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Best Comic Strip

Question: What is the best comic strip ever?
Created by: captainhowdy at 07:49:30 AM, Tuesday, February 06, 2001 EST


Personally, I like Garfield and Dilbert.

somebodyFeb 20 2002 10:53am


Thomas PaineJun 12 2019 10:08am
Continuation of

AnonymousFeb 27 2022 4:41pm
LMAO bullcrap youngstud is an 8 year old chad, no chance, id take that kid over my knee

NmoreFeb 27 2022 9:10pm
@Lewis: I think it’s true what Chris says. He has so much authority over his older brother. Danny has bo choice but to obey. I guess Chris is pretty endowed too, so Danny probably loves touching that big manly dick.

YoungStud Feb 28 2022 12:43am
@Nmore: haha, as soon as you see my perfect 8-pack you’ll probably start crying. Most guys get a boner when they realize an 8yo is so much hotter and more muscular then them. Once they see my massive bulge they can only admit that I’m way more manly then they will ever be. I even had one guy say that I can f*ck his girlfriend from now on.

YoungStud Feb 28 2022 12:47am
@YoungStud did you see your brothers gf again?

AnonymousFeb 28 2022 2:48pm
youngstud your almost 9, holy crap?? your 4 inches taller than me! i live in a apartment next to a guy, hes got a gorgeus wife and 12 years old son. this kid likes to wrestle and he's pretty tough. he beats me and its embarasing in front of his mother, but it sounds like you could beat him or even his dad! what do you do with the dads when you get with there wifes??

jjFeb 28 2022 10:43pm
@Anonymous: yes I did. She visited my brother again. I saw her looking at me the whole time. The funny thing is, my brother decided to start lifting weights all of a sudden haha. He was super proud when he was able to lift 8kg with one hand a few times. His girlfriend was really cheering him up. That’s when I decided to show some of my strength. I walked over to a 25kg dumbell and lifted it 30 times without breaking a sweat. My brother was unable to formulate any words seeing how strong his little brother is. And his girlfriend was obviously very horny because she was breathing more heavy and her nipples were poking through her shirt. She later visited me during the night.

YoungStudMar 01 2022 12:15am
Dear Young Stud: I feel weird for saying this, but you need to put a stop to your brother starting to work out. No, he'll probably never be as strong as you, but you're on one level of life. Right now he's got a girlfriend but if you take that from him, it'll take him down a level. Lifting weights may give him confidence to get back to this level and your job is to bring him down further. He shouldn't have girlfriends, he shouldn't build his muscles, he should eat very little meat, even be vegetarian. His role is to either 1) date girls just long enough for MEN like you to take from them, or 2) always available to take the D from MEN who need to get off. It's not about gay or straight for a True MAN - it's about someone being available for when a True MAN is horny. a True MAN should NEVER have to whack off. If you feel weird about this, just know that for his hardship, a lot more people will be happy than if he tries to have a wife and start a family. Kids don't grow up with a wimp of a dad. Women don't live unfulfilled lives dealing with their underperforming, weak husbands. And True MEN live like kings, as they should. We're rooting for you.

NoNoNoMar 01 2022 12:53am
@jj: So you are only 5 foot 4? How old are you? That 12 yo sounds cool. I like to wrestle sometimes too. Actually I have wrestled a 38 year old father once and I won easily. So I think I’ll beat that 12yo too. A lot of fathers turn into wimps when they see my ripped body. About 2 weeks ago I helped my neighbors with their garden. It was already pretty warm outside, but helping them was like a real workout. So I took off my shirt. The neighbor’s wife was instantly drooling like crazy haha. She basically ran over to me and started feeling my big round shoulders, my perfect abs and sexy veiny biceps. Her husband could only watch how his nice, polite and caring wife turned into a submissive horny bitch. I let the guy watch while I f*cked his wife on their kingsize bed. When I finished, the wife was unconscious, but the guy was blushing and his erection was pretty obvious in his jeans. I walked over to him, completely naked, with my 8 inch soft dick swinging back and forth and flexed into a crab pose. He could only moan pretty loudly as he emptied his balls.

YoungStudMar 01 2022 1:02am
@NoNoNo: Yeah I know. That’s why I showed him who’s stronger. His will to workout basically left his body right away. I’ll also follow your advise to make sure he starts doing chores for me. I’m gonna force him to make dinner for me later today. From now on the only thing he will eat and drink is dry bread and water. I’ll make sure he gets as weak as possible, but still strong enough to do whatever I tell him to do.

YoungStud Mar 01 2022 1:40am
Dear Young Stud: In addition to all your gifts, you're quite the mind reader. I never said have him do chores for you, but obviously I was thinking it and just forgot to mention it. And with the bread and water, I like where you're going with this, but go a little deeper. (Maybe you didn't think it through fully because you're still so young) See, you want to accomplish two things with your domination program: demoralization and resignation. Demoralization means that he needs to know that nothing he can do will change his future; he was born to serve True MEN. Resignation means he will live day-to-day with the goal of serving True MEN. If you make him do ALL your chores, if you leave him NO money, if you feed him NOTHING but bread and water, this won't break him. It sounds counterintuitive, but it's true: if he has nothing, he has nothing to lose. I know you have nothing to fear if it becomes physical, but he might be desperate enough to use a weapon. Or call police. Or run you over with a car. I don't know. Never underestimate desperate people. ***TO BE CONTINUED***

NoNoNoMar 01 2022 2:18am
***CONTINUED*** See, from now on he exists for YOUR use. So there should be rewards, however meager, for when he serves his purpose. Feed him a mostly-vegetarian diet (very little red meat) and, if he's been pleasing you, buy him a good meal from a decent place, not fast food. I've been reading both pages of this thread - you're going to take his paychecks, right? Like Chris with his brother? Well, his allowance should be something like $25-30 a week, and give him little bonuses here and there if his work has been good. Also, get him in the habit of asking your permission to do anything at all. If he's hungry, he should ask you if he can eat. If he has to use the bathroom, he needs to ask you if he can go. If he's sleepy, he should ask if you need anything else before he goes to bed. I'll conclude with one last post for other topics or ideas. ***TO BE CONTINUED***

NoNoNoMar 01 2022 2:28am
***CONTINUED*** 1) I also saw how Chris was sleeping with his brother and feeling him up - I don't know how you feel about that, but I think since his whole life is now about serving True MEN, it will help him think that way if they excite him sexually. I admire what Chris did to "reprogram" his brother's sexual orientation. I don't know if you'd want to do those sorts of things, but it would help in the long run. Wouldn't you feel like a good brother if he ended up in the service of a gay True MAN? Better that than a failure of a husband to a woman who deserves better 2) I would think seriously about feeding and bathing him. I know it's more time from your day, but if he's not allowed to do these very basic things without you, it'll go a long way towards humbling him further. Although, you're going to get a lot taller and bigger, so maybe wait until you're at least 6'1" or taller. Imagine being a full-grown adult and you're being spoon-fed in the lap of your huge-but-much-younger-brother? Or in a sudsy bathrub getting scrubbed in intimate places with his huge hands? 3) You absolutely don't want your brother to be weak, but weights are out; bodyweight exercises are in. Glute bridges, squats, hip thrusts, donkey kicks to grow the hips and butt. Crunches to help trim the waist. Nothing above the waist. Your brother isn't a True MAN, so let's not have him work out like one. If he works with those exercises, he'll get a more feminine shape - because you're going to want to feminize him 4) Feminizing - your brother should have a slim waist, wide hips, a big butt, and shapely legs. See, when the time comes, when a True MAN is aroused and no women are around, he should be able to look at someone like your brother and say, "I'm horny and he's got a booty, close enough." It will especially help if his wardrobe is flattering and pleasing to the eye, and he's got long hair, and smells nice. I'm not saying turn him into a woman or put him on hormones or anything like that. But he should be able to pass for a woman at a glance. Put it this way: I've never seen someone who looked like a man sexually arouse me, but I have seen men made up like women look pretty good. If a True MAN has no other option available, the sissy like your brother should be adequate in a pinch. At the very least, change out his entire wardrobe; if you don't want him wearing women's clothing, then buy his stuff from the boys department. Make sure whatever he wears is tight-fitting - it'll make him more self-conscious and less confident. This is where his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend will be a huge help. If you want your brother in women's clothing, she knows the sizes and such. You and your brother can take her along to buy clothes and she'll tell you which outfits work and which don't. This'll be my last post, but you should rest assured I know what I'm talking about. I'm almost sixty, but for many decades my much smaller older brother served me. While he went out and made a great success of himself personally, I commanded his fortune and estate. His wife was my personal toy (until she got too old for me and I lost sexual interest) and I fathered all four of his kids. I fathered a few others around the country, which my brother also paid child support for. He became one of the wealthiest CEOs in the country - but all the wealth belonged to me. Big surprise, when he died, I inherited EVERYTHING. His wife is a wonderful woman, a real soulmate-type. I talk to her daily, cuddle with her at sunset, from the balcony of my mansion...then I go out at night and bang 20-year olds. This can be you, son.

NoNoNoMar 01 2022 3:06am
@YoungStud omg you could make a grown man cum just by looking at you? Also i bet you prob have huge balls aswell and can cum a lot already right?

AnonymousMar 01 2022 4:15am
@Anonymous: absolutely. This has happened many times before. A friend of mine admires my big biceps. He really loves the massive vein crawling over it. He always wants to touch it, but I like to tease him so I simply flex as hard as I can. It’s actually pretty cute when he starts moaning and he grabs his crotch to cover the wet spot. My balls are each already bigger then a large chicken egg. My pre also looks pretty thick already. Sometimes I think that my pre is even thicker then the cum from other boys or men.

YoungStud Mar 01 2022 4:49am
@YoungStud oh wow i cant even imagine how much you cum then

AnonymousMar 01 2022 1:10pm
@Anonymous: never measured my cum before but I thought it would be fun to know. So after jerking off for 1 hour I was ready to unload. I already know I cum a lot, so decided to shoot my cum inside a measuring cup. In just 10 shots the cup was filled completely. And I still shot another 6 equally powerful ropes of cum after that. The cup contained 150ml of cum, so I guess I can cum more then 225ml.

YoungStud Mar 01 2022 10:12pm
youngstud, so what do you do when some dude wants to come at you for real? what do your do when you win, you ever punish or humliate them??

jjMar 01 2022 10:54pm
@jj: a year ago a guy approached me and hit me in the face. I actually fell on the ground after that punch. He started yelling that I need to keep away from his girlfriend. I wasn’t prepared for the power behind his punch so I needed a few seconds to recover. When I stood up I finally saw it was my best friend’s 19 yo brother. His girlfriend is one of the hottest girls I know and I flirt with her whenever I can. She also gave me a blowjob a few times, telling me I’m so much bigger and more manly then her boyfriend. Apparently he found out. I decided it was time to teach him a lesson. To show him who he’s dealing with. So I took off my shirt and exposed my abs and pecs. I saw his eyes darting all over my upper body. Out of nowhere I hit him in the gut. It wasn’t even that powerful, but it was painful for him I guess. He screamed and fell to his knees as he grabbed his stomach with his arms. I stepped closer to him and pushed my big bulge forward. He was almost eye level with my dick and he was amazed at the size of it. “This is what your girlfriend wants!” I said to him. He was still staring at my dick. “Looks like you want it too huh?” He started getting red and I could see tears forming in his eyes. He then simply stood up and ran away. He’s never bothered me again. Although….he did come back a few times because he was interested in my muscles and dick. If you want to know more, just ask me.

YoungStud Mar 01 2022 11:59pm
why are you guys thiniking this is funny?? people think because im short and skinny that you can just do whatever you want and they can't stopm them! my little sister is just like y'all and my mom loves it! Candace is only 13 but she's much bigger thqn me and forces me to do stuff, she always spanks me or pins me down! she's too strong! why y'all so mean??

LONNIEMar 02 2022 12:55am
LONNIE, calm down. No one is laughing at you. What it is, if you're a male and you can't enforce your will whenever necessary, or resist whenever someone else enforces their will on you, then you MUST obey. I know Candace is only 13 (I don't know how old you are, I'm guessing older), but she is your superior. Learn self-defense or build your body or figure out something, because if you can't there will always be someone younger than you who's much bigger and much stronger and who gets a thrill out of subjugating an older male. The way you just put it, sounds like this is the way it's always been and you've made no effort to improve the situation. I guess you've got more spankings in your future.

TheMeerkatSpeaksMar 02 2022 2:24am
Gosh, I hope littlebro isn't grounded by Mikey, we haven't heard from him in a while. I've got questions for all of you, but I don't have time to ask right now.

lawndartsMar 02 2022 6:36am
@lanwdarts: take your time. You can ask me anything you want to know.

YoungStudMar 02 2022 6:57am
@YoungStud 225ml?! thats insane. also did your brother found out that his gf visited you the other night? and how did he react if he did?

AnonymousMar 02 2022 7:24am
@Anonymous: And it’s very thick too. My brother’s girlfriend has a lot of trouble swallowing everything. And yes my brother found out. His girlfriend was moaning so loudly that she woke up my brother in the other room. When he opened the door and saw me f*cking his girlfriend he got really angry. But I could see that his mind was broken. He couldn’t move, his body was frozen. I ordered him to come closer. That seemed to get his legs moving. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my dick and told him to squeeze. I felt his hand try to dent my dick but he couldn’t. I flexed my dick and forced his fingers open cause of my thickening c*ck. He was amazed at my powerful manhood and he fell on the floor unconscious.

YoungStudMar 02 2022 10:58am
@lawndarts. Mikey took away my laptop for a few days and banned me from using the internet. It was because I was jerking off to instagram pics of a girl in my class that I have a crush on. When Mikey and Matt walked in they both started laughing, including at my hard little dick, and Mikey said I was too young to be playing with myself and looking at pictures of girls in bikinis. I protested a bit, I said i wasn't a little kid anymore and i'm practically an adult. Matt pointed at my crotch and said "does that look like the dick of an adult?", I looked at it and i had to shake my head. After that Mikey gave me a spanking and took away my laptop. He also set a rule that i'm not allowed to wear clothes at home other than when mom's here, when it's just me and my brothers i have to be naked, he said it's so i'm constantly seeing my dick and getting reminded that i'm a little kid. Even worse, he liked the pictures of the girl, and right now he's over at her house.

littlebroMar 02 2022 6:16pm
You younger bros should find some big strong gay daddies to take care you your little big bros. You got lives to live, you can't look after those little bros all your life

Jones, Inc.Mar 02 2022 7:29pm
Hey littlebro, isn't that unfair? Just because you're not fully grown doesn't mean you don't need to rub one out sometimes. Can't you're big brother at least give you some material he approves of to let you relief yourself??

Z-plusMar 02 2022 7:45pm
youngstud, im 33. my neighbors with the kid are a little older than me. I know the wifr is 36. it's a weird situatin and i like it and i dont. the wife likes me, but not the way i want. she sees me like one of her sons school friends even though im 20 years older. Som times the husband isnt home and she has us wrsrle for her in just are underpants. me and kenney (the 12 years old) will hang out in his room playng video games and shell bring us snack or pizza. im at there apartment more than mine most nights. she and her husband are going away for a weekend latr this month and said "if you want keney can babysit you whil were gone, WTF!!?

jjMar 02 2022 8:57pm
Right now my fantasy is that YoungStud gets a blowjob from a really skinny girl and when it's over you can see her full tummy sticking out because it's so full of jizz

Motion84Mar 02 2022 9:06pm
I'm sorry, I don't want to talk down to anyone here, but all the smaller older brothers are going about things all wrong. You're upset with the situation, there's unnecessary conflict with family, a lot of entitlement on the part of the older brothers. Well, I'm one of those smaller older brothers. My 'little' brother is definitely in charge and my life is great. Maybe if you read my story you'll see it the way I do. When my brother Sam was seven and I was fourteen, he was almost my size. He got the better of it in wrestling more often than not. At the time, I was angry about it and feeling self-pity but at the time I read everything I could get my hands on. It turns out that indigenous people in the past, on many continents, followed what I now call the Rule of Nature. The rule is that the tribe follows the leader, and nature endows the leader with physical attributes that make his role as leader clear. Well, it was clear to me that my young brother was going to be the biggest and strongest person in our household. (I'm short and skinny like mom, so is the baby of the family, Andrea. Dad's been out of the picture for years) I knew that, in the tribal sense, Sam was going to be our chief. So to cope with the situation, I was his life coach. I taught him about the Rule of Nature, that he needed to take his role as leader seriously, and that when he overtook me for good that I would play my role as best I could. I made it clear that he needed to assert himself not only with me and Andrea, but also with the world at large. It was astonishing, Sam grew up so fast. When mom had us do chores and such, Sam was always on top of things, doing his tasks quickly but making sure I did as well. Mom was definitely impressed. By the time Sam was nine, he was almost a co-parent. Andrea is five years younger than Sam, so it was about that time mom felt comfortable enough to leave her in our care...but her instructions were always given to Sam, not me. I actually get aroused when I think about how mom would leave for her second job at night: she'd give Andrea a big hug and kiss, give me a kiss and tousle my hair, then, before kissing Sam goodbye, she'd give some last minute instructions, here's the number to the restaurant if I don't answer the cell, make sure they're in bed by nine, etc. Then she'd lean in, up on a tip-toe, hand on his big chest for balance, for her goodbye kiss to the Man of the House. Sure, I wasn't getting anywhere personally, but Sam was well on his way to the awesome life he deserved and I helped him along the way.

DennyMar 02 2022 11:06pm
(American) Football is Sam's calling. He was six feet tall when he was twelve, six foot four when he was a freshman. He's over 300 pounds and plays offensive tackle, and wow is he good. On pass plays, the defense almost always sends two rushers at him so they can get one-on-one matchups on the other side of the line. Sam can sometimes dispatch BOTH rushers and get back to help the other blockers. His coach said "He's got Sunday (meaning the NFL) written all over him." Even though he doesn't handle the ball, and even though he's got the typical body of an offensive lineman, he's very, very popular at school. He is handsome, for sure, but he's well-liked because he's a leader. And of course, being a handsome leader, he's dated a lot; this is where I come into the picture, where all of my mentorship from his childhood paid off. Here's my freshman fourteen year old brother, this football King, getting attention from high school senior girls and even college girls. He could have any of them, or even all of them - but we're looking at Tinder profiles and he's asking me what I think. I say, which one you like best? He says, "No. Which one do YOU like best?" I ask, why me? He says, "Because I'm only going to date someone who you like. I know you have a tough time with girls, so you're going to get to have at least a little fun with my date. If she doesn't like my sister or especially my brother, then she doesn't like me, and I'll move on to the next one." I teared up a little. Here I was, a short, skinny twenty-one year old college student with no prospects, and my fourteen year old brother is giving me a chance to have fun with some of the most gorgeous women in town. I'll tell more of my story later, it's bedtime where I live. Actually past bedtime, lol.

DennyMar 02 2022 11:25pm
Science and nutrition are just helping people reach max potential look at that bodybuilder Hearn and his kid, actually named Titan. Guy is a douchebag and narcissist and obviously is a huge steroid junkie cheater like all the losers in Hollywood, but his kid is going to be a buff dude in elementary school.

SteroidCheatersMar 03 2022 1:33am
Same thing happened with Richard Sandrak and Guiliano and Claudio Stroe. Parents train and feed them steroids as little kids, now they are stunted growth from all the weight lifting as kids, they got robbed of probably 1-3 inches of height. Steroids have long term impact on heart and body, look at how messed up all those old bodybuilders are like Arnold and Stallone, Coleman etc. They are going to all die probably 15 years or more before their genetic age limit.

SteroidCheatersMar 03 2022 1:37am
So littlebro, I hope you get to read this soon, but are you going to be allowed to leave home or go to college after you turn 18? Or will Mikey decide that for you?

lawndartsMar 03 2022 4:20am
@Motion84: That would be so cool to see. Never met a really skinny girl yet. But I must say that my brother’s girlfriend’s belly was looking more round after I dumped my load inside her.

YoungStudMar 03 2022 6:33am
@jj: it’s pretty interesting that even the 12 year old’s mother is seeing you as a little kid. You also say you like it and you don’t at the same time. Do you get horny when you see that 12yo boy?

YoungStudMar 03 2022 7:44am
@lawndarts That will be up to Mikey, it's his decision. I doubt he'll think i'm old enough to live alone though. The other day he and Mikey got my ex girlfriend's little sister to babysit me, and she's only 10, so he sees me as even younger than that, so in just one year i won't be mature enough to live by myself.

littlebroMar 03 2022 10:31am
@Z_plus I agree with that, i've accepted the fact that i'm a little kid, but little kids who are in puberty still need to masturbate. I'll make that point to Mikey later and ask him to reconsider. It's pretty scary though, i gotta do it in a way where it doesnt look like i'm challenging him, i'm really scared of getting another spanking. I'll have to be really really good and well behaved before that i guess.

littlebroMar 03 2022 10:36am
@YoungStud you inflated the belly of a girl just by cumming inside her? thats so hot ngl

AnonymousMar 03 2022 10:46am
I'm interested in how old all these boys were when they lost their virginity, I know some of these born-alpha boys we have nowadays start at insanely early ages. @YoungStud how old were you? @littlebro how old were your brothers? @lawndarts how old were your siblings? @Denny how old was Sam? @jj do you know if your 12yo neighbor has lost his yet?

GuillaumeMar 03 2022 11:38am
@Guillaume: I was 5 years old when I got my first erection. It was clear to me what I could do with it. When I was 6 my babysitter couldn’t resist my already developed body. That was the first time I had sex.

YoungStud Mar 03 2022 3:19pm
@Anonymous: it surely was hot to see her belly slowly inflate while cumming. Have you ever encountered a young muscle boy?

YoungStud Mar 03 2022 3:21pm
@YoungStud no i havent, sadly.

AnonymousMar 03 2022 3:54pm
@YoungStud no i havent, sadly. And yeah that sounds insanely hot. i wish one of my ex bfs could have done that to me

AnonymousMar 03 2022 4:07pm
@Guillaume Mikey lost his virginity first, he was only 8, but he already had an adult sized dick. I was 13, and we were camping with my aunt and uncle and cousins, including a girl cousin called Tara who was a year older than me. He was impressing her all day by ordering me around and explaining to her how he was the real big brother, and by beating me up in front of her, and just showing her his muscles, she was clearly very into him. Then at night when we were all in the tent he made me compare dicks with him in front of her, and they ended up having sex right there in the tent, right next to me. Matt had sex a few months after that, he was 11, with a girl in his class. I'm still a virgin, and i'm double the age Mikey was when he stopped being one.

littlebroMar 03 2022 5:12pm
@Anonymous: maybe we meet each other one time. I’m sure you’ll love to see my body.

YoungStudMar 04 2022 5:01am
@YoungStud I bet i would love it. i love muscles especially abs and obv a big dick.

AnonymousMar 04 2022 8:00am
I lost my virginity at 8 too, that was when I first had sex with my dad's new wife. I started puberty really early because of a hormone imbalance, and I had a fully developed 9 inch c*ck, over twice as big as my dad's. His girlfriend was a sl*t and a nympho who loved my c*ck (especially since she was comparing it to my dad's) and started giving me blowjobs when I was 7. It was fun hiding it from my dad, like the time me and my dad were talking at the dinner table while she was lying on the floor underneath, sucking me off. Pretty soon she was begging me to f*ck her, but I wanted to wait until she married my dad. I f*cked her for the first time on their wedding night, in their marital bed, while my dad was lying passed out from the alcohol next to us. My dad's wife was addicted to my c*ck after that, she would do anything to get it. I had other girls, but she only wanted me, and she would do anything I said if I promised to f*ck her later. She was basically my slave. I got her pregnant that first night, and 9 months later my "brother" (son) was born, and I was still only 8.

ZachMar 04 2022 11:38am
@Zach: wow you’re pretty too when you lost your virginity. It’s so hot to read you even impregnated your mom. It would be even hotter if your son is even bigger then you. Was he born with a big c*ck?

TimmyMar 04 2022 2:10pm
Well she's not my mom, she's my step mom I guess, I met her when I was 7. But it's still cool that I cucked my dad. The kid definitely inherited my hormone thing, he's 3 now and already in puberty. His c*ck's not bigger than mine but it's way bigger than my dad's. I have 2 other kids with her too, pretty much as soon as she gives birth I knock her up again.

ZachMar 04 2022 4:47pm
Wow, the answers so far are 8, 8, and 6! Kids these days... @lawndarts, @denny, @jj, how old were the boys you know? Anyone else know (or is) one of these alpha kids?

