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Created by: kephie at 02:28:12 PM, Saturday, June 02, 2001 PDT


A34?? Nessie?? Come and post on this one if you want. Seems deserted :)

Glenn StormJun 01 2012 4:44am

Nessie you asked if I ever wrestled a girl...nope NEVER wrestled a girl. Sad isn't it?? I just haven't had any real opportunities, im fairly isolated where i live. I could have wrestled a big girl (not muscular, just tall and solid) a few years back, but i was only stupid, more worried about what others thought of me than having fun with it, so i turned her down. And none of the girlfriends ive had have been interested in it. What about you Nessie? Wrestled any guys yet, or is it just lifting over the head for you?? lol Cause honestly, you're strong already and rapidly improving...and growing muscles...if you learn the moves and techniques, you'll be taking down guys a lot bigger than you soon. You could aim to one day wrestle (and beat) the strongest guy in your class. I bet that thought excites you :)

Glenn StormJun 01 2012 4:46am
Glenn,glad we can continue this with you and A34 thats if he finds us? sorry, i haven't tested my strength and muscles on a male lately to practice my wrestling holds.Its too bad my mother and i no longer live with my stepfather and stepbrother at this time.My stepbrother would have been a great practice dummy! i know the dummy part might be a bit cruel!although have been putting in some serious heavy lifting training.and have started helping my grand parents of their farm.i have a feel with the heavy lifting and the farm work by end of summer my muscles and strength will be incredible!hope A34 finds us?

NessieJun 01 2012 7:09am
I wanted to make it clear to us where to go, but not to the other losers haha. Hopefully A34's smart enough to work it out :) It would be awesome if you have some goal you REALLY want to do by the end of summer, something you can drive yourself towards. Sounds like you're working hard already of course...But the goal might be a really heavy lift in the gym eg. 200lb bench, or maybe armwrestling a guy you know is currently a bit stronger than you and beating him, maybe wrestling him too, maybe just showing your teacher your power. It can all be yours Nessie, you just have to dream it!!

Glenn StormJun 01 2012 2:13pm
Glenn,i will keep working out and try to get bigger and much stronger.and i am going to train my mother and won't my stepfather wet him self if i can turn her into something like me!

NessieJun 01 2012 2:53pm
Glenn,and i am also looking forward to teach my school teacher to treat his girl students we girls are not his play things!

NessieJun 01 2012 2:57pm
Glenn,how would you feel if a power house of a girl my age was to manhandle you just like i have done to my stepfamily? wrestled you and bend your body to positions you never thought possible?

NessieJun 01 2012 4:28pm
Glenn,i see on your poll that A34 hasn't got a clue how to find me on this poll! i guess he is going to need his a little help finding this! he wants me to send him my e-mail address and its not going to happen to him or you! i hope you understand?

NessieJun 01 2012 5:15pm
@NESSIE... << Glenn,i see on your poll that A34 hasn't got a clue how to find me on this poll! i guess he is going to need his a little help finding this! he wants me to send him my e-mail address and its not going to happen to him or you! i hope you understand? >> Well Well my lil NESSIE, those are FIGHTING words. Prepare for your BUTT WHOOOPIN from ME!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, haha

A34Jun 01 2012 5:45pm
Good job GS getting this sorted

A34Jun 01 2012 5:52pm
^He made it!! I was gonna email you with the link if you hadn't got here next time I checked. Yes, your teacher Nessie...doesn't sound like he's too professional. You could act all innocent when you bump into him, ask him for some wrestling advice, and then if you get the chance just dominate him haha if you're learning the moves and you already have more muscle than him, it would be a rude shock for him! Is your mother out with you on the farm? If so, she will get benefits of all that hard work as well. With your inspiration I bet she's seeing what might be truly possible.

Glenn StormJun 01 2012 6:03pm
And you ask how I'd feel if a power house of a girl were to manhandle me and bend me into all types of shapes?? would be pretty mindblowing I imagine - a younger girl about to easily outmuscle me. I'd probably get goosebumps, my eyes would glaze over - it would be pretty special :) And yes, pretty arousing too - I have so often fantasized about it, but have never experienced it. So if it happened for real I'd be pretty excited ;)

Glenn StormJun 01 2012 6:06pm
A34,in your dreams you are going to butt whoop me!because ever day i am getting stronger and bigger more powerful muscles.and by summers end i will AWESOME!

NessieJun 01 2012 6:30pm
@NESSIE... Well we have a long way until summer's end my LITTLE NESSIE, so it's ON ~~~ << hope A34 finds us? >> Ok I found YOU and now what are you gonna do to me now that I FOUND YOU???? :))

A34Jun 01 2012 6:34pm
Glenn,and when i finally run in with my school teacher and sees my big strong powerful muscles he will wet him self when i flex my biceps!i bet my bicep muscles are harder than his boner!

NessieJun 01 2012 6:34pm
A34,have finally said anything to your girlfriend about me? and hows her weight lifting going?

NessieJun 01 2012 6:38pm
@ NESSIE... You wanted me to find you. I found YOU... I've MISSED YOU sweetie :)) So you wanted me to find you. So now that I have what are you wanting to do with me????

A34Jun 01 2012 6:40pm
A34,i have been studying grapevine wrestling holds! so how would you like me to spead your legs with my very strong legs and split you in half? you would be no match for the strength in my legs!

NessieJun 01 2012 6:48pm
A34,seeing you found me again i will give you a gift! if you want to know what i look like? go up on YouTube and look for a girl named The Mighty Trinity! i am a couple of inches shorter but ,we could be twins!

NessieJun 01 2012 6:52pm
@ NESSIE... so you've missed me haven't you??? I mean who else knows what you've been through like me. You've missed me surging my energy into you and worshipping the GODDESS you've become. That's awesome to know... because I have missed your energy too :) ~~~ Have you missed me calling you a GODDESS??? ~~~ And come on NESSIE, we both you know you do NOT want to split me in half with your power. I know theres more lustrious and arousing things you'd like to do to me with your AMAZON GODDESS POWER :)) A^3!!!!

A34Jun 01 2012 6:53pm
""i bet my bicep muscles are harder than his boner"" Your muscles are very hard I'm sure, but I don't think there'd be much in it hehe. If he's already preying on girls in your class, imagine how he reacts when you show him what a REAL girl looks like - he'll split his pants I think! You feel like a goddess Nessie? Especially when you lift weights? Or very especially when you can show that strength to guys??

Glenn StormJun 02 2012 4:41am
Glenn not a goddess just a very strong muscular girl of 15 soon to be 16 years old. its really amazing to me how far i have come in strength and muscles.and i am also amazed to what i can do to males with them.and also makes me wet to think how much powerful this body of this body is going to be.and for my teacher his day will come! and it might be sooner than later!

NessieJun 02 2012 4:46pm
A34,so these days with your girlfriend you wish i was her with my great strength and powerful muscles and she could lift you over head,apply a bone crunching scissors hold or spread you across my back and bend your back in a backbreaker or rack while you were naked and as bend your back grab your boner and make you have an orgasm?

NessieJun 02 2012 4:53pm
@ NESSIE... WOW!!! Are you serious did you just say that to me????? And, why did you just tell Glenn your NOT a GODDESS?? I thought we have realized YES you are!!! Or have you MISSED me and you need me to refresh your memory??? ~~~ NESSIE YES you are a GODDESS!! I just got home and saw your reply, are on your computer now?? Lets have some fun replies.

A34Jun 02 2012 5:07pm
A34,so what do think of me looking like the Mighty Trinity? i think she and i could be sisters?

NessieJun 02 2012 5:14pm
A34,the reason i am not a Goddess? Goddess are make believe and i am real and rather be an Amazon but will probably not be any taller than 5'6.because of the female gene in my family.but,if want to call me Goddess bow down to me than!

NessieJun 02 2012 5:26pm
@ NESSIE, I looked her up and she's pretty for sure and with lovely long hair. She looks tall and somewhat lean but for real, she's not all that muscular. She's built and has some muscle for sure but I'm guessing you already have bigger muscles then her and your athletic background and all the training you've done and do is superior to hers. And she sure does LOVE to LIFT Guys. And so do YOU!!!!!!!!!! ~~~ So you online for a little while now???

A34Jun 02 2012 5:26pm
@ NESSIE, right, you are an AMAZON GODDESS!! Bow down to you... what is going on here?? What did I miss... 10 days ago you were my sweet Amazon Goddess... now you're so demanding and commanding. What have I created????

A34Jun 02 2012 5:30pm
A34,i will be here for awhile! so have you and girlfriend ever wrestle or had she ever put you in a scissors hold? how big are her biceps? and have you ever arm-wrestled? i bet i could train your girlfriend to be a Goddess!

NessieJun 02 2012 5:33pm
A34,isn't that you wanted to me demanding and commanding with my muscles and great strength? besides the minute i would flex my biceps you would get a boner and orgasm!

NessieJun 02 2012 5:37pm
@ NESSIE, she is strong lower body and has a strong back. But her arms and upper body are not that strong. We have messed around a bit but I'm alot stronger upper body and about 40lbs heavier. I'm fit and pretty strong. I don't try to lift all that heavy or put on size. I'm a SURFER and want to stay a bit lighter and leaner to have more balance and strength in the water. Being in WaterShape is more important to me than being huge. ~~~ And WHY are you so interested in her??? ~~~ << A34,so these days with your girlfriend you wish i was her with my great strength and powerful muscles and she could lift you over head >> ~~~ So I think its equal, I wish she was YOU, doing the AMAZON GODDESS things you love to do and YOU wish you were doing this to me!!

A34Jun 02 2012 5:43pm
A34,no reason me being interested in your girlfriend!by the way there maybe another attempt to try to try and have a peace offering with my stepfather! but,have feeling it might end up like the others me taking apart my stepfather! and i am much bigger and stronger than the last time we tangled!

NessieJun 02 2012 6:01pm
@NESSIE, << besides the minute i would flex my biceps you would get a boner and orgasm! Nessie >> Dream on my little Goddess. I have more control then that. However I would definitely get aroused. But I would NOT cum in my pants just by the sight of you flexing. You would have to do something to me to EARN that!!! :)) But I know one thing for sure, you so WANT me to have an orgasm with you, for you, and by you!!! ~~~~ But like I said, you have to earn that, flexing alone won't do it!!

A34Jun 02 2012 6:05pm
A34,men are weak when it comes to use girls flexing our muscles and you probably no different! if that didn't work how about me applying an reverse head scissors or a body scissors? i read online guys get boners and orgasm from scissor holds!

NessieJun 02 2012 6:13pm
@ NESSIE, you are a lustrious GODDESS to me. And I'm NOT into domination like some guys. I'm NOT into a woman inflicting pain on me. Choking me out in a leg scissor won't do it for me. However I find you arouse my senses and I what I fantasize about is the sensual and erotic powers you have. Your recent discovery that your SUPER GIRL is fascinating and a real turn on too. ~~~ But Remember when you said you are very intrigued by the things Mighty Mouse does. How she does incredible lifts of power with her bf and carries him when having sensual interaction. That's what turns me on. ~~~ And I don't know why you won't admit how much you LOVE that I think of you this way. You told me you think about it alot last week.

A34Jun 02 2012 6:18pm
A34,a girl can change her mind you know? but,yea i am intrigued by lifting males over head.nothing gets me wet knowing i can have a male helpless with an over head lift.and it was a blast me lifting my stepbrother over head watching my self in the bathroom mirror.and its too bad i had to cancel my sleep over with some of my girlfriends because i would used my stepbrother to show what they could do if they lifted weights to get strong.

