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Do you like LikeLike?

Question: Do you like LikeLike?
Created by: Detered at 09:38:39 AM, Saturday, July 08, 2000 PDT


I don't think you shouold have to earn points. I think people should just be able to come here and asks uestions and ge tadvice for free.

BuggyNov 13 2005 10:36am

By the way, how do you earn points. be very specific bc everybody else is confusing me.

BuggyNov 13 2005 10:37am
Too many liars and insane people answering the polls.

Kung Fu MasterMay 28 2006 7:01pm
Am I insane, a liar, niether or both?

an intelligent life formNov 13 2009 9:22am
NoalOD Hello.This article was extremely fascinating, especially because I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Monday.

vswsmdeoiDec 21 2014 12:17pm
This one

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:12pm
Here I am ;)

mariaSep 03 2016 3:13pm
Great, I told you when I'm with 1 man I literally f*ck him πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:14pm
You should try boobs vs man

mariaSep 03 2016 3:14pm
Yes a normal man will surely finish dominated tired beaten and humiliated i think he will feel weak all week after you lift or spank him

mariaSep 03 2016 3:15pm
I tried once, my boobs against my husbands friends arm, and i won πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:16pm
How the challenge was exactly?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:16pm
When i spank men they literally start treating me like their mothers it's so hilarious πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:17pm
What do you mean like theyr mum?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:17pm
I'm pushing using only my boobs while his hands are on my boobs and he's pushing. I pushed him to the wall then locked his face between my boobs then he collapsed so i sat on him and locked him again with my boobs

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:18pm
I mean everything, they start asking to be breastfeeded and to carry them, and they ask permission for anything they want to doπŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:19pm
So wasn't able to push back?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:19pm
You like when they do that? Like needy children's?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:20pm
No he tried so hard but couldn't my boobs are stronger bigger and muscular

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:20pm
Yes I love it. It gives me motherhood feeling but for adults helpless men

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:21pm
What they ask often?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:22pm
As I told you, breastfeeding, being carried like babies. If they're allowed to go out or to eat somethings or to put them on bed until they sleep

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:23pm
But of course my adult babies do many things for me as well

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:24pm
Isn't it too tiring for you?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:29pm
Hey where did you go? How's your gym boxing classes and your muscles girl

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:30pm
No not tiring at all. It's so much fun to lift an adult male put him on the toilet then lift him to the bedroom, give him your breast so he can feel safe until he goes to sleep.

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:31pm
Yes but 80 kg baby all day lifted is heavy

mariaSep 03 2016 3:39pm
Gym boxing is tiring muscles always sore but I can feel a bit of stiffness more

mariaSep 03 2016 3:40pm
You said last time you can hold Al against his will up in the air even all day if you wished to

mariaSep 03 2016 3:41pm
Not for me. This adult baby thing excited me and when I'm excited I have extra power. I told you they my adult babies sometimes spoil me so I have also extra power

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:42pm
With those muscles you don't really need extra power eh eh

mariaSep 03 2016 3:43pm
Good girl few weeks more you'll be able to beat Al or at least Iz

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:43pm
Haha, yes I know but my babies give it to me what should I do? πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:43pm
But they'll be come soo weak if you spoil them they'll not be able to lift theyr own chair without your help

mariaSep 03 2016 3:43pm
As you said the stronger you get the more you want to show and the weaker they are the more you want to beat and dominate tgrm

mariaSep 03 2016 3:45pm
I know this's how I love my men so so weak and helpless. Their only physical is cleaning my ass and feetπŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:45pm
Yes dominating these little weak men is the best thing in my life. Especially when they all stand together infront of me naked and I start order and humiliate them πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:46pm
I love weak and soft men, so all my men aren't allowed to have any muscle or even to have any hair on their bodies. I have body and face hair more than themπŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:48pm
You're basically the muscle man and they're all scared young girls

mariaSep 03 2016 3:50pm
Haha, yes you get right. I know that's a bit weird but I love that way. You know many men get excited on my many body. Can you believe that?

