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Which Female Star is the Hottest?

Question: Out of these beutiful women who would you like to spend a night with?
Created by: Logan at 10:01:34 AM, Friday, July 06, 2001 EDT


Logan, Logan, Logan.... I WILL be first HAHAHAHA

Your Friendly neighborhood WebSlingerJul 07 2001 4:37pm

What about Pamela Anderson ? - I'd like to spend more than a night with her !.

SteveAug 30 2001 7:35am
pamela anderson should be melted!

ukSep 17 2001 10:04am
I banged all those chicks,...none of them where any good.

jamesginder@LIKELIKE.COMAug 14 2002 1:23am
i dont think anyone would want spend any nights with little missbitch britney spears

lizaSep 24 2003 4:29pm
i would spend a night with jennifer lopez

James GinderOct 14 2003 12:21am
I could not spend a night with Britney Spears. That would not be enough. I would rather spend the rest of my life as her slave, worshipping her as the superior goddess that she is.

JohnnyFeb 07 2004 9:48pm
I would love to be Mariah Carey's slave. I don't think I'd have a problem submiting to her.

jimSep 29 2005 6:56pm
Toyah Willcox straddling my face would do it for me

SteveMar 02 2006 3:39am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 2:52pm
Pamela ANderson all the way! Awesome sex is right there with her boobs in your face

philAug 03 2006 12:06pm
Pam Anderson is ugly & phoney. You would get tired of her real fast.

AnonymousNov 27 2006 3:24pm
Gotta be shilpa shetty

tclMay 19 2009 11:26am
Who thinks Pamela Anderson is ugly, thinks theirselves are ugly.

Surrounded by jealous bitches and blind guysDec 22 2010 8:57pm
pamela is the first great girl

pipoMay 19 2012 12:45pm
kajol(india). sonacxi sinha both are mast

veerOct 08 2013 6:36am
Gotta be cameron diaz tall and fit shes wearing a little black dress that barely covers the cheeks of her ass theyd have to come empty her halfway through to make room

malNov 27 2013 8:40am
Waste of a good dress on a stick insect like her, same dress but on mariah carey,lots of lovely curves and legs that dont quit

anonNov 30 2013 4:20am
Mephiles! I love you baby! (=

Maddy the Psychotic BunnyNov 30 2013 7:41pm
Hey Kirara

Blue PsychoNov 30 2013 7:41pm
Luv you too -kisses you-

MephNov 30 2013 7:42pm
I really do love my blue psycho. -Sits on your lap on a couch and leans in against you and puts my arms around your neck and puts my nose to yours and looks into your eyes- (=

MaddyNov 30 2013 7:50pm
-Smiles wraping my arms around your waist-

MephNov 30 2013 7:55pm
-Looks into your eyes again and presses my lips into yours, breathing from the side of my face, then I put my hand in your shirt and wrap it around you, pulling you closer to me-

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:04pm
-i press my tounge into your And Kisses you-

MephNov 30 2013 8:07pm
-I close my eyes and wrap my tongue around your tongue and lowers your back on the couch kissing you until your back touches the couch seat then I put my knees on each side of you and starts sucking on your cheek and neck- <3

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:10pm
-Rubs your Back with my right arm wile my left hand is n your butt-

MephNov 30 2013 8:17pm
-Puts my palms on your shoulders- Get your hand out of my a$$! X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:23pm
i ment on your ass XD

MephNov 30 2013 8:24pm
I know! X[) -Lifts up my shirt and practically lays on your face- Kiss my tummy! O.o

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:28pm
-kisses it all over

mephNov 30 2013 8:32pm
lol! -Flips over and gets under you and hugs you- Mmm you're warm. <3 -Sticks my tongue out at you- x[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:34pm
-Thats how i like my body temp

MephNov 30 2013 8:39pm
-Takes off your shirt and throws it- Are you colder?! It's dark in here so you can't find it. (;

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:41pm
its a little cold

MephNov 30 2013 8:45pm
Okay! -Hugs you and wraps my arms and legs around you like a dumb ass- x[) -Then GRaBS a blanket in the floor and throws it over us- <3

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:48pm
-Sucks on your lip-

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:48pm

MephNov 30 2013 8:55pm
-Grabs your hand and puts it in my shirt while I kiss you- (You can browse) (]X d=

MaddyNov 30 2013 8:57pm
XD -Fells your Boobs- The Feel So soft <3

MephNov 30 2013 9:06pm

MephNov 30 2013 9:07pm
Aww. That's nice. O_o X[) -Kisses you again- Do you want under me again?

