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Girls !!! what do u look for in a guy

Question: when u meet a guy what is the first thing that makes u draw an opinion about him
Created by: NERDBOY at 03:38:47 PM, Saturday, July 21, 2001 PDT



EmmaMar 13 2005 12:39am

if he's cute or not,and how he carries himself!

gba007Jul 03 2006 1:40pm
I want my man to be very slim and a bit shorter than my 5'9. Of course he should have a great personality with a lot of humour but I can't get it ticking with a man bigger than me.

SamanthaSep 09 2008 5:48am
I would have to say, looks. I know that is very selfish to the guys but it's true. Then after I get over how HOT they are, I recognize their peronality. And how good their sence of humor is. I love to death a guy that makes me happy and who can make me laugh!

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AnonymousDec 07 2008 5:40pm
personality, looks, money, sense of humor, and a big,thick, hard c*ck.

AnonymousApr 19 2009 12:44pm
i would have to agree with snathanlove when you think about it the only reason they are talking to you is yer looks so its not selfish if you see the same thing. personality does count thoughh

AnonymousAug 08 2009 6:51pm

yuyyuSep 03 2009 1:41am
I am smaller than Samantha's 5'9 (I'm 5'7)and would be very obedient to Emma

DennisDec 18 2009 5:38pm
i would say tall funny cute popular and VERY VERY HOT

yh boiJan 25 2010 8:50am
A guy with a measure of self respect. Not like a lot of the freaks on this site.

AnonymousMay 31 2010 12:23pm
Well as guy m here to tell you good luck with that.

AnonymousAug 25 2010 2:46am
I'm just gonna go out there and say what all them girls are thinking.. They need a big dick!!! Derr :)

BilliejoNov 03 2010 11:44pm
according to this poll im attractive. looks, personality and body but according to the comments im not. im not obedient hahaha and this comment jsut killed any possible appeal i could have had on this site hahhaha

AnonymousJun 18 2011 5:39pm
Women are just as shallow as men if not more. But hey we all have standards and preferences.

MeSep 14 2011 4:53pm
Women are idiots.

PeopleSep 14 2011 4:54pm
Actually big dicks aren't correlated with Women's big breasts or butt. Any women who wants a big c*ck just prefers that because of her past experiences.

QSep 14 2011 5:05pm
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AnonymousOct 22 2011 12:36pm
le na thockk na mujj kminey

raniJul 09 2012 1:23am
if u love guys wit a scense of humor and a big d*ck then email me at

the bobsmiesterOct 07 2012 9:25pm
A penis with no FORESKIN yuk!!!!!

Heidi Mar 23 2013 3:53pm
I like a guy who takes care of himself and me and not alwase on my case (and who mones durring sex)

Moners<3Jun 26 2013 10:22pm
Any guy that has those sexy looks and big hand to f*ck me with and nice abs😍a good tabbed is a plus too. And of couse a BUG JUICY HARD LONG COCK. I love to suck it😘😘

XxXbitchXxXAug 20 2013 9:44pm
Look at the face....

AnonymousOct 08 2013 3:46am

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