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The sexy quiz

Question: If you were a cat for one day, what would you do?
Created by: courtdawg at 10:04:09 AM, Monday, July 16, 2001 EDT


cats can't exactly sing. just thought you'd like to know.

me. or maybe it was you. who knows?Nov 04 2001 12:15am


happy earlApr 30 2003 12:24pm
Boy's have peter's and gurl's have vahginas

ChelseaFeb 21 2004 4:06pm
Chelsea, have you stopped taking your medication?

why botherMar 03 2004 2:28pm
i was a cat in a past life... so... hey, i did all of the above! go catz!

~Chaos Rox~Mar 11 2005 8:37pm
You're all f*ckin detarded!!

AnonymousFeb 10 2006 6:33am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:27pm

AnonymousJun 19 2008 1:45pm
oh I can't really diside, Oh maybe besides teasing the dogs I would climb to places

snathanloveOct 05 2008 5:04pm
I suppose after shagging all the cats in my teritory, I'd dress uo as a dog wuth a big stick up my sleeve, I'd go looking for those bastards that keep chasing me up that bloody tree & "TWANG" is all ud hear as my stick bounces off there heads ?

smoutyDec 07 2009 4:08pm
Oh, & I'd phone the parents to say I loved them !!!

smoutyDec 07 2009 4:10pm
Yup I'll poke all the chicks in the neighborhood then go huting few rat while on my way annoy the few dogs tied up in the back yard. After I'll go shopping with a vampire kitty Custum on. Sell few treasures that I pick up during the hunt while m there in the mall. Later head back home for some good sleep.

CoolAug 24 2010 11:09pm
9 lives = 9 most extreme deadly insane crazy stunts.

:-)Aug 24 2010 11:11pm
I would piss on someones carpet and poo in thier shoes.

Ha HaJan 29 2011 6:18am
aha what a random qestion/: and lolol it says sexy quiz and thats the qestion:L i would probably f*ck all the cats in my teritory then piss of everyone's carpit that i hate and poo on their front door <----- (cats poo smells if you didnt know:)

ahaha...whats funny?May 29 2011 4:03am
Definetly sleep=)

FootballfreakDec 04 2011 8:54pm
I am a girl & cant do anything cause half you b*tchs said you were gonna f? stick you log into the ground hog hole

I get my wayMar 17 2012 7:10pm
how is this sexy?

LyNdZAug 05 2012 11:33am
i would go out looking for horny humans girls then f*ckkk them im lez text me pics?

AnonymousAug 06 2012 8:35am
I would hiss at everyone!

Beebee355Oct 06 2012 6:46pm
how is this sexy?

This sites lame, I'm only on it becuase omegle don't work...Jun 14 2013 11:49am

;)Aug 16 2013 7:18pm
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo random!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEED SEX AND DICKS TO SUCK!!Oct 09 2013 12:58am
f4QGm5 I am so grateful for your blog article.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

LaJLjLvDCQDiepOct 25 2013 1:48pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:31pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 6:32pm
o.o i chose hunt stuuf cuz im a predator now xD

jackDec 27 2013 6:32pm
uhh Wtf o_O

AnonymousDec 27 2013 6:33pm
=) hey shreve wyd

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:33pm
hi @ gabby

always wanted to be a predator xD Dec 27 2013 6:34pm
o_0 jack ya scaring meh!;P XD

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 6:34pm
i hunt bad/some mean ppl o.o xD

jack Dec 27 2013 6:35pm
trimming my goatee

ShreveDec 27 2013 6:35pm
i decided im just gonna tease dogs xD *lays on my bed*

jackDec 27 2013 6:36pm
wow jack! ha well my ex ditch meh again soo dat fine i'll smoke it all by myself more for me !={)

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:37pm
lol ima do somethings tonight n than ima go crash a party!(that i planed but they never came to pick me up)them ass holes well yea those are my plans!

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:40pm
im pissed off now ò.ó theres no solution to fix the python parse error in a 3ds or dsi or ds D:< my good friend anon64.6 told me tht *gets under my covers to hide from the dogs*

jack *is happy and pissed xD*Dec 27 2013 6:41pm
my plans are... #1 wait till my 3ds dies then go to bed xD

jackDec 27 2013 6:42pm
maybe you'll were flagged to many times

ShreveDec 27 2013 6:43pm
if you were flagged to many times ur account would be disabled but im still able to post @ shreve

jackDec 27 2013 6:44pm
Damn im using a dsi wtf thats not fair!=(

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:44pm
idk i just remember reading something like that on here

ShreveDec 27 2013 6:47pm
(why did the ds family havento not be able to fix python D:...) im bored >_<

jackDec 27 2013 6:50pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:51pm
you know what i aint checked my facebook in a couple months xD hope my friend aint done weird stuff on it

jack going to FB Dec 27 2013 6:52pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 6:53pm
Omg he takes forever to reply!!why is he not replying!?!?!? REPLY JESSIE RREEEPPPLLLYYYYYY!