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:09pm
i Dont mind -Smiles and wink-

MephNov 30 2013 9:17pm
Let's play in the dark then, I guess. -Winks back and gets up as you make yourself comfy then I jump on you- x]

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:20pm
-Blushes like crazy-

MephNov 30 2013 9:23pm
#^_^# -Puts my hand in your lap as I'm laying on you and kisses you-

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:25pm
mmm <3

MephNov 30 2013 9:28pm
What does Mephiles mean, or is it just something you made up?

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:29pm
Mephiles Is A Sick and Sadistic Sonic Character I adore

MephNov 30 2013 9:33pm
Oh okay! d= I love the name. What's my next lesson in PSYCHoPaTHY???

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:36pm
you learned all i could teach already

mephNov 30 2013 9:38pm
Really? So, am I like you already?

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:40pm
-nod- only thing missing is a psychotic name

MephNov 30 2013 9:45pm
I don't know what to put though! -.o

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:46pm
Help me find a name. I'll go browse the internet...

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:48pm
Moriaty? X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:50pm
i Got no Clue.. Jane the killer

MephNov 30 2013 9:52pm
My middle name's Jane... Only if you're Jeff! X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 9:59pm
ill be your Jeff

MephNov 30 2013 10:03pm
^_^ Okay! Hey you be Jeff and pretend you're breaking into my room! (I'm not Jane though, and in reality Jeff murdered Jane's family...)

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:06pm
ok -looks into your window and sees no one so i open the window-

mephNov 30 2013 10:10pm
-Sees you and stares trying not to move so you possibly don't see me-

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:19pm
-Enters the window and looks around the room-

MephNov 30 2013 10:21pm
-Freaks out and starts shivering, knowing you saw me- H-h-hi, Jeffery, I believe?

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:26pm
-Smiles And Pulls out my knife- Hi Little one

MephNov 30 2013 10:28pm
-Gets up and looks at you funny and touches your face and also GRaBS a knife- This is my knife! ^_^ -Shows you knife-

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:30pm
Um <_< Looks out the door

MephNov 30 2013 10:33pm
You're like, "What do I do?" X[)

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:34pm
-Cuts my face into a smile like you- Am I beautiful, Jeff?

AnonymousNov 30 2013 10:35pm

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:35pm
y-yeah -walks over to you-

mephNov 30 2013 10:36pm
-Looks at your knife- (Be more mean, it would help... xD)

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:40pm
Can I have a hug and a kiss before I no longer exist? =/ Or can I go with you back home to see Slendy and Madly? =D

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:41pm
-Masky not Madly

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:42pm
:/ Fine Ill Take you to see Masky and The Tree

MephNov 30 2013 10:45pm
-takes my knife back-

MephNov 30 2013 10:46pm
Okay! Yay! Jumps out the window waiting for you- (I'm tired, can we finish this tomorrow, my beloved Jeff?) ^_^

MaddyNov 30 2013 10:49pm
sure -kisses- bye sweetie

mephNov 30 2013 10:50pm
Hello, Psychopathic Side of Mephiles! (]X I love you! =3

MaddyDec 01 2013 8:28am
Im here- Hops out the window

MephDec 01 2013 8:52am
Baby when your on post in Advice

MephDec 01 2013 8:53am
I'll try! Just post advice or post something random? I'll try both. ^_^

MaddyDec 01 2013 9:01am
You Called?

MephDec 01 2013 9:09am
I still cannot post advice... .-. It randomly let's me post advice for LiKe an hour then I get the same message,"We couldn't post your advice, try something else, bub."

MaddyDec 01 2013 9:12am
oh Wow i Just wanted you to make a post

MephDec 01 2013 9:13am

MephDec 01 2013 9:20am
Sorry I had to go with my Uncle to feed and water my sister's dog (she is on vacation with her kids) and he opened the door and her kitten was meowing, so I went with him and the kitten had food and no water so we gave him water and he drank every drop of water! Talk about thirsty! Who would leave a kitten without water?! (I love animals so this made me mad...)