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:51pm
What excite them exactly?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:53pm
Things like my big muscles, big foot, moustache, my tough voice, my leg hair etc... I was so shocked when I knew that some men really like these things πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:55pm
So it's exactly as you said when I'm with them I'm the man and they're the girls

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:56pm
But you like as well if you are so much bigger?

mariaSep 03 2016 3:58pm
Yes I love that way a lot. I'm so excited when i meet with these types of men. Now I only look for these types of men. I can't resist them 😍

Woman Sep 03 2016 3:59pm
Soft weak and thin 😍

Woman Sep 03 2016 4:00pm
Eh eh you love let them feel your muscles?

mariaSep 03 2016 4:04pm
Next wedding you should be dressed as man and next husband as girl

mariaSep 03 2016 4:05pm
It have ever happened that joking with someone you used exceed of strength and pushed for example someone too hard?

mariaSep 03 2016 4:07pm
Yes I love it when they feel my muscles. I think it's going to be Iz who would wear the wedding dress πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 04 2016 1:10am
You will ask him to wear it?

mariaSep 05 2016 8:58am
Yes I'll order him to wear it. You should do at your wedding the same

Woman Sep 05 2016 10:48am
I will if my muscles will be easily bigger than his

mariaSep 05 2016 11:08am
I'm sure they will be bigger very soon, so you can show off with your bigger muscles on your wedding

Woman Sep 05 2016 11:12am
Will you show off at wedding?

mariaSep 05 2016 11:35am
Yes absolutely, while my husband will be sitting wearing his dress and shy

Woman Sep 05 2016 11:53am
Wouldn't it be too cruel?

mariaSep 06 2016 4:53am
No why? This's the new marriage women are in charge men are only for our pleasure. Don't you agree?

Woman Sep 06 2016 5:15am
Yes but you want that everyone notice how small his muscles are compared?

mariaSep 06 2016 6:08am
Yes absolutely that's the amusing part of my wedding. And he should wear dresses so all people know his role in the wedding πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 06 2016 6:42am
Well just watching at you is easy to understand who's the boss

mariaSep 06 2016 8:14am
Hahaha, I know. Men around me are so humiliated. However most people know how I treat my husbands from my current husband situation πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 06 2016 8:20am
Does he complaints about it with someone?

mariaSep 06 2016 8:30am
I guess in your gym all guys are embarrassed

mariaSep 06 2016 8:31am
Yes of course he complains for his friends and relatives but basically no one can help him because I beated them all

Woman Sep 06 2016 8:39am
I can imagine how hard it must be for him to be such weak

mariaSep 06 2016 8:41am
You should let him wear maid costume and let him clean the house like that

mariaSep 06 2016 8:43am
When you go out together he's embarrassed to stay close to you?

mariaSep 06 2016 8:45am
He cleans the house of course. In general I force men in my house to be almost naked so we can see the big difference between me and them. He's embarrassed especially that I'm wearing always really short shorts

Woman Sep 06 2016 10:30am
Why he's embarrassed about that

mariaSep 06 2016 10:48am
From the size difference between me and him especially my legs . And from my muscles and from me being more masculine more than him

Woman Sep 06 2016 10:53am
But he stay far from you to avoid this

mariaSep 06 2016 10:55am
I don't let him I love to embarrass him πŸ˜‚. Although it's rare to go out together. Usually people come to our house

Woman Sep 06 2016 10:59am
Well someone should do shopping! :)

mariaSep 06 2016 11:07am
Shopping we don't do it. Our shop bring our stuff to us, otherwise I bring it by myself. Men are only for my pleasure

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:10am
I like to ask your husband sone questions eheh

mariaSep 06 2016 11:11am
Yes absolutely please he's right here

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:12am
Ok please flex your arm close to his face and ask what he sees and what he thinks and feel

mariaSep 06 2016 11:13am
He sees block of huge muscles, he thinks now that his marriage might be a big mistake for his safety πŸ˜‚ He feels so scared from your next question

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:15am
Let him touch it and ask for all his strength to squeeze

mariaSep 06 2016 11:16am
Does he feels his hands small?

mariaSep 06 2016 11:17am
He did. He used his 2 arms, he couldn't squeeze it for 1 ml, and I didn't feel anything. He doesn't feel his hands he feels his hands are baby's hand πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:19am
Why is he scared of my questions?

mariaSep 06 2016 11:19am
Because he's scared that you may ask him to serve me, or being spanked by me

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:20am
Will you do if I ask?

mariaSep 06 2016 11:21am
Spank him of course. I love to spank men ass.

