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Do you watch TV?

Question: Choose either Yes or No.
Created by: likelikemail at 06:49:59 AM, Tuesday, May 22, 2001 PDT



GabbyDec 30 2013 8:09am

hello :)

DracoDec 30 2013 9:09am

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:10am
wats up c:

DracoDec 30 2013 9:12am
Turn Up!!!

ShreveDec 30 2013 9:12am
lmfao nm. >_< wby?

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:13am
nm lol

DracoDec 30 2013 9:14am
Ima tell you one time Boy i love boy love make my heart beat!;o XD C;

Gabby just bustin yo balls!XDDDec 30 2013 9:18am
haha C: ur to cute

DracoDec 30 2013 9:18am
ouch gabby ball bustin isnt pleasant >.<

ShreveDec 30 2013 9:19am
I hate it when people touch my hair!>=o

Gabbys brother touched her hair!Dec 30 2013 9:20am
oh hehe *touches ur hair to rub ur head*

DracoDec 30 2013 9:20am
Lol nahhh....I ain't cute!>=D *sucks draco's cheek* ehehe!#^_^#

Gabby Dec 30 2013 9:22am
no touchy touchy thy hair!>=O*punches draco*XD

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:24am
lol yes u r :D

DracoDec 30 2013 9:24am
xD haha hey!

DracoDec 30 2013 9:24am
How am I cute???;o C:D

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:25am
bc u r cutie *kisses u deeply*

DracoDec 30 2013 9:25am

GabbywabbyDec 30 2013 9:26am
Mmm*kisses you back deeply*

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:26am
mmm i love it when our lips touch :)

DracoDec 30 2013 9:27am
#^_^# hehe....I like pancakes!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:29am
see haha adorable *picks u up* :D

DracoDec 30 2013 9:29am
:D*wraps my legs around you and my arms around ur neck*I like you.....just don't say you love me!o.o XDD

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:32am
i guess *holds u with my hands on ur ass* just dont leave me again

DracoDec 30 2013 9:33am
No promises!;D ehehe!#^_^# I got lots of flavors my kick game is major more kicks than the players!XD C;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:38am
haha but fr do leave *leans u against the wall and kisses u deeply* ;)

DracoDec 30 2013 9:39am

DracoDec 30 2013 9:39am
In the club high off purp with some shades on ,tatted up ,mini skirt with my J's on!;D

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:40am
haha nice

DracoDec 30 2013 9:41am
gabby are you h0rny

AnonymousDec 30 2013 9:42am
Mmmm!*kisses back and bites ur lip*hehe i'll try my best not to leave ya again!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:42am
mmmmm *kisses ur neck softly*

DracoDec 30 2013 9:43am
Haha depends ,who dafuq are ya!?!?>_<@anon

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:44am
hehe -laughs nurvesly- o.o

loganDec 30 2013 9:44am
*moans softly n runs my fingers through ur hair*;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:45am
mmm gabby *kisses ur chest* ;)

DracoDec 30 2013 9:46am
Ha sooo logan I see ....why were ya soo mean ta meh???huh????=p

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:47am
u cheated on me thats y

loganDec 30 2013 9:48am
hehe!=) -moans a little bit louder- Daddy that tickles!;) @draco

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:50am
Oh I see so now you want me back logan???-.-

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:51am
mmmm hehe c; *takes off ur shirt and kisses the top of ur tit that i can see* ;) wait till im inside u

DracoDec 30 2013 9:51am
u said u want me back this morning or that was the alcohol

loganDec 30 2013 9:52am
Yea lets just blame it on the alcohol baby!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:55am
so u did want me back

loganDec 30 2013 9:55am
Hehe!;P ur sooo hot!;) .......Gabby is ugly! n delete the pics that ya have of me!>_< xD

Gabby has a small butt!XDD Jk well maybe!=)Dec 30 2013 9:57am
mmmm i like ur ass babe n idk maybe i will........or maybe i wont ;)

DracoDec 30 2013 9:58am
Haha....ummm......Idk what I want logan!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 9:58am
i no wat u want -grips ur p*ssy and kisses u-

loganDec 30 2013 9:59am
Hehe!=) XDDDD

Gabby loves it when draco teases her!;)Dec 30 2013 9:59am
blame it on the aaaaaachohol blame on the aaaaaaaaaaaa

Shreve aka Jamie FoxxDec 30 2013 10:00am
hehe ;)

Draco thinks he deserves more pics ;DDec 30 2013 10:00am
*pushes logan off and jumps in dracos arms n holds on to him tightly* Tell him to stop!=/

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:01am
hey logan get outta here

DracoDec 30 2013 10:02am

logan goneDec 30 2013 10:03am
thanks daddy!:) *kisses draco on the cheek*

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:04am
u would like it if u sat on daddys cck huh ;)

DracoDec 30 2013 10:05am
Mmm yes daddy i would love it!;) I wanna feel you in my tummy daddy!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:08am
mmm i no u would ;D *licks from ur bottom lip up to ur top lip*

DracoDec 30 2013 10:09am
Mmmm!;D *licks ur whole face* ehehe I like you alot!....=/////3

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:12am
lol yea cutie?