MaddyDec 01 2013 10:18am
And she's been gone for four days. -_-

MaddyDec 01 2013 10:19am

MephDec 01 2013 10:24am
that horrible

MephDec 01 2013 10:27am
I know right?! =/ Yah we left him a whole bowl of water X[) He's a orange kitten and my sister lives in the country, so the kitten is sick in one eye, but my other sister has the brother to her kitten and talk about spoiled! He has toys, canned food, an electric blanket, etc. X[) And he's in perfect health.

MaddyDec 01 2013 10:28am
Oh Wow XD

MephDec 01 2013 10:29am
I don't have black hair but I posted another. ^_^

MaddyDec 01 2013 10:36am
I randomly found those pictures online. X[)

MaddyDec 01 2013 10:37am

MephDec 01 2013 10:38am
You darz?

mephDec 01 2013 10:46am
Yes! (]= I love ya.

MaddyDec 01 2013 10:49am
Love you

MephDec 01 2013 10:52am
^_^ How much? =3

MaddyDec 01 2013 11:12am
To my death

MephDec 01 2013 11:52am
You're back! And that was sweet! -Kisses you and jabs my tongue down your throat- X[)

MaddhDec 01 2013 11:53am
*Maddy -_- d= -Hugs you tight-

MaddyDec 01 2013 11:54am
XD -Rubs your back-

MephDec 01 2013 12:01pm
Konnichiwa! Watashiwa, Maddy desu. (Hiranga letters) こんいちわ!わたしわ、まっすぐ です。。。

MaddyDec 01 2013 12:09pm
DioX is a jackass so don't listen to him. .-. A jackass, a murderer, a rapist, etc. -_-

MaddyDec 01 2013 12:11pm

MephDec 01 2013 12:13pm
-Hugs you again and grabs your hand and pulls your arm over my shoulder so my back is against your chest and I grab your other hand and put them around my waist and I look up into your eyes- (-; X[)

MaddyDec 01 2013 12:20pm
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MaddyDec 01 2013 12:21pm
Im (「•|•」)

MephDec 01 2013 12:22pm
I know. d=

MaddyDec 01 2013 12:25pm
-smiles and kisses you-

MephDec 01 2013 12:27pm
-Turns around and kisses you back, putting my arms around your waist- I think you're what makes LikeLike any use to me. ^_^

MaddyDec 01 2013 12:29pm
Awww thanks -Kisses

mephDec 01 2013 12:34pm
-Licks your Left Cheek-

MephDec 01 2013 12:43pm
I have heroin in my room. Cat heroin.

MaddyDec 01 2013 12:48pm
-Licks your lips and puts my tongue in your mouth LiKe a dumb ass- X[)

MaddyDec 01 2013 12:49pm
XD mmm -Sucks on your Tongue

MephDec 01 2013 12:57pm
Sowwy I had to go kill- or I mean clean... o_o Hi! ^_^

MaddyDec 01 2013 1:59pm

MephDec 01 2013 2:03pm
You too! ^_^ -Wipes blood- or I mean soap from my hands and hugs you- X[)

MaddyDec 01 2013 2:07pm

MephDec 01 2013 2:12pm
My Man A-Cup boobs hurts XD

MephDec 01 2013 2:18pm

MaddyDec 01 2013 2:26pm
What? im flat Chested

MephDec 01 2013 2:29pm
I know! I'm back, I have to go again though. Talk to you tonight!

MaddyDec 02 2013 1:34pm
Babyz you on? Make a Post when ever your on

MephDec 02 2013 5:46pm
Hey -Kisses

MephDec 02 2013 6:41pm
-Kisses you back- I hate people! People are dicks! (There's not really a forty five year old on LikeLike, it's all something to upset me because my best friend's a pedo. He's 21! But he's not what anyone thinks. Something happened to him when he was younger, and he would rather die than to rape anyone. He's also virgin, so don't worry...)

MaddyDec 02 2013 7:33pm
its ok maddy

mephDec 02 2013 9:10pm
even when i come back on i missed you 0-0 -climbs into your window and Sniffs one of your shirts

MephDec 02 2013 9:28pm
-Hugs you- Hey baby!!! ^_^ I want to do more to you but I can't!

