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Created by: topo at 12:53:40 AM, Thursday, June 07, 2001 PDT


Hey ;P

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:07pm

Ugh no one is gunna wanna talk to me!!!

Gabbys pussy is throbbing!Dec 31 2013 9:15pm
Hello sexy

max fDec 31 2013 9:15pm
Mmmm nice and wett

max gDec 31 2013 9:16pm
Mmmmm yess daddy i want to be f*cked hard!!!!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:17pm
Are you sg or not *takes my dlck out come here sexy

max gDec 31 2013 9:18pm
I'm done.... im not telling you!.-.

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:20pm
You are nice try gabby

max gDec 31 2013 9:20pm
*walks across the street* o.o stranger again

jackDec 31 2013 9:20pm
Im not sg....

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:21pm
aaand i gotta go i be on tomorrow ._. er next year xD *kisses gabby* bye

jack uhhh.. bye o.o Dec 31 2013 9:22pm
-kisses back- bye jack!:D

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:24pm
Why do you guys assume im sg?

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:25pm

Gabby's bored again!Dec 31 2013 9:27pm
@gabby u have kik ?

AnonymousDec 31 2013 9:27pm
Kik @heyyitscesar

AnonymousDec 31 2013 9:28pm
No i don't have kik or email.

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:28pm
Phone ??

Heyyitscesar Dec 31 2013 9:30pm
Ha I got drunk than i went to a party n i lost my phone so no i lost it!

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:31pm
*goes n lays on my bed* im so bored!

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:34pm
*sigh* everyone leaves me!

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:37pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:40pm
and whos fault is that?

fuckDec 31 2013 9:42pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:43pm
They leave meh cuz im too much for them!!!;)

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:44pm
gabby.... u shouldnt have a bf if u sexting every guy who is horny smh grow up please

ssg (super soinc gurl)Dec 31 2013 9:46pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:47pm
thank you ssg

fuckDec 31 2013 9:47pm
Hey ;)

MarkDec 31 2013 9:47pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:48pm
well you being bored is going to make you lonely some day.

fuckDec 31 2013 9:49pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:49pm
How ???

MarkDec 31 2013 9:50pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:50pm
If u don't have kik or email

Mark Dec 31 2013 9:50pm
Wats ur email

MarkDec 31 2013 9:51pm
Lmfao yea Of course I got everything i just say i dont:PP n im not gunna trade nudes are you crazy draco still has the nude pics of me!o.o

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:52pm
Hey gabby wats ur email

Mark Dec 31 2013 9:53pm
Who's Draco ??

MarkDec 31 2013 9:54pm
Im not gunna give out my email n i don't want you( a perv ) emailing me!=/

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:54pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:56pm
how could you miss him when your the reason why he left

AnonymousDec 31 2013 9:58pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 9:58pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:00pm
Go suck a dick slutty bitch

GiselleDec 31 2013 10:06pm
all im saying is stop making your friends leave like you almost did today

fuckDec 31 2013 10:06pm
Welp .-. im lonely!

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:06pm
Gabby = SLUTTY HOE 😂😂😂

GiselleDec 31 2013 10:07pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:07pm
Answer hoe

GiselleDec 31 2013 10:08pm

Sorry Gabby confussed!Dec 31 2013 10:09pm
Giselle leave her alone -_-

Jeremy doesnt really want to do thisDec 31 2013 10:10pm

AnonymousDec 31 2013 10:10pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:11pm
U would be confused hoe too much dick sucking has made u stupid Haha poor little desperate bitch

Giselle Dec 31 2013 10:12pm
Stop defending a dumb hoe Jeremy

GiselleDec 31 2013 10:14pm
seriously dude cut that out

ShreveDec 31 2013 10:14pm
You act like I care what you say. I don't care.

SgDec 31 2013 10:14pm
Wat happen u got butt hurt Awwwee gabbys butt hurt

Giselle Dec 31 2013 10:15pm
fine just try to help gosh

Shreve feeling regretfulDec 31 2013 10:16pm
Laters loo... Laters LOSERS 😂😂😂😂😂 U GUYS ARENT WORTH MY PRECIOUS TIME hope gabby dreams to be a slut Haha

GiselleDec 31 2013 10:18pm
Wtf !?!? no I actually ain't got nuthing ta say to ya cuz I don't care what you say! I ain't gunna hear anythin new so basically It ain't even botherin meh.-.