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:21am
Flex your bicep and let him kiss it tell him that that's how a muscle look like

mariaSep 06 2016 11:21am
Do you visit Iz? Do you still humiliate him?

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:22am
I'm doing it. Not only with my biceps but with my thighs muscles, calves, shoulders

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:23am
What he answered? He's in holiday in Brazil for other 2weeks

mariaSep 06 2016 11:24am
Now tell him to try to win arm wrestling you he can use whatever he wants but if in 10 min still he didn't move your arm you'll slap him...This should help him to give his best

mariaSep 06 2016 11:25am
He's kissing my biceps full of humiliation. Honey when he's back you should go back and humiliating him like the last time

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:26am
Of course woman I'm training hard for that

mariaSep 06 2016 11:26am
Alright, we'll do it. I'll keep texting you while I'm arm wrestling him. Although it's so boring for me. I want to have other man with him

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:27am
Good how's your weights now better? And wrestling and boxing classes going on? Tell me about it

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:28am
He's trying right now? Weight I use 7kg now for arms and 20 min constant running

mariaSep 06 2016 11:30am
Yes he's trying to push squeeze and doing everything but I feel nothing. That's cool how much your bf lift, I think you told me his best is 12 or so?

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:32am
What are you saying to him? Yes 12/14 kilos he's strong!

mariaSep 06 2016 11:33am
Strong bff come on, he's a pussy. You started few weeks ago and you're more than his half. I bet Iz max is about 10, so soon you'll be stronger than him. I'm telling him come on come on my pussy husband let me feel anything, or you know my slippers are waiting your ass.

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:36am
Woman qre you busy struggling with his arms?

mariaSep 06 2016 11:37am
He's doing his best?

mariaSep 06 2016 11:38am

mariaSep 06 2016 11:41am
Me not at all. I don't feel anything. Yes he's doing much more than his best. By the way we've been more than 10 min

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:42am
You are ok and he's already sweating? !

mariaSep 06 2016 11:43am
Ok i have one idea but you'll be a bit hard on him you want?

mariaSep 06 2016 11:44am
I'm more than okay. He's so tired he can't hold his arm anymore

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:45am
Yes tell me, because I want to start spanking him.

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:46am
So his best don't even let you be tired? ??

mariaSep 06 2016 11:46am
Haha, yes he's so pussy.

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:47am
Now you beat him at arm wrestling, you slap him hard enough to let him fell on the ground and you lift him by the trousers with one hand and bring him without put him down one second to take the measuring tape

mariaSep 06 2016 11:48am
Than You come back and put him down is it Ok for you? And order him to measure the muscles that will let him cry

mariaSep 06 2016 11:49am
Alright, but I have to spank him first on his ass.

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:49am
Let him wait he must get nervous waiting for you to beat him ahah

mariaSep 06 2016 11:50am
Can you lift and text same time?

mariaSep 06 2016 11:51am
Yes do you want me too lift him? Should I carddle him?

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:55am
Only fro his trousers carrying him few cm fro the ground like bouncers that kick people out of club

mariaSep 06 2016 11:57am
Sure, will do. I'm lifting him tight now.

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:59am
Wow he's light? Did you slapped him?

mariaSep 06 2016 12:00pm
Yes I lifted him, and slapped him. And then will soank him

Woman Sep 06 2016 12:03pm
Does he have the measuring tape?

mariaSep 06 2016 12:03pm
You are probably busy destroying him i understand goodnight

mariaSep 06 2016 12:07pm
Yes, actually I'm bit busy. But he doesn't have the tape

Woman Sep 06 2016 12:11pm
Hope you aren't still busy for me:*

curious87Sep 08 2016 9:49am
Hey of course I have time for you

Woman Sep 09 2016 5:21pm
I was reading what Maria asked you to do to your husband. ..poor guy I am jealous about your muscles and strength aswell

curious87Sep 10 2016 2:22am
Haha, I know he's really a poor guy. I don't know why most men here think he's lucky guy, he's not. Literally i f*ck his lifeπŸ˜‚. Don't be jealous you're a man and men meant to be the weaker sex

Woman Sep 10 2016 2:46am
But you are soo much stronger there's no competition

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:00am
I mean you can easily lift a big guy overhead and train with his weight and most people's cannot even lift same guy

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:01am
I know, and I want men to be with me so much helpless. For me it's just normal and it comes after years of training are you scared of me?

