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Which Gender is the Best????

Question: So who's the superior sex???? Are men better or are women????
Created by: briansgirl at 12:42:30 PM, Tuesday, November 28, 2000 PST


Who are the pussies voting for women? Men are obviously the superior gender. Men have always been the leaders and shapers of the world, in society, politics, art, religion, etc. Women have always been their compliant helpers and even servants. Women are more passive and less intelligent than men. And that hasn't changed! After decades of women's "lib" women still have to fight for recognition and status - proof that men still rule things, and that women are naturally subservient.

AnonymousSep 30 2003 9:14am

Take a look around and you will see things are changing. There is overwhelming evidence that women are biologically superior, and they are rapidly becoming dominant in society. They are taking over education and business, and are destined to come out on top.

BobSep 30 2003 12:03pm
Women are superior, and they are aware of it. They have the advantage intellectually and physically. Men who don't acknowledge the fact that women have the upper hand are only fooling themselves. The female is the stronger sex and they know how to use their superiority to their advantage.

EnriqueOct 02 2003 11:00pm
"Anonymous" needs to get his facts straight. Now that women have shaken off male oppression, they're discovering much more than equality with men (why stop at that?). Women are more intelligent (they do better on general intelligence tests; they do better in college); they are biologically superior (they give and nurture life, live longer,and have a higher resistance to disease and pain); emotionally, they are more sensitive,intuitive, and expressive; morally and socially, women are more co-operative and considerate. These qualities are rightly more valued in today's world, and women are increasingly in positions of authority, influence and decision-making. Men will have to adapt.

JessieOct 04 2003 8:01am
In nature, the female is generally dominant over the male. I think women are superior, and it has just taken a long time for humanity to accept the natural order.

DillonOct 05 2003 5:31pm
I agree that women are far superior, in every sense. They're smarter, better at communicating, they're got far superior endurance, they can take more pain, they live longer, they're tougher than us, and some of them are even getting physically stronger than us.

KenOct 09 2003 2:02pm
Women rule!

SSSOct 10 2003 10:36am
There can be little doubt left on the matter. Women are smarter, more insightful, better debaters and think faster. They comprise a majority now in higher education and are claiming more and more positions of authority and power.

IvanhoeNov 12 2003 10:34pm
Every generation the Y chromosome gets a bit smaller. one day it will be gone for good and there will be no more men. so make the most of us while we're still here, and stop bitching.

AnonymousNov 28 2003 1:46pm
I am a male but still i feel womanhood is the best gift from God to human, because put aside productivity, one can learn tolerance and caring and affection by none than women.

chashma1Dec 12 2003 3:03am
Women are smarter, more insightful, better debaters and think faster. They comprise a majority now in higher education and are claiming more and more positions of authority and power.

ChrisDec 14 2003 11:12pm
Females really are superior . Girls, enjoy being the superior sex, and be grateful that nature has made you this way.

SteveDec 28 2003 8:55am
Females are without doubt vastly superior. If they wanted men to become extinct they easily could. There is no longer any need for men. We are at there mercy.

EZ.Jan 06 2004 3:54am
Which gender is BEST? When it comes to intellegence, no doubt that "Women are BEST!" Many new studies are demonstrating that women have superior cognitive abilities. Women's brains are smaller, but packed more densely with nuerons that allow better mental processing. A study that used CAT Scans on Women's brains showed that a they would light up like a Christmas tree when stimulated. The Cat Scans on the male brains was mostly dim when given the same stimulus. Women's brains always show more activity than the male brain; when at rest (sleeping) a woman's brain is more active than a fully active (awake) male brain! Many educators will privately confess that the female brain is much easier to teach, the male brain has a much harder time learing. When it comes to Multi-tasking "Women are BEST". The male brain can handle only one thing at a time, but a woman's brain is constantly bursting with multiple thoughts and ideas. The reason is that women have a much better wired brain than males have. The Corpus Collosum ( a bundle of nerves connecting both brain lobes) is larger and more developed in women. This gives women untold advantages in Multi-tasking, language, and intuition. Women's brains can transfer data more quickly and more efficiently between both right and left hemispheres. Recent studies have proved that on average women think three times quicker than males, and for some brain functions like memory and information processing, women can think up to twelve times faster than the male brain. When it comes to mental abilities, the male brain is vastly out classed by a Woman's superior cognitive skills. So there it is, just one of the many ways that "Women are BEST!!!"

JMGJan 08 2004 2:51pm
Women are far superior, and there are signs all around us that they are taking charge these days. It used to be hard for a woman to compete in a man's world, but now it is the other way around.

graingerJan 30 2004 10:31pm
Although I am a male I do believe that it is women and not us males that are actually the superior gender. It appears that women are superior over us males in almost all areas. We have heard jokes about the best man for the job is a woman and that women can do almost anything a male can do but SHE can do it faster and better. I am not sure if theses are merely jokes! Women outlive males by almost a decade. Women are able to survive injuries that will kill most males and they undergo childbirth. Although women make up 52% of the population they make up only about 12% of the prison population and for every woman that is executed, about 98 males will be! This seems to show women benefit society more.

