even though they lack testosterone an advantage men have. All women need in most cases is equal muscle mass and they will in fact defeat men in a strength contest. The fact is women are gaining muscle mass through proper training and are well on there way to achieving this. The largest obstical really seems to be culture and not really women's ability to build muscle and become the stronger sex at some sports. It has not become acceptable to have muscular and strong women because of culture but if it becomes acceptable, men will have trouble maintaining any advantage at many strength & speed sports. Women will be able to do this without drugs and evidence is in the fact that women's performance is gaining on men's.

BillAug 16 2004 5:50pm
Please, I'm tired. Even from the mouth of a woman, people do not listen. If women train with weights just like men then yes they will build muscle, and this is happening more these days due to the fact that women have found they generally woun't build the muscle that a man will just because they lift. Even in training for muscle have you ever noticed "Natural" female bodybuilding? Hear the women are going for as much muscle as they can put on, I know, I chat with a natural competitor often, they just don't get that big. Now, she is strong for her size, but if you were to average it out, pound for pound she and I would be equal all around. The difference is, I'm 2 times her size. Infact I don't know of one, not even one, female bodybuilder, in the of season, as big as I am, and those are the ones using roids. I'm natural. I do, on the other hand see many male body builders as large and many larger then me, in the off season. Are women on average getting stronger? Yes, but only because they are weight training, as men have been doing for far longer. Will women ever be bigger and stronger, on average, then men? No, because the only change is that previously women were not as into weight lifting as men. Even with the change, compare in all classes average woman that never works out to an average man who never works out, he will be stronger. Then an average man works out 3 days a week to an average woman doing the same, guy still stronger. Average man doing bodybuilding(natural) to an average woman doing the same, guy still stonger. We've known for some time that the musculature of women, on average, is more endurant then men, but not as strong, that can be trained out, I know, I was much more endurant as a youth, but I trained that away. As for female sprinters taking more strides, yeah, they are shorter, the legs don't have to move as far. Fastest "man" in the world wasn't that tall either, his legs took more strides then those around, they didn't have to move as far. Now, I know this whole thing can be a turn on, and that is why many men allow the clouded reasoning to get the best of them, but think clearly for a moment, what I have said is true. Any reasonable person would see that. For that matter, ask Miss Muscle. Women are no less of people then men, they have thier strengths just as men have thier strengths. Realizing the difference and accepting it, is what can make people truly strong. I can no better be a woman, then a woman can be a man. All this talk about physical strength is just the surface. We are "equal", when you average out our strengths and weaknesses. Realizing what strengths and weaknesses "you" have, is what makes you strong.

JonAug 16 2004 6:27pm
Jon, you're somewhat missing the point. Like diving deeper in the ocean & withstanding great pressure with less harm. Like running farther because of better endurance. Like space flight and not loosing muscle power. People have a nack for compairing smaller women to bigger men and then saying "see, man is stronger" when in fact he is not, he is bigger. In sports like weight lifting, we may see women out lift men at some point in time when they are in the same weight class as men thier size. Running or sprinting women in the near future may be faster then men not because they are bigger but because pound for pound they will be more powerful and have stronger muscles on a lighter frame as in power to weight ratio. The fact is the performance gap is closing not getting wider, so the realm of this happening is quite real. It may not happen ever but the evidence is clear that it is on the way as the strength gap is closing. It becomes clear that if it continues, women will be faster and stronger, maybe not bigger but big isn't everything. If it does not continue and women's performance levels off or stops gaining on men's then that is that, case closed but for now and as time moves on, one can say it is underway and can back it up with facts. Female sprinters are now only a fraction off male performance. Top women sprinters could defeat most of the men's field or place in the middle of the pack in most cases. All this has happened in one human generation. It is not unreasonable to predict a record setting woman may just be another generation away. But I do feel you are correct about being equal when all is considered. We are just now finding out that women are much stronger then we both "men & women" ever thought.

watchingAug 16 2004 11:33pm
Okay, I realize I wasn't very clear, let me make up for that. Its a question of strength potential(weight lifting). The numbers are approxmately this, a woman has about 70% the potential of a man. Now, if previous to women getting into the gym, they probably were only at 30% of thier potential, while men, more likely to work out were probably at 70% of thier potential(these are just estimates, I do not have real numbers this is just what I've seen). Now, these days women are working more of thier potential, still, at 100% they are only 70% of a mans 100%. This has never changed nor will it. Men have a greater "potential" for strength. As for running, women in the olympics run a 100m sprint, the men are running 110m and doing so faster then the women, same in the hurdels. Long distance, men do it much faster, watch some time. I don't know about the free dive or the astronaut thing, but after lifting for 13 years I know a thing or two about muscle atrophy. The higher your body fat the slower your muscles atrophy while not lifting. I know cause I always stay around 20%, I've spoken and seen many very lean guys that after just a few weeks off loose hugh amounts on their lifts, I never do, even after 2 months, what little I do lose I gain back within a month. All that to say women naturally have higher bodyfat levels then men, the astronauts will natrually be very fit and the men will natrually be much leaner then the women, this is why they loose more strenght(the muscle tone will atrophy) then the women. Another advantage to higher bodyfat levels is endurence. Fat built into the muscle tissue adds endurence, this is more natural for women, while it reduces lifting ability it will add to the endurence factor in things such as a free dive. Get a woman who is in competition for bodybuilding and has stripped her bodyfat down to 2%, she will have not endurence. In physical competition you will almost always be able to find a man that can do more, or be faster, or go further then a woman. The potential will never change, what men and women do with that potential, that is up for grabs. I like strong fit women, I think it is sexy, but I have to be realistic here. Oh, and just a quick note, do you remember Chyna from WWF? A very strong woman, one of the stronger and tougher women in the world. Well, a man not in near as good a shape but 70 lbs heavier, she at 170 and he at 240, in a celebrity boxing match, she lost, got tossed around like a she was nothing. He was too big and powerful in that ring. Now in wresling who knows, but boxing he kicked her butt. I was suprised, but that was the reality of it. Now, there are things women do far better then men, this is not one of them, and never will be, honestly. Just look around some time, I see it at the gym all the time, in Bodybuilding competitions, at the olypics, all you have to do is look with an objective eye.

