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What makes Britain Better than America

Question: A Poll to find out what people most prefer Britain to America because of
Created by: mithkai at 12:05:10 AM, Friday, March 29, 2002 EST


Great poll you have. Maybe this will show the americans what the rest of the world thinks of them. They do NOT all love you, you are not right all the time and no your phoney "War On Terrorism" is not right, just an excuse for Bush to begin world domination

USA SUXJun 30 2002 1:44pm

Great poll dude. I am american and i think that is great that finally people are admiting to the fact that we suck. Keep voting guys, bring this "Country" down!!!

Fuck the USA!Jun 30 2002 1:45pm
When i set up Microsoft, the country never believed i would succeed, and i did, but i am not a supporter of our o'so lovely country, and i have been supplying critical information about the windows operating system to terrorist groups. Looking forward to the 11th September 2002???!!!

Bill GatesJun 30 2002 1:47pm
As a former president, i cannot lawfully say anything bad about my country, but i can say i wish i could. Great poll mate!

President ClintonJun 30 2002 1:48pm
I believe your poll is totally irrelevant, we one every single war for you British and this is how you repay us. Who helped England in the Battle of Hastings, 1066? USA!!! Who defeated the Roman Empire? USA Again!!! Who funded Robin Hood? USA!! We rule, we rule!

Patriotic SnobJun 30 2002 1:50pm
I beg to differ

HM Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Norther IrelandJun 30 2002 1:51pm
I agree

HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of EdinburghJun 30 2002 1:52pm

HRH Prince William, future King of Great Britain and Northern IrJun 30 2002 1:52pm
Im very slow at typing so i will make this short,

HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen MotherJun 30 2002 1:53pm
Im busy making a documentary or my nephew so i will make this quick, the UK is the best, but the USA doesn't suck.

HRH Prince EdwardJun 30 2002 1:54pm
This is a great wobsat and i love the intanett, from RIM to Fries, computers are the best Salicon made inventions

HRH Princess MargaretJun 30 2002 1:56pm
I didnt know all my family used computers. Yar, Very interesting, very interesting indeed.

HRH Princess AnneJun 30 2002 1:57pm
America is much beter than Britten, we speak proper, no how to spel proply, and are very kinde peepel.

USA RoolzJun 30 2002 1:58pm
You are all a bunch of freaks, get a life, go out, we all know the usa is better than england. im gonna go and do something fun like buy Enron shares, maybe even WorldCom or Xerox. Cee Ya

Stockbroker_1222Jun 30 2002 2:00pm
Im a full american. I drive an american mercedes, eat at an american burger king, and drink american doctor pepper, i also buy american made adidas trainers. Coz we are intelligent americans we dont buy coca-cola, nike,mcdonalds,pizza hut or shop at walmart. Coz they are all European countries.

Yankee DudeJun 30 2002 2:03pm
dude, youre just jealous cause america is the new best country all around inthe world, and ur just the stupid pansy poos with sticks up your butts. we're the best all around, and theres no denying it.

californiababeAug 16 2002 1:41pm
Americans used to fund the IRA Terrorists - fair ?

Brit 10Sep 06 2002 5:07am
Britain is much better than America. Britain made up the language, so American has to change it, Britian got America up in the place where they are, Americans are originally British! And America makes such a big deal cuz they gots attackeed Diddums, gtting attacked, doessnt that show u that every1 h8s u?!

British RepresentativeDec 22 2002 8:26am
I say old chap, i think it's jolly rotten to make remarks like that

Sir Anthony Hogmany Melchitt-SmytheFeb 26 2003 5:23am
Seeing as the US sponsors IRA terrorism and has weapons of mass destruction, i think we should invade and despose of their undemocratically elected leader and then the world will be a much safer and peaceful place.

UKFeb 26 2003 5:26am
They are both of the Anglo-Saxon heritage. Consequently, they both suck.

Birger JarlMar 22 2003 12:40am
Hey aren't there also Irish living in England sending money to the IRA? Invade yourselves! We also have Arabs in the US sending money to terrorists. Gotta draw the line somewhere.... But if you want to invade, send the Beatles again, yeah, yeah, yeah! Get over it!!