NessieJun 02 2012 6:26pm
@ NESSIE, oh you mean you changed your mind? I mean I just read yesterday you were hoping I'd find you here??? ~~~ And what.. your replying with me and the Muscle Adventures we've created of you displaying your POWER to me no longer gets you wet??? You're NOT wet anymore thinking of how Astonished I am of you, How in AWE I would be of your power, and how AROUSED I would be by your Amazon Goddess Lifts and Carries???? :((((

A34Jun 02 2012 6:31pm
@ NESSIE, that's supposed to end with :((( How sad I am to hear this :(( I was so over the moon HAPPY for your EMPOWERMENT, encouraging you as you discovered your Amazon Goddess gifts of Power you have and have developed. and it happened so fast, I'm so THRILLED for you!!! And I love exploring your sensual arousal of your power as well.

A34Jun 02 2012 6:35pm
A34,yea,every thing has happened so fast to me that i am still trying to wrap my head around it to what i have done using my great strength and muscles.its like is this really a dream that i haven't woken up from or what! but,i know its real and just beginning to realize whats possible using my muscles and strength.

NessieJun 03 2012 11:58am
@NESSIE... yes it's literally so amazing and fascinating and it has deeply effected me as well. Of course NOT as deep nor as impactful as for you but nevertheless it's had an impact on me. ~~~ I think my God, how powerful are WORDS and ENERGY. I felt the pain of your situation and I wanted to encourage you, to let you know that you will overcome the abuse of your stepfather and stepbrother and it's up to you to be mentally strong and that this is only a temporary road block and that YOU have the POWER to Change your life. So I want to say those words for you to encourage you, I was sending healing thoughts and energy and prayers that you will be ok. ~~~ THEN... somehow my Words and Energy surged into you and you absolutely took it to heart and became EMPOWERED in an instant. Like a Lightning Bolt of Goddess Energy struck you and from that moment on, you have TRANSFORMED. This is like nothing I have ever experienced. And I feel so lucky and privileged to be a small part of this. I feel like in a small part I have helped you standup and destroy your abusive stepfamily. And in so doing saved YOU... protected you and your mother. And just like that, now you're SAFE and out of that abusive environment and NOT living there anymore. I mean that is ALOT to take in for you for sure. But it's alot for me to take in too. I think OH MY GOD, what have I done. I totally disrupted this girls LIFE. BUT THEN I THINK... yes but for the BETTER. She is now fully empowered and will be CHANGED forever and her future and life will be so much better for it!!!! But still its CRAZY and I'm HERE for you!!!!! BIG NESSIE HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :))

A34Jun 03 2012 12:12pm
@ NESSIE... this << And in so doing saved YOU... protected you and your mother. >> I meant this more as my words helped save you... in the sense you took them to heart, realized how INCREDIBLE you are, and that Empowered you to SAVE yourself, which allowed you to protect yourself and your mother. And that is so INCREDIBLE. But it's really YOU, YOU, YOU... you are the Amazon Goddess who has the muscles and strength that is making this all happen. SO PROUD of you NESSIE!!!!!! Even BIGGER NESSIE HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

A34Jun 03 2012 12:16pm
So what's going on with your step father Nessie? You guys having another meeting to sort things out? I guess you're prepared for anything after the last one...I love reading about the journey you're on Nessie, discovering what excites you, what your body can really do, how strong you are and can be in the future - it all sounds pretty cool :) Hope you had a great weekend!

Glenn StormJun 04 2012 2:24pm
A34 and Glenn,what a weekend i had using my muscles and strength. This past sat i made a date with two girlfriends of mine from school.We planned to meet up at a local farmer's market around 3:00 in the afternoon and then go to a local private watering hold to go swimming! but before that in the morning i went off to the gym for a work out.and after the work out my muscles were really pumped with strength and my muscles felt great.after that went home grabbed my bike and rode off to the farmers market to meet my friends and when i got there i met up with my friends.Then i spotted my school teacher and he saw me and could tell by looking at me i could feel that creepy feeling that he was undressing me with his eyes.I gave him a not to nice look and then decided to ignore friends finally showed up and went off to the watering hold to swim.unfortunatelly my school started to follow us.but,he tried to be unnoticed but,didn't succeed.My friends and i took another path to the watering hold and thought we lost him.and we thought we did.We got the watering hold and stripped down to our swimming suits which really showed off my muscles.anyway,we started swimming and after that proceeded to lay down on our towels and thats when i spotted my school teacher in the bushes watching us.and finally i got pissed off and said something to my friends about our school teacher and told them it was time to teach him a very long lesson he will never forget and also show my friends what they could do if the work out like me lifting weights.So,i got up and walked around so my school teacher couldn't see me.and came around to surprise him.and i did! except he had his pants playing with him self getting off watching us.So grabbed him with my arms and put him in bear hug from behind and started to squeeze him and him trying to scream.I them proceeded to carry him with me having a hold on him with the bear hug! to where my girlfriends were and told them i was going to show them what power and strength can do.I put my school teacher down for a second and grabbed him and proceeded to lift him over head with ease and him yelling to put him down.but,i wasn't listening and knew he could yell as much as he wanted because we were in a area that no one could hear him.anyway,back to what was happening and i could see my friends were amazed i could do this to adult male twice my age.and there i was with my teacher over head.then i decided i would really show off. i put him down again for second and stripped him of his shorts.and then again lifted my school teacher over head naked.and my friends clapped cheering me on.and again finally putting him down again turning him around again grabbed him again and putting him across my back and put him in the backbreaker or rack and he was really screaming because i was really pulling down to which probably he thought i was going to break his back and snap in half which now i probably could now do.but,i wasn't going to him.i just want to teach him a lesson.after the backbreaker i lifted him up again and placed him and his back on my knee for another type of backbreaker and as i was pushing down on his back i grabbed his boner and threatening to yank it off.and this time he was crying like a baby and asking for mercy but,i wasn't listening because of the whole year i had to put up with him and also think of the other girls!i finally,stopped the knee backbreaker.I reached down for his hair lifting him to his feet.turning around to his back and got him in a full nelson lifting him up in it and with his legs off the ground.i started then pushing on the full nelson and him screaming that i was going to snap his neck.and then i took him to the ground and applied my legs to show my friends and teacher where the real strength is.and soon as i had on the ground i put him in a body scissors and started to squeeze and he started yelling in pain that i was going to break his ribs which i could have done very easily.i than stopped the body scissors and moved my legs down a little pulled up on the full nelson and than yanked down the scissors stretching his body to the limit and him yelling again.I finally was getting very annoyed by his yelling and crying so i decided to end this.I moved up my legs and applied a head scissors and at that time he probably thought i was going to kill i put on a squeeze on his head and squeezed him out.My friends than asked if i had killed him.I told them no but,when he finally wakes up from this he will feel that he has.i got up my friends thought that was friends and i grabbed our stuff and left and decided to do one more thing.We took the teachers clothes living him naked trying to explain what happened to if he were the way the whole time is was very wet through thing.

NessieJun 05 2012 11:06am
@NESSIE... OH my GOD... what have I created????

A34Jun 05 2012 11:16am
A34,you open the door for me and i am enjoying using my muscles and strength.Its overwheleming feeling to over power males.Its a great turn on for,why not use my Goddess powerful body? or my EMPOWERMENTthat you so keep calling it?

NessieJun 05 2012 12:25pm
@ NESSIE... yes, yes, YES. You have truly become so EMPOWERED!! You are truly an EMPOWERED GODDESS. You totally get it and it's so AWESOME. I just can't believe somehow my words, my energy encouraging you has had such an incredible and dramatic effect. I mean your whole life in an instance has changed. INCREDIBLE!!! ~~~ Did you read my above message about how this has deeply effected me too. I hope I did NOT screw up your life by you and your mom having to leave your house. But at the sametime its for the better to NOT be there so I HOPE you feel my words, helping you EMPOWER YOUR INNER GODDESS... I hope you think this is AWESOME!!!

A34Jun 05 2012 12:38pm
I mean even I am still trying to process all this. I hope I didn't get you going to fast, too soon. But then again, it's obvious this was your destiny... and that explains why it happened so instantly and with such incredible power. And you're only gonna get far more powerful... ~~~ Tell me more about your THOUGHTS too NESSIE??? ~~~ And I hope you're cool with me opening up that door for you (but I all did was assist, it's all YOU YOU YOU... my Empowered GODDESS) ?????

A34Jun 05 2012 12:47pm
A34,its incredible to my empowerment as you call it!and seeing you helped me open the door! then why not exploit it? and the bigger and stronger i get there is something about over powering a male that makes me wet! and especially lifting a male over head and bending their bodies to where they don't bend! i guess i am starting to sound like MIGHTY Mouse!

NessieJun 05 2012 12:57pm
Your NOT mighty mouse you're AMAZON GODDESS, tell me more. HOW are you feeling??? YOU LOVE THIS!!

A34Jun 05 2012 1:03pm
A34,yes i am loving this! and why shouldn't I? my girlfriends told me after wards showing me their cell phones they snapped pictures of what i did to the school teacher.they also told me they also got very wet watching what i could do to a male and on much older than me! and sorry there won't be any of this up on the internet because we girls are under age and could cause problems for us that we don't want!

NessieJun 05 2012 1:15pm
A34,you think Glenn is going to Wank Off again reading what i did to my school teacher?

NessieJun 05 2012 1:18pm
@ NESSSIE, I don't know about Glenn, but it's deeply effecting me. And I'm not saying you shouldn't be loving it. Its AWESOME, your AWESOME. What do you think I'm doing now?? ~~~ And now your friends know you're an Amazon Goddess too...

A34Jun 05 2012 1:25pm
@ NESSIE, I think you have the very rare and Awesome super power to make everyone WET. I LOVE IT, haha. What a power to have!! Guys seeing you, Guys reading about your Goddess exploits, Guys feeling your pain, Guys being lifted overhead, and now even Girls Watching your displays of pure POWER!!! And everyone is WET, WET, WET... ~~~ MY MY MY, just who is this NESSIE girl???

A34Jun 05 2012 2:06pm
My wanking habits are interesting to you Nessie?? LOL Nah, it's a great story - can't believe your teacher would actually follow you around like that - what a creep! I'd love to see his reaction the next time you 2 cross paths :) How big is your teacher Nessie ie. how much weight do you think you were throwing around?? Sounds like you're starting to master these wrestling holds too :) As A34 keeps saying, this is what happens when empowerment occurs, your eyes are suddenly open to these amazing opportunities, and doing stuff like this that you'll never forget. AWESOME.

Glenn StormJun 05 2012 2:19pm
Glenn,my teacher is about 5' 8 and about i would guess his weight is 150.and yes i am mastering wrestle holds.and with me getting bigger and stronger i can make them painful.i think i like the backbreakers the most.and i really like using my legs in scissor holds.So,glenn what wrestling hold you like the most watching a girl applying what hold to a guy?

NessieJun 05 2012 4:27pm
A34, i saw up on YouTube a girl taking an apple between her bicep and forearm and crush it in half by flexing the bicep! i think i can do that!

NessieJun 05 2012 4:30pm
@NESSIE... Give us the youtube link you are referring to? ~~~ << i saw up on YouTube a girl taking an apple between her bicep and forearm and crush it in half by flexing the bicep! i think i can do that! >> Ok PROVE IT.

A34Jun 05 2012 6:22pm
@NESSIE... so how are you feeling now after all this??? Are you getting stronger too??? What are you benching and squatting now????

A34Jun 05 2012 6:57pm
OK so if your teacher is 150lbs that's basically what I weigh, but spread out over 6'2". You could overhead press me!! Kinda amazing! I don't know a lot about wrestling holds to be honest, I just know when girls pull out the scissor holds that guys are pretty screwed, so if anything I don't like scissor holds because they are so easy for girls to win with haha Dunno, maybe I'll read up on some cool ones and put in a request for you - for the next time you see a guy in the bushes lol Or it might be your step father/brother again - what's goin on with them right now??

