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who's baby??

Question: who's baby are U!
Created by: cutie at 01:30:00 AM, Saturday, April 01, 2000 PST


whatever is this for???

PooJan 04 2001 11:41am

who rally gives a f*ck? what kinda question is this?

AnonymousMay 06 2001 12:26pm
what the f*ck is this about?

AnonymousSep 07 2002 8:04pm

DOMINIQUE PULLEYJul 03 2003 6:51am
Furrealz? That's marlveously good to know.

EnqnhElYcDsjUyMXyocJul 15 2011 12:58am
me my daughters' baby, who is treated like a baby by her daughter. my two daughters (17yo and 13yo) are stronger than me. younger one is even stronger than her elder. they have total control on the daily life. i've to sit one of their lap while taking food. they fed me like a baby. they help me to change my dress. At night one of them must cuddle me before go to bed. I enjoy this.

AnonymousNov 16 2011 1:52am
me my daughters' baby, who is treated like a baby by her daughter. my two daughters (17yo and 13yo) are stronger than me. younger one is even stronger than her elder. they have total control on the daily life. i've to sit one of their lap while taking food. they fed me like a baby. they help me to change my dress. At night one of them must cuddle me before go to bed. I enjoy this.

RamiaNov 16 2011 1:54am
My wife's baby. She treated me as a baby and she's the mother

AnonymousJul 22 2016 2:00am

avalonJul 22 2016 6:55am
Yes much bigger and stronger I'm literally her baby not husband

AnonymousJul 22 2016 3:45pm
This one guys

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:07pm
anonymus how big she is? hi woman

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:10pm
pleasse describe what he is doing to try to win, what he feels what you feel etc all particular mum

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:11pm
Yes high hill. I'll be 2.10 would you like it. He's trying so hard his face will be red, while me texting you πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:13pm
isn t hard for you?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:15pm
Hahaha, hard absolutely not. I wish other guys can find it

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:16pm
i bet he is givint 120% to avoid other slaps, can you feel his strenght? more challenging for you?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:16pm
are you verbally humiliating him while he tries? u wish other guys can find what?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:17pm
No, feel nothing. Now lifting the table. I noticed that you were chatting a man here saying he's his wife baby. I can't believe how many weak submissve men there are. Women πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:17pm
Find this poll. Little bit just tell him come you pussy try harder your wife's ficking you how's that

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:19pm
feel nothing? like a child with adult man, such humiliation for him, you like this punishment? he look desperate already? howm is lift table challeng work

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:19pm
what else are you saying to him, is amazing, what does he replyes

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:20pm
Him with 2 hands. Me with 1 hand, while he sitting on it. I won. Third slap

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:20pm
explain how it works

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:21pm
he is crying already? strenght of slaps is increasing? on armwrestling can i fight with other arm?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:22pm
Exactly kid and adult man. I'm the adult man, it's weird to say that. I'm telling him, I'll smash your dick you don't deserve one he's trying harder but nothing

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:23pm
Yes, you can. I think he might cry now. I can see the tears πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:24pm
one other idea... ask hi if he is tires and caress his biceps than grab them harder and harder until you have enough grip to start to lift him slowly, pretend you dont do any effort and keep talking normally with him like for you is almost no effort to lift him

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:24pm
so for you is boring armwrestiln maybe i wil give you more challenge is i use both arms onthe ather free arm of yurs

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:25pm
Stop please I feel sorry for this poor guy. Imagine guys your self in his position

AnonymousJul 25 2016 12:26pm
You can use all your body, and I'll fee nothing. He already cried and it's soanking time my slippers getting ready πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:28pm
imagine yourself sucking the biggest boobs you can imagine and lifted by the most powerful protecting arms, im jealous of her husband

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:28pm
tell him to bring the slippers to be spanked he need to obey

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:29pm
What?? Also do you want yourself to be spank in a slipper, and your wife sleep with other men don't think so

AnonymousJul 25 2016 12:29pm
i want to kiss those biceps anyways

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:30pm
I told him to bring the slippers with his mouth while crawling. Like a dog πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:31pm
cann you bend a spoon?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:31pm
he is obeying?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:32pm
Anonymous are you scared of being husband for a wife like meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:32pm
woman heve you tryed to lift him grabbing his arms?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:33pm
Yes I can it's so easy. Off course that's so humiliated. He's now on my feet waiting my instructions πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:33pm
take the heaviest dumbell you have and ask him to lift, every kilo you must take away from it to help him to lift will be a min extra of spanking eheh

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:34pm
Sure woman I'm so scared. This's hell to any moi don't understand how other men like it

AnonymousJul 25 2016 12:35pm
Actually, now I naked him so spanking should start.