MaddyDec 02 2013 10:03pm

MephDec 02 2013 10:11pm
-pats your back- Baby, are you there?

MephDec 02 2013 10:19pm
Well maybe I want to do your ass. -_- With a strap on... I'm here. :3

MaddyDec 02 2013 10:26pm
Why are you letting the lesbian think you're a girl? X[)

MaddyDec 02 2013 10:29pm
Fun XD

MephetDec 02 2013 10:32pm
Oooh Fun fact i sumtimes act Like a girl

MephDec 02 2013 10:33pm
That's hilariously vicious, oblivious, and demeaning to women across America. Except ME because I'm sexually confused! No, JK JK but I have dated a girl in my lifetime on the internet even though I've only been on LikeLike for a year. O-O

MaddyDec 02 2013 10:36pm
XD -looks in one of your drawers- Oooooh -Pulls out a Blue and gray panty- My Colors <3

MephDec 02 2013 10:38pm
I have a blue one, a black one, but not a blue and grey one! -Lays on the bed with headphones in my ears tuned up ALL the way-

MaddyDec 02 2013 10:40pm
-lays next to you with my back on the bed-

MephDec 02 2013 10:42pm
-Lays on you with my belly flat against yours as I kiss you with my hand at the back of your head-

MaddyDec 02 2013 10:45pm
-Raps my Arms around you as i Kiss your neck and rubs your back- Whos my favorite Psycho?

MephDec 02 2013 10:47pm
I think I'm your least favorite AND favorite psycho,, beings I don't know any other psychos you know. d=

AnonymousDec 02 2013 10:49pm
Yupz your my top Fav and jeff and jane come 2nd and 3rd

MephDec 02 2013 10:52pm
-Writes a note then drops it and jumps out the window- Maddy, The time you are reading this note i will be at home,Snugled in bed,Thinking of you as i drift to sleep. Goodnight My Psychotic Princess

Forever yours, Leo Martinez|Shawn Sanchez (Wittness ProtectionDec 02 2013 11:09pm

Suck it)Dec 02 2013 11:10pm

MephDec 03 2013 2:52pm
Hi,Maddy says that your sexy and wants to sleep with you!-madie friend hannah

AnonymousDec 03 2013 2:56pm
That was Hannah my friend, Mephiles don't worry about her, she's chewing on my arm, why!!!

MaddyDec 03 2013 2:57pm

MephilesDec 03 2013 3:03pm
Maddy says that she wants you to go to Yahoo and look up Spyro and Cynder Herpy.

Madies friend HannahDec 03 2013 3:05pm

MephDec 03 2013 3:08pm
oh my! o///o

MephDec 03 2013 3:10pm
Hey, Mephiles. Hannah and I had to go to a school concert thingy! Hannah wrote that btw, it was Hannah's idea. She's blonde with green eyes, really pretty, but she's nuts. I swear. O-o

MaddyDec 03 2013 7:12pm
Yay! A New Crazy Buddy

MephDec 04 2013 5:09am
She's been my ¤Buddy¤ for over a year now! Lol

MaddyDec 04 2013 1:47pm
Some one stole my ds

MephDec 04 2013 1:54pm
That sucks! I will kill whoever did it! -_- Wait what type of ds was it?

MaddyDec 04 2013 1:57pm

MephDec 04 2013 1:59pm
I had one but it broke. Mine was black and I had a Flipnote Hatena! My friend signed it and sent a document in so I could. (= I guess he's my legal dad now! X[) Michael, you're a pedo. :3

MaddyDec 04 2013 2:04pm
XD I want to **** you in the *** ;3

MephDec 04 2013 2:07pm
O_O But I like my virgin ass! X[)

MaddyDec 04 2013 2:10pm
Oh wait I could replace that with stab, rape, poo, f*ck, duck, suck, etc. X[)

MaddyDec 04 2013 2:11pm
Hey but it will feel great/ how else are we going to have a baby army?

MephhDec 04 2013 2:12pm
It would feel great for you. O_o

MaddyDec 04 2013 2:20pm
Awww XD

MwphDec 04 2013 2:22pm
It would!