GuillaumeMar 04 2022 5:26pm
Guillaume i don't know if kenny has hsd sex yet. hes got an alpha bod and good looks but hes still a kid, not like some of these other kids like youngstud. but maybe hes done it and just doesnt advertise it, but thats not like most 12 year olds youngstud kenny doesnt ger me horny but when hs mom want us to wrestl were in our underpants, it makes me horny. she says she dosnt want us runing our clothes, i honestly think she forgets im 33. part of it is is i don't look it because im short, skinny and i have a babyface. i still get carded and sometimes they dont serve me alcohol. it also gets me horny, espcillay later that night thinkng about how humiliatng it was when kenny overpowered me in front of his hot mom. i hate it in the moment because this kid is more of a man than i am and hes gonna grow more. the last couple times ive gone over she keeps talking about finding me a babysitter and shes not joking.she said she would do it if shes available, she says me coming over most nights is basiclly just me getting babysat anyway.

jjMar 05 2022 1:09am
to jj, I'm just lurking here, but some women that have only one kid, and that kid is a boy, those women get crazy about that kid. Don't get me wrong, it's hot, I read these threads all the time, but it's weird, too. That woman is either A) sexually attracted to her son, B) wants him to bring out his alpha side by having him dominate you, C) has a weird fetish and you're the kind of guy she's into. Is her husband like you? Is he short and skinny too? What exactly does she look like? What's all this talk about a babysitter?

clydesdaleMar 05 2022 2:23am
@jj Is Kenny is well endowed too, you ever seen his dick? When you're wrestling in your underwear, does he have a big bulge? Anyway, I think you should tell his mom you'll accept Kenny as your babysitter, you get along well already, and I bet you'll feel nice and safe knowing there's a strong boy like him around to protect you. Like you said, he's more of a man than you, so chronological age doesn't matter.

Guillaume Mar 05 2022 3:47am
Guillaume but i don't know, this is why i think his mom said it, because if hes in charge of an adultt hell be more of an alpha. she sees how big and strong he is and thiniks he should bem ore assertive,. either she wants him to be more of a man for hus own sake or she gets a sex thril out of it. i dont want to do it because 1) i dont need a babysitter, 2) if im gonna have one i want it to be the mom, 3) kennys a nice kid, he doesnt come off like hes ready to grow up yet. he doesnt have that personalty even though hes almost siz foot and muscled. and yes, i have felt the bulge through the underpants, hes blessed. clydesdale i hope i answered your question too, i thinik i did

jjMar 05 2022 4:20am
New development. My brother’s girlfriend has left him for me. She can’t resist my huge dick and sexy muscles. But my brother has changed too. Since he has felt my thick c*ck in his hands he seems to be very uncomfortable when he’s around me. I see his eyes looking at my big bulge and he gets very nervous when I look at him. I think he wants to feel my dick again.

YoungStudMar 05 2022 6:11am
@jj; I'm a bit similar to you, I get babysat by the 10 year old boy who lives next door. I'm 19 and I go to college and live at home. My babysitter is Roy and his dad works very long hours and often sleeps in his office, so Roy is home alone most of the time, and there are sometimes several days when he just takes care of himself. My mom doesn't let me stay home alone and she was very impressed by Roy, so she started hiring him to babysit me. It's really not that bad, he's tough but fair and he takes good care of me. When I behave well he's really nice to me, though I still think my bedtime is too early. I don't even really mind the age difference anymore, age is just a number, and like with you and Kenny I know he's more a man than me.

BlakeMar 05 2022 5:26pm
Blake, can you tell us about you and Roy? How tall are both of you? How much do you both weigh? Does he make sure you've been doing your classwork and stuff like that? What happens when you misbehave?

zenithMar 06 2022 6:12am
@ Guillaume, I don't know for a fact that the twins have had sex yet. Ryder probably has. Courtney I don't think so. The thing is, even though they aren't as close as they were when they were younger, the twins still keep to themselves a lot. If they have lost their virginity, only they know for sure. Ryder's not at home as much as he used to be, so lately it's just me, Courtney, and a few of her sports friends at home. None of them are as big or strong as Courtney, but any one of them can beat me up with ease. It's humiliating because one of them brings their 10-year old sister along sometimes, and she's a little powerhouse too. Courtney says that she's training her to babysit me so that Courtney and her friends don't have to hang out at the apartment all the time. I hope she's kidding.

lawndartsMar 06 2022 6:54am
I'm 26, only child, but if I did have an older brother who was a wimp like that, I'd make it my duty to get him a life partner who could take care of him. It's only fair, this is family. And these little dudes can't take care of themselves. These are the dudes that get mugged, raped, or even killed in the streets. They need someone big and strong in their lives to protect and guide them. My buddy Chance would be perfect, if any of you little dudes are gay. Poo, if you're not, you should look into it. It's not like women are interested in little manlets they can beat up.

Captain DetroitMar 06 2022 9:49am
I am pleased to read of such impressive young men, there is hope for the future after all. When my husband and I go shopping or dining, we always see such small, thin, FEEBLE excuses for males all about. I am a woman approaching 50 and daily I encounter scores of weaklings I could dispatch with ease. I am moved by the tales here of young men taking charge of their weaker elders and keeping them in their rightful place. The genes must prevail. In our families, my husbands and my own, the men and women must be tall and strong. If nature deals any of our children a poor hand, we support them for life with ROBUST nannies to keep them out of trouble. They are NOT to try and support themselves, we FORBID it! A few years back, while still in college, my eldest child Martin had befriended one of those terribly wimpy males - God wonders why - who accompanied Martin into our home. I immediately became ANGRY with him, as this 20-year old with the sad physique of a grade schooler, walks into our house wearing trousers. We don't care how old anyone is; if they appear as a child in our home they WILL wear short pants, to do otherwise disrespects the Winthrop name and household. Rather than leave as he should have, the boy defiantly responded in a sassy way. I will NOT be disrespected, especially in my own home, and ESPECIALLY not by a puny wisp of a male. I wrapped a hand around his sickly little arm, hauled him over my lap with ease, yanked his trousers below his hips, and SPANKED him with great pleasure. He WAILED loudly through a torrent of tears. I removed his trousers completely before placing him into a corner, where he had ample time to think about what he had done. Instead of befriending such a creature, Martin should have sooner considering ADOPTING him. This little non-person needs a firm hand but, thanks to his insolence, will NOT get the leader he needs from a Winthrop.

Margaret Covington WinthropMar 06 2022 4:16pm
@zenith; I'm 5'3" and 105lbs, part of the reason my mom treats me like a kid is that I pretty much look like one. Roy is probably 4'11", give or take an inch, and he weighs a lot more than me. It's all muscle too, he works out a lot. He makes sure I do any homework I have, eat all my dinner (my mom told him to be strict with me about that, she wants me to gain wait), and get enough sleep. He gives me a bath too. My mom also gets him to accompany me when I need to go out in the day, I've been having trouble with some middle school kids who bully me and she wants Roy with me to protect me. I want him there too, I'm much safer with him. He has different punishments when I misbehave, sometimes he puts me in time out or sends me to bed early, sometimes he just tells me off and makes me apologize. When I do something really bad he spanks me, but he tries to be gentle enough. If he used all his strength he could really hurt me, so he has to tone it down. It still hurts and often I'm crying by the end, but he comforts me afterward. A few months ago my mom told him to give me "the talk", I knew a lot of it already but I still learned a lot. He even showed me how to put a condom on. He's dating this really pretty high school girl, she's really nice to me and she thinks I'm really cute, and Roy has her over some nights after I go to bed. My mom's fine with that.

BlakeMar 06 2022 4:48pm
Wow. I think I see what's coming. For one thing, your mom is in denial about your weight. If you're almost 20 and are still 105, this is basically it - unless you get into steroids or something like that. Of course, steroids can shorten your life. You could also make yourself fat, but you've got enough going against you with being short and weak, so that's not worth it either. What I think is happening is that your mom knows that she's not going to be around forever and you're going to need a new home. Maybe Roy and this girl of his will work out and you can live with them, when they get older and start life together, under their roof and rules. That would be nice. If Roy isn't the answer, I'm sure your mom will keep on looking for a new parental figure to eventually replace her. How big is the high school girl? Do you think she could be in charge too, is she an athlete or something?

zenithMar 06 2022 5:11pm
ATTENTION to ALL little boys posting here! Are you ALLOWED to wear trousers? Through the years, my nephew would stay over at our home to have fun with his cousins. Now, Winthrop children, pre-puberty, when in the home wear ONLY cartoon briefs with a matching T-shirt. This is natural. Children are simple creatures with little self-consciousness, focused solely on fun. However, post-puberty, this nephew of mine reached a disappointing height of 5'3” tall; for his first post-puberty stay of six weeks, his mother (my sister) left STRICT instructions that he remained clad just as Winthrop children should be. He was QUITE embarrassed, especially in the presence of his cousin, my daughter Anna. He had quite the crush in those days just after puberty, and why not? Anna is a LOVELY girl. I didn't agree at the time with my sister's method but this was her son, it was NOT my place to flout her rules. Well, my nephew being a bashful little boy, he would remain in his room in the morning as long as he could or find creative ways to cover himself. I was NOT having it! When I felt he tried one time too MANY to circumvent the rule, I gave him a SOUND spanking and corner time. He persisted, so the next time I spanked him, ALL three of my children were present to watch. And yet, he remained overly self-conscious, still trying to AVOID interactions and stay out of sight. The third time did the trick, as I dispatched ANNA to spank him in front of her brothers and me. Being 15 years old and getting spanked by a 9 year old girl not only kept him from breaking his mother's rule, but it moved my nephew to the bottom of the totem pole even though he was slightly older than Martin and three years older than Wesley, my middle child. From that moment and thereafter, ANY TIME my nephew visited, he was largely ignored by his physically-mature male cousins and in the care of his much younger (but bigger and stronger) female cousin. Clad ONLY in cartoon briefs and T-shirt, while my well-muscled sons strutted around, shirtless in boxer shorts. Some eight years later, my sister is in the process of finding him a NANNY.

Margaret Covington WinthropMar 06 2022 8:59pm
@zenith; I'm almost clinically underweight now, so it would do me good to get a bit fatter, but I just have such a low apatite, I can't bring myself to eat much. When Roy cooks me dinner he always eats three times more than me, and he always makes me eat every bite of the stuff he serves me. Last time he had to threaten to give me a spanking to make me finish it, but I know it's for my own good, he's concerned about my weight too. Last time he gave me a bath he commented on how skinny I am and especially how skinny my arms are, he said they were like twigs. He tried to show me how to lift his weights, but the lightest ones he owned were far too heavy for me. I can't even curl his one-handed dumbbells when I use both my hands. He and my mom are both worried about how weak and vulnerable I am, people around my age generally leave me alone but kids seem to love the fact that they're stronger than a college student, and I get bullied by practically every one of them in my neighborhood. These middle school kids are the worst, but I've been beat up by elementary schoolers too. Last week Roy had to save me when I was being pinned by this 4th grade girl. I think there's some truth to what you said about my mom wanting to give me a new parental figure, she can't stay with me 100% of the time so she needs someone else to take care of me too, and to take the parental duties that my mom can't really do. Roy fills that role already, like when he gave me "the talk", and when he taught me how to shave. I think she also wants there to be a man in my life, a masculine presence. She wants to give me a strong male role model, someone to look up to and maybe try to emulate. The fact that my man role model is just over half my age doesn't really bother anyone, it's obvious that in every relevant way he's a real man, and I'm not. Roy's girlfriend is 14 and a good 3-4 inches taller than me and much heavier too. She does swimming and she's in great shape, obviously much stronger than me. I've arm wrestled her a couple times and she always lets me win, she pretends she's struggling and lets me pin her, and we have a laugh about it, but I can feel how she's completely in control. We both know she could beat me in less than a second if she wanted to, but she's too nice to do that, I really like her. Obviously she's in charge of me too when she's there.

BlakeMar 07 2022 4:16am
what if blake's mom just wants roy to grow up little bit before she marries him and just like that, roy has a dad

fowlMar 07 2022 10:23am
lol i meant blake has a dad

fowlMar 07 2022 10:24am
@Blake Roy sounds like a great guy, you're lucky to have him. A lot of these alpha kids treat older guys really badly, but it sounds like Roy is very responsible. JJ's friend Kenny is probably the same, that's why I think he should accept him as his babysitter. It's also great that you don't resent him for his authority over you at such a young age. A lot of people in your position would hate that they're inferior to a 10yo, but accepting his superiority and being a good boy for him is definitely the best thing to do. I have a bunch of questions if that's OK. 1) Did it bother you at all to be taught the facts of life by someone so much younger than you? 2) I assume he's sexually active with his girlfriend, do you know when he started? 3) What's it like when he gives you a bath, does he take one too at the same time? 4) Have you ever seen him naked, is he well endowed too? What about you? 5) If your mom gave you the choice of staying at home alone or having Roy babysit you, what would you choose?

GuillaumeMar 07 2022 10:55am
@lawndarts From what you've said about Ryder I'd be shocked if he hadn't had sex, boys like him don't stay virgins for very long, certainly not until they're almost 14. You said in the last thread about how when Ryder was 8 or 9 he used to wrestle you as an excuse to rub against you and relieve his sexual tension, what's the furthest he ever took that? Did he or Courtney ever tease you about their physical superiority over you? And Courtney's friend's 10yo sister, what's she like, can she beat you up easily too?

GuillaumeMar 07 2022 11:07am
@Guillaume well, of course, he punished me (or at least started to) for when he blew his load that one time, which I guess was the worst of it. Honestly, I think that shook him. He more or less left me alone for a while. There were times, months down the road, where he'd be manhandling me again, but as soon as I felt that c*ck swell up he shot off to his room. Ryder used to tease me until he got so much bigger and stronger that it wasn't even fun for him anymore. Courtney, that's a different case and, though I hate to say it, her existence makes me confused and sad. Confused because I'm not supposed to be attracted to a sibling, even if she's a half-sister. But with mom gone working almost all the time, she was the one keeping our house in order, even with her obligations as a very young kid. She's impressed me for a long time now. She's smart, beautiful, she manages her life with grace, and always has a handle on things. If Courtney didn't exist, I'd be in a much worse place, and Ryder would have gotten in a lot more trouble. She's the only one who can really reach him, although he's come a long way in the past year in terms of maturity. I'm sad knowing that she's sacrificed a lot of childhood fun to keep the house in line, and I'm sad knowing she'll be gone in a few more years. Up until about age seven she'd tease me or wrestle me or something; once puberty came on and she got much bigger, she came to look at me as some sort of cute little kid, almost an object of pity which, I hate to say it, is true. Besides being a lightweight's lightweight, I don't have a lot going on. I'll probably just keep on living with mom for as long as she'll have me.

lawndartsMar 08 2022 2:12am
@Guilaume; Roy is really great, I look up to him so much. He could just dominate me but instead he treats me fairly. It seems normal to me that he's in charge, he's just so much more grown up than me in every way that counts, even though I'm older. I know the normal thing would be for the 19 year old to babysit the 10 year old and be in charge of him, but the idea of me being above Roy just seems ridiculous to me, it's much better the other way round. It didn't bother me when he gave me my sex-ed talk, I was grateful for it. He's very experienced and he taught me a lot of things I needed to know and gave me good advice. He has sex with his girlfriend, including in my house after I go to bed sometimes. He's been with her for 6 months, and he had a different girlfriend before that. In the last couple years I saw quite a few different girls going in and out of his house when he was home alone, he does really well with them. I guess he lost his virginity at least 2 years ago. He gives me a bath or washes me in the shower most days he babysits me, I don't mind that, I always come out much cleaner than when I do it myself. My house has a really big bathtub so he often gets in too when he's bathing me, so I've seen him naked a lot. He has a big bush of pubic hair, much more than me, and he's definitely very well endowed. He has big low hanging balls and I have little ones that cling tight to my skin. His penis is about 3 times bigger than mine, and when it's soft it's about the same thickness as my skinny wrist. Seeing it and then looking at my penis really reinforces the idea that I'm a little kid and he's a man, he has a man's penis and I have a boy's. I was weirdly intimidated the first few times I saw it and I struggled to stop myself crying, not really because I was jealous but because I was scared for some reason. After a while he saw me looking at his penis, and he sat me down and had a talk with me where he said I shouldn't feel bad about my size, that nobody has any control over things like that and it doesn't make sense to be ashamed, and that some girls actually like small ones. I felt a lot better after that. I would definitely choose to have Roy babysit me, I would panic if left at home by myself. A few months ago my mom tried leaving me without a babysitter when Roy had plans for the night, but I got really scared at night and called her. Then she called Roy, and he came back from the party he was at to take care of me. I was crying and he carried me into bed and I fell asleep with his arm around me. I felt so safe with his arm around me, I could feel his muscles and I knew he would be able to protect me from anything. I could feel his bulge against my back too, and that was oddly comforting as well, I guess it reminded me there was a man in the house. I often sleep with him when I have nightmares or if I can't sleep. Sometimes his girlfriend is in the bed too, and there were times when I had to wait outside the room for them to finish up with what they were doing before I could go in. One time though I woke up in the morning and Roy had morning wood, I caught a glimpse of his erection. That was really scary, I cried a lot and his girlfriend had to hug me and calm me down.

BlakeMar 08 2022 10:29am
I'm glad to see Blake submitting to the Rule of Nature with Roy. Roy has the strength and stature to be a leader and he is correctly making use of it. Blake and Roy are better for it, and Blake is reaping the benefits by feeling safe with Roy and spending some quality time with Roy's girlfriend. This is EXACTLY the way it's been with Sam and I for most of the past three years. Like I said, Sam has been dating pretty frequently since turning fourteen, but if his girl has no particular interest in me, he lets them go. I've never made out or cuddled with women much on my own - forget having sex - so Sam dates, in part, to allow me the chance to get to first base with his girl. I mean, sure some of them get a little weirded out, but most of them who failed his test just want nothing to do with a boy-sized guy like me. Sarah has been 100% different, and I'm totally in love. I love Sam for finding her, I love Sarah for being so loving with me, and I love them for sometimes including me in their activities. It's fun and exciting! I especially love going to the beach with them. I love the looks me and Sam get because we walk together down the beach wearing the exact same speedo. He's huge, muscled, with a little body hair and a shadow of a beard, despite being seventeen. I'm short, slender, and hairless except for my scalp and eyebrows. His speedo holds a mighty bulge in front, mine's basically flat. He looks older than seventeen and I look a lot younger than twenty-four, so with those contrasts packed into identical swimsuits, people often assume we're father and son. I saved a photo from one of our beach outings that Sarah took, we're both flexing in the same pose! It's so funny! I'll tell you more about Sarah in my next post, hopefully tomorrow but no promises. BTW jj, I'd like to know more about you and Kenny and Kenny's mom. I think she's up to something.

DennyMar 09 2022 1:48am
@lawndarts Courtney sounds like a great person too, and I don't think there's anything wrong with being attracted to her, that stuff is all involuntary anyway. It must have been weird when she was 7 or 8 and in charge of the household when your parents were gone, and you were thankful for that, right? For your sake I'm glad she was around, I can't imagine what Ryder would have done to you when he was younger if she wasn't there. I'm interested in her friend's 10 year old sister, what's her name? Can she beat you up too? What's she like physically compared to Courtney at that age?

GuillaumeMar 09 2022 4:26am
@Blake Thanks for all your answers! No offence here, you seem perfectly intelligent, but also pretty immature emotionally, so I can see why you need a babysitter. And I think Roy's babysitting methods are just perfect for you. I can see why seeing his dick would be shocking, but crying seems like a bit of an overreaction... Can you explain why you reacted like that? What happened when you saw his morning wood, why did it cause such a strong reaction from you? Can you estimate the size of Roy's dick, and if you don't know your own size maybe you could get a ruler and measure it?

GuillaumeMar 09 2022 4:34am
I have a QUESTION for all the little boys posting here, and you had BETTER answer me, and answer me SOON: have the YOUNG MEN in charge given you PERMISSION to share stories about them on the internet? If they have NOT, you had better tell them straight away! Because if you DON'T and I find a way to contact them, you can rest ASSURED that, in addition to the punishment THEY give, you will be brought before me and I will give you a VERY sound spanking! Though I suppose it would be more ENTERTAINING to watch my ANNA do it. She's a sight to behold at 6'1" with a very STOUT build. Watching little bitty adult children thrash HELPLESSLY in the grasp of my seventeen year-old would be a wonderful spectacle. She excels at both Crossfit and volleyball, so if she were to wallop your RUMPS as she wallops a centering pass over the net, you won't be able to sit down for a WEEK!

Margaret Covington WinthropMar 10 2022 2:32am
@Guillaume; it's true that I'm emotionally immature. I cry a lot, I get nightmares, and I get really scared when I'm by myself. I do have reason to be scared sometimes, because of those kids who bully me. Right now the worst of them are this gang of 5th grade girls, whenever I run into any of them she chases me down and beats me up, just for the fun of it. Even if there's only one of them, I don't stand a chance. When I'm alone, even if I'm in the house with the doors locked, I can't stop thinking about them. When Roy's with me I feel very safe, I know none of those kids can hurt me. I know it was an overreaction to get that upset the first few times I saw Roy's penis, and I can't really explain it either. I was used to seeing my own penis, which looks so small and harmless. Roy's girlfriend went "awwww" the first time she saw it, she said it looked so cute and just like her kindergarten brother. When I saw Roy's it looked so big and strong and manly, I just felt scared and intimidated. When I saw his erection it was way worse, I was inconsolable. It was thicker than my arm at its thickest point, rock hard and lined with veins. I think of Roy as being nice and caring and only spanks me for my own good, but his penis looked mean and angry and really scary, like a dangerous weapon. It was so different from the one I was used to seeing, my own cute and harmless 19 year old little boy penis, mine doesn't look scary at all but Roy's huge 10 year old man penis was terrifying to me. I just totally freaked out and started sobbing, his girlfriend gave me a hug and stroked my hair to calm me down, and Roy went off to get rid of his erection and put on some pants before he came to help comfort me. I just measured my penis and it was 2.7 inches erect. Roy's is well over twice that flaccid, at least 6 inches and probably more. Erect I don't even know, I never got a really good look at it because it scared me too much. I would guess over 10 inches. He doesn't know I'm talking about him on the internet, but he never told me not to, so I'm not breaking any rules.

BlakeMar 10 2022 5:33am
My little brother is obsessed with Nikocado Avocado. Wants to eat and grow rich and famous. Make a kids/teen gluttony / fat acceptance cookbook and be a gourmet chef like Gordon Ramsey. He already is eating twice as much as he used to, is only 11, and not yet in puberty. He has gained like 15 pounds of fat and now has a small belly. How fat could he get in 6 months? He is short and still pretty weak, only like 4'5".

Nikocado Avocado Jr.Mar 10 2022 6:36am
He also wants to do muckbang / filth fan videos, like bath in a bathtub full of baked beans, eat an entire box of cookies / bag of party size chips. But he would need to convince our parents to let him do this in our house. Or find a way to do it somewhere else.

Nikocado Avocado Jr.Mar 10 2022 6:39am
Jelqing and pumping thanks to reddit /r/ajelqforyou has turned my little brother into a hung little teen. It is insane the progress he has made in the last year and a half. He used to be like half an inch soft, and like 2.5 inches erect, now at almost 14 he is nearly 6 inches soft and 7.5 inches erect. After pumping he is temporarily 7 inches soft and 8.5 inches hard. And the cum, just tons of it everywhere.

WishGrantedMar 10 2022 6:44am
hey guys i talked in the other post in its cool hearing about other boys like me and i like the name i saw for us. alpha kids lol i like that im gonna use it. and its cool seeing beta grownups talking about it and seeing what they think of the alpha kids they know. it helps me know what my dad feels like when he sees me f*cking mom. anyone else f*ck there mom or know a boy who does that? i gotta say man its the best.

shaneMar 11 2022 10:49am
Me and my wife are very happy together, but I admitted a long time ago that I can never satisfy her sexually. My dick is only 2.5 inches when erect, and my wife can't even feel it when I penetrate her, I can barely penetrate her at all. Our son is one of those "alpha kids", he's in 1st grade and already deep into puberty (the parts of it to do with genitals and sex drive and sperm production anyway). His dick is already almost 9 inches when erect, and it's erect a lot. For years I saw my wife look at it longingly, obviously wishing mine was like that. My son looked at her the same way, it was one reason why he had an erection so much of the time. It seemed only natural that we would come to an arrangement where my son took over some of my marital duties. Specifically the ones where a penis is necessary, now that penis always belongs to him. He's involved in all our activities in the bedroom now. Usually sex with my wife now means me and her kissing and hugging while my son happily pumps away at her from behind. My wife loves it so much, she always has several very loud orgasms and raves to me afterward about how good it felt. I'm very happy to see how much pleasure she gets, and I enjoy being involved too. Our son obviously loves it too, when we call him up to our room he excitedly runs down the hall while he takes off his clothes. And he's so vigorous when he's doing it, he has incredible energy and stamina.

