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Should there be a legal age for sex?

Question: ANd if so what should it be?
Created by: wild_bitch at 10:42:10 AM, Thursday, January 04, 2001 PST


the age should be 10 years old, there are some nice 10 years olds out there

AnonymousApr 01 2002 2:25am

hahahahaah thats ia funny man

anonymousOct 01 2002 2:19am
how they gonna take inn man isnt it gonna be soo hard for both

AnonymousOct 01 2002 2:19am
should be 8 im 11 a girl and dinamyte in bed, ive done 21 yr olds

meNov 18 2002 7:55am
should be 14 cause that is when the fire erupts

romeoDec 05 2002 10:06am
do u believe there should be a law on the age of sex?

TazMar 10 2003 3:48am
i luv steven

DanielleMar 10 2003 3:49am
will u answer me now? i luv jonno

?Mar 10 2003 3:50am
sex isnt fun. it hurts. make the legal age between 14 and 18.

AnonymousMar 19 2003 9:30am
Any one whos haveing sex under the age of 16 should be a shamed, you shouldn't experiance things like that until your older, you have your whole life ahead of you and you should be enjoying your childhood, you should worried whether you are going to get laid or not that is sad and desperate!!!!!!!!!

miss concernedMay 28 2003 9:49pm it...who has or who think she has done 21yr old guy IN YOU DREAMS!!!!! Your not even properly developed should still be playing with barbie dolls for crying out loud

reality checkMay 28 2003 9:56pm
your all f*cking gay

AnonymousJun 11 2003 1:48am
Sex is a gift, once opened it is discovered, so do the discovering with someone special.

Jessica Maree-Calojoiusemopei CullenJun 11 2003 1:58am
yes, you are all gay bitches.

U SUCK!Jun 11 2003 5:00pm
you all need help you sick sad mother f*ckers

sam borryJul 21 2003 5:13pm
What the Hell...I swear to god 11 year olds f*cking 21 year olds jesus, really people at age 11 what do you want out of life? You really think a relationship between a 21 and 11 year old is going to grow into marriage, poo. sick motherf*cker should be in jail out there nailing 11 year olds im 19 and my gf is 17 we f*ck like rabbits but come on f*ck it

MOOSEHEADBEERAug 23 2003 2:30am
I'm 12 And I think it should be thirteen because its like going trough heat now you start feeling poo but onece you hit the teengage age it should be okay but not with people over 21

AnonymousSep 24 2003 2:27pm
I say that if you have never done it b4, then you won't want to as much, like smoking. THere should be no legal age because that is not the broblem. You are in control of you self and your parents should rase you to know what's best for your self

SwaggerJan 30 2004 5:13pm
You should be able to have sex when ever you feel ready, and mature, but the law states any person(s)over three years of the other person, the parents can charge the other for statutory rape, as soon as you hit 18 or 21 you can have sex whenever you whant, but i sai the legal age for sex be stated at 18

CANADIAN!Feb 04 2004 1:54pm
I say when you turn 13/14 start having sex, the government should not/ can not be allowed to cap somthing this natural, its a mockery to people

willFeb 04 2004 2:11pm
I love haveing sex with my next door neiboor she is only ten and im 18 but thats what makes it sooo great she is soo tight she bleeds every time and somtimes she cries of pain and joy, somtimes i tie her up and strap electrical sex toys to her and zap her , she cries every time so i just zap her harder and harder tell she cant stop cumming , i gave her, her first taste off anal sex the other day whist i had her tied up and she really didnt like it but i continued any way until i came

big fishFeb 06 2006 11:31am
2 out of 3 STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) have no cure. 50,000 people become infected with STDs every day. Millions of people are dying from AIDS, which is straining our economy. 10% of AIDS victims become blind.

Kung Fu MasterApr 20 2006 12:04am
Males should only be allowed sex when their owner lets them ou of their chastitiy device at whatever age.

Big BrendaJun 02 2006 12:46am
How many people who had sex at a very early age were much more muscular than other people their own age?

AnonymousJun 07 2006 6:54pm
The thing is that, naturally, we should be able to have sex when puberty kicks in, however, our nature tells us to wait a little longer because we need to mature mentally first. It's not like as though we're on the bottom of the food chain and we have to constantly make babies. Being on top of the food chain gives us time to think about our sexual affairs more seriously. I think that 18 probably a fair minumum age to have sex for heterosexual and homosexual sex, but that's just my opinion.