MarkApr 28 2003 9:52pm
Canada is better than those two countries. Simple as that

Guess WhoJul 01 2003 9:50am
Actually, I'd have to say that Canada AND Australia are better than those two countries. :D ---Just had to add that---

Guess WhoJul 01 2003 9:51am
actually, "guess who" canada iz too cold. unlike america, where there are some placez where its hott and come where its cold

hairy jefferyJul 15 2003 9:47am
Wow, and people say Americans are c*cky. Congrats on being a group of sanctimonious we need a second American revolution to shut you up?

SpikeJul 19 2003 11:21pm
Those British people that don't like Americans think they are arrogant and self important. Though I am sure most Americans are very nice :-)

Peace dudeJul 20 2003 3:12am
Those British people that don't like Americans think they are arrogant and self important. Though I am sure most Americans are very nice :-)

Peace dudeJul 20 2003 3:14am
Britains RULE! and as 4 america they dragged us down 2 go to war for no reason! stupid Americans1

behalf of the mpAug 07 2003 11:28am
i've been 2 both countries. and i think... dat BRITAIN is the best by far!

tourist 2003Aug 08 2003 10:07am
Britain is a much safer country!

american safety policeAug 10 2003 9:09am
HEY! wait a minute? I thought Britain and America are supposed to be best friends?! Jealousy is pointless... America has the power, Britain has the history, America has the size, Britain has the gentle beauty... make the most of what you've got.. dont argue about it.. lifes too short. But i have to say, id rather live in Britain as it is a charming, stylish, tasteful nation.

A french manAug 14 2003 3:53am
I have lived in America and Britian and I like Canada the best......

debiSep 27 2003 12:46pm
what sort of a country celebrates Britain going there, colonizing, protecting, serving, feeding and nuturing, then LEAVING? man you americans sure know ethics

BulldogOct 19 2003 12:27pm
lets see now, who is the father of the modern world? who won pretty much every war EVER they fought in (american independenc and 1812 granted) spawned the largest empire the world has ever know AND has the best military (maybe not the largest) in the world? Briatin of course! to think those sily americans thought it was them!

a patriotOct 19 2003 12:34pm
I've lived all over the world, (I am British and i was born there) from liverpool England, to saudi arabia, to usa (chicago) and i'm in Canada rite now in london ontario. Out of all the countries i'd have to say Great Britan was my favourite because we have the best history safe country worlds best armed forces including special ops and special force (SAS). plus Britan trained the usa's special forces, wwe invented the tank, mechine gun, special forces, spies and all the other countries just basicaly copied because they arn't smart enough to figure out somthing for themselves! and for the american's, britan could have invaded u guys several times with more and more men so y do u feel so proud to beet us in wht we would call a battle? maybe a war on ur side but as i said we could have invaded numerous times, personalley i'm not fond of the us i'd much prefer the canadians and the aussi's (australians). (no offence to u america) GREAT BRITAIN RULES!

BritNov 07 2003 12:09pm
I LOVE the United Kingdom of Great Britain

A true PatriotNov 10 2003 12:15pm
are you mad britian has no life , sad people with nothing but depression. America is where you the stars the fame here is nothing but a dump. wake up your living in a nightmare!

louise AvanaJan 06 2004 6:26am
THE THINGS WITH America it's big it has econmomy all other countries and America has life , british people need to stop comparing themselves with america , you'll always be behind british , britsh people make me sick africa is more better than britian , f*ck britan.

oloJan 06 2004 6:32am
if i was to choose where to live mars or england. i would choose mars, f*ck britan , f*ck britian it's a useless country , tony blair should get boombed. infact britan should get bombed , where are you bin laden september 11 was suposse to happen to us every year not for the americans. pathetic britan

clooloJan 06 2004 6:41am

RICKJan 06 2004 6:47am

AMERICAN CREWJan 06 2004 6:55am

ROLLY OLIEJan 06 2004 7:06am

UO OUJan 06 2004 7:07am

YAR CREWJan 06 2004 7:08am
Humaity....the downfall of mother nature! We're all pathetic, and destroying this world...How can you say America sucks? When it's clear Humanity is the problem..

RealistJan 09 2004 11:54pm

True BritJan 15 2004 1:53pm more thing. If Britain hadn't existed then THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. That's a fact.