DracoDec 30 2013 10:13am

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:17am
li like it wen u talk dirty to me ;) u like me being u dad? ;D

DracoDec 30 2013 10:18am
I wish you were the one to pop my cherry!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:18am
mmmm i wish u were ontop of me

DracoDec 30 2013 10:19am
Yes i like you being my daddy!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:20am
;) your bout to get fcked hard by ur daddy ;p

DracoDec 30 2013 10:21am
Mmmm! My pussy craves your c*ck daddy!!!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:22am
mmmm *rips ur close off* ;D

DracoDec 30 2013 10:23am
mmm....ram ur c*ck in my pussy daddy!!!!Mmmm ooohh daddy!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:26am
*rips off my close and pushes u on the bed then gets ontop of u* Imma fck u hard ;)

DracoDec 30 2013 10:27am
Mmm yesss do it daddy!!!!!!*kisses you deeply*F*CK ME HARD DADDY!!!Give me everything ya got!!!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:30am
*kisses back deeply and rub th tip of my cck on ur pusy lips* mmmm fck ur tight

DracoDec 30 2013 10:31am
*breaths deeply and moans loudly*Mmmmm daddy my pussy's throbing!!!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:35am
i think were done ;)

Draco got too hrnyDec 30 2013 10:35am
Haha XDDD No don't stop!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:37am
hehe ;) ok *rams my cck in the back of ur pusy tearing and streching u hard as i dont give u time to breath i begin fcking u hard, fast, and deep hitting ur g spot non stop*

DracoDec 30 2013 10:39am

Gabby;)Dec 30 2013 10:42am
*keeps pounding ur tight lil pusy as i make u bleed keep fcking u making u squirt all over my cck which makes its slipory so i can go faster*

DracoDec 30 2013 10:44am
*screams in pain and pleassure* OOOMMMGGGGGGG YESSSS MMMMMM AAHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!!!!*holds on tightly to ur arms as you f*ck me harder and faster*

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:48am

DracoDec 30 2013 10:48am
ok ignor that^ tell me how much u love daddys cck deep in u *pounds u extreamly hard*

DracoDec 30 2013 10:50am
*as i hold on to ur arms I put my right arm around ur neck as you pound ur c*ck in my pussy,and squirts on ur c*ck*

GabbywabbyDec 30 2013 10:52am
I love your c*ck daddy sooo much!!!!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:53am
mmmmmm *keeps pounding u hard and cums deep in u but dsnt notice bc i dont feel it so i keep pounding u harder n harder making u bleed more*

Draco ur so tight babe ;)Dec 30 2013 10:54am
of course i watch tv xD what do you think im doing right now?

jackDec 30 2013 10:54am
haha jack porn channel here jk

AnonymousDec 30 2013 10:54am
*kisses you deeply n slips my tongue in n swirls my tongue around urs*

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:55am
mmmm *kisses back deeply and moves my tongue with urs still pounding u*

DracoDec 30 2013 10:55am

jack (watching star wars episode 6 o.o)Dec 30 2013 10:56am

AnonymousDec 30 2013 10:56am
*moans in ur mouth while tongue kissing you* AYYYEEEE PAPI!!!!

GabbyDec 30 2013 10:59am
o.o ppl are letting loose fireworks i should tell them new years eve is tomorrow xD

jackDec 30 2013 11:00am
*cums again, slows down making ur orgasm ride out long * uhhhh fck gabby

DracoDec 30 2013 11:00am
but anyways o.o *turns my red lightsaber on and cuts through the wall* i should go :D

jackDec 30 2013 11:01am
haha jack

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:01am
but seriously...

jackDec 30 2013 11:01am
just go xD

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:02am
i prob just got worst timings for a kid to walk into somewhere

jack xD Dec 30 2013 11:02am
lol probably

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:03am
Ahhhhhh mmmmmm uugghhh!!!!!!!-cums again and again- mmmm daddy yesss Oooooh!!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:04am
o.o you act like someone i know anon ima go but before i do i tryed dancing today and my friend said it looked perverted xD *force jumps out*

jack *outta the death star*Dec 30 2013 11:04am
mmmm gabby *notices cum and blood pour out of ur pusy*