Glenn StormJun 06 2012 2:15pm
A34, i am benching between 160-165 pounds,squatting 375 pounds,leg pressing 500 pounds,dumbbell curling between 55 and 60 pounds now and been doing dead lifts at 335 pounds!and you asked how i felt taking on my teacher? i felt great and satified for now.but,i do owe him another go at some time.wait until he sees me after 6 weeks of very hard training.I bet the next time he sees me he will piss his pants.and by the way i heard he found his way home with out problems because i did leave his clothes where he could find them.i just would have wondered what he would have said to some one looking beat up with out clothes? a 15 year old power house of a girl did this to him? they probably would have locked him up? besides like i said i am not nearly done with him!

NessieJun 07 2012 9:33am
Glenn,i think by the end of the summer or close to it after a lot of heavy training i probably have no problem taking on my stepfather and step brother together! and wouldn't that blow their minds? and also i don't know if you remember about me telling you about my step uncle and when i was younger he would always gave me a uneasy feeling that he was think of trying to do something to me.and i do have plans to really pay him back at some time!

NessieJun 07 2012 9:46am
@ NESSIE, OMG what have you done to my mind and thought????

A34Jun 07 2012 10:03am
@ NESSIE... from my original Empowerment post you wrote... << A34,i am benching 150,i have squatted 200 and pressed 300. Nessie >> ~~~ OMG, you're strength is increasing off the charts so quickly. Your SQUAT and Leg Press almost doubled, WOW... how is that possible?? Oh right Amazon GODDESS!! ~~~ Now I understand what you mean by your legs are lethal. Have you ever given anyone a PIGGYBACK ride???

A34Jun 07 2012 10:16am
A34, a lot of heavy training!and no about a PIGGYBACK ride! why you want one? and yes from the heavy weight training with my legs causing them to be lethal!but, they were strong when i was young doing gymnastics but with the weight training they unbelievable! i guess you couldn't even imagine what kind of pressure i can produce?

NessieJun 07 2012 10:30am
@ NESSIE... a 375lbs SQUAT is so fricken STRONG. Only a very few girls ever get that strong. How many reps do you bench 165lbs? How many reps do you Leg Press 500lbs? How may reps do you Squat 375lbs. ~~~ Seriously 375lbs is insanely STRONG!! You are so AMAZING!!! And I LOVE that you know how AMAZING you are now. You're fully EMPOWERED!!!

A34Jun 07 2012 10:33am
A34,i can do about 6 reps at 165,leg press at 500 pounds 6 reps,squatting at 375 6 reps!and by summers end who knows what i will be doing?and by the way my arms are almost 14 and thighs are now 22 inches!

NessieJun 07 2012 10:48am
@ NESSIE... so take me through this. A few weeks ago you said you were squatting 200lbs. So how did you jump to 375lbs in only a few weeks? Did you just never try to go too heavy before that and then one day (after our Empowering talks, haha :)) so after you realized you were an AMAZON GODDESS and you said to yourself, I am way stronger and capable of squatting more than 200lbs. So then one day recently at the gym you were squatting 200lbs and it felt way too easy? So you started adding weight and more weight and more weight and next thing you know you were squatting 375lbs for reps???? ~~~ That is such an incredible JUMP in weight in such a short time. It must have blown your mind???? Share your thoughts on that???? Seriously very few girls ever get to 375lbs squats. That is so STRONG especially for reps. "AGN"!!!!

A34Jun 07 2012 10:57am
A34, i always thought i could do more weight but just wanted to get my muscles strong enough to be able to lift more! and you are right its an incredible jump! see trainer that i work with he also thought i could do more weights! i hope this makes sense?

NessieJun 07 2012 11:04am
@ NESSIE, yeah it makes sense. You were just always way stronger than you realized and didn't push yourself yet. Now that you're a fully Empowered Amazon Goddess you knew it was time to give it a go. But seriously what did you think when you just kept adding weight on the bar and it was so easy still and then you must have been like OH MY GOD, I just practically doubled my squat weight???? And if you can do 375 for 6 reps, you can easily max out at over 400lbs. So you really did double your weight in only weeks. YOUR INCREDIBLE!!!

A34Jun 07 2012 11:09am
A34,i thought it was amazing what i was lifting!and it does make me very wet to think about it! and by the way one of my friends i was with at the swimming hold wants me take care of a cousin that doesn't think we girls can't never be strong! Just makes me think i can be hired to take care of certain problems!

NessieJun 07 2012 12:14pm
@ NESSIE... YOU SAID... << A34, a lot of heavy training! And no about a PIGGYBACK ride! Why you want one? >> From you... YES YES YES. ~~~ I think with your 375 squat for reps, my 185lbs will be quite easy for you, what do you think??? ~~~ But WARNING, with your super Power, you know your super power that makes all guys have boners and orgasm.... Do you think I would have one on your back???? I think you will feel it my boner pressed into your strong back. What about that??? How will that make you feel???

A34Jun 07 2012 12:18pm
A34,i might to have to snap it off! or grab it to see if i can do reps with you holding your boner and making you count and not letting you orgasming!

NessieJun 07 2012 12:28pm
@ NESSIE, you need to enjoy the sensuality of your POWER TOO my dear. It's not just for inflicting pain. There is a sensual palace of ectasy that your power and create for mutual enjoyment. There are so many fun and blissful ways we can explore with your great power. And this will bring such great joy and pleasure to you, far greater than hurting men. YOU WILL LOVE THIS. ~~~ OK so how many times are you gonna squat me??? And I will feel my boner in your back and love it and get WET yourself. And when I orgasm... you'll feel it and LOVE it even more!!! I know you will right, hence the Amazon Goddess will love this and it will make you STRONGER, right?????

A34Jun 07 2012 12:36pm
A34,seeing i can now squat 375! i can probably squat you probably 15 or 20 times!and after that i would put you down an apply a bear-hug and play with you and make you get a boner and then put you down and around and put in another bear hug and see if i could have you orgasm like my stepbrother! and then when you were done> i would wrap me thighs around you and squeeze to see if i can make your boner hard again and orgasm from squeezing you!I would drive you out of your mind!

NessieJun 07 2012 12:49pm
A34,seeing i can now squat 375! i can probably squat you probably 15 or 20 times!and after that i would put you down an apply a bear-hug and play with you and make you get a boner and then put you down and around and put in another bear hug and see if i could have you orgasm like my stepbrother! and then when you were done> i would wrap me thighs around you and squeeze to see if i can make your boner hard again and orgasm from squeezing you!I would drive you out of your mind!

NessieJun 07 2012 12:49pm
@NESSIE... OMG.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25 REPS. And doing all that, how will YOU be feeling??? ~~~ NESSIE, I think its important to remember. That Mighty Mouse was strong but she liked to be more dominant and did it from a more I want to physically punish guys. She also said she was erotic but for the most part her comments were from a dominating point of view. Which I'm NOT into. ~~~ However JENNA... remember JENNA talked about how much fun she had displaying her strength to her BF in erotic ways. JENNA was STRONGER then the guys she dated and had sex with but displayed her power in sensual ways. She is far more of a sensual GODDESS and full of POWER where as Mighty Mouse was more about being dominating and punishing guys. ~~~ Just a thought to consider... I think you need to start experiencing your power from a sensual perspective now too. I'm sure you can find a willing guy to explore and experiment with where you both mutually enjoy and are both fully aware of what you're doing in a sensual way.

A34Jun 07 2012 12:56pm
A34,yea but i am only 15 soon to be 16 and this is very new to me and haven't learned what i can do and what i can't!and these are much older girls!

NessieJun 07 2012 1:00pm
@ NESSIE, what month is your B-daY?? And Jenna I think is 1 or 2 years older than you. I'm just putting that out there. I love that you're learning what you can do and we're experiencing it here with you in real time. It's so Fascinating!! ~~~ Also what I found fascinating about JENNA was she was so fully empowered already in such a sensual way at an early age. She just totally knows who and what she is which means her future will be incredible. ~~~ And you are moving along that path now... I just think it would be better to follow JENNA's path than Might Mouse. Mighty Mouse sounded a bit too dominant and about punishing guys and being more butch about it. Where JENNA is I'm sure stronger than I am but very sensual about it and that is far more attractive. ~~~ BIG things to come from you NESSIE :))

A34Jun 07 2012 1:23pm
A34,i have learned that i have to follow my own path and not anyone else's path.and what works for one may not work for me!and my birthday is in Aug.

NessieJun 07 2012 1:48pm
@NESSIE, AGREED... but do you get what I mean by the difference between Might M and JENNA? ~~~ That being said, your PATH is truly unique and incredible and I would bet anything they did NOT experience anything like you just have the past few weeks.

A34Jun 07 2012 2:01pm
A34,agreed! and i don't think i am going to be another Mighty Mouse or Jenna! but,like them it gets me hot and wet to experience what i can do with my great strength and muscles! and i guess if i had to chose i would want to give pleasure but than there are times i am glad i can use it for other things!

NessieJun 07 2012 2:13pm
A34, i don't like comparing my self to any one and the reason i told i look like the Mighty Trinity was to give you a some what idea what i look like! I hope you understand this?

NessieJun 08 2012 12:04pm
@NESSIE... Not a big deal Nessie. I didn't ask if you looked like her, I asked if you were buffer or more muscular then her? I came across that youtube... it turns out that girl is an American 16 year old girl and she is just now getting into weight lifting. She has alot of videos on youtube and it already getting pretty buff. I saw the video and thought of YOU... since you're her age. She seems to have discovered the endorphin rush of what its like to be a strong girl. And there's even a video of her crushing her guy friend in armwrestling. So you have some things in common. Again not a big deal.

A34Jun 08 2012 7:25pm
So what's been happening this last weekend Nessie?? Or what's coming up next in Nessie's fantastic strength adventures...apart from giving A34 fantasy piggyback rides ;)

Glenn StormJun 11 2012 4:59am
A34 and Glenn,glad you asked about this last weekend.Sat.night i went to the movies with a couple of girlfriends and wore something that really showed off my muscles.and there there were a couple of much older boys there and when they saw me with my friends. Started to say something not to nice to me.So i went right up to them and asked what were their problem was? Then one said to me which i guess was their ringleader.Those muscles can't be real? so i flexed up and said go feel it because you got nothing on your arms to match these! He felt it and then said wow but said they don't look very strong? Then i said how much to prove that they are that strong? He had no answer and i could see in his eyes whether i did or did not? by the way the boy was about 5'10 and i guess about 165! but,like a lot of boys like him i could tell did not work out.anyway,i was getting tired waiting for him to try to decide what he was going to do and there were people around waiting to get in the,i grabbed him and put him in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground and started to squeeze and said to him do you think my muscles are strong? unfortunately he couldn't talk because i was squeezing the air out of him.I could see his friends and the people around stunned that girl that looked much younger could do this to a boy? then what probably seem a long time to him/ i released him not wanting to do any real damage to him but wanted him to remember never to mean or question a girls muscles or strength.and by the way when i had the boy in the bear hug i could feel his boner on my leg! but, again this boy could let it go and called me another name and then i really got pissed.I grabbed him again in a bear hug and flipped him upside down and i really started to power more into the bear hug.then i notice he was out from my squeezing i then gently put him down to make sure i didn't hurt him to bad.It took about a minute for him to come too.His friends helped him and they said nothing.after that i did not feel like going to the movies and told my friends i am going home.Besides i was all wet from that and to go home and change

NessieJun 11 2012 11:15am
Seems everywhere you turn there's some dumb guy who doesn't believe your muscles are real Nessie LOL What does he think, that they are fake, and you just blow them up like a balloon before you go out?? Stubborn, ignorant guys - thank god for girls like you who are happy to 're-educate' them :) How were his friends reacting to all this??