Kuri-GakaJul 28 2006 10:13am
Miss Concerned quote: Any one whos haveing sex under the age of 16 should be a shamed, you shouldn't experiance things like that until your older, you have your whole life ahead of you and you should be enjoying your childhood, you should worried whether you are going to get laid or not that is sad and desperate!!!!!!!!! So you want any child who has been through sexual encounters to start slashing their wrist's? It's niot like as though it's against nature however I do agree, they should be enjoying their childhood while they can but does a child ever grow up?

Kurai-GakaJul 28 2006 10:16am
What is the earliest age at which athletically active girls can have beautiful muscular legs that men like: (1) Age 18 (2) Age 21 (3) Age 25 (4) Age 30.

MiniPollOct 31 2006 8:27pm
#0028 - (Sun.) 4/22/07

UpdateApr 22 2007 9:14am
I didnt post that other post so moron did that. I dont think kids should have sex Save it till for your honymoon

?Sep 29 2007 6:04am
Teenagers should be allowed to have sex when they reach puberty, but they should not be allowed to conceive.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 3:15pm
im 16& I WOULD f*k anything with a dingaling

ya i told uFeb 05 2010 8:23pm
12 gurl have nice pointy boobs n tight pussy. I vote 12

CherryPopperAug 31 2010 8:40am
12 years old

jacobOct 24 2010 12:08pm
38% voted 12 years old ... ... wow.

AnonymousJan 26 2011 6:02pm
umm and so what..does that surprise you> lol

aFeb 18 2011 10:46pm
I say 8. They have such beautifully tight pssies. So yummy and smooth. Best part is you arent gonna knock them up!

osugarbabyApr 10 2011 6:14pm
this is sick. what a bunch of pedophiles

AnonymousJun 21 2011 6:02pm
18 to protect them from you sick wierdos

AnonymousJul 03 2011 2:30pm
I voted 21. people need to elarn self control

AnonymousMar 30 2012 2:28pm
I would say at least 9. They are very good in bed too

lovemymum2@yahoo.comMay 21 2012 4:08pm
id say puberty, but it depends on the chick, ive seen a 13yro i was like dammmmmmmn about, an seen a 40yro i woulda given my left nutt for Oct 19 2012 7:04pm
i would say 10...

AnonymousFeb 07 2013 2:53pm
i dont think there should b age for sex coz it is ment for marrage and babies and if there should be i think it shud be 26 coz am 24 of age a guy and i ve neva fill the taste of sex and am ok

YulawFeb 28 2013 8:55am
14 i love tk

sexyMar 05 2013 12:05pm
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adam dream boyApr 01 2013 7:31am
I would say 18yrs is the best age and girls bear all typed of penis load in their viginal tube, as their all muscels were perfectly perpect for bearing capacity of dick load,may feel some pain and her eyes were full of tears ,but lastly with her inner heart she feel pleasure and smile afteer sex.

km√∑Reshma Singh.Apr 02 2013 7:07am
Between 8 and 10 would be a good age, came hard for the first time at 8 had a cute baby sitter, now that I am 14 I see how hot some of the younger girls are, some 8 year old girls are so hot, I had to go down on my current girl friend for almost an hour before she was wet enough for me to get in there, but man is she hot, and she loves to suck me, glad both our mom's work long hours, we love to 69 on the living room couch during summer break from school...

hotguyApr 22 2013 7:15am
I'm 12 and I had sex girls that are younger then 11should not be having sex it hurts my boyfriend is 15 and he does not like hurting me you young kids out there should not be f*cking any 21 year old he should be in prison 11 an 21 year old f*cking that is child mastion

katelyn smithJun 09 2013 2:03pm
Should be 83. Too many dumbasses f*cking each other.

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giRJXiSNSep 13 2013 2:05pm
Yall are some desperate sick mofos and need help badly!! No wonder the pregnancy rate is out of control!!!

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vAoCgluHUNiXlfOct 15 2013 2:24pm
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motherJan 24 2014 4:20pm
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xfTHxIukzjvgtDec 19 2018 1:25pm
Legal age for sex should be 8. By this point most children would know about sex, and in the future gynarchy, sex and femdom would be everywhere, so there is no point in keeping it from them. But boys can be used for sex at any age.

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AnonymousMay 18 7:53pm
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