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:35pm
so you realized you are weaker anonymus? how big are your muscles?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:35pm
you can keep teting while spank?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:36pm
Good for you anonymous I love men who fear me

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:36pm
Yes I can I slap with one arm, while the other one on his back and texting with it. Do you want to be on his place πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:37pm
i think we arre all a bit scared if you can make us cry spanking is like become childs again and dealing with rules from adult

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:37pm
to be honest yes i want to try just to see how strong you can be

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:38pm
does he cryes? he prays to stop?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:39pm
So you're scared from me as well 😍😍 That's so perfect, ya and my rules are strict. Right what do you think your friends in university will say about me? With those heels

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:40pm
that you have horse muscles probably and that you are veeeery huge

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:40pm
Yes he was already crying. He's begging like a kid. You'll try it baby so soon. My slippers are waiting for her new kidπŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:41pm
what you say to himwhn he begs? you want me on your lap as well?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:42pm
I love you because you're not ashamed from me, infront your friends. People here say Bull musclesπŸ’ͺ🏻. I want them to come and start touch my muscles

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:42pm
can we challenge you aswell in strenght tests?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:43pm
Yes on my lap under my slippers mercy. Shut up you're not useful for anything. All what I ask for is other men from my husband is it so hard.

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:43pm
will i be scared or crying if u spank? are you sooo strong?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:44pm
You'll be crying. It hurts all men cry. Yes and mummy is that strong. I really want to go with you to the university 2 meters of pure muscles

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:46pm
can i ask you a rivate question? for how long can you actually have sexx continuously without breaks?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:46pm
what will you tell me whn i start crying and try to leave

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:47pm
That's alright. 90

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:47pm
90 min constant pumping?!

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:48pm
Sit, you stupid kid. I'm your mum and you have to respect me. Say sorry say sorry. I'll f*ck you if you try to leave

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:48pm
Yes, so what

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:49pm
whats your favourite position?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:50pm
Me on top

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:50pm
is a dream a woman can go for so long... why your husband compa=lains!

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:51pm
imagine with some breaks how long can you go i will be exahusted!!

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:52pm
so u really want me to kry spanking me?? what if i ask you please to stop

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:53pm
My husband complain because I beat him a lot. I wrestle men naked. And recently I start have sex with other men

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:54pm
are mren tired afteru f*ckthem? i bet its the most powerful sex ever

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:55pm
No if you misbehave I won't stop. Yes exhausted. Tell you secret some days I have sex with 2 different to be satisfied

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:56pm
plus a so strong woman as wife can be a blessning for many reasons

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:57pm
for how long you f*ck this mens to be satisfied? when you stop spanking me then?

AvalonJul 25 2016 12:58pm
Ya, but beating isn't one of it for sure

Woman Jul 25 2016 12:58pm
no but defending me. carryung heavy groceryes? do you like to carry heavy stuff for the house for your weak hubby?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:00pm
Sure, always spank my men. Approximately 60 min each time. Every man 2 times

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:00pm
Sure literally I'm the man of the house. And he's the lady he only cook and clean floor kitchen bathroom

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:01pm
spank is very bad is very role reversal

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:01pm
gimme some example of you being the men on the house

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:02pm
Why it's so bad. Plus on your country men soanking their wives???? I work, he doesn't. I go out with my friends he doesn't. I pay the rent bills etc. I carry the heavy stuff, he doesn't. I help the works at home he's so shy to do it. I have moustache he doesn't πŸ˜‚. So who's the man of the house

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:05pm
btw you didn t answer my previous question, when you decide to stop spanking , at which point?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:06pm
wat heavy stuff you carried recently for him?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:07pm
All the stuff grocery, furniture everything. When I want to. I'm your mum and have the right to do whatever I want with your ass

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:08pm
can you lift a washing machine up to the stair for example?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:10pm
Sure I lifted my refrigerator, because the workers couldn't. 6 floors by myself

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:11pm
what what what?!?! how how how

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:11pm
i asked becuase last week i couldn download a small washing machine from car trunk it was hevy as hell

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:12pm
2 workers were supposed to carry it to my flat. But then they said it's so heavy we can't do it we need third guy. But the third one was too late. So I ordered them to put on my back and lifted it

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:14pm
Haha you're avarage man. Just another pussy

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:14pm
was it hard?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:14pm
im pretty sure with the size of those arms you could have lifted the wasking machine and trained a bit verhead pushing it up and down a while

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:15pm
No it wasn't. Ya I'm sure as well its only washing machine. Can I tell you something without being upset. You men are so so loser, I'm stronger muscular better in studying better in working. Don't you feel submissve to someone like me?