Glenn StormJun 11 2012 5:55pm
Glenn, i don't know how his friends are reacting to this because i left the movies! i guess they are probably shocked and i coul guess his friends giving a very hard time being manhandled by young muscle power house of a girl? but,you are right about dumb guys! and there are most likely more of them out there!but, i like changing guys point of view!What really would have love to do take these guys into my gym and see how strong they are compared to me!

NessieJun 11 2012 6:41pm
You are right: there are plenty more dumb guys out there haha. I think you could spend your lifetime changing the point of view of the more closed minded ones :) I think their eyes would probably pop out if they saw what you could lift...You ever do this at your gym? Kind of cruise over to where a guy is working out and deliberately outlift what he did on the same machine? That would be pretty hot I reckon.

Glenn StormJun 11 2012 10:00pm
Glenn,no i never cruised over to where i guy is working out and deliberately out lift what i did on a machine but quite a few times after i have got done doing lat.pulldowns guys had to adjust the pin to lighter weights! and these guys are all ages we are talking about.and also doing leg workouts!but,the other lifting i do i really don't notice what the guys do watching me lifting but do notice guys have boners looking at my muscles!

NessieJun 12 2012 8:25am
A34,so whats happen to you? you could handle me anymore?

NessieJun 12 2012 9:08am
@NESSIE... << AA34,so whats happen to you? you given up on me? or you just could handle anymore? or was i to much for you? >> Now what makes you think that???

A34Jun 12 2012 9:28pm
A34.sorry,i did not hear from in awhile and thought i drove him out of his mind and could not handle to what was going on with me to Amazon Goddess to my Empowerment?

NessieJun 13 2012 9:42am
@NESSIE... how are you? how are you dealing with your NEW Transformation? I am happy to see you taking ownership of the word EMPOWERMENT. And since thats what my poll was all about Empowerment, I am glad to know I have played a small part in this Amazon Goddess Transformation ~~~ And at the sametime, don't you think it's time for you to at least tell me what country you are from? I'm guessing you're NOT in the USA since a couple of weeks ago you talked about being in school when it was a National Holiday here so there was no school. So Brazil, Scotland? UK??

A34Jun 13 2012 10:02am
A34, i live in the USA to but.not going to tell you where!

NessieJun 13 2012 10:44am
Maybe one day when you are just freelancing in the gym you could pick out a 'target' eg. a guy who is about your size if you want it easy, or maybe a big, athletic guy for more difficulty - your choice. Then just follow him around (not obviously...unless you want to ;)) and see how much you lift on machines compared to him. If you get off on being stronger than guys, why not do it at your gym too? I bet it would feel great to use a machine after a guy and have to go heavier than he did. How's life out on the farm Nessie? Lifting any cows over your head yet? LOL

Glenn StormJun 13 2012 2:07pm
@ NESSIE, if you live in the US, then how come you had school on Memorial Day? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW to the muscle farm girl :))

A34Jun 13 2012 10:06pm
Glenn, the farm life out on my grandparents is working out very well! i get up early and i am doing hard work and it awesome what its doing to my muscles and strength and with my weight training! no telling what my muscles and strength is going to be like at the end of summer?

NessieJun 14 2012 3:21pm
A34,where i go to school! we go to till after Memorial day!and you should not making fun of us farm girls because they are a whole lot of us girls much stronger than you! and especially me!and these days i am getting close to be able to lift your sorry ass over head and probably could do reps with you! or lift you over head looking at a mirror like i did to my stepbrother naked! or have you begging to be released from my scissor holds! i wouldn't punish you like i do others but,give you a taste to what i could to you!

NessieJun 14 2012 3:30pm
@ NESSIE... whose making fun of farm girls? I was giving you a HEEEEE HAW muscle farm-girl shout out. ~~ As for Memorial Day... I said, YOU were posting that you were at SCHOOL ON the actual day of Memorial Day. I know school goes after but all schools are CLOSED on the actual day. So it made me think you were from another country.

A34Jun 14 2012 5:16pm
@ NESSIE << a whole lot of us girls much stronger than you! and especially me! and these days i am getting close to be able to lift your sorry ass over head and probably could do reps with you! give you a taste to what i could to you! >> OK WHEN CAN YOU DO TO ME... or more like WHAT do you WANT to do to me??? AND HOW WET does that make you feel??? See I know the secret NESSIE... you keep talking about how you give guys orgasms with your great power and strength and Amazon Goddess SEX appeal... but in truth, it's YOU who is getting the most WET and ORGASMS.

A34Jun 14 2012 5:20pm
A34,yes it makes me wet think about that i will have the strength to lift a grown man over head that weighs 185 over head! Would that real brow your mind that a young power house of a girl of 15 to soon 16 being able to lift you over head like me? anyway,my mother told me today that my stepfather is coming to the farm to see if we really can talk this over! Which i doubt will do any good!He hasn't seen me in quite awhile and i really think his mind will really blown when he sees how much bigger and stronger that i have become? and talking about the farm work! i am lifting 100-150 pounds of bales of hay like there are nothing.Even my grandfather can't believe that his grandaughter is that strong and he can believe how big my muscles are!

NessieJun 14 2012 5:54pm
@ NESSIE... so you have missed me?? I know you LOVE how much energy I have poured into you. I feel we both surge into each other now and feed off of each other's energy. It's an amazing feeling!!! You are incredible!! And you're only getting STRONGER and WETTER!!!

A34Jun 14 2012 6:05pm
A34,yea i missed you! and yes i am going stronger and wetter!

NessieJun 14 2012 6:11pm
@ NESSIE... < A34,yea i missed you! > AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW YOU MISSED ME :)) That is so nice to hear. Thanks cutie!! I MISSED you too :)) And I know you want to show me your power and have me look upon you in AWE... and call you my Amazon GODDESS.

A34Jun 14 2012 6:23pm
A34,so you dream of me? and wake up with a boner and cause you to Orgasm?

NessieJun 14 2012 6:29pm
@ NESSIE you know I do... and it's NOT just during the waking hours. You ok with that??

A34Jun 14 2012 6:32pm
A34,its amazing the power that i have over a grown man? it does make me wet to think i can! and talking about my stepfather! i hear he might be coming over with my step uncle! i don't think my step uncle can believe his step niece has the power and strength to do what i am doing to his brother! and i hope my step uncle does come over because i do owe him! and it mind blowing what i have planed for him!

NessieJun 14 2012 6:47pm
@ NESSIE... < A34,its amazing the power that i have over a grown man > Its amazing how aware of this you are. And even more amazing when you first commented on that EMPOWERING POLL you were more timid and unsure of it all. THEN the GODDESS Empowering Transformation happened and its been like SuperGIRL realizing she's SUPER-GIRL!!! Having the power over men you have... I like to think we are sharing and bonding over something more then just the other men. I feel you and I have gone on quite a journey together and somehow my words helped you. It's so lovely and surreal. I just can't help to think it's something unique, amazing, special. ~~~ And I know you want to show me how POWERFUL you are and you want me to be in AWE of you and mutually share and experience how WET it makes us. I no longer feel strange saying this to you because you are beyond age and have tapped into such higher powers, wisdoms, and energy. You have tapped into GODDESS AMAZON power and beyond age.

A34Jun 14 2012 6:56pm
A34, i do before bed look in my mirror and flex in the nude and have an amazing orgasm from playing with my incredible power full body! and you really can't believe the sizes of my muscles these days? and from the heavy chest work outs my breasts are amazing!

NessieJun 14 2012 7:03pm
@ NESSIE... so how do you feel about OUR BOND we have created??? Its quite powerful!! ~~~ And when standing before that mirror... do you think of ME?? And how you want to repay and show the guy that has been with you every step of the way of your incredible empowering Amazon Goddess journey... to SHOW ME YOUR ORGASMIC POWER?????

A34Jun 14 2012 7:08pm
A34,sorry when i stand in front of my mirror and flexing and playing with my muscles to an orgasm some times i do and some times i don't!! but i do feel empowered by your encouragement! and my journey to be Amazon Goddess!

NessieJun 14 2012 7:27pm
@ NESSIE... < A34,sorry when i stand in front of my mirror and flexing and playing with my muscles to an orgasm some times i do and some times i don't!! >> NOTHING to be sorry about. You did say SOMETIMES YOU DO... I'm NOT greedy. I'll take that :)) << but i do feel empowered by your encouragement and my journey to be Amazon Goddess! >> See that is so lovely to hear and be a part of that. ~~~ And I know you want to SHOW ME YOUR ORGASMIC POWER????? HOW do you want to show me?????

A34Jun 14 2012 7:34pm
Gosh...getting hot in here! What are you guys trying to do to me ;) Keep going Nessie, sounds like you're having a great time growing and expanding that body :)

Glenn StormJun 15 2012 4:59am
Glenn and A34, tomorrow should be interesting stepfather and step uncle are coming to the farm to visit my mother and me to see if we could work this out? but,i don't trust them!but,before they come i will go to my gym and a heavy work out before that happens so my muscles look even more scary to them to try something! but,my guess these guys or stepfather hasn't still learned from what i have done to him twice!

NessieJun 15 2012 1:08pm
Your stepfather MIGHT have learned a lesson, but I'm guessing your stepuncle wants to see for himself if a 15 year old girl can be so strong - so be prepared! Let us know how it goes :)

Glenn StormJun 15 2012 2:30pm
@ NESSIE.... regardless becareful. You against either one of them... one on one, you would destroy them. But two men at once, who knows what could happen. You could be overhead pressing one yet the other can break something over your back or head from behind. I hope your grandfather is sitting on his porch with his shotgun too.

A34Jun 15 2012 10:45pm
A34 and Glenn,i took your advice A34 about whether my stepfather and step uncle could be trusted to just come to talk! so,i had a very long talk with my mother and grand parents about them coming here to talk and i asked my mother if she really wanted this? because i told her i am very happy living here! and my mother agreed that she was also happy here and talked to a lawyer about divorce! So,we called off the meeting with my stepfather and step uncle and said what would happen if my stepfather came here anyway? so i said let them come if they are brave enough and can't take no especially my stepfather.and seeing my mother had already started the divorce process we no long had any attactment to anyone of my stepfamily.anyway,just like i thought my stepfather couldn't take it we told him no! He showed up but,with out his brother! which i was disappointed in because i was hoping to finally deal with him.but,i guess i will have to do that at some later date!and anyway,my stepfather showed up and this later in the day.He drove up to the farm and demanded to talk to my mother! and told him to leave and that he wasn't welcome.Well i guess he did not really learn from the last two times i manhandled him and we haven't seen each other for now about a month and that by this time.I am difinetly much bigger and stronger then the last time he saw the way i was wearing a sweat shirt and pants and he had no idea what i look like these days.I told him to leave while he was in one shape.He said forget it he wasn't leaving until he talked to my mother.Then i said to him i going to give you a very long and painful lesson to which he will leave us along and never both us! So,i slowly took off my sweats and i could see his eyes pop out of his head when he saw how much bigger i have become.and no i didn't strip to my birthday suit i was wearing a bathing suit.anyway,i grabbed him and put him in a head lock and started to put a squeeze on him i could hear him screaming from the pain i was causing him and at this time i could not care less.I could have squeezed him out right there.But,decided not to! i didn't want this to end! I stopped the head lock and grabbed him again around his body over his arms and put him in a bear hug and started squeezing while lifting him off the ground and he started yelling i was going break his ribs which now i could very easy do and then i changed my mind i felt two of his ribs go! and he screamed and past out from the pain.In the meantime i was getting really wet.and went to change because i thought i could be back before he came too.and i was right.He was coming around.I reached down grabbed his hair and put another hand around his legs and lifted him over head very easily.and again he was yelling to put him down and i finally told him to shut up and i was going to do anything i want to and as long as i want so he can yell and cry as much he wanted! Then there was i real eye opener i flipped him over holding him up with one hand! and i thought wow thats incredible i could lift a grown man twice my age over head with one hand and was making me wet again.I then lowered him on to my shoulders and placed him a backbreaker and was really pulling down and i could hear him moaning very loud in pain.I kept this up for awhile.I would let up pulling him inthe backbreaker and then pull down again and right then i realized how much i hated him! and did not care what i did to my soon ex-stepfather! then after the backbreaker i picked him up again and placed him on one of my knees in another back breaker and could see for myself the pain in his face.then notice he was out again.So i pushed him off my knee waiting again for him to come too.My mother and came over and asked if i had killed him? I said no and told her i wasn't nearly done with him by a long shot! and then told her i never knew how much i really hated him and by the time i am finally finished with him? he will never both us again and you will be able to get as much money out of him from the divorce with out him saying no.My stepfather finally came now he probably thought his back was broken.but,again i didn't care.I grabbed him by the hair again and turned him around and put him in a full nelson and again lifted him off the ground and at that time thought i was going to break his neck.I lowed him i went to the ground and wrapped my thighs around his stomach and squeezed on already broken ribs and by that time he was really crying from the pain.but,like i said i didn't care.So i ended up break another two of his ribs.but,this time he didn't pass out from me crushing him. and then i decided it was time to finally end this.I moved my thighs up to his head grabbed both hands and bended him an incredible painful angle and my mother told me it looked like i was going pull his body completely apart.He was out.Awhile he was out we put him into his car and drove him to the hospital to get medical help.I was told he had four broken ribs, i crushed of discs in his back which i was told take quite awhile to heal!and i have no idea what he said to the medical staff what had happen to him? And like i said its to bad my step uncle didn't come to! but,thats for another time!