MicroMar 19 2022 6:13pm
Is he muscular and stronger than you?

TimMar 23 2022 12:38am
A new black boy arrived in our street yesterday. And it immediately became clear that this boy is superior to all other boys and men. He’s only 8 years old, but his body is incredibly ripped. When he walks his muscles bounce and actually cause other boys and men to become extremely aroused. The massive bulge in his pants doesn’t help either. His face is so sexy, he winked at one of the 18 year old boys staring at him, and the guy started cumming uncontrollably. This 8 yo knows he’s a god.

ImpressedMar 23 2022 2:02am
He's not muscular, his body is normal for his age other than his genitals. It makes them look even bigger in contrast, his dick goes most of the way up his chest when it's erect. When he gets hard in public he points it up so it goes under the waistband of his pants and makes a bulge in his t-shirt, my wife usually gets pretty horny when she sees that. He cums an amazing amount too, it's like a fire hose, especially in the mornings and after school when it's had time to build up. My semen isn't very potent and it took a lot of medical help to get my wife pregnant with him, but if she wasn't on the pill now my son would have knocked her up years ago. She wants to have another kid now and obviously my son will be the biological father, he's excited about that too.

MicroMar 23 2022 7:25pm
More of the life of growing up with my bulk beast brother. Continued from the other page. He was born to grow. Puberty unlocked his real potential. All the food and supplements, the exercise and hourly cum sessions. Towels covered in cum. Our Mom would joke that if you breathed in too deep in his room you could become pregnant.

Bulk beast broApr 03 2022 8:57am
My 8yo brother has basically turned me gay with his muscles and his c*ck. I can write more about that if anyone's interested.

Brother's ToyApr 08 2022 8:51am
@Brother’s Toy: would love to hear more about your 8yo brother.

DudeApr 09 2022 1:21am
You sound way too cute, little dude. If I could talk my husband into it - he's a very vanilla type, he's not into kink - we would take you in and adopt you. You'd have it so good! I'm 5'11" and 180; even though I'm a woman and you're a man I'm much, much stronger than you. And my husband is 6'4" and a gym rat, HUGE muscles. He's strong as an ox. We would have the best time. And when we go out, my little sister (not so little anymore) would babysit. Well, a girl can dream.

BlakefanApr 11 2022 3:11pm
Well thanks I guess, glad you're a fan. How old is your little sister? Recently Roy's been bringing his own little sister along to babysit me, to teach her some responsibility or something. She's only 7, but she gets to practice taking care of me, and Roy tells me to do what she says. I wasn't pleased about it at first, but I know Roy knows best and I've got to do what he says. Luckily his sister takes good care of me, I follow her instructions and things always go well. This saturday I saw a spider in my room after I went to bed and I called for her, she ran right in to catch it and let it out. Roy and his girlfriend are on a break and he's been bringing lots of different girls over to the house, he leaves his sister in charge of me when he's in the bedroom with a girl doing "grownup stuff", and they can be in there for a long time. Also, you don't need to be 5'11 and 180lbs to be stronger than me, almost everyone is. Roy's sister is a foot shorter than me and 20lbs lighter (and 12 years younger) but she's a lot stronger than me already.

BlakeApr 11 2022 4:52pm
OMG! That's so cool! Maybe Roy will adopt you one day! My sister is 17 - too old for you LOL! Blake, I know you're tiny - is your mom your size or bigger? You said she treats you like a kid - how exactly? Does she ground you, scold you, spank you, that kind of thing? What kind of clothes do you wear? Please tell me she's got you wearing Underoos, lie if you have to!

BlakefanApr 11 2022 5:21pm
Roy has basically adopted me already, he takes care of me every day now. 17 isn't too old for Roy though, he had a 17 year old girl over this weekend. They were very loud in the bedroom, and I get scared when I hear him making that much noise with a girl. All the slapping sounds and grunting and moaning, it's scary when it's loud. Lisa (Roy's little sister) saw that I was about to cry and she took me by the hand and pulled me outside to play. She's really considerate and protective of me, she's so different from all those kids around her age who bully me. My mom has me at an early bedtime, I'm hardly allowed to go out of the house by myself, I have limits on my screen time, she picks out my clothes, stuff like that. She used to spank me but now she's outsourced that to Roy. Last time I needed a spanking Roy gave the job to Lisa to show her how to do it. He had to teach her how to be more gentle, at first she was hitting me way too hard, but not on purpose. My mom is average height, so I guess my dad must have been the small one. Even for someone as skinny as me my muscles are way too weak, I can barely lift anything. Well I'm weaker than a 7 year old and I've been beaten up by even younger kids, that tells you all you need to know. So I was looking into the possibility that I have some sort of growth hormone thing that's responsible, but I can't find anything, I guess I'm just a natural born runt. I looked up Underoos and some of my underwear does look like that. Most of it was handed down by Roy, it was his when he was younger. Even stuff he wore 5 years ago fits me, he was a lot shorter than be back then but he was still broader, with about the same waist size I think. And even 5 years ago his private parts were way bigger than mine are now. All that underwear was stretched in the crotch from back when Roy was wearing it, so now it's actually loose on me, there's a baggy bit in the front that my private parts don't fill.

BlakeApr 11 2022 7:25pm
Child, I'd have you in onesies and footie pajamas and little booty shorts all the time! It'd be so fun, I'd pin your arms over your head and your legs under my body and blow raspberries into your tummy! You'd pass out from laughing! What gives you a little bitty boner? Is it Roy's cute girlfriends? Is it Roy being so manly and his big muscles? Does he cuddle you because you need it or does he like to because you're a cute little boy? Does he feel you up with his big man hands? If I was him I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off that booty! Do you call Roy "daddy" yet? I think you should!

BlakefanApr 11 2022 7:55pm
I do wear onesie pajamas a lot, one of Roy's rules is that I have to put them on after dinner and wear them for the rest of the day. Lisa does basically what you said you'd do, we both like play-wrestling and it usually ends with her overpowering and pinning me and then tickling me until I can't breathe. Roy's trying to make her be more gentle with me, when she's really trying she can have me pinned in 10 seconds. Roy's girlfriends do give me erections, and so does the sounds of him doing "grownup stuff" with a girl in the other room, even though it scares me too. Yesterday Lisa and one of Roy's girlfriends (I think she was 13 or 14) were giving me a bath, and they both took off their shirts so they wouldn't get wet. It shows how young she thinks of me that she has no problem taking off her shirt in front of a 19 year old. Anyway, her boobs were big and I couldn't stop my penis from hardening up. She saw it and she pretty much squealed with delight, "awwwwww! Look at his little boner! It's so cute!!" Lisa thought so too, she said it was smaller than the boys in her class. I was red in the face, but she told Lisa to go get a ruler so she could measure it. Well when I measured it before I cheated a bit, I measured from the side and pushed the ruler into my skin to exaggerate the length. When she measured it properly it turns out it's only 2.1 inches. She thought it was the most adorable thing ever, especially when she held her pinky finger against it and saw it's less thick than that. All of the touching actually made me orgasm, but when I ejaculate only a tiny drop of clear liquid comes out, and she didn't even notice. Roy cuddles me because I need it, I get scared a lot, but he enjoys it too. He said he likes cuddling up with me and making me feel safe. Keep in mind he's still shorter than me, but heavier and broader and more muscular and generally bigger in every other way. He likes carrying me around, especially in public, recently he took me shopping and I was riding him piggy-back the whole time. He likes it when I sit on his lap too, I like that as well. I called him daddy a few times by accident, it just feels natural. Maybe I should start doing that all the time.

BlakeApr 12 2022 11:35am
Oh, goody! Roy takes great care of you! I can't wait until he gets his big growth spurt, people are going to really think he IS your daddy for real! I don't want to make this too weird, but when I was a little girl I'd sit in my daddy's lap and I could feel his boner on my butt. I don't blame him, it's involuntary a lot I know, but when you're in Roy's lap, can you feel it? I may not post again Blake, and I hope you get what you want out of life, and yet I also hope you stay at home with daddy Roy and never grow up! Good luck!

BlakefanApr 12 2022 8:00pm
He's already pretty tall for a 10 year old, but it'll be nice when he gets taller than me. He's been working out even more than normal lately and he's getting more muscular pretty quickly, I hope he gets really really strong! And I heard him telling a girl about how his penis has grown a whole inch in just the last 6 months. I see it flaccid a lot and I don't mind that, but if it keeps growing it will be even more frightening to me when it's erect. I always feel his penis when I'm sitting on his lap, it's basically what's supporting my weight. It's so big that it's very awkward for him to get an erection when his pants are on, it constrains it too much. Sometimes I feel him hardening underneath my butt, but I've already talked about how scared I get when I see/feel his erections, so when that happens I get off his lap. There were a couple times when he got one when I was sitting on his lap however, both of them when we were asleep. I often fall asleep in his lap, sometimes after I take a bath I like to curl up on him in front of the TV, and when I'm a good boy he lets me stay up a bit later and fall asleep in his arms on the couch. He carries me to my bed afterward. Anyway, the first time we both took a nap on the couch, and when I woke up I felt something weird on my back. It turned out that his penis had been resting against his belly, and while he was asleep it got hard. It was pointing straight up, and my back was pressing against it, like the back rest of a chair. When I stood up I could see the outline of it through his shirt, it took me a while to calm down after that. The other time was actually after he had taken a shower and was wearing just a bath robe. I always like hugging him and lying on him when he's shirtless, it feels nice to feel his muscular chest, and he lets me run my hands over it. This time when I woke up I saw his penis fully hard pointing up between my legs, it was actually supporting my weight and preventing me from sliding down off him. That time I really freaked out and started bawling, Lisa had to come and carry me off to my room and then stroke my hear and make "shhhh" noises while Roy's girlfriend took him into the other room to get rid of the erection. Was your dad's penis very big too?

BlakeApr 13 2022 10:27am
My dad has a big penis, but I guess I'm not into big ones since my dad does. Maybe it's just like I'm having sex with my dad. He's definitely bigger than my husband, but my husband is good. I'm all about the muscles and the height, especially because a lot of boys who liked me in school weren't as big as me LOL! I feel guilty because a lot of you little guys are so gorgeous but in bed I want to drown in a sea of flesh. Even hugely fat men (and some women) can turn me on sexually. But it would be SO much fun to take a little bitty guy and be a very handsy mommy figure to him. I told my husband that if we won the lottery we're adopting one, and he agreed. I absolutely melt thinking about the possibilities, including just watching him cuddle and grope and manhandle a little bitty like you. I keep forgetting Roy is still so young and shorter than you. In my mind he's super tall and jacked, just like my husband!

BlakefanApr 14 2022 12:02am
It seems to me that most girls like both big penises and big muscles, that's what Roy's girlfriends like about him. Also that he's so kind and confident and smart, he's just a great guy. There are a lot of girls who get excited by little tiny guys like me though, I've met lots of them. I'm always hearing about how cute I am, and the girls always say it in this delighted high-pitched voice. Lots of them love overpowering and manhandling (or "girlhandling") me, I'm pretty sure it turns them on. I think it's the same sort instinct that makes people want to hug and squeeze puppies and kittens, it's called "cuteness aggression". It's also that it makes them feel powerful to have their way with an older boy I guess. That's been happening to me since I was a teenager, from girls my own age and younger. In my last couple years of high school I started a growth spurt that brought me to my current final adult height, but before that I was even smaller. When I was 15 I was only 4'7" and under 80lbs, so that was even worse. There were plenty of girls in my class who were over a foot taller than me, I was looking up at them like they were giants. In high school the girls in my class treated me like a kind of mascot, they took turns carrying me around and wrestling me. The wrestling was often pretty grope-y as well, I got my butt squeezed a lot. As I've said my upper body is very weak even for someone of my height and weight, and it always seemed to delight them how easily they could manipulate my limbs, I was like a ragdoll that offers no resistance even when I'm trying my hardest to get out. There were too many embarrassing incidents to count (time time I was brought to the elementary school playground after school and made to armwrestle a bunch of kids comes to mind), but one of the worst was when I was 15 and I was basically kidnapped by a 5th grade girl on the basketball team and brought into the team's locker room so they could have some fun with me. It was the under 11 girls team and they were all so tall and fit, probably the shortest was 5'3" or 2" and the tallest was over a foot taller than me. They were surrounding me and I was looking up at them in fear, they were cooing and saying "awww, look how cute he is!" One of them picked me up by my armpits and held me up, then passed me to another girl, and they kept passing me around like that as I struggled. There was just nothing I could do, I was trying my hardest to pull myself free but I don't think they even noticed I was resisting, I just had to let them have their fun with me. They just manhandled and wrestled and groped me for over an hour, treated me like a doll. It was very embarrassing, but I have to admit I had an erection the whole time, and part of me actually enjoyed it. At least those girls made an effort to not hurt me, the younger kids were even worse. At that point I weighed about the same as average 2nd grader and I was much weaker than that, so I got beat up by young elementary school kids all the time, and they really didn't hold back. Lisa loves wrestling and overpowering me too, but Roy's taught her to be gentle with me. You were tall and fit when you were young too, right? Did you know any tiny boys like me? How did you treat them?

BlakeApr 14 2022 6:13am
HeyBlake. Thanks for all the sharing all this personal stuff about yourself. i have read over your posts twice and can imagine the embarrassment of watching all your peers in high school turn into men while you waited for that day. what did Roy pass on to you in 'the talks' that you found useful? What kind of questions did you at 19 ask him as a 10 year old? Did he enlighten you in any way? Did you ever ask him what the 'grownup stuff' was/is? i hope you continue your posts

david sMay 04 2022 8:45pm
Seems like boys of gen z and the next gen alpha are going to be hung from birth. Freaky to see my relatives and friends with boys under 11, all seem twice as big as the previous generations.

Gen z hunglingsMay 05 2022 7:49pm
I can relate about how big and strong all these kids are. I'm almost 40, and I'm a substitute teacher. Well, not for long, because I can't keep control of any classes I sub for. Virtually all of them are a lot taller than me (I'm 5'2"), and much heavier and stronger. One 7th grade football player ordered me to sit in his seat and he took over the class for that period. Another boy, a sixth grader, was openly cheating during a test I had to give out, but when I decided to try to do something about it he told me to sit down and mind my business or else. But the girls are the worst! Lots of them overpower and spank me. One soccer player (who I think had BBJ training) would put me in a hold and kept me there while her friend backed into me and would just grind on me and twerk, which of course got me aroused. They then acted all shocked like I was being inappropriate around underage girls like it wasn't them forcing it on me. But Lisa Hollister is the worst. Basically, because of her bullying, I have to do housework for her and her mother on the weekends. It sucks, I wish I could find other work, but it's about all there is here in my small town unless you've got a STEM degree or something.

TeachMay 09 2022 2:10pm
hey teach:- get out of there fast. they will falsely accuse you shortly and they have the numbers to back up the primary instigator. if possible, never go back there. ain't worth the risk

ZacMay 09 2022 9:32pm
I'm working on it, but it's hard to just up and move without money. You are right, but these girls are really savvy. They're not bothered at all, they just want to see me freak out about it. I don't think any of them would do anything, but the thought that they might does scare the hell out of me.

TeachMay 10 2022 7:25am
so teach, what did lisa holisster do to you, why is her?

NmoreMay 10 2022 7:36am
Teach, are the boys in your school very big dicked too? I have a job at a summer camp type place right now where all the kids are 11 or younger, and what these boys are packing down there is insane. I'm just in my 20s and they're all way bigger than me and my friends were at their age, hell they're bigger than me and my friends are now! I'm pretty sure the smallest of these boys is still bigger than me. A lot of them seem to be aware that guys of my generation are smaller and they act all c*cky around me and the other guys who work there.

ChettMay 10 2022 5:37pm
it has often been claimed that all this early development stuff is triggered by KFC, McDs and the like. This seems to have a bigger effect on westerners than on asians.

davidMay 10 2022 5:45pm
Chett, from what I can tell. I don't go looking for it but sometimes I can see their bulges, and the ones I've seen are pretty big, much more than me. But almost all of them are much bigger in every way, so why wouldn't their dicks? Nmore, Lisa is the one who really started all this. There's only one junior high in our town so when I sub, it's at that school only. The same kids see me a lot. The first day I subbed (back in October), when Lisa walked in, she made this oh-how-cute noise when she saw me, like I was a toddler dressed in a onesie. She asked me all these embarrassing questions, like Did you get lost? or Do you need me to take you to the kinder building? (Kindergarten is actually on the junior high campus, albeit about a thousand feet away) Naturally, everyone in class is cracking up, especially her BFFs. I started to object, and she interrupted me. Between our size difference and her command of the room, when she interrupted me I shut up. I was intimidated by a 13-year old girl, even if that girl is much bigger and stronger than me. She said, "Ah ah ah - little boys do NOT take that tone with the big kids, it's disrespectful. Why don't you see if Mr. Barnes left us any work while I make sure everybody takes their seats." I had found some worksheets prior to the incident with Lisa, but afterward they were nowhere to be found - obviously one of her friends hid them while Lisa was scolding me. Day two was much worse, but it's late, I'll tell more tomorrow if I can

TeachMay 10 2022 8:58pm
@Teach - I know some girls like that too, really strong preteen girls are the worst. A lot of them take so much pleasure from terrorizing older boys/men, they do it just because they can. I'm absolutely terrified of my niece, I think Lisa treats you in a similar way to how she treats me. What did Lisa do the next day?

MacMay 12 2022 3:15am
Mac, the thing was, after that class period, I was feeling absolutely humiliated. Those kids, thanks to Lisa's antics, just talked and played on their phones, basically acted like I wasn't there. Mr. Barnes had a conference period immediately after, so I went to the principal's office to report what she had done. The receptionist didn't seem to take me seriously, but between fifth and sixth period, one of the vice principals brought Lisa to Mr. Barnes' room to apologize. She gave me a non-apology, something like, "I'm sorry you felt the way you did", while giving me a this-isn't-over look. Now, school districts are all about the letter of the law, so when Lisa "apologized", that was good enough for the vice principal. Well, that plus, as I came to find out later, Lisa's mother is on the school board. If the VP had a problem with Lisa's apology, she wasn't going to say so. That was basically the end of day one, and I had a hard time sleeping that night. I'll break this up for convenience.

TeachMay 12 2022 3:52pm
Before I recount day two, let me tell you exactly what I'm dealing with, physically. Lisa Hollister is about 5'10", all of it large. Fat face, wide, round shoulders, thick arms, hands like dinner plates, big tits, broad hips, thunder thighs, giant wall for an ass. She must weigh 250+; 280 wouldn't shock me. And all of her clothes are a size small, but of course, most teens wear their clothes like that these days. She wrestles for the school against boys, and get this - she doesn't have to wrestle her own weight class. The way they do it here in the Tri-County area is that when girls wrestle boys, girls have the option of wrestling THREE classes below their own. Theoretically, she could weigh 285 and wrestle a boy weighing 161 because our state is a 12-weight class state. I know this doesn't sound like a typical popular girl, but 1) she is pretty, 2) she's funny, and 3) she's got money. Her dad died years ago and her mom was awarded a huge settlement. So this huge creature put me in her crosshairs on my very first day as a sub, and knowing I hadn't heard the last of her is what kept me up that night.

TeachMay 12 2022 4:12pm
So on day two, I was subbing for Mrs. Garcia-Carlton. No problem for the first three periods or conference period; then came lunch time. The kids went to the lunch hall and I, having eaten a big breakfast that morning, wasn't eating. I headed to the restrooms to do my business; when I got out, there were three girls standing right in front of me. Lisa in front looking fierce, Allison and January behind her. January had a folding chair in her hands. I was frightened but couldn't move. Without a word, Lisa bent down and hauled me over her shoulder while the others opened the door to the Girl's room. After January readied the chair, Lisa sat down, draped me over her lap, locked my limbs between her legs and the chair, then pulled down my pants below my waist. All three girls laughed at my teal bikini briefs. "This is what happens to little boys who misbehave," Lisa said. After just a few smacks on my bottom, I was wailing. After five minutes, I was legit crying. My face was hot and beet red. After one last spank, she stood me up and steered me into the corner. "You stay facing that corner until we're gone. If I were you, I'd pull those pants up the second you hear the door swing shut. Lunch is almost over." She was right. The only thing worse than getting spanked to tears by a 13-year old girl would be to have several girls walk into the girl's restroom to see a grown man in bikini briefs crying in the corner. I did as Lisa suggested and made a mad dash back into the boy's room and locked myself in a stall. Still on the verge of tears, I retrieved my phone - thank goodness for zippered cell phone pockets - and called the school. I explained that I had thrown up and the runs, and that after I cleaned up I was going to go home, that someone was going to have to watch Mrs. Garcia-Carlton's class the rest of the day. I made it home and didn't sub on Wednesday or Thursday; I didn't get out of bed very much those days, just cried a lot.

TeachMay 12 2022 4:42pm
Mac, one final note and a request: there's no edit button here, but I meant that Lisa wears her clothes one size TOO small, like she wears Large when she should wear Extra Large. My request: what does your niece do to you? What's terrifying?

TeachMay 12 2022 4:45pm
Wow, that sounds like a nightmare. The feeling of powerlessness as you're being spanked by a girl less than half your age (I assume) must have been traumatic. Is it only Lisa who does stuff like that or do the other kids do it too? Are there any kids in that school who aren't stronger than you? My niece Megan is 11 and she's also very large, though not as big as Lisa. Her mom (my sister, 15 years older than me) was a professional basketball player when she was younger and she remains a fitness freak. She started training her daughter from a very early age, including teaching her how lift weights and sharing all her equipment, and by now Megan is extremely buff. She's the exact same height as me at 5'5" and she obviously weighs significantly more. I've been living with them for the last year as I'm finishing my degree, and it's been hellish. Megan is very polite and well behaved when her mom is around, but as soon as she leaves and we're alone together she changes completely. She has fun intimidating me in a similar way to Lisa, just to watch me squirm. She bosses me around and gives me orders, some of them practical (make her food, clean her room) and some just meant to humiliate me. She refers to me only as "boy" or "little boy" when we're alone, and even though I make sure to never disobey her or do anything to provoke her she still beats me up from time to time, just for the fun of it, though she always makes sure to never do anything to me that would leave a mark for her mom to see. I can't tell her my sister how Megan treats me when she's not there, I'm too terrified of what she'd do to me.

MacMay 14 2022 4:47am
Mac, first of all, I read that and I'm thinking, since you're finishing up your degree, you must have taken on some student debt. (I hope I'm wrong) So if you do have that debt, and the way the economy is contracting with supply shortages and the like, it may be some time before you're able to escape, unless your degree is in some recession-proof field. Per your question, Lisa is not the only one, but that's because she started it. She's popular, and because she did it, that gave the others "permission" to do it, so to speak. I've been spanked three other times, harassed or otherwise bullied more times than I can count. If I had to guess, January is the one putting spanking ideas in these girls heads. She's always around when I get spanked except for one time. Basically, the way most of my classes go, the kids do what they want and treat me like I'm one of them. No "Mr. Teach", or "sir", just making jokes at my expense, or having me go do stuff, or the actual physical harassment. Sometimes I have to leave the room and go get them drinks from the vending machine which, of course, I pay for. When my teacher does leave work for them, I just have them fill out their worksheets with the answer key. I always tell them to leave one or two wrong so that it looks more convincing, but if everyone gets a grade 94, that's gonna raise an eyebrow. Honestly, when the class has a higher percentage of girls, the more harassment I get. Are there kids that aren't stronger? Probably many, but it's hard to say. The ones that I think are definitely weaker are mostly 6th graders, a lot of them are still small. But none of the weaker ones ever test me, so I don't have a way of knowing. All the girls that have put hands on me are clearly stronger though, I can tell by the way the override my resistance. They're like Megan, they love having power over me. So when Megan beats you up, what does she do, exactly? Because using fists and kicks usually leaves marks.