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:18pm
it was around 60 kilos monster heavy

avJul 25 2016 1:18pm
60 you poor useless man

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:20pm
well if i cannot download a car and you arrive to help me and llift it easily overhead no effort yes i may feel very submissive

avJul 25 2016 1:20pm
why useless? is heavy

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:21pm
You may!! You should stand in the middle of the street saying my wife is better than me. Women are the dominanted sexπŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:21pm
i just want to see this overhead wwashing manckine amazing show

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:22pm
You got it if you'll shout like this πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:23pm
thats whet i must do to make my wife help me with something heavy :/

avJul 25 2016 1:24pm
o u think u canr eally push up and down this washing machine in the parking just to shw e how light it is?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:25pm
Maybe it's fun way. Hey people I'm my wife slave, she controls me

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:25pm
Yes absolutely it's only 60 kg. come on. πŸ’ͺ🏻 it's nothing

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:26pm
hey ppeolpe im soo wak i cant lift this washing machine like my wife easily is doing

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:27pm
is almost my bidyweight how can it be nothing ahah

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:27pm
It's nothing trust me. No hey people I'm my wife slaveπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Anyway don't worry men stay at home

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:29pm
can you push it up and down 30 times?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:30pm
i promise if u can do the same with my bosy i will go on my kees and kiss you on the fets and thighs for as long as you want

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:31pm
Yes, sure my squad weight are 150 πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:31pm
With your bosy?? What do you mean??

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:32pm

avalonJul 25 2016 1:32pm
Your body weight 80 kg. haha peace of cake prepare yourself for my lovely big feet on your mouth 😍

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:34pm
so you are saying you can lift me up to your chest, than straight up on the ceiling then down on youtr boobs and up again for 30 times??

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:35pm
Yes I can, and I'll be topless so you can be inside my breasts every time

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:36pm
and 80 kg30 times will not tire you?!!!!!!!

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:37pm
sounds like a dream, i will scream my wife is hulk

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:38pm
Haha, ya my wife is Hulk and I'm her slave πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:39pm
and 80 kg30 times will not tire you?!!!!!!! can i scream it when u hold me high?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:40pm
It's good weight but not so hard. Yes you can. You'll be so humiliated πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:41pm
omgsuch a enormous power. i really feel like a child in strenght

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:42pm
i feel likeyou can lift me from my armpits like a child

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:43pm
Ya I lift lots of adults from their armpits. I love it I told you you're actually my kids. 😍😍

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:44pm
just armpits no me jumping to help, just your arm to lift my body up

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:45pm
Yes just armpit it's so easy by the way.

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:46pm
really? you want to do it when u pick me up fro m university ? :P

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:47pm
i wish you to ask me how wasmy day before puttingme down, so everyone can see you and embrass me

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:48pm
Yes, sure lift you from armbit, then go to your teachers. I'm pretty sure I'll take you home with me, and never come back to the university.

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:49pm
lift and then what?

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:51pm
Take you to your teachers to tell them that you'll leave school. Then meeting your friends, to tell them that they will be visiting us a lot in the house because you're not allowed to go out

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:54pm
i dont wan t to walk around uni to meet all myteachers

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:55pm
I'll be lifting you. But I want to meet them and ask them about you?? When we're in a meeting you'll be in my lap

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:57pm
so you don t want me to walk and youll lift me all the way? thats embarassing

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:58pm
ok i will walk i understand

AvalonJul 25 2016 1:58pm
Ya I know, but don't worry it's your last day anyway.

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:59pm
No no walking because when I come to university I'll be missing you

Woman Jul 25 2016 1:59pm
please don t i will walk and behave

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:00pm
No no no. I wanna lift you and hug you. As I said your last day don't worry

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:01pm
my teachers will lough at me, you want to humiliate me there?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:02pm
plus i don t want u to be tired for all the walk around university

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:03pm
Yes I love to humiliate men. We'll do it, and go back home to put the pampers.