SgDec 31 2013 10:18pm
And jeremy I wasn't talking to you-.-

SgDec 31 2013 10:20pm

MilesDec 31 2013 10:22pm
Don't be offened jeremy bc I was talking to someone else!

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:23pm

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:23pm
wait shreve are you the same one that wrote that stuff on "why him"??

fuckDec 31 2013 10:24pm
yeah why??

ShreveDec 31 2013 10:27pm
show her it

fuckDec 31 2013 10:29pm
no and why do you care?

ShreveDec 31 2013 10:34pm
just show her -_-

fuckDec 31 2013 10:36pm
even if i did its apparent thats shes not here.

~Shreve gone~Dec 31 2013 10:39pm

SgDec 31 2013 10:40pm
-_- i swear black dudes are dumbasses

fuckDec 31 2013 10:41pm
f*ck why do i keep puttiin sg ugghhh!

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:41pm
f*ck it!〒_〒

SgDec 31 2013 10:42pm
gab calm down -_-

fuckDec 31 2013 10:44pm
Ugh ima just stick to white and f*ckin mexican boys!

SgDec 31 2013 10:44pm
um wasnt that all you were doing anyways o~o

fuckDec 31 2013 10:47pm
I just wish my dads gf stabbed meh....but no she didn't -.- I stabbed her n she's in the hospital!

SgDec 31 2013 10:47pm
why wish that???¿¿¿

fuckDec 31 2013 10:48pm
But I'm happy I did wtf I did to her!-_- she tryed to take my father away from me!

GabbyDec 31 2013 10:49pm
um okay o~o

fuckDec 31 2013 10:51pm
anyway im getting off topic of what i was going to tell you

fuckDec 31 2013 10:52pm
please go the personal poll "why him" to see what Shreve wrote. and if you dont care whatever

fuckDec 31 2013 10:53pm
mhmmm??.....My dad hit me and lets just say he hurt me....nd my dad is pissed off at me!=/ (worst feeling ever especially cuz he killed my mom and I love my dad I feel bad bc he disappointed in me).I thought sandra(his gf) was trying to hurt me and take my father away from me....but after what my dad did....I wish I was in her condion!

SgDec 31 2013 10:55pm
Why should I do that??? -_-

SgDec 31 2013 10:56pm
oh for the love of allah!!! i didnt say you had to jeezz. i just said "can you please look at this"

fuckDec 31 2013 10:59pm
Ok well I read it!-.-

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:01pm
What was the point???

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:04pm
the whole thing?

fuckDec 31 2013 11:04pm

Gabby =/Dec 31 2013 11:05pm
nvm if you dont see it then youll never see it. and i thought you two were friends

fuckDec 31 2013 11:05pm
Well yea okay yes I see the point but my heart belongs with someone else

Gabby feels weird.Dec 31 2013 11:06pm
And me and jeremy are just friends....I guess he feels a diff. way!

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:08pm
Ugh first emo guy,than xXcookie_boyXx/ beni ,than jeremy,than jack,than logan....why do they love meh??? ugh they're too many....but they are all awsome kind boys. but they all want to be more than friends!

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:12pm
Im afraid If I choose one of them the rest of them are just gunna be mad and ignore me!it makes me mad and sad!

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:14pm
Who knows why im still here no ones talking to me!

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:15pm
Ugh I just wish I could Find that one guy thats nice ,sweet,kind,kindhearted,smart,handsome,out going,thats there for me no matter what!,also that can be a great friend and a great bf at the same time......But I guess I gots ta wait!-.- v•v

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:18pm
I mean Ima amazing girl! im kind,sweet,pretty,smart,funny,fun to be with,out going,Im high spirted,i don't let things get the best of me!

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:22pm
XD and i thought i was crazy for talking to myself

*Shreve dieing on the floor*Dec 31 2013 11:23pm
But im also a weird person in a good funny way.

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:23pm
XD yea i mean its better to get all this out than keep it in you know..Like even tho its just the internet!:/

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:25pm
yeah i guess *shrug* but you should take my name down your that list

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:26pm
Sometimes I feel like i shouldn't have ever been born!....i mean whats the point...look at me now i look at my past and now i relized i've just gotten worst than ever.-.