K.P.Mar 07 2004 9:59pm
I noticed that when Anonymous spewed forth his venom about how inferior women are to men, pointing out how men have accomplished so many good things since the dawn of time that he left something else out as well (and perhaps deliberately). Things such as war, rape, murder, assorted other crimes, bigotry, religious ideologies designed to benefit only men, greed, paranoia, and other assorted negative influences on our world. Maybe men have held the upperhand in taking credit for bringing about such marvels as he mentioned above, but men have not made this world alone, either. Women have contributed a great deal to what he claims are men's inventions and discoveries. Women have helped improve on them, and have so much to offer the world, if their talents, ideas, contributions were not supressed by anti-female scared little boys in the first place. I love women and what they have done for all of us and what they mean to us. I wonder if the women in his life knows how he feels about them.

Steven LMar 10 2004 7:06pm
I keep reading all of these comments about how hard it is for a man to com- pete in todays "woman's world", and how the future belongs to women. If this does occur it won't simply be because women are taking charge of their own lives and doing what they want to do, seizing opportunities that were rare before, but because men are not falling behind because of a natural inferiority. That is simply ridiculous. If men are indeed falling behind, it is be- cause they are simply giving up, unwilling to compete on terms that have been changed to suit everyone and not just themselves. Despite the chang- ing times, men still feel a sense of natural entitlement that allows them to get everything they want, simply because they were born male. Men can save themselves, they simply need to realize that times change and so do the circumstances that guide our lives. If they are falling behind, it is be- cause they choose to do so, not because women are "taking over" by sheer ability or desire.

PLMar 22 2004 6:45pm
It doesn't matter why men are falling behind. The simple fact is they are. It is up to the female population to take charge for the common good.

AnonymousMar 25 2004 11:14pm
Males know they are inferior to Women but are afraid to admit it. Women usually find the male body unappealing, men are often hypnotized by the nude Female form. Women's power over men is well known. They are also smarter, as can be seen in their significantly greater academic achievement, and they are biologically stronger than men. Part of our evolution as a species will be the acceptance of the fact of Female superiority and male inferiority.

NealApr 07 2004 11:38am
Neal, you are the problem. Just another mealy-moused wimp who will not grow up an accept responsibility for his own life and wants to have mommy boss him around and make him do what she wants him to do. This is why women are "taking over" because guys like you refuse to stand up and be counted. Women are not inheritantly superior, despite all of the feminazis and milktoasts who post on this board.

RandyApr 11 2004 2:38am
Whats up with Randy! Phallic Male Rage, or Fragile Male Ego Syndrome. Probably both, some males just can't accept the truth of Feminine superiority. Look at all the data, there is abundant evidence that proves females are better! Try reading Ashley Montagu's "The Natural Superiority of Women".

S. K.Apr 11 2004 1:52pm
SK. There's nothing up. I'm well adjusted, unlike insecure males who are willing to take the blame for everything even if he isn't guilty. As for relying on data to define superiority, then you know where your trouble lies. A true superior human being doesn't have to brag about it, he or she, just naturally is.

RandyApr 15 2004 3:02pm
Have any of you heard of individuality?

RandyApr 15 2004 3:11pm
Calm, calm, calm down Randy. You seem very insecure. Calm down and listen. Just admit it, women are superior. You'll be a much happier person, and women will like you too! There is plenty of research and evidence from numerous unrelated sources that come to the same conclusion, women are superior. The women that boast of being superior do so in a playful way, some are rude, but I think that most women don't really look down on men. Until recently, it was men that rudely boasted of MALE SUPREMACY and actually kept women down trodden. How do you believe women felt for so many centuries being told they were the WEAKER SEX. The truth is that men ARE the weaker sex. I really do think that we men are due a little payback, but again I think most women are being playful when they tease that males are the weaker sex. I read somewhere in one of these comment sections that it was men that benefit the most from women's superiority. I believe this is so true! Its not women's nature to dominate or conquer men, thats just not part of their mindset. Most women, I believe, want men that are strong in mind and body for life partners - not some whiney whimpy male. Women aren't "taking over" society, they are just begining to participate in society. Imagine all their pent up energy and frustation finally being released, of course women are doing fantastic! I think this person, Randy, is rather young as I can remember when there were actual laws on the books that prevented women from participating in society. Women could not legally become pilots, police officers, fire fighters, vote in any elections, join the military (other than nurses), political office was off limits, and for much of U.S. history women received only the equivilent of a ninth grade education. High school for young women was mostly vocational courses on cooking and sewing! If women were to dominate society, I don't believe they would ever treat men as poorly as men have treated women.

S. K.Apr 15 2004 6:40pm
I voted for women!!! Of course women are superior, as a male I think its healthy to admit it. I love women, they are greatest! What do women really think? Come on Ladies, tell us your honest opinion/feelings, its so interesting to hear what women think.

JeffersonApr 17 2004 9:38am
Women are the best. Women are SUPERIOR. Women make me so happy!

AnonymousApr 17 2004 3:52pm
Randy is just a frustrated woman-hater clinging to the past. Women refer to men like that as "cement heads". They are really harmless, other than the harm they do to themselves.

MichaelApr 17 2004 7:44pm
I've read numerous articles on women's ability at multi-tasking and it all true! I've always noticed since school years how females could do more things mentally at the same time. Women multi-task so easily they don't even know when they're doing it! It makes me so envious, the male brain is more primative. A woman's brain is better wired and more efficient, this is why women can think quicker and multi-task so easily. Women can run circles around the male brain and we don't even know when they're doing it, its so hard to keep pace with a woman mentally. The male brain moves along at a slower finger counting pace as compared to a woman's quicker mind.