NessieJun 17 2012 11:36am
@ NESSIE... are you serious??? OMG, this is crazy!!! I find it interesting how you hate him so but yet you get WET lifting him and beating him?

A34Jun 17 2012 11:57am
A34, i know about hating my stepfather but,i was confused by me being wet also? and it does sound crazy!and then i found out my grandparents watched the whole thing and was blown away that their granddaughter could do this to a much older grown man even if he was my stepfather!

NessieJun 17 2012 12:07pm
@ NESSIE... What's happening is, you really are an AMAZON GODDESS and you love the feeling of your POWER and STRENGTH coursing and throbbing through your body. Its kind of like where Physical Power and Orgasmic BLISS merge as one GREATER POWER. Whether it be Lifting huge weights, Huge Hay bales, or lifting and inflicting pain on men that you hate... even though it was payback / redemption. Truly you are and Amazon GODDESS and you need to physically claim a guy and display and explore your strength in a real and erotic way. I worry You're getting off too much now from hurting men and that makes you want to do this more. But I promise you, exploring your power in a SENSUAL way, having the guy in AWE of your super Amazon Goddess Energy will take you to far greater orgasmic heights and give your whole entire body an ORGASM from head to toe and every muscle fiber you have. And I have a feeling with you... THIS will make you STRONGER. You will LOVE all that Orgasmic Power THROBBING and SURGING INTO YOUR BODY... and it will be more Cosmic Orgasmic from Sensual Pleasures. HOW HOT and WET ARE YOU RIGHT NOW reading this and thinking about this???????? Can you imagine what my thoughts are now????

A34Jun 17 2012 12:20pm
A34,sorry i still have a lot of anger in me and more than i realize! but,you have never walked in my shoes although you are attacted to my Empowerment!!and you say i should look for some one to share my power and strength with? right now i think more guys are scared of my muscles and strength! and it would be nice .but,i have a feeling guys egos would have a problem with me be bigger and stronger than them!

NessieJun 17 2012 1:10pm
@ NESSIE... << although you are attached to my Empowerment!! >> yes this is so crazy and surreal, that I am a part of your EMPOWERMENT!!! Crazy. And I understand your Anger, I'm just trying to help you work through it and NOT allow it to corrupt your BEAUTY with all that toxic negative energy. You are releasing it, which is healthy and therapuetuic but we need to transfer that into something positive soon. NESSIE we have talked alot about your Empowerment and ENERGY and I truly believe you are one of the most fascinating girls I have ever encountered. You have such great power, energy, and potential. I want you to harness your Powerful GIFTS and so where the anger transfers and converts into something positive and allows you to realize your GREATNESS. BIG HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZ for you NESSIE... make that HUGE HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZ, I know you need one you are getting one NOW!!!! I'm squeeeeeezing ya, do ya feel it??? :))

A34Jun 17 2012 1:30pm
A34,yea but if i squeezed back your ribs would get crushed! only kidding! My grandparents are still talking what i did to my ex-stepfather! especially my grandfather. He said he never seen a young power house girl like me take apart a grown man! I heard my mother were telling them what i have done to him in the past! but,i guess they did not believe her until they saw me do it!

NessieJun 17 2012 1:40pm
@ NESSIE... yes I'm sure its quite incredible for your Grandfather, but then again you are INCREDIBLE!!! < A34,yea but if i squeezed back your ribs would get crushed! only kidding! > I realize you have great power but I trust you will use them sensually with me and NOT hurt me. I trust my Amazon GODDESS (how does hearing that make you feel????) ~~~ << And now i think more guys are scared of my muscles and strength! and it would be nice .but,i have a feeling guys egos would have a problem with me be bigger and stronger than them! >> I don't fear you my dear. And have you gotten BIGGER and STRONGER than me already???? My 185lbs must be getting light for you. I still want my NESSIE AMAZON GODDESS HUG :)

A34Jun 17 2012 1:46pm
A34,my thinking i could lift my stepfather with one hand maybe i could now lift you over head? that would really blow my mind and yours and makes me wet just thinking i could?

NessieJun 17 2012 2:15pm
@ NESSIE... 4 messages above. About what you're going through and why you get wet from it all... did that make sense for you??? And yeah incredible you can lift your step overhead and then switch off to one hand now. You sound so strong now. Are you feeling your stronger than me now???? You do realize your upside potential has far greater potential then where I am now. So it makes you WET and it's gonna blow my mind... I'm ready to have my MIND BLOWN... tell me more????

A34Jun 17 2012 2:31pm
A34,i am still trying to understand why i get wet using my great strength lifting or using it on guys?maybe all girls like me go through this? Its too bad that Jenna didn't answer your new poll because i would have like to ask her about that!

NessieJun 17 2012 2:41pm
@ NESSIE... yeah I was trying to get JENNA back in the fold. << maybe all girls like me go through this? >> Well there are NOT that many girls like you. But JENNA could have helped. And Jenna has NOT gone through anything like you have... I mean lifting men overhead and making them orgasm. I mean you haven't been with a guy like that yet right and yet you're lifting men overhead and bringing them to Orgasm and all that makes you WET too. That is unreal exposure for you and truly means you have an advanced understanding of power, energy, and sensuality far beyond your years? But Jenna did beat a guy bad who tried to hurt her, but I don't think she got WET doing that like you do. She definitely said she gets wet from overpowering guys she's having sex with but she was always been more sensual about it than wanting to inflict pain like Mighty Mouse did. ~~~ HOW's my BIG NESSIE HUG coming. Are you ready to see my eyes look upon you in AWE of your POWER??? I hope that makes you WET? Just imagine IF I got to FEEL your power??

A34Jun 17 2012 2:55pm
A34,your BIG NESSIE HUG is right here for you! would you like me to lift you over head afterwards? and maybe overpowering guys we girls get wet? or weights?

NessieJun 17 2012 3:00pm
@ NESSIE... What US TIME Zone are you in? I'm in the pacific... I'm just asking so I can keep our chats as close to real time as possible. < A34,your BIG NESSIE HUG is right here for you! would you like me to lift you over head afterwards? > I want you to do whatever makes you WET and makes you feel like an AMAZON GODDESS. Are you sure you can handle me staring up you in AWE... of your incredible sensual Amazon Goddess POWER? And you know the effect you will have on me too, can you handle that too???? :)) Its amazing, you really are strong enough to overhead press me now I think. That didn't take long. WOW!! NESSIE your INCREDIBLE!!

A34Jun 17 2012 3:05pm
A34,the other day i was in my gym working out and notice a older guy trying to lift weights and i could see that i had bigger muscles.I went over to were he was and started dumbbell bicep curls near him and could see in his eyes where did she come from? so i started curling going through the rack and i was lifting more than he was using! and these days i am curling curling 70 pounds and you could see how big and pumped they were and i kept flexing.He looked like he seen a ghost! and after that i had to go take a shower because i was wet from that!

NessieJun 17 2012 3:10pm
A34,i am on the east coast! and i do feel your postive energy you sent to me!

NessieJun 17 2012 3:15pm
@ NESSIE... I don't think I have ever encountered a girl who has such a sensual connection with HER POWER and Her Sensual Pleasure. For you they are totally combined as one and when they MERGE it's such and overwhelming surge of power... its undeniable, unstoppable, an Orgasmic WET WATERFALL BLISS for you. Your Curling 70 pounds now? That can't be dumbells??? How many reps??? ~~

A34Jun 17 2012 6:31pm
@ NESSIE... < and i do feel your postive energy you sent to me! > NESSIE, I LOVE hearing that and knowing you feel it. Somehow are lives have been linked and connected and I cherish our little BOND we have developed :)) I'm here for you cutie!!!! ~~~ But I still want my NESSIE AMAZON GODDESS HUG!!! So this hug, lets talk fantasy right... have you ever thought of it being like this... where you LIFT ME UP like a big front hug and wrap my legs around your waist, so I can stare into your eyes and look upon you with AWE... And so you can see the AWE in my eyes, as pure bliss drips out of my eyes from your insatiable and sensual POWER!!!! And when you carry me like that of course my fantasy would be to KISS you like that too as you CARRY ME. Devour your lips. So is that HOT or NOT... worthy of your WETNESS?

A34Jun 17 2012 6:36pm
A34,Yes i am curling 70 pound dumbbells! I can do 3 reps! The farm work i am doing now i believe has made my muscles stronger!

NessieJun 18 2012 2:59pm
A34, i had a interesting day today! I got up early and went off to my gym and had a great 2 1/2 hour hard work out! and around 1:00 had to go over to my school to meet with one of my new teacher for this coming fall! and as i was coming around the corner at my school! My creepy teacher was also coming around the corner and crashed into each other. except he went flying crashing into my body knocking him down! and funny thing i didn't feel a thing! So, i reached down and picked him up like he weighed nothing and told him i was sorry! and when he got a really good look at my body and how big i have gotten since our tanglement at the watering hole! It really blew his mind! and started shaking! and i just walked away not wanting anymore time with him! But, i was amazed he was still working there! I guess i will have to go visit him at his home soon to see if i can get him to quit and if he doesn't? then i will have him change his mind! I just worry about the other girls he had his way with or the ones coming this fall!

NessieJun 18 2012 3:22pm
@ NESSIE... HOLY GOD cutie... your curling 70lbs dumbells for 3 reps. Your going bionic. So your teacher hit a brick wall today it sounds like, haha. He's in trouble. You're really gonna go visit him... yikes. Becareful Nessie.

A34Jun 18 2012 8:42pm
@ NESSIE... at the rate your going... and now curling 70lbs... you could CURL Me now.

A34Jun 18 2012 8:44pm
@ NESSIE... And since you didn't answer this and it was a GREAT MESSAGE I'll have to re-post it. ~~~ You said... < and i do feel your postive energy you sent to me! > NESSIE, I LOVE hearing that and knowing you feel it. Somehow are lives have been linked and connected and I cherish our little BOND we have developed :)) I'm here for you cutie!!!! ~~~ But I still want my NESSIE AMAZON GODDESS HUG!!! So this hug, lets talk fantasy right... have you ever thought of it being like this... where you LIFT ME UP like a big front hug and wrap my legs around your waist, so I can stare into your eyes and look upon you with AWE... And so you can see the AWE in my eyes, as pure bliss drips out of my eyes from your insatiable and sensual POWER!!!! And when you carry me like that of course my fantasy would be to KISS you like that too as you CARRY ME. Devour your lips. So is that HOT or NOT... worthy of your WETNESS?

