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Question: When you are in a major sexual need how do you release your sexual tension?
Created by: ShadowBabyGirl at 03:55:26 PM, Tuesday, April 23, 2002 EDT


AnonymousMay 25 2006 7:44pm

I have sex with my girlfriend. We've done it 3-4 times,in her house mainly. We take all the protection we need. I'm 18,and she's 20. We're best of friends. Whenever I've felt really really frustrated,she's called me over,and we've had sex. We also go out for long walks,scooty rides,and swimming. But the 4 times we've had sex,and the ten times we've taken a bath together,have been our most fulfilling experiences.

SaugataFeb 09 2012 2:01am
I take off all my clothes but leave my t shirt and thong on, get out my laptop, get some lotion and my Johnson, a candle, nice music and a beer then go intetnet surfing and/or find a chatting site and talk to someone. Depending on my mood, its either male or female. Sometimes I put on my video cam and find a woman I can relate too, men only sometimes, and make cyber sex love to my unknown partner on the other end. Its safe, erotic and good for a sexy cougar like myself. You wanted to know so I told you! Have a sexy day all kisses ;-) And no I'm not that old and I am a goodlooking athletic woman!

RoxanneJul 27 2013 9:00am

GabbyDec 27 2013 9:55pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:55pm
Hewwo hey ik im sowwy im so confusing :./

GabbyDec 27 2013 9:56pm
its alright

ShreveDec 27 2013 9:58pm
Im just like ugh if i tell Draco who i really am he is just not going to understand why i did what i did.....

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:00pm
hmm okay

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:01pm
soo anyways wyd?=)

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:02pm
laying down

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:03pm
lol same i okay this song kinda freakin meh out cuz its the same shít i do w/ like every guy its how to be a heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds!XDD

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:06pm
lol. im listening to Kendrick Lamar and Marvin Gaye

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:07pm
hey gabby ;)

TyDec 27 2013 10:08pm
wait what did you do to draco

emilyDec 27 2013 10:09pm
lol n i guess the things i say n do make me look like a slùt!;DDD lmfao but idgaf bout what most guys on here say cuz my mom called me like all the names in the book soo im used to being called those things!:D

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:09pm
Im horny >:( it fuking sucks :/

TyDec 27 2013 10:10pm
i dont think your a slut

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:10pm
Ummm....i'm not gunna say emily cuz he straight out knows but he just don't know who i am!

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:11pm
hey Shreve im sorry i made u feel bad :/ and Gabby u aint no slut ur ahmazing :P

BrookeDec 27 2013 10:12pm
i really think he doesn't but can you tell me

emilyDec 27 2013 10:12pm
mmhm -_- @Brooke

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:12pm
Ha really? wow shreve you the first person on here that don't think im one!:DD

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:13pm
*shrug* i try

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:14pm
Ha ya brooke!!!>=D Girls stickin with girls? weird but i like it!;D

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:15pm
Haha nahh....emily i think...i think he knows!

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:16pm
REAR:( fine be rude like tht...@Shreve XD u my gal aka bestie haha @Gabby the a-mazing Bitch :)

BrookeDec 27 2013 10:16pm
no i think he doesnt ask him

emilyDec 27 2013 10:17pm
lol but seriously nothin is special bout me but yet i have all these guys after me n i don't have sex with them unless i've been dating them for at lease 3weeks lol

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:20pm
hshah oh well.. ik one guy whonlikes u for u not sex lol

BrookeDec 27 2013 10:21pm
besides logan @ gabby

emilyDec 27 2013 10:21pm
i just relized i am the only guy here

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:23pm
But yea i got 1 guy on here (logan) who is acting like a fukin child n a pussy n anotherone!(carter) who think he gotta chance with me i mean i flirt but its in our nature girl are natually flirty!!!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:23pm
mmm sure is gabby ;)

girlyDec 27 2013 10:25pm
Lol shreve but ur awsome you butt-head!XD ;3 *hugs shreve*

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 10:25pm
tht is rude tho gabby u no ur not a beastly as u think ok!!!! Carter is sweet and means no harm

AnonymousDec 27 2013 10:26pm
ik xD

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:26pm
Gabby??? wow al, iwanted was a good friend from u!!!!!