AnonymousApr 23 2004 11:19am
It's true, women are superior mentally. As a man, it is not something I'm particularly glad to admit, but my observations have led me to the same conclusion. It used to make me angry when my wife would talk down to me as if I were a child, explaining things slowly in simplified terms. Then I started realizing how much more advanced her mental capabilities are. She does several things at once without even thinking about it or being aware of it and never seems to lose track of anything. Now I realize she was the one who was frustrated because I could never keep up with her, yet was arrogant enough to blame her for the gap in our intelligence. Now I know that if we are to have successful relationships, we must recognize and support women's abilities. It is better to be humble than alone.

DominickApr 23 2004 9:46pm
How, as a male, could you not believe that women are superior? The more a man learns and becomes to understand the nature of women, he can't help himself to be impressed. Women are so IMPRESSIVE! A woman's intelligence, wisdom, intuition, perception, touch, foresight, skill, guidance.... All so impressive! And women are so insightful it makes us men feel so naked and fragile. I've always had the notion that the nature of women is what defines true beauty, and so it is incredibly easy to admire women. I always hear it said that males are the weaker sex, and I'm embarrassed to admit its so true. Men ache so badly in mind and body for the company of women, and so desparately want to spend time with women. I'm always so concerned that men need women so much more than women need us. But I still believe that men think that women are the greatest!

JMGApr 25 2004 12:52am
It does appear that women have established themselves as the stronger sex. In general, women are displaying more confidence and assertivemess than ever before. They are physically strong and fit. They are intelligent, ambitious, and competitive. All this and yet still beautiful, nurturing, and compassionate. I think we are all aware of the superiority of women, but some men are in denial because of pride.

SteveApr 25 2004 11:57pm
The male Y chromosome is unstable and is slowly receding. Each generation is producing weaker versions of males than the previous one. Many scientists believe that in 100 years or so our species will have evolved to where the female is the larger and stronger of the sexes. Seriously, no joke. Many other species have adapted to this before, take Hyenas, a spawned species that is believed to have evolved from the orignal wild dog, the females are larger and more powerful than the males, the females are the leaders of the pack and will even go up against larger predators like jaguars and lions. in Almost all reptile species and many insects the female is the stronger also. Scientists have now proven that women are smarter, biologocally stronger, and have higher emotional responses. Eventually males may become more of a weaker sex than women ever were. If you look at female progression and male degeneration over the last 100 years, this concept does not seem so far-fetched.

JasonApr 26 2004 6:28pm
In fact, Jason, it is right on the money. I believe there are many signs that this is happening now.

KellieApr 27 2004 10:53pm
There is a very respected new study that says despite what people usually think, women are the ones who really have testicles and a penis. It is irrefutable. Just face it, guys.

NancyMay 03 2004 6:04am
Chicks with DICKS!!! Wow, thats sooo COOL!

AnonymousMay 03 2004 4:27pm
What in the blue hell does that mean Nancy? Most of the women posting on here are anti-penis&balls, saying that men are ridiculously worthless and its all because of our testosterone producing penis & testicles. Then you show up and say a "respectable" study, says women are the ones who "really have testicles and a penis" whatever that means... so why would you girls covet what you insult? If you "really" have the testicles and balls then you are insulting yourself every time you say males are inferior.

danMay 03 2004 8:48pm
Dan, Nancy is just another lost feminazi. When someone comes up with the terms "studies show" or "new research reveals" or a "respectable" study, they are simply making it up. I have never heard any of these women and men come up with any names to these studies. They are just making it up as they go along.

RandyMay 05 2004 12:11pm
Studies show women are superior. Do a little research on a search engine and you will find dozens of articles by scientists and doctors supporting this fact. There is strong evidence that women are superior both physically and intellectually. There is also evidence that men are genetically retarded because of the y chromosome, in other words, women are superior even on a genetic level. Stop being so insecure and accept the truth.

JasonMay 05 2004 11:53pm
Of course women are superior, why is it even a question anymore.

BuffgirlMay 26 2004 5:46am
It's still a question for many males because of their FRAGILE EGOS. Alot of men don't want to hear, know, or talk about women's superiority. Social status is something that males have had oven women for generations, but women have always been superior as people. Now that the males social status is eroding his inferiority is sticking out like a sore thumb. There is nothing males have over women anymore, and many of them just can't handle that fact! Those men that can change and accept feminine superiority (and we're not talking about SM Dominatrix stuff) will find a better life with women in future society. The world is changing and the "Ice Age" remnants of male dominance is being replaced by women's ways and mindset.

dyna_girlMay 27 2004 11:23am
Leave it to someone with an INFERIOR argument to always use a man's fragile ego, when they have not other way to debate. Feminine superiority is baseless. There is no such thing, and there never will be. People who believe they are superior to other people based solely on how they were born are INFERIOR anyway, whether they be male or female.

Rick I.Jun 01 2004 1:38pm
Men get so defensive when their fragile egos get bruised! That's what makes them so cute. Pushing their buttons is so easy.

SueJun 04 2004 9:58pm
Sue, you unclever little rascal! Now why did you go giving it away to all these submissive males?

DanJun 05 2004 8:03pm
I am a White Man!

White ManJun 08 2004 11:35am
Who's the superior sex? here's a sign. Females can talk about girl power. If anyone talks about boy power they get arrested.

AnonymousJul 24 2004 11:57am
And your point would be what?