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:04am
I'm fascinating of you

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:05am
I feel weak like a child compared to you and also very small

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:06am
I guess if I woke up close to that mass of muscles i would just kiss it as soon as I can

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:09am
Oh really I would like to wake up next to you

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 3:12am
Yesterday a funny story happened with me. I was visiting my personal tailor. He's really a very nice old guy, I'm his client from ages he helps me by making underwear, bras and shoes for me, since you know I'm so big to find something fit me in normal stores. However, there were a man at the store, he saw staring at me all the time, when my tailor taking my measurements and when I'm trying my underwear or shoes, it was bit rude. So, then I went and sat next to him, he introduced himself to me he's a German business man. He's quite big, muscular guy, then he apologised because he was staring at me, but said that although Germany full of big, muscular woman but he never saw a woman as big and muscular as me. We started talking about muscles and working out, i was flexing while I was talking with him, of course my muscles are much bigger than his. I noticed that he had erection while he was looking at me. So I invited him to my house to compare muscles. In our way to my house, I told him that my husband is in the house, he was surprised that I'm married, and he said please let me go. I told him no no don't worry, we're only going there to compare muscles.

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 3:13am
When we came to my house I introduced him to my husband, he was so shy and surprised that my husband isn't even noticing him. However immediately I took off my clothes, but left my underwear on, and I ordered him to do the same, he did. We stood next to each other infront the merrier and start flexing, although he's not a small man, and he's athletic, he looked like a kid comparing to me, especially when we compare legs. Then I told him how about a wrestling match, he agreed of course big mistake. We wrestled and I kicked his ass, only after 5 minutes he started beginning me to stop. I told him alright, but I own you for a night. So I ordered him to clean my ass, with his tong, and then I ordered to worship, kiss and lick my big feet, but he wasn't so good. So i put him and gave him the spank of his life. Of course he struggled a lot, and shouted, at the end he cried. I felt sorry for him. So I took him into my lap, and hugged him really hard, and start telling him that's alright don't cry I won't hurt you again I just wanted to show you who's the boss. Don't worry I'll be there always for you. Then took to the bed with big hug. When we're in the bed, he told me you know what I don't want to go back again, I feel so safe and happy here. I just want to stay with you like this please. He said he feels like a safe baby and he doesn't want to lose this. He said it was right to give him the spank, and he just wants to kiss my feet and ass all the day. At the end he said now he understands my husband situation.

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 3:14am
Than what happened

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:15am
It's really funny how it's easy to turn a big a successful German businessman to a crying weak baby. Day after day I'm totally convinced that men best place is slave or a baby for a woman

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:15am
How big was this guy? Was hard to educate him?

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:17am
He's about 187 cm, and 90 kg. but for me still small. What do you mean educate him?

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:18am
From man to cry scared baby

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:19am
He was a bit shocked when I start spanking him, so he resisted a lot. Then he surrendered and knew his real life place πŸ’ͺ🏻 women rule

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:20am
Did he cried?

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:23am
Yes he cried like a lot when I was spanking him. Even when I hugged him to compensate him he kept crying for like 10 minutes

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:24am
He's still in my house till now, cause he spent the night with me. He's kissing and worshipping my feet again now

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:25am
Where he slept?

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:27am
Can I sleep between your boobs as pillow? I wake you up kissing and sucking them

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:27am
With me on the bed, hugging me like a baby

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 3:28am
Yes you can. But it's too hard you won't be able to breathe, also I'm 108 kg full of muscles I'll crash you πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:29am
If i don't breath ill move my head away. are 28 kg heavier

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:31am
If I'm sleep I won't feel your head, so it's really dangerous for you. Yes I'm hope to become 120 soon

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:33am
If you want you can sleep like the German guy did. Put his head on my breasts and hugging me

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:34am
120? 40 kg heavier? ! Oh yes please I love it. ..big soft pillows

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:36am
Yes but gaining weight with muscles take time. Really that's great your face will use my breasts as pillows I love this like small baby

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 3:38am
One of your boob is big enough to be a pillow?

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:39am
Yes absolutely more than enough. But you should know that my husband will be with us in the bed

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 3:41am
I can sleep and hug one he can have the other ;)

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:42am
Haha, ya sure. But don't worry my husband doesn't hug anything most of nights he sleeps by my feet πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:43am
So is so big i can hug one? !