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:04pm
can i at least walk by myself in the parking outside the uni so my friend willl not see?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:05pm
or you want to lift me for one entire h and walk all over ?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:05pm
No all the time between my arms. Your friends must see. You want to introduce me to them right? Your muscular tall mum😍

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:06pm
arent your legs tird after this walk with heavy weight on you? and how can i introdice them yo u if u cannot shake theyr hands?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:08pm
I can lift them with other hand. Give them a kiss and go

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:08pm
u lift me in one hand and kiss my 5 friends lifting one by one instead of hand shake?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:10pm
Yes they're my kid friends I should kiss them right?

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:11pm
of course but cant u just kiss withut lift them and me?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:11pm
u like to do that to show immediately what can your muscles can do isn t it? what if they ask to have a picture

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:12pm
No you're my kid I should lift you. Sure we can take lots photos. I'll invite them home, so you don't feel bored

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:14pm
i know them they are *ssholes, they ll ask you to lift me very hight to take a pic of me. what will you do then

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:15pm
No they'll have selfi for them you while lifting both of you πŸ˜‰

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:16pm
nice idea, will not be too hard to hold us up for selfie time? 5 times 5 pic for 5 friends?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:17pm
what if they ask you to flex when u hold me up

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:17pm
No not at all. Then trust me when they'll come home. I'll show him who the real boss is. They will be crying so loud.

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:18pm
Ya sure why not?

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:19pm
cant imagine a woman huge woman lifting smiling two guys with no effort

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:19pm
because i know you will show off your enormous bicep wile holdin me on the other arm maybe asking me to flex aswell for the pic to see the difference

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:21pm
Haha, we do these things at home. I don't like to stay for long time in public. I hate wearing clothes

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:22pm
? which things

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:22pm
The photos I don't have time for this while I'm wearing something

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:24pm
what do you wear outside how can youfit n clothes with your size?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:25pm
so no more walking for me? alwais hoisted up in your musclular arms?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:25pm
That's the point too hard finding clothes. Outside 99% of the time. Fliflop, shorts, and a short shirt only covers my breats.

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:27pm
No walk either kissing my feet cleaning my ass, or lifting by me

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:28pm
but in this way i will get weaker for no exercizing and u stronger for holding me all the time

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:28pm
That's the point. Why you need strength anyway? You're not allowed to do anything

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:30pm
yes but heavy tuff at home, my heavy book boxes, sofa to move to clean house etc

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:31pm
i don t need much strenght but this difference between us isn t enough yet?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:31pm
No books, men are so stupid to study. No moving couches you have your mummy πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:32pm
I love helpless men. They make me wet. Who ask help in the bath πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:33pm
what should mummy do for me and couch problem thnan

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:33pm
Who ask help in the bath??

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:34pm
Many men can't open the water. Things like this. So we'll have bath together

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:35pm
what should mummy do for me and couch problem thnan, camon water is easy to open, couch hard to move or lift maybe

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:36pm
I put you on the couch and move it. Not mine it's so hard. Because I close it πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:38pm
why you close it so hard than? why u put me on heavy couch , i need you to meve it

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:39pm
Just as fun for the babies this what mum usually do.

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:40pm
so i must ask your help to open a simple water knob?!!!

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:40pm
Yes exactly when I leave I give you bottles. No need for bathroom because of the pampers

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:41pm
and why yiu want me on the couch to move it?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:42pm
ut i cannot do nothing without your help then? you like like this?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:42pm
I love this. Just to show you my strength

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:43pm
how you show strenght outting me on the couch?! i dontundrstand sorry

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:44pm

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:48pm
would be funny f i am sit with friends watching tv and you lift the couch to search some shoes

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:52pm

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:53pm
Haha, ya happened a lot but not shoes, underwear

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:54pm
really can you?explain?

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:55pm
ok mum i need to sleep goofnight

AvalonJul 25 2016 2:58pm
Nothing my husband and his 2 close friends were at my house. So I was totally naked. Then a third guy call saying he's on the door. So I thought it would be better to wear my underwear while i was searching for it I remember that it was under the couch so I lift it to get it