JonAug 17 2004 8:39pm
Thanks Jon, you've been informative. It was Astronaut Shannon Lucid that does hold the record for walking off on her own power after a space flight on Mir of 188 days. Also the women of Mercury 7 scored higher overall in tests of physical endurance as well as mental. In the Olympics the women's times in swimming or track is still close enough that we should keep an eye on them as far as matching men's times. Improvements in some women's performance from one year to the next (if repeated) could put them in the same performance as men's. You may be right, it may never happen but do not count it out just yet. Also a 240 lb. woman would most likely through a 170 lb. man around. It should have been a woman boxer who would have taken that fat slob's head off. I know of two at 185 lbs solid. in my area that would have broken his jaw before he knew what hit him. I would have doubted that statement I just made until I watched them train and again in a bout.

watching.. with an objective eyeAug 17 2004 10:29pm
Jon, your assertion that a woman has 70% of a man's poential is not very scientific. Since we are talking about a wide range of individuals of both sexes it's safe to say that you could easily find a very large group from which to draw equally matched males and females. If you find a man and a woman with EQUAL MUSCLE MASS and training - not equal weight - the woman will likely be stronger than the male. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if muscle mass is equal, and the woman has slightly more bodyfat than the man, she will weigh slightly more than the man, but she will be stronger on average. There will be a point that the female strength advantage is overtaken by the male's size advantage, and vice versa. Men and women of equal size and weight can vary in strength enormously within each gender. You cannot categorically say that a a woman at 100% is 70% of a man in strength. The fact is that the science has shown that female muscle tissue is essentially equal to male muscle tissue in pure strength, but women's hormonal balance allows women's muscles to work more efficiently for a longer peiod of time. As a result, there are many women with a huge endurance advantage over most men. If men are - on the average - bigger than women....women are on the average better equipped to go the long haul. If you are going to ignore the amazing athletic accomplishments of women divers, swimmers, ultramarathoners, astronauts etc, and simply rely on casual impressions of who 'looks' stronger at the gym, you're avoiding the truth. Women's strength is not fully recognized because men are largely afraid of it.

truth seekerAug 18 2004 12:26am
Hi, Alan and Jon. In answer to Alan's question, I LOVE being stronger than most of them men I know. I know there are a lot of men out there who are stronger than me, but you don't come accross them very often. I love it when men protest that women with muscles are unnattractive and then when I've flexed for them and beat them at arm-wrestling, they've got boners! I'm wearing a wuite crop top today ven though it's cold, because I want to show off my abs. They get some right stares in the street, I can tell you. Jeans and sandals below. I love sandals. Are there any men here into both feminine muscle AND sandals?

Miss MuscleAug 18 2004 10:09am
A better match in the ring for Joey Buttafuko would have beed a woman by the name of "Dot Jones" who was world champion arm wrestler for ten years. She is about 6'4" and would weigh in at 240+. She was not fat and had immense muscular shoulders and arms and she could in fact beat most male arm wrestlers in any weight class. Truth Seeker is basicly right. Also scientific research shows that on average men and women have equal fast twitch/slow twitch muscle fiber, however in a full power contraction under load, female muscle will hold that load on average 75% longer when all is equal (muscle mass to load ratio) and that right there gives women the physically stronger sex status. Also research shows that not all muscle fiber contracts and the ratio of fiber in women that actually does contract is 90% while in men it is 80%. Researcher beleive it is in the nerve comunication from brain to muscle that is different between the sexes. So at least in theory a woman can have 10% greater muscular strength with 75% greater muscular endurance over a man of equal muscle mass. This seems to be the only real obstacle for women in that they have lower testosterone levels so it is on average much more difficult to build equal muscle mass as a man. Women have higher HGH and the thought now is that testosterone may not be as important as once thought. Women are gaining more muscle mass through good training, supplements that are not based on testosterone, and a cultural change that excepts the image of a muscular woman and not just a toned thin woman. Many women are finding that they can in fact out muscle the average man their size by going to the gym and not being afraid to hit the wight room with hard training. My own wife is an example, she has built 17" biceps, 18" calves, and 26" thighs on a 5'6" frame. I'm 6' tall and she has me beat in muscle size and can out lift me and she uses only protein and vitamins. That's one reason I began to do a little research of my own into the potential of women's strength. She has put in more time at the gym than I have, I work & she's at home.

another gym ratAug 18 2004 10:13am
In 1980,I was beaten up and mugged by a fairly large black woman when I lived in Chicago. I was 5`6 124# and this woman was 5`9 and 170#. It was the longest 5 minutes in my life and I was terrified for my life. I came out with a broekn rib and an arm. I wasnt worried about hitting a woman in this circumstance and was using all the phsycal power my body was capable of,yet she still completely overwhelmed me. Now, if she wasnt really physically superior to me, then what was her damn secret?-(((LOL)))) This lady or "monster" was literally tearing me apart.

AlfredAug 18 2004 3:32pm
Wow Miss Muscle! Imagining you in your jeans and sandals, with your 6pack abs, and knowing how you would easily lift me overhead before demolishing me at armwrestling, has made it possible for me to flush the Viagra down the jazz. Meeting you in person would be a dream (fantasy) come true. (I also love your obvious sense of humor). BTW where could you possibly be that's cold at this time of the year?)

AlanAug 18 2004 4:16pm
Miss Muscle, I'm oh so interested to know who you are, that is for sure. No, not a foot man, legs, booty, and a great set of abs definately get me going. As for all those who don't agree with me, okay. I don't look at this from an individual or specialized veiw. I look at this as over all. Say what you want, think what you want, just keep your eyes open, for the ordinary, not the extrordinary to make a decision.

JonAug 18 2004 9:37pm
Wow...a strong athletic woman who likes foot guys. Sounds like a perfect combination to me. I'm sure you have a really tough time finding dates!

TonyAug 19 2004 3:13pm
I'm in England. It's summer, but the wettest one ever. I don't really date, because I like the freedom to fondle the boners of almost all the men I meet (I'm a bit naughty like that). Alan, I could lift you overhead with the heel of my hand resting on your pubic bone, and while you're up there, I could cup my fingers around your hard-on and squeeze it before I put you down (or throw you down). Jon, what do you mean by you want to know who I am? I'm not a famous female bodybuilder being incognito. I'm just a girl who works out a lot and eats a lot of fish. What sort of shoes do you like, Tony?

Miss MuscleAug 20 2004 1:42am
When I was 9, we did a school topic on the human body and on one day it was all about muscles and the teacher said anyone who wanted to could stand at the front of the class and flex their biceps. Five boys and one girl got up. The girl did gymnastics and karate and her biceps were properly peaked like an adult athlete's. They weren't bigger than all the boys' who'd got up (they were the biggest in the class), but they were bigger than most and I have to say bigger than mine. I felt weird about it and still do now at 18. I feel sort of embarrassed that a girl my age could have had bigger muscles than me, but sort of aroused at the same time. I don't know whether I would rather live in a world without it or not.