TeachMay 14 2022 8:41am
I guess whenever Mac's sister has to be somewhere she leaves him in charge of Megan but it's really the other way around, lol

TheMeerkatSpeaksMay 14 2022 9:52am
@Teach - my plan is to try my best to get out of this house and away from Megan as soon as I finish the degree, but that might be hard. Your situation sounds really tough, you must really need the money if you keep going back to that school. I know what it's like when you're supposed to be an authority figure but the tables are turned because the kid you're supposed to be in charge of is just physically superior, the hit to the ego is almost worse than the physical pain. How much do you weigh? If you're underweight or skinny at 5'2", then I wouldn't be surprised if the average 6th grader is stronger than you too, this new generation of kids is crazy. Just be careful even around the small ones and don't take any chances, it might turn out that they can overpower you too. Do any of the 6th graders bully you too?

MacMay 14 2022 6:10pm
It's true that my sister leaves me in charge of Megan, it's one of the things I do instead of paying rent. But of course it's Megan who's really in charge, as soon as her mom leaves she starts giving me orders and I have to follow all of them. I have to do her homework every day, like Teach with his students. All the chores my sister leaves for Megan to do is done by me, with her getting the credit. When my sister leaves the house she often tells me "Make sure Megan does X", unaware that I can't make Megan do anything, and that it's her who gives the orders. When she beats me up she avoids my face and lower arms and anywhere where a mark would be seen, but the parts of my body covered by clothes often have bruises. Sometimes that means spanking me, which she really enjoys doing. She does other things too, like bending my arms or legs behind my back until I beg her to stop, and she loves putting me in a headlock and knocking me unconscious. Recently she picked me up and dangled me over the balcony by my armpits. It wouldn't have killed me if she'd dropped me, it wasn't that high up, but it was still very scary.

MacMay 14 2022 6:13pm
But like I said, Lisa's the real problem, when I came back Friday on that first week, I was waiting outside Ms. Hall's room before first period when Lisa walked up. She didn't have Ms. Hall's class, thankfully, but seeing her approach was frightening. I kept my best poker face on, but I wanted to run. In that moment, I wanted to quit, go back to working fast food, and move back in with my brother. She stopped RIGHT in my personal space so she could loom over me. "Ya feelin any better, sweetie?" she asked, like a mother would to her kid when that kid skinned his knee. "Yes ma'am." I said. I couldn't believe myself. I called her ma'am without any prompting from her. I was already beaten. "Gooood. But little Pookie got Miss Lisa in some trouble, so my mom says little Pookie has to make it right. This is my address," she said as she handed me a slip of paper, "and mom says you better be there at 10 AM sharp, or you better not come back to sub, because little Pookie's gonna get a BIG spanking! Miss Lisa's gotta go." she reached over, tousled my hair, and began walking off - then she stopped. "Hey Pookie, what's your waist size?" The question took me by surprise, so I asked, "What?" She repeated it. "Uh, twenty-eight inches, I think." "Twenty-eight? Ha! I'm pretty sure my leg is bigger. See you tomorrow morning!" That was the unofficial start of my second job.

TeachMay 14 2022 6:14pm
Mac, I fluctuate between 115 and 120. I do need the money, because I want to save up to move to a bigger town about an hour away. I can't do that working part-time at the Dairy Queen, and I don't want to go back to living with my brother and his family. They're nice, but he gives me the guilt trip about I should do something more with my life, or going back to church, all that family stuff. I don't see much of the sixth graders; for whatever reason, most of the classes I get are 7th and 8th graders. That one sixth grade boy that mean-mugged me scared me. It wasn't just a look of "I'm stronger than you", it was a "I will hurt you." I think he scares teachers that can handle themselves.

TeachMay 14 2022 6:23pm
Also Mac, what would happen if your sister told you to make sure Megan does X, and Megan prevented you from doing it? Has Megan done that? And has your sister ever punished you? Was it in front of Megan?

TeachMay 14 2022 6:25pm
When my sister tells me to get Megan to do something, that just means that I have to do that thing. There were a couple times when that wasn't possible, but my sister never punished me. She just said I have to do better or she'll have to rethink the rent-free living situation. One time I was told to not let Megan leave the house to go to her friend's, but obviously I couldn't stop her, so her mom wasn't happy when she got back. I stupidly blamed Megan and said she snuck out, that was a big mistake. Megan gave me a very bad spanking for getting her in trouble, I couldn't walk right for days. There was another time when I was about to say that something was Megan's fault, but then I saw her standing behind her mom and flexing her bicep at me in a threatening way, so I just took the blame and the lecture. Generally Megan tries to make sure it looks like I do my job well, she doesn't want me kicked out. I weigh 115lb as well, and all of Megan's 5th grade friends are stronger than me, she's made me armwrestle all of them. So definitely be careful even with the youngest ones in the school, kids these days are stronger than they look. Calling Lisa ma'am must have been embarrassing, but it's probably a good idea to talk to her like that, don't give her any reason to hurt you. What happened on the first day of your "second job"? Are there any other teachers or other men who Lisa dominates too? Think you could give a couple more examples of how the students harass and bully you?

MacMay 14 2022 7:22pm
Mac, I'll do each of your questions in a post for less confusion and to not make longer posts: As far as other teachers, I doubt it. Most of the male teachers at this school are pretty big, tough guys. It's a rural area, lot of hunting and fishing types. I think that's one reason Lisa aimed at me in the first place, she likes the fact that there's an older male she can control. I went with her and her mom (more on that later) to Dairy Queen when she called over some guy working there named Chad. He's taller than me but super-skinny. I think I could take him. (Well, maybe) The way they interacted looked like he had been humbled by her before. When he came over, she grabbed and hugged him, then grabbed his butt as she kind of leaned back, lifting him off the floor. He's a high school senior, but she's got him where she wants him. That's the only other guy I know of. She definitely has her way at the school with most at the school, but me and Chad seems to be the only guys she singles out. I gather that she could do this sort of thing more often, but I'm not aware of it.

TeachMay 14 2022 9:50pm
As far as the bullying, Graciela is a big seventh grader, not as tall or as strong as Lisa, but fatter. And she's always flaunting it, with tight shirts and leggings and tight skirts and short shorts. And I she may have a crush on me. When I subbed for Mr. Moore for a full week, she had to sharpen her pencil a lot. The pencil sharpener is one of those old school wall-mounted ones just to the right of Mr. Moore's desk, so she'd get there, bend at the waist, and while she sharpened her big butt would be right in my face. That Thursday she got to the room before me and was sitting in my chair when I walked in. She told me to have a seat - on her lap of course. I refused, so she pulled me down and held me there. I couldn't break away until Taylor Hudson, one of the good students and a formidable athlete herself, convinced Graciela to let me go. Honestly, the handful of good kids we have are the ones keeping me in a job and preventing my classes from descending into utter chaos. Sure, the talking and visiting and all that stuff goes on, but it would be 10 times worse without them. They keep the peace, sort of. Graciela's friend Amber is the soccer player who held me in place while Graciela grinded her butt on my junk. This was the last period of the last day when Mr. Moore was out, and there was just a handful of students there, all girls. They all laughed it up when Graciela twerked on me, but when class was over, Amber and Graciela stayed behind. Amber again got me in an unbreakable hold (pulling my pants down in the process) and Graciela spanked away. Again, she's no Lisa, but Graciela hit plenty hard. I did cry, but this was my fourth spanking since I began subbing, so I managed the pain and my emotions better. Amber said I had it coming because I got aroused during the twerking; how could I possibly help it? If I could have avoided that scene, I most certainly would have. I'm just grateful Amber didn't spank me herself. Physically, she's a powerhouse. She's probably as strong as Lisa, maybe even stronger. She's not as tall or heavy as Lisa, but muscular as hell. And she's trained at BJJ, she's mentioned her classes and sparring, all that stuff. She could probably play soccer for the high school team, she's very physically mature.

TeachMay 14 2022 10:13pm
My "second job" is, once a month, I stay at Lisa's house all day starting at 10 AM. During the day, I do various chores, and at night, I get babysat. Here's how it started: I took an Uber to her house a little before 10; it's a nice one-story house just outside of town on a couple of acres. There's a kind of flower patch in the front yard with a park bench in the middle of it; Lisa was sitting there when I arrived. She got up and walked toward me with a look of disbelief. "Excuse me - what are you wearing?" I had no idea what to wear to her house, I just threw on a t-shirt, jeans, and tennies. My usual wardrobe. I explained all that, and she said, "No no, Pookie. Little boys don't wear pants." I told her I hadn't thought of wearing shorts, that it might be too casual. She again said no, but then it hit her - she hadn't told me what to wear. "Not to worry, Pookie - mom's bringing some stuff from WalMart, I'm sure she'll have something for you to wear." She sat back down, and I started forward for the bench. "No no, Pookie, you stand right there. Wait-" she stood up, grabbed my shoulders, scooted me a couple of feet, then sat back down. "Right there." For the next few minutes, before Lisa's mom arrived, I stood providing Lisa with shade as she played on her phone. (continued)

TeachMay 14 2022 10:34pm
(continued) Lisa's mom Denise arrived in a late model charcoal grey Ford Taurus. She could be Lisa's twin EXCEPT in the face. Denise is really pretty, but looks nothing like Lisa. but if you saw them in silhouette, they'd basically be identical. "So you're little Pookie. You're even smaller than I was expecting." "Yes, ma'am." I replied, not knowing what the hell to say to that. "I understand you got my Lisa in trouble, is that right?" What could I say? I explained as best I could, that Lisa had been making disrespectful jokes, but Denise cut me off. "Oh, hush. She was obviously kidding around and you overreacted." I started to explain how Lisa had interrupted me and called me a little boy in front of everybody, but, coincidentally, she interrupted my explanation. "She called you a little boy? Is that wrong? Here, look," she said before going to the car and retrieving a bag from WalMart. From it she withdrew a grey t-shirt and a three-pack of Underoos. "Tell me, Pookie," she said, handing me the shirt, "What size does it say on that shirt tag?" I read it, seeing exactly where she was going with this. "Boys Large." "And on this bag of cartoon briefs?" I wanted to vanish from life. "Boys Large, Waist Size 26-28." Lisa was grinning from ear to ear. "Interesting. Who ever heard of a grown man wearing boys clothing? I would think only boys would wear boys clothes. Men would be much too big to wear such things, wouldn't they?" I didn't know what to say. "Wouldn't they?" "Yes, ma'am. Little boys should be wearing little boys clothing, not these silly jeans of yours - fortunately for you, I brought you little boy's clothes. Lisa dear, take this little boy to the half-bath so he can change into his little boy clothes." I had hold of the shirt and briefs, prepared to follow Lisa into the house; instead, she came to me and slung me over her shoulder, toting me to the house instead. I looked up as I was being carried; Denise looked deeply amused by the whole thing. (continued)

TeachMay 14 2022 10:55pm
(continued) "I don't want to see any of your business, but if you aren't dressed in five minutes, I'm coming in to get you. And if I have to, you're getting a spanking." That was all I needed to hear. My new grey t-shirt was as tight-fitting as the powder-blue Batman briefs I chose. (The other two were Superman and Green Lantern) I felt really strange completing this outfit with socks and shoes, but what could I do? I emerged from the bathroom; Lisa squealed with delight. "Oh my god, Pookie, you look so cute! Let's go show mom!" And yet again, I was hoisted up over the shoulder of my 13-year old nemesis. She walked into the living room where Denise was waiting. "Oh, wow! Look at that cute Bat-butt!" I wanted the earth to swallow me whole. The Batman logo was spread across the width of the seat of my underoos, as if my situation wasn't ridiculous enough. "Set him down," Denise said. Lisa did so, and Denise stood up and approached for inspection. She circled me in a slow orbit, making noises of approval all the while. "That's quite a big booty on such a little boy!" she said. It was true. My butt was the only size whatsoever that nature gifted me. Considering my size and shape, I think I was supposed to be a girl and something went wrong before I was born. Denise was very handsy, liberally feeling me up with her big hands as she inspected. "Well. You are a real cutie, but like I said, you were a bad boy with my Lisa. She may have punished you, but I haven't. Here's how this is going to work. The first Saturday of every month, you'll be here at ten AM. I have chores for you. At night, I like to go out with my friends for dancing and drinks, so Lisa will watch you until I get back." That didn't make the least bit of sense, why couldn't I just leave? "The following Monday, you will pay her $50 cash for babysitting you. You will pay her in the open, no matter who else is around, and you will thank her for babysitting you, no matter who else is around. While I am here, I am in charge. When I go out, she is in charge. Do you understand?" I was utterly humiliated, but I saw no way out. Denise is very connected, she's on the school board, friends with the mayor, city council. She's got pictures with many people in power, faces I recognize. There was no getting out of this. And so, that morning, I started my second job.

TeachMay 14 2022 11:25pm
I have a variation of the Blake story and others above. When I was 14, I had just begun puberty and hardly had a sexual thought. Next door was a new neighbour whose son (Glenn) was taller than myself and I just assumed he was older. But his school uniform indicated that he was not a high school student. It turned out he was in Grade 6 while I was in Grade 8. He was about 8 inches taller than myself (as I would find out later); slim, brown hair, 9 out of 10 in the looks department. One weekend, my parents had to attend a wedding at a town/city that was some 700 miles away. So they decided to spent a few extra days visiting other friends. As I had school, I would be 'home alone.' Mom suggested that I stay with Glenn but i really wanted the experience of staying home alone. So the compromise was that I could invite Glenn to stay over. I heard them discuss it one evening and there was a definite suggestion that they thought I needed 'looking after' and that Glenn would be a good 'sitter' as he was 'so mature.' In their conversation with me there was no hint that Glenn had babysitting status and that helped. When Glenn came over on the Friday evening, he sure was acting mature and acted like he was in charge, without actually saying so. He asked me three times about my age and grade at school, then commented that I was small for my age. I had to admit the obvious. 'Let's see how much taller I am than you are.' he declared and stood me in front of the full length mirror in the master bedroom.My chin was just above his chin which was better being below his chin. It wasn't long before he suggested we take our T-shirts off and it was then he noticed I didn't have any pithairs, which of course, he did. He pulled me close to him with my back against his chest as we looked into the mirror. Then he turned me around so our chest were in contact. I had to then look up and the gap seemed huge when in bodily contact. He moved his crock and that was my first experience of something sexual. 'I'm a big boy. Are you a big boy or a little boy? he asked. I didn't realize at the time that he meant 'down there' thinking he was referring to height. 'Well let's see for sure' and suggested we take our pants down. He led the way. The bulge in his briefs immediately indicated that I didn't have an equivalent package. He brought our bodies into contact again. His package rested slightly above mine and I could certainly feel the bulge. I tented 'Do you want to see my big one? and without waiting for an answer, revealed it. He had a 3 inch bush and a 4 inch softie and low hanging balls. I was mesmerized like a deer in headlights. 'Show me yours' I couldn't refuse and exposed my 3 1/2 incher with some six pubes. 'I didn't think you were a big boy.' He took me by the hand and led me back to my room, where he sat on my desk chair and suggested that I sit on his lap, facing him. This out our appendages in contact. His flaccid was certainly bigger than my erection. 'Im 12 and you are 14. You have a boy dick and now watch my man dick grow.. And grow it did as he rubbed his appendage against my erection. He reached behind him to the ruler on my desk and told me to measure it. it was 7 inches and thicker than mine of course. He declared that 'once your dick goes past 6 inches and is that thick, you can say that you have a man's dick. So what have you got?' I was silent. 'If I have a man's dick at 12, what have you still got at 14?' Sheepishly I had to mutter: 'I've got a boy's dick.' He grinned but it wasn't an evil grin. 'Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. if someone at school finds out, everyone would think we are gay, so...sssh!' I nodded. 'Shall we have some fun, actually we can have several days of long are your parents away again?' Until Wednesday, said I. 'Swell'

TaylorMay 16 2022 4:53pm
Taylor, you and Glenn remind me of myself and my cousin back when I started living with him and his mom. He was older, I was a very early developer, and he was a late developer. I had a lot of fun with him. What did you and Glenn do for the next few days?

DevonMay 16 2022 5:57pm
@Devon. i am looking forward to your events! Night 1:- he walked around my room with an enormous ego boost, too command in a nice way; we played cards facing each other so my eyes were on him the entire time. I remained hard all night, while he softened off. He wanted to compare his softie to my hardon; he won there:-_ 4 1/2 to 3 1/2. After cards, he gave me the 'talk' by asking a range of questions. a) had I had my wet dream? had i cummed? Had I seen cum? Had I wanked? Had I touched a girl? The answers to all his enquiries was 'No.' 'You can ask me anything you like' was offered, so i asked him all the questions he asked me. As he boned up, he lay back on the bed and invited me to hold on to his 7 inch stick. Like Blake in the story above, i was initially apprehensive; it scared me and I wondered if I would ever be as big as he. He invited me to wank him and he could tell that I had no notion as to how to do that. 'You don't know what wanking is, do you?' I had to admit 'no' and took a while to recover from the shame. 'I have a lot to teach you then.' So I had sex-ed 101 from a boy two years my junior. I discovered he had been wanking for at least 1 1/2 years at least five times per day. (to be continued) [Looking forward to your Devon events]

TaylorMay 16 2022 8:40pm
I don't have much time right now but I'll make a start. I was raised by a single dad who was in the military, and when I was 10 he was stationed overseas. Bringing me along wasn't really an option and the idea of sending me to a boarding school was considered, but in the end it was decided that I would live with my aunt and her 15 year old son Alfie, that way she could get a stipend. I was looking forward to hanging out with my cousin, I was feeling a isolated from boys in my own age group. I had hit puberty very young and by then I was at a pretty advanced stage, while none of the boys in my grade had even started. I could beat any of them way too easily in any sport, I was hooking up with girls while they were watching cartoons, I just didn't fit in anymore. So I was looking forward to having a teenage friend to talk about more mature things with. I thought we would be able to interact as equals, in contrast to how I related to the kids my age, and that he could even teach me some things and maybe be a kind of role model for me. I thought maybe and we could be each other's wing-men, he could introduce me to some girls his age and everything. Well, let's just say it didn't work out that way. I'll elaborate later, when I have time. So Taylor, what were Glenn's answers to all of those questions? What happened after that, was his sex-ed 101 enlightening for you?

DevonMay 17 2022 9:34am
@devon. Glenn's only NO was to whether he had messed around with girls. He started pube growth at about 10, and things progressed quickly during the next two years to his man c*ck of today. 'so I need to teach you how to wank and see some man cum then?' we sat at my bed edge with me to his left. 'Hold my c*ck and move it up and down.' i wasn't sure just where to wrap my smallish hand around his 7 incher. 'Faster if you like..faster...' he lay back on the bed, I detect heavier panting, then he sat up , took hold of his monster and squirted his load on his belly and chest. My eyes opened as I saw globules squirt from his slit via some six separate squirts. Thick white stuff which he then named 'man cum' and stated 'there are a million babies in all this. You have seen sex scenes on TV right..well that is what happens when a man has sex with a woman...that is what he leaves behind in his pussy, but only one of the millions fertilizes the egg.' I knew that fact but what hit me was that his 12 year old boy/man could already make babies and I couldn't at 14 and that he could do this five times a day. 'Want to try and make some cum yourself? I nodded. Glenn suggested that I sit on his left leg while he used his right hand on my tiny appendage. He only needed two fingers and his thumb. Nothing was happening until he suggested that I look at the cum on his belly area. Soon I was panting and got to the 'pee moment.' 'I want to pee, I want to pee' said I innocently. He held me down to prevent me from running off! And I had my first experience of wanking. I twitched in a way I had never experienced; he let go and watched with a smile on his face. I felt that something wanted to shoot out of my 3 1/2 incher, but nothing came. 'You have just had your first orgasm' no cum though. You still cant make cum; it will happen one day, probably soon.' My 3 incher deflated quickly to its nub, highlighting the different between this 12 year old and myself. My entire deflated penis fitted into his helmet glan. I slipped off his leg on to the floor between his legs. His 'talk' then focused on his balls vs my balls; the size difference. He told me to hold his balls with one hand and to hold mine with the other. 'Feel the difference?' he asked. 'When your balls develop, they will drop down, yours is still sticking to your body. My entire ball sac was still smaller than one of his balls. So we sat on the bed and compared ball sizes. He already had some hair growing out of his scrotum. He noticed how focused I was on his junk that he informed me that 'you can feel it and play with it if you like.' I did, running my hands through his thick curly bush for the next hour or so. Instead of sleep on the mattress on the floor, he suggested we sleep together.

TaylorMay 17 2022 11:50am
Thought i would round off Friday night:- Spoiler alert:- Nothing happened in the sleeping-together! we both started off on our back and he place my smaller hand on his stuff as he did the same to me. after a while he suggested I roll over on my side and he then slipped up against me and wrapped his arms around. I could feel his big one resting on my crack but nothing further happened. after a while he rolled over and we both slept. Well, I took a little longer as the events of that evening we still sinking in. The next morning, being a Saturday, he had a soccer fixture at 1.00pm. I rode my bike to the field and watched. the rest of the team were shorter than he was, but some of them were my size. I recall that on that day, i started wondering what younger boys were like 'down there.' Some I concluded were still 'babies' even by my standard, but assessed at least half the team to be ahead of me. That was humbling. We both rode home together and he headed for the showers. 'Come on, let's shower together.' I felt apprehensiveness return but I obeyed. 'Wash my back and I'll do you too.' The small shower meant our bodies were often in contact and at times we faced one another. Our dicks occasionally touched. 'You can wash it if you like and I'll wash yours.' I didn't need a second invitation. As the evening drew on, he checked with his parents on his cell, so that they knew that all was well and we wouldn't be interrupted. 'Now, I have more to teach you; what do you want to know?' I didn't know what I wanted to know. 'Ok, you have now seen cum; you know how to make it, but you aren't at that stage yet (!!), you know what your bush will be like in a couple of months; so, do you know what a 'blow-job' is?' My answer was 'sort of.' and he knew immediately that I had no idea. He sat on the edge of my bed and asked me to kneel between his legs. 'close your eyes' and he moved my lips to his glan. Then he let me discover the next step. Slowly my mouth open and my tongue worked his head. Soon I was allowing more and more into my mouth. Soon his panting increased, soon he held my head tigher, soon I Knew something was about to happen; soon he blew. Before I could decide to spit it out, he had both hands on my face, closing my mouth and whispered: 'taste's pure cum, swallow it slowly; its clean, just made for you.' Glenn helped me up and sat me on his left leg again and watched me swallow and roll my tongue around my mouth to extract the goo from between my teeth. After a period of let-sitting, he layed down on the bed, bringing me with him. 'You have my sperm in you; we are friends forever' I smiled, he smiled; he hugged me closer; I hugged him back. We ended my kissing for ages.

TaylorMay 17 2022 3:38pm
I have a little bit of time now so I can tell you about my first time meeting Alfie. As I said I was looking forward to hanging out with a teenager, someone closer to my stage of development, I was sick of being the only pubescent one in a room full of kids. I hadn't seen him since I was a toddler, and I had an image of him in my head as a typical 15 year old. So I was surprised when I met him and we were the same height. But hey, I was tall for my age and at least he was taller than the boys in my class. I was sick of sticking out, being 6 inches taller than most people my age, so at least we were equals in that department. I liked the look of his mom though, she was thick in all the right places and with a nice face. She suggested we go to the beach to get to know each other, and I vigorously agreed, just so I'd get to see her in a bikini. That didn't disappoint. She wasn't the only one either, there were a few good looking bikini-clad girls around. I whistled when a couple of them passed and elbowed Alfie, saying "They're pretty hot" He mumbled something in response. I asked if the girls around here were any good, and he replied "Umm, yeah, I guess so". I started talking about what the girls were like back where I used to live, and Alfie just nodded along, not adding anything. Alfie already had his swimming trunks on under his pants, but as he was taking off his shirt he lifted his arm and I noticed that he had no armpit hair, nor anything on his chest or belly. When I took off my shirt I stretched to make sure he could see my armpit hair, and I drew attention to my chest hair too. Alfie's eyes bulged a bit when he saw, and he looked away. After we swam for a while I decided to be a bit mean (keep in mind I was only 10, despite my physical maturity I was still somewhat mentally immature) and I asked him "Why do you shave your armpits?" Alfie got a bit red-faced (something that would later happen a lot) and muttered that he didn't shave. "So you don't have ANY pit hair? You're 15, right?" He nodded, then asked "What about you? My dad said you were only 10, but..." "I am 10." "Oh.." I think the power dynamics for our relationship were set right there. At that point I knew I wasn't going to be dealing with a peer like I'd expected, but I still intended to have some fun with him.