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:28pm
I wish my dad didn't do the things he does!...I wish I didn't do the things I do....I wish I was dead....=/

SgDec 31 2013 11:32pm
*shrug* it all depends on how you respond. thats the point of life. your have two options. 1. let life keep you down 2. get up give life the bird and keep on going

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:32pm
dont wish you were died :/

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:33pm
*dead *facepalm*

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:34pm
Like....I feel...I will never be loved! own dad doesn't love me....I know he doesn't love me bc of the things he's done to me!

Gabby is worthlessDec 31 2013 11:35pm
*facepalm* okay just calm down -_- and trust me you arent worthless

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:37pm
Maybe i should cry for help... maybe i should kill myself.....maybe i should leave my life alone as it is....who knows!.-.

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:38pm
whoa now dont think aboit killing yourself

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:39pm

Gabby feels like shes going crazy.Dec 31 2013 11:40pm
oh my god your head hurt worst >_<

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:41pm
okay now has your dad ever beat you?

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:43pm
Im not doing anything to you -.- im just speaking how i feel n whats on my mind....

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:43pm
How my dad hurt/hurts me is between me myself and him

Gabby doesn't like to talk bout that!Dec 31 2013 11:45pm
mmhm and and i thought youve been doing that this whole time ive known you -_-

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:46pm
okay. just to let you know my dad use to beat me. i especially remember that cutain rod >.<

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:47pm
i was out for like 3 days after that

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:48pm
Ha yup!;P

Gabby is gunna end up crying herself to sleep again...Dec 31 2013 11:48pm
then there was that week before thanks giving he slapped my mom five time. she was on the ground crying and if it wasnt for my brother i would have killed him right there >:E

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:50pm
yup what?

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:52pm
i might go to sleep. anyway i want to tell ya that i dont love ya:D heck im not even sure i like anymore as a friend

ShreveDec 31 2013 11:55pm
My dad actually takes advantage of me......just bc im not strong enough to fight back.....he beats me with a big wooden stick. like it hurts me n i ended up in the hospital for like 4-5 weeks I was in a coma n yea.....just bc my dad hit me on my head with that big wooden stick i went in to a coma!....I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT SHìT....

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:56pm
My dad rapes me

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:57pm
My dad chokes me in my sleep...

GabbyDec 31 2013 11:59pm

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:00am
why tell me this of all people? i thought you didnt want to talk about it

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:04am
My dad chased me with a knife cuz i f*cked with his gf n you know how much that hurts me it hurts me more than anything bc im his daughter i have his apart of him...But he cares about sandra more but shes nothing 2 him!

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:06am
Who know jeremy why are you still on here I like talking to myself n happy new years!

SgJan 01 2014 12:08am
i want to kill that bastard right now

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:08am
I'm just trying so hard for him to love me......but he won't he just hurts me....

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:11am
wheres your mom

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:11am
My dad killed my mom when i was 3.

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:12am
oh im sorry to here that

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:15am
I just wish my dad would love me back! but the harder and harder i try i get him mad and he hurts me....

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:16am
here sorry

logan sowwy :( dont hate meJan 01 2014 12:16am

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:17am
Its ok....:/ n im used to my dad calling me names and stuff so thats why i really don't care what ppl call me.=/

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:18am
i never thought it was possible for parents not to love there kids. but the way things are now nothing surprises me anymore

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:19am
And so know you know why i didn't wanna open up to you logan :/

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:19am
gabby i read it i can take it it bothers me a hole lot but thats just cus i care but im glad u opend up because it will help u

loganJan 01 2014 12:21am

Gabby just wants her dad to love her the way she loves him.:////Jan 01 2014 12:21am
and i thought i was lonely :(

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:22am

logan loves gabby the way she loves her dadJan 01 2014 12:23am
But you guys will not know what happened with the first3years of my life....just bc....n....No one could love me! im just a horrible person.

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:25am
im sure draco loves u n wants to be with u gabby

logan wat im tryin to say is dont give up ://Jan 01 2014 12:26am
your not horrible. heck no one is prefect

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:26am
No,to be honest.....all im going to try to do this year is to try to get my father to love me!!!All i want is my daddy to love me!....

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:29am
its gonna be hard gabby idk

loganJan 01 2014 12:30am
that sad for real

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:31am
Idc how hard it is my dad will love me one dayy!! but that day isn't im hungry but im afraid to go out of my room cuz I KNOW HE WILL DO SOMETHING TO ME...:{ like why can't i be a normal kid??? why can't my daddy be normal???

