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Question: If you had to choose between these, which would you choose?
Created by: yazi348 at 10:04:57 AM, Monday, January 15, 2001 PST


Do 15 pondes under whieght because that shows your hhealther and have a better chance of living if uor over whieght and then just work out you can get past 15 pounds.

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AnonymousDec 07 2008 5:41pm
That's fukin messed up c*nt

AnonymousNov 03 2010 11:41pm
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AnonymousOct 22 2011 12:36pm
At least 200LBS overweight and it should be mostly in her legs and bottom.

Fat's where it's at.Jul 15 2012 4:28am

BrianJan 03 2014 1:24am
ill be here but sense no ones here yet ill play my ps3 but ill check back hre on n off

BrianJan 03 2014 1:37am

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 1:42am
hey sorry on ps3

BrianJan 03 2014 1:50am
Ik. I'm just bored, sup :b

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 1:52am
nm u

Brian/DracoJan 03 2014 1:53am
Nm, *Pokes your cheek*

Aphrodite:3/LillianaJan 03 2014 1:55am
hehe :) *pokes ur tummy*

BrianJan 03 2014 1:57am
*Pokes ur side then kisses ur cheek*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 1:59am
hehe *pokes ur cheek*

BrianJan 03 2014 2:01am
*Smiles & goes to sleep & fake snores*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:03am

BrianJan 03 2014 2:04am
*Puts Max on ur face & u kiss his butt* Haha!

The GrinchJan 03 2014 2:05am
um kk

Brian tht was randomJan 03 2014 2:07am
*Dis-infects ur mouth then rinses it off & kisses ur lips*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:07am
*kisses back*

BrianJan 03 2014 2:08am
Hey ;)

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:10am
hey gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 2:10am
*Blushes a lot, & thinks: "does this count as cheating?" & kisses ur lips again*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:10am
Gabby -_-

The GrinchJan 03 2014 2:11am
Hey Brian :)

Gabby is thinking great thoughtsJan 03 2014 2:11am
Brian is Draco. You idiot. -_-

The GrinchJan 03 2014 2:12am
yes it does and whats up gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 2:12am
I no Fluffing idiot -_- why would I not know that :/

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:13am
they no that

BrianJan 03 2014 2:13am
Brian, waant to kiss max's butt again?

The GrinchJan 03 2014 2:14am
wana get slaped in the face?

BrianJan 03 2014 2:16am
once a cheater always a cheater -_- @Aphrodite:3

AnonymousJan 03 2014 2:16am
Yes. XD

The GrinchJan 03 2014 2:16am
-sits on Brians lap- HI Daddy ;)

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:16am
Shut the f*ck up@Anonymous(Brendon)

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:17am
lol hello

BrianJan 03 2014 2:17am
nope im a girl not fukin brendon:P

Anon GirlJan 03 2014 2:18am
Gracie. -_-

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:19am
Hi *Sucks Brians cheek* hehe

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:19am
hehe im the only guy

BrianJan 03 2014 2:20am
Brian get in control.

AnonymousJan 03 2014 2:20am
Hmmm maybe..but still ur out

Girl anon 'gone'Jan 03 2014 2:20am
*Pulls Brian closer & kisses his lips*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:21am
Brian is that cookie still in ur boxers ;P

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:21am
hold on anon who r u

BrianJan 03 2014 2:22am
Omg, *Covers my mouth & cries my eyes out*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:22am
lilli u ok?

BrianJan 03 2014 2:25am
I love Leo(Aka Meph/Viper) :'( iim such an idiot *Bangs my head on the wall*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:26am
hey hey its ok he will understand trust me its not huge so ull prob be fine

BrianJan 03 2014 2:27am
heheh Brian

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:30am
No. You don't understand. Im trying to stop, but i love to many guys that are my exes, my friends, & a special girl named Abbie

Aphrodite:3 didn't do anything wrong, just accidently keeps fallJan 03 2014 2:30am
--in in love

AnonymousJan 03 2014 2:31am
lol gabby well if u feel the urge to kiss or sext anyone beside ur bf turn them system off n wait for 2 minutes

BrianJan 03 2014 2:32am
Sext? You sext? I dont do that with my bf.

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:33am
Mmmmmm Brian

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:33am
Who the f*ck faking me???? like really bro not cool -.- like I just wokeup from my nap!-_- This is bullshît like for real!〒_〒

BubblesJan 03 2014 2:34am
yea i sext i dont wana cheat on anyone thats y i stay single and lol gabby watcha doin

BrianJan 03 2014 2:34am

Gabbys Faker is outJan 03 2014 2:34am

AnonymousJan 03 2014 2:35am
Im sad still... :'(

Aphrodite~Outie~Jan 03 2014 2:36am
um ok then?

BrianJan 03 2014 2:36am

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:36am

AnonymousJan 03 2014 2:36am
sry lilli bye

BrianJan 03 2014 2:37am
Am I missing something here???