Woman Jul 25 2016 2:59pm
Today I had an appointment with a doctor. It was mandatory visit to comply with the firm health policy, just a general check. I went there, and entered the clinic, I found a doctor in his 40s, asian small man. When he looked at me, he was amazed and surprised. His eyes were staring at me and following me. I didn't say anything and lie down on patient bed. After like 3 minutes I told him in a shouty voice "doctor do you want to start, or you like what you see". He said yes of course. He started taking my pressure, blood tests etc.. Then he wanted to hear my heart beats, he said "can you remove your shirt", and of course I took it off, and as you know I don't wear bras, so I was topless, he was shocked another time. He was so restless, and trying to avoid looking at my breasts. He had a call, when he turned his face back to me, his face hit with my breastsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. You can't believe it, it was so fast and strong. I didn't feel much, but his face was so red, and my tit stamp was on his face. He was dizzy, and couldn't stand up. So I lifted him, put him on the bed instead of me, and brought ice for him, until he was okay again. He said sorry, but you're so strong and big, I've never seen in a person like you. I said thank I know. Then he asked me if he can touch my body, I said yes sure you're my doctor. He checked that everything in me is genuine "muscles, breasts". Then he said that's unbelievable, I can't believe it. He asked me if he can do one extra blood test. I said sure, when the results came back he was even more surprised, than before. I got a little worried, and asked what's the matter. He said no nothing bad to your health, but your size, and muscles mass, is insane for a woman. Also he did a test for my testosterone rate, and apparently I have more testosterone than 99% of the men. He said many of my tests indicate that I'm a man 😱😱, even he checked my pussy to make sure that it's genuine. I told him doctor I'm woman, and married he replied "that's impossible Any man who'll marry you, must be gay." I was so angry and decided to behave him, but he apologised and beg me to forgive him. He said he didn't mean it. The funny thing guys that according to since you might be gaysπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. However at the end he told me his specialty is on difference between genders and he wants to study my body more, and I approved it.

Woman Jul 26 2016 12:28pm
Hey, where're you? Busy at your university. f*ck it leave your university, you're a man you don't need to study

Woman Jul 26 2016 2:33pm
@woman I missed you so much. I'm so glad to find you. Please please please let me sit on your lap and maybe masturbate me as well. I promise I want to worship your feet and lick your *sshole

SuganJul 27 2016 9:44am
Great Sugan you found me. Of course I'll put you on my lap and mastribute you. I miss you all, everyone even the guys who were criticising me. I wanted to know their ideas. Anyway did you read my story with doctor what do you think

Woman Jul 27 2016 10:28am
Woman I am so happy to find you. Really you will? That is so great. Your story with the doctor is great! It is funny that according to him we are gay? How have you been? Do you still want to come to the uni and put me on your lap?

SuganJul 27 2016 10:59am
I'm so happy tooo. I've been great. As usual gym, boxing classes, beating husband and neighbourπŸ˜‚, no new men unfortunately 😒. Sure, I'd love to come come to your university. How would you introduce me to your friends?? I know the doctor opinion is so strange, not only he said my testosterone is much higher than most of the males he said according to my size and muscles mass I should be a man 😱. He checked my pussy after thatπŸ˜‚ I'm visiting him really soon

Woman Jul 27 2016 11:04am
Woman I would tell them all about how amazing you are. How you give me the best masturbating on your lap, how you are so strong and powerful, take good care, how you are a goddess of sex, about worshipping your feet and breasts and *sshole. There is too much to tell! I'll go on for hours

SuganJul 27 2016 11:06am
Woman lol I want to be him and check your pussy too! (I know you dont want but I hope it is okay for me to talk about sometimes and make jokes)

SuganJul 27 2016 11:07am
Wow, really that's amazing wouldn't you be ashamed of worshipping my foot and cleaning my *sshole. Jokes are fine. But don't forget doctor checked it because he couldn't believe woman can have such powerful body πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 27 2016 11:09am
I'll enter the university lifting you, while you wrap your legs around my hip. Meet your friends then go to your teachers

Woman Jul 27 2016 11:10am
@woman I'm glad we both have good sense of humourπŸ˜‚ And i'm not ashamed. I'm proud of myself that I am worthy of you

SuganJul 27 2016 11:13am
Woman that is amazing!

SuganJul 27 2016 11:14am
Good boys always proud for serving powerful women πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 27 2016 11:15am
You know what I'm really curious to know more about my body and genetics. When I told my husband about he said ya the doctor is right you're man with a pussy. Do you know a husband who say that? Hahaha

Woman Jul 27 2016 11:19am
Woman I promise to be perfect for you

SuganJul 27 2016 11:19am
Good boy. When I'll go to the university I'll be wearing 15 cm shoes so I'll be 2.10 meters. What is your hight

Woman Jul 27 2016 11:21am
Woman I am 5 feet 6 inches. By the way do you ever masturbate your male cousin who loves you while he sits on your lap? Just curious

SuganJul 27 2016 12:41pm
Yes, of course i did, his dick is thin and tall just like him funny, but he left now . Wow so big difference between me and you.