AndyAug 20 2004 1:47am
Hi Miss Muscle, The idea of being lifted by a naughty girl like you, with the heel of your hand where you said it would be is already doing wonders for my libido. I am in the USA and would love to engage in a more private correspondence with you -- long distance of course -- in cyberspace. My email address is and if you want to write I would be delighted to get to know you -- on your terms of course. You sound like a very interesting person in many respects -- precisely the type of woman I would like to know better.

AlanAug 20 2004 3:52am
Having just seen the mens 100 mts final in athens,and seen the womens the day before,i gotta say it will take forever for women to catch men.I know that a trained female WILL ALWAYS BEAT an untrained male or poor male athlete but put them up against a trained male and even the top male juniors would win.Until a woman wins a major athletic comp,or strength event against the top males i fail to see how people can say they are the stronger sex.

chrisAug 22 2004 4:13pm
Just to say i love women,and can full well see how far they have come in all walks of life.But even though i love the fantasy of athletic women and know i for one could not compete against a top trained athlete the facts and records in sport will clearly show that men are for now still the leaders.

chrisAug 22 2004 4:17pm
Just to say i love women,and can full well see how far they have come in all walks of life.But even though i love the fantasy of athletic women and know i for one could not compete against a top trained athlete the facts and records in sport will clearly show that men are for now still the leaders.

chrisAug 22 2004 4:18pm
I thought you might be Miss Muscle, but cool either way. I try to keep up in the sport of Female bodybuilding, so I do know a few names. But if you not, your not.

JonAug 22 2004 11:26pm
Some guys here relate to when a girl beat him up in 11th grade. That, however is not a strong determination that women are physically superior. While most girls are fully developed, many guys arent at that age. Many do have their growth spurt and are at their fuLl height, but they have yet to develop their muscularity. Thats why you see 6ft2 guys weighing 120 pounds. PLENTY of girls of that same age are stronger than these "skinny guys". Some guys dont develop till mid 20`s The ideal age for strength comparisons is between the sexes is 25 to 30. By that time the freqency of a female outmuscling a male is unlikely.

johnAug 26 2004 8:36am
This whole debate is missing the point. The question of physical strength has to take into account more than muscle power. Physical strength includes factors such as endurance and flexibility as well. Males have a higher percentage of muscle tissue per bodyweight than women. But women's muscles function more efficiently. This has been demonstrated over and over in endurance tests under very strenuous conditions, from outer space to high altitude montain climbing to deep sea diving and simple tests of muscle endurance. Women suffer less in endurance tests and recover more quickly. When the smaller size of women is factored in the female advantage is amplified. The women who win ultramarathons are smaller than the males who come in behind them. The hypothetical strongest male overall may be able to lift more than the strongest woman, but she would beat him in an endurance event. I tend to think that the evidence is that women are stronger overall. When you factor endurance and flexibility in they have a big advantage.

xyAug 27 2004 10:42am
I think its less unusual for a woman to be stronger than people realise. My wife is a lot stronger tyhan me and I have no problem with it. I guess I have the advantage of getting used to the situation as I grew up. My younger sister did gymnastics and when she was about 12, discovered she was stronger than me. Thus ensued years of teasing, comparing taunting, and sometimes I guess bullying towards me. I got so used to it it seemed like the natural order of things. One she discovered her strength she didn't hide it any more.

DavidAug 28 2004 9:19am
It depends on how you define strength. My wife has bigger muscles and could easily beat me in a physical fight because she 35 lbs heavier and 3 inches taller. I, however, jog 6 miles a day and have far more endurance.

anonymousAug 31 2004 6:35am
I used to go to the gym with my girlfriend, but got I sustained a shoulder injury and the doc advised me to lay off for three months, which I did, but my girlfriend carried on going. After three months, she was lifting what I'd been lifting before i got laid off, but I'd lost a lot of the strength that I'd built up and was lifting considerably less. She'd become stronger than me! She was more embarrassed than me when we found out.

BazSep 01 2004 2:29am
I work in the cloakroom in a nightclub and the other night, this young girl came to the counter and took her jacket off to reveal a pair of upper arms a good deal bigger than my own. I commented on them and felt them and she smiled and flexed, apparently very gratified. I asked her if she could beat her boyfriend at arm-wrestling and she smiled coyly and said she didn't have one, but could beat me. And with that, she placed her elbow on the counter and challenged me. I coulf feel my penis hardening and lengthening inside my pants and pushing against the fabric of my jeans. As promised, she pushed my arm down to the counter without much difficulty then flexed again. I think I love her.

Buff-Bird AdmirerSep 01 2004 2:34am
Alan, my e-mail address is a work one and it's not secure, so I don't think I can flirt with you on the net except on here. You might like to know that my best bench increased from 246 to 250 lbs yesterday and that today I'm wearing a short black skirt, fish-net stockings and back ballet pumps with ties up around the shin and calf (although the ties don't go as far up MY calves as they do up most girls'). On top I'm wearing a rather boring white blouse, but it has short sleeves, so you can see the tendon in my forearm ripple and dance each time I move my arm. Hey, buff-bird admirer; I've been on the other end of that exact same scenario countless times. If you feel my biceps and arm-wrestle me, I'll give you a boner as well. And use it to pick you up!

Miss MuscleSep 01 2004 2:45am
I read with interest the post from Muscle Mom. When my wife was pregnant with our two children something radical happened with her body. She has always excersized and continued to do so before, during and after pregnancy. She used to be a slim 68kg on a 175cm frame. A year after the first child she was 73kg and after the second 78kg. And she wasn't fat. Her muscles had grown a lot. About 5 years after the first child was born she one night pointed out that she probably was the strongest person in the family. At 78kg she is almost 10kgs heavier than me. I said something like just because she had gained weight it didn't meen sha was stronger than me. Looking at her body with new eyes I realized she was probably right. Her biceps, shoulder and leg muscles were really big and she looked really strong. Arm wrestling and wrestling that evening made us both surprised. Her strength was just unbelievable. I am not ashamed to say she is a lot stronger than me, she beats most of our male friends arm wrestling as well. Another Super Mom

Normal DadSep 02 2004 1:29am
There must be something about women's hormones during pregnancy. My wife and I have worked out together for six years of our ten years of marrage. We have three children and she would work out during pregnancy as much as reasonable. She liked to sit on a stool watch TV and use dumbbells and made coments about feeling stronger. I remember noticing that her muscles looked like balloons and I made a "joke" about it. She had gained fat and water weight but you could still feel the size of her muscles when flexed and notice they had become much bigger. My wife pointed that out. Looking back it is clear that her muscles grew larger and stronger more when with children. After each pregnancy she lost the fat and water but her muscles were allot thicker every time. At 5'8" she has gone from about 145 pounds to 175 pounds and has less fat now than at 145. I'm 5'10" and weigh in at 162 and have only about 5 percent less body fat than her. All of her muscles are bigger than mine and she's stronger. Looking back most of her size came along with kids but I don't think it is a coincidence at all. Her muscles became well toned before having kids, grew very thick during and after pregnancy and what I thought might be fat was really muscle. During the last child and doing dumbells she began to say something about her muscles more and wanted to compare her bicep to mine in a joking manor. It was an inch bigger but not much defined at all but you could feel the muscle's size. Five months later and even now it's one inch bigger only well defined and harder than mine. Her legs are way bigger and more muscular by several inches. She still is gaining muscle but at about the same rate as me! She shot ahead under that pregnancies and fat! Thanks, I wasn't sure if others have had this experience.