DracoDec 30 2013 11:05am
*falls* uh i forgot my saber xD byw

jack Dec 30 2013 11:05am
haha wtf

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:05am
throws the sabor out the window

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:06am
o.o bloody hell im a british bloke

jack Dec 30 2013 11:06am

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:06am
*force chokes anon* YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER

janakin xD Dec 30 2013 11:07am
janakin wtf

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:07am

AnonymousDec 30 2013 11:08am

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:08am
fck gabby ;) *pulls out my cck all the way then rams it back in u pushing cum and blood deeper in u*

DracoDec 30 2013 11:09am
-screams in pain and pleassure,a tear comes down my cheek as you ram ur c*ck back in my throbbing pussy-Ahhhhh mmmmm!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:13am
*leaves my cck in u* uhhhhhhh fuuuck *looks at u* u ok *leans down close to u*

DracoDec 30 2013 11:14am
-looks at you than kisses you and cums-mmmm yea daddy im fine!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:18am
mmmm *kisses back* that was amazing

DracoDec 30 2013 11:19am
Mmmm!Yea that was amazing daddy!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:22am
*my cck still balls deep in u* u want me to pull out? ;)

Draco loves to fck gabbyDec 30 2013 11:23am
omg! -loogs at gabbys pussy bleeding-

girlyDec 30 2013 11:25am
Yes daddy please!;)

Gabby luvs to fuck everyone! But Draco is her #1 Dec 30 2013 11:25am
*slowly pulls out making u feel every inch then finally pulls out all the way my cck coverd with cum n blood*

DracoDec 30 2013 11:26am

girlyDec 30 2013 11:27am
gabby i gtg to ups to drop off some boxes ok ill be back

Draco brb meet u back at this postDec 30 2013 11:28am
Mmmm!!!! That felt so good daddy!;)

Gabby *kisses draco deeply*Dec 30 2013 11:29am
gabby r u ok -afraid to touch u-

girlyDec 30 2013 11:29am

Gabby will be hereDec 30 2013 11:30am
Yea im ok!;P*kisses sis on the lips*

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:31am
-kisses back- r u sure o.o -still shocked-

girlyDec 30 2013 11:33am
*giggles* im sure. >_<

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:34am
um uh -touches ur p*ssy and it hurs u-

girlyDec 30 2013 11:34am
Owch!!!hey that hurts me!

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:36am
-jumps back quickly- sowwy sowwy o.o

girlyDec 30 2013 11:37am
*trys to stand but it hurts to much so i lay back down on the bed*

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:39am
awwe -lays beside u-

girl Dec 30 2013 11:41am
if i leave randomly that means i left

Draco waiting for my grandfatherDec 30 2013 11:42am
ok=) @Draco

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:44am

DracoDec 30 2013 11:44am
brb gonna eat

girlyDec 30 2013 11:46am
Hehe!#^_^# Ugh i can't believe im saying this but.-.-....I think i'm falling for you hard!@Draco

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:47am
ok sis!=)

GabbyDec 30 2013 11:48am
aww rly :)

Draco backDec 30 2013 12:18pm
Ha yea!=)....#^_^#

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:19pm
sis im here sowwy i eat slow

girlyDec 30 2013 12:19pm
:D u have always been in my heart gabby

DracoDec 30 2013 12:20pm
*giggles and blushes* Hehehe=}} awwe thats sweet and ur always making me smile!#^_^# .....and its ok sissy i eat slow too!c;

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:24pm
:) i always try to

DracoDec 30 2013 12:25pm
=///3 :D

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:27pm

DracoDec 30 2013 12:29pm
hehe ok =)

girlyDec 30 2013 12:30pm
I wuv.................................................................Grapes!!!={P

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:30pm
haha i do to

DracoDec 30 2013 12:31pm
Hehehe!;PPP ugh i hate this song but i love it kinda!....♪Just shoot for the stars if it feels right and aim for my heart if ya feel like and take me away and make it ok i swear i'll behave♪XDD

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:36pm
xD why how can ya hate sometin n love it at the same time

DracoDec 30 2013 12:37pm
I hate and love ya don't I??? Hahaha yea i do.>.< ;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:40pm
haha yea hate me? ok imma stop being so nice then :P

DracoDec 30 2013 12:40pm
Haha well sometimes I hate every single word ya say n othertimes ya make me wanna slap ya in ur whole face!=PPP but I still like you!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:44pm
haha xD

