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Should human stem cells be used to help Christopher Reeve walk?

Question: Congress consults the Bible and we consult you here...should human embyonic tissue be used in research, with government supervision, to cure diseases?
Created by: goodhelp at 03:08:39 PM, Thursday, July 19, 2001 PDT


The choices offered aren't exactly fair... I think human stem cells should be used. But it would be wrong to "farm" them. Picking them up from abortion clinics is the best way to make use of tissue that has just been "thrown away" anyway. As long as embryos aren't killed JUST FOR the stm cells, I believe they should be used

PhoenixSep 30 2002 1:31pm

Get over it. He has enough money to survive and a nice old lady. I wish I had it that good!

DirkAug 23 2004 10:27pm
Dirk, I don't think you could possibly have given this much thought. What good is a nice old lady if you can't even touch her. The man can't even crap on his own. He's improving, at least now he can talk somewhat normally but if you envy Superman then you must have paralysis of the brain.

AnonymousSep 15 2004 10:06pm
George W. Bush is the only president who has ever funded stem cell research.

AnonymousOct 13 2004 10:35am
no he died weeks ago! why use stem cells on dead people

hudNov 01 2004 2:01pm
Dana RIP. An incredible human being, who in her short life has made a huge impact for all of humanity. She is now with her true love, and like he, she will deeply missed.

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