S. B.Sep 02 2004 4:16pm
When I was 12 years old I had a crush on a girl in our neighborhood. She started working out with her brother's weights and swimming competition by 16 years old she showed me her muscle in her arm. I don't remember any of my freinds having muscles like her's or as big and mine wasn't anything like her's. I asked my dad to show me his muscle and I was real sure her's was bigger. I asked my dad how long would it take for me to have an arm like your's. He said some years of work would do it. I asked my mom to measure dad's muscle and she did while my dad proudly flexed. I had to know the truth and I went and got her to flex for me so I could measure that girl's arm and it was a little bigger by a half inch. I was embarrassed so I never really became any closer as friends but I arm wrestled her and lost. Inside I liked her and something inside also wanted her to arm wrestle my dad but I couldn't ask her to do it. I kept imagining her muscles as she arm wrestled my dad and what would happen. Now I wish I had asked her to do it.

TroySep 02 2004 5:04pm
Hey Miss Muscle, your comments are very insightful. But I have to ask you, can you really lift guys like you have said or is there some exaggeration there? In my own experience I have never wrestled with a girl who could really beat me (except when I let them win). But there are some girls who were strong enough to lift me, but at 170 I'm not that heavy, and I am talking about simple lifts here not pressing people overhead! But it was still fun nonetheless. By the way, in reference to some of your previous comments, I'll be the first to admit that it is so much hotter to wrestle with a girl who has great legs and feet.

TonySep 05 2004 8:11pm
There's no exaggeration, Tony. I'm a very strong girl and if you only weigh 170, I can press you overhead, no problem. What sort of shoes do you like? I'd love to know.

Miss MuscleSep 06 2004 2:09am
The women I run into while working out are in better shape than any man at the gym. They get on those stairmasters and seem like they can go forever. I would be in agony trying to keep up with a pace they can hold with casual ease. Any man who thinks we are equal to women is only fooling himself.

BillSep 06 2004 8:36am
bill shut up you dork.So i guess thats why ALL RUNNING records are held by men.You submissive men crack me up every time.The gym i go in has plenty of fit women,who could run faster then me,but so bloody what,untill women beat men on the track it does not mean a thing.

calSep 06 2004 4:55pm
"The gym i go in has plenty of fit women who could run faster then me" - cal And there's a bunch of guys like you that are saying the same thing, "plenty" is what you said. How are the women doing in the weight room?

nadaSep 06 2004 9:19pm
Have been reading the comments here for some time. This type of male/female issues interest me. I am a 46 year old woman that works out 4-5 times a week. I have realized that I am stronger than let's say 60-70% of the men that works out at the same gym. When I first discovered that I had more muscle power than a man it first surprised me since I have all my life thought that men were a lot stronger than women. I now realize I am also stronger than my husband, something that he is fully aware of after the weekend. Me and my work out partner, Linda, challenged our husbands to some tests of strength at a garden party last Saturday. We had planned this for a while since we both thougth that our rather lazy husbands were weaker than the average man. Knowing we can outlift several of the younger more fit men at our gym we felt rather confident that we are stronger than our men. After dinner we challanged each others husband to an armwrestling match. We both won rather easy I have to say, of course we also tested the strength of our hubbies. No doubt about it, they couldn't match the power in our arms. leg wrestling followed with even more easy victories for the "weaker sex". We ended their humilitation winning the mercy game. When coming home my husband started to talk about coming to the gym with me. I yesterday checked the men and women at my gym and of course a majority of the men are stronger then the women, especially in their upper bodies but since more and more women work out with heavy weights we are at least 10-12 women that are stronger than many of the men. Men just have to come to grips with this fact, they aren't always the stronger sex!

a Dutch powerhouseSep 06 2004 11:19pm
Thats life really At 5`5 122 I am sort of on the slight side. It`s not an uncommon occurance for me to find a woman who is physically stronger than me. You see them at the gym;grocery store and at the buffet line.They always do some physical task just a little easier than me. Then you see that their torso is just a little fuller and broader than mine. I would say 35 percent of the english female population is stronger than me. Some guys would think that was unbearable, but actually I don`t mind being on the physically weaker side. In fact, I acutally like to be around stronger women. Some of it it my upbringing where women ran the show and were in control. Oh yes, my spouse "natalie" is also in that 35 percent. She is 5`9 167 lbs and wears the pants in the family.Its a role reversal.She loves the dominat role And it doesnt make me less of a man to say I like it as well.

TonySep 07 2004 6:35am
Well Miss Muscle thats pretty amazing, because I'm 170 and even though I can bench 285, I don't think I would be able to press 170 lbs over my head. I have no idea what you weigh, but even the fact that you could just throw someone over your shoulder who is significantly heavier is very impressive. As far as shoes go, I tend to like girls that wear any type of sandals, but truthfully I tend to pay more attention to the attractiveness of the feet rather than the type of shoes.

Tony1Sep 07 2004 9:55am
Hi there nada, like i said there are some strong women in my gym,but on average more men.And this is the same worldwide,like i said until a female breaks a male running or lifting record,then i will not accept this crap.Having seen the olympics recently,you tell me whos faster and stronger.Maybe if you take weight and size in account it would make a difference,because i keep hearing that women are pound for pound stronger then men,but to me this is stupid,as we are not the same size.Men are bigger and stronger then women,and i for one will not believe this will change.But hey believe what you like,but its funny how in the most physical jobs (builders,police,army etc)the majority is men,if women were better stronger would they not be in these jobs,in greater number.Still great to have a interesting argument,and good to see women trying to build themselves up.

calSep 07 2004 12:33pm
In the 1970s a biologist doing research in the Phillipines observed how a young female monkey discovered how to wash sand and dirt off sweet potatoes by dipping them in a stream. She taught this trick to several other monkeys. Soon more and more monkeys on the island were doing it. When 100 monkeys had learned the trick it was noticed that monkeys from other colonies - even on other islands - were doing it almost as a matter of course, without having to be taught, or seeing it done. Hence the expression "The hundredth monkey effect." It is as if a critical mass or number had to be reached, after which it became the norm. I suggest that the same thing has happened with strong, muscular women. 50 years ago you could count the really strong women of that generation on the fingers of one hand - and they were mostly circus ladies or gymnasts and athletes. Now strong women are fast becoming the norm. Because the critical mass of female bodybuilders has been reached, the 100 monkey effect has come into being...(and let me hastily add that I am not calling any of you strong women "monkeys." On the contrary - you girls are in the process of making monkeys out of us guys in the strength and muscle department.) GOOD FOR YOU! GO FOR IT LADIES! ITS ABOUT TIME!