True BritJan 15 2004 2:01pm
Britain is a spineless troll at our beck and call. And our language is fine. It is dynamic, and I doubt that C*ckney's gonna be remembered as a pretty dialect.

AnonymousFeb 09 2004 1:35am
It's great that we're all friends here!

SPFeb 11 2004 7:31am
C*ckney isn't the f*cking universal language of England y'know.............grow some brains you fat American bastards.

MeApr 19 2004 8:41am
Ok its been three years since i came across this poll i made sometime in 2002. Surprised at all the responses, back in my days patriotic americans dominated the web. Well I'm no longer 10 yrs old WOOHOO and have moved on slightly.....although american system still sucks....most of the people im sure are nice, except those that created and fund the system. KEEP VOTING people.

MithkaiApr 19 2005 4:05pm
Great Britain is the best nation in the world. We spawned Canada, USA,Australia,New Zealand etc etc. These are also great countries with great people. Look what the spanish did with South America, mostly drug dealers,terrorists,pimps and murderers. British is the best, we invented the universal language as well.

Winston ChurchillNov 29 2005 3:34am
Welcome back from the dead, Mr Churchill!

an intelligent life formDec 07 2009 1:15pm
america is sh*t u have no slangs. english slangz: wafty, pikey, butterz, dingo patch, chav, skeen. and SOO MUCH MORE wat do u hav? NOTHING!!!!!! and american peeps r SOO VIOLENT U COULD GET KILLED EASILY. and all AMERICAN rappers have dun some thing wrong. these r real rapperz. (btw us girlz. u can chek theze up wen ur not getin preggy at 16) chipmunk tinie tempah ndubz(group) jls(band) example just jack singerz: alexandra burke leona lewis jessie j lily alen elton john pixie lott dancerz: divercity flawless twist n pulse george sampson tv shows: eastenders waterĺoo road corination street emmerdale n MUCH MORE!!!! so england is better!!! ps. y do us call footbal socer?? in american football u hardly use ur feet and in uk football u use ur feet in all the match!!! WHOS DUMB NOW!!!!

11 yr old!!!Jun 09 2011 10:36am
america is sh*t u have no slangs. english slangz: wafty, pikey, butterz, dingo patch, chav, skeen. and SOO MUCH MORE wat do u hav? NOTHING!!!!!! and american peeps r SOO VIOLENT U COULD GET KILLED EASILY. and all AMERICAN rappers have dun some thing wrong. these r real rapperz. (btw us girlz. u can chek theze up wen ur not getin preggy at 16) chipmunk tinie tempah ndubz(group) jls(band) example just jack singerz: alexandra burke leona lewis jessie j lily alen elton john pixie lott dancerz: divercity flawless twist n pulse george sampson tv shows: eastenders waterĺoo road corination street emmerdale n MUCH MORE!!!! so england is better!!! ps. y do us call footbal socer?? in american football u hardly use ur feet and in uk football u use ur feet in all the match!!! WHOS DUMB NOW!!!!

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NOTHING?! No we will U_U

DioxSep 25 2015 1:10pm
Haha okay xP

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:12pm
SO about the sucky sucky?...

DioxSep 25 2015 1:14pm
I don't know!! xD

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:15pm
What could be so bad about it?

DioxSep 25 2015 1:16pm
Idk I just don't think it's meh

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:17pm

DioxSep 25 2015 1:18pm

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:19pm
Woman! Pls XD

DioxSep 25 2015 1:20pm
No xD

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I love you but sometimes your just no XD

DioxSep 25 2015 1:22pm
I'm always no xD

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:23pm
No your yes <3

DioxSep 25 2015 1:25pm
No I'm no xD <3

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:25pm
Your a yes to me :3

DioxSep 25 2015 1:28pm
Thank you :D

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:29pm
Your welcome :3 God I can hear your voice with that little "Well thank you" that you do <3 DO BEAUTIFUL/

DioxSep 25 2015 1:30pm
Aww <3

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:32pm
God I think of you too much <3

DioxSep 25 2015 1:37pm
Too much?! o.o

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:38pm
Yeah I love you so much :p

DioxSep 25 2015 1:42pm
I love you more though c:

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:44pm
I love you more than you lvoe me times 2 :p

DioxSep 25 2015 1:47pm
Nahh o.o

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:49pm
Yus <3

DioxSep 25 2015 1:52pm
I love you <3

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:53pm
I love you more <3 I never want to let you go once I find you I never want to see you upset, I never want you to leave.