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:34am
oh gabby one day ill take u away from that rechid place

logan i swearJan 01 2014 12:36am
idk if theres anything called normal anymore <_<

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:37am

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:40am
nothing surprises me anymor......>_> lord they doing drivebys

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:40am

logan probably should have said thatJan 01 2014 12:41am
im about to go to the bathroom so i dont get shot tonight

ShreveJan 01 2014 12:41am
Omg my dad woke up o.o gtg

GabbyJan 01 2014 12:44am
gabby! :(

loganJan 01 2014 12:45am

Shreve has a feeling he doesnt likeJan 01 2014 12:45am
gabby :(

loganJan 01 2014 1:14am
imma talk to myself

logan waiting for gabbyJan 01 2014 1:35am
idk how

logan feeling lonelyJan 01 2014 1:41am
OK WELL GABBY DADS NOT GUNNA LOVE YOU..........AFTER WHAT HE DID TO YOU???.......After that you still want his love??`.........Ugh yes i actua:lly still want hiis loove he is my father.......I wouldn't be here if myy dad didn't have sex with my mom.....but he just f*cked you!!!!.......Well yea but he my dad and If i fought back he would just hold me down harder and choke me while f*cking me!=/

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:02am
:( gabby im so sorry

loganJan 01 2014 6:09am

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:09am

BeniJan 01 2014 6:10am
hes not the worst person ever i am...

DracoJan 01 2014 6:10am
Hey beni and logan!=) wyd?

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:11am
Nm.. *hugs Gabby*

BeniJan 01 2014 6:12am
odlly i just got dont watchin a pokemon vid

logan i love pokemon even tho its for kidsJan 01 2014 6:12am
How are you the worst person ever???@Draco

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:12am

loganJan 01 2014 6:12am
bc iv been such a dick to the best girl/friend in the world >.>

DracoJan 01 2014 6:13am
*hugs beni back* yea same here nm just like talking to myself!=/ n wtf logan???lol

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:14am
lol ikr

loganJan 01 2014 6:14am
Gabby...y r u so amazing?...

BeniJan 01 2014 6:15am me ur not acting like one....=/.....My dads acting like one...n i think you just read this whole thing and feel bad.....but its ok nobody should feel bad for me.....i prob. diserve it....://// @Draco

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:17am
U dont deserve it Gabby!....

BeniJan 01 2014 6:18am
Im not amazing beni.....

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:18am
Yes u r!..

BeniJan 01 2014 6:19am
no i havnt read any of this i just left u twice n i wanted u not to leave me but i left u thats a huge dick move i dont wana be without u

DracoJan 01 2014 6:19am
gabby i wish i could take all ur pain away from u n put it on me n never let u have pain

DracoJan 01 2014 6:20am
Why don't I deserve it???.......I mean Im just like my just gunna end up like my mom!....

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:20am

DracoJan 01 2014 6:21am
No Gabby!...<3

BeniJan 01 2014 6:22am
Look Idk but If you guys actually read this whole thing than you will know a little more about me.....=// but i wouldn't cuz it will make you feel bad =/

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:24am
-walks over n sits on the couch-

logan :/Jan 01 2014 6:24am
I mean it made logan feel really bad....

Gabby doesn't want anyone to feel bad Jan 01 2014 6:25am
gabby to be honest i dont wana read it bc i cant do anything about it right now but in a year i would personally go beat ur dads ass infront of ur moms grave and see how he likes it

DracoJan 01 2014 6:26am
-gets comfy on the couch then looks up at u- sowwy what?

loganJan 01 2014 6:27am
=//.........Than sweetheart you won't really understand meh!@Draco.....but thats fine........soooo what ya guys wanna talk about?.....=) I like grapes!XDD

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:29am
u fail to relise that i understand most =) and u iv non u for a year now so i understand u

DracoJan 01 2014 6:30am
Gabby... I just read the whole thing... I wont leave u or be mad if u choose someone else nd not me!... I promise...