MaddyDec 04 2013 4:38pm
Kay -kisses

MephDec 04 2013 4:40pm
-Kisses you back- Ehh, umm... A boy at school hugged me last night in the dark! -Covers mouth-

MaddyDec 04 2013 4:43pm

MephDec 04 2013 4:46pm
Some fúck Gunna die -sharpens knife

MephDec 04 2013 4:47pm
lol! X[) He's fourteen and his names Breyden and it's my fault he hugged me because we had something to go to at school and afterward we walked into the dark hallway talking and when we got outside I was like,"Hugs?" And he said,"YAH hugs" and then he hugged me. It's my fault, I take blame. O_O

MaddyDec 04 2013 4:50pm
It was pitch black outside! X[)

MaddyDec 04 2013 4:51pm
Alright -puts knife away- he can live... For now

MephDec 04 2013 4:54pm
What would you do if he kissed me or something? X[) You would probably make that his last kiss, huh? All my irl friends are a ¤bad¤ influence on me apparently, and he's one of my best friends. Breyden, Mitch, Hannah, and Sam are my friends. They're all either liars, crazy, cut, or do drugs. Breyden: He cuts (well, I think, he has scars), he does pot, and he's nutty. Mitch is a pervert, he's not really a friend but we still hang out,Hannah is plain crazy and insane and talks about heroin and crack all the time (that's why I call her Heroin Hannah), and Sam is a liar, a thief, crazy (has schizophrenia and hears voices) and will eventually start marijuana. Good friends, aren't they?

MaddyDec 04 2013 7:05pm
Oh wow

MephyDec 04 2013 7:25pm
Yah but I don't judge, I love them all. I secretly loved the hug I got from the boy that has a crush on me, but it's awkward with that kid. And Heroin Hannah is very lovable. I try to look over the bad things that they do and think of the sweet, innocent things they do. I try to ignore their defaults.

MaddyDec 04 2013 7:28pm

MephDec 04 2013 7:30pm
Yes I have a giant ass crush on Breyden as well. I'm not going to deny it. He's perfect for me (don't kill me) because he has pale white skin, dark brown hair, a wierd nose, (X[)) and he's sweeter than Heroin Hannah. .-. But I'm not breaking up with you for him because I... I love you more...

MaddyDec 04 2013 7:32pm
Awww <3 you almost made me wip out the bleach,lighter and a knife

MephDec 04 2013 7:34pm
Wow that made me want to curl up in a ball and die. .-.

MaddyDec 04 2013 7:35pm
Oh, I'll ask him out and make out with him, too! (JK)

MaddyDec 04 2013 7:36pm
I expected you to call my choice of friends wierd. At school, I'm Marijuana Maddy!

MadduDec 04 2013 7:38pm
D: my ego! It burns !

MephDec 04 2013 7:38pm
I'm the only crazy in my school (been there all me life

MephDec 04 2013 7:40pm
Shiz-nit I took a schizophrenia quiz and got 78%, I'm more prone to schizophrenia more than 61449 people who took the quiz! And sadly, this was created my a psychologist! Aww well. -Scratches head-

MaddyDec 04 2013 7:50pm
So I have schizophrenia, adhd, ocd, hmm what else? lol

MaddyDec 04 2013 8:04pm

MaddyDec 04 2013 8:09pm
Oh Xc

MephyDec 05 2013 4:11am
Ehh... I'll live.

MaddyDec 05 2013 4:50am

Meph the cray cray cowDec 05 2013 1:08pm
Aww you are fat now! =( x[) -Hugs you- o_o I got another hug today.

MaddyDec 05 2013 3:59pm
Imma stab your friends

MephDec 05 2013 5:30pm
Wow, Breyden is the only one who hugged me today! lol! -Hugs you-

MaddyDec 05 2013 6:52pm
Ohz... Some one is still getting stabbed

MephDec 05 2013 6:57pm
Who`z? 0.o

MaddyDec 05 2013 6:59pm
Gtg cya tomorrow

MePhDec 05 2013 7:00pm
You -shanks

MephDec 05 2013 7:00pm
Aww! Don't go! And why would you kill me?