DioxSep 25 2015 1:55pm
When we meet I'm just gonna hug you so tight for so long

NB3Sep 25 2015 1:59pm
Im going to cuddle you for ever <3

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If we go back to your room in the hotel I'll just climb on you and give you all da hugs and kisses <3 <3

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I will treat you with such care :3 I will make you feel so safe.

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I'm the playful but slightly boring girlfriend xD I love you so much :3

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:08pm
Your not boring :p Im happy your not crazy :D

DioxSep 25 2015 2:09pm
I'm playful.. not crazy xD

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:10pm
I love you anyway :p I like how you sound so innocent It makes me smile when ever we talk :D

DioxSep 25 2015 2:11pm
How do I sound innocent?? :3

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:13pm
Because your quiet :) And your shy

DioxSep 25 2015 2:14pm
I know xD

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:16pm
You have gotten better at talking to me though :D Thats awesome

DioxSep 25 2015 2:16pm
Yea :D

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:17pm
Its good :D I like you being confident around me :3

DioxSep 25 2015 2:18pm
Well thank you <3 :D

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:20pm
Your welcome :3 I want you all to myself :D

DioxSep 25 2015 2:21pm
I gtg have a bath cuz I smell.. and I like baths.. o.o okayy xD I'll talk later probably

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:21pm
Seeya <3 I love you

NB3Sep 25 2015 2:23pm

DioxSep 25 2015 2:25pm

NB3Sep 25 2015 3:43pm

DioxSep 25 2015 3:46pm

NB3Sep 25 2015 3:50pm
I love you

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I love you too

NB3Sep 25 2015 3:54pm
I love you more :3 How was your bath?

DioxSep 25 2015 3:57pm
Ffs xDD my bath was good

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:25am
Hey :D

dSep 26 2015 5:25am
Hai o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 10:29am
Hey how ya doing :D

DioxSep 26 2015 10:38am
I'm good :D I went to the cinema with my Cousin, Uncle and his gf :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:00am
Nice! What you go see?

DioxSep 26 2015 11:01am
Inside Out

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:02am
Our sex tape?! Jk :p Was it fun?

DioxSep 26 2015 11:03am
Yaassss our sex tape xD nah it was awesome though :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:06am
Thats great to hear :D Sorry was eating

DioxSep 26 2015 11:15am
It's fine :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:17am
I love you <3 SO what you up to?

DioxSep 26 2015 11:18am
I love you too <3 I'm talking to Sophie

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:19am
Ask her if she hates me >_>

DioxSep 26 2015 11:21am
She won't tell me

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:22am
What did she say?

DioxSep 26 2015 11:22am
That's what she said

AnonymousSep 26 2015 11:26am
Me ↑↑

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:27am
Ok, Ill have to ask myself >_> I love you so much

DioxSep 26 2015 11:29am
I love you more :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:32am
No never

DioxSep 26 2015 11:33am

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:35am
God Do i love you

DioxSep 26 2015 11:36am
No you don't xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:38am
I do!!!

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I wanna give you all da cuddles :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:41am
I want to kiss you all the XD

DioxSep 26 2015 11:42am
All the what?? o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:44am
All the time ffs X)

DioxSep 26 2015 11:44am
All the time?? xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:46am
Yep :D Im gonna be like stuck to you XD

DioxSep 26 2015 11:46am
Aww :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:47am
Please be mine :)

DioxSep 26 2015 11:49am
I am :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:50am
For ever? :o

DioxSep 26 2015 11:51am
Forever c:

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:52am
Your my baby girl :3 I love you so much

DioxSep 26 2015 11:53am
I love you too <3

NB3Sep 26 2015 11:57am
I love you more :3 More than anything anyne else can give me

DioxSep 26 2015 11:58am
When this stuff to me it makes me want you by my side more >.<

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:01pm
I want to be by your side anyway :3