BeniJan 01 2014 6:31am
wat beni said gos for me to (ik i left but i have anger probs)

DracoJan 01 2014 6:31am
I'M SCARED OF ORANGES!!!='C they scare meh like clowns do!=o

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:35am
haha y

DracoJan 01 2014 6:36am
Hahaha aww... Btw i dont care if u sext or not Gabby... Just do whatever feels best for u!.. *hugs*

BeniJan 01 2014 6:36am
-sucks beni's cheek-Hehe!;)

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:37am
Heh *blushes*

BeniJan 01 2014 6:37am
*kisses draco on the lips*

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:38am
*kisses back on the lips* if i over react dont take it personal i seriously do have anger problems

DracoJan 01 2014 6:39am
Haha yea ok!=)

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:42am

DracoJan 01 2014 6:43am
lol my dad after he did what he did he's all like yea good girl!xD And he gave me a cookie-.- ^_^

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:47am

BeniJan 01 2014 6:47am
wat kind of cookie xD :D

DracoJan 01 2014 6:48am
lol sowwy i found it kinda funny even tho he raped me

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:48am
it was a chocolatechip cookie:)

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:50am
i think rape is sexy o.o

logans weirdJan 01 2014 6:50am

DracoJan 01 2014 6:51am

BeniJan 01 2014 6:52am
How logan? why do you think thats sexy? weird !O.o o.o

GabbyJan 01 2014 6:52am
idk like i like it when it starts rape then she begins to like it o.o

loganJan 01 2014 6:54am
Ha true but being raped hurts!

Gabby =/Jan 01 2014 6:56am
sorry but yea i think its sexy wen they dont like it then they begin to love it

loganJan 01 2014 6:57am
Lol after I hear my dad say "if you do it right baby,I'll give you a cookie" than i was like ok f*ck it i want a cookie.

Gabby Jan 01 2014 7:00am
haha xD

DracoJan 01 2014 7:02am
So yea n my dad litaritlly f*cked me for 2hours and 19mins! I started to moan really loud like after 1hour n I started to actually like the feeling ._.

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:04am
-bondaged with a gag in my mouth naked next to u-

girlyJan 01 2014 7:04am
o.o -thinks about it starting to get a boner-

loganJan 01 2014 7:05am
ur such a tease gabby

DracoJan 01 2014 7:06am

BeniJan 01 2014 7:06am
thats wat im sayin beni

DracoJan 01 2014 7:07am
Hehe yea;)

Gabby is such a tease!Jan 01 2014 7:08am
u got logan aroused xD

DracoJan 01 2014 7:09am

BeniJan 01 2014 7:09am

Gabby Jan 01 2014 7:11am
um no o.o

loganJan 01 2014 7:12am
Mmmm! my pussy's wett!;P

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:13am

DracoJan 01 2014 7:13am
Ok im getting a boner right now...

BeniJan 01 2014 7:14am

DracoJan 01 2014 7:14am
Mmmm uuuugggghhhhhhh ooohhhhh beni mmmmmm!!!!!!

Gabby is fingering herself pertending beni is fucking her.Jan 01 2014 7:17am
Ok im rly hard now...... Thx Gabby... >.> :////////3

Beni is hard as a rock..Jan 01 2014 7:18am
well u guys have fun imma ....go my ps3

DracoJan 01 2014 7:18am

BeniJan 01 2014 7:19am
such a tease

logan idk am i naked who nos o.oJan 01 2014 7:20am
lol im teasing!=///////////////3 how bout all of you guys f*ck me;)

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:20am
*looks down* ugh... Idk... I think Maddy will be pretty pissed at me..........

BeniJan 01 2014 7:21am
why would maddy be pissed???

GabbywabbyJan 01 2014 7:22am
um idk

loganJan 01 2014 7:23am
maddy likes ben

DracoJan 01 2014 7:23am
I mean if i would do stuff with u... Nd with any other girl rly......... *still looking down unsurely*

BniJan 01 2014 7:24am
^^^^^ meh..

BeniJan 01 2014 7:24am
Well whatever its ok beni you don't have to!

Gabby thinks maddy is ugly but she's an ok personJan 01 2014 7:26am
I think she is cute... But.. Ugh..... I .... Umh....

BeniJan 01 2014 7:27am
-slowly starts creepin away-

loganJan 01 2014 7:27am
I want a cookie do you thiink if i suck my dads c*ck he would give me a cookie???o.o

Gabby Jan 01 2014 7:28am
*pushes a guy off a chair and eats popcorn* omg this movie is so good * watches u guys*

Draco xDJan 01 2014 7:28am
.... Gabby... I want to but i dont want to hurt Maddy......... ://...

BeniJan 01 2014 7:29am
i have a cookie?