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:44am
Are they hard?

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:44am
Yes they're so so huge, I designe my own bras because there's no bras for me in the market. Yes hard but not 100%

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:46am
I like hard boobs i want to kiss all the time

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:47am
Okay sure luckily for you I'm always topless inside my house. But you should kiss my feet and ass also

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:48am
What ever you order me

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:50am
Good boy, I love submissve men. Now the German guy is doing and next you. I love controlling useless weak men πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:51am
Can you breastfeedi me while you lift me?

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:53am
Yes absolutely I did it a lot. You should call me mummy,

Woman Sep 10 2016 3:54am
You are able to? How? !

curious87Sep 10 2016 3:57am
I'll lift you in a cardle way like a baby. Then I'll place your head near my breast so you can suck from my tits while I'm walking with you to the bedroom. You'll be saying I love you mummy πŸ˜‚

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 3:59am
From that position your titts will look huge, can you walk while I suck?

curious87Sep 10 2016 4:00am
Is it easy for you,? I can't say I love you mummy because I will have your huge nipple in my mouth

curious87Sep 10 2016 4:01am
Yes I can do it. It's easy. You can say it when you take a break from sucking my tits

Woman Sep 10 2016 4:03am
Ok i will. like to hear it?

curious87Sep 10 2016 4:05am
So you saying that lift me is easy for you?

curious87Sep 10 2016 4:06am
Yes sure it's so easy my little baby πŸ˜‚

Wife woman Sep 10 2016 7:18pm
Do you do some games sometime with your friends and of course your strength involved?

curious87Sep 11 2016 5:28am
Once I played rope pulling game against my husband friends and i won. They were 12 men and they lost against me πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Sep 11 2016 5:38am
You must be joking :o β™‘

curious87Sep 11 2016 9:45pm
No I'm not i wom against 12 men. It was on a nudity beach

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 11:42pm
U had fun? People's were scared?

curious87Sep 12 2016 7:25am
Yes it was amazing, I had a lot of fun laughing on how they look all of them struggling a lot then all fall down by my feet when I pulled the rope πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 12 2016 7:44am
I bet all guys were humiliated and girls were cheering you. ..I guess there's no point in try this alone or with other 2guys like me

curious87Sep 12 2016 8:17am
Actually not all girls were cheering. You and two other men, noo. Maybe bring with you another 6 or 7 men just to have a bit of competition

Wife Woman Sep 12 2016 8:19am
Ok how about me plus two and you use just one arm? I can't believe I'm asking this advantages

curious87Sep 12 2016 8:52am
Why not all girls where cheerful?

curious87Sep 12 2016 9:02am
i don't know maybe they were jealous. Anyway it was amazing to see 12 men falling down from my pull πŸ˜‚, but the most hilarious thing was my husband look after he saw 12 men falling by his wife feet

Wife Woman Sep 12 2016 2:30pm
Poor guy why you didn't order him to participate

curious87Sep 13 2016 7:51am
I wonder wouldn't be funnier for you if your husband would be almost as strong as you? So you still win and dominate but at least you have fun in wrestling one vs one

curious87Sep 15 2016 1:37pm
No I wanted him to watch so he can fear me more, watching me beating 12 other men πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 15 2016 2:41pm
Actually I prefer weak men. Also i have other men to do with them what ever I want to do, so why to stay on one man while I can have different one every few days to wrestle and control

Wife Woman Sep 15 2016 2:43pm
I understand but maybe a bit of challenge will make you love wrestling with him again. ..apparently he's too weak to let you struggle during wrestling

curious87Sep 15 2016 10:23pm
Actually No. I love humiliate destroy men as much as I want I love my men to be literally babies

Wife Woman Sep 17 2016 1:56am
Well with those huge boobs every guy want to feel child close to you plus once you show your strength is easy to see who's the adult :)

curious87Sep 17 2016 3:43am
Hahaha, exactly I love that. All men should be helpless comparing to me

Wife Woman Sep 17 2016 3:51am
Well I guess I am

curious87Sep 17 2016 7:43am
how can you make me feel helpless? im a normal guy what will be yourtecnique?

curious87Sep 17 2016 12:43pm
Usually to make men feel helpless I carry and lift them as babies, i spank them on their naked asses using my huge slipper, I wrestle them and force them to lick kiss and worship my big feet. I also put them all the time inside my house and let them wear nothing except their underwear so I can make fun of their bodies all the time

Wife Woman Sep 17 2016 4:51pm
but do they suffer first time?

curious87Sep 18 2016 3:58am
In wrestling and spanking they suffer a lot of course not in lifting

Wife Woman Sep 18 2016 1:38pm
yes of course i guess only one suffering in lifting me is you cuz 80 kg iis not easy to lift , but im scared about your abiity to enslave guys in some hours

curious87Sep 19 2016 9:34am
80 is nothing almost kid weight

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 11:51am
Kid weight? !