AlanSep 07 2004 3:54pm
I was wondering if men being the stronger sex physically is not more cultural than really gender. A couple of years ago our daughter at 17 years old had been playing sports but also for three summer seasons had taken the job as she called "farm hand" and she was required to load about (50) 50 lb. grain sacks a day along with about (100) 75 lb. alfalfa bails on to a fifth wheel trailer and unload the same. When at 16 and she got her license to drive, she would do it all day, it's not a semi truck load but was tons of weight lifting on a daily basis. At school the couch had them weight training for girls sports. She was muscular and when our two sons came home to visit, one in the military and the oldest in collage our youngest daughter in a short sleeve shirt held up her arms and flexed for the boys. The fact is she had much bigger muscles than both of my boys and my husband. I asked her to arm wrestle the boys and she beat them without any real effort several times with both arms and beat her own father just the same. I'm in my fourties and try to stay in shape with a bycicle and at a gym but I had just focused on aerobics and only sometimes used the weight room on a machine. I arm wrestled my husband later and we struggled for a while but I lost. After that I changed my work out to almost all weight lifting and within about a year I beat my husband at arm wrestling, now it's been two years and I can put my bicep or any other muscle next to his or in the mirror and flex. Mine are much more developed and bigger and arm wrestling though we don't do it very often has become a sinch to smash his arm down. So I think it is mostly culture that says women are the weaker sex. Some say "those submissive men" but my sons never submitted to anything, my daughter became stronger then them and my husband did not decide that I am stronger, there isn't anything he can do about it. I made up my mind to make my muscles stronger than his and he would have a long way to go to change it. My husband did not submit so I will appear stronger or more muscular, he had nothing to do with that fact. I have bigger muscles now and I'm stronger, submitting has nothing to do with anything. I really think most women are perceived as the weaker sex because of culture and time in the gym changes it all. It sure did for me.

TinaSep 07 2004 5:51pm
I cant believe some people still think males are the stronger sex! Come on seriosely!

Women are much stronger!Sep 08 2004 4:48am
Me and my wife, both in our mid fourties started to work out together after our mutual 40th birthday. One of our presents was a years membership at a gym with a personal trainer. We both developed better bodies rather quickly but also differently. After a year, working out about 3 times a week my wife increased her body weight from 150 pounds to 160 while I went from 170 pounds to 155. I am one inch shorter than my wife at 5?9. After 2 years I was down to 150 while my wife reached 175. As you can understand she gained muscle and I lost fat. She could already after the first year do more reps than me with the same amount of weights. At first she didn?t want to become too muscular so she kept on with the same weights only doing more reps. After about two years she commented that her muscles were a lot bigger than mine, which was true, and that she now clearly was the stronger. In front of our children she one night showed me just how strong beating me in a series of arm wrestling matches and then lifted me in various ways, much to our two sons amusement. A couple of more years have past and I am now a very fit and slim 141 pounds and my wife is 183 (not all of it muscle). Our kids always comes to her when they need help to lift something heavy. And so am I. I am stronger than most of our male friends and have far better endurance but I am a lot weaker than my wife. She had the genes to become more muscular and I didn't. At our gym most men are stronger than the women but if you compare men and women with similar body mass and that are working out hard the difference is small. AND many of the women that have been working out hard for many years are way stronger than many of the bigger men that are beginners. My opinion is that Tina is right, a lot of the difference in strenght are a cultural thing, women never worked out as hard with weights before as they are now. The gap is getting smaller. To be honest, I wish I was stronger than my wife, I still have difficulties to take she is so much stronger than me, but I also know that I can never be as strong as her, believe me I have tried.

strong but weakerSep 09 2004 4:30am
I have a similar situation, my wife and I have worked out for many years. I'm 6' tall and once weighed about 210 lbs and now I'm 192 but in much better shape. My wife I think weghed about 155 lbs at 5'6" and did have muscular legs and even her arms had muscle. She now weighs 186 lbs and isn't fat, she now has thick deep cut abs but before she had none. She has much larger muscles than I do and is a whole lot stronger than I am. She even beat a friend at bar dips and pull ups by several reps. He weighed over 220 lbs so we added bar bell plates hanging from a weight belt to make it even! When you read most things on women weight training, it says "don't worry ladies, you won't build big muscles" I think this is a generalization and my wife says "they are talking about girly-girls, besides most women train only for muscle tone and not size and strength like I do." My wife tains just like one of the guys. There is another woman we see at the gym sometimes, that is maybe only 5'2" or 3" and is very strong, she really has more muscle than most men up to about 5'9" and about all the muscle that can fit on a frame like hers. My wife is big boned and her shoulders are about an inch wider than mine and wrist and ankles are just the same size as mine even though I'm six inches taller. She still out muscles me and has much more circumference to her muscles when flexed. That's why I only weigh about five more pounds but I'm much taller.

In my thirtiesSep 09 2004 2:03pm
Something from a science website - Scientific evidence shows that female athletes tend to have higher body fat levels than males and body weight does vary considerably between players as does height. However, women athletes do seem to be able to burn body fat better than men (due to different hormonal effects), the reason why they often excel at long distance endurance events.

reading about womenSep 09 2004 2:56pm
More from the news - Estrogen increases the breakdown of fat; Women have more body fat than men thus, fat is more available as a fuel source during exercise; Women's muscles may be more effective than men's muscles at breaking down and burning fat during exercise, perhaps due to higher concentrations of enzymes that help burn fat. Another interesting male-female difference is the fact that women appear to burn more fat and less carbohydrate than men during endurance exercise (Tate & Holtz, Canadian Journal of Applied Physiology 23: 570-82, 1998; Carter et al., American Journal of Physiology 280: E898-907, 2001). This offers women the possibility that, in events taking two hours or more to complete, their supply of liver and muscle glycogen (a storage form of carbohydrate) will outlast that of men. When men and women with equivalent marathon times are pitted against each other in ultras, the women tend to win (Speechly et al., Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 28: 359-65, 1996).