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:53pm
OOMMMMGGGGGGG HE SAID HE WANTS ME TO COME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMFG OMG OMG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!SHOULD I GO OVER??? o.o Shít i look like crap!=(} Should i??? ahhhhh ommmgggg!!!!!!!!!

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:58pm
What do i reply!?!?

GabbyDec 27 2013 6:59pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:01pm
>_< looks like i forgot my fake birth date for facebook shiz gotta make a new email sometime xD

jackDec 27 2013 7:02pm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 7:03pm
da fudge anon?

jackDec 27 2013 7:04pm
Lol im sorry Omfg i just noticed everything that i was thinking i typed!o.o sorry guys if that freaked you out.

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:04pm
mostly spiders freak me out not girls like you xD

jackDec 27 2013 7:05pm
Awe really!;P *giggles*

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:06pm
^.^ *sits down on the carpet and eats a candy cane and hands one to gabby*

jackDec 27 2013 7:07pm
Hehe #^_^# *grabs the candycane n sits down next to you* lol i stalk somepeoples fb's cuz like if i see they are not happy thats gunna make me feel better bout mine!XDD

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:10pm
Well make me feel better bout my life!XD

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:11pm
i gots a secret o.o i secretly stalk ppl i don't like and talk shiz about them using the name "Anonymous" XD

jackDec 27 2013 7:12pm

jackDec 27 2013 7:13pm
Wow o.o lolz i say lol after everything i type!!!lol am i sad,mad,happy,sad,idk! lol

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:14pm
*kisses ur cheek* @ gabby

jack o.o *did i just do tht? o.o* Dec 27 2013 7:14pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:17pm
*goes to my house across the street xD and gets in my heated pool*

jackDec 27 2013 7:19pm
*follows you n holds ur hand*

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:21pm
*kisses u on the lips*

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:24pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:26pm
sorry im back i made my new email

jackDec 27 2013 7:29pm
oh ok!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:33pm
D: my 3ds on red

jackDec 27 2013 7:34pm
Damn it jack!=C

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:35pm
i guess once its blinking red ill have to go *hugs gabby*

jackDec 27 2013 7:35pm
*hugs you back tight n kisses you deeply*

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:36pm
*kisses you back*

jackDec 27 2013 7:37pm
i love you!!!:)

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:38pm
i love you too.. i gotta go now im sorry i wish my 3ds could last longer bye *kisses you once more before i go*

jack *gone*Dec 27 2013 7:40pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:41pm

babeDec 27 2013 7:51pm

CarterDec 27 2013 7:51pm
Ummm hi lol

babeDec 27 2013 7:52pm
I'm here. ^_^ But you don't like me. .-.

MaddyDec 27 2013 7:53pm
Hey yea sowwy bout the ones of me freaking out! ik its just one of the hottest guys at my school commented on my new pics i posted on fb!=P

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:53pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:54pm
Hi :(

CarterDec 27 2013 7:54pm
Scream for my ice cream! X[)

MaddyDec 27 2013 7:55pm
NO! -sits on a couch all alone and sad- :(

CarterDec 27 2013 7:55pm
Hey carter don't be sad be happy!=) omg i still can't stop smileing!C; :D

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:56pm
Lol its all good ik what u mean it gets u so happy and excited

babeDec 27 2013 7:56pm
-looks up- I wanna be sad.....II ....I liked someone..they had a bf..and now they said they love this guy..and she'd been ignooring me...on here

CarterDec 27 2013 7:57pm
Lol so what up

babeDec 27 2013 7:57pm
Gabby are you ignorwing me??? o.o o_o .-.

MaddyDec 27 2013 7:58pm
Ahaha yea nothing can ruin this omfg i seriously didn't go to his house cuz i looked like crap!=C lol i lied n said im workin out lmfao ommmggggg i think he texted me!!!