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:26pm
Have you ever showed your strength to some teenagers? Around 60 kg perhaps?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:27pm
Yes especially my two cousins they're about 17 very thin and weak guys and they love me a lot

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:33pm
What is their weight? They love you?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:35pm
Let's say that you manage to push me to the wall. You think you can put a thigh between my legs and lift me like that?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:36pm
Yes absolutely my thighs are so strong 30 inches pure muscles. They're 62, and 59

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:37pm
Yes absolutely means you can and easy?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:38pm
Yes so easy you're only 80 kg come on your weight is nothing to my muscles

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:39pm
30 inch of pure muscle omg I wish I cam touch it flexed mine are 18 more or less

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:39pm
So you mean i will be lifted by riding a huge thigh? !

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:40pm
18 lool like a stick. Don't worry when we meet you'll spend a lot of time between them πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:40pm
So your cousin ask you to show some strength tricks or what?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:41pm
Yes exactly I'm sure my thighs double your ass size

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:41pm
My flexed is 18 I just measured and not very hard but I am imagining me sit on your larger oneβ™‘

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:43pm
Yes they spend at my house every summer a week. Since they love me, they ask me to work for me as slaves, kiss worship my feet, give me bath, wash my underwears, i lift them as babies shower them, of course wrestle and spank them sometimes

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:43pm
By the way mine is almost 32 inches

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:44pm
Wow I guess they're happy to compare and be lifted, bit less to be spanked eheh

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:44pm
U said 30 :O

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:45pm
Haha sure but the weird thing is that they like being my slaves they enjoy cleaning my ass, and washing my underwears πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:46pm
No I meant 32 typo mistake

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:47pm
I guess together adding forces they can't beat you

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:47pm
32 inches? !!!! Hard?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:48pm
Yes 32 so hard. Noo my cousins are the weakest young men on earth I think. They're so weak both of them got tired from cleaning my ass πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:49pm
So 14 inches larger than mine and mine isn't even hard. ... I guess yes you can lift my body with me riding your leg

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:51pm
Haha, ya I told you. I think soon I'll be double yours. Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:52pm
I wish to touch that muscle and maybe if you allow me to hit a bit to feel how hard it is

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:52pm
Ya sure, I would love to feel your small weak arms and hands on my big powerful muscles

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:54pm
Really? !β™‘

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:55pm
Can I feel also arms? Shoulder? Pectoral? Abs?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:55pm
Sure i really love the feeling of men's weak arms

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:56pm
Yes absolutely I love show men my muscles and strength

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:56pm
Can I also give bit light punches to see how hard it is? I'll not hurt you I promise;-)

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:57pm
Please try your hardest I love to see your hardest your weak man πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:57pm
What do you mean?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:58pm
I meant puch as hard as you want I'm sure I'll feel nothing

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:59pm
You want me to squeeze hardest i can?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:59pm
Full strength punch where? Are you sure?

curious87Sep 19 2016 1:59pm
Yes I'm so sure. All men are just pussies to my strength and muscles

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:00pm
You will not be upset?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:01pm
What if I squeeze all strength your biceps and give a pinch on your abs?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:02pm
No why to be upset?? My husband will be but who cares about this ideot πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:02pm
He will be upset if I punch you? I think is legitimate

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:03pm
Okay, you can try not a problem just note my biceps is 22 inches

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:03pm
Your new biceps 22 there's one other typo I think

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:04pm
Yes upset Not because you're punching me, because you're touching my muscles the ideot thinks it's not appropriate for married woman to do so

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:04pm
No there's not. Why you think there's??

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:05pm
I would be upset if someone is hurting my wife nit if someone is admiring her muscles

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:05pm
Be sure no one can hurt me. Exactly he should be happy because men love my body but he's saying married women shouldn't expose their bodies for other men, he's stupid

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:07pm
22 inches biceps your flexed arm is 22? Almost 56 cm?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:07pm
But your body is an art monument to share!