A34Jun 18 2012 8:45pm
A34,yes i am planning to go have a visit to my school teacher to his home and see if i can convince him to quit and leave teaching! and if i can't well i leave to your imagination whats going to happen! he needs to be stopped! yea,i could go and talk to some one about him but,it would probably his word against mine! and yes,i probably could curl you! How would that feel? A 16 year old power house of a girl like me curling you? and talking about fantasy with you! I lift you over head naked place you on my back with your back on my shoulders like a back breaker grab your boner and stroke it until you are ready to orgasm and before that i lift you up over my head with one hand i walk us over to a mirror with me still holding with one hand and flex my big powerful biceps one arm at a time switching you with one hand finally you can't hold it anymore and you lose it orgasm thats so intense you pass out from it and than i lower you down gently wait until you come to and i let you worship me and powerful muscles!

NessieJun 19 2012 9:59am
A34, i had a weird day today! I was at my gym working out and i spotted a new older male that i guess just joined and when saw me working out and seeing my muscles just kept staring and was give me the creeps!but,just ignored him!Because he didn't look all that big and looking at myself i would have no problem with him if i had too! but,there was something back in my mind that i need to watch it! and i guess my sixth sense was right!because after i got done with my work out i usually go to one of the empty rooms at the gym to stretch and relax after a work out!Well i don't know what this guy was thinking because had watched me go into the empty room! i was in there for about 5 minutes and this guy came into the room!and i saw him come in and i said to him what do you want?he said he was taken by my muscles and i said thank you but,i want you to leave! He said to me how dare you tell me what to do? and he will leave when he wants too and he wasn't leaving! then i told if he didn't leave then i was going to make him! then he looked at me like yea,right you are going to force me to leave! then i said your funeral! I went right after him! by the way with my weight lifting at the gym here my trainer that i work out with was a college wrestler and when i found out i asked him to teach me how to wrestle! and when i started too learn wrestling from my trainer i was not very good but as i got stronger from the weight lifting so did my wrestling and i was holding my own with my trainer and then two weeks ago i was able to over power him and was no match for when i wrapped my legs around him! anyway,getting back to what was happening with me and this guy! I reached for his head and put him in head lock and started to really squeeze his head and let out a scream in pain! and i said to him you had a chance to leave but you didn't! I took him to the mat that was on the floor.i was able then to wrap my thighs around him in very painful body scissors and i squeezed causing to yell i was breaking his ribs and i said to him i don't care!and i felt two of his ribs go!then i switched to a head scissors and bored down and i thought he was going out but,i decided i was going to make this a living hell for him! I flipped him over on his stomach and sat on his back grabbed his head and pulled back in a camel clutch and really pulled and he probably thought i was going to break his neck but,i wasn't going to i just wanted him to remember this for along time! after the camel clutch i turned around grabbed his legs and pulled back in a very painful boston crab which he thought i was going to snap in half! then i notice he was out! and if you are wondering why nobody from the gym came to see what was happening? These rooms are pretty much sound-proof!I then waited for him to wake up! When he did I grabbed his hair and lifted him to his feet and put him in bear hug and really squeezed and felt his other ribs go and was now crying from the pain!and yes i was really wet from all this!I then decided it was time to end this and i really don't think anybody is going to ever see him here again!I dropped him to the mat and place his head in a reverse head scissors and really bored down and put him out! I got up and looked out side the empty room and i did not see anyone so i grabbed this guys unconcious body lifted him over my shoulder and carried him outside and put him in an empty unclosed garbage can and walked away!

NessieJun 19 2012 3:13pm
Glenn,whats happen to you? you couldn't handle what A34 and i were discussing?I guess you are really Wanking Off from what i am saying? just imagine what my muscles and strength could do to you?and at your weight i would have no problem lifting you over head!I can imagine that would blow your mind and cause you to have a boner and then Orgasm!

NessieJun 19 2012 5:22pm
@NESSIE... HOLY GOD, you can't keep doing this to people girl. You can't keep beating the hell out of people like that. You can't keep knocking guys out and beating the hell out of them, haha. WHAT HAVE I CREATED, haha. My God, you're such an amazing AMAZON POWERHOUSE GODDDESS!!!! HOW WET ARE YOU RIGHT NOW?????? And on top of that, you can even OverPower your trainer now? I swear your power is so incredible and your power is growing exponentially. Your NOT even close to peaking yet and you're already crazy STRONG!!! SO HOT!!!

A34Jun 19 2012 10:57pm
@ NESSIE... << and yes, i probably could curl you! How would that feel? power house of a girl like me curling you? and talking about fantasy with you! >> So you want to LIFT me overhead naked until I have an orgasm????? ~~~ WOW, your fantasy of what you want to do to me... did you get WET thinking about that???? Doing all that to me?? The man who is in AWE of you and helped EMPOWER YOU... I LOVE THAT!! So while you're lifting me and your getting all turned on... with all that power and orgasmic bliss surging and throbbing through your body, are you gonna still be able to HOLD me and LIFT me or will your legs collapse from the power of your ORGASM overwhelming your body??? THINK ABOUT THAT. I so want to experience your SENSUAL POWER NESSIE!!!

A34Jun 19 2012 11:10pm
A34,i wasn't looking for trouble with this guy but,he chose not to listen to my warning!and i wasn't going to wait for him to make the first move! besides i can't read people's minds or this guys mind! Whom would have thought in my own gym i work out in that some idiot man would leave my alone! and i was incredible wet from me beating him!and to my trainer that i over powered in wrestling was amazing! and i was also wet! but,i had no interested doing anything sexually! besides i am 15 and didn't want to get him in trouble! but,i could have very easily! and your are right i have no idea to what to what my strength and muscles are going to be on this quest to be an Amazon Powerhouse Goddess? only time will tell! by the way this guy i completely destroyed was found and told people he was mugged! i guess he couldn't tell people he was manhandled by 15-16 year old power house of a girl that is two-three times his age!

NessieJun 20 2012 1:18pm
@ NESSIE, I WANT TO EXPERIENCE YOUR POWER. It's not just your power. It's the GODDESS Embodiment and your SuperNOVA Energy that you completely taken OWNERSHIP of and taken it to a whole new level. Tell me... you have to admit despite all I think you want to SHOW me your POWER and you want to see my eyes gaze upon you in AWE. And you want to hear me tell you what an AMAZING AMAZON Powerhouse GODDESS you are... you want to hear me say that while I'm NAKED and being pressed over your head... ~~~ GETTING WET NOW?????

A34Jun 20 2012 9:59pm
A34,it sounds like i have taken over your body and soul? and it makes me very wet to know i have this control over a man twice my age! just imagine when i get even bigger and stronger because i believe i have long way to go to really reach my Amazon Power Empowerment! by,the way after this mornings weight lifting my trainer and i had an hour wrestling match and he now is no match for me and my strength and muscles! i was able to put him holds after holds to which he couldn't get out of! he was really frustrated that he didn't have the strength to get out of my holds! but,he did have a boner that made me hot and wet!

NessieJun 21 2012 10:51am
@ NESSIE... you have to admit, your EMPOWERMENT, the way you feel it and love the feeling of power surging and throbbing through your body... you have to admit its sexy and a Turn On for even YOU. You have to admit, your radiating at a level far more sexy and powerfully than even you could have imagined from only a few weeks ago. I know you realize this and understand what I mean. The things you have experienced with your great power and how connected you are to this energy, even you have to admit its a life changing and transformational experience. And I know you LOVE that I LOVE your power too. Tell me MORE about how you love it all and want to show me and what it does to you!!!!! You're strength is so HOT, you're a sexy Amazon GODDESS. I love that you say the words now all the time too, Amazon Power Empowerment Goddess. TELL ME NESSIE tell me how your power will blow my mind and what that even does to you???

A34Jun 21 2012 10:00pm
A34,yes i love the incredible power and strength going through my body and watching my muscles getting bigger! my arms are now 15 inches and my thighs are 23 inches and chest is still them same but with strong powerful muscle now!and it makes me incredible wet when i look at my self in the mirror playing with my muscles and flexing! by the way this weekend i am going with my girlfriend's to the same watering hole i manhandled my school teacher! i hope he isn't stupid enough to follow us again if he is there! but, then again it would save me to go visit him at his home!

NessieJun 22 2012 1:38pm
@ NESSIE... << A34,it sounds like i have taken over your body and soul? >> Yeah I think you did. How does that make you feel????

A34Jun 22 2012 11:01pm
A34,yea i feel great that i have this kind of control over a grown man twice my age! you must go to sleep at night and fantastize about me!

NessieJun 23 2012 10:07am
@ NESSIE, not just at night... Your power is beyond physical now. Tell me, now after all we have been through together here, after I have helped you with your Transformation, and now that you know all this about me and I know all this about you and how you love your incredible power... what would it be like to meet you???? Like if we met, (I'm NOT saying we really are ) but if we did what thoughts would be running through your head??? What would you want to do to me?? And what would be your desired reaction from me??

A34Jun 23 2012 2:46pm
A34,sorry i have never give it any thought what it would be like and how unlikely that would happen if we met! but,i have imagine what my strength and muscles would do to you! and what ever i did to you? it would be the most incredible experience of your life!

NessieJun 23 2012 3:15pm
@ NESSIE... well think about it now. You said... < but, i have imagined what my strength and muscles would do to you! > Ok so what have you imagined???? So when we meet, you would be like I know he LOVES my power. And you're thinking, that you LOVE your power too and it arouses you and makes you wet to feel your power and show it. And then I call you an AMAZON POWER GODDESS... And then you think, you want to show me your power. But instead of always beating the hell out of people you want to show me your Sensual Power and Energy. ~~~ So what would you do to me to show me it would be the most incredible experience of my life? And what would be your desired reaction from me??

A34Jun 23 2012 3:50pm
A34,sorry i still want to use my great strength and muscles on certain people but again with you i could cradle you like a baby or lift you over head naked looking at a mirror and then lower you and have you worship My Amazon Power your Goddess! or take your boner and place it between my bicep and flex my bicep around your boner sort of making love to my bicep and i would decide if i would allow you to orgasm if i want to!

NessieJun 23 2012 8:43pm
@ NESSIE... how do you know all this? How do you know how to be such a GODDESS already??? I love that you intuitively knew to call yourself my GODDESS. So HOT!!!! Yes you've gone to a whole new level... MY GODDESS. I think we are now at the point, where you believe you can OVERHEARD press me now... all 185lbs of me. Oh and I'm gonna be Naked too. Are you gonna be also so I can see every ripple of muscle throbbing from your Amazon Goddess Muscular body? Whoa... yes MY GODDESS, oh I love that.

A34Jun 23 2012 8:50pm
A34,what happen to your other poll? i enjoyed reading what the other girls have had to say! Hope you start another one!

NessieJun 23 2012 9:28pm
@ NESSIE... I won't start another POLL until you reply to this... <<>> do you know all this about being in such sensual control and taking over my soul? How do you know how to be such a GODDESS already??? I love that you intuitively knew to call yourself my GODDESS. So HOT!!!! Yes you've gone to a whole new level... MY GODDESS. I think we are now at the point, where you believe you can OVERHEARD press me now... all 185lbs of me. Oh and I'm gonna be Naked too. Are you gonna be also so I can see every ripple of muscle throbbing from your Amazon Goddess Muscular body? Whoa... yes MY GODDESS, oh I love that.