DioxSep 26 2015 12:03pm
Yayy!! :D I can imagine us meeting and hugging and kissing.. cuddling :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:05pm
So can I :3 So warm :p

DioxSep 26 2015 12:06pm
What if it's cold outside?? o.o I find it funny how I'm thinking about this.. but I can't kiss properly xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:08pm
Dont worry XD I cant either lol

DioxSep 26 2015 12:08pm
It seems confusing xDD

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:10pm
Nah it will be fine :3

DioxSep 26 2015 12:10pm
I'll be terrible at it

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:12pm
Dont say that :p

DioxSep 26 2015 12:13pm
I will though! xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:13pm
Well make up with cuddling :3

DioxSep 26 2015 12:14pm
Yass :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:15pm
And other things.... ;) ;) I love you so much

DioxSep 26 2015 12:16pm
I like that idea c; I love you so much too!

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:17pm
You better like it :p I feel so fuzzy talking to you right now :3

DioxSep 26 2015 12:20pm
I do like it :D aww me too! >.< :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:22pm
In you butt then U_U I will be the best boyfriend to you, I will let you ride on my back when your tired, I will always be there for you, I will let you use my pockets when your hands are cold, I love you.

DioxSep 26 2015 12:24pm
Not ma butt :o baby.. I can't stop smiling! c: I'll try my best to be the best girlfriend to you

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:27pm
Just you being my girlfriend would be the best :p

DioxSep 26 2015 12:28pm
But wanna be your best :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:31pm
Then dont ever leave me :3

DioxSep 26 2015 12:32pm
I won't :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:34pm
Then you are the best XP

DioxSep 26 2015 12:34pm
Aww :3 thank you

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:38pm
Your welcome :p Just like were gonna come...

DioxSep 26 2015 12:40pm
Um okayy xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:44pm
Pft please :3 Your so beautiful

DioxSep 26 2015 12:48pm
Thank you ^-^

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:50pm
Your welcome :p I love your eyes there so beautiful

DioxSep 26 2015 12:52pm
Really?? but their green o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:54pm
I like green eyes :p There rare

DioxSep 26 2015 12:55pm
Are they?? o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 12:55pm
I dunno >_> I harldy see them lol, they suit you.

DioxSep 26 2015 12:58pm
Thank you ^-^ <3

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:00pm
Your so so welcome :3 I like your eyebrows as well :p

DioxSep 26 2015 1:01pm
Why?? c:

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:02pm
Idk I think there cute :p

DioxSep 26 2015 1:05pm
Oh xD thank you

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:07pm
Your welcome XD What you up to?

DioxSep 26 2015 1:08pm
watching pranks :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:10pm
By who?1

DioxSep 26 2015 1:12pm
Just any tbh xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:13pm
Pft nerd :3

DioxSep 26 2015 1:14pm
You're dating a nerd xp

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:15pm
So are you :p Wanna talk or nah?

DioxSep 26 2015 1:16pm
Pft I know x3 and not at the moment :/ sorry

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:18pm
WHY ;-;

DioxSep 26 2015 1:20pm
Cuz I'm playing Monopoly soon apparently -.-

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:24pm
Lame sister gonna cheat

DioxSep 26 2015 1:24pm
I don't like the Walking Dead version though .-.

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:26pm
Ask to change

DioxSep 26 2015 1:28pm
Nah ;-; it's fine

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:28pm
NO you need to be happy :(

DioxSep 26 2015 1:31pm
It's fine xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:32pm
You can play any monopoly with me babe :( You decide it

DioxSep 26 2015 1:33pm
Aww :3 I get the blue streets >:3

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:34pm
Do you? >:)

DioxSep 26 2015 1:34pm
Yes e.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:35pm
Fine >_> Bully

DioxSep 26 2015 1:36pm
You can have the pink! ir the orange! :o

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:37pm
No ;-;

DioxSep 26 2015 1:38pm
But their better than blue :o

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:39pm
I dont understand this XD

DioxSep 26 2015 1:40pm
Why?! xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:41pm
Because I cheat at monopoly XD

DioxSep 26 2015 1:44pm
Oh ;-;

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:45pm
I mean I legitley get so much money XD

DioxSep 26 2015 1:47pm
I'm terrible at it xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:48pm

DioxSep 26 2015 1:49pm
Cuz I am .-.