reading about womenSep 09 2004 4:28pm
More research..... Legendary researcher Dr. Jack Wilmore compared strength gains in 47 women and 26 men volunteers lifting in identical weight training programs. They lifted twice a week for 40 minutes for 10 weeks. Women gained more strength then men, but less muscle girth. In the upper body the women gained 29% compared to the men?s 17% . In the lower body women gained 30% and the males 26%. As women develop muscle girth over a longer time period, the potential strength from equal muscle girth is greater. Women have greater muscular endurance and more efficient muscles producing greater power. Women generally find difficulty gaining size because of hormones quite different from men but gain more strength. "my thoughts are that if a woman gains muscle and matches that of a man, she will most likely be much stronger because of muscle superiority, just most women are smaller than most men so it remains rare"

GuySep 09 2004 9:24pm
I don?t think that women in general are physical stronger than the male. The women may have an advantage in health but if it comes to muscular strength, I believe that not more than 30 to 35% are superior to the average man. But whenever it comes around, that a woman defeats a man by the strength of her muscles it sounds like a sensation and everybody gets mentaly affected. The women expect a new area of human beeing and the men react astonished, sometimes nervous. Like in the case that happend years ago in the small village I live. A few years ago there lived a married couple of good social rank. He was a very popular doctor in our region, but also an alcoholics. And quite a lot knew about. From people who lived next to them we heard, that there was often a lot of crying and noise inside the Doctor?s house. Some neighbours reported about punishment and other cruel things. He was a tall and voluptious man and seemed to be very aggressive in drunkenness. She was a slender, strong boned woman of nearly his height. In retrospect I have to say, that there was a good chance for her to defend his attacks. Perhaps she was educated in an old fahioned way, where the women has to obbey and to suffer. But one day everything turned upsite down. I just know the facts from newspaper and public talking. He attacked her in the bathroom and tried to hurt her with a big bead knife. She took several wounds from it and had to stay in hospital for a while. But she fought back this time. Who would not in this case. According to newspaper she grapped his ankles and forced him down to his knees. As he fall on his back she quickly jumped on his chest and pinned him down. Then she strangulated him with the belt of her bathrope. The physical power of her must have been incredible in this moments, because his neck was broken while she strangulated him. Also his ankles were fractured. The local court attestet her self-defence and set her free. Everybody was in common with the judgement, especially some women who made out this sensation as a warning for all violent men. The men I know showed a lot of respect for the Doctor?s wife but they did not talk much about this case in front of us women. After a few months the Doctor?s former husband did leave our village. I have seen her never again. Maria, from Germany

Maria, from GermanySep 10 2004 4:42am
I see women alot who have wider shoulders than their husbands. I have heard of stories of women strangling and beating to death their husbands with the bare hands.Most recently was a woman who beat to death a teenage intruder that broke into her home. I see some men who have smaller hands wrists than me. They have delicate features that correspond to the wrists. I know I could kill anyone of those men.It may not be common but it does exist.

LoniSep 11 2004 5:50am
Yep, broader in the shoulders & biggger in the hips and legs. Seeing them more and more not to mention the teenage girls of the same physical dimentions but at six foot tall or more making boys look small.

RodneySep 11 2004 9:20pm
(Research has shown that women can gain strength from weight training even though strength gains may not be accompanied by large increases in muscle mass. In one study where women gained strength at a considerable rate compared to the male subjects, muscle mass increased only slightly in the women. The men displayed the typical signs of muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle fiber size), which suggests that hypertrophy is not a necessary outcome or prerequisite to gains in muscle strength. Researchers hypothesize that strength gains in women may be due to neural factors, which are as important or more important than size. As well, other hormones, in addition to neural factors, may effectively compensate the lower level of testosterone in women. Research now shows that the female hormone Oestrogen builds muscle size. When the cross section of muscle is equal between male and female muscle, research shows that female muscles are more powerful.) So there. Men are discovering that women in the gym are becoming the stronger sex quite fast and in some cases they are faced with the fact that she is the one with larger muscles!

J.N.Sep 12 2004 6:01pm
Hi, Tony. I can't bench as much as 285 lbs (I bench 148 at the moment), but I often used to practice headlifting things before I even got into weights seriously at age 17 (I'm 22 now). When I was in my first year at uni, I found I was already able to press all my female flatmates and one male one overhead (each in turn of course). I love sandals and wear them all the time, even when it's cold. I like very short shorts and skirts to show my legs and I think that the amount of flesh I show looks incongruous with closed-toe shoes. But even when I wear jeans, I still have sandals on. Flats or heels, I love them all. My favourites at the moment are my Doctor Scholl Exercise Sandals. They're backless with a single strap at the front with a cute buckle on it, and the soles are wooden. I love sitting cross-legged and allowing one of them to dangle from my toes. And of course, my calves are nut-brown and the size of melons. xxx

Miss MuscleSep 13 2004 8:12am
I flicked through a powerlifting magazine the other day and saw there was a 15 year old girl called Randolynn Nohara who benches 220 lbs and deadlifts 368 lbs. I thought that sounded like a lot, but being a 20 year old male, I didn't think it possible that a 15 year old girl could be stronger than me, so I went to the gym the next day to see if I could emulate her lifts. The best bench I could manage was 160 lbs and the best deadlift 270 lbs. I'm absolutely amazed. I'm just having difficulty taking this in. A 15 year old girl is not only stronger, but A LOT stronger than me. How did this happen? I just don't get it.

One-time MuscleboySep 13 2004 8:17am
I flicked through a powerlifting magazine the other day and saw there was a 15 year old girl called Randolynn Nohara who benches 220 lbs and deadlifts 368 lbs. I thought that sounded like a lot, but being a 20 year old male, I didn't think it possible that a 15 year old girl could be stronger than me, so I went to the gym the next day to see if I could emulate her lifts. The best bench I could manage was 160 lbs and the best deadlift 270 lbs. I'm absolutely amazed. I'm just having difficulty taking this in. A 15 year old girl is not only stronger, but A LOT stronger than me. How did this happen? I just don't get it.

One-time MuscleboySep 13 2004 8:25am
Becca Swanson Woman Lifter Has 54 inch shoulders. 843 lb squat, 501 lb bench and 650 deadlift, my best total is 1912 lbs.

JillSep 13 2004 8:53am
Great place here. What a pity that I am not stronger than my boyfriend. But I try to change in future. Can anybody help me to find similar pages. It's really interesting.