Carter---gone---Dec 27 2013 10:27pm
Ehehe yea girly!;) *kisses girlys cheek* haha;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:27pm
oh...0_e lol @Gabby STFU U DIRTY ANON :P

BrookeDec 27 2013 10:28pm
so gabby i herd you had something that taists good c;

girlyDec 27 2013 10:28pm
da freak @girly

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:29pm
Haha yea i do but i bet ur tastes sweet!;)@girly

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:32pm

BrookeDec 27 2013 10:32pm
whoa now o_o

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:33pm
Cuz i eat it right,eat it good,eat dat pussy just like i should!;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:33pm
mmm come taist it and tell me ;p

girlyDec 27 2013 10:34pm
well that escalated :/

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:35pm
Lmfao bored......XDD

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:35pm
i can tell

ShteDec 27 2013 10:38pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:38pm
gabby you wana be sisters ;) -wraps my arms around u and kisses u deeply-

girlyDec 27 2013 10:38pm
wow um awkward haha

BrookeDec 27 2013 10:38pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:38pm
-kisses u deeply and moans-mmm yea sure!;P @Girly

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:40pm
Lmfao wow not really!;3 @brookie haha i feel like jumping on my bed!;P @Shreve

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:42pm
-kisses ur neck and lifts up on ur shirt

girlyDec 27 2013 10:42pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:43pm
Lol are you ok shreve?;PPP

GabbywabbyDec 27 2013 10:45pm
its awkward lo,

BrookeDec 27 2013 10:45pm
then jump on your bed gul. nobodys stopping you

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:46pm
not really

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:47pm
Yea i guess soo!;P omg idk i was gunna go to the pool tomorrow but than my friend danny took my bikini top!.-. thats not fair!:/ =D

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:47pm
i want to scissor my sister c;

girlyDec 27 2013 10:48pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:49pm
Mmmm;P sis im not in the mood right now. @Girly

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:51pm
mmm ok -kisses u deeply-

girlyDec 27 2013 10:52pm
the pool???¿¿¿ you do know its winter time right

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:53pm
-kisses you back- ok=)@Girly

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:53pm
Lol yea ik what im crazy like that tho!;P@Shreve

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:55pm
i have a crush on my sis -runs upsatirs-

girlyDec 27 2013 10:55pm
that aint craziness, thats just being insane

ShreveDec 27 2013 10:56pm
Well yea but i live near the desert soo yea n here in palmdale it gets hott!=D

GabbyDec 27 2013 10:57pm
i have a crush on mine too. runs after you.

kateDec 27 2013 10:59pm
-lays down and closes my eyes then thinks of gabby...naked- mmm ;)

girlyDec 27 2013 11:00pm
Wow well don't lots of people have a crush on me!;D

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:00pm
Ehehe!;P ur being a little naughty girl!;P@Girly

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:02pm
hehe sis im so wet *starts rubbing my pu$sy moaning ur name-

girlyDec 27 2013 11:03pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:04pm
uh sis oh my gosh sis! mmmm *moans louder*

girlyDec 27 2013 11:06pm
Woah... >•>

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:08pm
sorry sis u get me so wet

girlyDec 27 2013 11:09pm
sh¡t got real

ShreveDec 27 2013 11:11pm
Its ok babygirl!:3

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:11pm
-comes down and sits on ur lap- ;p

girlyDec 27 2013 11:12pm
lol shreve.....

Gabby XDDec 27 2013 11:12pm
Hehe!-wraps my arm around ur waist softly n kisses you deeply- i love you sis!;3@Girly

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:15pm

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:16pm
-kisses back deeply- i wuv yew to ;3

girlyDec 27 2013 11:16pm
mmm!;3 ;P

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:17pm
this is how wet u made me - grabs ur hand and puts it down my pants n pantys touching my pus$y as i feel u touch i close my eyes and moans softly-

girlyDec 27 2013 11:19pm

ShreveDec 27 2013 11:20pm
Lmfao wow ummm #^_^# ima go to sleep -kisses ur forehead- night sis n night shreve!;)

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:24pm
night pretty lady ^_^

ShreveDec 27 2013 11:25pm
mmm night #^-^#

girlyDec 27 2013 11:25pm
Who am i kiddin ima go get my fukin weed dat those bìtches owe me cya!!

GabbyDec 27 2013 11:26pm
Hey o.O

Chobitz/LillianaDec 28 2013 7:34am

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 7:34am
yello ^_^

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:35am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 7:35am
Jeremy! Hey! :P

Chobitz is LillianaDec 28 2013 7:36am
Omg idk i swear its not just me but dogs can talk.i understand what they say!o.o

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:36am
you know my name .-.