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:50pm
So you always out first?

DioxSep 26 2015 1:52pm
Yeaaa.. xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:52pm
Then why play?

DioxSep 26 2015 1:53pm
Idk .-.

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:53pm
You forced? XD

DioxSep 26 2015 1:54pm
Yep o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 1:55pm
Thats rape XDDD

DioSep 26 2015 2:00pm
I've been raped ;-;

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:02pm
Yep :p More than once o.o Unless I dont count >_>

DioxSep 26 2015 2:02pm
I'm still a virgin 0.0 I'm gonna tell them I'm gonna go to bed so I don't have to play xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:04pm
Lol you can come to my bed O.o

DioxSep 26 2015 2:12pm
Sounds like fun x3

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:14pm
It would be XD We would like stream movies and I would give you booty touches :D

DioxSep 26 2015 2:16pm
Oo booty touches :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:18pm
And not just that ;)

DioxSep 26 2015 2:21pm
And what?? o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:25pm
I would plant kisses on your neck :p

DioxSep 26 2015 2:25pm
I would love that :D alot actually o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:29pm
I would hold your breasts form behind as well XD

DioxSep 26 2015 2:30pm
Just casually xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:32pm
Yep :D I will make you happy

DioSep 26 2015 2:32pm
My boobs are actually really small so yea xDD I know you'll make me happy.. you already are :3

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:36pm
Thought you said they were big -_- Am I? :D

DioxSep 26 2015 2:37pm
They are.. for a 12 year old xD but their not that big xD and yes you are! :D

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:39pm
Oh well I love them :p I still dont believe I am >_>

DioxSep 26 2015 2:40pm
You can still grab them though '-' I ain't complaining :p You are! You make me one of the happiest people ever >.<

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:43pm
I will :D Is it just because of the way I talk to you?

DioxSep 26 2015 2:43pm
Yea.. and for being you

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:45pm
What am I? O.o

DioxSep 26 2015 2:45pm
You're an amazing guy I met on a messed up site that makes me happy everyday even when were not talking :)

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:49pm
Awesome* And your some random Woman I met and makes me happy and hurt at the same time <3 I only hurt because Im not with you now.

DioxSep 26 2015 2:50pm
I wish I was with you now v.v I would be so much more happy

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:52pm
I would love that :) Then at least when you fall asleep on me it will be next to me XP

DioxSep 26 2015 2:52pm
Nahh I'll fall asleep literally on you cx

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:54pm
Yep >_> Then I would be effed.

DioxSep 26 2015 2:55pm
How?! xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:57pm
I would never be able to get you off >_>

DioxSep 26 2015 2:57pm
I'm not THAT fat.. jeez .-.

NB3Sep 26 2015 2:58pm
It doesnt matter >_>

DioxSep 26 2015 2:59pm
Well at least I'll look cute asf asleep on you xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:00pm
Ill probably take pictures XD

DioxSep 26 2015 3:01pm
Perfect xD

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:03pm
And draw stuff on you...

DioxSep 26 2015 3:04pm
Not a Sharpie.. O.O Crayola ;3

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:06pm
Tattoo gun :D JK. Probably any pen I can find XD

DioxSep 26 2015 3:07pm
You're so mean xD OMG what would you do if I fell asleep next to you then like 5 mins later I started moaning in my sleep?! o.o

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:08pm
Moaning how?

DioxSep 26 2015 3:09pm
Like.. sexually o.o and then quietly started saying your name a few times.. xD I'm so weird

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:11pm
Um probably laugh and think "Damn straight woman"

DioxSep 26 2015 3:15pm
Yeaa xDD

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:19pm
Besides you will be moaning more when your awake ;)

DioxSep 26 2015 3:22pm
I hope so ;3

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:24pm
Me to :p

DioxSep 26 2015 3:26pm
Yay :D btw go up one cuz if da 301 bad luck thing.. yea

NB3Sep 26 2015 3:27pm
qVSTcr Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn at show up. Grrrr well I am not writing all that over again. Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

NSrgZqhDUyTAxBHsCSSep 28 2015 5:13am
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