GabbyDec 27 2013 7:59pm
Haha omg

babeDec 27 2013 7:59pm
-looks at maddy smiles a small smile- heh ur not the only one she,d be ignooring

Carter, is upsettDec 27 2013 8:00pm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 8:00pm
Okay well I guess that's okay. -Hugs your head like a reward- X[)

MaddyDec 27 2013 8:01pm
Y U IGNOORING ME!!!!! :( -runs upstairs to my room lacks dorr, climbs out window, sits on th top roof-

CarterDec 27 2013 8:01pm
OMG HE SID HEY SEXY!wtf do i reply i dont wanna sound stupid!

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:01pm
Gabby I've done that so many times lol don't freek

babeDec 27 2013 8:01pm
just say hey..its not a big deal u have a bf....:/

CarterDec 27 2013 8:02pm
Said** not sid lol

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:02pm
Just Say hey with a smiley face or a blushing one

babeDec 27 2013 8:03pm
I guess im invisible...i will leave...

CarterDec 27 2013 8:04pm
Actually it seems me n logan arn't going out no more!:/ sooo yea idk hes the hottest guy in school im the hottest 7th grader at my school lol!XDDDDD

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:04pm
ok i said hey=)

Gabby Dec 27 2013 8:06pm
I'm the hottest 6th grader at my school according to 8th grade boys... o.O @Gabby

MaddyDec 27 2013 8:06pm
Lol and nice I'm in ninth I don't think I'm the hottest haha I look good tho by all ages so IG I'm doing good

babeDec 27 2013 8:08pm
lol maddy cool ik well thats what 8th graders say about me too lol!

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:08pm
i hot u said u were ugly...ik u aint ugly :/

CarterDec 27 2013 8:10pm
Lol yea but iv got 9'10'11and 12 graders lol if u want to get all technical about it lol haha jk

babeDec 27 2013 8:11pm
X[) lol I look better irl than in pictures though. .-.

MaddyDec 27 2013 8:11pm
AAAHHHHHHHHH!;D omg i can't believe he send me a pic of his well yea.......O.O GOD DAMN ITS BIG!!!

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:11pm
im the Hottest 8th grader at my school for the guys:/ apparently..cuz all the chicks stare at me..even lil 6th graders lol i think thts good right???? i aint sure wat gals think

CarterDec 27 2013 8:12pm
I only have one 10th grader and his brother's a convicted pedophile. O.o

MaddyDec 27 2013 8:12pm
8th graders have a crush on me!!!@Carter

MadduDec 27 2013 8:13pm
ok on our school news..when im not anchor all the girls talk and chit-chat..but when im anchor..the stare at the screen and drool XD

CarterDec 27 2013 8:13pm
Nice hah ur cool so y not :P looks dont matter to me

CarterDec 27 2013 8:14pm
lol i got like 20-30 y/o saying im hott so :/ i think thats wrong but i'm flattered!XD

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:14pm

CarterDec 27 2013 8:15pm
hey..look up Brendon on see me :)

BrendonDec 27 2013 8:15pm
I have a 21 year old saying I'm hot and sexy and the scary thing about that is that he's a very attractive guy. O.O

MaddyDec 27 2013 8:15pm
Lol well I've fuçked guys that old that are fine as hell lmao

babeDec 27 2013 8:16pm
lol nígga i've seen ya!;P @Brendon Shreve is kinda cute well i'm just saying!XD

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:16pm just gonna go im beng ignoored

Carter--is feeling lonelyDec 27 2013 8:17pm

babeDec 27 2013 8:17pm
who is Shreve

BrendonDec 27 2013 8:18pm
what about Shreve -_-

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:18pm
Ik that its wrong cuz im 13 but i've fuçked like waywayway older guys lolXD I LIKE POPCORN!;{)

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:19pm

CarterDec 27 2013 8:20pm
Haha lmfao

babeDec 27 2013 8:20pm

CarterDec 27 2013 8:21pm
oh i just said ur cute shreve!C:

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 8:21pm
Ugh how do u not get annoyed by that@gabby

babeDec 27 2013 8:22pm
What carter?;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:22pm
gabby thats it i cant trust u

logan pissedDec 27 2013 8:22pm
by wat me???