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:37am

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:37am
Its u. R u drunk? o.O

AnonymousDec 28 2013 7:38am
Naw shiit dude.

Chobitz is aka Artemis:3Dec 28 2013 7:38am
Gabby, did you get your phone back?

AnonymousDec 28 2013 7:39am

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:39am
lmfao ya know what would sound fun if i could fuçk all of you!

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:40am

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:41am
thats nice

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:42am
*Pokes Jeremy's shoulder* Poke!

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:44am
Yes it would lilliana and i eat you out just right!;) n no i didn't get back my phone.

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:44am

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:46am
hey this aint no damn facebook -_- *pokes you in the stomach*

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:47am
hey sis

girlyDec 28 2013 7:47am
*sucks Jeremys cheek* ehehe;) #^_^#

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 7:48am
Agh! My tummy! :P *Pokes ur nose*

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:49am
come give daddy a kiss sweet heart

DaddyDec 28 2013 7:49am
Jeremy, dont mind Gabby

AnonymousDec 28 2013 7:49am
hey sissy!;P *licks ur face*@Girly

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:49am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 7:50am

bubbaDec 28 2013 7:50am
mmm hehe -kisses u deeply-

girlyDec 28 2013 7:50am
this is something serious 0_0

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:51am
Ehehe =) what if i don't wanna daddy!;P

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:51am
*Hides under my blankets*

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:51am
lol come here sexy

DaddyDec 28 2013 7:52am
Serious??? @Jeremy

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:52am
Lmfao -kisses you back deeply-@Girly

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:52am
I want a kiss.

MarinaDec 28 2013 7:53am
sis im still wet from last night wana feel c;

girlyDec 28 2013 7:54am
what? @Chobitz

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:54am
i wasnt invited to this party?

DracoDec 28 2013 7:55am
U said "this is something serious O_O" Why say that?

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:56am
Hey Draco! *Hugs u*

Chobitz/LillianaDec 28 2013 7:56am
Lmfao See now i got not just guys after me but girls!lol =PPP *jumps on jeremys back n wraps my right arm around his neck n kisses his cheek*haha lol soooo.....=)

GabbyDec 28 2013 7:56am
hey lilli *hugs back*

DracoDec 28 2013 7:57am
Hey. Am i invisible? o.o

MarinaDec 28 2013 7:58am
Hehe! I love hugs *Hugs a pole*

ChobitzDec 28 2013 7:59am
*walks through u*@marina haha jk

DracoDec 28 2013 7:59am
look around @Lil Gabby leave me out of this T.T

ShreveDec 28 2013 7:59am
Hey! O.o rudeee. *Fake frowny face*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:00am
-kisses marina on the lips- there nah ur not invisible!=)

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:00am
Lol. *Kisses Jeremy's cheek*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:01am
Hehe! *Blushes a lil*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:01am
-sits on sissys lap my legs spread wide open - ;)

girlyDec 28 2013 8:02am

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:02am
O.o 0.o o.o o.0 o.O

ChobitzDec 28 2013 8:02am
He's black?@Gabby

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:03am
haha xD anon

DracoDec 28 2013 8:03am
-pushes sissy off- no bad girl!!!

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:04am

girlyDec 28 2013 8:04am
leave me alone damn it TT.TT

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:04am

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:06am
Jeremy! Email me--

ChobitzDec 28 2013 8:06am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:06am

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:08am
u guys r boing * gos upstairs and falls asleep on a rando bed*

DracoDec 28 2013 8:08am
*goes upstairs n sits on Dracos tummy*WAKEUP!!!=D

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 8:10am
*Follows Draco & turns on Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:11am
*sighs* what!

DracoDec 28 2013 8:11am
*looks round n see it ur room* oh god @ gabby

DracoDec 28 2013 8:12am
Ehehe =P -kisses draco deeply- mmmm!;)

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:13am
*trying to change the subject fast* um do you have a pic of me in ur room? *points at the wall*

DracoDec 28 2013 8:15am
um y* do

DracoDec 28 2013 8:15am
o_O *smh then eats some nachos on the couch*

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:15am
#^_^# lol just show me where ur díck at!!!;P

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:16am
hey u cant change the subject only i can and that one time with a beareded ladie but anyway what were we talkin bout?

