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Shoot or Don't Shoot?

Question: You are watching a young boy playing in a garden, you have a loaded gun, the boy is Hitler as a child. Do you shoot him, knowing you're saving thousands of lives, or do you walk away and leave him unharmed, after all he is an innocent child?
Created by: Jellybean at 01:30:00 AM, Saturday, April 01, 2000 PST


this is a great question!

shoot!Jul 24 2000 7:20pm

Not to say that Hitler was a good person because obviously he was a disgusting person but i would say not shoot. Like I've learved before, the smallest change in history could effect the future a whole lot. He had such a bad but big part in history imagine how much damage doing that could have effected the future. Maybe doing that would have made the future better but there is more of a chance that someone else could have done the same as him ut worse and we'd be even more screwed up today with even more lives lost.

KoRnJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Even though I *HATE* that Hitler is, in some small way related to me via my German lineage, I *COULD NOT* shoot an innocent human being (child or adult)

Greg BradyJul 24 2000 7:20pm
what a FANTASTIC question. I cant even answer it. Good job, Jellybean

jellybeans #1 fanJul 24 2000 7:20pm

taught by teacherJul 24 2000 7:20pm

BatmanJul 24 2000 7:20pm
DON'T SHOOT MAN!!!! He was a horrible horrible man who took many people's lives, but you just can't shoot somebody!! I don't really know what to think. But, I know I wouldn't shoot him, and I also agree with Batman...there is an alternative in making him stop the killing before doing it. I wouldn't shoot, and still try and do something else about it.

StoneyBaby311Jul 24 2000 7:20pm
Kill him. I am German too and I also have Jewish friends whose family has been killed and I only think it's right.

IDUNNOJul 24 2000 7:20pm
I couldn't shoot anyone, especially a child. And I think this sort of thing would totally muck up history as we know it, and hell, maybe I wouldn't even EXIST now or something, I don't know. Weird.

RandomJul 24 2000 7:20pm

cjJul 24 2000 7:20pm

MEJul 24 2000 7:20pm

WILDCHICKENJul 24 2000 7:20pm
um...i have one thing to say. IM THE ONLY BATMAN AROUND HERE!!

~?ilver Batman~Jul 25 2000 8:35pm
I've heard this one before. :-) My answer was I would not shoot. Killing Hitler before he had done anything would not necessarily have prevented the problem. The whole political and social circumstance of the times may have still led to terrible things happening with just another person leading. Hitler was just one person, it took 1,000s to commit the atrocities which were committed, and 1,000s more to support them.

finderSep 06 2000 6:59pm
If there was a chance to save millions of lives, why not take it?

StacyJul 18 2001 2:20am
If World War I had'nt happened would Hitler have turned out the way he did ?

nankyAug 30 2001 5:59am
my first instinct would be to shoot, but then my jewish grandmother wouldnt have fled germany and met my grandpa, and then the world would be without me and that would affect history forever. :)

pleasurable peanutSep 07 2002 8:09pm
p.s. this is the best poll in the world!

the peanut againSep 07 2002 8:09pm
oh. by the way. i saw this one TV show about this and the woman went back in time to when hitler was a baby, and she threw him off a bridge, and then she took someone elses kid and gave it to hitlers family and then that was hitler so yeah. i thought it was kinda cool. but you just can;t change history. it doesnt work man.

im sorry. you're all probably bored of the peanutOct 04 2002 11:12pm
are u stupid?? shoot him! its HITLER... IDIOTS

ur momSep 27 2003 10:34pm
I'd shoot myself! Who the f*ck sits and watches boys in a garden while holding a gun.

gumpSep 27 2003 10:37pm
I'd put him in my dungeon and f*ck his ass!

hhaaSep 27 2003 10:40pm
theres just one thing i gotta say.....SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT SHOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

FUKCER FROM THE FAG SIDEOct 05 2003 1:43pm

I DONT KNOWOct 05 2003 1:45pm
Don't Shoot!!!! Imagine the world today id someone else would have taken Hitlers part and might have succeeded - That's hoorible.

meJan 15 2005 5:55am
I could never shoot him. At that time he would be an innocent boy. Abused by his father and an aspiring artist. Thou shalt not murder.

astmuFeb 11 2006 11:03am

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:12pm
#0028 - (Sun.) 3/25/07

UpdateMar 24 2007 10:08pm
This is really a most shocking thing to be contemplated. Some children indeed probably a vast number are both wild and bad. But Adolf Hitler whatever he did as a man and there are divided opinions about that, as a child he was sensitive and artistic. In truth he was far more delicate than most other children. Winston Churchill for instance when he was a child was not only a bully at school but actually stabbed another boy. What changed Hitler from the sensitive boy he was in Linz to be the future ruler of Germany and later most of Europe was Vienna. Vienna like other metropolis like Berlin, Rome, Paris, London and Washington may seem like a tourist attraction on the surface but they all have a darker crueller side the experiance of which is just as bad as any war. Hitler himself when he looked back on his time in Vienna said this was what made him hard to accomplish the feats he was later to achieve. If you must judge him then then that can only be as the man not the child for the two are completely different.

AnonymousFeb 26 2010 4:20am
Nah...I'd rather shoot some useless close range

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