DevonMay 17 2022 4:51pm
Later when I have some time I can tell you more about what happened with me and Alfie, if you're interested. Anyway, it sounds like a nice way to have your first orgasm. Was it your first erection too? I think I was a couple years ahead of Glenn, I got my first pubes when I was 8 and I was already messing around with girls when I was 10. I'm surprised Glenn wasn't, do you know when he started? Did you enjoy giving the blowjob and generally being dominated by Glenn? Was it your first time experiencing sexual excitement? If he normally masturbated 5 times a day, did you take over those duties completely?

DevonMay 17 2022 4:55pm
@devon. Thanks for finding the time. am looking forward to what happened next, and I am sure anyone else reading these posts will be equally interested. I did not think that you would be only 10, and with chest hair. How much chest hair? just a light sprinkling or was it thick? it was not my first erection, but probably my 'strongest' erections. I hope you develop your 'messying around with girls.' Glenn had not done this as yet, although he did talk about girls a lot and what he was looking forward to. Yes to the blow job: first one was a huge learning experience but as the days, weeks and months rolled on, I looked forward to his possible daily supply, in the hope that his protein would stimulate my own growth. I began seeing him as a big brother. Actually it was on that Saturday night when he said: 'Imagine if I was actually your younger brother and I started getting pubes at 10 and you had nothing at 12? and you could see my dick grow everyday and you stayed small. And here we are now, with me at 12 with a man's c*ck and you still can't produce sperm. Most girls would want my man c*ck. Imagine if I had a girl who is in your class and she found out that I was only 12. I blushed and could only mutter a low 'yeah.' Then the 'talk' continued: 'it is not your fault, it all about genes as you probably know. some people are luckier than others. I won't tell anyone about you, I promise.' I found that very comforting. i did not completely take over his five + daily jerks, probably a couple on the weekends or when parents were away.

TaylorMay 17 2022 5:42pm
I'll elaborate on what I was doing with girls later too. I had very thick armpit hair and a moderate amount of chest hair, not a thick bush but noticeable. Like I said, I developed very early. My dad actually took me to a doctor when it started, but he said there wasn't anything wrong with me. Did Glenn have chest hair as well, or facial hair? I'll get to this part later, but I also told Alfie that contact with my cum would stimulate his development. Did you like the taste and feel of his cum too? What was Glenn's physique like? I'm also looking forward to reading more about you and Glenn, it's interesting to hear about something similar to my relationship with Alfie but from the other point of view, so please continue when you have time.

DevonMay 17 2022 7:03pm
@devon. Looking forward to your reverse experience. Yes, this was my first sexual experience on that Friday night. Glenn's chest hair appeared around 13 1/2; his facial hair came prior at 13. He shaved about once a week then. His physique:- 5 ft 8 at 12; strong by not overweight; swimmers torso; long legs; arms were not skinny, nor were they excessively muscular; sharpish features; squarish jaw; killer looks; blue eyes and great smile; medium brown hair. Considerable pit hair at 12 to my nil/zero. Glenn did say that my swallowing would give him man-protein and rubbing in his cum around my crotch would stimulate my development. I grew to like the taste of his cum; the fact that he made it just for me was a huge turn-on. For you to have chest hair at 10 is remarkable. Girl experiences at 10 sounds similar to the Blake/Roy stories above. Looking forward to Alfie's first experience and how he compared to yourself.

taylorMay 17 2022 8:42pm
devon. Some initial questions: How tall were you at 10? Did Alfie's mother comment on your chest hair? she must have seen it too. Did she humiliate her son by public commenting? If you had substantial chest hair at 10, I presume you shaved pretty often? If so, what did one day's growth look like? how old did most girls think you were? Did your fun start on night 1? Don't spare the details as they say! some

TaylorMay 17 2022 10:59pm
When I met Alfie I was probably 5'3" or thereabout, Alfie was an inch or two shorter. When I was hitting on a girl I usually told her I was 13 or 14, sometimes a bit older or younger depending on the age of the girl. You'd be surprised how many high school girls would be willing to go for a 14 year old boy if she's attracted to him. I shaved my face once a day at that point, and by the next morning I had a decent peach fuzz over my lips and cheek.

DevonMay 18 2022 4:06pm
Alfie's mom (who's name is Helen) did comment on my chest hair and muscular physique when she saw me with my shirt off at the beach. "Whoa, looks like we've got a little MAN here! Alfie, maybe one day you'll look like that too!" Alfie looked very embarrassed and his face went red again. His face went red a lot, it was like a mood ring. It happened again later at the beach when Helen offered to put sunscreen on my back, when she was done I turned to Alfie and said "Dude, I think your mom likes me. She's pretty hot too". A bit later a girl Alfie's age passed by us and she said hello to him, apparently she was in his class. I stood up and chatted her up a bit, we ended up going for a swim together and we swapped phone numbers. When we got home we each took a shower (separately) before going to bed, Helen had set up a mattress for me in his bedroom. I had already taken my shower and I was lying on my mattress with a towel wrapped around my waist when Alfie came in, just out of the shower, with a towel around his waist as well. My eyes went to his bare armpits, and I also noticed that his arms were completely smooth. From what I could see he had no hair below his armpits, but then I started wondering about what was behind the towel. I said to him "So, no body hair huh. You at least have pubes, right?" Alfie said "yeah!" in a defensive tone, but I sensed some nervousness in there. "Then show me". Alfie's face went red yet again, and he started mumbling. I stood up and looked at him hard, and repeated "Show me. Drop the towel or I'll rip it off". Alfie looked defeated, and he dropped the towel. What I saw made me laugh so hard. He was completely bare, not a hair follicle on his crotch or on his balls or anything. His balls were undeveloped and his dick was tiny. Basically he looked exactly the 10-11 year olds in my class, even less developed than some of them. I told him so between laughs, then I said "Do you want to see what a guy should look like down there?" and dropped my own towel. Alfie's mouth dropped open a little bit when he saw, and he stared at my bush of black pubic hair, low hanging balls, and large soft penis. "Looks like I'm a 10 year old with the body of a 15 year old, and you're a 15 year old with the body of a 10 year old!" At that Alfie burst into tears, and I felt bad. I sat next to him and put my arms around him, and he put his head on my shoulder. I calmed him down, saying "it's OK, it's OK, you'll grow you'll grow" That helped a bit, then I said "In fact, I know a way to make you grow faster!" He looked hopeful about that, looked up at me and said "Really?" I assured him, and we lay down and eventually fell asleep.

DevonMay 18 2022 4:06pm
I followed through on my promise the next day, while his mom was out. I took out my laptop and tried to go to a porn site, but it turned out that his mom had set up a site blocking system on their wifi. I asked Alfie what the best way to get around that was, and he said he doesn't have any ways. He never went to any of the blocked sites. I asked if he ever watched porn, and he shook his head. I asked if he even knew what sex was, and he said "It's like lots of kissing and touching and stuff under a blanket, right?" I was shocked, here was a 15 year old who apparently didn't know the basic mechanics of sex! I asked if he ever got erections, and he said "It gets a bit bigger and hard sometimes when I look at..." He didn't finish his sentence, but I didn't press. I decided I needed to teach him, but I had a plan for how. In the mean time I told him to take his pants off again as I did the same, I needed to teach him something. I showed him my dick again and said "This is a man dick, it's sort of what your's will look like one day. Touch it." He nervously started touching it, and I felt it start to stiffen. Suddenly I remembered something, and I told Alfie to stop and go get a ruler. When he returned with one, I told him to use it to measure my flaccid dick. It was 4.3 inches, as I already knew. I went to measure his, and noticed it was sticking out, he was already hard. It was 2 inches long and about as thick as my pinky finger, I couldn't help but laugh a little. I remember when my dad first took me to the doctor when I was 7, back when he first noticed the signs of puberty. They measured my penis there too, and it was already over 4 inches hard. With that done, I told Alfie that a penis getting hard is normal and natural, and that now he's going to see what a man's penis looks like in that state. He went back to touching mine, and before long it was at it's full size. 8 inches back then, I got Alfie to measure it. I told him I was going to show him masturbation, and I guided his hands up and down my shaft. He used both to get a full grip, and it didn't take long before he had the technique down. I took my hands off and let him work, telling him to do it faster and more vigorously, I needed a lot of stimulation. I didn't warn him before I came, and my cum splattered all over his chest. I explained that it what it was, in a similar way to how Glenn explained it to you, and then I took some off his chest and rubbed it on his crotch. I told him it was full of hormones, and if he rubbed it onto his body it would stimulate hair growth. Alfie seemed very excited by that, and he eagerly took every last drop from his body and smeared it on his balls and groin and armpits. Then I told him to try masturbating himself, to see if he could make cum too, even though I knew he wouldn't be able to. He knew what to do, but he couldn't quite bring himself to orgasm. I tried as well, using my thumb and forefinger, but I couldn't manage it either. I told him "Oh well, after you've used my cum for a while it will be possible for you". He asked if he could have some more, and I sat back as he jerked me off again. It actually felt pretty good for a beginner. He still didn't really know how sex worked, but I had a plan for that.

DevonMay 18 2022 4:24pm
Hi Devon. thanks for your two posts. I can feel for Alfie for sure. I was 3 1/2 hard at 14, so he was behind me. 2 inches vs 8 inches is a huge difference and you were 10. How did he react to your chest hair? I suspect that there is no dad here; and i thought that Helen would have been told about your early development and wanted to check you out in a legitimate way. The beach would give her that opportunity. Here is a question that may have become a reality: did you ever become 'the man of the house?' when Alfie was asleep? Alfie seemed to have recovered quickly from his cry. In the next post, Glenn tried out a strategy on me

TaylorMay 18 2022 4:51pm
I only just noticed your shorter post about ages and your shaving. WoW! On the Sunday, told informed me that he had a 'fresh batch of cum just for you want it now?' I just nodded in excitement. Glenn informed me that he had not wanked all day, so there should be a big supply for me. Glenn said to me:-'With a dick your size and your early hair, you should be able to cum. So he sat me on his left leg again and told me to put my right arm around his neck. I was already erect and he fondled me somewhat, tickling my ball sac. I twitched like one does when being tickled. He said: I want to try something so do as I say, OK? Just tell me when you get that 'I want to pee soon as you get that feeling.' OK. He used his two fingers and thumb in a slow rhythm. i reached that pee moment and he stopped. As I looked at him with some bewilderment, he stretched up and planted a kiss. The next instruction was: look at my big dick when I wank you again and tell me as soon as you get to the pee moment. So once again, I followed instruction. I arrived at that moment again and he stopped. Another little kiss. 'This time, as you look at my big dick, say, 'Glenn is only 12 and I am 14' Say it out loud. So I did. Got to the pee moment and he stopped again. I was wondering what he was doing. This time say: Glenn's dick is much bigger than mine. I probably said it about three times before I reached the pee moment. He stopped again. I was panting a little heavier now and my stiffy was STIFF. This time say: Glenn is so much more mature than me; look at his man dick. I said it some three times. i got to the pee moment and informed my man. But this time he did not stop. He hastened the pace. 'I'm going to pee' said I. Instead, out shot a short stream of watery milky cum. The high-pitched squeal is still etched in my memory. 'IT WORKED' exclaim my man, it worked. I knew you would be close to your big day.' He gathered the remains on my tip with his finger, tasted it himself and fed me the next little globule. Congratulations, you are a man now. What an evening that was!!!

TaylorMay 18 2022 5:15pm
@devon. Looking forward to your plan for Alfie. You early mature guys are really ahead in more ways than one. i forgot to mention that he explained to me that what he was doing was 'edging.' I had never heard of that of course. I wound imagine that your Aflie wouldn't either. He told me that he liked my first cum (big ego boost for me) and that everyone likes his cum. Later in the evening, i asked him what he meant by 'everyone' liking his cum. That is when he blushed. He had lied to me about girls; it was true that he had yet to have sex with them but quite a number had given him blow jobs. Apparently at his last school before he moved next door, two more mature Grade 6 girls wanted to see his dick after seeing his bulge during the swimming carnival. Initially he said no, until they offer him $ 1.00 for a look ! The thought of earning $2 dollars appealed to him. Well, after the look, they were not satisfied and wanted to touch it. So he added another dollar for that privilege. after that they suggested a BJ, so he added to the cost. Word got around, and some Grade 8 girls were queuing up. Grade 8 girls cost $5 for the full works; then two Grade 9 girls, so the cost rose to $6 dollars. That was when the family left the town, bringing this scheme to an end. The thought of some 10 girls had knelt between his legs drove my crazy for a few days. But back to my first ejaculation: i was over the moon that I was now in the Man's Club even though i was not even close to the 12 year old man who I was sleeping with that night. (to be continued)

taylorMay 18 2022 5:27pm
@ devon: some questions if that's OK a) how old were you when you messed around with a girl? b) did messing around = sex? c) how old was the oldest? d) did they freak out at your age e) Your black fuzz would be very noticeable by Helen everyday; did she keep referring to it in Alfie's presence? Did you walk around shirtless at home and if so, how did Alfie / Helen react to that?

TaylorMay 18 2022 5:36pm
That was a very smart plan by Glenn! I guess he identified your kink pretty quickly. Well actually he might be responsible for giving it to you. My plan for Alfie was just about teaching him about sex and enabling him to have an orgasm, I knew there was no chance he'd be able to ejaculate. I'm not surprised Glenn actually had some experience with girls, from what you said about his looks and his body and his confidence it would be strange if he had had none. Looking forward to your continuation.

DevonMay 18 2022 7:00pm
A) I was 9 when I had my first sexual contact, there was a girl in my class who had a huge crush on my and I taught her how to give me handjobs and eventually blowjobs. She kept doing it until I moved in with Helen and Alfie, it was very convenient to have her in the same school as me. I had an outlet when I got horny in school, we could go off into the bathroom. She was a good little c*cksucker too, very enthusiastic, gave better blowjobs than a lot of older girls. B) I went all the way shortly after I turned 10, that was with a 16 year old girl who worked at a nearby convenience store. I told her I was 14, and she didn't find out the truth until she happened to see me walking out of my elementary school. C) At the time I moved in with Alfie, the oldest girl I'd had sex with was 19, she was in college doing a teaching program and she was interning at my school as a teachers assistant for a couple of months She knew about my age and everything, she was just very slutty. It made that girl in my class very jealous, but it also gave me a huge confidence boost, and after that I was able to pick up a lot more girls. At that age there were so many hormones raging through my body that girls were all I thought about, that's what I funneled all my energy toward. D) Some of the girls never found out about my real age, I just did them once or twice and never told. Others did freak when they found out, I found that pretty funny. Usually she wouldn't believe me when I told her, I had to show my ID card. That girl from the convenience store panicked and said we could never have sex again, but she changed her mind after a few weeks and we picked it back up. E) Helen was always very impressed by how developed I was. For the first couple days I didn't shave my face at all so it would be more noticeable, and she was shocked when she first noticed some facial hair on me. "Wow, you can grow a beard already!? Alfie doesn't even have armpit hair! It's amazing how different boys can be!" Alfie heard that too, and that night he asked to jerk me off three times, and he put a bit of my cum on his upper lip. I told him that was too advanced for him, and he should just use it all on his crotch and armpits. I was usually shirtless at home, mostly to show off for Helen. I started working out a lot more as well, doing push-ups and pull-ups every day and joining a gym. She was impressed by my body hair and I could tell she also liked my muscles, she often asked to feel my biceps and my abs. On the second day I was there she said "It's nice to have a big strong man in the house for a change!", and Alfie heard that too. Alfie actually reacted in a pretty similar way to his mom, they both stared a lot. Alfie was fascinated by my chest hair, when we were in bed he liked to stroke it.

DevonMay 18 2022 7:03pm
@devon. Wow. Thanks for the events described above. a)if an evening shave produced fuzz the next morning, several days of no shaving would have led to a full coverage, I would imagine. How did Alfie respond to an increasing coverage when you were in bed with him? b) Did Helen know what was occurring between you and her son? c) did you do a lot of comparisons: 8 vs 2 and d) how did Alfie react when in bed? (e) did Helen move to second base or suggest it? (f) Did Helen ever tell Alfie he had to defer to your authority? (g) did Helen ever really embarrass her son by making him stand side by side shirtless? You said that he blushed often.

taylorMay 18 2022 8:05pm
IF THIS THREAD RUNS OUT, pollcommentary/1112 has heaps of space

TaylorMay 18 2022 8:06pm
Continuing: After my huge awakening via edging, I started making up for loss time! i wanted to see if I could do this on my own. Like Alfie, it was difficult on some days, but I found that by repeating Glenn's comments and the image of his 7 incher, always hastened the process to the pee moment. With parents around, it was difficult to have extended naked sessions. When his parents were away for the weekend, our activities transferred to his room. We kept mental measurements and he was quick to inform me of my developing bush. He had such a huge bush that any additional pubes wouldn't be noticed. After we stripped, our favourite sitting position was me on his lap with our dicks touching. The size difference was always captivating for me. I think if I had your hairy face and chest in front of me, I would have been overwhelmed by that. Jumping forward to Glenn's facial hair. He was around 13 when long brown single hairs glistened in the setting sun. it amazed me that around 5 mm of hair could grow in one day as it wasn't there the previous day. This now became my focus. As I was always looking up into his face, I caught glimpses of what was under his chin and light brown wisps of hair became more abundant with the days and weeks. His room door had an internal lock so when sleepover happened at his place, we could lock the door to prevent any surprise openings. We placed our pyjamas in strategic spots so that we could dive into them if we had to open the door for whatever reason. Lying on top of Glenn's long frame highlighted my more immature body and smelling and licking his pits was a common activity. I can only imagine what a turn-on your chest hairs would have been. I used Glenn's 5 wanks a day as a benchmark and had an ego boost that I too am capable. But the fact that he was two years younger and more developed was always a factor that excited me. He had now hit the 8 inch mark and I had hit 4 inches. I still admired him and deferred to him in every way. (to be continued)

TaylorMay 18 2022 8:26pm
I'll answer your questions, and if I have time I might post about the next stage in my plan with Alfie, but I might not be able to today. Please continue recounting your experiences as well. A) Alfie was fascinated by my facial hair as well, I invited him to touch it when I went a couple days without shaving. When I started shaving again I taught Alfie how to do it for me, after that every morning he would stand in front of me in the bathroom and shave my face. His favorite part was feeling my scratchy skin afterward. B) She found out eventually, but by then it wasn't a problem. C) Yeah, it was fun to compare, and Alfie actually started liking it too, before long he was asking to do it more often. Whenever we tried to compare our flaccid dicks we only had a few seconds, his would get hard when he saw them next to each other. Comparing when hard was good too, it was like night and day. Mine was fully developed and very large even by adult standards, and his was almost prepubescent and looked almost exactly like the regular boys my age in my old school. Nothing emphasized our different stages of development more clearly. D) We always slept naked in the same bed, and Alfie often had his hand on my dick or buried in my pubes. After a while he got quite obsessed with it. E) Eventually, I'll get to that. F) At first she did it indirectly, like when she left the house she told me "Take care of Alfie". The way she acted made it clear she thought of me as older, like when she saw us watching a Tarantino movie and said "I think Alfie might be too young for this", making no mention of my age. Later it became more explicit. G) That happened on the second day. Helen was doing laundry and she told both of us to give her our shirts. We took them off right there, and she gasped when she saw my chest, even though she'd seen it before. Seeing Alfie shirtless at the same time just made her more amazed, and she told him to stand next to me so she could compare. Alfie's face got all red again, but he did what she said. She made us hold our arms next to each other so she could see his smooth hairless arms in comparison to mine and how thin his arms were. She made us both flex or biceps, such as they were. Alfie's arm hardly changed at all when he flexed so you could hardly tell, still skinny as ever. He could hold his arm in front of mine and my bicep was still fully visible over his. She compared our chests as well, and ran her hands over us a bit. It was obvious how impressed she was. Alfie's face was bright red the whole time, but when we went back to his room I saw he got an erection from it.

DevonMay 19 2022 4:36pm
Hi Devon. Thanks for the answers. i guess that it was as I suspected. You wanted to know the reverse experience and in my follow-up posts, my experiences might have been Alfie's also. what we are describing is behaviours (like him rubbing your chest hairs) and what is important I suspect is what is going on in his head; like what is he thinking. You are thinking about girls and more girls; he and I are not thinking about that. We are thinking about your body and how ours compares with your (and Glenn's) When Glenn needed to shave, he also invited me to perform the task (more about that later). I can resonate with the obsessions on all levels. How did Helen become 'more explicit' when watching movies she thought alfie was too young for? How embarrassing for Alfie on chest and arm/armpit comparisons. To engage in comparisons in private is one thing; to have a parent oooh and ahhh is another thing. I hope you find the time later to continue. I know (E) will be a huge.

taylorMay 19 2022 5:30pm
Continued:@ Devon: you were interested about these experiences from the other point of view. My experiences were similar to Alfie's. I was obsessed with Glenn's body (and I think I would have been more obsessed with yours.) Facial hair and chest hair would be huge turn- ons, especially on a 10 year old. How did Alife get to sleep in the same bed with you? your invitation or did he ask? I craved for those side-by-side comparisons knowing what the result would inevitably be. For me, it was 7 vs 3 1/2, which became 8 vs 4 after a few months. It would have been more difficult for Alfie. When Glenn had to shave, I had to stand in front of him naked while he sat on a bar stool, and while I carefully shaved him, he played with my 4 incher. One significant difference between myself and Alfie is that I didn't have Glenn in my room and house 24/7. So I had to wait for days for the weekend to come and the hope that parents would be out for a good period of time. Fortunately, with two sets of parents, one set would be away while the other was around. So house swapping for sleep-ins occurred often. We did see each other every day after school; upon arrival home, if either had the house to ourselves, we had a window signal. He would place his sporting trophy at the window = come over; if my parents were out, I used a trophy also. I would be over at his place in a flash or vice versa. Actually I was quicker to head over, like a kid racing to the candy store. Glenn walked over more maturely, as befitting his maturity ! I will develop a scenario a little later that resonates with Alfie's experience.

taylorMay 19 2022 5:45pm
Upon receiving the trophy signal that the coast was clear, I would rush across the lawn to G's place. On one of the early occasions, I noticed the trophy on his windown sill, so went straight over rather than leave my bag at home. He had just arrived home a little earlier and was still in his uniform. Grade 6 boys wore brown short and a light brown shirt, so they looked like boy scouts. High school boys wore long navy trousers and a light blue shirt. As I rushed through his rear door, G was standing in the kitchen. I raced toward him like a kid who was eager to see his father, and leap into his arms, with my two legs wrapped around his waist. My skinny frame did not throw him off balance. My arms wrapped around this neck as i hugged him closely. # Whoa, what is the big excitement man? >> I've done it 3 x times today and shot our man-cum, said I jubilantly. # Well, i don't think you can call it man-cum yet, it's a bit too early for that? >> what do you mean? # Well, you haven't passed the toilet roll test and I'm sure it's still pretty watery. >> What is the toilet roll test? I innocently asked. So my sex-ed continued on a very practical matter. While he was explaining the criteria for passing the toilet roll test, he began walking up the stairs to his room and in doing so, passed his parents' room. The full length mirror in that room could be seen from the doorway, and I saw the sight of me being carried. I asked him to back up and to approach the mirror. He wasn't sure what the big deal was. Imagine the mirror reflection: here is a 5 foot 8" boy/man in a short pants uniform carrying a high school boy in trousers, who was obviously less mature than he is, and carrying him with ease. In my mind, I was thinking: >> I'm 14 and a high school kid being carried by a 12 year old boy who is still in elementary school and he could pass for a 16 year old.' He should have been in trousers and me in shorts. (I wish I had had the means to take a picture) To hide my embarrassment, I hugged him around the neck and he knew something was awry. ## what's the matter? So I told him about the image and thoughts in my mind. >> I have a tiny dick in comparison with yours; you have heaps of hair and I have about a dozen hairs; you have been wanking for years and I've only just started. You've been carrying me for 5 minutes by now and I would not be able to carry you for 5 seconds. He took me to his room where once again I sat on his left leg for another episode of 'the talk.' He unzipped my trousers and exposed my now 3 1/2 incher. Then he asked me for my birthday date. He worked out that I was one year and 7 months older than himself. ## Look, you've got more hairs, looks like everyday you are adding to your crop. You will be catching up soon. >> will mine spread out as widely as yours? G's pubes were beginning to join up with the hairs on his inner thigh but there was about 3 inches to go. ## Well, let me help you feel better and gave me my second blow job. ## Definitely a bit watery. Now I have a plan; i don't want you to jerk off for 24 hours, no record setting tomorrow morning. so when we meet after school tomorrow, you will have a 24 hr build up of cum. We will then check out your man-cum. >> OK

taylorMay 19 2022 9:14pm
@devon: responding to your last long post. A) what did Helen find out that wasn't a problem for her? (B) Did Alfie say anything as his hands explored your chest hairs? (C) Did you ever ask Aflie what he thought of your facial hair? (D) in what way was Helen 'more explicit' when it came to certain movie? (E) I loved being carried by Glenn. Did Alife want you to carry him? or did you just do that on your own accord.? (f) Showering together was something G and I did in the evenings if parents were away. (G) Did Helen make you and Alfie compare torsos again; I would imagine that that would have been 'wild' for her.

taylorMay 19 2022 9:25pm
OBSESSIVE COMPARISONS: an immature older boy would naturally be obsessed by a younger more mature boy. 8 inches vs 2 inches is indeed NIGHT and Day. It was bad enough for me. Upon returning home i would draw G's 7 incher with as much accuracy as possible, draw mine alongside it; calculate his volume and mine and feel/see the difference. it was the substitute for the picture! G had a bit of a growth spurt a month or two later and now I was on the level of his chin, so that told me I hadn't grown. I tried to keep both of us away from adult presence, lest someone make a comparison remark that would only go against me. So i had 24 hours to wait to find out what G had in store for me after school

taylorMay 19 2022 9:32pm
Mac, you said that some of Megan's orders are practical, but some are done just to humiliate - can you give some examples of those?