DracoDec 28 2013 8:17am
*Pushes Gabby away & Falls asleep next to Draco*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:18am

MarkDec 28 2013 8:19am
lmfao do you really wanna know who i am?

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 8:19am
um ok *looks at marina

DracoDec 28 2013 8:19am
yea but right now whats up with all the pics o.o *looks around the room

DracoDec 28 2013 8:20am

bubbaDec 28 2013 8:21am

Chobitz/LillianaDec 28 2013 8:22am
Hi mark!;3 N MARINA YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!!!!HE MY PROPERTY!!!*bítchslaps marina*

Gabby owns like half of the guys on here!Dec 28 2013 8:22am
you dont own me

DracoDec 28 2013 8:23am

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:24am

Gabby owns DracoDec 28 2013 8:24am
Learn! Ur man is not Draco! *Wraps my arms around Draco*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:24am
no one owns me well ecept for that one time with the lepercon but thats over so no ya dont

DracoDec 28 2013 8:24am

DracoDec 28 2013 8:26am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:26am
lol not yet i don't but i will pretty soon!;P @Shreve

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:26am
yea i cant spell

DracoDec 28 2013 8:26am
lmfao i had him he was my friend and then he said something and yea but I OWN DRACO!!

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:28am
no you wont ^_^

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:28am
no you dont im not married yet o.O imma free man

DracoDec 28 2013 8:29am
*Turns on Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift Feat. Ed Sheran & starts falling asleep beside Draco*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:29am
^_^ haha well i want to own ya!;3 @Shreve

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:30am
night marina

DracoDec 28 2013 8:31am
hey guys :P

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:32am
*Smiles & hugs Draco*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:32am
and why is that?? -_-

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:32am
*Kills Brooke* buh bye bitch!

Ooh Killed herDec 28 2013 8:33am
lol heyyy girll!;P @Brooke

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:33am
hey brooke *hugs back*

DracoDec 28 2013 8:33am
Heyyyz Gabby :3

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:33am
Hey Draco ;P

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:34am
Cuz baby i do!;) @Shreve

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:34am
*Smiles & twirls my hair in my finger, flirting*

MarinaDec 28 2013 8:34am
whats up brooke

DracoDec 28 2013 8:35am
-sits down- lol

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:36am
*shrug* okay

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:36am
*Shots Brooke in the heart*

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:36am
Nm hbu ;)

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:36am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:37am
tryin to sleep but gabby woke me up then i found pic of me in her room o.o so odd

DracoDec 28 2013 8:37am
Haha anon.. i dont care me and him we talking last night, and gabby is my friend :P..and u cant shiot me..all u shot is the computer screen :)

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:37am
Girls we do what ever it will take cuz girls don't want we don't want our hearts to break in two so its better to be fake than risk lose!

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:38am
Am i in hell?

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:38am
It's all in your head. And guess who's in control of your head? You

MarkDec 28 2013 8:39am
Haha thx for faking me ;P

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:39am

Chobitz/Artemis:3Dec 28 2013 8:39am

MarkDec 28 2013 8:40am
lol mark i think im ok now!;)

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 8:40am

ChobitzDec 28 2013 8:41am
okay *shrugs*

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:41am

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 8:43am
lol Gabby :P

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:44am

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:44am
Ohh lol xD

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:46am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:47am
what anon??

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:48am

AnonymousDec 28 2013 8:48am

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:52am
lmfao XDDDDD

Gabby wants shreve to fùck her!;)Dec 28 2013 8:54am

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:54am
*kisses brooke on the lips*mmm;)

GabbyDec 28 2013 8:56am
whoa slow down now

ShreveDec 28 2013 8:57am
*falls in through the roof* >_< oww

jackDec 28 2013 8:59am
-kisses Gabby Back- :3

BrookeDec 28 2013 8:59am
o.o bad timing star wars episode 4 starting

jackDec 28 2013 9:00am
talk about an entrance Jack xD

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:01am
oh wait thrts in 1 hour 30 min >_< episode 3's on

jackDec 28 2013 9:01am
XD right Jack haha

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:02am
i used to smash thru windows xD @ shreve

jackDec 28 2013 9:02am
-laughs- ok then Jack..sounds fun :)