CarterDec 27 2013 8:23pm
ummm....idk i guess im used to it i guess!;P @babe

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:23pm
ur ignooring meh ...wa happened u were interested earlier....then u stoped tlking to me....u said u wanted to be my baby...umade me im sad cuz u didnt mean wat u said earlier..:(

CarterDec 27 2013 8:24pm
oh thanx. if only girls at my school thought like that

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:24pm
u r pretty sexy Shreve

Jaden♪♪♪Dec 27 2013 8:25pm
Nevermind just...nvm:/ kinda mad..but mostly sadDec 27 2013 8:26pm
damn logan calm down

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:26pm
Lol I'd loose my patience and be mean to ppl haha

babeDec 27 2013 8:26pm
Didn't you like break upp with me n hey logan it ain't like i asked for a pic of him fukin c0ck did i ? no he sent me it cuz he wanted to!!!!

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:26pm
thanx jaden

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:27pm
no gabby ur kissing other people on the lips

loganDec 27 2013 8:27pm
gabby were threw never talk to me im dead serious this time

logan goneDec 27 2013 8:27pm
Haha I think that's why ppl call me a bitch. But I'm really not its just I have an anger problem

babeDec 27 2013 8:28pm

DracoDec 27 2013 8:28pm
Lmfao nígga i got a line full of guys just wanting to date meh!!!;D @ logan

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:29pm

CarterDec 27 2013 8:29pm
Umm do ik u?

babeDec 27 2013 8:29pm
you used to im emo guy / white ice

DracoDec 27 2013 8:30pm
Haha u remind me of my Freind @gabby

babyDec 27 2013 8:30pm
yeah i thought u wanted to go out with me the way u said earlier...did u mean tht :P or..not

CarterDec 27 2013 8:30pm
wow gabby cheats

AnonymousDec 27 2013 8:30pm
what happened carter?;P are you okay?;)

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:31pm
god i want some Benyas -_-

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:31pm
Omg!!!!!! Hey! :) :)*hugs you tightly*

babeDec 27 2013 8:31pm
No:/ i really like u thts all..i mean i'd do anything with/for u

CarterDec 27 2013 8:32pm
hey *hugs back* i tryed textin u but u didnt awnser

DracoDec 27 2013 8:32pm
Yea carter but idk....;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:32pm
:(.... Gabby..i get on like 4ever to talk to u..i never want u to be alone

CarterDec 27 2013 8:34pm
Lmfao i got like 3 new bf's a week lol

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:34pm
Lmao@gabby and yea I only got kik now

babeDec 27 2013 8:34pm
i dont have any apps my phone is the gay ones

DracoDec 27 2013 8:35pm
damn you in the pimping business gabby XD

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:36pm

babeDec 27 2013 8:36pm
:/ I thought ya ment wat u said .....

CarterDec 27 2013 8:37pm
yea its a touch screen but acts like a flip phone its stupid

DracoDec 27 2013 8:37pm
i have and HTC something XD thts like my phone

CrterDec 27 2013 8:38pm
carter dont trust her she said i was her wold last night a d she cheats

loganDec 27 2013 8:38pm

Gabby no wanna date anyone on likelike unless its Shreve!Dec 27 2013 8:39pm
I willtrust her no matter wat! no matter wat she does :)

CarterDec 27 2013 8:39pm
-_- u lied to me gabby y did u do tht..:/

CarterDec 27 2013 8:40pm
yea she said that about me to i dont wana date nyone but logan dam slut -_-

loganDec 27 2013 8:40pm
dont bring my name into this!!!!!!!!!!!

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:41pm
Cuz dat just how i am n logan will get over this in about an hour or so!.-. XD

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:41pm
haha :D yea an hour will see slut

loganDec 27 2013 8:42pm
It isnt fun y..and idc..i will still like u no matter wat..can we atleast be close friends :)

CarterDec 27 2013 8:43pm
Hey Logan ;)

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:44pm
Haha gabby I fuçking love you

babeDec 27 2013 8:44pm
dont try it brooke i dont no u

loganDec 27 2013 8:44pm
girls stickin together?

DracoDec 27 2013 8:44pm
i just wanna talk make new friends new o here :P

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:45pm
acording to gabby talk to me in an hour wen i calm down

loganDec 27 2013 8:45pm
oops i mean slut

loganDec 27 2013 8:46pm
I don't know about close friends but we can be friends and logan the only reason i did this was because you brokeup with me b4 all this shít so calm yo man títties down .-.