SabineSep 13 2004 11:17am
I'm a 16 year old male and a girl friend "just a friend" showed me this site. I have felt that athletic girls are most attractive but also felt that boys or men are the stronger sex. My friend wanted me to go to a high school volleyball tournament for the first time. I'm 5' 8" and play baseball and workout but when I had seen all these girls that are so big and so many 6' tall or taller, I was kind of shocked. To be honest maybe girls are becoming the stronger sex. When a girl player sat on a bench next to me and we both had shorts on, I felt embarrassed for the first time and at the same time I just wanted to look at her legs because her muscles were twice the size of mine! So many girls had wider shoulders and bigger muscles that I felt small. Even their arms were more muscular, all but a few. Girls are changing or something because they are stronger. I kept thinking I would loose at bodybuilding to these girls and I wonder how strong they are? Their legs are so big and full of muscles that I want to know what they can lift? The girl that sat next to me had the biggest legs I have ever seen and all muscle!

DavidSep 13 2004 5:46pm
Here's just one reason a man might find he is loosing to a woman in a contest of strength, like a long wrestling match. Males pride themselves on their toughness, durability and resilience, but the scientific evidence supporting quicker male recoveries is actually pretty weak. In fact, new research suggests that females actually lose less strength than males during the course of a rigorous workout and recover their muscular prowess more rapidly after an exhausting bout of exercise. In studies carried out at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, for example, 10 male and nine female strength athletes (powerlifters and body-builders) performed 20 maximal squat lifts, with three minutes of recovery between each lift. After the 20 lifts, the fatigued leg muscles of both males and females had lost about 20-24% of their maximal strength. However, various indicators of muscular power favoured the females. For one thing, the ?force-time curve? ? an indicator of muscles? ability to contract powerfully and quickly ? changed negatively by 28% in the males over the course of the workout but dropped by only 19% in the females. Females also recovered from the 20-lift session more quickly. One hour after the workout, female lifters? leg muscles could generate about 92% as much force as before the session, whereas male muscles were just 79% as strong. Why was the fatigue greater and recovery slower in males? Part of the problem seemed to be that the male lifters? nervous systems became less responsive over the course of the workout. From the first to the 20 lift, activation of leg muscles by nerve cells fell by 20-25% in males but held fairly steady in females. While it?s not clear why male nerve activation should deteriorate more quickly, it is clear that females lose less of their muscular power during heavy-duty resistance training and seem to recover more rapidly once a tough session is over. (?Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes during Heavy Resistance Exercise?, International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 14(2), pp. 53-59, 1993) I have known that women have stronger legs for some time, but there are several research results that prove women have more powerful muscles. I have developed my muscles in the gym to the point that they are now much larger than my husband's. My strength passed his some time back before my muscles were bigger. Now it is no contest. I soon found I could out last him in the weight room, with the results being more muscle on my body in the end.

Peggy-n-proudSep 13 2004 10:27pm
In women leg lean mass increased significantly in both training groups, but changes were much greater in the high-intensity group (8.1% compared with 3.4%). In men leg lean mass increased to a lesser extent, by 3.2% in the high-intensity group and 1.9% in the moderate intensity group. Results from a medical study on muscle and bone development between men and women during weight training legs. Women's muscles gained more size.

anonymousSep 14 2004 2:33pm
Sabine, start training hard and eating lots of meat, kick the crap out of your boyfriend and then tell us all about it.

Buffchick loverSep 15 2004 5:52am
Also, Jill, was it deliberate that you wrote "my" best total is 1912 lbs or were you talking about the much vaunted Becca Swanson? (my ideal woman). Are you a musclewoman yourself?

Buffchick LoverSep 15 2004 5:53am
If a man and a woman were both 150 lbs and the same height, the man might or might not be stronger, I don't know. But if there was one man and two such women, the women would certainly be stronger between them. Yet if they ganged up on him in a fight, he would still win. He would punch each one in the face once each and it would be all over. Girls are feeble.

ButchSep 15 2004 5:56am
Butch, if you want to try punching me in the face, you're more than welcome. I'd mangle you. Then toy with your organ.

Miss MuscleSep 15 2004 5:57am
was it deliberate that you wrote "my" best total is 1912 lbs? No it's because it was copy paste from the web on her records.

JillSep 15 2004 9:09am
If the woman has bigger arms and wrists, wider hands and shoulders,thicker neck she is stronger than the man. I have seen many couples just like that.

LoniSep 16 2004 9:41am
It's all a matter of proportion. The differences between males and females is not constant. There are average differences that are open to interpretation. Everyone knows that women have proprtionally stronger lower bodies, wider hips and bigger legs than men. Men have proportionally bigger upper bodies, but when you look at the proportion of the arms and the torso, womens arms are on the average bigger in proportion to their torso. If a man and a woman have the same size torso the woman will have bigger arms and much bigger legs. Males are more rigid and females are more flexible. Women have better muscle control which translates to more refined movements. This is due to women's more refined nervous system and better communication between parts of the brain. Because women are able to perform physical actions with greater control and efficiency than men, they often outperform men in endurance and strength over time. Men can generate greater explosive power, in which energy is expended rapidly. This gives the impression of greater strength, but it's only a momentary advantage. The man's strength will drop off rapidly while women's more efficient effort will sustain.

sci guySep 16 2004 10:05am
Hello Martina speaking. I am sorry, but I am a weak girl. Can?t beat any boy physically. But if you are in literature read Leo Tolstois novell Kossacks. You will get surprised.

MartinaSep 16 2004 12:24pm
It?s shure that the women are the stronger sex. I am a mother of four at 45. My own mother was a mother of ten! And she reached the age of 87. No man would reach this age if he had to stand the strain of ten childbirths. He would breath out his life miserably bevore he reached his fourties.

a womanSep 16 2004 12:25pm
While it would seem that women would have more difficulty at building muscles because of hormone differences, my wife has developed bigger muscles than I have over the course of six years. We train together and her adeptness to "pump" her muscles up during a workout became noticeable years ago. It also became apparent that her muscles recovered faster and maintained size as well as increasing on a monthly basis that could be easily seen for a long time. Within three years she had me beat in strength and from there on she had developed even thicker muscles. So I think it is only a general rule that men are stronger physically but how much would that change as women exercise? I see plenty of women in the gym that I know are stronger and so much more musclular than most men. They have that female shape but the muscle size is larger than that of many men.

DaleSep 16 2004 6:52pm
Take it from a guy who is totally inactive, excercise does count.I`m what you might call an underweight individual(5`7 124 soaking wet),who has always lived a very sedatary lifestyle. People have always remarked about my physique and I have been the butt of jokes. They always encouraged me to workout or evn do a little jog.I dismissed them until one day my secretary challnged me to an arm wrestling match of which I lost. I am a newbie in this gym, and to be honest I can`t bench more than the 40 lb bar for 8 reps. I see often women doing 160 lbs with multiple reps on the same benchpress. Of course this is a gym, so they aren`t exactly representative of the normal female population, nevertheless, it dawned on me, these women are 3 times stronger than I am. It really shows regardless of gender, excercise is the key to gaining strength. And if I am consistant I can catch up and perhaps surpass these ladies. It won`t be easy....

