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Are Gay Men Sick?

Question: Male bodies were not made for homosexual relations, plain and simple. How should Gay Men be punished
Created by: sandman69 at 01:08:18 AM, Thursday, February 14, 2002 PST


This is disgusting. You are a homaphobic *sshole.

AradiaJul 16 2002 10:52am

God, what a complete and utter little wanker you are.

HotMamaYamaJul 30 2002 1:50am
a little harsh...wouldn't u say??

AnonymousApr 17 2003 3:29pm
I bet your homosexual.

SexOnTheBrainSep 15 2003 8:46am
I have met many homophobic lesbians

AnonymousSep 16 2003 7:01am
Wat a loser,i bet u made this poll bcuz u were ass raped in childhood &thought it was by a gay man.

AnonymousSep 21 2003 10:23am
Gay is ok.

jennsahottie_5@hotmail.comMar 14 2004 2:17pm
being gay is ok. How can you say things about how other people live there lives? Its not your life so why do you care?

AnonymousMay 06 2004 8:38pm
Fags are already punished by their own sexuality.

AnonymousSep 15 2004 10:11pm
Gay people are not gay by choise, homaphobics are. It is ok to be GAY.

AnonymousFeb 17 2005 3:18pm
you dont choose to be gay you cant chose who you fall in love with i bet ur a gay boy who cant get a f*ck

AnonymousFeb 09 2006 10:28am
Homophobic? No you people are just heterophobic! We're not afraid of sissy boy faggots we just find you fags disgusting. Yes gays are gay by choice, they switch "sexual perferences" several times in life. Biological changes don't change late in life, only tastes do. And don't insinuate that us faghaters hate fags because we're secretly fags ourselves, your obviously using it as an insult, you know we're not gay. Besides, you hate pedophiles, does that mean you're secrely a pedophile yourself? Actually if someone is too much of a fag lover then they are probably a fag. To you moronic suburbanite kids go to an Italian neighborhood and start parroting your gayloving propoganda and see what happens to you. See how we Italians deal with fags.

The Crazy ItalianJul 26 2006 6:56pm
Love Belongs to EVERYONE you crazy Italian PIG (this isn't a stab to Italians, just to The Crazy Italian). How come it's better for Homophobes to see two guys holding guns rather than holding hands, you destructive, distigusting pigs! I don't understand why us Heterosexuals need to care- animal do it and we're animals with big brains so why not? I'm a heterosexual but I was brought up the correct way- to be a liberal and stand up for my beliefs and I say GO TO HELL YOU f*ckING HOMOPHOBIC TWATS! PS: If any of you Homophobic twats use religion to justify your pathetic hatred then all I have to say is you are really sad and pathetic- I'm glad I'm not like you.

Kurai-GakaAug 13 2006 7:54am
Oh and by the way, I'm not politial and I am not prejudiced- I have a grandfther who is a big believer in God but he doesn't overlook me for having different opinions on life and I don't overlook him, so there!

Kurai-GakaAug 13 2006 8:00am
Gays are bringing the WRATH OF GOD down on all of us, even though they do not realize that they are doing it. AIDS is a punishment from God in response to gays, and so was the World Trade Center Massacre of 09/11/2001.

AnonymousAug 23 2006 6:14am
When Homosexuality was made legal it appeared fair,but now gays are trying to become the norm which is not right.Heterosexual people need to live by their own standards not by the gay lobby harassing lawmakers to give them more rights than everyone else has.

mike sSep 23 2006 10:09am
I heard that AIDS is a manmade virus. Why would god try to kill us and hurtle us into hell? I think god is a bit too busy fighting the war between the Daleks in Skaro and watching The OC than caring about us.

Kurai-GakaOct 27 2006 11:31am
When you say Homosexual you mean all Homosexuals don't you? Both Male and Female?

Anonymous(Notsamenut3aboveme)Mar 24 2007 9:03pm
I can't believe 151 of you would vote in this poll todate?

3/20/07Mar 24 2007 9:11pm
send to hell. All gay guys should be burn right from the start

AnonymousMay 05 2007 2:57pm
Why are there so many more gay men then women?

KellieMar 29 2008 6:09am
The word gay means someone who is happy or merry. But it has been hyjacked to describe a person who is the very opposite of that. Someone who is suffering from a sexual perversion, a mental illness.

AnonymousApr 22 2009 3:35pm
i'd like to know which f*cked up country you people come from.

thanks!Apr 17 2011 2:31am
Nothing wrong with being gay

MattMar 03 2013 8:28am
Homosexuality is not a disease, but a gene defect.

friedcatMar 05 2013 6:55am

Straight GUyJul 20 2013 6:07pm
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AdLhrijJxaiJan 15 2015 12:37pm
I'm gay. Love. Been. Rimmed

PaulMay 10 2015 3:12pm
People who say "Why do you care, it's not your life?" are committing a terrible fallacy that, because it isn't you committing the act that the morality or 'rightness' of that act can't be debated? I often worry for such people. No, gay is clearly wrong. Just like anal sex is so obviously wrong. Just like pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality etc is. Get a grip and stop running from God. A thousand miles is nothing and in the end you are the only one who will lose. Blessed be God for not moving an inch with His justice, and for offering mercy to us wretched beast!

AnonymousMay 18 2016 3:34pm
Poo for me it isn't about religion so much as nature. And the grey area of it to whether or not it is my business because I'm the one that has go through the problem of trying to keep my food down every time I see the poo. If it stayed behind closed doors I probably wouldn't care. And yes I will say that this only applies to gay men because us men in general are disgusting creatures and women are beautiful. For me it makes sense when a woman chooses to be gay. Men are disgusting and we're all *ssholes so it makes sense for a woman to stop being attracted to guys after being wronged and used by so many of us. Another thing to the ignorant people, homophobia implies that we're afraid of gay people. Well the only woman I'm afraid of is my mother and I can't be afraid of a guy who fights like a girl.

......Jan 19 2017 7:22am
Poo means sh*t people. Too many sensitive as*holes in this country apparently.

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