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Question: do you belive that child sex offenders should be prosocuted even if the child wanted to take part in the sexual act
Created by: lodesoffun at 05:20:17 AM, Wednesday, May 02, 2001 PDT


Sex offenders should be castrated.

DianaSep 17 2008 4:45am

looks like 38% of voters are unable to think. I think that is accurate - 38% of people on this site slightly dumber than dog poo.

a 5 year old who loves sexJun 05 2009 10:49am
This site is full of f*cking pedos...

AnonymousJul 19 2009 4:17pm
Diana,All men should be castrated. The best man is a castrated man. Every woman should perform a male castration at least once in her live.

CastratrixOct 08 2009 3:06am
Idiot! Some men do need to be castrated, but you need to be SPEYED!

an intelligent life formNov 05 2009 2:47pm
This whole topic of paedophilia has largely been exaggerated by a media interested in circulation and ratings issues, by itself it is very rare. A paedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children of either gender the word pederast is sometimes used to describe those attracted to boys but in reality boys appear as feminine to the adult and the paedophile is really a description of those who prey on both boys and girls. Anyway we talking of children here and actually a child is someone below the advent of puberty. Anyone who has achieved puberty is a young adult and thus outside the scope of physical childhood. So what causes a man to become a paedophile and we are talking of men here, because a woman's sexual urges are driven by two things. One to have a baby and two to obtain genitalia stimulation neither of which can be done without the person they are with being sexually mature. But for the man the female exists as a representive of the original mother image and as a projection of the anima. The paedophile is a man whose anima never advanced beyond an earlier stage of developement or has regressed to that earlier stage. So his object of desire is not an adult woman but a girl or young feminine representive. The reason paedophilia has become so prevalent today is that the male id which is looking for pathways to obtain excitation and has found them through the publicity given to paedophilia and upon which it feeds.

wwJan 17 2010 9:02am
Pedophila cure: Cut his balls off and make him eat them!

Judge DoomAug 31 2010 8:45am
Pedophyles are hot.

AnonymousSep 18 2010 5:07pm
they should castrate intel life form

jacobOct 24 2010 12:36am
For all convicted pedophyles, complete removal of the genitals should be a manatory punishment.

PamNov 19 2010 3:32pm
crush their balls !!!!!!!

thomDec 25 2010 9:55am
I agree with thom. ouch!!!! But look what they've done to at least one child! The child is hurt for life! A little intense pain & a lifetime cure is not too much to pay!

NicoleDec 25 2010 10:00am
what a bunch of retarded poostain c*

all women are whoresFeb 18 2011 10:49pm
dont do any imoral thing with little souls..if anything like strikes in your mind pray god to save you from this..i think he is there always to help you..

AnonymousApr 08 2011 2:22pm
Some of the comments here on this thread like the response to it in the media and society in general are generated by pure irrational emotion. What is needed if it is ever to be truly overcome is to understand it and why it occurs. It's a perversion or a paraphilia as it's sometimes called these days and like most of these conditions has an intense compulsive nature.

wwJun 16 2011 2:01pm
Wassamadda, Jake? Y'think I'm a paedo, or are ya one yourself? COME ON, FOOL! SPEAK TO ME!!!

an intelligent life formAug 08 2011 3:24pm
Yes, Because the adult could have said "No" but didnt.

espace39Jun 23 2012 1:38pm
Yes, Because the adult could have said "No" but didnt.

espace39Jun 23 2012 1:38pm
Depends on. If the kid is any younger than 12, yes. But if the "kid" is 12 or older and really did it, because it wanted to then no.

AnonymousMar 05 2013 6:53am
f*ck no. I personally believe the age of consent should be 14 (with R&J provisions), but before mid-puberty, consent isn't really possible.

—AnonymousSep 15 2013 4:13pm
i think as soon as a girl gets either pubic hair, or breast buds she should be able to start having sex right away, there's nothing like shoving my huge eight inch twenty four year c--k in a tight wet little girl p---y soo tight and wet, make them scream and moan and cry, stretch those F--K holes, so ten or eleven for girls, maybe younger if they develop early and for boys, as soon as they can get an erection\come, so a little later, about 12\13

Little_Lolita_LoverOct 17 2013 9:27am
well this site as be reported just thought I would let you know, little lolita lover to and it deal with abuse of children worldwide so you should keep your sick thoughts to yourself children are children not your sextoys.

motherJan 23 2014 7:10am
Pedo's rock and they really love children.

Pedo bearApr 26 2014 8:56pm
LWqFPb Thanks a lot for the article post.Really looking forward to read more.

wnWgdrYdJul 19 2014 12:12am
I love little girls they make me feel so good.

LiketightholesMar 21 2015 11:14am

GAY LORD PEDOMar 27 2016 12:01pm
f*ck I pressed the wrong button. I prefer "street justice" when I comes to pedophiles being smashed out

DontfuckkidsAug 14 2016 12:08am
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10Vd9osQ7Nov 17 2016 7:14pm
I'd love to f*ck a 9 year old girl!

AnonymousMar 09 2018 11:45pm
i was 8 years old and riding around on my bike with my c*ck falling out the leg of my shorts hoping someone would grab me and have sex with me. i was jealous when i heard on tv of kids being molested, yet i never was no matter how inappropriate i would behave. i finally found an older couple when i was 12 to have regular threesomes with. the husband like to video me with his wife. they were in their mid 50s at the time. i loved it.

lovemyboysDec 12 2018 8:41pm
oh and as a footnote: "ww, shut the f*ck up."

lovemyboysDec 12 2018 9:14pm
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