Woman Jul 27 2016 12:44pm
Woman haha I know. Do you like that difference?

SuganJul 27 2016 1:22pm
Woman I'm sorry your male cousin left. I know you love to have fun with him. I am here for you

SuganJul 27 2016 1:23pm
I love the difference, show men my supriority. I know thanks dear. I'm really bored although I have two men with me, but I always have a need inside me, that I need new men don't know why? I really need new men

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:26pm
Woman I want to be your new man

SuganJul 27 2016 1:27pm
Ohh, wish you're near and older. I was chatting with another man, he said if I'll marry him he'll call his friends and tell them my wife wants to challenge you, and the prize is me if they win. Isn't that a great idea?

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:29pm
He said he'd love to do it, and he's totally convinced that women shouldn't be with one man only. 😍

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:30pm
Woman I wish to be near too. Why do you wish me to be older? And that is an amazing idea

SuganJul 27 2016 1:30pm
Because you're smaller in 9 years and that makes me old. I know and he's creative guy, wish my husband does that as well

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:32pm
Would you make such offer for your friends? And the married onse might have offer of show for example

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:34pm
Woman don't feel old. You are in great shape and only 29! You will probably be dominating helpless men for so many years to come!

SuganJul 27 2016 1:35pm
Woman I would make the offer to friends, family and everyone. There can be a foot worshipping contest, to see who is the best at kissing and massaging your feet!

SuganJul 27 2016 1:36pm
Thanks 😍. Wow that's terrific ideaz. Would you really make these offers? How you will tell them about? Tell me

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:37pm
Do you think your family will like such a wife ?

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:38pm
I really will. I will bring them over and then you can lift them up by surprise and make them kiss your feet

SuganJul 27 2016 1:39pm
Woman I think so but I dont care what anyone thinks. I just want to spend all my time on your lap and worshipping you

SuganJul 27 2016 1:40pm
Haha, that's great. Really I would like to know will you go to your family and friends and say my wife is challenging you and if you win you can get her. How will you say it

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:41pm
Will you like watching me humiliating beating wrestling you family and friends naked?

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:42pm
Woman Ill tell them to come meet my new wife. When you get there you will be topless and in underwear. You will challenge them and the winner can keep me. When you win I am all 100 percent yours!

SuganJul 27 2016 1:43pm
Wow yes I love to watch that

SuganJul 27 2016 1:44pm
Good. What do you like to watch do to them?

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:45pm
Woman I want to watch you wrestle them and make them worship your feet and sit on your lap

SuganJul 27 2016 1:47pm
Okay sure do you want me to describe it for you? Is there special person from friends or family you have on your mind

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:48pm
Please describe it! Can you also describe me sitting on your lap meeting my teacher at uni? Special person is my shortest friend he is 5 foot and I want to see you masturbate him on your lap

SuganJul 27 2016 1:50pm
Okay first you. We'll go to the university I'll be lifting you. Your legs around my hips. I'll be wearing high heels short skirt covering under my pussy 2 cm. Short whit shirt, of course no bra. I'll go to your teacher meeting with her. I'll put leg above the other one, then I'll place you exactly on my lap. We'll start discussing your future so if she says anything not good about you, I can slap you immediately. Your head will be exactly between my breasts.

Woman Jul 27 2016 1:55pm
Woman wow that is amazing. Is the skirt tight also? I love to feel your breasts on my head. I really want to suck them on your lap so much

SuganJul 27 2016 2:00pm
We'll invite your short friend, to our house for dinner. Since it's the first time i meet him, at first I'll be wearing a really so short sleeping short, and a bra. After we finish dinner we'll sit in the living room, I'll take off my slippers and put on his face then I'll, give him a look and tell him OMG, you're so so so short probably you can't reach my titts, we'll stand next to each other you'll be taking pictures. Then I'll tell him let's compare body, and I'll force him to take off his clothes, and stay with the underwear and me too, I'll be topless only my thong. Then I'll challenge him to arm wrestling two hands from him one from me, of course I'll win. Then I'll wrestle him. Lifting and throwing him breast smoother him, kicking him, smashing him until he cries. So I'll start humiliating him by putting my big feet on his mouth orders him to kiss suck it. He might choke with my toes, then of course I'll give him a hard spank with my slippers. At the end We'll complete our night put a movie put on my lap mastributing him, while both of us laughing on his small dick πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:04pm
Yes the skirt is really really tight. Is your friend really only 5 foot. I'm 6.4. Can you imagine the difference, men are changing they're becoming smaller softer and weaker I love that. 😍

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:05pm
Because it's his first time, i was wearing a bra, and shorts, next time of course I'll be nude. Don't think that I became more conservativeπŸ˜‚Also next time I'll lift him from the door

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:10pm
Did you go? You know it's so inappropriate to make me tell you stories and then you just leave.😑

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:20pm
@woman no I didn't go just my phone died. Back home now and on the computer

SuganJul 27 2016 2:39pm
Those are amazing stories though really thank you so so much. You are incredible. Do you want any stories from me?