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:08pm
Yes almost, of course the measures aren't 100% accurate but yes it's almost 22 inches

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:08pm
Can I ask you to measure it while unflexed please?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:09pm
Would you share your wife body? I share it with other men never care about my stupid pussy husband

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:09pm
I'll do it but tomorrow alright?

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:10pm
To you he must look very weak.i would share just to make all guys jealous

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:10pm
I want to know how bigger you are when I am flexing and you not

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:11pm
Good boy every man should be fine in sharing his wife body. He's so weak he fears me to death, i spank him a lot using my big slippers

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:12pm
I think it's around 20

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:13pm
Why do you spank him omg he's not able to defend himself

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:13pm
Even if it is 15 is bigger than mine:O

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:14pm
No he can't. For many reasons sometimes for fun, or just to show him who's the boss, or if he said something like I shouldn't show my naked body to other men we fight a lot about these things

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:15pm
Haha, I know mine unflexed either 19 or 20 so much bigger weak mam. Woman rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:16pm
For fun so he likes to be spanked

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:17pm
Want to know mine?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:17pm
No he hates it, for my fun πŸ˜‚. As I said but most of the time we fight about other men, or if he gives me bad foot massage i spank him

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:18pm
Yes what's your biceps size? Weak man πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:19pm
I understand you giving him rules but can you describe me what happened when you spank him for fun? You like I guess

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:19pm
Flexed or unflexed?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:20pm
I dragg him on the floor, and then put him on my thighs, take off his underwear, and take off my huge slipper (my foot size is 12, 47) and spank him until he cries. I do it for our relatives and his friends as well

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:22pm
Both, flexed and unflexed. And your calves size as well

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:22pm
You like spanking him? What do you say to him in the process

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:23pm
Ok bicep. embarrassing unflexed 12.5?, flexed 13.5 calves 14 and flexed 14.5

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:24pm
Usually I'll be talking to him, about the reasons of our fight and then keep reminding him that I'm the boss and he's no more than weak useless slave husband

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:24pm
Haha, so your flexed is 8 inches smaller than mine I told you're a kid comparing to me πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:26pm
But if you do it for fun there's no fight so you just lough at him and say what?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:26pm
I'm not small i can challenge you :p

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:27pm
I can't remember it depends, generally you're so weak come on my useless husband your wife is board and would like to f*ck youπŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:27pm
Haha, do you know that your thighs are smaller than my biceps πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:28pm
Good to know if you are bored you make adults cry like baby omg

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:28pm
Yes they are small:(

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:29pm
Yes so be careful want to try my slippers on your ass? πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:29pm
I think now you're so scared to have wife like me. Right? πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:30pm
No that's why I must find a way to not to let you be bored

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:30pm
Nah i would be an happy husband ready always to challenge; p

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:31pm
The only thing that makes me not bored is beating menπŸ˜‚, so if you don't want to be beated you should bring me other men. I think you'll change your mind in couple of years like my husband

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:32pm
Your husband used to like your strength and muscles?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:33pm
With your strength you can really treat him as a child and even worse

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:34pm
Yes, but after 2 years he was so exhausted of all the beating and dominating. So now he's only slave we even hadn't had sex for like 3 years

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:35pm
Yes I can sometimes his friends call me mummy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:35pm
In those 2years you got stronger?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:35pm
Yes much stronger and I keep getting stronger everyday. Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:36pm
With that boob size (no offence) you look pretty motherly I guess

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:36pm
So you met a guy who love strong women. You marry him than you become too big and strong?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:37pm
No that's alright. Yes you're right, they're so big, so even DDD isn't enough so I design my own bra's

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:38pm
Wow ddd is huge they must be very big and heavy!

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:39pm
No I was strong and muscular i met weak thin guy I married him, and I kept becoming stronger and muscular

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:39pm
You can force hin on the corner like unruled child's after the spank eheh

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:40pm
Now you are bigger and too strong? You can say you are 3times strong than him?

curious87Sep 19 2016 2:41pm
This will close go to this one

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:41pm
Yes mine are so so so big, my husbands friends call me Bull muscles Cow breasts. They're so heavy each one of them is more than 4 kg.

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 2:43pm
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