AnonymousJul 30 2004 8:23pm
My high school, ALL the top awards went to girls. My university is 60% or more women. At my mom's work, most of the top bosses are women. And the men are doing the heavy work, but being told by WOMEN what to do. I just see girls of my generation beating the heck out of guys in so many ways. I beat my b/f at about everything. The only thing he can do that I can't is get an erection. But I can make him get one of those anytime. Even there, he is helpless.

BuffgirlAug 11 2004 10:56am
That is the way it is across the board. Women have become the stronger sex without a doubt.

AnonymousAug 14 2004 9:56pm
For a sex that is "taking over and is better" look at the last elections and see who they put into the White House for the next four years. A conservative president who is going to put conservative judges on the Supreme Court who are not going to be too liberal with thing like oh, say abortion and affirmative action. It does not seem as thought the country is willing to swing to the liberal left and female supremacy any time soon. Bush won by about 4,000,000 votes as well. Seems significant to me.As far as colleges go, the one I go to is pretty much 50/50 and the last administrative job I just left was male dominated. So, I don't know where all of you are working, but do not be so presumptuous about women taking over. It may happen someday, but not until everyone alive now is dead in about two hundred years.

AndrewJan 20 2005 9:10pm
And if I here one more post about the degeneration of the Y chromosome just because some moron claims it to be in some $4 magazine, I'll puke.

AndrewJan 20 2005 9:11pm
Of course women are superior! It's so evident that they are physically and intellectually superior to men that no discussion on this item is needed.

andreasJan 24 2005 4:07pm
Women may be smarter in general, but it takes more than just brains to excel. There are many smart men out there as well. There are many excellent and powerful qualities of women, and statistically, they could be considered superior. But when it all comes down to it, Men have a natural drive to achieve, to lead, and to do great things. Men have a naturally powerful will and desire to push the limits. This is why there are so many male inventors and leaders, and so few females of the same. Women are smart and are good at learning and applying their skills, but when it comes to expanding the human race and moving us forward, Men are superior. It's simply an innate instinct that is not nescessarily detectable on your statistics that you are basing your claim of female superiority.

ZacFeb 09 2005 2:27am
Many patents went to men through their wives because female ingenuity wasn't taken seriously. If you study primitive cultures, you realize that women conduct most of the activities that require tools and creativeness. There is no reason to believe that this wasn't the case universally during pre-historic times. Women are generally more intelligent than men, even you admitted that Zac.

AnonymousJun 04 2005 5:54am
Women are not generally more intelligent than men....Stop reading the National Enquirer so much and your IQ might go up about 45 points.

DaveJun 09 2005 12:31pm
Women are more intelligent, statistics on scholastic performance prove it.

DonnaJul 25 2005 12:19am
I am sorry but what have men done over the last few years... What gender is the idiot leading our country - Male, what gender is the idiot leading the US - Male, what gender are a majority of villians - Male, what gender are a majority of perverts - Male, what gender are a majority of world leaders - Male. How many women, were involved at a high level in the G8 summit - none. What state is this world in - awful, WHY, because there are no women in power.. enough said

Grrrr WomanJul 26 2005 6:10am
Statistics on gender scholastic performance tests biased towards women prove it. Legitimate tests are being discarded so that women can take what rightfully belongs to men. As far as Grr Woman goes, nothing would change if it were all women at the G8 summit. Power mad aren't you?

DaveJul 26 2005 9:29pm
Donna, name those scholatic tests. I always hear all these people say, studies prove. What studies? Name them, name them, name them.

RickJul 26 2005 9:30pm
Statistics on gender scholastic performance tests biased towards women prove it. Legitimate tests are being discarded so that women can take what rightfully belongs to men. As far as Grr Woman goes, nothing would change if it were all women at the G8 summit. Power mad aren't you?

DaveJul 26 2005 9:30pm
Dave, Not power mad just pissed off with this country/world due to MEN...

Grrrr WomanAug 02 2005 11:32am
How many men dont go to the gym and now adays look around how many women go to the gym and are getting stronger.Females are suppose to be feminine not males.Neither are suppose to dislike the opposite sex which has happened and have therefore hurt the human race.If guys dont workout as much as they used to and females do of course they will get stronger.But females were born to be made feminine what is there people cant understand about that.Males were born to have testostorone and be stronger not estrogen like females are born with.Women have been in charge in government and have stated wars look at Margaret Thatcher in attacking Argentina.Evita Parron was a power mad leader who treated her people poor.Imeldia Marcos the leader of the phillipines was bad for her people and there needs.Hillary Clinton gaiones power she wouldnt fight a war thats impossible with extemists of the Islamic faith that wants to convert the world to Islam she would have to take up George Bushes war on terrorism or she knows they will try to kill everyone world wide for a one world Islamic religion.Women leaders are politicians like men they are leaders and politicians that are power hungry and want complete control over the people.Another leader in the past a female who had her power in France and taxed her people to the point of a revolution were they revolted and chopped her head off in a giloutine her name was Marie Antownette the leader of France.Women have been just as corrupt as men through out history over power.Feminists and the womens liberation movement liberal politicians the gay lobbiest anti white groups like LaRaza which means the Race the Naacp which has attacked white christian males as a part of this war against white christian conservative males and Media have played large propa ganda rolls in the war on men through government attacks to destroy the white male and other males to were women turn against them.If all men turned against women and listened to a propaganda war with daily attacks against them it would be the end of civilization no more babies being born of course this would make the gay lobbiest extremly happy they wouldnt have to worry about anymore straight people taking there rights for gay marriage from them.Gays hate straights and most sraights hate gays most women hate men and men hate women and different races that all hate each other thanks to media brainwashing with lies every single day.That is why were going to hell in a hand basket.The poor want what the rich have without working for it the rich politicians want to help give it to the poor for votes and power.Women and minorities want white mens jobs even if there less qualified all in the name of equality and they get it given to them by liberal extremist judges which is reverse descrimination.Everyone now whats to get ahead no matter if its in the wrong way or not.People breaking into other peoples countries illegally is ok since there allowed to become citizens for more liberal votes and cheap labor just because there government wont take care of them wait tell the onme world government comes with the anti christ in charge and makes all of you worship him i bet you all will BE ON YOUR KNEES BEGGING JESUS TO COME AND SAVE YOU ALL BUT IT WILL BE TO LATE BY THEN.