DracoDec 30 2013 12:45pm
But I know my life sucks without ya!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:45pm
aww *kisses u deeply*

DracoDec 30 2013 12:47pm
At the same time I wanna hug you I wanna wrap my hands ur neck ur an ass.hole but I love ya!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:47pm
*kisses ya back deeply*

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:48pm
haha :D i wana say it but i cant

DracoDec 30 2013 12:48pm
lmfao but you know your my ass.hole!!={P

Gabby :DDec 30 2013 12:50pm
haha yes i do ;)

Draco n ur daddy;PDec 30 2013 12:51pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:52pm
xD so babe r u ok *looks down at ur pusy*

DracoDec 30 2013 12:52pm
*giggles* just hurts to stand up daddy!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 12:57pm
lol i think i riped something then ;) *lays ontop of u*

DracoDec 30 2013 12:58pm
*giggles,looks at your lips and kisses them softly* hehe!;}

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:02pm
mmm *kisses back softly* :)

DracoDec 30 2013 1:03pm
Mmmm your sooo hott!;) *tongue kisses you*uh mmm.....

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:06pm
mmm ur so sexy *tongue kisses back* ;D

DracoDec 30 2013 1:07pm
mmmm hehehe!;{P I know im sexy papi!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:10pm
hehe i no it to ;P

girlyDec 30 2013 1:10pm
C; yes yes u r

DracoDec 30 2013 1:11pm
Hehe yup sis!;P xD -kisses girly deeply-

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:12pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:12pm
hehe #^_^# -kisses back deeply- hows ur pussy feeling sis

girlyDec 30 2013 1:13pm
babe ur so adorable *kisses ur neck*

DracoDec 30 2013 1:14pm
My pussy's fine babygirl!;PPP...but my pussy's still wet!;))

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:15pm
mmm sis ;) have him eat u

girlyDec 30 2013 1:16pm
*moans and pushes dracos hair back* mmm thanks daddy!!;)

Gabby thinks draco is sooooooooooooooooo HOTT!!;)Dec 30 2013 1:18pm
your welcome ;)

Draco thinks gabby is sooooooooo sexyDec 30 2013 1:19pm
Ehehehe!;) *sucks draco's cheek* mmmm!!!!!!!=}} lol

GabbywabbyDec 30 2013 1:22pm
mmmm gabby i think i should eat out that wet pusy *kisses ur tummy*

DracoDec 30 2013 1:23pm
mmmm!!!;P you horny bastard!!;DDD

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:25pm
if u dont want me to i wont *gets up*

DracoDec 30 2013 1:26pm
sis hehe u made me wet ;$

girlyDec 30 2013 1:27pm
Idk i want a c*ck in my ass!XDDD

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:29pm
xD anal? haha im all urs say what u want me to do ......n ill do it ;D

DracoDec 30 2013 1:30pm

loganDec 30 2013 1:31pm
EAT ME OUT!!!!!!!;D

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:32pm
mmmm ok ;) strip

DracoDec 30 2013 1:33pm
Wait....logan why are you sad???

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:36pm
im not sad :(

loganDec 30 2013 1:37pm
Daddy i don't wanna do this right now we can do this later tonight!;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:38pm
anytime babe u wana do this but im going to sleep at 8

Draco so i can be up at 5 with uDec 30 2013 1:40pm
Yes you are just please tell me why logan....=)

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:40pm
i still have feelings for u

loganDec 30 2013 1:41pm
lol ok babe!;p :) i wuv you draco!=///3

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:42pm
:) i love u to babe add me on fb

DracoDec 30 2013 1:43pm
But you brokeup with me logan.....

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:44pm
worst mistake i ever made :,(

loganDec 30 2013 1:45pm
Ummmm.....O.O no im not adding ya on fb!!don't ask me that again!@Draco

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:45pm

DracoDec 30 2013 1:46pm
=DDD now your trying to make me feel sorry and sad.....@logan

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:47pm
nvm leaves

loganDec 30 2013 1:48pm
cuz i said sooo or ima leave for 1 year!

Gabby will leave!Dec 30 2013 1:48pm
gabby im not playin games

DracoDec 30 2013 1:49pm
Woo-hoo *throws knifes to the walls*MWHAHAHAH!!!!Weeedddd!!!!>=DDD

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:50pm
imma take a shower...

Draco brb in a hour i take long showersDec 30 2013 1:55pm
Hey im sorry logan! I'm just assuming that since YOU broke up with meh ......its just going to be a on and off relationship =/

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:56pm
lol kk

GabbyDec 30 2013 1:56pm
<_< nobody over here

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:10pm
>_> nobody on there

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:10pm
Lmfao hey jeremy!C:

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:11pm
oh whats up little nigga

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:11pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:13pm
doing my workout routine

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:14pm
;P hehe cool!