TeachMay 20 2022 12:24pm
Hey Teach. How are thing going in your second job? as well as at school. Babysitting Lisa with only the two of you in the house, Lisa wouldn't have just left it with you cleaning the house! How did she continue to intimidate you?

david sMay 20 2022 2:58pm
Questions first: We slept together on the first night, and just continued from there. On the second night Alfie sheepishly asked me I needed to be masturbated again, and when I said yes he climbed into my bed and got to work, again rubbing the cum on his crotch and armpits. After that it became a nightly thing, and we kept sleeping in the same bed. A) I meant we eventually showed her what me and Alfie had been doing, but only after the situation had become such that I knew she wouldn't have a problem with it. B) Usually just "wow" or "it's so thick" or something like that, he often looked mesmerized while he was stroking it. C) Yeah, he was a big fan of that too, the fact that a 10 year old could grow facial hair while he still didn't have pubes really amazed him. He told me it made him feel like even more of a little kid. D) I meant that Helen thinking of me as older and her instructions to Alfie to defer to my authority later became more explicit, whereas at first it was just implied. E) Yeah, lifting him was one of the things that always got him hard. He was very light and easy to carry, I could have done it all day. F) We did that too, it was actually Alfie's idea though, he always wanted to wash me and spread the shower gel over my body. G) She made us compare quite a few times. I remember an early occasion where she was watching me doing push-ups and sit-ups shirtless and getting my body all sweaty. Alfie was watching too, and Helen again told us to stand side-by-side. Then she put one hand on each of our chests and ran them down our torsos at the same time. She felt my pecs and my chest hair, then went all the way down my abs too. She looked a lot at the bulge in my pants, though she touch any lower than my abs. Simultaneously her other hand was gliding down Alfie's skinny, hairless, and completely muscle-less torso. She said "It's amazing that you two are related. And that you're 5 years younger!" Predictably, Alfie's face went red.

DevonMay 20 2022 5:29pm
So a couple days after his first handjob I sat Alfie down and asked him some questions about what sexual feelings he'd had so far, specifically about what would make his little dick go hard. He admitted that seeing my body or my dick has that effect now, especially when it's contrasted with his own body. But before I moved in he would get hard sometimes when he saw a pretty girl, especially one showing some skin. He specifically mentioned the girl I flirted with on the beach. I asked him if there was anyone else who would make him hard, and he looked like he was just about to say something, but then he shook his head. I was pretty sure I knew what he would have said, but I didn't press him. I already had a plan. There was this girl (Cindy, 15 years old) I knew from where I lived before, she was the older sister of a friend from my school and I had had sex with her about 6 months before that at a sleepover. Since then we'd been doing it pretty regularly. She was staying with family in a place pretty close to Helen and Alfie's house (this was during summer holidays). I called her up, and it turned out she was extremely eager to see me, she was even willing to steal some money from her parents, sneak out of the house, and take a couple buses get to me. We arranged it for next weekend when Helen would be gone. In the mean time, Alfie continued giving me handjobs as often as he could, he was getting very obsessed with it. When Cindy arrived she was eager to have sex right away, but I told her about Alfie and said that I wanted to turn it into a learning experience for him. She agreed as long as she would get a good f*cking. I called Alfie in, and got all three of us to get naked. Cindy laughed when she saw Alfie and said that his genitals looked just like her little brother's, but I told her to be nice. The first thing I did was give him more comprehensive sex education, using Cindy as an anatomy chart. I let him touch her boobs a little, then told him to get in close to her vagina while I spread it open and gave him an anatomy lesson, telling him what all the parts were and what they did. Then I had her lie on the bed while I stood up in front of her with my dick in front of her pussy, and I continued explaining the mechanics of sex and reproduction. I said "I'm going to slide my penis into her vagina, and the stimulation will eventually make me shoot out all that cum. Normally that would go into her and make a baby, but she takes a special pill that stops that from happening. Understand?" Alfie looked nervous, he took a close look and said "Are you sure it will fit?" I assured him that it would, then I slid into her and started pumping away at a fairly slow pace, while continuing to talk to Alfie. I had to speak up a bit to be heard over her moans. I went into more depth about what was happening and even explained what exactly I was doing with my hips, then I sped up a bit and did it more vigorously to give her a quick (but very loud) orgasm, explaining that it was the female equivalent of what happens to me when I cum. Alfie was rock hard watching this, his dick was as big as I'd ever seen it, though still only a tiny bit above 2 inches. I told him to try masturbating again while watching us, and he didn't need to be told twice. This time was different from all the other times he'd tried, and it resulted in his very first orgasm. Pleasingly, it happened at the exact same time that me and Cindy had ours, so we all came together. Obviously Alfie's orgasm was dry, though mine definitely wasn't, it was my first time in a girl in over a week. We all lay on the bed for a few seconds, then Cindy recovered enough to curl up to me and start licking the cum off my dick. When that made it hard again, she put it in her mouth and started sucking. I saw Alfie watching, and he was hard again as well, so after I had cum in Cindy's mouth I asked Alfie if he wanted a try. At first he thought I meant that Cindy would suck him as well, but when I clarified that he was going to suck me he was still excited about that. He crawled up and put his face right against my dick with this look of wonder on his face, but he was too nervous to put it in his mouth. I told him to just do the same thing he saw Cindy do. Once he had the head in his mouth it turned out he wasn't half bad for a beginner, and Cindy helped out too with pointers, at one point she even took his head and moved it up and down my dick. I told him when I was about to cum, and I said he had to take it all in his mouth and swallow, just like Cindy. I said it would make him grow faster, just like when he puts it on his body, only swallowing it would make his genitals get bigger. It was my 3rd time cumming in 15 minutes, but there was still a lot of it, and he dutifully swallowed it all. We all fell asleep in the same bed, and I had one arm around each of them. That was a great day for Alfie, he discovered his two passions - giving me blowjobs and watching me f*ck girls. Both would happen a lot from then on.

DevonMay 20 2022 5:33pm
@devon: thanks for the above. So Helen had seen your 8 inches and her son working on it in bed? Did she walk in on the two of you? What is your girth? (B) how did you assess that she wouldn't have a problem with informing her of your activities with her son? (C)) Carrying:- i loved it when G carried me as in the uniform incident I have recounted. (FEEL FREE to ask me any questions about anything.)

TaylorMay 20 2022 5:43pm
@devon. your second post appeared while i was responding to your first one. Wow again. Alfie was getting an education faster than I was with Glenn. (I had similar watching experiences which I will report on later) i will continue with my story

taylorMay 20 2022 5:56pm
After school the next day I went over when I saw the trophy in the window sill. I forgot to mention that I asked him to stay in his school uniform as it accentuated our difference: elem school boy with a high school boy. I informed his that I had no jerked for24 hrs. He unbuckled my trousers and produced a toilet roll. # I don't think you will pass the test. the roll was 4 inches long and 5 inches in circumference. Well, my 3 1/2 incher slid easily into it and failed to appear on the other end. G's soft on fitted and poked out the other end by about 1/2 inch and it was a tight fit. he kept it in the roll while it swelled. When he managed to extract it from the roll, it was obvious that if erect, her glan would not fit the roll # So you see, I pass the toilet roll test. You have a while to go. I felt defeated.## But let's check your cum. With that announcement, he produced a yellow plastic picnic plate and told me to catch my cum. He sat back while I stood in front of him. It was like a Doctor having a kid stand in front of him while he inspected the kid. When I climaxed, what emerged was a first shoot of about 4 inches, followed by a second of about 2 inches in length, then globules that dripped on to the plate. ### Not bad, now it's my turn. He stood, I stood looking down at his 7-8 incher. He shot a long white rope of about 6 inches, followed by another, then another, then another and the last was about the length of mine, before the large drips appeared. He was careful to aim his load as close to mine as possible and this really highlighted the difference in quantity. But his also contained 'quality.' It was thicker, much thicker and whiter, nothing watery about it. ### See the difference? That is man-cum, yours is still watery boy-cum. But yours is cum. I took the plate and looked closely at the two quantities. >> Can I take this home? ### ha ha, like a picture, it lasts longer..haha. But don't be leaving it around; put some food wrap over it or it will smell and every mother knows the smell of man cum. I remember being speechless and small again. Self-esteem tool a dive. >> It is going to take ageees before I pass the TR test, said I. ## You are only half an inch from passing the length test; and probably pass the watery test before long. Cheer up. >> You are only 12 and I am 14; you are so far ahead of me. I sat on his left leg again; this was becoming my favourite place when we were clothed. Eventually we pulled up our pants and I asked him to carry me. This position brought me closer to his face. this plate and all the experiences became my obsession. I can certainly identfy with Alfie. Very difficult to get any of this out of one's mind. (I hope you have time to continue)

TaylorMay 20 2022 6:18pm
CHEST HAIR: I am going to jump ahead as it is impossible to report on every experience. The summer after G graduated from Grade 6 ( Grade 8 for me) we had a lot of time together each day when parents were at work. His family had over a week away, visiting relatives, so there was a real hole in my life. Upon his return, we got together the next day and he seemed taller, more mature; hair was longer which made his look older. # I have something new to show you. I wondered what that might be. While he normally wore a T-shirt when not in uniform, today he was dressed in a shirt. ## Unbutton my shirt for your surprise. I did and there were several strands of chest hair between his abs. >> Wow! when did this happen? I counted some six hairs and because they were confined to the middle of his chest, the sum of his hairs, made them more visible. I touched and touched and this became an obsession. When in bed naked, I couldn't stop myself licking and licking and licking. The licking and focusing on his armpit hair was also an obsession. Thinking: a 12 year old with thick bushes everyone and a 14 year old with spare hair growth and as far as my armpits were concerted, not one hair yet, Armpit side-by-side comparisons were frequent. Can I masturbate you again? was also a frequent question. Measurements were taken daily. It was almost like I wanted him to add to his length daily.

TaylorMay 20 2022 6:36pm
@devon: some questions. A) Did Helen ever ask you to perform a Muscleman-type performance' like one would see on competitions? (B) When did Alfie get his first pubes and start some obvious development? (c) How many girls did Alfie watch you 'interact' with? What age groups did he experience?

TaylorMay 20 2022 6:49pm
The answers to your questions are a long story, I'll get to it eventually. I think the appetites of you and Alfie are understandable. For Alfie, his big sexual awakening involved contact with a younger but superior body and being faced with his own inferiority and childishness in comparison. Sexual pleasure was associated with that kind of situation, so that became the thing that excited him. I'm guessing it was similar for you. Alfie had some attraction to girls before that, so that combined with his obsession with me and led him to a love of watching me have sex. Did you have the same kind of preoccupation with Glenn's c*ck as Alfie had with mine? He told me he could never get the image of it out of his mind, and whenever we had a moment alone he asked to see it and (if we had time) give it a suck. Seeing it next to his own dick would really drive him crazy. He was obsessed with my whole body, but my dick most of all, followed by my body hair and muscles. Did you ever compare bodies with Glenn in front of other people? Was he in control of you, did you do whatever he said without question? Did you ever go out in public together, maybe tell people he was your big brother?

DevonMay 20 2022 7:07pm
Just saw your latest post. A) Helen loved watching me work out and she often asked me to put on a bit of a show for her. I'd pose, flex my biceps, bounce my pecs, flex my abs, stuff like that. She would sit there and watch with a silly mesmerized expression on her face, and sometimes ask if she could touch. I'd known other girls who reacted the same way to my body, so I wasn't surprised. She liked watching me lift heavy things too, especially after watching Alfie try and fail to lift the same thing. She even asked me to lift her, and she made these delighted squealing noises when she felt her feet rise off the ground. B) He got his first pubes at 16, me and Helen were both very proud of him. C) I don't know exactly how many. Dozens. Many age groups, from girls around my age to middle-aged women. The oldest was in her mid-late 30s.

DevonMay 20 2022 7:09pm
@devon. Some answers: Yes, like Alfie, I couldn't get his dimensions out of my mind; I kept drawing his monster on different sheets of paper with mine next to it. I would definitely have been more obsessed with your 'superior' body as well. My self-esteem always dived when I was on my own while being pleased for those comparison experiences and actually having the opportunity to engage in those experiences rather than just fantasize. In grade 8 I fell in love with a girl called Gail and she was one of the few girls who actually spoke to me and engaged in conversations that were not just 'hi'. As I was unsure how to develop a relationship at that stage, I left it to her to create the next chat. This lasted for most of Grade 7 and 8. Then Glenn came along. Sometimes I would jack off to Gail; other times to the size of G's 7 - 8 incher. As I tried to ensure that the parents never found us together, the instances of having a parent exclaim: 'Oh Glenn, you are so much bigger than Taylor' only occurred a couple of times in a year. Lucky me. However, the longer the months in-between such comments, the more they had to talk about. G's mother was heard saying:- 'He's a real man now' when he was in Grade 8 and me in Grade 10. And she referred to his chest hair. My mother never got to actually see it. Our weekend visits were consumed with me comparing myself with him physically, whether he knew it or not. As mentioned, my favourite sitting position was to sit on his lap facing him. So his big one was leaning on my littler one and I could view his chest hairs that were getting denser by the week. As for going out in public, this was minimal when it came to malls. We were often together on country trails on our bikes and it was only when I was in Grade 11 and he in Grade 9 that we walked the malls. I had grown to my present 5 foot 6 by then, and he was 5 foot 11.999' (ha) Little did my parents know about my bed experiences with this younger boy, which up to my Grade 9 year, was relegated to just lying on his longer, more toned body. I was still skinny and not in his league. When G was in Grade 8, he educated me as a Grade 10, to the next level. (to be continued)

taylorMay 20 2022 11:12pm
OMG: - (A) mid-late 30's. I hope you are going to explain how these events / contacts came about. Picking up a teenage girl is one thing; picking up a 20+ is another. I can feel for Alfie, imagining him watching you at 10 or 11 doing this will adults. (B) While you can't talk about every story, how did Alfie cope when he witnessed a young girl vs a mature woman? Which ones stand out for you? (C) Helen would have been just as preoccupied with your superior body. She would have been jealous that her son was getting all the action. When and how did the next step happen that went before feeling your chest and chest hairs? Looking forward to this

taylorMay 20 2022 11:23pm
@devon. I want to thank you for your description of Alfie's obsession. You used the word 'SUPERIOR body' and as soon as I read that, it resonated with me. I had always thought about Glenn's 'more mature body; as being more developed than me; more manly; more everything. For years I kept repeating these terms, confirming those thoughts in my psyche and set in place how I thought about him. Your use of the world 'SUPERIOR' captured my experience. I saw Glenn as 'superior' to me. He had a superior dick; superior torso; superior height; superior face; superior wrists; superior biceps; superior hands; superior chest; superior legs; superior mature personality; superior ballsac; superior mental maturity; superior everything. Even at 12 (me 14), he was superior in all departments, including shoe size. When I place my 14 year old foot into his 12 year old shoes, there was at least 2 inches to fill. When he was 14, (me 16), he was even more a man, and I had still to catch up to his 12 year old physique. As a graduating Senior at 18 (Glenn at 16), my total body never exceeded Glenn's at 12. I never reached his 12 year old dick size for starters. He was 7" at 12; at 18 I was stretching to reach 5", looking for that extra one-tenth of an inch so that I could honestly claim to have a 'five.' He became more muscular with increasing months; as a Senior I was measuring off a height of 5' 7 inches. I always looked like his younger brother. So I always looked up to him, both physically and mentally. I deferred to him even though he rarely exerted his will on me. When I asked him a question, I noticed my voice changing a bit to a more boyish level or tone, like a kid asking his father for permission to do something. So I gave him 'superior' status. Yes I was obsessed like Alfie was with your thick c*ck. G's was thicker at the base, where the circumference was 8 inches and with my smaller hands, there was no way my fingers could touch. Via my diagrams and calculations, there was a 2 inch gap between my thumb and middle finger. In the meantime, my fingers overlapped when I held my own erection, even today. Mine is still a pretty straight tube; G's was 8" at the base and curved slightly upward and reducing in girth below his glan. Even there, there was a gap between my thumb and middle finger of less than an inch. I estimated that i could tuck four of my helmet head into his. So yeah, comparisons were always hot, humiliating and yet desired. He never laughed at my differences, and I think he enjoyed my boyish reaction when sitting on his lap. Just as you could carry Alfie all day, Glenn could do so also. The first time he carried me without my legs wrapped around his waist, I was parallel to the floor. He sucked me off in that position; I felt weighless in his hands. He was 12 then (me 14) I often asked for repeats over the years. Like Helen, I love that feeling of being in held in stronger arms. As I couldn't lift him for more than 2 seconds, he was definitely the SUPERIOR one. I became increasingly obsessed with this. Thanks for clinching it for me.

taylorMay 21 2022 1:21pm
Watching me f*ck Cindy and sucking my dick for the first time was a real turning point for Alfie. Over the next few weeks after that he became utterly devoted to me, he would have jumped off a cliff if I had told him to. He never wanted to leave my side, and he couldn't sleep unless some part of him was touching my body. The first thing he did the very first morning was ask if he could give me another blowjob, and then he wanted to watch me and Cindy have sex again. He wanted to suck my dick as often as possible, every load I shot that didn't go into a girl went down his throat or onto his body. Usually that would be followed by him giving me a hug and burying his face in my chest hair. It's not too much of an exaggeration to say he became addicted to my cum. As soon as Cindy left he was asking when she could come back so he could watch again, and I said that he wouldn't have to wait that long, there were plenty of girls around here. One of the most significant ones was the first girl I went for (after Cindy), as a gift to Alfie I told him I'd f*ck the girl he liked, the one who made his little dick hard when he saw her. It was that girl I flirted with at the beach, so I already had her number. I called her up and we arranged to meet, and Alfie came along too. We had a meal (with Alfie sitting at the next table) then went to a movie, which ended in a long make-out session and me sneaking my hand under her shirt. I saw her on the next two or three days as well and we progressed quickly, she was obviously very into me. By the next weekend she was ready to go all the way, so I told her to come over. Before she arrived I had Alfie hide in a closet that I had moved so as to give him a good view of the bed through the crack between the doors. When I brought the girl into the room I made sure we were in a position where the penetration would be clearly visible to him as well, and I put on some music so she wouldn't notice the sound of him masturbating. We were at it for a good 2 or 3 hours, and after she left Alfie said he had had at least 6 orgasms, even more than the girl did. We repeated this over and over again with different girls, and Alfie helped me pick them out. Predictably he had a stronger reaction the more attractive the girl was, and it also correlated with age as well, he enjoyed seeing me f*ck girls in their 20s over teenagers all else being equal. The biggest factor was whether or not he already knew the girl, usually because she went to his school. He got the most excitement from girls who he already knew and was attracted to, so my top priority was girls like that. One of Alfie's (and my) favorite was when I f*cked the girl who used to babysit him when he was younger, by then she was around 22. I managed to get one of his teachers from a year or two before as well. Over this period I still had an ultimate goal in mind, and to that end I stepped up my flirtations with Helen. I'll have a lot more to say about that too.

DevonMay 21 2022 5:08pm
I'd like to hear more about you and Glenn too, particularly the first year after you met. On an occasion when you could spend a weekend together, what was the daily routine like? Would you stay naked the whole time when you were indoors, and if so was it hard for you to keep your hands off him?

DevonMay 21 2022 5:08pm
@ devon: thanks again. Wow, wow, wow! would you believe that the closet experience was what Glenn set up for me as well ??? (more about that later). I have already recounted by first long weekend in my very first post, when Glenn came over to 'babysit' me. I will say more about that later. Unfortunately, not living in the same house didn't provide me with the extended daily experiences the Alfie had . We were restricted to after school moments and perhaps an extended weekend afternoon. I pined when we were not together and that where the mind-obsession developed. It was only towards the end of his Grade 7 (me Gr. 9) that we had a Friday night to Monday afternoon extended weekend and that was when he continued Sex-Ed 102. (coming soon). Yup, difficult to keep my hands off him; like Alfie, wanted to be in constant contact and sitting on his lap provided that; lying on his longer body provided that; playing with his appendage provided that; being carried provided that...and so on. You didn't mention how you came to bed women in their mid-30s. Looking forward to your flirtations with Helen. (Will write on my closet experience)

TaylorMay 21 2022 5:28pm
Glenn and Girls:- he was in Grad3 7 (me in Gr 9). Our window trophy signaling was operating well, until one day he didn't respond to my 'all clear' signal. His trophy wasn't at the window, so i assumed that his mother was home, but her car wasn't in the drive and I did not hear the garage door open and shut. I saw him moving around the house and wondered why he wasn't coming over. I waited and waited. The same thing happened the next day and the next. towards the end of that week, his trophy signaled the 'all clear' so I hastened over. I asked him why he had not responded to my 'all clear' and he blushed. Instinctively, I knew the answer. # I had someone over. >> Who? ## Someone you might know. >> Who? ## Amanda X who is in your class. Amanda X !! she would have been the hottest Gr 9 is the Grade, a girl that would definitely be 'model material.' I was interested in a girl called Gail; and every guy would have looked at Amanda, but for me, I knew I was not in her league nor would she ever consider me to be in her league. I never jerked off to Amanda for that reason; but Gail was always my preferred. Says something about the relationships being a more important factor than sex itself. Glenn asked me if I wanted to watch on her next visit! I was stunned and asked 'how?' Well you could hide in the closet but you would have to be perfectly quiet. I liked the idea but I was petrified. >>But what if...blah, blah, blah. As this was an after-school f*ck, it couldn't go for hours (like yours) so he sold the closet plan to me. We practiced it and ensured that he would have her face away. I reluctantly agreed. On the afternoon of the big event, I made sure I peed first, got comfortable; ensured that there was nothing i could kick that would made a noise, etc. the biggest noise was my pounding heart, which I was sure everyone could hear. In they came and began the ritual. Amanda's long dark blonde hair added to the sexiness. She was totally developed; huge C-cup boobs. when Glenn had hardened up (with the c*ck I described earlier), he looked like a senior student with another senior student or perhaps a young 22 year old adult. I had a full view of the penetration and he even looked up towards the closet to see if he could see me. Watching this live exceeded all my expectations. He was in the missionary position and he lifted her up onto his lap; the same position i usually sit on his lap. She bounced on him with gusto, making all the moans that one would expect. With her back to me, I couldn't see her boobs but Glenn catered for that by standing up and carrying her like he would carry me, so at one point I had that sideway view. He then carried her towards the sliding door of the closet, resulting in me being a foot from their connected groins. He lifted her up so that I could view his shaft. He knew when to call it quits, lest parents arrived home unexpected. ## That's enough for the day, he told her. She slipped out and they stood in a kissing embrace. For me it was two adults rather than a 13 and 15 year old standing in that room. It reinformed the 'superiority' of Glenn over myself. Amanda got dressed and they both left the room. Glenn had told me to stay put until he return, so I dutifully followed instructions. When he returned, and slid back the closet door, he found me still panting. I think I had fear on my face because my younger more experienced friend took me by the hand and sat me on his left leg again. Time for a chat.

taylorMay 21 2022 5:57pm
It was a few weeks before we had a full weekend at his place. His father was away on a company job, with accommodation paid for, so his mother joined him. The week after seeing Amanda doing the ultimate, I looked at her differently at school. It was quite funny really; while the other boys drooled as she walked past, no one could guess that I knew exactly what was under that uniform! They obvious fantasized; I saw the real thing in action. This was second best that what Glenn experienced but miles from what those corridor jocks would ever see nor experience. And who would ever think that innocent, twiggy me would have been exposed to that experience. In those weeks, during joint classes with Amanda, I was certainly rock hard, imagining that somehow I was in Glenn's shoes. Well, pigs might fly. finally that Friday night arrived and I was over at Glenn's in a flash. As the darkness fell, we ensured that tinhe TV was on, so parents would think we were watching it; but we were upstairs with me exploring G's physique, sitting on his lap again. I had multiple questions about 'what is it like when...? and so SexEd 101 continued. I remember that night putting my feet (no sock) into his larger shoes and felt the weight of them and the size difference. My mind continued to build up the image of a man, who was only 13. At one point, I stated (unplanned), >> I wish I was a girl. This surprised him and myself at the same time. ## Why did you say that? she asked. Blushing, I revealed that I was jealous of Amanda. Taylor can be a girl's name as well, you know. ## Well, perhaps I could fix that. >> What do you mean? said I. At 15, I still had some of Alfie naivete. I didn't know what boys could do to/with each other. ## Well, perhaps tonight my little friend here is old enough for something new. I didn't know what he meant. My man lift me a little and placed his right hand under my bym cheek and his middle finger twirled around my hole. ## Do you like that? >> Yes. (to be continued)

TaylorMay 21 2022 8:46pm
I don't have time to write anything today. But please continue, I'd like to know how far you went with Glenn. And did you ever set up any more opportunities for you to watch Glenn with a girl?