DracoJan 01 2014 7:29am

BeniJan 01 2014 7:30am
hahaha xD ben

DracoJan 01 2014 7:31am
Ha its ok beni she shouldn't even like you cuz ima endup going out with you and yea....

Gabby Jan 01 2014 7:31am
wat? :(

loganJan 01 2014 7:32am
Logan I want Draco and you to f*ck me!!!

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:33am
Whit?! O.O

Beni is surprisedJan 01 2014 7:33am
xD @Draco

Beni the spartan! 0.0 (not rly)Jan 01 2014 7:34am
well sorry if ir gonna go out with ben u cant fck me no more bc girl u aint cheetin on my bro *punches ben*

DracoJan 01 2014 7:34am

Beni even more surprisedJan 01 2014 7:35am

loganJan 01 2014 7:35am
haha xD sht ben ur funny

DracoJan 01 2014 7:35am
I wish i could be a spartan...... Thatd be awesome O.O

Beni the dreamerJan 01 2014 7:35am
Lol i would kik people of edges! ^•^

Beni ze edge kicker o.oJan 01 2014 7:36am
u r a spartin *cuts ur leg with a paper and puts a rly big helment on u* xD true sprtan

DracoJan 01 2014 7:37am
Nahhhhh.....I rather stay single!o.o -pushes draco against the wall and tongue kisses him deeply while wraping my arms around him-mmmmmmmm!

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:37am

Beni the curious o.oJan 01 2014 7:37am
mmmmm oh gabby *tongue kisses back deeply*

DracoJan 01 2014 7:38am

BeniJan 01 2014 7:39am
o.o i like dominant women i think its hot if a girl dominates me ;)

Draco feels weird he said that o.OJan 01 2014 7:40am
Well... Yeah.. Thts actually hot!....

Beni the weird spartan edge kicker o.oJan 01 2014 7:40am
i think every guy likes that xD so im not the only one

Draco the purple n black dragon o.oJan 01 2014 7:41am
Lol o.o

Beni the weird spartan tht doesnt want to hurt anyone xDJan 01 2014 7:42am
Mmmmm!!!!-takes off draco's shirt n sucks on his neck n whispers in his ear-f*ck me hard papi. I want you and logan to f*ck me harder than last time.;)

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:42am
haha xD omg

Draco the dragonJan 01 2014 7:43am
*looks at u guys, sigh* o.o

BeniiiiiJan 01 2014 7:43am

Beni ze kind spartanJan 01 2014 7:44am
mmm gabby ur so hot but here *grabs ur hand and puts it in bens pants* have fun bro ;D

DracoJan 01 2014 7:44am
Lol xDD

Beni the kind spartan tht wants to kick ppl of edges O.OJan 01 2014 7:45am
um o.o -just watches-

loganJan 01 2014 7:45am
*blushes* O.O

Beni the shy, weird nd kind spartan tht wants to kick ppl of edgJan 01 2014 7:46am

Draco the dragonJan 01 2014 7:46am
Edges xD***

BeniJan 01 2014 7:46am
Nooo i want you!!!!!!*takes my hand out of beni's pants and jumps on draco* f*ck me!!!

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:46am
*catches u* gabby u fcked me so much i need to stop for like a week (in rp its like a day xD)

DracoJan 01 2014 7:47am
o.o *spanks Gabbys butt* ive always wanted to do that o.o

Beni the spanking spartan O.oJan 01 2014 7:47am

Draco the dragonJan 01 2014 7:48am

Beni the spank loving spartan ;//3Jan 01 2014 7:49am
xD o fck bro ur killin me

Draco the dragonJan 01 2014 7:50am
Well.. Im a spartan after all >.>

Beni the àss spanking spartan OwOJan 01 2014 7:51am
cant be a spartan with out spankin chicks after all thats what master chief did xD

Draco the dragonJan 01 2014 7:51am
Lol xD

Beni the àss spanking spartanJan 01 2014 7:52am
lol xD

Draco the dragonJan 01 2014 7:52am
Lol ig Gabby is like reading all this poo nd is like "Wtf is wrong with em? O.o" xD

Beni the àss spanking spartanJan 01 2014 7:53am
I want a cookie but i don't think my dad would let me get one!=/ Should I suck his c*ck??? cuz like i really love cookies and i want one!

GabbyJan 01 2014 7:54am

Beni the àss spanking spartanJan 01 2014 7:54am
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