Wake Up.Sep 08 2005 1:26pm
Those who contest to any innate "female superiority" are seriously myopic and blinded by today's male-bashing, feminazi, female dominated society. Arguing one sex's absolute superiority over another is a painfully misguided activity. To see the holistic picture people need to open their eyes and account for all the differences between the sexes, and appreciate those differences. There are some things men are generally better and smarter at and there are somethings women are better and smarter at. People really need to stop being so single minded with their tunnel vision views. The key is to accept the differences and appreciate them; we are definitely different but equal.

Yes, Wake UpOct 27 2005 1:38am
What scholastic tests? Males score significantly higher on average on the GRE, SAT, MCAT, statardized tests..and even IQ tests...the list goes on....

?Oct 27 2005 1:46am
Grrr Woman, have you wondered why there are no women in power? A woman is just mouth, tits, ass, c*nt and thighs. Who can seriously argue that the superior sex is the one that has always done the cooking, cleaning, and served male pleasure? The female chauvinist bitches voting for girls on top live in a fantasy world.

AnonymousJan 07 2006 1:07pm
i am a girl and I like guys beter, not only cos im straight but they so much more fun! girls get so boring sometimes! but i love being a girl, there is so much power in it!

lolsMay 25 2006 12:09pm

AnonymousJun 07 2006 12:51pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:31am
The results of "scientific" studies are determined politically more often than people realize. If a "scientific" study concluded that women were somehow inferior to men, would those results be publicized in the pro-Feminist, male-bashing news media? No way!! That would be politically incorrect. Only "scientific" studies that conclude female superiority are good enough to be publicized in the pro-Feminist, male-bashing news media. Furthermore, any researcher who discovered any kind of female inferiority would probably be defunded and slandered. Only researchers who conclude female superiority get additional funding, so they can publish more male-bashing "research."

Angry ManSep 06 2006 5:53pm
Many places in the USA have low or very low educational standards. Therefore, outperforming the average is easy, so females who outperform males have little to boast about. I fear that the low academic performance of boys is merely a symptom of a deeper psychological problem: It seems that American males are more depressed, discouraged, aimless and unmotivated than ever before. What is causing this mental fog, and how to escape it?

Samurai PsychiatristSep 10 2006 7:30pm
Just this morning I was standing in line at a doctor's office. An elderly lady was standing in front of me, complaining of dizziness and a headache. The "compassionate" (as you female supremacists say that women have so much more of) was very rude to this woman to the point of making her cry. Then, the receptionist bitch stop short of throwing a hissy fit when she finally began to "take care" of the poor woman. There is a shining example of female superiority for you. If that is what female superiority is all about, then this world is in deep trouble. You might turn out to be even worse than men.

AnonymousSep 12 2006 6:34am
Anonymous, if you worked for a female boss, you would not have said that women "might" turn out to be even worse than men.

Anonymous2Sep 13 2006 5:30pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:05pm
Without men there are no women, without women there are no men, The world needs both therefore the entire human race is superior. Plus just because more girls did this poll than boys does not mean girls are superior...its just a figure on how many girls and boys have voted in this poll. Both superior in there ways... ...but i did vote girls! (coz i am 1) lol

AnonymousOct 28 2006 5:36am
I want the women of this poll to give their statistics, regardless of whether or not they have muscles: age, height, weight, and measurements of biceps, calves and abs, and pounds lifted, and number of years lifting weights (if any).

AnonymousOct 29 2006 7:16am have got to be kidding me. Women are terrible when it comes to sports, there has never been a woman president (even though woman can be voted in). There has only been one woman Prime Minister, but even she was taken out of office because she did such a terrible job, Brian Malrouny was a better Prime Minister than she was.

Women get what they want by bitching to men, because if a man doesn't do what the woman tells him to, the woman will leave him for another man, and that's called inter-gender competition. You stupid women, you're nothing special, we have just developed in a recent society where through media women are portrayed as equal to men and even better than men in many areas. Totally not the case. If you prefer women to men here, you're either a woman or you're a man who was raised around many women, so you're opinions are dominated by the mass of women you're surrounded by.

Also, there are more women than men, so women have the power in numbers, not power of brains or whatever. And another thing, if women are just as good as men, and the only reason that they only started becoming equals recently is because of male suppression, then why didn't they break free of the male suppression centuries ago?!

Mach 3Jun 27 2007 10:23am
Also, women were made to be harder workers, because they were designed to take care of children and things like that, so that's why if you see the female academics are higher than the male, it's because women can work harder (i.e, study harder). The top marks in most of my classes belong to guys, it so happens that the lowest marks also belong to the guys. If you honestly think that you're smarter because you get better grades, than you're the stupid one.