MaddyDec 05 2013 7:01pm
My mom gunna turn off my interwebs

MephDec 05 2013 7:01pm
Plus my iPod is dieing

MephDec 05 2013 7:02pm
And you are disrespecting my love for you >\\\\<

MephDec 05 2013 7:03pm
Why? Because I said someone hugged me and you`'re being jealous about it? I've already proved my love for you, just remember it, because you have forgot. -Hugs you-

MaddyDec 05 2013 7:06pm
I haven't forgot -kisses

MephDec 06 2013 1:49pm
-Kisses you back- SORRY I've been gone, I've been busy. I love you! I'm getting a scene haircut sometime this week. :3

MaddyDec 08 2013 9:44am
Nice :) missed you

SniperDec 08 2013 9:46am
Missed you, too. =3

MaddyDec 08 2013 9:53am
So what's up?

MephDec 08 2013 9:57am
Well, just posted another post on likelike. Check it out!

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:01am
I did as Blue Psycho Oil

Meph (BP Oil)Dec 08 2013 10:03am
Oh okay. ^-^ I thought that was you but I wasn't sure...

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:05am

BPDec 08 2013 10:07am
-Licks your tongue- o_o

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:10am
-smiles wile blushing

BPDec 08 2013 10:12am
-Hugs you tight and climbs on your lap and starts kissing you and sucking your neck-

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:23am

BPDec 08 2013 10:27am
-Puts your hands on my shoulders and leans in to nibble on your ear and lips-

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:28am

BPDec 08 2013 10:31am
-Puts my nose to yours and leans in and kisses you once again and bites your lip and wraps my tongue around yours and puts my hands in your shirt around your waist-

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:33am
-raps my arms around you

BPDec 08 2013 10:37am
-Bites your lip so you shriek of pain then leans over and pulls you on top of me and kisses you forcefully- (;

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:39am

BPDec 08 2013 10:44am
#O_O# Sowwie, got carried away. O_o

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:46am
Yeah, just gave me a boner 0///0

BPDec 08 2013 10:49am
X[) Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Kiss me tummy. O.o

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:52am
-Rubs your crotch- jkjkjkjkjk! X[)

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:53am
-bends down and kisses your belly

BPDec 08 2013 10:54am
Awe! ^0^ #^_^# Thank you, I'll go fap off my hand now.

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:55am
Hahahah ew

BPDec 08 2013 10:56am
-Grabs your chin and directs you to me and I kiss you and we turn over so I'm on you now and my knees are on each side of your lap and you're laying down as I kiss you-

MaddyDec 08 2013 10:58am

BpDec 08 2013 11:01am
-Presses my body against yours as I kiss you- ^_^

MaddyDec 08 2013 11:02am
-face is completely red

BpDec 08 2013 11:04am
Did I go too far? ^_^ lol I deserve this. Do whatever you please. O_o -spreads arms-

MªddyDec 08 2013 11:05am

MephDec 08 2013 11:28am

MaddyDec 08 2013 11:31am
They trying to get you to stop XD

BpDec 08 2013 11:33am
I know. They think I'm nuts. O_o Actually, blame schizophrenia.

MaddyDec 08 2013 11:35am

MephDec 08 2013 11:39am
-Gets up and grabs your body and drags you to a bedroom- Let's play a game!

MaddyDec 08 2013 11:39am

BpDec 08 2013 11:49am
-Pushes you on a bed and falls on you and pretends to be asleep- -o- (=

MaddyDec 08 2013 11:50am
0///0 -pats your back

BpDec 08 2013 11:54am
-Leans up and sits on you randomly- o_o At school, is there anyone who you would ever lick their face?

MaddyDec 08 2013 11:57am
Black Obama is a communist who is deliberately ruining this country, with constant lying and such. People wanted to have a first black president, and this is where it got them. -_- (Can you post that on Emeralds post with my name?)

MaddyDec 08 2013 12:06pm
Sorry i can't on iPod

MephDec 08 2013 12:08pm
Okay. But I'm serious, his father's Muslim. X[) -Rubs you-

MaddyDec 08 2013 12:11pm

BpDec 08 2013 12:15pm
I'm rubbing your shoulder....