A34Jun 23 2012 9:39pm
A34,but you know although i enjoy this Amazon Power of a Goddess over you and it makes me very wet knowing this! I really enjoy using my great strength and muscles on you males and there is nothing like the feeling to over power you males and it makes me even wetter! and why shouldn't use it on you weak males?

NessieJun 24 2012 11:39am
@ NESSIE, oh yeah the GODDESS NESSIE has taken yet another step. So now you can overpower me too? So you are clumping me in your category of Weak Males??? Sweetie, are you saying I am now helpless against your power and no match for your Amazon Goddess Power and Strength too?????

A34Jun 24 2012 12:30pm
A34,yes i am saying you are one of the weak males that can't match my great strength and muscles and i am just getting started! You kind of unleashed my Amazon Goddess Power and you are responsible for me wanting to use it on you weakling males! If you never have had me go and try and lift my stepbrother over head? i still won't know what i could do? and would still living with my step family and not be happy! but,you opened the door for me to what is possible! by,the way i went to the swimming hole with my friends yesterday and this time nothing happen! but,my friends are blown away with size of my muscles and i took turns lifting them over head! and they felt my muscles after that and no i am not into girls although i enjoyed them feeling my muscles!

NessieJun 24 2012 1:15pm
@ NESSIE... why are you calling me a weak male now? I thought you liked me????? Are you calling me weak just because I think you are an AMAZON GODDESS and find it so sexy??? Sweetie, I'm 185lbs and though I'm NOT a huge bodybuilder guy, nor do I want to be. And I don't lift to get too big since I surf and don't want the extra weight that is counter-productive for surfing... but I'm in very good shape. And do lots of activities that keep me strong and fit. Lift, Surf, Pool laps, hike, Yoga, etc. ~~~ And the irony is, I'm a blonde hair blue eyed guy with a good lean muscle build with abs and all. And with a degree of modestly I say this... I would bet anything you would be attracted to me, both my face and body and DEFINITELY my positive and encouraging HIGH ENERGY. And I doubt you could do to me, any of the things you did to your lightweight step brother, unless I let you. ~~~ But that's ok, I LOVE that your inner Amazon Goddess is growing and is pushing your outer Amazon Muscle Goddess to GROW even STRONGER. I totally dig the NESSIE AMAZON GODDESS and WISH to experience your POWER!!

A34Jun 24 2012 1:36pm
A34,only Kidding!so,hows your girlfriend coming? has she gotten any stronger?

NessieJun 24 2012 2:11pm
@ NESSIE... haha. No way, you're NOT kidding, I LOVE that you feel it. That your power is GROWING so strong you feel you have no limits. That's HOW I WANT YOU TO FEEL and BE!!!! ~~~ My GF is NOT growing like you and does not want to and her strength is nowhere near yours. ~~~ She doesn't realize how TURNED ON I am by the POWER of a Muscle GODDESS... especially one as EXTRA-ORDINARY as AMAZON GODDESS NESSIE. How much do you weigh now?? I bet your body is EXPLODING with WETNESS and POWER. And your WETNESS and POWER are totally linked now too. The Stronger you get, the WETTER you'll be. I wanna feel the AGN (Amazon Goddess Nessie) POWER. I wanna see how easy you can lift me now and I wanna see your eyes absorb the bliss of you getting all WET while LIFTING ME so easily!!!

A34Jun 24 2012 2:19pm
A34,what a night last night! finally my step uncle came calling to my grand parents because what i have done to his brother three times and finally putting him in the hospital! well my step uncle has joined his brother in the hospital! i did worse to him what i did to my step father! and i owed my step uncle for a long time!

NessieJun 25 2012 3:40pm

A34Jun 25 2012 7:46pm
A34,i will give you details tonight about me putting my uncle in the same hospital my stepfather is in! sorry i haven't given you details yet! my computer was down until today!

NessieJun 27 2012 8:40am
@ NESSIE... OK can't wait to hear the details???? So for real you put him in the hospital? OMG, well don't they have to explain what happened to them? I mean this sounds like you can get in trouble. Becareful...

A34Jun 27 2012 8:12pm
A34,last sunday early night i was in my room and i could here yelling out side my room and i could tell it wasn't my mother or grand parents! so i got up from my bed and went down stairs and out side to see what was up? and immediately i saw to was my step uncle doing the yelling and now cursing! so i told him to shut his mouth and get off this property and as soon as i told him that he took a swigging at me! well for almost a good year my step uncle had no idea what i look like these days and after he took that swig at me! i could see in his eyes that he made a very bad mistake because when he saw how big i have gotten with lifting weights! well that was the last mistake of his life! I grabbed his fist before he could hit me and a squeezed and broke his hand! now he was crying in pain and now i was very angry not from this but for all those years he tried touching me when i was young!and like i said i owed him! anyway,back to what i was doing! i place my knee in his gut and when he went to the ground or his knees. and then i grabbed his head and stuffed his head between my very strong and powerful thighs and started to squeezes and i could hear him yelling and screaming and cursing and making more angry! so,i really started to squeeze even harder and he was out and i let him fall onto his face waiting for him to come too! by the way he is slightly taller than my stepfather and had a gut on him which is 5'10 220 pounds of like i said waited for him to come to and when he did i grabbed his hair and pulled him to his feet and then i wrapped my arms around him which wasn't easy because of the fat but,i managed and started squeezing and i could hear the air being pumped out of him and he couldn't talk because i was really putting a squeeze on him and then i felt his ribs go and started yelling in pain but,then again i didn't care! so i kept squeezing and notice he was out again! and again waited him to come to! my step uncle came after a minute or two! and i grabbed his head again and at this time he was crying for mercy and i wasn't giving him any! and after i got him to his feet i went around to his back and got him in a full nelson and started to push down and causing his neck a lot of pain and i forced him to the ground and soon as i did i wrapped my legs around his stomach and put more pressure on his already broken ribs and really was crying! and then two more ribs went and i never heard a man yell that loud! i then decided to end this! i moved up my legs around his head and grabbed his hands and bended him back and squeezed on his jaw and broke that in a couple of places now he was really out! so,we my mother and grandparents got him into his truck and drove him to the hospital! so,now he is the hospital with his brother! and about getting in trouble with the law? my grandfather knows a lot of the right people! so,i don't think there is going to any problem! besides i think the law is going to not believe a 15-16 year old girl put two grown men in the hospital all broken up!

NessieJun 28 2012 11:40am
@ NESSIE, my God you are such an AMAZON GODDESS. I visualize him swinging at you and you catching his fist in your hand. Then you just squeeze your bionic power and crush his hand with the sheer power of your Goddess Strength. HOLY GOD, you're Incredible!!! OK HOW ARE YOU???? Emotionall how are you??? Obviously we know your fine physically, or make the Superior GODDESS like physically. I thought you were gonna say you overhead pressed his 220lbs body, haha. And then I'd really be in trouble being I'm 185lbs... WOW!! You need to be WORSHIPPED!!!

A34Jun 28 2012 12:47pm
A34,yea i feel good!and its too bad my ex-step uncle kept losing unconciousness because it only saved him more punishment! and i am still not done with my school teacher but,i promise i won't put him the hospital too!

NessieJun 28 2012 2:22pm

A34Jun 28 2012 3:35pm
@ NESSIE... Everything OK? Where are YOU??? You MUST feel like an incredible ALL POWERFUL and AWE INSPIRING AMAZON GODDESS... YOU MUST BE WORSHIPPED. You're Blowing my MIND... I NEED YOU... I'm LONGING and THROBBING for you :))

A34Jul 01 2012 11:34am
A34, i just got back from going to the beach and had a couple of things happen! so, i will be giving you details tomorrow!

NessieJul 01 2012 4:35pm
@ NESSIE.... < had a couple of things happen! > OMG, I can't even imagine what happened or what you did. But all I know is I'm THROBBING in anticipation waiting from YOU. ~~~ YOU MUST BE WORSHIPPED. You're Blowing my MIND... I NEED YOU... I'm LONGING and THROBBING for you :))

A34Jul 01 2012 10:23pm
@ NESSIE.... DETAILS... DETAILS... DETAILS???? < had a couple of things happen! > OMG, I can't even imagine what happened or what you did. But all I know is I'm THROBBING in anticipation waiting from YOU. ~~~ YOU MUST BE WORSHIPPED. You're Blowing my MIND... I NEED YOU... I'm LONGING and THROBBING for you :))

A34Jul 02 2012 8:31pm
A34,sorry i haven't been able to give details until now!Here we have had a power outage from a storm and no internet! anyway,like i said my mother and i were invited to my mother's cousin's summer home at the beach for a couple of days and was real glad to get away from here to whats happen the last couple of months! anyway,my mother's cousin which is married and has two children around my age or a little older! one girl and one boy to which i never met! but, my mother tells me which i don't remember that her cousin and husband last saw me when i was a baby so none of them knew what looked like these days and was looking forward to see how they all were going to receive me! My mother and i arrived at my mother's cousin early evening! and i decided to make sure i was covered up because i wasn't sure to their reaction to what my body looked like! because i wasn't sure if they were ready for a powerhouse girl of 15 with big muscles! and i could see in their eyes and their reaction they thought i was fat because of my cover up! but,then i thought to heck with them and took off my top covering and i could see their eyes pop out their heads and my mothers cousin said WOW look at your muscles you are bigger than my husband and told her husband come look at her muscles and asked me to flex and both my mothers cousin her husband and my girl and boy cousin were floored to what my muscles looked like! and then my mother's cousin said to her husband test her strength and try to see if you could beat her arm-wrestling! i really don't think the husband wanted to but, he knew he couldn't back down to a girl three-four times his age! so,we had a arm-wrestling match with my mother's cousin REF. so we hooked up hands and right away i knew he had no chance and the his wife said go and he tried and did all he could to move my arm but couldn't which i let him try for a couple of minutes then i slowly started to move his arm and then his hand went crashing to the table and than i flexed my biceps to show him he had no chance and his wife and cousins congrates me and were stunned i did that to their dad! by the way the dad is 510 185 the girl cousin is 5'8 and 120 and the boy is 5'9 170! the dad is 55 years old and the girl is 17 and the boy is 18! and my mothers cousin is 50! and then the next day i went to the beach with my cousins and were lying on the beach with our towels and these three older college boys walked by and kicked sand on us and sat up tolded these boys watch were you walking and apologize! they just laughed then i got up and said if you don't you will very sorry and the one whom did the kicking of the sand said what a bitch! then i got angry! i went right up to him and said you had your chance to say you were sorry no you are going to regret it! I shot up my thigh right into his gut and he went to his knee crying in pain then i grabbed his head and stuffed his head into my thighs and squeezed shut on his head and didn't take long to knock him out! i stepped back and let him fall on his face! his friends just grabbed him and carried him away! so,his friends saved him to much more punishment!

NessieJul 04 2012 8:55am
@ NESSIE... Oh yeah, there you are... AWESOME Story!!! What did the boy cousin do when he saw you and all that you can do??? His hormones must have been raging!! And I LOVE your Empowerment and how you describe yourself now... FULL CONFIDENCE... < a POWERHOUSE girl with big muscles! > I am so so so glad how Empowered you've become and everytime you say things like how incredibly powerful you are, I just SMILE knowing how far you've come in such a short time. < real glad to get away from here to whats happen the last couple of months! > Hard to believe all this happened in only a couple of months. But its AWESOME!! Its like a switch was turned on for you and from that INSTANT moment you've become the AMAZON GODDESS and just keep getting better and better and more Powerful now that YOU believe in who and what you are. AMAZON GODDESS NESSIE.