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:15pm
yeah i guess <_< *shrug*

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:16pm
>•>------------- o.o

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:17pm

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:18pm
did you just get sniped??

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:19pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:21pm
okay *shrug*

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:21pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:23pm
*sits on the couch with a lazy ass expression*

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:25pm
*on my face*

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:25pm
*sits beside you and puts my hand in ur pants*hehe;P

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:28pm
okay. dont blame me if you get bit by something <_<

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:29pm
*starts to touch ur c*ck over ur boxers*mmmm!

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:30pm
i warned you <_< *looks forward like nothing is happening*

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:31pm
im back

DracoDec 30 2013 2:33pm
hmm....*kisses you deeply* F*CK ME JEREMY!!!!!!;)

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:35pm
lol hey draco!:P -hugs draco -

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:36pm
*sits ther not giving a f*ck that im being molested*

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:36pm
i no i shouldnt care but like rly ?

DracoDec 30 2013 2:37pm
o.o hello i just watched some 007 (james bond) but still... YOU UNDERESTIMATE MY POWER

jackDec 30 2013 2:38pm
*sits by shreve* hello person codenamed "shreve" xD

jackDec 30 2013 2:40pm
XD hello jack

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:41pm
Hehehe>=D ...but why do you care???;P@draco -puts my hand in jacks pant and touches his c*ck over his boxers-mmmmm jack!!!;)

GabbywabbyDec 30 2013 2:41pm
hahaha Gabby the Rapist XD

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:43pm
see theres the thing now i dont i wanted to no y u left n i got my answer so imma leave befor i fall inlove with u all over again just so u can leave

Draco goneDec 30 2013 2:43pm
uhhh xD

jack *doesnt mind*Dec 30 2013 2:44pm
wow draco o.o

logan had to go somewhere but now hereDec 30 2013 2:44pm
Lmfao yea beware!!!!! lol I do this in school during all my classes I stick my hand down cute boys pants n just give them a handjob/blowjob!XD

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:45pm
R.A.P.E. = rapidly addicted perverts end o.o xD

jack made tht up Dec 30 2013 2:46pm
xD wtf jack

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:47pm
tht was my randomness i got one for pervert too xD

jackDec 30 2013 2:47pm
Haha ok-ok-ok ima just kill myself if draco leaves bye I won't feel pain!

SgDec 30 2013 2:48pm
but seriously xD i dont use those no more

jackDec 30 2013 2:48pm
never let Gabby walk behind you because she'll take your booty XD

ShreveDec 30 2013 2:48pm
i got my own saying already xD its called "watch your back soldier" xD there so many pickpockets in germany i tell tht to my friends

jackDec 30 2013 2:50pm

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:50pm
no gabby

loganDec 30 2013 2:50pm
but seriously.. JB is awesome :D

jackDec 30 2013 2:53pm
dont hurt yourself gabby

jackDec 30 2013 2:53pm
*walks over to my pool*

jackDec 30 2013 2:55pm
Why im losing him and ugh why do i fall too deep!!!=C as we speak im cutting!btw.

GabbyDec 30 2013 2:58pm
i would put down the knife gabby..

jackDec 30 2013 2:58pm
gabby he wants wat we wanted stop sexting everyone

loganDec 30 2013 2:59pm
*sits down*

jack ._. Dec 30 2013 3:03pm
Im leaveing and im never coming back and I have no problem with leaving here!!!!BYE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

sg/gabbyDec 30 2013 3:05pm
gabby :(

loganDec 30 2013 3:05pm
Gabby Noooo

BenDec 30 2013 3:05pm
gabby please dont leave..

jack ( i been depressed the last coiple days..)Dec 30 2013 3:11pm
...*walks away*

jack *gone*Dec 30 2013 3:14pm
nice post this is might be my second favorite memory :) the first well that wins anything v.v love u sg

- DracoDec 30 2013 3:22pm
Nooo all all ..e..eve...everyones leaving me i need my online deprssed

BenDec 30 2013 3:22pm
im sorry ben

DracoDec 30 2013 3:24pm
Gabby made me 4get...she made me happy and not as depressed...imean my dad is awfull....and i need a great friend mre than anything..and all my friends are on vaca till the 6th when we go back to school

BenDec 30 2013 3:29pm
OhuD42 Hiya! I just want to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you will have right here on this post. I can be coming back to your weblog for extra soon.

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