Mach 3Jun 27 2007 10:28am
yeh, sit down woman! you got no place in a mans world!

JinglezJun 27 2007 10:49am
Jinglez, women have a place all right, it's in the kitchen and in bed.

AnonymousAug 10 2007 11:39am
If there was a web site with 50 polls about white people being superior to blacks, that web site would be quickly shut down. I want to see all of permanently shut down and removed from the internet. If that is not possible, then I would like to see all polls on this web site erased and all new polls.

AnonymousOct 21 2007 3:02pm
for woman strengh, it's alot hareder to build musles then man men are stronger as for IQ woman and man are the same

AnonymousApr 13 2008 12:23pm
Samurai Psychiatrist - I think the problem with the western (not just American) male has it's roots in the extreme left's control of education. If their eagerness to play at social engineering, they have tried to use the school system as a way to alter human nature. Given the internationalist goals of many of these educators, the trend has been towards supressing violence, aggression, competition, etc, the very things that males thrive on. Rather then spend time teaching boys to read, they try to convince them it's OK to play with dolls, etc. The 'gender bending' in the education system had left boys feeling left out, misfits in a world where the myriad accomplishments of great men are ballyhooed and even the most pedestrian accomplishments by women are lauded to the skies. Hopefully this will end before a bunch of fey American soldiers in pink camoflague are all that stand between Washington D.C. and a horde of horny Chinese intent on raping everything they see because their one child policy has left that nation with a terrible dearth of young women. Are you really a Psychiatrist? If so, I'm particulary interested in your take on the 'boy crisis' in America. I think it might be an existential crisis for this nation in light of the incredibly dangerous and uncertain times in which we live. A nation without men (as we understood that term before 1965 or so) can not defend itself and a nation that can not defend itself is no nation at all.

GuyApr 24 2008 9:42pm hi How are you doing today i,hope every thing is under control ,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it so ,My name is wanita. I come across your address on this site and i personaly became interested in being your friend even more than that ,but as time gose on we will know better , though we can not meet face to face for the moment ,but all is the same I will be very glad if you can contact me with my email address ( so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself Hoping to talk to you soon ,have a nice day and ramain Bless. Regards,

efua_wanita2@yahoo.comDec 07 2008 5:37pm
ok, so it's true that women's brains have a more sophisticated and efficient infrastructure, but men's posess more raw computing power. so in short, men have more RAM and ROM, but women have more memory and wiring. though they both have the same CPU and operating system, socioculture tends to try to program them differently.

888Feb 01 2009 1:43pm
Why bother? Women will be castratixes, men will be castrated by women!

LindaMay 29 2009 3:05am
I'm sorry, Linda, but if any woman (or man) trys to castrate me, they're DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

888Jun 07 2009 2:26pm
Best jenda? unless u homomofo, if u man, wimmin. If u wimmin, men!!!

JagerkinJul 09 2009 12:40pm
The reason women do better in school is because the entire agenda is geared toward making sure girls are taught to their strengths and the way they learn bets while boys are forced to learn in the same way instead of the ways that are best for THEM. And when they have a hard time and get figity because they are artificially kept from learning they are doped up with Ritalin. It is FAR from an "even", playing field. And with women taking over the schools all learning in the US continues to go down anyway, with biased and warped history and social studies books, what is learned is nothing but backwards lies and garbage anyway. A Darwin Award goes to America and Europe for promoting this politically correct feminazi agenda which is allowing China and the Islamic countries to take over the world.

Darwin AwardsSep 06 2009 5:20am
The liberal stench (feminism) is a massive society failure and all it has done is break up homes, push drugs into kid's veins, and advance the cause of inferior feminist socialistic horsepoo. Men have always ruled and always will.

Nancy PDec 09 2009 7:25pm
The inferior argument is the one that always leads back to blaming men, which is lame at best, slanderous at worst. Affirmative action is reverse discrimination, only the Un-American cowards would deny this. If military action is needed to restore sanity in this country, than so be it.

A Righteous man (non-liberal) in other words not a communistDec 09 2009 7:30pm
I have to pee.

AnonymousDec 09 2009 7:31pm
You people make me want to vomit, you really do.

AnonymousDec 09 2009 7:31pm
To the Anonymous poster right above me. What was the point of your post? Who are you talking about, EVERYONE who posted here, on all sides of the issue? What do you think will be changed or affected by your post?

Meaningless postingsDec 24 2009 7:11am
Linda, if you castrate all men, how will we continue to exist as a species.

svenDec 25 2009 12:55pm
The Darwin Awards are given to those who kill themselves by doing stupid things. The first woman only made the runners up list in 2009. Before that well over 500 MALES killed themsevles. At this rate, it will take another 500 dead males before the next woman makes the list. Women would only have to scarfice 2,000 women to get rid of a million males

KathyApr 15 2010 6:32am
Although women make up 52% of the population they make up only about 12% of the prison population and for every woman that is executed, about 98 males will be! This seems to show women benefit society more. K.P. K.P> If they excuted everyone that need sto be such as rapist and child molester, there would be 1,000 males excuted for each woman if not more. In fact, the male population would go down by at least 10-20%

RonMay 03 2010 10:52am
wooooow betta at different stuff....this is a rat race

doodJul 10 2010 4:55am
Males may have the balls, but women have the brains

MikeJul 18 2010 6:43am
Stephen King wrote A Long Walk which is about 100 boys doing a walk for a huge prize but only one male can win. ALL the other males are shot if they stop the walk Would you all want to have these males do the walk naked? I can think of several reasons for this. No male would have an advantage over another and when they were killed, the millions of women watching would know they were all males