MaddyDec 08 2013 12:20pm
That feels good

BpDec 08 2013 12:25pm

MaddyDec 08 2013 12:59pm
Hi Meph!!!It's hannah, madie loves you and wants to lick you!

hannahDec 08 2013 1:00pm
Why did I ever show you this site? Why'd I show you where Meph and I talk?!?! Hannah, I understand you want Meph but he's MiNe. Go play with your 3DS.

MaddyDec 08 2013 1:02pm
-Rub rub rub- jkjkjkjkjk d=

MaddyDec 08 2013 2:05pm

BpDec 08 2013 2:28pm
She wants me?

BpDec 08 2013 2:32pm
Ya she wants to suck you and her pedo friend Michael!

hannahDec 08 2013 2:34pm
Hannah go away. No she doesn't want you, she's freaking weird though. Hannah go play with yourself!

MaddyDec 08 2013 2:35pm
My pedo friend is prettier than you! >=/ @Hannah

MaddyDec 08 2013 2:36pm

hannahDec 08 2013 2:36pm
Go away. -_-

MaddyDec 08 2013 2:39pm
I want to kill something

MephilesDec 08 2013 2:40pm
Here. -Gives you Breyden-

MaddyDec 08 2013 3:02pm
Wait what is it you want to kill???

MaddyDec 08 2013 3:04pm
A dood

BpDec 08 2013 3:05pm
-stabs breyden

BpDec 08 2013 3:06pm
Beings this is online I don't care if you kill Breyden, but url you'd be killed by me. Unless you stopped me and kidnapped me. O.o

MaddyDec 08 2013 3:07pm

MaddyDec 08 2013 3:08pm
Yup -smerks and starts to sharpin a rusty carving knife

BpDec 08 2013 3:09pm
=(] But... Breyden is my best irl friend! X[)

MaddyDec 08 2013 3:12pm
Idc I just want to kill something

BpDec 08 2013 3:15pm
I know! -looks at you smirking- I could kill your vaginity

BpDec 08 2013 3:18pm
You can't kill virginity. I lost my virginity, can I have yours? Oops, I lost the virginity you gave me.

MaddyDec 08 2013 5:10pm
Oh wow

MephilesDec 08 2013 5:34pm
-Kisses you- Can I have your virginity? I lost mine!

MaddyDec 08 2013 7:38pm
I'm going to rip NYFB's head off/if we met irl then yeah

MephDec 09 2013 4:11am
Why? O.o

MaddyDec 09 2013 1:56pm
Because he wants you

MephDec 09 2013 5:39pm
=/ -Hugs you- He ain't getting me! X[)

MaddyDec 09 2013 8:58pm
C: Im leaving you... For a cookie... That I ate... Hey you wanna go out again? XD

BpDec 10 2013 4:21am
YES! (= X[)

MaddyDec 10 2013 4:33pm
Maddy wants to sleep with you naked!

hannahDec 10 2013 4:35pm
-_- X[)

MaddyDec 10 2013 4:35pm
Oh, really Hannah -face is red

MephilesDec 10 2013 4:41pm
So maddy is this true?

MephDec 10 2013 5:10pm
Hannah's nutty. O_O Totally! X[) I'd totally sleep with you naked.

MaddyDec 10 2013 6:57pm
XD I'm so glad

MePhyDec 10 2013 6:59pm
Gtg talk to you tomarrow or if they leave the web on

MephDec 10 2013 7:00pm
I'm getting a haircut tomorrow... d= at 5:30! YAH! -Happy Larry ratty dance-

MaddyDec 10 2013 7:02pm
Okay, bye! (=

MaddyDec 10 2013 7:02pm

MephDec 10 2013 7:04pm
My hair is amazing. =3

MaddyDec 11 2013 4:58pm
Nice I wanna touch it

BpDec 11 2013 6:04pm
I have sideswept bangs, layers, and it awesome. =3 I practiced fixing it for an hour.

MaddyDec 11 2013 6:10pm
Oh wow XD -licks you face

BpDec 11 2013 6:20pm
-Licks you back- x[)

MaddyDec 11 2013 6:26pm
-pokes your boob

MephDec 11 2013 6:27pm
Me booby. O.o Let's try to find eachother on (in the chat, not video.) Mephiles, booby, rainbowdash. Put those as your three interests. X[)

MaddyDec 11 2013 6:30pm

BpDec 11 2013 6:37pm
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