DevonMay 22 2022 4:39pm
Hi. I will try to write a little today. Sorry to hear about your lack of time. ha ha.

taylorMay 22 2022 5:10pm
About four weeks had to pass before another weekend without parents presented itself. During those weeks, G had several other girls over, including Amanda and i could only fantasize as to what was happening in his bedroom. I cried. I cried because my special friend and man was giving himself to someone else. When his parents left for that weekend, the Friday night was an opportunity to gather all the details. I barraged him with questions about each experience. The Amanda show was the benchmark. The ages of those girls ranged from 13 to 15, no higher. I noticed some of them and they were all taller than myself. During his sharing, he used the word 'foreplay' a number of times and I just let it pass. During a lull, I asked him 'what exactly is foreplay?' Yup, that is how naive I was, the result of a sheltered existence. Like the guys in your class who were still watching cartoons while you were playing the field. G kept saying that during those afternoon sessions, foreplay was always short. Again, naively, I asked: 'how long was your longest foreplay?. He laughed and stated: 'You are really something; you are so innocent. My longest foreplays are with YOU!' >> With me?? ## yeah, we are in foreplay right now. You have been on my lap now for over an hour, playing with my big one...etc, etc, etc. Looks like you are ready for the next experience.' I thought it was going to be some additional information about puberty!. He then lifted me up slightly and moved his hand under my bum cheek and his middle finger fingered my hole. Earlier that night, he showed me two sizes of condoms, an XL and an XXL. He took the XXL and told me to put it on him. My 13 year old man lifted me up and sat me down on his appendage. I remember my eyes opening in surprise. He left it there and after a while, his mushroom head worked around the tightness. I was near screaming but Glenn's hand muffled anything that came from my mouth. I recall him looking me in the eyes the entire time, assessing my reaction. Looking back on it, he was indeed very caring. When I asked him later why he had not initiated this before, he replied: "I didn't think you were ready for it.' So back when we met when he was 12, he had assessed that. And he had the self-discipline to hold back on forcing that activity on me. He was very caring during this first penetration. There was no way his 8 inch girth at the base of his c*ck would fit and he didn't force it. so I think I had half of his length in me for most of the weekend. ## Do you like it? >> Yes ## Want more? >> Yes. And on it went. What a weekend. He told me that I was his first boy, that I was the first boy he had lost his virginity to !! Needless to say, on subsequent visits, I was no longer content in just sitting on his lap with my little one and his big one between us.

TatlorMay 22 2022 5:42pm
@devon. Apart from girls and mid-30s women, did you ever do the above with another boy other than Alfie? (B) with an older boy who was smaller than you? (C) with an older boy who was obviously a bit effeminate?

TaylorMay 22 2022 5:44pm
Nice, I didn't think you would have gone that far. Did you enjoy it right away or did it take a while? Did you cum on the first go? I've f*cked a few guys, I'm generally not into them but if there's a cute feminine one around I'll go for him if there aren't any girls around. My first time was before I moved in with Alfie, I had to go on a field-trip type thing with my school where we slept in bunk beds in a dorm type building near a lake. The boys were kept separate from the girls and it was hard to get at them, so I had no options. Eventually one of the employees started to look good to me, he was a college kid working part time, taller than me but thin with wide hips and a great ass and a cute face. I was so horny I didn't bother with subtlety, I think I just barged into his room, showed him my erect dick, and basically ordered him to suck it. Luckily he was amenable to that, and afterward I flipped him over, pulled down his boxers, and jumped in. It wasn't bad at all.

DevonMay 23 2022 5:25pm
The first woman over 30 I had sex with was a friend of Helen's. This was maybe 2 or 3 weeks from when I last left off, I had spent it getting as many blowjobs a day from Alfie as he could manage and having sex in front of him as often as I could, he was just getting more devoted to me. I was flirting with Helen a lot too, mainly by showing off my body, getting more touchy with her, and generally being more flirtatious with her. We were interacting basically as equals now, she sent Alfie to bed early and me and her would stay up and watch a movie that was too mature for him to see, and she was giving me wine to drink too. I was stepping up my pursuit but I was still taking it slow, I thought it would be harder than normal to seduce her because of her age and the fact that we're related. I was very determined however, both for my sake and for Alfie's. Remember before when I mentioned how Alfie implied that there was a specific person who turned him on, but he didn't want to tell me? Well from the beginning I was pretty certain he was talking about his mom, so I wanted to do this for him as a present for his upcoming 16th birthday. Anyway, one day an old friend of her's came to stay the night, and Helen started showing me off to her, like I was a prize stallion or something. She had me take off my shirt, flex, lift stuff, and things like that. They were both oohing and ahhing over me and feeling my biceps and chest hair. They both got pretty drunk and loosened up a lot, I stayed down with them listening to them recounting (often dirty) stories from their college years. Helen fell asleep on the couch, and her friend gave me a look and asked me to show her which bedroom was her's. I knew what that meant. Before I went in I tapped on Alfie's bedroom door and beckoned him out into the hall, then when I went into the room with Helen's friend I left the door ajar so he could see in. I'd never had sex with a woman that old before and it was quite different from the teenagers I was used to, I thought I probably didn't need to start gentle like I normally did and instead I went in hard and rough from the start. She was extremely loud, luckily Helen was a very deep sleeper (especially when drunk). Alfie told me it was one of the most exciting watches he'd had so far, he'd known that woman since he was a baby. She didn't say anything about it the next morning, I don't know if she had no memory of it or if she was just pretending.

DevonMay 23 2022 5:27pm
@devon: Answers. G took it real slow. I was linked all weekend !! and we tried every conceivable position. He was very caring and often said he didn't want to hurt me. I especially liked it when he carried me around. My naviete was still in operation, as I thought that the what I was experiencing on that first occasion was 'it.' So I didn't ask for more. As soon as he withdrew, I wanted it back in. I was really like a kid with a new toy (pardon the pun); bubbling with excitement, while G was cool and collected, even though it was his first experience as well. Afternoon visits during the week were now at this 'second base' but of course, they were short experiences. If I was facing him, I could see just how much of his 7-8 inches were still visible and how much of my 3-4 inches was overlying his shaft and how his girth exceeded mine. While G's c*ck had the shape I described earlier, mine was like a supermarket sausage. Uniform girth from top to bottom, with my mushroom only slightly bigger than the girth. We often disputed how many of my mushrooms would fit into one of his. I would say 5, he would say 7. I would defer to his assessment. Then one day, late in my Grade 10 year, G pushed it all the way in

TaylorMay 23 2022 5:42pm
@ devon: hope you are still on line. a) How old was Helen's friend? b) Were you still 10 or 11? c) How old was Helen? d) how did those boys react to your chest hair? I suspect everyone on camp would have been buzzing about it? d) Got a good story on how you humiliated another boy older than you?

TaylorMay 23 2022 5:51pm
It's good to hear he was gentle with you at first, I think us well endowed boys have a responsibility to act like that. I was always careful to be gentle and never give my partner more than they could handle. Partially for selfish reasons too, I needed them to enjoy it so they'd come back for more. Who was usually more eager to have sex, you or Glenn?

DevonMay 24 2022 5:15pm
Answers; A) She was the same age as Helen, which I think was 36 at the time. They both looked a lot younger, I would have guessed late 20s. B) I was still 10, but I was getting close to turning 11. C) Like I said, 36. D) Some of the boys there were from my school, so they were already used to seeing my shirtless, I wasn't shy. But the other boys were definitely amazed, and I liked to show off. When we swam in the lake I always did that naked (even though we weren't allowed), so they all saw everything. They always deferred to me, like when I immediately claimed the biggest bed and first choice for food. I never said "I'm in charge of you all" or anything, it kind of went without saying, it just seemed natural to everyone. I was used to that kind of treatment at school too. E) Yeah, I've got a few. One comes to mind from a few months before I moved in with Alfie. I was having sex with a girl from the local high school for the first time when her boyfriend walked in on us, I didn't know this at the time but it was actually his house. He got very angry when he saw and he started yelling, his girlfriend was apologizing to him but still telling me not to stop. I had no intention of stopping either. The boyfriend seemingly got even madder that we had just kept going even after he entered, and he walked up and tried to pull me off her. That was a very bad idea, at that age I would react very badly to that kind of thing. It was a lot like seeing a stray dog eating some meat and trying to pull it away from its food, very inadvisable. After a few tugs I flew into a rage and totally lost control over myself, I pulled out of the girl and started wailing on the boyfriend. I don't remember exactly what I did, but it involved lots of punching, and I beat him up pretty badly. Luckily I didn't seriously injure him or knock him out. I left him on the floor, hurt but still fully conscious. His girlfriend apologized to him again, then asked me to come back and keep f*cking her. So that's what I did, while her boyfriend was still lying hurt on the ground watching us. She kept saying she was sorry to her boyfriend too, in between the moans and pleas to keep going. There are a few more stories a bit like this too, I can tell another one next time.

DevonMay 24 2022 5:17pm
@devon. I was (always) more eager as G had his girls to turn to. I had only him and I think he was open to my desires because he knew 'I wasn't getting any.' He was very caring as I look back on it. Several weeks later, some lotion appeared of which I knew nothing of but assured me that 'tonight will be great.' I instinctively knew...OMG! G's hand was over my mouth when he thought it necessary. Long story short, I made it to his base finally. His eyes were always on me, gauging my reaction and lifting me up to relieve any pain. That night, G had a full grown on his face, about two days' worth. With my hands on both cheeks the thought of 'my 14 year old man' I shot probably the strongest shot to date. G noticed it too and commented later. I was 16. That night I fell asleep on his chest with my head against his. (A) Looking forward to the the other boy story and (B) Alfie's 16 birthday with Helen.

TaylorMay 24 2022 8:12pm
The other incident that comes to mind about humiliating an older boy happened the summer before I moved in with Alfie and Helen, when I was 9. It was summer and I was on vacation in a place near the sea, and I heard that one of the beaches was a nude beach. One day I snuck away from my dad to go looking for it, and eventually I found it. I took off and stashed my clothes and walked in, wanting to show myself off. There were some college kids there and the naked girls looked pretty good, so I decided to walk towards them. At first there were 4 of them, but two walked away before I got there. Now there was a guy and a girl sitting on deck chairs, and I stopped to admire the girl's boobs. The guy got annoyed when he saw and told me to get lost and stop ogling his friend, and he told me I was too young to be allowed on the beach anyway. I responded by making a comment about his penis size. He got very pissed off about that, and he asked me how old I was anyway. "I'm 9, but I'm still bigger than you!" It seemed like I hit a nerve and he got very defensive, and he informed me that he's a grower and that when it's hard it's definitely much bigger than mine. I told him to prove it. He was getting very worked up and he accepted, and then the girl said something that surprised all of us. She said she'll give whoever wins a blowjob. Not many college aged girls would volunteer to give a blowjob to a boy who just said he was 9, though I guess she didn't expect me to win. Looking back I'm pretty sure they were on coke or something, I remember noticing some teeth grinding. The three of us went behind some bushes and sat down on the sand so we wouldn't be seen, and the girl let us both touch her boobs to help us get hard. Once we were both at our full sizes the winner was obvious. I was somewhere between 7 and 7.5 inches, and he couldn't have been more than 5. Disproportionally narrow as well, the girth difference was even bigger. I didn't know if the girl was going to go through with her promise, but she willingly crawled up between my legs and put her mouth on my dick. The guy ended up walking away covering his erection and left us to it. I think that was my first sexual contact with anyone over 18.

DevonMay 25 2022 4:44pm
@devon. amazing. As this series of sharing is coming to an end, I thought I would report my side by themes. Glenn-Grade 9 (me 11). By Gr 9, G's facial hair was total if he let it grow out. The school had a shaving policy so he pushed the limit by having his last shave on Thursday morning; get through Friday without a confrontation then let it grow over the weekend. By now, he had heavy bristles over his adams' apple. Me in Grade 11 had never shaved. Some visiting teachers thought he was staff, much to the amusement of other guys. He mixed with the senior students who accepted him as one of them. My visits focused on this physical difference between the two of us and mirror comparisons were frequent. My eyes were at chest level. I never risked another closet viewing. I had a decent bush by then and reached my present 5.4 inches. He never mocked me about this despite the constant side-by-side comparisons. I still sought those carrying moments without aggravating him.

taylorMay 25 2022 8:28pm
It's good to hear that you eventually reached average adult size, you were just a late bloomer. It's funny that Glenn at 14 could pass for an adult, did he ever do what I did and lie about his age to get with older girls? Did you keep having sex as well? It's a shame you never did any more closet viewings, they were Alfie's favorite, we did that as often as we could (usually once or twice a week).

DevonMay 26 2022 4:36am
The big day came toward the end of the summer holidays - Alfie's birthday. I had a plan, and the first step had to happen in the morning. Me and Alfie got in the shower, and he sucked my dick a couple times as usual. He started to do it a third time, but I stopped him before I was fully erect, I had heard Helen walking down the hall. I told Alfie to stay in the bathroom and wrapped a towel around my waist before exiting the bathroom and walking down the hall toward Helen. She had her eyes on my chest as usual as we were passing, but when we were close I "accidentally" let the towel fall. My dick was slightly hard but still hanging down so it looked flaccid, but it was larger than normal, well over 6 inches. Her eyes went to it and her jaw dropped, she stared for a few seconds before regaining her composure. Her face was red, just like Alfie's got, it was quite cute. Later, there was a fairly small party (as a lot of the kids from Alfie's school were on vacation), but a couple girls that I had had sex with (with Alfie watching) were there. They asked me if I was up for doing anything that night, but I had my eye on someone else. Helen looked amazing, it was a hot day and she was wearing just a tube top and short shorts. I'm pretty sure she wore that to get my attention. I returned the favor by being shirtless the whole time. Alfie was staring at her as well, and I could tell by the way he walked that he had an erection. I knew how much he was attracted to her, but we had never openly discussed it. I decided the time was perfect for me to make my move. At dinner, I made sure to sit next to Helen, with Alfie sitting opposite us, and the other guests sitting around the table. Helen kept making sideways glances at my chest, and I could see her nipples were hard through her top. As we were eating the cake, I unzipped my pants (I wasn't wearing underwear) and stroked my dick a bit until it was fully hard, sticking upward through the zipper. When nobody was looking, I gently took Helen's hand and moved it under the table, placing it on my dick. I was looking at her face to see her reaction, and the look of surprise and arousal when she realized what she was touching was priceless. I took my hand off her's and reached into her shorts, and I was pleased to feel that she was fully shaved/waxed and already soaking wet. As everyone ate I fingered her, and she slowly stroked my dick. With my other hand I "accidentally" dropped my fork onto the ground and kicked it over to Alfie's side of the table, then I asked Alfie if he could pick it up for me. When he got down under the table to retrieve it he saw what me and his mom were doing, and when he came back up his face was as red as I'd ever seen it, I could tell he was more aroused than he'd ever been. I made Helen cum as we were singing "happy birthday", then we had to stop as the guests were leaving. Both Helen and Alfie were bright red in the face, and she said she thought they might be coming down with something when one of the guests pointed it out. Helen went to the bathroom and I pulled Alfie aside and brought him upstairs. I had already planned this part out. We went into Helen's room and I told Alfie to get under the bed. There was a mirror against one of the walls, and I adjusted the angle until it was possible for Alfie to have a good view of the top of the bed from his position under it. When that was sorted, I told Alfie to stay where he was, when I went back to Helen. When she came out of the bathroom I didn't say a word to her, I just started kissing. She kissed back, and I swept her off her feet and carried her into her room, still kissing the whole time. I threw her onto the bed and ripped her clothes off, making sure to position her in a way that Alfie would have a great view of her pussy through the mirror. I made her talk dirty a bit before I f*cked her, mostly for Alfie's enjoyment. She described how much she wanted me, how big my dick was, etc. At one point she said "Give Alfie a dad again!", and I could actually hear Alfie let out a moan from under the bed. Like with her friend, I went in hard from the beginning, I wanted her to be as loud as possible and I wanted the bed to bounce and creak, to give Alfie the best experience. We were at it all night, switching positions frequently, but I always kept the mirror in mind and made sure Alfie had a good view. I had only cum twice that day and I did it 5 more times that night, Helen came 9 times. Alfie told me later he had 9 orgasms too, and they were all synchronized with his mom's. By the time we stopped the sun was rising, and Helen was passed out on the bed. I helped Alfie get out from under it, his dick was still rock hard and he couldn't stop rubbing it. When I invited him to look at his mom from the front, passed out naked with my cum leaking out of her, the effect it had on him was so strong that he actually fainted!

DevonMay 26 2022 5:13am
@devon. You sure have no problems taking risks, whereas I was totally private in my activities. If you were about 5'3", how tall was Helen? Was she petite? How did Alfie react after he recovered? I would imagine that this would have been the turning point in her relationship with you. Did you move into the bedroom? and take over the 'dad' position in this family? If so, how did your 16 year old 'son' react to this? How did she explain this to Alfie? Is this when she found out about your prior activities with her son?

taylorMay 26 2022 12:52pm
Glenn in Grade 1)/ me in 12). G continued to hang out with a senior group. I was not part of that group and viewed him from a distance. I was finally 'noticed' by a senior girl in my class; Annie (Annette) wo was one of the 'plain' girls that others would probably (and did) bypass. If Amanda was on the top end of the continuum, Annie was on the other. Not that she was not attractive; Annie was not into cosmetics and kept the natural look right through high school. She wore plain dresses, not the latest fashion. She conveyed the image of someone who would be a good mother to her children. She was about an inch shorter than myself and one day, she chose to sit next to me, then again and again. It did not take long for us to spend the breaks together and chat after school. Weekends were spent with her, and we walked the malls, sat by the lake; held hands, but never ventured into bedrooms. She invited me to 'meet the parents' one Friday night ! 'Wow!' and I concluded that they liked me. Not being a jock really helped. Time with Glenn decreased, owing to my later arrival time at home and parents were around. On those rarer occasions, I still looked forward to unbuttoning his school shirt and seeing his expansive chest hair. I behaved a little more appropriately to my age, and didn't jump into his arms (as much)! He shared him stories of meeting other girls, and was surprised that I hadn't made a move on Annie. Annie just wasn't an Amanda. (G in Gr. 11/ me at College later)

taylorMay 26 2022 1:06pm
Helen was a few inches taller than me, with a great figure. Very curvy but with a flat stomach, a nice ass, and perfect round boobs. Alfie was completely overwhelmed; he had a huge kink for watching me have sex with anyone, but the strongest reactions came when the girl was someone he's known for a long time and someone he's attracted to. He hadn't known anyone for longer than he'd known his mom, and he wasn't nearly as attracted to anyone as strongly as his mom, so when he saw that it was just too much for him. I carried him back to his room, and he kept his erection all night and practically all the next day, he couldn't make it go down. He told me he couldn't get the sight and sounds out of his head, like it was a movie constantly playing in the background, and it kept him hard. Pretty soon he was begging me to do it again. It was definitely a turning point in my relationship with Helen; I probably could have seduced her earlier but I took my time to ensure that it would be successful, and afterward she was just as horny for me as her son was. She once told me that when my first thrust hit her cervix and gave her a huge orgasm was the moment her life changed forever, At first she still didn't know what I'd been doing with Alfie, and she didn't know that Alfie was watching us. We kept on having sex, but Helen thought she was hiding it from him, even though he was almost always watching us. That revelation came later, I didn't think she was ready right away. I needed to mold her more first.

DevonMay 27 2022 10:07am
@devon. As Annie and I both attended the same college, some 1 1/2 hrs' drive from our town, my daily interaction with her gradually led Glenn to fade into the distance. There were times I noticed Glenn-types on campus, that took me back to 'those days', but now, Annie and I spent daily time together although we were pursuing different lines of study. The occasion visit home gave me the opportunity to catch up with Glenn, although he was at school during the day and I would be with Annie when he arrived home. He was always interested in my development and would sit me on his lap for my chest and armpit examination, as well as my face. # Let me see how College boy is progressing.' I reciprocated of course. Annie's last exam prior to summer occurred on a Tuesday; mine was on a Wednesday. We were scheduled to be home with family on the Saturday, so we didn't inform them of our early finish. We took the long way home and checked into two motels. it was the first time we had spend the night together and we both knew the significance of this. We had known each other for two years now and had never taken the next step. As mentioned, Annie was no Amanda. On the way to our first motel, I stopped at a lookout and we took in the landscape. I courageously brought up the subject of size. >> 'This is a bit awkward, but I need to let you know that I'm not all that big down there, if you know what I mean.' She smiled and added, ## and as you have always known, I am not that big up here, so that makes us equals. If you are satisfied with me up here, I will be satisfied with you down there.' She giggled, we both giggled and we both entered the motel room with less fear and trepidation. The moment of truth for me occurred when she unzipped my pants; my heart was thumping. this would have been the first time a female would be seeing me naked. what would her reaction really be? I found out it was her first dick so she was 'wow.' I often wonder if she had seen Glenn's. As Annie had been overlooked by the guys at school as I had been discounted by the bulk of the girls at school, we both found the mutual acceptance a huge boost to our individual self-esteems. It took me ages to cum and I began to get worried. I didn't see myself as a College jock, but a teenager still. Then I thought of Glenn and his body; by this stage, Annie would be on cloud nine by this, and with the thought of Glenn's huge dick, I came.

taylorMay 27 2022 12:31pm
Looking forward to how you informed Helen that her son was not as innocent as she thought. When did she inform Alfie that you are his replacement dad? As you were about the same size as her, would a delivery guy to the house have thought of you as her spouse if he saw you with beard and chest hair even though you were 10/11? How did you 'mold her?'

TaylorMay 27 2022 12:37pm
Busy weekend ! :- G in Gr.12/me in 2nd year college. G started his Grade 12 year while I was still at home prior to second year college. My days were taken up with Annie. Our relationship grew without the need to jump into bed every day. The relationship was strangely traditional, yet most satisfying. She never begged, nor did I. What was more strange was that upon return home for the mid-semester break, I noticed a new car sitting in the drive of G's place. Thinking it was his, I raced over, only to find that new neighbours had moved in. My mom informed me that they had left about a month earlier and that G had left school and joined the military. Being so close to high school graduation and not finishing has always puzzled me. Have never heard from him again; never will be unbutton that shirt to see his hairy chest, etc. It reminded me of that last scene of 'Summer of 42' when that boy returns to the house to find the woman gone. The positive side of all this is that Annie now became the main focus; and all those Glenn experiences could be put down to 'childhood experiences.'

TaylorMay 29 2022 9:47pm
I've been busy this weekend and I'm still massively hungover, I'll be back later.

DevonMay 30 4:39pm
@deven. pretty long hangover !! Haha!