SuganJul 27 2016 2:40pm
Just tell me, did you like how I treated your friend. Or you want me to do something else.

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:44pm
I love how you treated my friend it is amazing. And I love the thought of you in a tight skirt. I love it so much

SuganJul 27 2016 2:45pm
Woman is there anything I can describe for you?

SuganJul 27 2016 2:47pm
How do you imagine me with your friends?

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:48pm
I imagine that some of them definitely want to laugh at me but they are too scared of you so they just have to watch in awe while I sit and masturbate on your lap and worship you and suck your breasts. Some will have a boner and it will be so amazing when you notice. You can make them strip down and worship you and you can masturbate them on your lap. Anyone who is mean gets a spanking with your slipper

SuganJul 27 2016 2:51pm
All my friends will have no choice to respect and worship you and you can control them too

SuganJul 27 2016 2:53pm
That's great. I want to have lots of men around me with boner, wrestling lifting them. Making them kissing my feet. Would you be excited when you watch other men excited on me?

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:54pm
What's your short friends name? Do you think I should be naked from the start of the night or I can take off my clothes later

Woman Jul 27 2016 2:56pm
Woman I'm so excited. It makes me ecstatic. I am so lucky to have found you

SuganJul 27 2016 2:58pm
Short friend is Robert. Take your clothes off as we go along please

SuganJul 27 2016 2:58pm
Wow, so we can both have lots of fun, making your friends excited on me. Any ideas? What do you mean by go along "from the start or later" sorry English is not my first language

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:00pm
Take your clothes off later. And it's okay! You speak amazing English! And yes so so much fun! Can I please be masturbated on your lap while they all worship?

SuganJul 27 2016 3:04pm
Ohh, sure. I can mastribute you, while one of them is kissing worshipping my feet. And the other one cleaning my ass, and last one massaging my breasts. Do you like that😍😍? So why don't want me to be naked from the beginning?

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:06pm
Woman you are a dream!! And because I want to become excited so when you get naked it is something we have been waiting for. When they walk we should be sitting in the middle of the room with both of us naked and you masturbating me intensely on your lap! Imagine the looks on their faces! How surprised they will be!

SuganJul 27 2016 3:08pm
Sure, absolutely. Do you think they'll love and be excited on my naked body. What if they don't like muscular women?

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:10pm
Few times. I did a show for my husbands friends. It was like a muscular wife stiper. Do you want to try it with your friends?

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:11pm
Woman I think most will and if they dont love muscular women they will have to put up with your dominance over them! Why are you worried about them not being excited?

SuganJul 27 2016 3:12pm
Oh woman I would love to see that show from you! During the show did you give lap dances to the men?

SuganJul 27 2016 3:13pm
Because many men around me don't get excited. Although I'm naked most of the time infront of them

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:14pm
Women don't worry what they think! Look how many men are here to worship you! Many have different tastes but don't ever believe you are not a beautiful and powerful woman because of what some men think. They are just afraid

SuganJul 27 2016 3:15pm
Yes, something you can call it a close show for everyone of them. I would be totally naked without even a thong. Full of oil flexing muscles and do moves and lift stuff for them

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:15pm
Really thank you😍. Buf I really love to see ots lots of men excited around me.

Woman WJul 27 2016 3:17pm
Did you like the show idea or not? In the show everyone was able to touch whatever he wants from my body and muscles

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:19pm
Woman so I could get a lap dance from you at the show 😍😍?

SuganJul 27 2016 3:19pm
I love the show idea

SuganJul 27 2016 3:20pm
Sure you can. You wouldn't be ashamed infront your friends that I'm doing that show. Right? What do you want to touch. Choose 3 placesπŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:21pm
Woman wow I'm so great full you do that for me 😍 I would be the opposite of ashamed! So proud of you so strong and powerful. I want to touch your breasts and butt and pussy to be honest

SuganJul 27 2016 3:24pm
I need active people who can keep my house full of men. Whenever I need them to be

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:24pm
Really proud that's so perfect😍😍. Yes you can touch them, only touch. I've been thinking in your friend Robert he can't touch my boobs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:26pm
Lol why can't he touch your boobs? Just curious. Thanks so much for letting me touch you all the places I want. You are so so special

SuganJul 27 2016 3:30pm
You're welcome. As long as you bringing men, you can touch whatever you want. Because he's only 5 foot me 6.4 no heels. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:32pm
Yes another question do you know any of your friends who might slightly like women with moustache??