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:46pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:46pm
oh :/ sorry:/

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:46pm
yeah ???? @Shreve

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:47pm
we went out last night i hvnt been on likelike all day i was this morning and seen ur lips all ove ana

loganDec 27 2013 8:47pm
Y not close friends..not like idk..just like really good friends :P

CarterDec 27 2013 8:47pm
dont wana be mean ill give u a good welcome *hugs u tight * WELCOME :D

loganDec 27 2013 8:48pm
aint nothing wrong with man titties unless there bigger then your mom's XD

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:48pm
nvm brooke i thought you were someone else

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:49pm
-Hugs u bck- thx...but im not really new..i come on every now and then for a few days :)

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:49pm
the when i just came on i come here bc i see ur post and ur lips r on jack now -_- dont play games with me slut

loganDec 27 2013 8:50pm
SEE HOW FAKES RUIN MY RELATIONSHIPS! ya it was with lilliana shes like my sister! N A "LOGAN" brokeup with meh!

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:50pm
I remember u Shreve .....0__e

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:50pm
oh well got any friends?

loganDec 27 2013 8:50pm
Nonot really..iused to be popular lolz...

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:51pm
-Stands by Gabby-U leave my lil sis alone >:( grrr

BrendonDec 27 2013 8:52pm
lol well get repopulated lol and gabby if i would of broken up with u i would of told ur sis ana i tell her everything like how i loved u and how u crushed me n how we dated n now that were ther

loganDec 27 2013 8:53pm
oh then you are that person

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:53pm
Well see! i did that with jack after you brokeup with me!

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:53pm
HEY :D @Shreve :D

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:54pm
guy u no how many people told me to leave gabby? bc of a iddiot i am i stayed and now pissed at her so i suggest u stop loving her or be were i am

loganDec 27 2013 8:55pm
wait gabby whats ur facebook?

DracoDec 27 2013 8:55pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:56pm

BrookeDec 27 2013 8:57pm
Oh n like you think that word slùt is gunna hurt my feelings i mean comeon my own mother called me that .-.

Gabby is tryin to say that it don't bother her!Dec 27 2013 8:57pm
like i care slut thats ur name from now on

loganDec 27 2013 8:58pm
what brooke?

ShreveDec 27 2013 8:59pm
cmon logan leave her alone plz :) she is a great person..if only she would understamd tht and tlk to me

CarterDec 27 2013 8:59pm
Ha like i would tell you than you'll know who i really am!@Draco

GabbyDec 27 2013 8:59pm
grr tell me gabby is it sg.suicide girl?

DracoDec 27 2013 9:00pm
._. iim not telling you

GabbyDec 27 2013 9:01pm
idk/..i i am the only brooke tht has ever been on likelike..

BrookeDec 27 2013 9:01pm
why not why dont u just tell me what do u have against me

DracoDec 27 2013 9:03pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:04pm
ok :P

BrookeDec 27 2013 9:05pm
:D alot

GabbyDec 27 2013 9:06pm
if ur not her then i did nothing to u and i dont remember what i did to her

DracoDec 27 2013 9:08pm
lol theres more drama here then on a teenage soap opera

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:08pm
lol yes haha u wanna go to a diff poll to talk :P @Shreve

BrookeDec 27 2013 9:09pm
brooke i think i might no u

DracoDec 27 2013 9:10pm
um sure i guess

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:10pm
Well im not saying im not sg .-. i think i've said too much already. peace!

GabbyDec 27 2013 9:11pm
i just wana no wat i did wrong v.v

DracoDec 27 2013 9:12pm
jesus shes confusing :/

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:14pm
gabby or brooke

DracoDec 27 2013 9:15pm
Ok well watta u guys wanna talk about ;)

Brookie;)Dec 27 2013 9:15pm
hey choose a poll to talk in :P

Brookie;)Dec 27 2013 9:16pm
brooke do you know any of these names : emo guy white ice PD rage any of those

DracoDec 27 2013 9:16pm
yesh ik Emo Guy, all of them..but imostly remember Emo Guy, and PD

Brookie;)Dec 27 2013 9:17pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:18pm
Ok i will stay here :) is it ok id i put my name as this

Brookie;)Dec 27 2013 9:21pm
go to kids are better in sports and games. its at the way bottom

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:21pm
well ur talkin to him

DracoDec 27 2013 9:21pm
yea brooke

DracoDec 27 2013 9:22pm
Awsome :)

Brookie;)Dec 27 2013 9:22pm
and nah i dont see it go to mason2000

DracoDec 27 2013 9:23pm
nvm yea i do

DracoDec 27 2013 9:25pm
anybody still here

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:50pm
O.O THIS POST IS REALLY OLD.The first one is from when i was 4

Raphael000Dec 30 2013 9:34am

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