CindyJul 18 2010 9:00am
I agree with most of you with a couple of exceptions.Too many women think with their heart instead of using logic,and are far too emotional.This may change when saddled with responsibilities and difficult decisions.

wpOct 03 2010 11:57am
lol men of course. we are just bigger, stronger, faster, in every sense period. not to mention the average guy makes more than the average women. of course women are good for one thing..hahaha

jacobOct 03 2010 6:41pm
Bulls and and Horses are bigger and faster than women too...and a lot dumber.... just like men! As for earning power that is shifting more and more to women every day

Dog TrainerNov 22 2010 8:48am
Men start losing their superiority by masturbation & recreative sex as semen is the root of "ojas" or yogic power ---if procreative sex is required after the birth of 1 or 2 children the man should control, contain & stop his ejaculations ,orgasmic loss & constant drain on his vital fluid by Pranayama , breath control , yoga , mool bandha or root lock --there is this muscular nerve @ the base of the penis --call it Kegelian muscle band after Dr. Kegel or Shadisthana as it is called in yoga by inhaling & holding the oxygen inside one's lungs & squeezing this muscular band @ the Penis base orgasms can be prevented in an enjoyable manner . the penis si not put into the vagina or female mouth but consciously & self controlledly kept outside --a sexual plateau is reached ,semen remains inside the male body the musculature improves as does stamina ,endurance bones ,blood , intelligence ! some fluid escapes during nightfall dribbling out but that does not hurt the male body or intelligence .there is no need for chastity belt or say castration , yogically men can control themselves !

Ashesh GhoseJan 17 2011 9:52am
There's is not superiority in this matter, although I voted men since they should be more superior if they have any male pride left in them nowadays. Read carefully, what is a woman without man? all that love, caring, and struggle to beauty and attraction is nothing.. what is a man without a woman, all his battles to provide and protect, to be strong and be loved, are nothing... it's just that lately most men are genitally mutated ( circumsiced or castrated ) and that makes them sissies.. non of those (males who voted for females ) are considered men. they are sissy slaves who also have some castration fantasies as I read earlier. and recently woman like making men into sissies and instead of trying to support what left of a man in them to have some male pride. they laugh at them, and stupid males laugh back at themselves. true men would nowadays have depression from living in a world of sissies, and some suicide because of it. It's my resposability as male to provide and protect, but I expect to be respected and thanked.. and I will not provide nor protect a woman who has changed to a dominant man mentallity, because that's as equal to getting retarded... I have to admin I won't feel sorry all humanity goes extinct at this state.. infact I can't wait to see something so painful happens that forces humans to return to be humans... live the balance and follow the code of nature. follow your heart. love one another...

dinoraptor101Mar 23 2011 6:09am
Ashesh Ghose I love our comment.. I kind of follow the similar method... but at my stage my will is stronger than most men where I simply control as easy as walking or eating or playing the piano.. now I gotta go I can't sex-talk for ever this is boring.

Dinoraptor101Mar 23 2011 6:13am
My wife is smarter, nicer, and superior in every way compared to me. Even strength. She is 46 5'4" 190 pounds has 16" biceps plus she does our finances makes the money (lawyer) cleans the house and she could beat up 60% of men.

AnonymousMay 27 2011 2:31pm
Buff Girl - you hit the nail on the head. For years I was like a lot of guys on this site, and would never have even contemplated the thought of women being the superior gender. But in the last ten years, toward the end of my career, I've seen so many changes in society and the workplace that support this proposition and are starting to change my mind. I'm no idiot, but like you I see the growing number of managers who are women and rising to higher levels all the time. Heck, my new boss is a young woman (age 29) that I recruited on the college campus about 9 years ago and I was her first supervisor. Now I'm a manager, but probably stalled in this position for the duration, while she is rising like a star. I have to admit, she really is more qualified than I am (her tech skills are sharper and she has people skills that I don't). It's somewhat awkward to acknowledge her as boss now, but around here everyone wants to work for her and be on "her team" because she knows how to lead and give credit where it's due. The one really smart thing that I did early on was to recognize her talent and help her along in her career with contacts to other execs who could help her career. This is what I think guys will have to recognize is in their best interest from here on out, because these women are going to be our bosses whether we help them or not. I have a lot more stories, but the fact as I see it from the perspective of time is the absolute truth in the growing dominance of women in the workplace.

david2Jun 02 2011 8:27pm
Good to see fat sluts using male names to bolster their point of view... What a crock of EAT MY SHIT!

MIHSSHSHCGJun 14 2011 12:52pm
Just like there are different categories of Academy Awards; So there should be different ones for Darwin Awards. And as I said above thee should be some for counties that because of feminism have all but destroyed themselves. Women who are in power should be compared to men in power (not "all the women Vs all the men") for statistics on how well they run things and what percentages are violating the laws in one way or another. Of course the women do better in the workplace and in business. Look at all the organizations some government and some private created specifically to "empower" women and help them take every advantage to get ahead. There is not one single such organization specifically for men and if someone tied to create one they would be sued for discrimination. This does however mean women are taking over and it is true men can do nothing about it. But it is not because women are superior, it's because of the politically incorrect un-level playing field, tilted heavily in the women's favor.

Dawin AwardsJul 15 2012 4:22am
Women are smarter and stronger. Men act like puppies.

