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Flashing is it ok???

Question: Is it ok for someone to flash another person???
Created by: angelnikki at 09:46:48 AM, Saturday, June 17, 2000 PDT


If you're flashing someone you love or whatever like a Boy/girl friend or a husband/wife like its ok i guess. But to just go up to someone you don't know and expose yourself shows you are a slutty hoebag with no morals.

KoRnJul 24 2000 7:20pm

Flashing is all in fun. People are just to uptight. Maybe you just have to young to understand.

NeyJul 24 2000 7:20pm
It all depends on who you flash(if you know them or not)and how much you flash them.

taybabeJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Show me your tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I can finger myself good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any good pics for me, then send to my alternate address @

HairsprayQueen_546@yahoo.comJul 24 2000 7:20pm
ummm ok pshycho much!

confused???Jul 24 2000 7:20pm
mmm KoRn... tasty...

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Where and who u flash?!?? What the f*ck u gonna do flash ur grandma at church?!? Most ppl have more sense than that. I say go for it, have a little fun! Life is short, live it up!!

BrandiJul 24 2000 7:20pm
i agree with Brandi, i feel they are mine and as long as the person you flash (i'm talkin tits, NOT my c*nt) isnt touching then WHO CARES! If guys can walk around with no shirt on then why cant girls flash a good lookin guy they see....know um ur not! :)

meJul 24 2000 7:20pm
hey hairsprayqueen get a life sicko

wildchickenJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Flashing is alright at like Madi Gras or Fanasy Fest or even when your parting with friends. Flashing tits is okay, but I think it should stop there. To Hairsprayqueen here: (.)(.)Hope you get all excited sicko!

MMGirlSep 03 2000 8:17pm
( . ) ( . ) Thats better!

HairsprayqueenSep 03 2000 8:18pm
Flashing a consenting person like someone you're in a physical/sexual relationship with is very different from flashing in public which involves people who are non-consenting. Flashing as a from of sexual harrassment is inappropriate and a problem. A person who flashes people as part of an emotional/mental sickness needs help and children and others at risk for targeting need to be protected from them. Plus they need protection from themselves and counselling if it is a compulsion. Flashing can be a funny/thrilling/exciting thing under the right circumstances though.

finderSep 06 2000 6:53pm
lol. okydoky finder. i agree with brandi. live life dangerously. its fun! why should guys get to walk around without a shirt and girls cant. boobs should get a little sunshine...

peekaboobJun 30 2002 4:03am
I'm a guy and I can say without fear of criticism from any men, that it is ok to show your tities. As for prudish women, get to love your bodies. Once upon a time we were all nude, as in completely nude. This was the way for millions of years. Clothes are to keep warm, nothing more. The perverts are the ones who do not like naked bodies.

PilosopusMay 02 2004 3:32am
I met my girl when I was 18 & she lied about her age & said she was 16. She looked at least 16 too. Actually she was 14! So I called her for a date and we went to a abandoned farm I know about all back in the woods. We had lunch at burger place before that. She was never there but I know my way around. So I parked & we kissed a little & I had to go pee. I said excuse me I really have to go so just sit here & Ill find a place & be right back. Meantime I went around the bend with bushes all over & knew there was a small shed all broken down with walls missing. I could see her in the car through a little space in the bushes & knew if I peed there she would have a perfect view of my penis with spaces between wooden boards. So I acted like I wasn't looking her way but I was and she was all eyes. I took it out & it was already semi erect. I peed & took as long as I could. Her face expression was priceless. After I peed I took time to shake it out real good. Lucky it didn't go hard all the way. I walked back to the car & she was all giggly like. She was also very turned on. The kissing got hot & heavy & I got a feel of her tits. She didn't try to feel me but that came soon after. I love her & now she is 16 & still my girl. It was so exciting exposing myself to a girl that way the first time.

DannyApr 25 2013 2:31pm
My first BF when I was 13 was very anxious to show his dick. I told him no but I did want to see it. I could see it in his pants get hard & it looked sooooo sexy and big. I finally gave in and said OK lets see it. He opened his pants and dropped them around his knees and I saw my first erection on a boy age 14. I was so impressed. He had a long one. Honestly I just had to feel it. I couldn't resist. I ended up doing my first BJ. Nice memory.