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:39am
I love 4-5(Other than u) guys, they told me, that they love me, & i dont wanna hurt them :'(

Aphrodite:3 Jan 03 2014 2:39am
read up gabby and lilli idk if u love someone then u cant love another there just crushes

BrianJan 03 2014 2:41am
Oh ok ummm.....I think I wokeup and came on at a wrong time .

Gabby thinks it feels awkwardJan 03 2014 2:42am
I do though...

Aphrodite:3 ~Off of this fυcked up site~Jan 03 2014 2:43am i was soo bored i came on wazzup guys

AaronJan 03 2014 2:43am
Ya think?@Gabby

The GrinchJan 03 2014 2:43am
*sighs* ok n lol nah ur good

BrianJan 03 2014 2:44am
Nm lol u@Aaron XDD no im not leaving@All Who Fυckin Cares

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:45am
haha ....same um petting my puppy Jake.... and messin with my bro...ugh i hate sharing a room

AaronJan 03 2014 2:46am
ok then good caus i dont want a friend to leave

BrianJan 03 2014 2:47am
My back and neck hurt ='C

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:47am
awwww u wanna back massage XD

AaronJan 03 2014 2:48am
aww here gabby *gets behind u and starts rubbing ur neck and back*

BrianJan 03 2014 2:49am

Aphrodite:3 is freezin her fuckin ass offJan 03 2014 2:49am
awwww u cold @aphrodite:3

AaronJan 03 2014 2:50am
*throws u a blanket* @ lilli sorry ben im a helper xD

BrianJan 03 2014 2:50am
lol y u sorry :P

AaronJan 03 2014 2:51am
oh mmmhm cuz u make me look bad by doing wat i ask ppl huh??

AaronJan 03 2014 2:51am
im always sorry

BrianJan 03 2014 2:51am
I want my teddybear,but my dad put it on the top shelf n i got on my bed and jumped off to try to grab it. but I fell.Now I don't have my teddybear and my back n neck hurt me.

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:52am
Yes, i have no heating in my house@Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:52am

AaronJan 03 2014 2:52am
haha xD aww gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 2:53am
awww Gabby:( im sorry, i'd grab it for u if i were in ur room lol or wherever it is at

AaronJan 03 2014 2:53am
='C it's not funny. >:( *hugs brian tight*

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:54am
Im freezing *Shivers*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:54am
Oh..well its cold in my house, but i share room so we get al the blankets..i sleep on the top bunk :P

AaronJan 03 2014 2:54am
I want my teddy!

Gabby is sad and mad!Jan 03 2014 2:55am
-sits beside u, hugs u- there better :?@Aphrodite

AaronJan 03 2014 2:55am
Email meh dood: @Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:56am
-_- im ben..uasked me tht b4..i cant no email

AaronJan 03 2014 2:57am
lilli are you mad at me???

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:57am
Awe *Cuddles up to you*@Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:57am
Why would i be?@Gabby

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 2:58am
-hugs u close sits Jake in ur lap- Here i swear thispupy is a heater lol he is warm!!!! hes a rottwieler puppy

AaronJan 03 2014 2:58am
*sits on the couch* im playin minecraft on ps3

BrianJan 03 2014 2:58am
Ooooh ur that horny boy;)@Aaron

Someone...Jan 03 2014 2:58am
I feel ignored from you thats why.

GabbyJan 03 2014 2:59am
wat??????????? lol @Someone

AaronJan 03 2014 2:59am
Nope. *Sits in ur lap*@Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:00am
-wraps arms around your waist- haha nope wat :P

AaronJan 03 2014 3:00am
No, i just am stressed out@Gabby

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:00am

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:01am
Gabby no stay

AaronJan 03 2014 3:02am
someone ..who in da hell r ya

AaronJan 03 2014 3:02am
*Pokes ur cheek* no more puppies. Too many puppies. *Pokes ur cheek*@Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:03am
I oly got 1 puppy :/ lol im soo confused -pokes u cheek, then nose-

AaronJan 03 2014 3:04am
What? *Cries*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:04am

Gabby gone fr.Jan 03 2014 3:05am
I got 2 puppies *Pokes ur lip*@Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:05am
I dont like her like just a comforting person..and tbh i dunno after she hurt mybuddy lol......if it werent for him..i would not beon this site

AaronJan 03 2014 3:06am
YOU DOUCHEBAG!!! *Runs out crying*

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:07am
haha -holds u tight- r u warm yet :0

AaronJan 03 2014 3:07am
Me!!! wtf ima dougebag for being kind!!!!!!!!!

AaronJan 03 2014 3:07am
ill be on the poll obove this one

Brian gone to that pollJan 03 2014 3:08am

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:08am
NO im not his friend..but we r not thatbclose anymore :/

AaronJan 03 2014 3:08am
Not you. @Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:08am
were friends on fb and he meseged me bout this site :/

AaronJan 03 2014 3:09am
Oh. Cool. Ur that cute dude? He told me to look at his friends on there, his name on there(The cute guy) was a guy named Aaron, i think... idk, he had a blue & grey shirt on in his profile pic

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:15am
yeah thts me

AaronJan 03 2014 3:19am
and thank u ma'm

AaronJan 03 2014 3:20am
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