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If you could commit any crime and never get caught for it, what would it be?

Created by: nonworldly_99 at 06:24:00 AM, Wednesday, June 06, 2001 PDT


Killing Muslims is not a crime, and if it is it should'nt be!

A.I.M.Aug 29 2009 12:00pm

round up all the feminazis and feminists in a big room. then have a 1oo guys gangbang the poo outa them 1 by 1. of course while they are tied down

jacobOct 03 2010 7:55pm
I would get a car and drive it illegally, cause I would love to have a car but I don't have a license, or the funds to legally afford it.

JrJohnMay 10 2013 5:01pm
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