Susan PApr 26 2013 3:09am
Danny I know how fun it is to flash a very young girl. Its new to them so they react really good. Once they get older its old news. I found a spot when I was in my early 20s where you can walk into a wooded area which is on a hill overlooking the lake. I went just to see the girls swimming but there were 4 little girls on the beach below around age 9. I just got the urge to fake taking a pee by a tree & very soon they looked up & saw me. I was able to see them but not seem to be looking right there way. It was about 30 feet away. Those little girls went wild. They were giggling and jumping and staring at my erect penis. I had to stop at some point so I did and put it away and those kids yelled "lets see it again". I then looked right at them as if I just saw them and smiled and said Oh sorry girls I didn't notice you. They were still giggling as I left the area. I know if they were like 16 or older they would have told me to get lost.

ErikMay 01 2013 3:14pm
We u8sed to live next door to this family with a daughter about 8 and she got be 10 while we lived there. Her room was upstairs like mine and just across the driveway. The windows in those older houses were pretty big so I knew if I was naked she could look and see me from like my head down to my mid thighs. I could pull down my shade just enough to hide my face if I wanted to. I don't usually flash anyone but I liked this kid. She was a nice friendly girl and there was a sexiness to her at age 9 and 10. One day I saw her just looking over. I got the desire to show off for her to see how she reacted. I was 15 by then. I made out I didn't see her. I got all my clothes off and peeked over and she was still looking. That got me exited. I got hard and just acted busy walking around to give her a view of everything I own from every angle. She was still looking. She was obviously loving all this. I kept that going a good 15 minutes and then got into my PJs and all that time she never put her lights on. I only saw her because her TV was on. To this day I get hot over that and the thought of a 9 year old being turned on over seeing a naked guy. I did that a lot in the following year till we moved. I saw her outside often and she was always very sweet and friendly. She seemed to have a crush on me. Girls at that age are not all that innocent I think?

JoeyMay 05 2013 7:14pm
Slut shaming is wrong, but it's still disgusting that you're mentally scarring another person.

GuestJul 20 2013 5:57pm
My mother is very sexy to me. I got to noticing her legs and stuff especially in short skirts or short shorts when her ass sticks out a little. She is 38 now but looks younger. I was home and in my room and knew she would be cleaning up so I took off my pants and opened my door a small amount, and waited to see if she would pass by and look in. I was rubbing my dick to keep it hard. Finally she came past and out of the corner of my eye I saw her stop and look. I didn't know what to expect but she didn't say anything and only watched. I got so turned on by it I jerked off and came. She was still there. She went away after I got soft and cleaned myself. She called me for lunch and we ate and she was still not saying anything about catching me. Its been a week and she still has not said anything. I feel bad about letting my own mom see me do that now. I know its like as wrong as it gets. But I still want to show myself to her.

TomAug 07 2013 1:49pm
I was at the table looking into the kitchen as mom made breakfast. Because it was a hot day she was in her night shirt only. She dropped a spoon & bent over to get it. I saw her ass & more. No panty's. I never seen anything so sexy. Next day mom got ,me up. I sleep in tidy wities & as I woke I felt her hand on my erect c*ck. She felt it! I don't know what to think.

Evan CApr 11 2015 8:18am
I rented a furnished room as a young single guy. The landlady was about 50. She was little heavy but still sort of sexy. Every Friday morning she cleaned my room & changed linens. I stayed home from work one Friday & took my c*ck out from my PJs fly so she would see it. I arranged it to hang over to the side so from my door her view would be my full length. Mine is 5" long soft so I know girls are impressed. I peeked through my eyelids as she came in. OMG! her eyes went wide & her mouth dropped as she saw my c*ck. She took a good long look and smiled before she left. Later she called to ask if she can come up to clean., She never knew I saw her earlier. It was hot having a older woman admire my c*ck.

Ray Dec 01 2015 6:44am
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