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:03am
Mmmm *sits in brookes lap facing her n wraps my leg around her waist n my arms around her neck n kisses her deeply-

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:03am
i need to try that XD

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:04am
hmm should i watch terminator 2 or my little pony xD (jk about my little pony)

jackDec 28 2013 9:05am
-holds Gabby's waist with my arms wraped around her, Kisses her deeply, slides my tounge in her mouth- mmm ;)

BroksDec 28 2013 9:06am
lmfao .-. i still can't find my fluffin bikini top!lol

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:06am
oops Brooke↑↑↑©

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:06am
I'm prob not the Mark you guys might know, js

MarkDec 28 2013 9:07am
but i took it to far when i cut ppl when the glass broke ._. xD

jackDec 28 2013 9:07am
aww tht sucks :/ @Gabby XD

BrookDec 28 2013 9:07am
aren't you iron man mark 7? xD @ mark

jackDec 28 2013 9:08am
oh well they'll get over it

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:08am
fluffy bikini top?

MarkDec 28 2013 9:08am
No? @jack

MarkDec 28 2013 9:08am
I'm new.. ish

MarkDec 28 2013 9:09am
well im jackass or jack meoff o.o xD

jackDec 28 2013 9:09am
Lol well i guess ima go to the pool with my títs showing!XD lol

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:10am
Nice one -high 5's Jack- :)

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:10am
o.o wtf is wrong with dis world theres a commercial with underwear saying lucky pants o.O

jackDec 28 2013 9:12am
lol mark sometimes i say fluffin instead of f*ckin XD

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 9:13am
YEA... i meant well that sucks @Gabby

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:14am
i say funkin or fudging xD @ gabby

jackDec 28 2013 9:14am
lol yea shreve!:///3 NOW GET OFF MY D*CK BATMAN!!!=D

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:16am
Your a shemale aren't you

AnonymousDec 28 2013 9:17am
Lol jack i love candycanes!

Gabbywabbylittlems.awsomenessDec 28 2013 9:18am

jackDec 28 2013 9:18am
we can tell

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:19am
Haha I guess you can go topless if it's a home pool, but public xD

MarkDec 28 2013 9:20am
No anon ima girl!!!! i just say some disterbing shít sometimes

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:20am
ikr Jack i was about to scream that in the moives when 3 came out

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:21am
yeah anakin you just killed him >_< xD *goes over to my house's pool*

jackDec 28 2013 9:21am
its the 3rd time i seen 3 xD

jackDec 28 2013 9:22am
Well yea its a home pool but i mainly only hang with guys soo yea n they all love me....or not me just my body XD

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:23am
i say body

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:24am
Come spark these balls!;) ←ur supose too say that to a les

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:25am
>_< shiz i accidently put in the wrong channel number and a sex show was on >_<

jackDec 28 2013 9:27am
Ha jack its amzing how i know more about sex than my 23y/o sister!;P

GabbywabbyDec 28 2013 9:29am
mmhm Jack

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:30am
order 66 worst thing star wars ever did D:

jackDec 28 2013 9:32am
fuk you anakin >_< murderer

jackDec 28 2013 9:34am

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:36am
Order 66.. good book

MarkDec 28 2013 9:36am
anyone there still o‚o

jack *prob gonna play xbox :D*Dec 28 2013 9:37am
Lost that in a hotel in Cali

MarkDec 28 2013 9:37am
im talking about order 66 from star wars episode 3

jackDec 28 2013 9:38am

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:38am
I know, it's a book too. Do you play swtor?

MarkDec 28 2013 9:38am

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:39am
i dunno what swotr is o.o

jackDec 28 2013 9:41am
but im gonns go i be on in like 3-5 hours bye :D

jackDec 28 2013 9:42am
star wars the old republic jack

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:43am
lol i dont know anything bout star wars lol

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:48am

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:49am
*sits on Shreves lap- :3 heheh csn i do this

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:49am
I like tht song :P

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:50am
god i hate being single >.<

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:50am
its sucks, but when ur single you can flirt lolz hah

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:51am
Hey ask gabby out..she likes ya :P @Shreve

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:51am
I'll be ur baby;) @Shreve

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:51am
idk :/

ShreveDec 28 2013 9:54am
why...she is funny, ramdom and da best nigga eva :P

BrookeDec 28 2013 9:55am
Lmfao ahah thanks brooke!;PP

GabbyDec 28 2013 9:57am
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