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:33pm
If you will bring one of your family members to this show. Who you'll bring? Father, brother, cousin, uncle

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:34pm
Women some men I know actually like the moustache! Wow thanks you. I will always bring you men. I want to spend the rest of my life on your lap being masturbated. I hope you want to masturbate me on your lap as much as I want it :)

SuganJul 27 2016 3:35pm
Really who are these men? You should spend your life doing 3 things: bring me men. Taking care of my feet. Then getting mastribute on my lap. But honestly I think you'll be exhausted way before and fall asleep

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:38pm
Woman they are friends of mine who are also small. There were many big girls in our school and they make jokes with us, have us sit on their laps. We discovered that we loved this and so we always sit on their laps. One time one of the girls invited us over and they were all there. Each girl made us get naked and took one of us on her lap. Then they all masturbated us and the first one to orgasm had to worship every girls feet and *sshole. I was not first but I said I would worship anyway ;) it was amazing and I want to do it with you Woman. With you it will be the best

SuganJul 27 2016 3:42pm
Wow, that's great. I love that apparently everywhere in the world, women are getting bigger while men are getting smaller. Loving this, in a few years women will be way stronger than men. Do you mind being submissive to women. You and your friends?

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:45pm
I don't mind and neither do they. For me it is all about the three things you mentioned :)

SuganJul 27 2016 3:46pm
Was your girlfriend anyone of these girls? And What about your family member who you'll intolerance me to?

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:46pm
So many guys on your school want to be submissive to their women. That's so cool you can't imagine how this makes me excited?

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:48pm
But please tell me in details your creative ways to bring me every day new men? Like offering them my body, or the striper show somethings like that

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:49pm
I wouldn't say girlfriend but for a long time I was having sex with one of them. She was almost your size. The sex was amazing. She was so in control and I did whatever she wanted. It was always about her orgasm and I had to give her multiple orgasms every time she f*cked me. She said I was a perfect lover for a dominant woman. I believe she trained me perfectly for my future with woman like you and made me a great submissive lover

SuganJul 27 2016 3:50pm
Ohhh, cool this's why you're good at foot worship. Did you get excited when you saw your friend worshipping her *sshole

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:52pm
Woman I will always make friends at school and online and tell them to hang out at my house. When they get there you will be naked ready to dominate them. I will also make ads for you as a personal trainer and wrestling coach and men will come for sessions where you dominate them and say things like "my rule is if you lose you must worship my feet. That teaches you to be humble and respectful to women like all weak men should"

SuganJul 27 2016 3:53pm
Wow amazing amazing idea. I love the coach and trainer idea. It's so so perfect. I love you for this idea😍😍. I want to imagine lots of student now, while you watching and getting bigger boner you have in life

Woman Jul 27 2016 3:56pm
Woman I love you too. Yes it's magical. Don't you think it is great I had a big woman to train me in sex with dominant women? She moved to Denmark so I don't see her. Because of that it is so rare to have sex with someone big and powerful or to sit on a big girls lap.

SuganJul 27 2016 4:00pm
You had a sex trainer!! Are you a professional slave for women? How would men react when they'll see me as a trainet and coach

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:03pm
What should i be wearing in the training session?

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:04pm
Woman yes I did have a sex trainer. I am a professional and fully trained submissive yes! This is why I am so confident when I ask about sex with you ;) because I am young yet I know everything about bringing pleasure to the most dominant woman. Also wear incredibly tight and small athletic clothing so that they rip at the beginning of the session when you flex and wrestle

SuganJul 27 2016 4:07pm
How big was your sex trainer. Did she use diddlo on you?

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:08pm
Woman she was your size and no dildo is the one thing she did not use

SuganJul 27 2016 4:09pm
She preferred we just have regular sex with my penis because she said it was big for a small man

SuganJul 27 2016 4:11pm
Shame. But I like that you're trained submissve man. Please note if this one closed after 5 comments go to this one

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:12pm
But the idea of ripping my clothes during the training is amazing. Just imagine when my ass will rip my underwear, amazing

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:13pm
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