A34Jul 04 2012 9:55am
@ NESSIE... MY POWERHOUSE AMAZON GODDESS... hey I have a question for you and a concern. On this poll we are almost at 200 messages posted between us now. And I don't remember but my original Empowerment Poll... where I first met the shy and timid Nessie, haha... my MY have things CHANGED, haha. But anyway... I think my last poll after 200 or 300 messages the poll no longer allowed us to comment any longer. And Glenn Storm somehow and cleverly made this poll as to where only we can read it... so you don't have to listen to guys insulting you. I like that we have created a special way for you to communicate your incredible Transformation and Exploits of POWER!!! So if this poll shuts down... HOW will we stay be able to communicate??? Any ideas??

A34Jul 04 2012 10:25am
A34,we will go up to the next poll above this one and we can continue! i will put my name on it!and we can keep going if you want too?

NessieJul 04 2012 10:59am
@ NESSIE... of course I want to continue. You want to as well right :)) So how did the boy cousin react? Were his young 18 year old hormones raging? Did the father get a Boner too? I bet they did. You ASTOUND ME Nessie... truly you do :))

A34Jul 04 2012 11:04am
A34,sorry i really didn't notice if the boy cousin had a boner or his father!but, they could have! and i am sure the father didn't want to get his wife upset about me causing him a boner! but,its possible about the boy cousin he often had to go else where when he kept looking at my muscles! maybe he was going off to jack off! and by the way my biceps are 15 inches now and thighs are 24 inches! and chest is now 39 inches!

NessieJul 04 2012 11:27am
A34, by the way i am planning to go visit my school teacher to see if i can make him resign vey soon because school is coming up soon!

NessieJul 04 2012 11:34am
@ NESSIE... I saw the other poll where you commented. We will keep posting here until it no longer works then post on that poll, ok :)

A34Jul 04 2012 11:59am
NESSIE... < boy cousin he often had to go else where when he kept looking at my muscles! maybe he was going off to jack off! > Haha... I LOVE that you know all this, that guys get so TURNED ON by you they have to jack off. ~~~ And while the Power was out... how does it make you feel how much I MISSED YOU ??? I've been THROBBING in anticipation waiting for YOU. ~~~ YOU MUST BE WORSHIPPED. You're Blowing my MIND... I NEED YOU... I'm LONGING and THROBBING for you :)) AMAAZON GODDESS NESSIE :))

A34Jul 04 2012 12:09pm
A34, i had to go to my Doctor for a visit and a check-up and he had seen me for about a year! The doctor is in his 40's and like i said had not seen for a year and i have put on a tremendous of muscle seen the last visit! and when i was called in to the doctor's check up rooms and the minute he saw me he was very taken with my muscle to the point when started the check-up and i notice the doctor's coat was getting a tent to where i could see he had a boner and then i decided to see how far i could take this and flexed my bicep when i brushed back my hair out of my eyes! and i could see he was getting very uncomfortable and the more i moved the more uncomfortable he got and then he orgasmed through his doctor coat to where he was making a puddle on the floor and had to excuse him self because he was very embarrassed to what had happened! and it got me very wet to know my muscles have that much of control over older men!

NessieJul 05 2012 12:43pm
Nessie... haha... come on, you're saying you could see CUM on the floor?? HOLY GOD... who are you... I MUST WORSHIP YOU MY AMAZON GODDESS. Do you want me to CUM like that too???

A34Jul 05 2012 10:58pm
NESSIE... So you know how you keep telling me how much you've grown. You last said... << my biceps are 15 inches now and thighs are 24 inches! and chest is now 39 inches! >> Your getting HUGE. But check this out... I saw a comment by Mighty Mouse where she said... She's 5'0 185 pounds of muscle with 15 inch arms, 30 inch thighs and a 40 inch chest! ~~~ MY AMAZON GODDESS NESSIE... you're already just as BIG as Mighty Mouse in your chest and biceps!!! You just gotta bring up the Thighs. So do you think SQUATTING ME for 5 sets of 50 reps will help make your legs GROW???? And You know I'll CUM all over your back I'll be so TURNED ON. Would you LIKE THAT???

A34Jul 05 2012 11:03pm
NESSIE... you ok??? It's been like a week??? Today is 7/10/12. Miss ya :)

A34Jul 10 2012 12:08am
Oh wow! OMG what a hot read that was lol. Nessie you are awesome and A34 bet you get off each night thinkin about her huh? I really enjoyed the read hehe

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@ Michaela... I didn't know this was still a working website. So you found me. I replied to your email. You must be quite intriguing.

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go to the one i said to this one is to long

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I'll call back later 250 mg erythromycin acne "I'm Italian, I'm gay, I'm married legally to a man, I havethree adopted children. I had Barilla pasta for dinner lastnight. Today, tomorrow and forever more I will choose anotherbrand of pasta. Good bye Barilla! You lose!!!" David De Mariawrote on Barilla's U.S. Facebook page.

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How do you know each other? order flomax The 30-member Senate Appropriations Committee adopted byconsensus an amendment to a spending bill that would direct Secretary of State John Kerry to meet with congressionalcommittees to come up with sanctions against any country thattakes Snowden in.

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I'm not interested in football buy flagyl er 750 A dramatic drop in homes entering foreclosure is the latest sign of real improvement for the housing market, which continues to recover from the collapse six years ago. &#8220;The overall picture is we&#8217;re on a path back to normal foreclosure activity,&#8221; says Darren Blomquist of the listings firm RealtyTrac. &#8220;We&#8217;re really over two-thirds on the way there.&#8221; RealtyTrac says nearly 56,000 homes entered the foreclosure process last month. That&#8217;s down 8 percent from July and down 44 percent from August last year. Foreclosure sales by banks rose. &#8220;That actually I believe is a function of the recovering market,&#8221; says Blomquist. &#8220;The banks now feel more comfortable foreclosing because home prices are higher.&#8221; They can recoup more of their losses.

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I'm in a band 20 mg lasix There are truly no words to describe how phenomenal Stephanie Seymour looks at age 45. The former supermodel, seen (l.) stomping down the catwalk in 1999, has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, Playboy and Victoria's secret catalogs, and now she's conquering Vanity Fair's December issue as well. While she may be dealing with divorce drama, this nude pic, shot by photographer Mario Testino, is truly the sweetest revenge.

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What line of work are you in? do i need a prescription to buy flagyl Obviously we do listen to the singing occasionally, but it is the stage outfits, all styled by Frank Strachan that we can&#39;t help but be mesmerised by on the X Factor live shows. And as sad as we are to see Lorna Simpson voted off at this early stage, at least she did it in some serious style. She was sparkling to the max in an outfit that we thought was a jumpsuit at first, but actually consists of a Missguided crop top, Topshop trousers, Dorothy Perkins shoes and a quirky Butler and Wilson Scorpio bracelet.

lycAXERnPDyrNov 12 2014 11:53am
When can you start? buy limovan 7.5 mg To that end, Hyatt is inviting families to create and share a healthy breakfast recipe, along with a photo via Facebook for a chance to win a vacation at a Hyatt resort and a spot on Hyatt's For Kids, By Kids Menu.

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We went to university together glucophage generic After that the system became more complex. Some of the brokers then passed a sliver of their 0.75pc back to the original investor. This was known as a rebate. These rebates also will be banned from next year. Instead, brokers must adopt new charging structures where they levy an explicit fee.

lycAXERnPDyrNov 12 2014 11:53am
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Special Delivery cheap avanafil As previously reported, tickets for the Where We Are Tour went on general sale earlier this year. However, after selling more than x tickets within hours of going on sale, the X Factor finalists have revealed details of three extra tour dates. New One Direction tour dates have been confirmed for Dublin&rsquo;s Croke Park, The Etihad Stadium in Manchester and London&rsquo;s Wembley Stadium. More details can be found here.

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We need someone with qualifications bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 buy canada The state pension accounts for 40pc of today&rsquo;s retired population&rsquo;s income. Given all this, why aren&rsquo;t we saving more? Some of those who took to to voice their opinions said the welfare state was to blame. Their argument was that even if it was inadequate now, and likely to become more so in future, the existence of a state pension lulled people into thinking they&rsquo;d get by.

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epCgiLOHGBwNov 16 2014 6:31am
Pleased to meet you buy ipratropium bromide “It’s about discrimination,” she said. “It’s not religious rights versus gay rights. We have a law on the books that makes it illegal to discriminate against LGBT persons. It makes it illegal for business to do that and this business broke the law by discriminating against this couple.”

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Best Site Good Work retin-a price uk State officials say at least 10,000 to 20,000 head of livestock died, but the number will likely rise as more losses are documented. The South Dakota Stockgrowers Association estimates that western South Dakota lost at least 5 percent of its cattle.

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There's a three month trial period Megalis Tablets Compliance was purely voluntary. Lawmakers were free to respond or not as they saw fit. Before that could happen, however, the Assembly’s outside counsel, Marc Kasowitz, wrote to the members, saying: “We believe a coordinated response through our firm is the most effective, efficient and uniform way to respond to the letter in order to best ensure the integrity of the role of the Legislature in this process.”

fPMePPufHBQHNov 17 2014 3:30am
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I was born in Australia but grew up in England Clomipramine Hydrochloride Tablets She won in her own, weird way, playing at the end on a large, bloody foot blister the size of a quarter. She ignored the injury, she said, refusing to call a trainer to court or taking a medical timeout.

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I've got a part-time job prednisone 20mg A new analysis by Save our States, a nonprofit, nonpartisan group founded by former U.S. Treasury Department official and state controller candidate Harry Wilson, crunched the numbers again — factoring in the very real cost of teacher pensions. Turns out, charter schools sharing space cost taxpayers thousands of dollars less per student than district schools themselves.

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One moment, please Buy Salmeterol Online Political analysts said the recall proved that gun ownership remained a touchy subject in Colorado and other Western states, where support for the right to bear arms resonates strongly with the independent streak of many voters in the region.

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I work here Buy Vpxl Online Li's father, 74-year-old Li Shuangjiang, is a household name in China, a singer in the People's Liberation Army entertainment corp. He was regarded as a major general until August, when new guidelines banned army singers from associating themselves with military ranks.

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I'm retired Vigora 50 Ahhh yes, a future NRA member if I ever seen one just exercising his 2nd amendment rights....That's parenting for you right there. The NRA must be positively thrilled....btw, given this National RIP Association culture, is the school going to be sued for violating his 2nd amendment rights?

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Have you read any good books lately? buy zopiclone online reviews Kinasiewicz arrived in the Pacific Northwest about a week ago for training at the Insitu company in Bingen, Wash. The company offered condolences in a statement, saying: "We are extremely sorry to learn of the passing of our colleague Warrant Officer Sebastian Kinasiewicz. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time."

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How would you like the money? limovan 7 5 mg "I gave them the benefit of the doubt and worked with them to see what would come of it, to see if maybe we would get closure on my mother&#039;s death. But they just basically knocked us way back, they built our hopes up and then knocked us back.

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I'm on business cat costa imovane At the same time, there are lots of emotional and uninformed reactions to the media reporting of the Snowden disclosures concerning the work of the NSA; and frankly, there are also tactical uses of these same stories by some privacy advocates. None of this will be very helpful in the ultimate resolution of the latest conflicts &ndash; real or perceived &ndash; between privacy and national security. And, in the end, we will need to allow our intelligence committees and their professional staffs to do the dispassionate and objective work we insist they do, regardless of party politics.

FPHDfaUvxvNov 19 2014 2:51am
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Withdraw cash buy domperidone online Since the market is near all-time highs and has seen little in the way of a sustained pullback this year, Sarhan said the downside potential was vast, with the S&P 500 "slicing through" support levels before finding support around 1,550, a level that is 8.4 percent below its Friday closing price.

kADzEGWMXvbGFReNov 19 2014 3:03am
I read a lot who makes nexium The U.S-Russian agreement makes provisions for removing the weapons and shipping them outside Syria for destruction, which could expedite the process, Koblentz said. Still, that might require moving dangerous chemicals through unstable regions of the country.

kADzEGWMXvbGFReNov 19 2014 3:03am
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