DavidSep 17 2004 6:10am
Hello. I am a professional runner. I run about 3200 and 3500 miles a year. I also take part at national competitions. My women is no match for me when it comes to endurance. But when ever it would come to strength she could kill me. She outmuscles me by lengths. My bicep is 11, hers 15,5. My calves are 12, hers 19!! Not all pure muscle but heavy meat. All natural strong boned at her. She is not at sports.

heikoSep 18 2004 12:48pm
Heiko I was a small skinny kid as a teenager. One day when I was16, I lost an arm wrestling match with my mom. I turned to her, and asked Are you stronger. She said "no" and told me that I was agile and wirey and that muscle size is only a small comonent to definiton of strength. SHe was right, I am also a professional runner

AnonymousSep 20 2004 5:44am
Here is a question someone may be able to answer: if a girl/lady starts weight training and works out fairly intensively once or twice a week, how long will it be before she is as strong as the average male (eg. able to beat him easily and regularly at armwrestling or weight lifting)?

MikeSep 20 2004 1:30pm
You can't average something like that there are too many variables. Are you talking about an average female? That would be a 5'4.5" tall 130 lbs. woman capable of benching around 40-50 lbs. An average man would be 5'9.75" tall and 160 lbs. able to bench around 80-90 lbs., which is actually quite weak by the way. Using the workout program you suggested which is insanely vauge, she should catch up to the average male within six months, assuming her workouts are upper body based, and are strength building, not size or cardio.

EricSep 21 2004 8:26pm
Our daughter just turned fifteen years old and is involved in sports at school. The couching staff has the girls in the gym lifting weights three days a week. One can't help but notice her muscles, so the other night I asked my husband and my daughter to hold both arms up and make their arms flex. It was easy to see that she now has much bigger muscles than her dad and her legs are also bigger and more muscular. My husband is four inches taller and average build but I'm convinced she is physically stronger. This site has been interesting to read.

MomSep 22 2004 8:42am
Hello "Mom". Your daughter's growing strength is part of a new evolutionary trend which I call FEMALE EMPOWERMENT. If you and your daughter would like more detailed discussion re this idea, you are welcome to e-mail me at

AlanSep 22 2004 9:08am
Something I just read and taken from the women's clothing business. The average woman's back & shoulders is 2 inches wider than in the 1960s.

anonymousSep 26 2004 9:20am
The average woman is now 140 lbs. Back in the 1960`s, it was the 120`s You can`t blame that all on obesity

AnonymousSep 27 2004 6:25am
Hi, Alan. When headlifting a weedy man such as yourself, I would take the weed's right wrist in my left hand and put my right hand between his puny legs. I would then stand up, rolling him onto my upper back, accross my mighty shoulders. From this position, I would manouvre my right hand to his chest or shoulder and my left to his pubis or groin. I would then straighten my arms out and press the little beast skyward. I can even accomplish this while wearing backless stilettos. BTW I've just come back from a leg workout and my thighs are so pumped, they're bright red and look like they're about to EXPLODE. I'm wearing my denim mini-skirt to show them off. Pink ballet slippers. I wish we lived next door to eachother too. I'd use you like a ragdoll.

Miss MuscleSep 27 2004 6:46am
yeah right

jasonSep 27 2004 3:05pm
I still think males are generally stronger but there are many exceptions. I am a very proud male and find it very hard to take when a woman is stronger. I am 5 foot 11 and a thin 170 pounds and my gorgeous wife is 5 foot one and 112 pounds. She destroys me armwrestling, I haven't got a hope but her arms are clearly more muscular. Neither of us work out, well she does a bit. I could never let it be shown in public, its too humiliating, but in private, I find it the biggest turn on. Immediately after beating me, I will do anything to her that she wants, for as long as she wants. I think the embarassment factor comes from being physically humiliated over and over again by my sister who was, to put it bluntly, a bully. She did gymnastics, bmx racing and waterskiing while I didn't do sport at all. The biggest nightmare was in front of her school friends at her 13th birthday party. I stayed home to help my mother serve jelly and ice cream to her and her friends, but she started getting carried away and ordered things from me as if I was a waiter. I told her to stop and we started to argue but I could see she was just taunting me. She knew I was a little intimidated by her because of what she'd done to me before. She ended up threatening to "teach" me, if I didn't. I knew i was onto a loser, but couldn't let her treat me like that in front of her friends. She got up and grabbed me, she was laughing all the time, with her amazed friends looking on. I will tell you the most incredible part at the end. After a depressingly brief wrestling match, she had me totally overpowered, face down on the floor and stared to tickle me, .... and tickle, ... and tickle me. Have you ever had that done, when you ask to stop but it goes on and on for minute after minute? Its really horrible. My mom came in to she me doing something that was more a cry than a laugh or shout - she said later I sounded like some kind of distrssed animal, and the carpet was soaked with tears, plegm and saliva. It was horrible. And the worst bit? I was about to turn 18 years old. So yes it's very possible, but i don't think that common. I do think girls who are strong do need to seriously consider the effect it can have on a guy if you humiliate then physically.

DavidSep 27 2004 3:46pm
Yeah, look how well David turned out.

AnonymousSep 27 2004 8:22pm
Tickle torture is the ultimate in humiliation and demonstration of physical superiority. When Iwas 15 my much bigger aunt overpowered and tickled me for almost 90 minutes. I was screaming begging her to stop but she didn`t listen. My body was almost going into spasms and there was a time that I thought she was going to kill me, then my mom walked in. She was not trying to be playful either. Whenever she got mad instead of giving me aslug she oveerpowered and tickled me till I was screaming for my life. But the last time was the worst and it was so intense and she wouldnt stop. Whether she ws trying to kill me or not, I will never know. She was worth millions and had power in the community, yet she was jealous of her sister because she had a child(me), and she couldnt. So she took her wrath out on me. My intuiton tells me she was trying to kill me, and she must have thought she could get by with it because of her status and the fact that her sister was literally living off her. If thats the case I would have rather been beaten to death, which she could have done easily than being tortured to death. Tickling is the ultimate form of torture. It was so intense I was acutally bruised and sore for almost a week.

JasonSep 29 2004 11:17am
dude, you are seriously a wimp. Sorry if the truth hurts, but damn.

AnonymousSep 29 2004 8:04pm
Absolutely, you are correct. I am seriously a wimp as my sister confirmed. Yes the truth does hurt a lot at the time but you get used to it. What else could I do apart from accept it and avoid situation wher she could kick my butt again.

DavidSep 30 2004 12:44pm
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