James C.Sep 01 2012 12:46pm
in studies, it shows that woman are more adverage. That means, more men will drop out of school and fail life. However, this also means that more men will do better in school and succeed in life. Don't be idiots, both genders have to work together. Guys put themselves in risk so woman don't have to. Woman do many little things to make sure the family works well together. Without either gender, the world would fail.

AnonymousNov 02 2012 4:29am
and it is true that society is now leaning towards woman as better, but that doesn't make them better. Physically, most guys are stronger. Emotianally, both genders fail. Guys show to little emotion and girls show to much. and socially, woman tend to have a more close knit friendships while guys have bigger friend pool, less closness. You know that if a man molests a girl, that is on adverage 11 years in prison. For woman, its usually less then 2 years. 8 out of 10 suicides are guys, and most drug use is guys. 7 out of 10 divorce cases end with the mom getting the child. HOWEVER, contrary to popular belief, WOMAN ARE MORE LIKELY TO ABUSE CHILDREN. Don't anyone reply and start yelling. What I said are FACTS gotten from multiple sorces. You people need to start using some real evidence instead of using the whole, SCREAM MY OPINION AS LOUD AS I CAN AND MAYBE PEOPLE WILL LISTEN oproach. Society is baised against guys.

that guy above meNov 02 2012 4:39am
girls are all told, love your bodies' and love yourselves. Guys are told, respect woman and make them happy. Girls are all thought about as the perfect little angels whereas guys are thought of as perverted sex loving animals.

me againNov 02 2012 4:44am
Gosh, all this bullpoo ... though there probably is no real female here, just deviants living out their fantasies. Isn't it fun that science now found the y-chromosome is not only here to stay, but it is actually evolving further and faster than any other? In general, humans only are 2% different from the primates, but the y-chromosome is 30% different! Of course the very, very few newspapers added that doesn't mean men are more evolved than women - huh? MEN posess the advanced, more evolved y-chromosome, not women. Women are actually more apes than men. Kinda surprising. Also, these massive evolutionary jumps on the y-chromosome might be what drives humanity forward. If we had static, lame x-chromosomes that refuse to evolve, we might still sit on trees. It would also explain the higher probability of males to produce geniuses, though that might as well be credited to the broader range of intelligence compared to the narrow (again, static) female.

Torch of TruthNov 19 2012 8:48am
(in answer to the poll question) If you're streight' the other. If your a hater or a yag, rour own. If you're truly happy in your own skin, then who gives a flying ugttyuilukhytgfygy!!!

BOO!!!!!Dec 24 2012 4:07pm
Jessie, dyna-girl, and Buffgirl say it all.

A. I. G.Jan 12 2013 7:55am
Wow another argument with stupid, biased women who probably use the comment system to support their views. All people need to think like me and think that they are the best person to exist and no one else will ever be better than them. This argument should not exist as people shouldn't be judged by gender or race but by individual person.

Red EagleJan 15 2013 12:23pm
Lets just say, When Boys get jealous its kinda cute. But when girls get jealous, its world war. But a girl is much more than she seems: not a toy by any means. Underneath the hair and make-up, there's a sign that says "Handle with care" Each gender has a reason. Guys are born leaders and girls are precious. But over all of that, boys don't understand guys and guys don't understand girls. Simple as that!

ecoeloMar 25 2013 11:36pm
^Boys don't understand girls and girls don't understand boys.

ecoeloMar 25 2013 11:38pm
Every Feminist above; Kill yourself

Hamish Drummond.May 03 2013 6:31am
Male is the superior gender. If you look on evolution you will see that men and women have adapted to different tasks in society. Men needed more muscle power to hunt and a more logical brain to plan the hunts. While women were needed as caring mothers. The task of emotionlly preper children for there harcsh world, they needed to be more emotionell than men, who cant symphatize with the ones endangering the tribes survival and there prey. Women needed to be more socialy compatible then men so that they would be able keep the group together. Men, then and now used mathmathical centers of the brain more then women, for hunting (looking for possible escape routs, health of prey and much more. Beacuse mathmatics is the most important skill in todays society, men are better to face it.

JohannesMay 15 2013 1:40pm
Matriarchy is quickly emerging because women are superior.

SarahJun 06 2013 6:44am
Gender is an artificial sociocultural construct. The real question is which SEX is the best???? Answer: If a female, males. If a male, females. Simple.

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The Penis of TruthOct 09 2013 2:11am
boys are the best of them all girls stink like farts.

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i think both genders are both rule in there own way so none is better then the other one

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All around my city I see so many women dressing up as men.. Clearly they know being a man is better and they want to look and dress and walk like one. Women have graduated college more than men since the 1960s but men are still most of the million/billionaires.. And feminism has been fighting for equal rights for over 100 years... Do men have staying power??? Sure women can beat men at some stuff some of the time.. it is usually because of some cheap trick.. once the guy learns of this.. it is usually easy to beat his female counter parts.. Most girls I know act kind of loserish.. sorry to say Don't bother replying because you will not get a response... this thing doesn't allow alerts so I wont see it :P

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Females are just betterJan 25 2017 7:20pm
By Mid 2017, the question is pretty settled, and you "men" who thought otherwise 10 years ago, if you wish to survive our feminine present and future, better take your head out of the sand and let us teach you how to prosper in our world as our servants and subordinates. We now dominate education, the workplace, and almost all personal relatinships.

AshleyMay 01 2017 4:54am
Oops, type. ** relationships.

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