AnonymousJun 04 9:51pm
It's so late here and I have to get to bed so I can't go into great detail now, but I've been real busy with my move. I now live with Denise and Lisa, per Denise's orders. She's got video of Graciela grinding on me and says that if it gets out, it's jail time for me - but if I do as I'm told, I'll be fine. So I am basically at the mercy of both mother and daughter. When Denise learned my lease was up at the end of May (I guess she called my complex or something), she decided that I was going to be the new live-in plaything. To be sure, Denise is legitimately attracted to me, unlike Lisa. My entire wardrobe has been replaced with boys T-shirts, cartoon briefs, leggings/tights, girls volleyball shorts (or some kind of tight-fitting girls shorts), rompers - lots of spandex. All my socks are knee-high striped athletic socks. My room is gradually being turned into a 10-year olds dream room; I sleep in a race car bed, but Denise assures me I'll be getting other types of boyish furniture and decor. The thing is, Denise likes to remind me that "You're cutest when you're in distress." That's where Lisa comes in. Denise loves to watch (and sometimes film) Lisa put me through the ringer. Most often Lisa just manhandles me and puts me in painful holds, but for her mom's amusement she sometimes does other things to me. Spankings are pretty common. The greatest humiliation was when I went with them to Wal-Mart last Saturday and they had me try on women's swimwear for about an hour. I had to walk out of the dressing room, walk out about 20 feet and stand there while they looked me over and talked about how the suit looked and such. More than anything I was afraid my brother and his family would be there, but I got lucky for once. It's weird. I've been parading around in tight shirts and short-shorts and such for a few weeks now, but getting into womens' swimsuits in public, especially bikinis, was a whole new level. That's all I have time for right now, and my posts will be less frequent while I live under the thumb.

TeachJun 08 12:02am
@Devon: You said your dad took you to the doctor when you first showed signs of puberty, were you diagnosed with precocious puberty? My brother has a very severe case of that.

BortJun 17 11:27am
@Bort: would love to know more about your brother’s condition.

PeterJun 17 10:52pm
Well, my brother Luke started showing signs of it before he turned 2. Some recessive gene thing, they think. My mom took him to a doctor who recommended treatment with some drugs called puberty blockers, which are exactly what they sound like. But my mom did a bunch of research and found studies that show that they can have long-term side effects side effects when administered to kids that young, most worryingly a decline in adult IQ. She pressed the doctor who admitted that there is evidence for that, and he also admitted that there aren't any physical long-term side effects to precocious puberty. The only exception is a lower final adult height, they grow very fast but stop growing young and end up shorter than boys who hit puberty at a normal age. So my mom decided to forgo puberty blockers, though she accepted some other treatments. He's on one drug that inhibits human growth hormone or something, it slows down his height increases to keep him roughly in line with the average height for a boy his age and will end up mostly negating the lower adult height problem. But importantly his sexual development was allowed to continue unchecked. I'm 10 years older than him and so I was hitting puberty at exactly the same time, our progression happened simultaneously. It was sometimes confusing to Luke and I felt bad for him, but I was also quite insecure about it. The real problems began when he started to get erections.

BortJun 18 4:24pm
hey Bort. I sense you have some experiences to share

SidJul 15 11:35pm
Setting up a new discord in case anyone still checks these subs and wants to chat:

AnonymousJul 18 1:43pm
Hey Bort. anyone else having problems with Discord?

ZacJul 27 3:22pm
Hi guys, I'm back. A lot's happened with me over the last 3 months, I can get into it if anyone's interested. I'm interested in Bort's brother as well, puberty before the age of 2 sounds insane and I'd like to know how that turned out. For now I'll answer those questions that David S asked a couple months ago, about when Roy gave me "the talk". I already knew a little about the birds and the bees, but only the very basics. Roy really filled me in, he was very comprehensive. It was a little awkward to be taught all this by a boy only a little over half my age, but really there's no-one I'd rather have learned it from. He's so smart and knowledgeable and he has so much practical experience. He showed me a diagram of a vagina and labeled all the different parts, and explained the mechanics of sex and reproduction. He even showed diagrams of different positions with animations showing how it goes in. All the sounds I was hearing when he did his "grown-up stuff" with his girlfriends in the next room made a lot more sense to me after that, before I had only had a vague idea of what was going on. He didn't think the diagrams were enough, and he asked if I'd rather have a live model. I nervously agreed, and he called his (at the time) girlfriend in and had her spread her legs and give me a look. I'd never seen a vagina before and I was mesmerized, and a little scared too. My penis hardened up and when I reached down to adjust my underwear the slight touch actually made me have an orgasm, Roy and his girlfriend could see that from my face and she cooed over how cute it was. I saw how small her vagina looked and remembered how huge Roy's penis looked on the occasions when I'd accidentally seen it erect, and I asked how it could possibly fit inside. He explained how it gets wet and lubricated when she gets aroused, and that allows a penis to slide in. He wanted a live model of a penis as well and initially he was going to use mine for that, but then he decided it would be more useful for me to see an adult penis instead, so he used his own. Yes it's funny that the 10-year-old penis is the adult one and the 19-year-old one is the child penis, but that's just the way it is with us two. I was afraid that meant he'd need to give himself an erection, but he stayed soft as he was teaching me, he rolled back his foreskin and explained what each component was, as well as explaining things like the function of the balls. Even though it was soft I still got a bit scared looking at his penis so closely, it was easily over thee times longer and thicker than mine was erect, but I could handle it. Roy's girlfriend told me afterward that she was very proud of me for keeping it together without any tears. Then came the part about safe sex, where he explained all the methods of contraception and why they're important. The final task was to show me how to put a condom on. At first he was going to demonstrate that on himself, but when I heard that that meant him getting an erection I panicked and said that would be way too scary for me to see. Having to stare at his hard and full-size penis up close for an extended period of time would have been terrifying for me, I definitely would have cried a lot. He accepted that and decided to demonstrate it on mine instead, but the obvious problem was that all of his condoms were way too big for me. He tried with a couple of them, but it was like putting a garbage bag over a twig. His girlfriend thought it was the cutest thing she'd ever seen. So we both got dressed and went down to the store. Roy told me to go to the assistant and ask for the smallest condoms they have, I was embarrassed to do it but Roy assured me that it was nothing to be ashamed of. Luckily they had a brand of very small ones in stock, and when we got back to the house Roy showed me how to put it on. It was still too big, but it was still possible to demonstrate the process for putting it on. After that he asked if I had any questions, and there were a lot of things I wanted clarified. I spent a while asking him the meaning of various terms I'd heard, for example I didn't know what "blowjob" meant before that day. I had a hunch it had something to do with the mouth, but I thought it would involve blowing rather than sucking. After a while of this my first sex-ed lesson was finally finished, I gave Roy a hug and thanked him for teaching me so much. I was still shaken from everything I'd seen though, so I had to sleep in Roy's bed that night, after he and his girlfriend had finished their "grown-up stuff" of course. It was nice to finally fully understand what that meant.

BlakeJul 27 5:40pm
dude, were you sleeping between them like its mommy and daddy

fowlJul 28 12:28pm
I can remember that night pretty clearly. I was glad that I had learned so much from Roy, but it was all pretty overwhelming for me and I didn't want to sleep alone, I knew I'd have nightmares. Roy and his girlfriend were fine with my sleeping with them, but he said I had to wait until they were done with their grown-up stuff. He still called it that with me even though he had just spent hours explaining exactly what it was, and I still use that term to this day for some reason. Roy dressed me in my pajamas and carried me downstairs, he put me on the couch and turned on the TV while he and his girlfriend went into the bedroom. But I felt like I wanted to be as close to him as possible, so I waited outside the bedroom. I could hear the sounds of the grown-up stuff, the slapping of skin against skin and the grunts and moans. Those sounds always scared me when it was too loud, but at that moment it was still preferable to being further away from Roy. Even though the sounds were scary, they still gave me a little erection, so I rubbed myself a bit and had another orgasm while I waited. I remember having mixed feelings now that I knew exactly what was going on to make those sounds, imagining it was a bit frightening but it had also been de-mystified, I didn't have to wonder what was happening anymore. Then Roy and his girlfriend finished up, and she called for me that it was OK to come in. I asked if Roy still had an erection first, I really didn't want to see that, and when she said that he didn't I went in. They were both still naked and Roy was carrying one of his giant condoms over to the bathroom, it was tied up at the top and full of semen. I'd never seen that before, and I was amazed by how much there was in it. When I had just had my orgasm there was just a couple drops of clear liquid, but Roy's condom was completely full of thick and pure white goo. He had explained to me during the lesson that my semen wasn't capable of impregnating anyone yet (but it was still important to practice safe sex for other reasons), but I was sure that Roy's stuff could definitely make a baby. He didn't have an erection but his penis was still bigger than normal, so I looked away and jumped into the bed with his girlfriend. She stroked my hair and told me how brave I'd been that day and how much I'd learned. When Roy got into bed (still naked) I wrapped my arms around his chest, and his girlfriend snuggled up to us and put her arm around me. We were all lying on our sides, with me in the middle facing Roy and hugging him while his girlfriend hugged me from behind. It was like I was the filling in a sandwich, it was very comforting. I always liked having my arms on Roy's muscular torso when I'm going to sleep, it makes me feel safe. His girlfriend's boobs were pressing into my back, but I had already had two orgasms that day so it didn't have much effect on me. Unfortunately I caught a glimpse of Roy's morning wood the next morning, and that was unpleasant for me, but luckily his girlfriend was there to calm me down.

BlakeJul 28 2:25pm
hey blake. glad that you are back. thanks for the details of 'the talk'. I am still somewhat surprised by your fear of Roy's penis. I would have thought that you would have been in awe like Alfie in the Devon story above. what else has happened to you in the months since your earlier posts?

AaJul 29 6:54pm
Gotta tell my story. I gotta say something. I might explode. My emotions are just all over the place after what happened last weekend. I met my girlfriend Cassie - if I can even still call her that - five years ago. I was 29, she was 22. At the time, I was in a strange place in my life; not as strange as now, but I was just in need of a change. I'm a small man, just 5'5", 130 pounds. And because of that, plus a natural meekness and introverted personality, I got almost nowhere with women. I had a few dates here and there over the years, but they always felt the same to me, like they went out with me out of obligation, like I was a nice guy who got dealt a bad hand by nature, so they did granted me a pity date. It's funny about that because most of them weren't very nice ON the date. One was openly flirting with our waiter. Another one kept talking about how big and strong her little brother was, implying that a seventh-grader could kick my ass. Honestly, she was strange, she sounded like she was into her brother. Still another one was astounded by how small I was. She must have compared her hand to mine like ten times that night. She went on about my height, my little wrists, pretending to be jealous of me, calling me a size zero, etc. In spite of her comments, until I met Cassie this girl, Devon, was the one I fell for hardest. She was very pretty. Until Devon, I hadn't really given that much thought to how small I was. But here was this gorgeous blonde, kind of a thickly-built Jessica Simpson-type blonde, out on a date with me just humiliating me so casually, really putting emphasis on my inadequacy. Devon even wanted to arm-wrestle me; I refused. Between her bigger hands, thick wrists, extra height and weight - she was 5'9", probably outweighed me by 100 pounds - I knew I was going to lose and lose easily. That one date sent me into a strange spiral of degeneracy. More to come

obligateJul 29 9:56pm
In the weeks that followed, I replayed that date with Devon, over and over again in my head, (figuratively) kicking myself. After a while I got it in my head that I should have just played into my lack of size. She was having fun with it, why couldn't I? I mean, being annoyed with her comments didn't make me any bigger. I retreated into my own world, my own self. No more dates for me. I built a this long fantasy about Devon and how big she was compared to me. That I kept going back to her and she used her size to overpower me sexually, to take me over her knee to spank me. These fantasies got me far hornier than actual sex ever did, not that I had had very much sex in my life; what little I did have was awkward and unenjoyable, largely because of my lack of size, both bodily and penis-wise. But it was okay; I had my fantasy life, and I was getting off like crazy. Although Devon would always hold a special place in my memories, after a while the fantasy got stale, so I dove head-first into the internet, looking for fetish stuff that matched my fantasy. Before my terrible dates, all of my masturbation revolved around the most vanilla stuff: actresses, singers, model-types in bikinis. After Devon and the subsequent highly-charged fantasies around her, I couldn't even look at "normal" girls or fantasize about having sex with them. Tall women, thick women, fat women, muscle women - I couldn't get enough. And it seemed like there were endless stories and videos of these type of women dominating much smaller men, and I got so damned horny over it I was now fully embracing the idea. I wanted to go back in time to go on that date with Devon again. In the years that followed, there was no scenario involving a large woman and a small man that I wouldn't yank to, no matter how perverse it was to the average person. Adult baby stuff, wrestling, face-sitting, you name it. Well, most of it. One video in particular put me on the road to meeting Cassie. More to come

obligateJul 29 11:00pm
This video followed my by-now favorite formula of a large woman and a tiny man. The woman was a Japanese BBW - I could never find out her name, I called her Sumo Girl - and the guy was a tiny Japanese guy. He looked a lot smaller than me best I could tell. And what really got me charged up was their outfits. She was in a tight dark blue T-shirt, like a weightlifter spandex shirt, with black workout stretch pants. She looked very strong and dominant wearing that outfit, and in fact, the video opened with her walking into frame with him draped over her shoulder. But his outfit really opened my eyes: tiny gray short-shorts with white piping on the edge of the leg-holes and up the side seams, topped by a teal green sports top, a sort of cropped sleeveless blouse. Obviously it fit him weirdly since he had no breasts, but all I could think of when watching that video innumerable times was ME wearing something sexy like that for Devon or someone like her. Over the next several months, when I had to go shopping, I would stop over in the women's department and eyeball some clothing. Just walking among those clothes got me hard! And during this time I got into new and different fetish porn; now it was strap-on play, cuckoldry, and sissy stories. I was giving my fantasy life free reign, as I had given up entirely on the idea of ever being in a real relationship. Before long, I finally bought women's clothing and would, on occasion, go across town and wear my outfits in public. I should point out that I wasn't going full femme - merely wearing women's pants (or shorts) and tops, but no make-up. My hair was short. I made no effort to appear female, just my clothing was tight-fitting and not masculine. I would walk around department stores or shopping malls trying to closely follow the biggest, tallest women in there, to feel even smaller and more inadequate. It was an amazing experience. One time there was this group of teenage girls I came across - they may have been on a basketball or volleyball team - and that was simply exilharating. By now I was 27 years old, about ten years older than them, and any of them could have kicked my ass, but there were two in particular that really moved me: A slender brunette, I guess around 6'3", with long arms and legs and great muscle tone, huge eyes, like an anime girl; and a blonde, a little bit shorter, maybe about 6'1", who was wide and round and large in every way except for her fierce, narrow, ice-blue eyes. If this was a basketball team, she probably set picks like nobody's business. Anyway, they were amazing. All these excursions were making my fantasy life even better. One thing about staying in fantasy-land - the longer you indulge, the more you experiment. You become more receptive to ideas you wouldn't have previously even considered before. I'd get so worked up and wound up - especially when on mushrooms or LSD - that in the moment, I'd be up for anything. Of course, that flash of desire would pass right after orgasm, but still. I was somewhat worried about what this meant in the long run, but not enough to stop. More to come

obligateJul 30 2:05am
Great to see some activity on this thread again! Please continue Obligate. And Blake. And Bort. Any anyone else who has something relevant to share.

GuillaumeJul 30 7:57am
Hi Blake. Good to hear from you and thanks for your lengthy description of 'the talk.' hope to hear about further experiences during your 3 month break.

david SJul 30 12:38pm
HEY GUYS. IF THIS THREAT SEIZES LIKE THE OTHERS, pollcommentary/3756 provides ample space to continue.

fanJul 30 3:10pm
It's hard to explain why Roy's erect penis scares me so much. The only other penis I see is my own little 2.1 inch one, which looks cute and harmless and about the same thickness as my little finger. When Roy's is erect it's literally 5 times that size, rock hard and veiny and twitching, and thicker than my arm. It looks somehow mean and angry and dangerous, and it terrifies me to see it. I know it's irrational, but I just can't stop myself crying. I've heard of a thing called "dad dick", where very young boys find it unpleasant or frightening to see their dads' adult sized penis, and I think my reaction comes from the same place. I had a couple bad experiences with bullies this summer. The first time Roy had taken me to the mall, and I went into the bathroom without him. All the stalls were full but there was noone else there, and I really needed to pee, so I decided to use the urinal. That was a big mistake. Two boys came in after me, they looked about Roy's age or maybe a year or two older. They stood either side of me at the urinals, and one of them caught a glimpse of my penis as I was putting it back in my pants. He laughed and said "is your dick really that small!?" I tried to hurry away but the other boy wanted to see too, so the first one grabbed me and forcefully pulled down my pants. I struggled but he held my arms behind my back as his friend laughed. His penis was still out as well, and it was probably around normal size for his age, which means it was far bigger than mine. I started crying as these boys laughed, and I called out for Roy. Luckily he was standing near the bathroom and he heard my shout, he barged in and pushed the boy who was holding me to the ground. They both ran away, and I hugged Roy as tight as I could while I sobbed. He comforted me and scooped me up into his arms, then exited the bathroom and carried me though the mall to the exit. I was still sniffling and my arms were gripping his chest as tight as I could, at that point I was so disturbed that I didn't care who saw. When we got home Roy gave me a big speech about how I shouldn't listen to idiots like those boys and there's nothing wrong with my penis size, it really made me feel better. He also said that if those boys ever gave them any more trouble then he would show them his penis and give them a taste of their own medicine, and that made me laugh. I'm not allowed to go into bathrooms alone anymore, Roy always has to accompany me.

BlakeJul 30 5:35pm
Another change is that Roy's sister Lisa (now 8) babysat me solo for the first time. My mom was going on a date and needed a babysitter, but Roy already had plans for that night, so he suggested that Lisa could do it. My mom was a bit dubious, but both me and Roy assured her that she'd be fine. We were right, she did a great job. We had a great time playing together and she really enjoys play-wrestling, but by now she knows how to be gentle enough not to hurt me. She even let me win a few times. The wrestling ended when she started tickling me, I was laughing hysterically and rolling around on the ground. She made me dinner, made sure I ate every bite (still no luck gaining weight though) and gave me a bath. She really fussed over me in the bath too, washing me very thoroughly, even more than Roy. She "aww"'d at my penis as well, pretty much all the girls who've ever saw it have had that reaction. It used to bother me, but now I'm just glad they think I'm cute. Then she put me to bed. It was hard for me to sleep knowing that Roy wasn't in the house, so Lisa had to get into bed with me for a while until I drifted off. After I was asleep I think she got out and went down to watch TV until my mom came back. She was very pleased with how well Lisa did, and I gave her a great review. She's like her brother in that she's extremely mature for her age, none of the other girls her age I've known would be able to do that good a job at babysitting. She's very fond of me too, very protective. She told me once that she always wanted a little brother, and I guess that's me now. I can tell about the time I walked in on Roy and his new girlfriend doing their grown-up stuff next, when I have time.

BlakeJul 30 6:05pm
So I was at a point in my fetish/fantasy journey where, in the playground of my mind, everything was permitted. I was reading my stories, watching my videos, and inserting myself as I watched or read. Sometimes I was the cuck husband watching his wife getting railed. Sometimes I was getting mocked and spanked beforehand. Sometimes I was fluffing or blowing the bull before they had sex, and sometimes I was getting railed by the bull because the hotwife thought it would be funny. Increasingly my sissy fantasies ended with me getting plowed by a huge muscle man with a huge c*ck. All of it stemmed from my inadequacy, for once you realize you don't have the goods to satisfy women, you come to see the men who do as superior. Acting out those fantasies, often while dressed in women's clothing, blurred the line between straight and gay ever more. But I was straight. I could say that with confidence. When I walked around en femme - by now I had grown out my hair and gotten into makeup - I only ever noticed women. I only ever checked out women. I only ever wanted women. The only time that ever changed at all was when I was entertaining fetish fantasies, and those desires went away quickly, as I said before. Then, six months before my 29th birthday, I felt depressed. Fantasy life was losing its appeal. Dressing up like a woman was getting boring. It was becoming clear that I had two choices: stay unfulfilled in a fantasy life that was producing diminishing returns, or try to get back into some kind of a social life while I was still young. I delayed that decision until October, which is my birth month. Since my birthday is on the 28th, I decided to make my move on Halloween. The plan was to get dolled up, make it as sexy as I could, go to the club, drop some MDMA to counter the anxiety, chat up as many girls as I could, and leave with SOMEbody. At this point, I was even willing to experiment with a man if I couldn't get anywhere with women. This is the state I was in. I felt like, between my fantasy life and the MDMA, if I ended up leaving with some guy, I'd be okay. How bad could it be? Well, the big night finally arrived and I looked crazy sexy. I was in a tie-died spandex romper with matching elbow-length gloves, gold fishnet stockings, knee-high black boots. My hair was on-point, kind of a messy layered look with gold highlights. I had seldom felt more confident before, especially with the MDMA kicking in. I walked right in there and up to a trio of girls at the bar. All of whom, surprise surprise, were a lot bigger than me. There was a beautiful Cleopatra, thin and reedy, and a girl who was a dead ringer for J-Lo. But the one I liked from the jump was a sturdy blonde in a Jose Altuve Astros home uniform, blue cap, orange jersey, and white pants. That made me laugh to myself because for once, the woman wasn't just bigger than me, she was bigger than an elite professional male athlete. She was close to six feet tall, might have been 250 or even more. She was beautiful, huge dark-blue eyes, full lips that smiled sweetly, and cheekbones lightly dusted with freckles. And lord did she fill that uniform with big beautiful curves, damn! Especially those tight baseball pants. "Hi!" she said to me in a very friendly way. That greeting was tied to obvious approval of my outfit, as she looked me over while she said hello. I said "Hi!" back, and her look changed to astonished. She had no idea I was actually a man. My voice is pretty high-pitched actually, but it's unmistakably masculine. She made a big fuss, couldn't believe I pulled off the look like that. She introduced her friends to me, I introduced myself in response, then she told me her name: Cassie. More to come

obligateJul 31 12:51am
Still, it almost didn't happen with her. I had a couple of drinks with Cassie and her friends before they decided to do the pub crawl thing, and she said, maybe I'll see you around. That was the high point of the evening. I stuck to my guns and kept trying to strike up conversation, but I got basically nowhere. Mostly I got compliments on the outfit, and that was that. But I was getting noticed by the men. A lot of "accidental" gropings for sure. Most of the guys hitting on me realized they had somewhere else to be when I spoke back to them. And I was okay with that for most of the evening. But as it wore on, I was feeling uneasy. One guy, Doug was his name, was not at all bothered by my true self. He stayed around, laughed at my jokes, kept complimenting me. He'd find any excuse to put a hand on me somehow. And with each passing minute, the conflict grew inside me. On the one hand, if I was ever going to experiment, this was the guy. He was a good-looking guy, towered over me, probably around 6'4". His arms were the size of my legs. When I read my erotica or watched my sissy videos, it was always Alphas like him having his way. No denying it, the guy was a stud. But Cassie! Honestly, I never felt better in my life than in those twenty-some minutes spent talking with Cassie. Far as I could tell she was everything I could ever want: gorgeous, big and strong, funny as hell. And it was nearly time for last call. I would never see her again, and tomorrow I was going to wake up in a strange man's bed, my ability to walk greatly compromised for a few days afterward. Right when I was considering pulling the plug on the whole thing, to go home and stay in my fantasy world for good, Doug made his move: "Hey sweetheart, let's get one more round here, then a nightcap back at my place." As he said it, he slid his big left hand down the small of my back. It was a subtle gesture of ownership, and I knew then - I was claimed. It was over. I was going home with Doug, and I was going to be changed forever. "Hey pal, she's with me," came a voice from behind. I turned around. Cassie! The feeling of relief I felt was incalculable. She had returned to save me not only from Doug, but from myself. Cassie later told me the look of gratitude I gave her was one of the most beautiful things she'd ever seen, that she might have fallen in love with me in that moment. Doug didn't like it. At all. But he's one of those old school gentleman types who doesn't argue with a lady, and he left my side without a fuss. "You don't know how glad I am to see you," I said. "Show me," she replied. I practically sprinted into her arms and squeezed her as tight as I could. She reciprocated while grabbing the back of my head and gently guiding it snugly into her bosom. We stayed in that embrace for probably 20-30 seconds. To me it felt simultaneously hours long and not nearly long enough. I'll remember that moment on my deathbed. More to come

obligateAug 01 12:35am
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